Enslavement and Mass Murder: “For our Safety”

As you know,
Destroying your jobs is for your safety
Destroying your business is for your safety
Destroying your livelihood is for your safety
Destroying your inalienable rights is for your safety
Forcing you to wear muzzles & face diapers is for your safety,
Putting you in house arrest since one year is for your safety
Terrorizing, lying, fear propaganda and disinformation is for your safety
Permanent tracking, surveillance, testing, tracing is for your safety
Injecting untested, useless & deadly substances in your body is for your safety
Killing and harming people with these substances is for your safety
Creating a fascist apartheid society by forcing illegally ‘health passports’ is of course for your safety

Is there still an idiot in the room who believe all this is done for our safety?

1,739 people murdered and 38,444 injured by Pfizer-Biontech & Moderna experimental shots

For the USA

These are only the ‘adverse events’ reported to the VAERS and represent 1 to 3% only of the totality of deaths and injuries done by the so-called covid ‘vaccines’.

734 Permanent Disability
48 Birth Defect (include miscarriage and newborn deaths)

534 people dead and 330,063 injured following covid Experimental Injections in the U.K

First of all, these concoctions do not meet the legal definition of vaccines. Secondly, they haven’t been fully approved since they have not been properly tested for years as it should be the case for vaccines. Instead they have been ‘authorized’ in ’emergency’ after only few months of bogus trials on humans only and after the deaths of at least 6 participants.

The UK Government’s reporting system for COVID vaccine adverse reactions from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency released their latest report today, March 18, 2021. Link here.

by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News

The report covers data collected from December 9, 2020, through March 7, 2021, for the two experimental COVID “vaccines” currently in use in the U.K. from Pfizer/Biontech and Oxford-AstraZeneca.

They report a total of 534 deaths and 330,063 injuries.

Total reactions for the COVID-19 mRNA Pfizer- BioNTech gene treatment: 237 deaths and 100,809 injuries

Total reactions for the COVID-19 vaccine Oxford University/AstraZeneca “vaccine”: 289 deaths and 228,337 injuries

So it’s true that the Oxford/AstraZeneca shot is killing more than the Pfizer- BioNTech gene treatment. Probably because it’s been funded by the Bill Gates “foundation” & the WHO, who have both a long experience at killing and sterilizing people with ‘vaccines’.

For the COVID-19 “vaccine” brand unspecified (j&j, moderna?) analysis they report:

Total reactions for the COVID-19 “vaccine” brand unspecified vaccines: 8 deaths and 917 injuries.

The UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (owned by Big Pharma) concludes:

The overall safety experience with both vaccines is so far as expected from the clinical trials. Based on current experience, the expected benefits of both COVID-19 vaccines in preventing COVID-19 and its serious complications far outweigh any known side effects.

Side effects like the death of 534 people and the injuries of more than 300 000 (some for life) for badly tested, urged, hazardous and obviously deadly drugs that are not vaccines and don’t offer immunity to the disease they call ‘covid19’ are considered fine by this bunch of corrupt criminals who have sold their asses and souls long time ago to the pharmaceutical mafia.

Precisions about the Deadly ‘vaccine’ from Oxford-Astrazeneca and the corrupt EMA

First of all many people have been killed by the deadly product developped by the Oxford university and Astrazeneca. Blood-clots or other issues, people have been killed and inured:

@AlexBerenson Mar 15- The @AstraZeneca vaccine has 54,571 adverse events reports in Europe, including at least 198 deaths

Then: Teacher Dies Hours After Getting AstraZeneca COVID Shot in Italy. Manslaughter Investigation Launched

20+ Countries Suspend Use of AstraZeneca ‘vaccine’ Because it’s killing people

Then, as explained below, the EMA (so called ‘European” Medecine “Agency”) tells on its website that the deadly poison from Oxford-Astrazeneca that has killed at least 198 people is ‘SAFE’ and ‘EFFICIENT’ (efficient to depopulate, that’s for sure). The Oxford-Astrazeneca deadly injection has been funded by none other than Bill Gates through its servile intrument the WHO.

