The second important piece is an e-book written by Professor Michel Chossudovsky from the Centre for Research on Globalization (Canada). He describes the chronology of events that led to the insane situation today. He exposes the underlying goals behind corporate, governments and media lies and provides an overwhelming amount of evidences debunking the ‘covid19’  lies.

Here is an excerpt, from the preface of his e-book:

The 2020 Worldwide Corona Crisis:  Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d’état and the “Great Reset


The fear campaign has served as an instrument of disinformation.

In the course of the last eleven months starting in early January, I have analyzed almost on a daily basis the timeline and evolution of the Covid crisis. From the very outset in January 2020, people were led to believe and accept the existence of a rapidly progressing and dangerous epidemic.

Media lies sustained the image of a killer virus which initially contributed to destabilizing US-China trade and disrupting air travel. And then in February “V- the Virus” (which incidentally is similar to seasonal influenza) was held responsible for triggering the most serious financial crisis in World history.

And then on March 11, a lockdown was imposed on 193 member states on the United Nations, leading to the “closure” of national economies Worldwide.

Starting in October,  a “second wave” was announced. “The pandemic is not over”.

The fear campaign prevails. And people are now led to believe that the corona vaccine sponsored by their governments is the “solution”. And that “normality” will  be restored once the entire population of the planet has been vaccinated.

A Word on the SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine

How is it that a vaccine for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which under normal conditions would take years to develop, was promptly launched in early November 2020?  The vaccine announced by Pfizer is based on an experimental gene editing mRNA technology which has a bearing on the human genome.

Were the standard animal lab tests using mice or ferrets conducted?

Or did Pfizer “go straight to human “guinea pigs.”? Human tests began in late July and early August. “Three months is unheard of for testing a new vaccine. Several years is the norm.” 

Barely reported by the media: “Six people died in Pfizer’s late-stage trial of the COVID-19 vaccine, the FDA revealed just hours after Britain became the first country in the world to roll out the vaccine.”

“Rest assured”, the vaccine is “safe”. According to the FDA: “the deaths are said to raise no new safety issues or questions about the vaccine’s effectiveness”. And why do we need a vaccine for Covid-19 when both the WHO and the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have confirmed unequivocally that Covid-19 is “similar to seasonal influenza”.

The plan to develop a vaccine is profit driven. It is supported by corrupt governments serving the interests of Big Pharma. The US government had already ordered 100 million doses back in July and the EU is to purchase 300 million doses. It’s Big Money for Big Pharma, generous payoffs to corrupt politicians, at the expense of tax payers.

In the following chapters, we define the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the controversial RT-PCR test which is being used to “identify the virus” as well establish the “estimates” of the so-called “positive cases”.(Chapter II)

In Chapter III, we examine in detail the timeline of events since October 2019 leading up to the historic March 11, 2020 lockdown.

We assess the broad economic and social consequences of this crisis including the process of Worldwide impoverishment and redistribution of  wealth in favour of the Super Rich billionaires.(Chapter IV and V)

Big Pharma’s vaccination programme which is slated to be imposed on millions of people Worldwide is reviewed in Chapter VII.

Chapter IX concludes with an analysis of the World Economic Forum’s proposed “Great Reset” which if adopted would consist in scrapping the Welfare State and imposing massive austerity measures on an impoverished population.

This E-Book is preliminary. There is a sense of urgency. People Worldwide are being lied to by their governments.

A word on the methodology: our objective is to refute the “Big Lie” through careful analysis consisting of:

  • A historical overview of the Covid crisis,
  • Scientific analysis and detailed review of “official” data, estimates and definitions,
  • Analysis of the impacts of WHO “guidelines” and government policies on economic, social and public health variables.

Our objective is to inform people Worldwide and refute the official narrative which has been used as a pretext and justification to destabilize the economic and social fabric of entire countries.

This crisis affects humanity in its entirety: 7.8 billion people. We stand in solidarity with our fellow human beings Worldwide. Truth is a powerful instrument.

I remain indebted to our readers and to the Global Research team.

Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, December 11, 2020  (revised on December 15, December 21, 2020)

48 thoughts on “R FOR RESISTANCE”

  1. People are treated like animals by their governments. For example, forcing soemone to wear a mask and pretending it’s for his own good or the community good shows how much these people despise their populations and want to make sure that they insult their intelligence.

    If people are ready to be treated as animals, then they are not going tobe treated like human beings.

