Keep the Fight Against the Imposition of ‘vaccine certificates’ in the EU

The ‘green pass, certificate’, the plan all along. The yellow star of the 21st century will be used to control and surveil the serfs and cattle 24/7. Part of the NWO agenda, rebranded ‘great reset’.

The action came too late in the day to have a real impact. this was the plan of the EUSSR kommissars (so-called EU commission), proceed extra quickly leaving only one week to Mep’s to read, understand and prepare for a coerced ‘measure’ and speedy vote.

Like other totalitarian autocracies, the EU, which we call the EUSSR as it is exactly reproducing the USSR style and system, except for the crony capitalism that pervert all its institutions, does everything by stealth and top-down hierarchy.

More than 50 000 lobbies pollute the corridors of the ‘commission’ and parliament buildings in Brussels and elsewhere. When Mep’s are not courted by lobbies, they are ‘coopted’ by the likes of George Soros, when they aren’t directly working for foreign state departments and their many own think tanks and lobbies.

To add a layer of corruption to an already decaying entity, the ‘revolving door’ system is working full time between corporations (including big pharma) and EU institutions. Many of the heads of anything in the EU come from the corporate world, to serve their corporate agendas and one day might return to their overlords in the private sector. One example is Emer Cooke, now head of the EMA (Eu. Medecine ‘Agency’), a former executive of the biggest pharma lobby in Europe, EFPIA, Emer Crooke is at the EMA to push the ‘vaccine’ agenda like she did recenlty by criminally stating that the deadly Oxford-AstraZeneca “Vaccine” with their Fatal Blood Clots were “safe” despite the huge numbers of people killed and harmed by it. This is the kind of of people the EU is made of, from top to bottom.

No surprise then with this vote, like with most other votes in the EUSSR. Democracy is an illusion as the EU ‘parliament’ has in fact little if any power at all, and in the event this mock of a parliament would like to use its prerogative, there are enough corrupt and controlled MEP’s to make sure real citizens wishes will never be satisfied. This is why they created the ‘commission’ (aka the politburo), to force ‘regulations’ that nobody want except the tiny elite of parasitic criminals who edict them and benefit from them.


What happened anyway surprised the establishment and their whores (in this case the ‘Irish Times’) when MEP’s received thousands of emails asking them to reject the ‘vaccine certificates’ diktat. An article by Senta Depuydt from CHD Europe describes the situation with humor and imagination.

A Deluge of Hummingbirds To Block EU ‘Green Pass’

We won’t reproduce the full article here, it’s available on CHD’s website, but the principle behind the action that saw thousands of ordinary citizens, little hands and common People illustrate perfectly the allegory and our fight, the eternal fight of David against Goliath, of Good against evil.

It is time to reflect on the message of a world-famous fable: all collective action begins with the efforts of just a handful of individuals…

“One day, a huge fire tore through the forest. All the animals fled or stood back, watching helplessly as the disaster unfolded. That is except for one small hummingbird, who was busy carrying drops of water to put out the fire. Several animals laughed at him: ‘Oh Hummingbird, this is absurd. A few drops of water won’t put the fire out!’ But the hummingbird answered, unperturbed: ‘I know. I’m just doing my part.’”


On Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 March, European Parliament inboxes were flooded with emails urging them to reject the fast-track procedure for the adoption of the ‘Green Digital Certificate’, a kind of European vaccine passport.

A few days earlier, the European Commission had tabled a proposal for a regulation to adopt the ‘Green Digital Certificate’ (or ‘Green Pass’) under a fast-track procedure, giving MEPs a week to vote on the issue. The Commission wants an urgent adoption, to have it in place before the summer Although the certificate is presented as a temporary measure, given that, as well as Covid-19, it will apply to diseases selected, under certain circumstances, by the WHO and Member States, it seems designed for permanence.

EU citizens, already having lost freedom of movement within the Schengen zone—one of the fundamental principles of the EU Treaties—are understandably alarmed at the proposal. It attempts to legislate for the essential abrogation of this fundamental right, whilst introducing an undeniably discriminatory health policy.