Norwegian Medical Professor Finds Link Between AstraZeneca Vaccine And Fatal Blood Clots but EMA (European Medicine Agency, an institution controlled by pharma lobbies) Tells Europe to Continue Anyway…

The director of the EMA is Emer Cooke, a long term pharma lobbyist that has been pushing the pharma lobbies agenda for decades:

EMA, about us: https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/about-us/

EMA  Executive Director:Emer Cooke

Cooke worked for the European Federation of Pharmaceutical industries and Associations (EFPIA) (a pharma lobby whose board are all executives from pharma corporations as evidenced on their own page here) as Manager of “Scientific and Regulatory Affairs” (LoL) from 1992 to 1995 and from 1996 to 1998. She also worked part-time as an independent pharmaceutical policy advisor from 1996 to 1998.

Cooke worked in the Irish pharmaceutical sector between 1985 and 1991, including two years as a pharmaceutical assessor at the Irish medicines regulatory authority (another corrupt body controlled by big pharma).
In short, Emer CROOK is yet another big pharma corrupt insider working to push the deadly vaccine agenda and lying about safety. She is thus a corrupt liar and a criminal as people have been killed and harmed by astrazeneca deadly products.


As this article shows, the criminals at the highest level of the ultra corrupt UK government are in bed with ‘vaccine’ makers.

UK MP’s, Scientific Advisors Heavily Invested In Vaccine Industry

These are the people imposing muzzles, lockdown, economic destruction distancing and other useless, unscientific, fascist and harmful measures to sell the deadly vaccines of their puppet masters. These people are criminals against humanity, must be tried and thrown in jail or worse.

MP’s, Scientific Advisors Heavily Invested In Vaccine Industry


The UK Government is on a mission to vaccinate the entire population of the UK with an experimental gene therapy. Their supposed reasoning is to protect us all against a “deadly” virus. But that just isn’t the case, the resulting disease statistically kills only 0.2% of those it infects, and the majority of those deaths are aged over 85 with underlying health conditions.

So the question remains, ‘Why does the Government and its scientific advisors so desperately want to vaccinate every man, woman and child in the United Kingdom?’

Well ‘The Daily Expose’ investigated by following the money, and this is what we found… https://www.europereloaded.com/uk-mps-scientific-advisors-heavily-invested-in-vaccine-industry/

The ‘adverse event’ numbers for Europe are from last week and come from ex-NYT journalist Alex Berenson and alternative news media:

Alex Berenson @AlexBerenson (twater account)
Mar 15- The @AstraZeneca vaccine has 54,571 adverse events reports in Europe, including at least 198 deaths (63 cardiac).

The Pfizer mRNA ‘vaccine’ has 102,100, including at least 957 deaths (276 cardiac).

1,155 people killed and 156, 671 injured by Pfizer/Biontech and Oxford-Astrazeneca experimental injections for the rest of Europe

But everything is fine according to corrupt “regulators”, and what about the families of those who have been murdered by criminal politicians and their pharma mafia paymasters?

Another proof of the complicity of so-called ‘regulators’ in the biggest crime of all times:

Norwegian Medical Professor Finds Link Between AstraZeneca Vaccine And Fatal Blood Clots but EMA Tells Europe to Continue Anyway because “Benefits Outweigh Risks”

March 18, 2021

Norwegian Medical Professor Finds Link Between AstraZeneca Vaccine And Fatal Blood Clots but EMA Tells Europe to Continue Anyway because “Benefits Outweigh Risks”

The EMA, a corrupt organization controlled by big pharma and the globalists behind the covid hoax probably refer to the ‘benefits’ that go in their own pockets which outweigh the risk the people are taking by injecting deadly untested products.

A Norwegian physician and professor of medicine at Oslo University Hospital,  Pål Andre Holme, held a press conference earlier today to announce the results of their investigation into three healthcare workers under the age of 50 in Norway who developed blood clots following the AstraZeneca experimental vaccine, resulting in the death of one of them.

Dr. Holme confirmed that the AstraZeneca vaccine was the cause of the blood clots.

ZeroHedge News reports:

Chief physician and professor Pål Andre Holme told Norwegian papers on Thursday, just hours before the EMA was set to release the findings of its promised “safety review” (which was conducted even more hastily than the initial vaccine studies), that he has a new theory about what caused the reactions in the health workers, and unfortunately, per Holme, the AstraZeneca jab acted as the trigger.