    More insults to intelligence and and more human torture with lockdowns, curfews and all… Because people are behaving like scared chicken they are treated as such…

    No surprise the psychopaths behind the scam are laughing at us and treat us like animals

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    1. This is spot on, exactly what they are doing and exactly how people rect, without noticing for some that they are treated like animals. It explains the depressions and suicides as most people (even though inconsciously) realize they are being tortured and treated like animals.


  2. Hi,

    I like that, people all over the world are fighting the medical dictatorship!

    How can so mnay people be so STUPID and still believe the lies of the politicians and media who have lied to them constantly for so many years?

    How can they even believe that there is a pandemic when hospitals have never been so empty, deaths occurring are just normal deaths and ‘cases’ are fake for more than 90% of them.

    This is a media pandemic of idiocy and paranoia…


  3. Some good news besides the revolts in Holland and Spain, the Swiss have managed to setup a referendum to strip their totally rotten government of their power to impose lockdowns.

    The Swiss constitution is a rare model of direct democracy (10.5 millions inhabitants) where a ‘votation’ can be done if enough people gather votes for it. And they often do.

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  4. There were riots in the Netherlands but also in Spain. Most MSM don’t report the truth, it’s always the same very gross lies, far right, looters, or how the police (the real fascists there) are arresting the rioters…

    The reality is, if people are united, grouped and motivated enough, they have the power to take down any government.

    The mini storming on the Capitol in the USA was a joke, probably a setup organized by the democrats themselves to justify more fascist laws. If hundred thousands Americans would have stormed the congress and kicked the ass of the corrupted senators, biden would have taken a place to take refuge in China!

    Riot for weeks and weeks and weeks and months, burn all their test centers, all their covid propaganda, the shops who enforce masking and all the collaborators and the fake pandemic is over!


  5. Hello, thank you for this site, plenty of nice info and advices. I just wanted to warn about some alternatives on your page; boycott-the-mainstream-media/.

    You shouldn’t use ANOOX, they are neither an alternative and they are also censoring free speech, plus they are very limited and technically flawed…

    yippy.com is a very good search engine BUT it’s owned by IBM (evil blue) and based on watson (Ai), so be careful with them.

    Swisscows is not much of a pirvacy oriented search engine, it’s google with swiss cheese between the teeth and well, results are ‘oriented’.

    Qwant seems to be very close to what Swisscows does, with more privacy, however, search results are not unbiased.

    I’d like to mention: http://www.secretsearchenginelabs.com/, nice, private, open and free

    Best ones are Duckduckgo and Metager for sure…

    to avoid: google, bing, yahoo (verizon), yandex (since Putin has now revealed his true globalist puppet face with his vaccination agenda), and similar s…t.

    God bless


  6. We should not become hopeless as this is one of their goals.

    Here is what Mahatma Gandhi said: “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it — always.”

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    1. I wish I had the same positive mind, but what I see around me is a mass of lemmings mimicking, parrotting what they see on the idiot box (TV) and behaving like slaves, sheep and servile dogs…

      Anyway, great to see this website, and practical solutions instead of the usual whining, thank you for the hope!


  7. Excellent and most informative. Many links to a variety of articles, scientific stuides and opinions.

    The kind of diversity (the real meaning of diversity) that is becoming impossible to find in the mainstream media.

    Thank you

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  8. We need to step up the fight, fraudster globalist puppet biden ratified his masters plan to destroy democracy and impose global fascism, plus mass murderer fauci is now touting people with ‘mandatory’ vaccines.

    We need to defend our lives against these criminals, with weapons if need be. I’ll shoot any bastard who wants to force posion into me and my family. End of the story!

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  9. For months I believed in the lies they have told us, for months I was even scared and was following their orders, but I started to see the truth when I visited family member sin hospital. Hospitals are empty, no patients, no nruses, doctors, most of them are at home.

    The same day i saw the same hospital on TV with people queuing, overcrowded, it was fake news, archive images, used to scare us into submission.

    I started to cehck for alternative news, wnet to check myself with friends working in the medical sector (very corrupt sector), they are lying on a massive scale.

    I agree with what’s said on your site, there are no new strains, it’s the common flu, they pretend it’s covid, this is a lie!

    Thank you for your site, I do not wear a mask anymore, stopped to wash my hands all the time, refuse to stay at home and to stay away from friends and family.

    We need to unite to fight them back!


    1. I agree, I also stopped to stay at home, eating and sitting on the couch, seeing nobody.

      Thye can fine me, i don’t care and they can eat their masks or put it where the sun never shines!

      Well done and thank you for your site!

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  10. This is now clear, it’s all lie to force people to take vaccines, then force certificates and 24/7 surveillance.
    Plus kill millions in the process with dna altering and poison vaccines.