Several organisations reacted and invited their members to send a standard letter drafted by their lawyer, expressing their indignation to the elected representatives before the vote and urging them to reject the emergency procedure.

According to an article in the Irish Times the day after the vote, the Parliament received a ‘deluge’ of nearly 3,000 emails overnight.

The most widely circulated letter was from lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, the nephew of the former US President and a strong advocate of informed consent before vaccination. The European branch of his association, Children’s Health Defense, circulated the alert in several languages.

Meanwhile, the part of the population ready to defend its rights continues to grow. The ‘deluge’ of e-mails that has fallen on the European Parliament came from the combined efforts of thousands, who, like little—shall we say—hummingbirds of democracy, hope to extinguish the liberticidal fire lit by lobbies to fuel health despotism. It is time to reflect on the message of a world-famous fable: all collective action begins with the efforts of just a handful of individuals…

“One day, a huge fire tore through the forest. All the animals fled or stood back, watching helplessly as the disaster unfolded. That is except for one small hummingbird, who was busy carrying drops of water to put out the fire. Several animals laughed at him: ‘Oh Hummingbird, this is absurd. A few drops of water won’t put the fire out!’ But the hummingbird answered, unperturbed: ‘I know. I’m just doing my part.’”

His letter questions the science behind the proposal and investigates the risks posed, before challenging the legal basis.

It is perhaps surprising that so many people took the time, sometimes several hours, to contact MEPs, as it was not a matter of simply ‘clicking and sending’ a form, but rather composing multiple emails and sending them individually from one’s own address.

This rapid mobilisation demonstrates that a significant part of the population wants to be heard. We can see a genuine citizens’ movement taking shape throughout Europe and the world.

For things could still change. The mandate for negotiations with the European Council must be adopted by MEPs at the next plenary session from 26 to 29 April. Until then, it is in the hands of the Civil Liberties Committee (LIBE), which has asked to re-examine the dossier and could make important amendments. Finally, the amended text will have to be voted on by the Parliament and the Council together.

Full article available on CHD Europe’s website (in four languages):


We will publish the names of the MEP’s who voted yes and no as soon as we have them.

Here are the official texts from the EU parliament website. It doesn’t look good for freedom, democracy and the future. This is why people need to fight.

Muzzles, house arrest, testing, and now ‘ tagging and passes’, like cattle and dogs!

Yellow badges yesterday, ‘green passes’ today, what’s next, free holidays in Auschwitz!?

Green Pass  Letter of Children’s Health Defense to the European Parliament. TAKE ACTION

Dear Member of the European Parliament,

Re: Green Pass Requires Debate, Not Emergency Adoption, COM 2021 130

We write to oppose the Parliament’s adoption of the “Green Pass” (Digital Green Certificate, introduced March 17, 2021 with proposal #COM 2021 130) without thorough, vigorous debate. While the intent of the Green Pass is to facilitate travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, we fear it will do the exact opposite: it will stifle travel and human interaction.

We are extremely concerned about the proposed regulation will affect all travel in the Schengen Zone, for European citizens and others alike, requiring individuals to prove receipt of an experimental vaccine or submission to experimental testing.

The proposal’s premise is that it will prevent transmission of SARS-Cov-2 but it is on shaky scientific and legal ground and requires in-depth debate for the reasons listed below.

1. There is No Proof that Vaccination Blocks Transmission of SARS-CoV-2.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has repeatedly stated that there is no data proving that COVID-19 vaccines block transmission of the coronavirus. For this reason, vaccinated individuals must continue to maintain social distancing and mask wearing.

While the EMA hopes vaccines will reduce COVID, the reverse may occur; mass vaccination may increase disease spread. This was the case with the Dengvaxia vaccine in the Philippines, as the World Health Organization (WHO) Vaccine Safety Summit detailed in 2019. Independent scientists assessing results in Israel and the United Kingdom question the success of mass vaccination. As coronaviruses are constantly mutating, the effectiveness of these novel vaccines against new variants is doubtful.