“The reason for the condition of our patients has been found,” chief physician and professor Pål Andre Holme announced to Norwegian national newspaper VG today.

He has lead the work to find out why three health workers under the age of 50 were hospitalized with serious blood clots and low levels of blood platelets after having taken the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine. One of the health workers died on Monday.

The experts have worked on a theory that it was in fact the vaccine which triggered an unexpected and powerful immune response.

“Our theory that this is a powerful immune response which most likely was caused by the vaccine has been found.

Though he acknowledged the theory was just that – a theory, Holme insisted there was nothing else that could have triggered such an intense immune response in all three patients. The vaccine was the only common factor.

“We have the reason. Nothing but the vaccine can explain why these individuals had this immune response,” he states.

VG also asks how Holme can know that the immune response is not caused by something other than the vaccine.

It didn’t avoid the paid charlatans at the ‘EMA’ (European Medicines Agency), a subsidiary of the pharma lobby to lie in the face of people by finding “no link between the AstraZeneca experimental COVID vaccines and the fatal blood clots, and urged countries to resume vaccinations because “the benefits outweigh the risks.”

Emer Cooke, the big pharma shill at the EMA is reciting the text given by her paymasters to keep murdering people and try to jab the entire population, cornerstone of the covid operation. Another liar and criminal that will be judged in future Nuremberg trials and maybe jailed or executed for complicity in a genocide. Emer Crooked, we won’t forget you…

Dr. Strauss acknowledged that the agency saw clots develop “in a few cases” and even saw clots develop in the brain. The condition was linked to low levels of blood platelets, just as a top Norway doctor suggested earlier.

However,” the agency doesn’t have enough evidence to establish a definitive link.

It is exactly what the tobacco industry was saying for years about the link between smoking and cancer before losing the trials that saw them exposed for what they are.

And below, the proof that the EMA is lying:

Teacher Dies Hours After Getting AstraZeneca COVID Shot in Italy: Manslaughter Investigation Launched

A day after Italy, Germany and the Netherlands joined a growing list of European countries suspending the experimental AstraZenca COVID shots due to reported cases of fatal blood clots, a manslaughter investigation has reportedly been launched in Italy over a 57-year-old clarinet teacher who passed away on Sunday, less than 24 hours after having the first dose of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

Prosecutors in the northern Italian region of Piedmont have also reportedly seized nearly 400,000 doses of the AstraZenca COVID vaccine.

His wife, Simona Riussi, told Italian media her husband went to bed with a high fever after his Saturday appointment. She said she tried to wake him the following morning, but Tognatti could not be revived.

    “My husband believed in the vaccine and we must continue to believe in it because it is the only way that can free us from this situation,” she said in a statement to La Repubblica.

Has the rule of law completely disapeared and they can now kill us without any consequences? This is what they believe. This week they murdered Tanzania’s president, every day they kill and harm people with fake vaccines, lockdowns, masks, but real deadly products, they force people to wear muzzles, to stay at home, to obey absurd and insane totally unscientific rules and they are killing the world economy.

This is a war, a third world war from the self-titled ‘elites’, the psychopath, pedophiles, corrupt, criminals at the top who want to destroy our communities, our societies, our future and our children.

They want to force on us ‘health, vax passports’, this is the next step of their enslavement agenda, to the road of a feudal society where we will be serfs attached to the land or the will of the few lords wich will control every inch of our miserable lives.

This is what they are preparing, ultra fascism never seen before in human history, the corporations and billionaires have taken over our governments, our armies, our police forces and they are on the move to destroy us if we let them!

Green Passes and Dark Inequalities: The Push for COVID “Immunity Passports”

Sensible, ideal, wonderful – if you happen to be in the European Union. This is the air of confidence surrounding the March 17 proposal for a digital COVID immunity passport, or what is officially being called the Digital Green Certificate.

The measure is discrimination made sound, preference made prominent. The essential requirement to obtain such a pass is evidence that you have been vaccinated by a jab with a vaccine approved by the ultra corrupt European Medicines Agency. But the European Commission did append a qualification to this requirement. Member states could decide whether to accept vaccines that the EMA had yet to approve. Not in itself reassuring, given the varied approaches European states have taken to the international vaccine market.
Such administrative and bureaucratic impositions are the stuff of nightmares.

