An Interview with Dr Mike Yeadon: “Vaccine Passports are a gateway to mass killing, in the billions


In this interview from the excellent Daily Expose, Dr Mike Yeadon talks about what he knows very well (contrary to many so-called ‘experts’) and speaks honestly about the real agenda behind this manufactured crisis. Vaccine passports, planned since the beginning are the new yellow badges imposed upon Humanity to facilitate discrimination, segregation, forced poisoning and eventually mass extermination.

Update summer 2021: latest video from Mike Yeadon:

A final warning to humanity from former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon

DR MIKE YEADON has described how creating lethal pathogens that can kill at different points in time is “easy” and says this is being used for “mass global extermination”. He fears vaccine passports is the next step in the plan and is now looking to leave the UK.

Dr Yeadon is a former vice-president and chief scientific officer of the Allergy and Respiratory department at Pfizer.

The 60-year-old, convinced the UK reached herd immunity last May, is now looking to move to Florida, where he hopes to work alongside Governor Ron DeSantis. He has expressed his severe concern over vaccine passports, saying that not only do healthy people under 60 not need a Covid 19 vaccine, but that the introduction of certification could lead to a society whereby, without such a pass, you may not even be permitted to leave your house.

In a passionate exclusive interview with The Daily Expose, he also criticised former Conservative MP Edwina Currie for her “uninformed” scattergun comments on Good Morning Britain in which she said she would not want anyone unvaccinated anywhere near her.

Dr Yeadon said: “I know enough about biotechnology to know that you can easily create, shall we say, pathogens, which don’t look like they’re related to what you’ve done.

And what’s even more horrifying is you can separate them in time, so an injection which will later make you ill or kill you can be separated by design in time from that event.

So you might die a year later of liver cancer or something and you wouldn’t connect that. And if you can imagine making a smorgasbord of different pathogens so not everybody is going to die of the same thing, you literally could do away with big slices of the population if you want.

And we could all be running around like headless chickens. This is an attempt on global depopulation.

“I think vaccine passports are a gateway to numerous things and it is my belief that it will be a gateway to mass killing, in the billions. And the reason I say that is many of the key players, including Bill Gates and his father and Boris Johnson and his father, have all been maniacal – and possibly correct – about earth being overpopulated.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-11.png

Even if we said to people can you stop having children, the population would only start to fall in about 100 years. If you got birth rates down below replacement, it would still take a century given each new birth will probably live out 100 years.

“I accept the argument that, if we are on the verge of destroying the planet, the ecosystem and its non-renewables and biodiversity, if these things are true then, I’m not saying I endorse it, I can see the argument of ‘do you know what, the only possible way to save the earth is to get rid of 90 per cent of the people and then it will be a nice place to live’.

“I think a group of people over decades have said to each other, ‘this is an awful task that has fallen to us, which is to rescue the human species and its planet and there is no other way of doing it except for mass extermination. And it’s not something that anybody would want to do but we have to do it and it’s got to happen in this generation and these are the technological advances required’.

“There are some clever people who have taken it upon themselves to basically do God’s work and to do a violent readjustment of the population of the world to put it into a position where, once it sorts itself out from this utter bloody disaster, will be a place where 500million people maybe will be living on the planet and they can have comfortable sustainable lives with plenty of space, plenty of room for the animals. I will not support what they’re doing but that would provide a justification for those who are doing it.”

Dr Yeadon believes the proof lies in the correlation between deaths and the rollout of vaccines which have been rushed through via an Emergency Use Authorisation.

He said: “If you look at every regional health authority, they tick up on the same day, they peak at the same day and drop back in the same way and that’s because they’re synced to vaccination. If it was the spreading of an epidemic, it could not possibly occur in ‘Auchtermuchty’ on the same day as Aldershot. It can’t, it has to move.

“But the thing that moved was the vaccination squads. They started on December 8 everywhere in the NHS and then in the care homes, so that was the strong clue for me that what was correlating with the time and cause of deaths was not a geographical history and neither were the differences in timing, it was just the date of vaccination.

“Can it be stopped? I am not optimistic about the UK because as time has gone on there are fewer of me and most people have just put their heads down. I am fortunate in a number of ways, I have the breadth of a full career behind me and I love science and biology. There is nothing I can be fired from and I’m not doing it for money, so I can only be stopped if they arrest me or kill me.

“But I don’t fear for my life. It’s over anyway. This is not going to return to normal. It would be pointless. There is no way, with the amount of damage that has been done deliberately, would it then just be left. It would just be dumb. It would make no sense at all to have marched people up to the top of the hill and then say, ‘you can go back now’. And remember the drum beats for vaccine passports are very strong.