2. PCR Tests Are Unreliable Public Health Measures.

While PCR tests may be able to diagnose a sick person in a short time window, they have almost no relevance for those who show no symptoms of illness. Positive PCR tests do not confirm illness or contagiousness and many result in ‘false positive cases’.

A recent review in the medical journal The Lancet estimated that isolation of false positive cases is “a net loss to the health, social and economic wellbeing of communities” and concluded that “PCR testing is therefore not the appropriate gold standard for evaluating a SARS-CoV-2 public health test.”

In January 2021, the WHO released new guidance on PCR tests, also warning of the danger of false positive results: “as disease prevalence decreases, the risk of false positive increases.”

Member states should stop testing healthy people and use those resources for treatment.

3. The Green Pass is legally disproportionate.

The proposed regulations infringe fundamental human rights, including rights to travel, assembly, privacy, conscience and free and informed consent. Recent scientific studies cast serious doubt on the effectiveness of draconian measures to limit disease spread, including travel restrictions and lockdown measures.

Implementing the Green Pass will require massive resources without a well-founded expectation of success. Investment in hospitals and protections for those at risk would be more effective and economical. At the very least, a cost–benefit analysis and debate are absolutely necessary.

4. The European Parliament Must Apply the Precautionary Principle.

COVID-19 vaccines have received only conditional approval; clinical trials will not be complete for months or years. Demanding that European Union citizens and visitors be subject to experimental medical products to exercise fundamental rights violates the precautionary principle enshrined in Article 191 of the Treaty of Functioning of the European Union.

How these vaccines will affect people in coming months or years is unknown.  The risk of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) is real, i.e. that vaccinated individuals exposed to new viral strains may be at increased risk compared to those who have not been vaccinated. This potentially lethal risk is well-known to vaccine experts and is one of the main reasons why vaccine manufacturers refuse to accept liability for future injuries and deaths.

Several COVID-19 vaccines are based on a novel gene technology never used in healthy individuals before. Manufacturers sidelined the risks in modifying the human genome and triggering autoimmune diseases in the headlong rush to release the vaccines. On July 15, 2020, the European Parliament voted to waive the risk assessment for these vaccines under the Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Regulation. Prominent scientists and doctors recently addressed these concerns in an open letter to the EMA. Further study on the impact of these gene therapies is required before making them compulsory.

5. Vaccine Manufacturers Fail to Warrant Effectiveness or Safety.

Esteemed Belgium lawyers recently concluded that the European Commission granted invalid liability and warranty exemptions to COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers. Given the lack of evidence of safety or effectiveness, manufacturers unsurprisingly refuse to guarantee either. Member States, and ultimately the electorate, will bear the burden of compensating and caring for victims of vaccine injury.

6. Inadequate Guarantee of Data Privacy.

Although the proposed regulation states that Member States will protect medical data, there is little to guarantee this protection. These medical data may be used to discriminate against individuals in violation of fundamental rights and freedoms.

7. Risk of Type Replacement and Viral Mutation.

Mass vaccination with imperfect vaccines – and none of the available vaccines is perfect – may lead to type replacement and viral mutation. It may well be vaccinated individuals, not unvaccinated ones, that pose the greatest risk of new, more virulent types of coronavirus infection. The classic example of this kind of type replacement occurred with widespread use of the pertussis vaccine, which led to new viral mutations that the existing vaccine did not block. In other words, it is unclear that mass vaccination will lead to an end to the coronavirus crisis.

8. Risk that Green Passes Become Permanent Without Due Consideration.

While the Parliament considers the Green Pass regulation as a temporary measure, it is unlikely to be so. Such restrictions usually become permanent, making the need for robust debate the more important. Could more vaccines be required under the Green Pass at a later date? Why should the Director-General of the World Health Organization have the power to make decisions about them? The long-term implications of the Green Pass require deliberation.