We already presented it here, the EU is planning ‘vaccination passports’ since 2018, long before the onset of the covid COUP. It is now clear that the EU is part of the cabal and ‘covid19’ has been created to force this fascist agenda.

Here is the document of the EU commission from March 2019 preparing the lock-step scenario to force ‘vaccine passports’ on European people without their consent or any debate (as usual since the EU is an anti-democratic totalitarian system).

Vaccine Passports, “Medical Martial Law” and the Stockholm Syndrome

New Military Policies Coerce Service Members Into Getting COVID Vaccines

The military has imposed widespread coercive policies to reach a goal of 100% vaccinated personnel.

Despite the COVID-19 vaccine being voluntary under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), service members are being subjected to segregation policies designed to coerce them into taking an experimental drug.

The COVID vaccines have not demonstrated efficacy in preventing infection or transmission, nor do these vaccines have long-term safety data.

From usurper Biden banana republic USA to the EUSSR and Europe, their model (and probably for many their funder) is the ultra totalitarian communist regime of China:

 China Adds Emotion Monitor Cameras To ‘Social Credit’ Scores

The next step in ubiquitous monitoring and data collection is your emotional state: are you angry, happy, depressed, content? Technocrats in China will meld this into the Social Credit Scoring system.

China is exporting its Social Credit Scoring technology to any country that will accept it. ⁃ TN Editor

BIG Brother-like mass state surveillance is being developed by China with streets full of cameras that can monitor citizens’ emotions and track their “social credit” scores.

The high tech systems will also help people snoop and rat on each other from the comfort of their homes — or on the go with their smartphones.

The Communist regime’s nightmare-inducing plans involve installing spy cameras in all places and using artificial intelligence to calculate a person’s “social score” which will determine benefits or punishments.

Even France, the so-called ‘country of human rights’ has descended in the most absolute fascist regime where a handful of criminals have taken 67 millions people in hostage since one year and continue their state terror campaign.

France to Use ‘Smart’ Cameras to Check Who’s Wearing Masks on Public Transport

‘Big Brother is watching you’? France to use ‘smart’ cameras to check how many transport

The French government has been accused of dystopian designs after authorizing the use of surveillance cameras to tally how many commuters are masking up.

A new decree has given public transport operators the power to use “intelligent video to measure the rate of mask-wearing on transport.” France’s data protection watchdog, CNIL, said the “smart” cameras will be used on buses, subways and trains to “observe” whether Covid-19 rules mandating facial coverings are being obeyed. However, the government claims that the cameras will only tabulate how many people are wearing masks, without identifying individuals.

Of course, like the chinese communists…

And more fascism by the day and the so-called ‘revolutionary French’ are not even protesting, revolting, or disobeying? What happened to the Gallic temperement and the ever on strike nation? Chicken? Yellow?

 French Govt Puts Half of Country in Lockdown No.3 Risking Backlash

We would not use the word stooges for these two puppets, but the word whores would be better fitting.

Pam Barker | Director of TLB Europe Reloaded Project

It is truly dystopian. Technocrat PM Jean Castex and technocrat ‘Health’ Minister Olivier Veran (see featured image) were on TV last night announcing new lockdown rules as cases allegedly rise. Living here as we do, we don’t know anyone who is sick. This is nothing like March 2020, when we did know a handful of people complaining of genuinely unpleasant respiratory symptoms that the government characterized as ‘Covid-19’. (Who knows what it really was.)

Rumours online, with alleged documentary evidence, showed some time back that a third lockdown (or version thereof) was planned. We have no reason to doubt that as there is simply no obvious reason for it now.

If there is a genuine rise in sickness, however, could this be due to the vaccines being dished out?