    People who take the vaccines are condemned. That will make less idiots on the planet!


    1. Problem is they kill defenseless people who have no way to know what they are victim of, like elderly in care homes who are already uder house arrest and almsot torture due to ‘medical authorities’ (nazis if you ask me).

      It’s easy to inject an older person isolated and weak.

      Come to try inject me and my friends and you will see what fear really is!


  11. This is the time for people to wake up and take their destiny into their own hands. Nobody need ‘leaders’, ‘experts’, ‘governments’ or the self titled ‘elite’ made of criminals, psychopaths and pedophiles.

    We know what’s good for us, we don’t need these parasites who are sucking our blood since too long.

    Time to get rid of them, once and for all!

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  12. Very true : IT STOPS WHEN WE STOP TO COMPLY!” this is it. Like courageous people are doing the world over:
    #IOAPRO (I’m open) in Italy, Switzerland (#Wirmachenauf) and Poland (#OtwieraMY) as the article mentions on your website.

    I love this one: Italian opposition MP Vittorio Sgarbi has backed the movement, saying in an interview: Open up, & don’t worry, in the end we will make them eat their fines”.

    I would so much like to make on of these fascists eat their fines!


  13. Yes, it’s astounding, how so very many people can be SO gullible and brainwashed as to STILL be believing the ‘official narrative’; that ‘official narrative’ being BS, of course.
    Since all this began, early last year, I’ve been providing members of my family, and friends, with much factual information, from trustworthy sources, data which proves that what’s being given out by the world’s governments and the Mainstream Media is total BS. And yet most members of my family are STILL believing that BS…

    How on earth can all these ‘sheep’ who are pulling us down be made to see that what they’re believing is NOT the truth, that what’s happening worldwide is a coup, and NOT about a ‘deadly virus sweeping the planet’??

    I’ve been telling some friends that they really should not agree to have the ‘vaccine’. And yet they chose to be injected, 2 days ago. One of them said to me “WHY don’t you want to have it?!?”. As if it was ME who was taking the wrong attitude. I’d explained to them ’till I was blue in the face’ WHY it’s not a good idea to submit to the ‘vaccine’… but it didn’t change their attitude.


    1. The people who now queue to get injected with untested, unsafe, genetic modifying poison just validate Albert Einstein famous quote: “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”


    2. Yes, you’re so right; the Albert Einstein quote is ‘spot-on’ in its accuracy. Those who choose to take the ‘vaccine’ DO validate his words.


    3. De puta madre! This is so true, people are so dumb. They have the highest technologies, access for free to the truth on the web and yet, they keep wathcing fake news, believing lies and propaganda.

      People were smarter hundred year ago, they would have never complied to masks and other bullsh…


    4. Most people are ignorant. Even the so called ‘highly educated’ ones (formatted in the same schools that taught them to conform, not to think).

      Ignorance is unnaceptable in 2021 when access to the truth and culture is free and easy with the internet (until they supress it too)…

      Laziness: people don’t want to make efforts, they’d rather be slaves than make efforts.

      And cowardice: stop believing in the lies of the corrupt media and government would force people to act and take risks! Most people are too cowardly to take any risk.

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  14. This has nothing to do with a virus, it’s all about control and surveillance. The sheep think it’s going to stop as soons as they obey to the next order of their masters. But it won’t stop.

    They comply to ‘distancing” they get lockdown, they comply to lockdowns, they get masks, they comply to masks they get more lockdowns, they comply to it, they get more restrictions, they comply to fraud testing to be able to travel, they’ll get more testing, tracking, surveillance, then they will comply to poisonous vaccination, they’ll get vaccine certificates, they’ll comply to that too and they’ll get the next step of the total control agenda.

    It stops when you say stop!

    If the sheep had said no to the first restrcition one year ago, the ‘virus” would be gone, the “pandemic’ finished (like in 2009) and we would be free.

    But no the morons can’t help but be morons and condemn the rest of humanity to servitude, so they’ll get what they lust for: slavery and misery.

    Then they’ll have only their eyes left to cry, if they’re still alive.

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    1. Very true, thank you for this comment. None of this would have worked without the stunning passivity, credulity and we must say it cowardice of what seems to be a majority of our fellow humans. It remains to be seen if it’s really a majority and if they will wake-up or not.

      There is hope however as those who refuse to submit represent the future of humanity


  15. Thank you to put it in order. It seems most people don’t even think at all. they just obey without discussion to every absurd order.