9. The European Parliament Must Uphold Democratic Values.

Too often since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, numbers have ruled instead of the rule of law. Small coteries of experts interpreting numbers have set policy instead of democratic legislatures and civil society. Numbers and studies are too often tailored to serve those who produce them. Europe cannot thrive if it relies on mathematical models to the exclusion of human models. The Parliament is entrusted to uphold democratic values.

Please take these points above into consideration and require open debate and analysis before you take further action on the Green Pass.

The citizens of Europe and the world are watching you — our liberty and security are in your hands. Do not let us down! Do not put the future of the European Union in jeopardy by desecrating one of its most fundamental principles: free movement within the Schengen Area.

Yours sincerely,

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. – Chair, Children’s Health Defense

Senta Depuydt – President, Children’s Health Defense Europe




Contact the MEPs so that they can react in time. By email, on Social Media (via their Facebook & Twitter accounts).It is important that they hear your voice. You can write to them by sending the letter that we have written (see the text presented above or click here to open and download the PDF). You can also express your own opinion; you don’t have to be a scientist or a lawyer.

This certificate concerns us all.

Thank you for your commitment.


3 Simple Steps:

– copy/paste the text above or write an email from your mailbox or send the PDF available for download here.

– copy/paste the addresses of the MEPs in cc (below or in the document available here. It is best to send one email to no more than 10-15 people so your message is not  considered as SPAM).

– send the emails.

EMAILS MEPs ENVI (Select, Copy and Paste in address field of your email),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

EMAILS MEPs INTA (Select All, Copy and Paste in address field of your email),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

EMAILS MEPs ITRE (Select All, Copy and Paste in address field of your email),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

EMAILS MEPs LIBE (Select All, Copy and Paste in address field of your email),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

EMAILS MEPs TRAN (Select All, Copy and Paste in address field of your email),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

43 thoughts on “Keep the Fight Against the Imposition of ‘vaccine certificates’ in the EU”

  1. This is exactly like yellow stars, this is exactly like nazi germany and the USSR, nothing else.

    Any moron who pretends otherwise is an idiot or an asshole part of the scam.


  2. They think because people say nothing that they agree.. they think they can do anything they want to us.

    Well, they’ll soon discover that they can’t do everything they want to us.
    That they can’t force on us what they want

    And that these lands belong to us and we will show us how we dfend them!


  3. Israel has never been a democracy. This is the lie they have tried to sell us for decades. Israel is a rogue state in the real sense of the term.

    There is no country on earth who has violated so much human rights, who has been involved in so many war crimes and crimes against humanity including against Israelies than the stae of Israel.

    It is also, i believe the most condemned state in the world by the UN and other organizations. And yet, the only one that can escape all these condemnations without any consequences.

    They also have in totall illegality nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and other WMD that are forbidden by international laws.

    Now, Israel is doing exactly what any other fascist and rogue state is doing: forcing totalitarian rules on its population. Forced vaccination, creation of a Nazi style system of ‘green’ badges to segregate and eliminate those who won’t comply.

    The Israeli politicians are worse than Nazis as they target their own people, many of whom are descendants of Jews who escaped DEATH CAMPS.

    Of all people, these descendants of Jews who escaped of were exterminated by the same kind of psychopath we find today in power in Israel, should really know better.

    If israelis let themselves be jabbed without refusing, fighting or disobeying, it will show that they are mainly a people of cowards that deserve to be treated as such.




    1. True, israel is not and has never been a democracy. And the only reason why they can continue to violate human rights and interntional laws is because they own so many US politicians (in congress and presidents like Trump and usurper Biden alike)


  4. We burn the irrelevant “EU’ mock of a flag anytime we can get our hands on one of these piece of s..t.

    We will do the same with their ‘passports’ or whatever they want to call it.

    Globalist whores like leyden are not going to tell us what to wear, where to go and what to inject in our veins.

    They can go to hell and all the obedient bitches with them too!