The issuance of rules from Castex last night was stunning (don’t look for logic):

  • The nightly curfew will start at 7pm instead of 6pm. (Why?)
  • 16 regions in the north of the country, and especially Paris, will be subject to the new rules.
  • You can’t travel beyond 10kms (6.2 miles) from your home. You need to carry an official justification for why you’re out.
  • Schools and libraries won’t be closed. (That’s a lot of people mingling … Presumbly on public transport, too, with masks that we know don’t work.)
  • Working from home (‘teletravail’) is encouraged throughout the country (Great Reset anyone?)
  • Non-essential businesses and non-essential aisles of stores will be closed. And that’s the killer. Targeting business is being regarded as the central theme of this new ‘confinement’. (Again, Great Reset?)

They seemed to be setting these new restrictions against the lack of hospital beds, but it’s been government policy to severely restrict hospital beds over the last few years, as well as slim-down health services. It’s a nonsensical justification, reverting to the ‘hospitals will be overwhelmed’ nonsense.

So, everywhere it’s the same agenda, and it won’t stop, until We The People stop them, and not by peaceful protests or petitions, or writing online or negotiating as you don’t negotiate with terrorists, you don’t negotiate with bullies, you punch them hard until they can’t get up anymore.

Time Is Running Out – Open Your Eyes and Take Action!

“Closing your eyes isn’t going to change anything. Nothing’s going to disappear just because you can’t see what’s going on. In fact, things will even be worse the next time you open your eyes. That’s the kind of world we live in. Keep your eyes wide open. Only a coward closes his eyes. Closing your eyes and plugging up your ears won’t make time stand still.”

~ Haruki Murakami–FaceBook post by Haruki Murakami from Mar 24, 2017

We are staring at the gates of hell, and most still have their heads in the sand. Watching and waiting, and expecting the best without lifting a finger to change the course we are on is the epitome of failure. Avoidance, apathy, indifference; these are all signs of hiding from the truth, and all these roads lead only to a life of servitude. The good in life comes from overcoming adversity, despair, and oppression, and this requires strength, courage, and tenacity. Today we face the most challenging time in history, and only by standing together against our enemy the state, do we have a chance to regain that treasure in life called freedom.

It is time to act as grown men and women instead of behaving like frightened children. Children run from fear, and when they cannot run, they cover their eyes and ears thinking the threat will go away on its own. One of the wonders of aging is learning that only monsters in your mind can defeat you, but in this time in history in this country, almost the entirety of this population is running and hiding from the truth while pretending all their troubles will go away by the time they open their eyes.

The monsters we face today are not hiding, they are out in the open for all to see. Because of this, none should be afraid, but instead of looking deep inside of self, instead of following their hearts and souls, instead of taking personal responsibility, most have abandoned sanity, and have succumbed to false fear and obedience to the same monsters that threaten their lives. They have voluntarily taken the most subordinate position, just as their masters planned, and in doing so, have lost the ability to think or act rationally. It is as if there has been a mass societal change from one of intellect and bravery to one of ignorance and cowardice.

An awakening is necessary in order to face and defeat the tyranny of this heinous state, but first a gathering together must occur. Fighting each other only weakens our position, and in turn enhances the strength of this evil foe called government. Division is our enemy, unity is our salvation. This does not mean that all or any have to agree with everything, it means only that fighting amongst ourselves will be our downfall.

Covid-19 is a fraud, Covid cases are a lie. Masks are worthless and dangerous to health and liberty in many ways. Distancing is destructive of life and health, and experimental, gene-altering, poisonous, and murderous injections falsely labeled as ‘vaccines’ are only meant to control or kill much of the population in order to achieve a transhumanist society run by the technocratic few that claim superiority over humanity.

To turn this plot around will take a mammoth effort by the people, and time is running out. It is imperative to understand that we very close to being unable to stop this madness. Once most are injected with this synthetic cell-restructuring bioweapon called a ‘vaccine,’ it will most likely be too late to save this society and ourselves.

Much is coming quickly, including the total destruction of the current economic system, the destruction of the monetary system in favor of an all digital replacement, tracking and surveillance far exceeding anything seen to date, immunity and travel passports (papers), social credit score tyranny for all, more lockdowns and imprisonment, and extreme brutality at the hands of the state’s enforcement thugs, especially against any dissenters that refuse to comply.

The choices are clear; continue to wallow in self-pity and indifference, hiding from the truth with the false thinking that all will return to normal on its own, or fight this terror called the “State” until it is defeated and cannot threaten or harm the people any longer. The time for action is now or never. The end is close at hand!