    People behave like cattle. I understand more and more the book, ‘The Animal Farm’…

    We are animals, tamed ones, domesticated ones, obedient ones. For millions of sheep & cows there ae very few lion, few foxes, few wolves and many dogs.

    They will accept everything, the masks, the house arrest, the tracking, the fraud testing, the surveillance, the humiliations, the poison vaccines, the vaxx certificates and the slavery.

    Some will not even understand they are slaves. They’ll keep barking at the free people for “not complying”.

    The human kind deserve nothing more than what it’s going to get. Obedient must be slaves, only disobedience brings liberty.

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    1. True, if you give a finger, they take a hand, if you give the ahnd, they take the foreharm, if you give that they tak ethe harm.

      If you keep saying yes, they will take everything.

      We should not be afraid of targeted eliminations. Examples: bill gates, klaus schwab, rotschilds, prince charles or rotten politicians like merkel.

      The world will be a better place without them


  16. This is applicable to the majority of people who believe and comply to the lies of the establishment:

    “It is discouraging how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.”
    ~ Noel Coward (1979). “Plays, four”, Methuen Drama

    And then:
    “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    Time to fight the governments and their stooges

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  17. really disapointed by Vladimir Putin. I never imagined that this guy was part of the cabal. He’s probably a freemason as well, like the other criminals.
    I hope the Russian people are not as stupid as western ones, won’t fall in the trap and will refuse the vaccines and the certificates.

    It is clear now that the vaccines have nothing to do with a virus and the goal was all along to enslave humanity all along.

    If anyone wants to tell him what they think, not that it will change anything but if he receives thousand of trolling messages, maybe that will help (in Russian even better) : http://en.kremlin.ru/contacts (a secreteray will read the message but at least someone will get it).
    Or +7 495 625 35 81 and +7 495 606 36 02

    Hope he chokes with his vaccine


    1. Yes Putin like all the other assholes in power is a criminal, a mass murderer (how many people did he have poisoned already?) and a member of secret society, freemason or other similar garbage…

      Even if he’s not part of the plan he uses the fake “pandemic” to force vaccinate Russian and impose ‘certificates’to implement a surveillance state in Russia.
      The Russians have known “freedom” since 1990 and now they want to do the USSR all over again!

      We can only hope that our Russian brothers will resist and fight!


  18. I received a lot of money to declare this false epidemic a ‘pandemic’. It’s bill, he forced me to do it.


    1. Here is a good one to screw criminal bezos and his fascist company amazon:

      Find a cool product on Amazon?
      Find the company web site.
      Order directly from the company site (can usually save 10% with direct sale).
      Still get product within 8-10 days.
      Company avoids losing 25% margin share to Amazon.
      You avoid giving money to Jeff Bezos.
      Please RT


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    2. Thank you for this post, this is excatly what we are doing here: starving the beasts. I’ll add this advice to the site if it’s ok


    3. ok “tedros”.

      We’ll soon publish the names and the contact details (when we have them) of the criminals behind the scam.


  19. Thank you for your site. Most alternative news and website offer information but no concrete solutions except a few of them.

    We now need real solutions to get out of this made-up “crisis”, these solutions can be non violent or violent, as we are victims of an extermination war from the global ‘elites” and their servants in governments, we have the right to fight with weapons if need be and take them down before they kill or enslave us.

    If you want to add something on your content here is a nice video showing that one man with bare hands can beat even an army of thugs:

    thank you , keep the fight on

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  20. Why do people refuse to see the truth? They prefer to sit on their asses in front of the TV and be told lies!
    They prefer to pretend to believe lies because knowledge scares them more than this fake pandemic. They would have to make efforts and go out of their comfort zones with knowing the truth , and that is unnaceptable.

    People are so lazy, coward and stupid that they rather have their children harmed, bullied and exterminated than fight for their rights.

    They deserve, most of them at least, what they will soon get from eugenicists at the UN, WHO, gates foundation, big pharma.

    Happy jab assholes and soon the planet will have less morons


  21. This is now clear, there is no pandemic, it’s a coup. The problem si so many people have been totally brainwashed since almost a year of fera propaganda, wearing masks, living in permanent stress and fear that even when they see the logical evidences in front of them, they refuse to see it and keep believing in fables, lies and deceits.

    My guess is that these people will take the vaccines and maybe will be so sick that they will start to realize, or not.

    Anyway, majorities and masses are always the losers, motivated minorities win and let’s fight against the criminals pushing this agenda, starting by our politicians.

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  22. Thank you for existing! We need to resist more than ever.
    No more dictatorship, time to fight and eliminate corrupt governments and billionaires

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