  5. Coing back to lawyers, where are the lawyers after what happened at the EU parliament last week?

    Here we have an unelected body, known for its utter corruption forcing a ‘vote’ to impose ‘vax passports’ on few hundred millions people without any debate, in complete stealth and in a total democratic denial. It’s not like they were pushing a new rule for fishing quotas…

    Where are the f….g lawyers?! Where are the lawsuits? Where are the trials for crimes agaisnt humanity, violation of our rights?

    Where are they, these people who are supposed to be one of the pillars of society?

    Again, if you wait after lawyers, youcan say adios all your rights, freedom and liberty!


  6. The EU is a crumbling, bureaucratic, soviet style totalitarian dictatorship.
    Now that people are forbidden to travel freely, they should see that this fake ‘union’ has been forced on them only as a step to ‘world governance’.

    Or at least you would expect them to see the EU for what it is…

    But they don’t. Out of 701 MEP’s in the mock of a parliament, how many are honest, not corrupt or taking brines from lobbies and globalist organizations? 200 or so?

    The eu commission is a sham and a shame
    the eu parliament is absolutely powerless and corrupt

    The rest of the eu institutions are just leeches sucking the blood & money of Europeans to sustain their parasitic ans useless lives.

    The Holy romain empire died
    napoleon’s empire died
    hitelr’s emprie died
    the USSR died
    the EUSSR will die the same way


    1. We’d like to thank our readers and even thank the trolls who wouldn’t be so pissed-of if we hadn’t reached our goals.

      Thank you all


    2. Record visits, unique visitors and views. Big thanks to the NSA and all the other psychopaths out there who are happy to transform our planet into a prison.

      thank to those in law enforcment who, instead, of being the little obedient bitches of banksters, corporations, rotten politicians and billionaires honor their vows to defend and protect the constitution(s) and the people, wherever they are.


  7. Another reason not to take their fake vaccines, here is an article proving they haven’t even been tested in phase 1 trials and are still tested live until 2023!




  8. The proof it was their agedna all along, south korea is now forcing it on its people while japan central bank (rotschild controlled) is now pushing for ‘digital currency’.

    People are going to regret not to have fought for their rights.

    Now, there is the matrix where zombies, serfs, and robots will live, thinking they are free while they are just cattle.

    and the real world where life will be tougher but free


    1. This is exactly what happened with the FAKE PANDEMIC COUP 19, countless deaths resulting from paranoia and very few real deaths from this LAB-MADE ‘virus’.


  9. Given that a quarter of the mep’s are corporate shills, another quarter masons or any other entity and a thrid quarter are corrupt too, this vote was just a sham.

    But the main issue is how come that they vote on something unnaproved by anyone, forced down their and our throats as usual?

    the eu commssion has no legitimity, no authority and is unelected. They have no right initiate an ’emergency’ vote.

    Again people’s ignorance is their demise. They kept voting for corrupt politicians and get criminals pushing dikttats after diktats until a full tyranny is in place and they can’t get rid of it anymore.


    1. They say it in the film: ‘you can’t fill a cup that’s already full’

      These people are stupid, cowards and ignorant, but they think they are smart, courageous and know everything… Wisdom tells us that knowledge starts when ones asknowledge its ignorance…

      By the way, we have “funny” spammers who obviously are also big pharma whores: (fake email). IP adress: Host Europe GmbH Strasbourg France, or Switzerland…

      Our advice to them: please take a triple dose of mRNA injections, keep washing what’s left of your tiny brains on TV, and enjoy your robotic zombie lives.

      If you are nice, we’ll buy you some balls for Xmas


  10. Don’t get injected with their shit. Then refuse to play the game with their vax passes.

    Forget travelling unless you do it on your own (own boat, car, plane, or else).

    Forget morons who believe in the scam, these people deserve to be slaves and all the shit that will fall on them, as it’s always the case for people who submit like obedient bitches.


    1. They have managed to create another divide, between covid cult members (avid TV watchers in general) and people who know the truth.