“We didn’t love freedom enough.”

~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn “The Gulag Archipelago”. Book by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, 1974.

22 thoughts on “Enslavement and Mass Murder: “For our Safety””

  1. Update, update, the death numbers and injuries has exploded since last week. There are now almost 600 000 (reported) injuries Europe + USA and more than 5000 killed by their fake ‘vaccines’.

    It’s probably even 10 times more since they report only 1% of injruies.


  2. There are complaints made to the ICC (International Criminal Court) in the Hague (nl) by lawyers. 2 complaints from Israeli lawyers against netnyahu fascist state for violation of the Nuremberg code and crimes against humanity.

    There are other ongoing lawsuits from R. Fuellmich and his group of international lawyers. Very little success has been achieved so far. A court in portugal, another in germany who ruled that all covid ‘measures’ were illegal.

    Yet, none of these measures have been removed… So, what a judge says in a former democratic country has no importance anymore. The dictatorship goes unabated.

    Then, the complaints to the ICC are fully justified, what is happening since one year are obvious crimes against humanity. Local courts are either corrupt or filled with cowards who don’t do their jobs anymore and are afraid to impose the law.

    The only problem with the ICC is that they might also be in the globalists pockets… They already showed how biased they were during the tirals for the war in ex-Yougoslavia. they condemned only one side, and punished mainly the Serbians while Bosniaks, Croats and others committed as much atrocities and crimes as any other people involved in a civil war.

    The main issue is that people are doing nothing, they wait, like stones, waiting for something to come from the sky. I don’t know if it’s human nature or just because our societies have become so decadent that nobody cares anymore and good men and women are too few or not willing to do anything, but only a tiny amount of people are willing to defend their rights, their livelihood and their civilization being crushed in front of their eyes.

    As always, empires, major civilizations never crash from outside attack but form inside decay. What the globalists are doing now could never have happened in the 1980’s or 1990’s, people would have taken to their weapons and killed assholes like bdien, trudeau, johnson, gates, fauci, merkel….

    They would have burned the capitol in case of rigged elections. Today people are meek and weak, and ‘politically correct’ (aka esmaculated).

    They don’t want any ‘violence’. So they let the fascists beat them to death or torture them to death without hitting them back..

    Fucking ridiculous. people like fauci or gates deserve a bullet in the head, no trial, no talk, no pity.

    The lawyers even if they are given reason by the tribunals don’t have an army or millions of people willing to enforce the judges decisions. Therefore, even if they win, it won’t solve the main issue:

    People have to take things into their hands and destroy the globalist clique and their puppets in governments. And not with ‘peaceful’ prostests but with the most extreme and furious violence that the parasites at the top will not dare start again for hundred years!


  3. the people who believe that lockdown, crufews, masks and all the other bogusu bullshit fake science fascist orders help aagisnt viruses are the same who believe the earth is flat because the ‘authorities’ say so.

    Never came into their mind that the so called ‘authorities’ are corrupt and have an agenda dictated by those who fund and control them…

    The level of stupidity, credulity, blind obedience of this generation has never been seen before in world history.

    The more people have access to free, easy to get information, the less they are able to properly find and understand it.

    Most people it seems, are happy enough with the blatant and gross lies served to them on TV and social media by a handful of corrupt criminals who benefit from a fake and manufactured ‘pandemic’ to implement a global dictatorship.

    Even that, which is now clear after one year, the dumbed down ignorant are not able to see.

    These people deserve their slave status and they are going to get it, unfortunately, normal decent, smart and conscious people will have to suffer because of these moronic assholes and fight to recover freedom for them!


  4. All these corrupt and fascist corporations and even small businesses always ready to lick the boots of their tormentors who cdestroy their livelihood (because a virus doesn’t destroy your life and the economy, criminals do).

    These assholes who put gigantic covid propaganda panels in front of their shops, like nazi and fascist collaborators ready to humiliate themselves and demand obedience from the very people who make them survive (the customers)…

    These businesses deserve only two things: BOYCOTT AND DEATH





  5. Enslavement of Humanity with a fake pandemic, medical tyranny, AND TECHNOCRACY a

    All that helped by little spineless, brainless wankers who think that the technology they develop is there to ‘help the planet’ while it’s financed by criminals to enslave humans.

    rtificial intelligence, IoT, 5G and big tech fascists brainwashing people, censoring the truth and tracking people 24/7.

    useful idiots, a generation of braindead ignorant stuck on their screens incapable of free will and independant thinking, parroting what their puppet masters tell them to parrot.

    With morons like that, you don’t even need enemies…


  6. Enslavement of Humnaity through fake pandemic, medical tyranny, artificial intellignece, IoT, 5G and big tech fascists brainwashing people, censoring the truth and tracking people 24/7.

    All that helped by little spineless, brainless wankers who think that the technology they develop is there to ‘help the planet’ while it’s financed by criminals to enslave humans.

    useful idiots, a generation of braindead ignorant stuck on their screens incapable of free will and independant thinking, parroting what their puppet masters tell them to parrot.

    With morons like that, you don’t even need enemies…


  7. The pharma mafia, all known criminals with a lot of murders on their hands. They ownthe media and many politician scum.

    They also own bogus ‘experts’, corrupt scientists and doctors…




  9. A complaint has been made and asknolwdlged by the International Court in the Hague for violation of the Nuremberg code by the fascist regime in Israel from 2 lwayers:
    Ruth Makhacholovsky & Aryeh Suchowolski

    netanyahu the neo-nazi and his henchmen don’t have the right to force vaccinate the citizens or force yellow badges called ‘green passes’ on them.

    Article here in hebrew:

    The unelected, unnacountable globalist scum of the EU commission intend to do the same soon, with ‘green passes’ showing who is ‘vaccinated’ with deadly poison or not.

    This was the agenda all along, since day one: the lock-step scenario to impose forced vaccination, digital tracking passes before moving to the next step.



  10. The EMA, EU, WHO and all other globalist criminals have zero legitimacy and no right to give any advice and even less to impose anything on this world.

    If people weren’t that stupid and coward, this fake pandemic would have never worked!

    The blame is not to the psychopaths behind the covid scam, but to the spineless, brainless worms who did nothing to fight it!

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  11. people don’t fight, didn’t defend their rights. Didn’t do anything, waiting for others to act as usual.

    The West is decadent since decades, this is why it’s so easy for globalist scum to destroy democracies, because people have nothing in the balls and in the head left after years of marxist and globalist indoctrination, smothered by comfort, distraction, digital gadgetry and decadence.

    People are taken for children by their criminal politicians, because they are children.

    People who are not able to fight against a tiny minority of criminals don’t deserve to live.

    Chicken are smarter


  12. It’s really like living under communism before 1989 in Eastern Europe…

    They publsih numbers every week coming from their own government websites showing that their fake vaccines are killing and harming people on a massive scale (thousands deaths and hundreds of thousand of injuries) and they still go on media telling you in the face ‘vaccines are safe and efficient’ or ‘ benefits outweigh the risks’!
    Are people blind, mute and deaf suddenly, don’t they see that THESE FAKE VACCINES ARE NOT SAFE, NOT EFFICIENT AND ARE KILLING AND INJURING ON A MASSIVE SCALE!???!!!!

    Is ee some morons who can hardly breath almsot passing out in the street the other day, but do you think the fucking braindead prick would have removed his muzzle? Nooooooooooooooo! He’d rather die of asphixya than removing his holy dirty piece of useless rag!


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  13. ‘Is there still an idiot in the room who believe all this is done for our safety?’ I know many idiots who still believe in the totally impossible version of the stae/corporate/media children story…

    Some start to have cognitive dissonance issues, but keep obeying and keep being scared (it’s a minimum to please master), some are full nto it. They live the dream! They walk outside with a face daiper on their sclerosed faces, if you happen to meet them, they jump aside 1, 1.5, 2 meters, depending which debilitating idiot they have been listening to.

    There was this woman who washed her hands at least 12 times with damaging alcohol lotion, because she had to go in and out of a restaurant, to the toilet, then forgot something, so she washed again, frenetically like a complete remote controlled robot.