      Those people who are aware have to gather together and prepare to create their own societies.

      By the way, we have “funny” spammers who obviously are also big pharma whores: (fake email). IP adress: Host Europe GmbH Strasbourg France, or Switzerland…

      Our advice to them: please take a triple dose of mRNA injections, keep washing what’s left of your tiny brains on TV, and enjoy your robotic zombie lives.


  11. The eu commission should be dismantled and the salaries of these corporate puppets should be distributed to European people for holidays.

    The commissioner then should be paraded through the streets of every capital while people throw rotten eggs and vegetables in their faces.

    Then, they should be hanged in public places and their bodies burned to the stake!


  12. Forcing vax passoprts on people (aka marking the cattle) has been their agenda since the beginning.

    Only fools and braindead idiots don’t see the trick.

    this is the most evil crime ever committed against humanity and most politicians are in the loop.

    Nothing less than death penalty must be applied to all the criminals behind the covid coup and their accomplices in media, business, corporations, army, police, health system etc…



  13. The scum at the eu commission have no right to impose vaccination passports on anyone. Nobody voted for these criminals, nobody want another passport and there was never any real pandemic.

    who si going to sue these assholes?


  14. Idea: You should publish the names of the SCUMBAGS who voted yes to the yellow stars, eh ‘green passes’..

    We have their emails, let’s have the corrupt mep’s list…


    1. We tried to find the results of the vote, but like anything else with the EUSSR soviet style bureaucracy it’s well hidden. However, there is a process which will be explained in a post in details


  15. Of course the rotten mep’s, more than half of them infeoded to globalist lobbies or corporations have voted for the fascist ‘green pass’, although a significant minority voted against…

    They had only one week (as the unelected eu commission cirminals did everything in their back as usual), but such a totalitarian tool is a no brainer, anyone with a conscience should have voted no to the returnof NAZISM in Europe. Because this is what it is : NAZISM.

    Quarantine camps: NAZISM (soon to become death camps)
    vax passes like animals; NAZISM
    muzzles like animals: NAZISM
    lockdown/curfews as if we were criminals: NAZISM
    forced testing like animals: NAZISM

    Not that actual nazis are in charge, they are rather a mix of fascists, marxists and ultra liberal ASSHOLES, but the ideas are the same: an ultra fascist society where a tiny elite controls the masses by injecting and marking them like animals. Before the chute…

    Actually, even the Nazis or their equivalent, the communists, never dared to do that. Even them had more conscience than our parasitic self-titled ‘elite’ and their poodles in the media.

    It tells us what kind of monsters are leading this abomination.

    They deserve nothing else than death… Violent death preferably.






  17. Did the emails to all of the mep’s… Wel now my provider thinks I’m a spammer… But how to reach all of them without sending hundreds of emails?

    Not possible without bulk emailing…

    Unnacountable, far away, unreachable and mostly unelected. This is what the EU is. Nobdoy knows who does what, where decisions are really taken but one thing is for sure, they follow the globalist scum script for transfomring Europe into a dictatorship and destroy all European nations and people.

    There are probably honest people too in the parliament, but there are only assholes and criminals at the corrupt eu commission. That’s a fact!


  18. People seem to be confused, you don’t need to be living in a EU country to write this email to oppose the imposition of ‘covid passes’.

    Nobdoy will ask for your papers to give your opinion!

    The fight is international, the people behind the covid coup pushing for the ‘apsses’ are global, so we must fight them globally.


  19. The EU commission should be suppressed for good. This nest of unelected, unnacountable, corrupt bastards is the reason why the EU is a dictatorship.

    Every commissioner should be sent in jail, all their goods confiscated (including former commssioners).

    All the lobbies in Brussels should be dismanted and any elected MEP with a link to any lobby should be chrged with corruption.