    These people are hopeless. It will take years to detox them…

    but then, as they will get jabbed by mRNA deadly shots, they won’t live that long, so they’ll die stupid and confused…

    with a face diaper on…


    1. Yes, when confronted with logic, real science and reality, you can see the panic and confusion on their faces (when they show their faces).. They know it’s a scam, but the program ‘says no’…


  14. This is not ‘adverse events’, this is premediated murder committed by criminals who should be prosecuted and thrown to jail:

    ceo s of all vaccine makers, the WHO, bill gates, and all governments and regulators who authorized this and push for more.


  15. The scum in governments and corporate feel strong because the stupid peasants have been obeying to all their little tantrums since one year: distancing, masking, clsoing business, losing jobs, home jail, surveillance, tracking etc…

    Now they feel that the can push the next step of the long planned agenda; the ‘health pass’ (aka the 24/7 surveillance tool). That added of course to the killing therapy they dare to call vaccines.

    As stupid belived and obeyed, I don’t see how stupid is now going to say no?

    Now, they will have a problem with not stupid, non compliant, free and smart people. This is why they have opened concentration camps that will soon be death camps: to exterminate the opponents.

    Don’t believe me? Let’s see in one year where we stand.

    Besides, those who are smart and strong enough to keep refusing killing injections and ‘passes’ will be discriminated and obliged to recreate their own societies if they want to continue living. If they want to travel, they will have to own their own means of doing so, which is highly possible and feasible.

    I strongly suggest to all the dissidents to regroup and start to build alternative world right now, before they cut the grass under our feet once again!

    Liked by 1 person

  16. The EU ike the UN (aka WHO) and other globalist organizations are part of the coup. People still don’t understand that the EU has always been a totalitarian project. The start of the plan for putting in place an evil empire in Western Europe starting long ago and is part of the ‘one world government’ (aka global dictatorship). When the EUSSR died because communism is like fascism, an evil ideology that works only in the minds of psychopathic delusional morons, the EU took over and starte dthe process of re-creating the EUSSR in the West.

    Since then, diktats after diktats, lock-step scenarios and step by step destruction of European countries identity, sovereignety, independance and democracy has been the constant goal of the criminals of the EU ‘commision’ (the bolshevik style kommissars).

    The EU parliament is a joke without any real power or standing, mainly filled with puppets controlled by lobbies, corporations and globalist scum like soros.

    The victory over globalism and its fascist plans includes the utter destruction of the EU as it is now and to revert it to what it should have alwasy been, a mere economic alliance leaving each country totally independant.

    This is why they always put as ‘president’ of the ‘commission’ the most useless, incompetent and corrupt non-entities because they are easy to control, manipulate and articulate, like puppets.

    Every time we see a ‘EU’ ‘flag’, we burn it, evry EU symbol, we burn it, every EU supporter is a traitor to his country and the human kind.


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    1. The EU started to show its real ugly totalitarian face in 1992, just after its big sister and reference, the USSR died from total failure (marxism is a failure in itself).

      The Maaaaaastricht ‘treaty’, adopted with the tiniest majority. If this fake treaty (as it was imposed rather than debated) would have been rejected as it should have been, everything could have changed.

      To end the EUSSR, you need to destroy it by exposing its total illegitimacy , to expose its corrupt institutions, its intrinsic fascist nature and its evil goals: the elimination of nations, of democracy, of humanity, of freedom, of human rights to be replaced by technocracy, bureaucracy, centraliztion, corporatism, statism, absurdity and insanity like the USSR was.

      The EUSSR is one of the globalist mafia behind the covid scam, it’s a prelude to the new world order they wet their pants with at night (they call it ‘great reset’ these days).

      To destroy everything pertaining to this monstruosity, from burning its souless flag, to refusing its horrible ‘regulations’, to ignore its ‘rules’ is to fight for real diversity, people’s rights, love and humanity.

      When we go after the perpetrators of this coup, we should not forget to set the EUSSR commission buildings on fire and erase forever the memory of this abomination!

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  17. Only armed sruggle, massive disobedience, massive sabotage operations, elimination of the main actors of the coup and permanent harassment and punition of the collaborators of the fascist regimes will succeed.

    people have to understand that if they are not ready to die and kill for defending their rights an dhumanity, they are doomed!


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