    And salaries and bonueses should be slashed by half for all EU bureacrat employees…

    Then, maybe we will start to see some change


  20. Another vicious backstabbing trick from the dictatorship in Brussels. they want to accelerate imposition of their fascist passports using the excuse of summer, as if people did have a real summer last time!

    The goal is to make people sleep while they force this totalitarian tool on us.

    How long and what will need to be done to the SHEEP, CATTLE, DOGS AND rabbits, before they WAKE UP!!!!???


  21. I sent it to all these people, but I think 1/3 is owned by globalist scum like soros, 1/3 are owned by some other globalist scum and the rest are owned by one of the 50 000 lobbies in shithole Brussels.

    If there are ten to 50 honest people in this mock of a parliament, then I’ll be made Pope tomorrow..


    1. The ‘kommission’ is pushing this ‘pass’ agenda since 2018 with the help of the ultra corrupt WHO (therefore bill gates wasn’t far). They got their planned-demic, so now they try to hurry while peasants aren’t looking or are too depressed and confused to react. This is why we posted CHD’s letter, although we have no trust whatsoever in any EU ‘institution’ as the EU is the path towards world dictatorship and a nest of corrupt bureaucrats


  22. Thanks to most people idiocy, ignorance, total indifference (like cows really, watching the trains while chewing grass), cowardice and deep stupidity, the parasitic scum is about to succeed in their PLANDEMIC to impose fascist style passes.

    this was their agenda since day one of the fake pandemic.

    I am not sure that this text wich legitimize the garbage dictatorship called the “EU” really helps. Istead of begging mostly corrupt second-hand corrupt politicians with no real power, they should have sent the truth: expose them and the assholes of the eu commission for what they are.

    My bet is, even if 300 million emails were received by these mep clowns (corporate puppets), they will still vote for imposing the NEW YELLOW STAR.



    Liked by 1 person

  23. People didn’t fight when they forced muzzles on them
    They didn’t fight when they forced their jobs and businesses to close
    They didn’t fight when they forced their own children to wear muzzles
    They didn’t fight when they forced people in house arrest or curfews
    These people will do nothing to fight the new Nazi yellow badges called ‘green passes’
    These people are slaves, cowards, ignorant and spineless obedient whores.

    My only hope for humanity survival is that all the cretins who got jabbed will soon die from the experimental poison injected. Bill gates will be happy but we will be happy too to get rid of hundred millions of braindead zombies!


  24. And of course, the testing ground was nazisrael, or as its real name should be illuminatisrael.

    They never mind to kill their owns to serve their ends, like they did with Hitler in the 1930’s and the deal they got to come to Palestine while selling off millions to death camps…

    Same people are now in charge and it’s not by chance that the EUSSR and fascist UK are pushing the CATTLE PASS just after NAZISRAEL did it…

    Nuremberg trial anyone? Human right violations? Nuremberg code? Rome statute?

    Hey ‘factchecker’ asshole, why don’t you check that for a change!


  25. The scourge of so-called ‘fact-checkers’.

    An article should be made about these morons without any talent and conscience.
    “factchecker’ appeared few years ago because the mainstream media was losing large chunks of audience as people realized more and more that MSM corporate media were just serving the agenda of their puppetmasters and therefore were lying and disinforming.

    “factcheckers’ have therefore been created to smear the competition of low quality, lying presstitutes of the MSM. Many “factcheckers” are owned by fascist techs like facebook or corrupt corporations and lobbies.

    There is nothing true in their “factchecking’ BS, the goal is to censor the truth, smear news sites that people could read and try to discredit and marginalize any dissenting view from the mainstream lies.

    One of these paid censors, “factcheckers” paid to smear and discredit is
    Annenberg Public Policy Center
    202 S. 36th St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19104-3806

    It’s simple, these fake people are just taking any article or real scientific study to try to discredit it under the pretence of fact checking.

    Needless to say that their main operations concern the CONTRIVED covid ‘pandemic’. They are here to sustain the lies and deceits and spread the propaganda of their puppetmasters…

    I just wanted to expose these clowns

    Liked by 1 person

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