And once that’s in then if they can transition an absolute majority that they already have who will be so delighted with their privileges, beeping their phones when they go in and out of shops, they are not going to pay any attention to someone like me who says, ‘excuse me what about the unvaccinated’?

“They will say, ‘well don’t you know, you’re the unclean people, you’re the ones brewing the variants, you’re going to kill us. Can you just go away or I might feel that I have to kill you’. I expect vaccine passport will come in and those who have already been vaccinated will whoop for joy, a large number of people yet to be vaccinated will rush to get vaccinated because they will see their horizons will be shrunk and they simply won’t realise they are being herded like cattle into a pen.

“I would fear next winter being an unvaccinated person in this country, there will be additional orchestrated events. They will need that in order to drive people to top-up vaccines. I’ve decided I’m not going to stop the fight, I’m going to leave the country. I’ll go wherever I have to because it’s not going to be safe for unvaccinated people indefinitely.”

Top-up vaccines is another thing that frightens Dr Yeadon, who highlighted the fact that these too will forego any further safety checks. He added that the driver for these will come in the form of new variants, which he says are barely any different from the original sequence.

“As soon as they started talking about it [new variants] I went to look at the source material and found that the variants most different from the Wuhan sequence are still 99.7 per cent identical,” said Dr Yeadon. “And I can assure you that there is zero – not just implausible, but zero – chance something that would escape the immunity of someone who was immune from natural infection or vaccinated. It’s absolutely impossible, no matter what they tell you.

“We know for example that Sars 2003 is 20 per cent different – not 0.3, 180 times different – and the immune system has absolutely no trouble in recognising the two as brothers. I have empirical evidence, theoretical evidence and yet, countering that, we are being told by Sage, politicians, people around the world that you need these variant vaccines.

We’ve closed our borders, we’re smashing our economy and depriving people of their liberty over the theoretical concern about variants, which is a lie.

And now we are making variant vaccines. I became terrified when I knew they were actually making them and not just talking about it – and when all the large medicine regulators of the world put out a joint statement saying that, because vaccine variants are so similar to the parents from which they’re derived, we will not require the manufacturers to conduct any clinical safety studies.

“I have spoken to eight professors in the UK whose discipline includes immunology and they all agree with my analysis in terms of the technical side of it.

Three months ago my fear levels went into the red and I begged them, ‘people like you have go to start writing letters to editors and getting pieces into the papers that this b******t about variants is fake because people are going to believe it’.

Carl Heneghan [director of evidence based medicine at Oxford University] said that the world is in such a sort of panic at the moment, anything he could say would not have any breakthrough power at all.

“We’ve been trained to think that if anyone raises any question at all about vaccines, you automatically think ‘anti-vaxxer’.

I’ve spent my entire professional career in the industry that produces these things.

I would say I’m extremely pro innovative medicines. I don’t have an anti bloody anything in my body except I’m anti unsafe medicines. Why have we got vaccines that clearly are much more dangerous than other public health prophylactic vaccines, because they are if you just compare the number of people that have died within a month with the number of reported deaths after all other vaccines – it’s like 10 times worse.

“There have been 10 times more deaths from within a couple of months of any covid vaccination than in the entire year for all other vaccines combined.

Most vaccines are very safe but there are rare idiosyncratic responses including fatal ones and I’m afraid that does happen. You might just drop dead tomorrow going out to your car.

But as long as the numbers are very, very small it’s tolerable, because there is a benefit to it.

But what we have here is that, even if the people being given the vaccines were at risk – and a lot of them are not – anyone 60 or younger who is in good physical shape and does not have serious prior chronic conditions is not going to be killed by this virus, they’re just not.

It’s unethical even to bloody offer it to them. There is no logic to the statement that we need to vaccinate everybody in order to stop this, it’s just nonsense.

“Now if Edwina Currie is vaccinated then she is fine. She might sincerely believe what she’s saying in which case she’s just uninformed and nuts.

I’m sure lots of MPs have just been given the brief and they’re not very clever.

I’ve personally spoken to about 60. Several get it reasonably well but some of them are just embarrassing.”

Reports have surfaced in the past week that trials mean venues might be able to open to capacity audiences on June 21, in keeping with the Government’s roadmap – but only if people agree to Covid passports (blackmail).

Dr Yeadon believes that introducing such a system will create a two-tier society and one which can be tweaked at a moment’s notice depending on the Government’s wishes.

Dr Yeadon said: “There is absolutely no chance whatsoever that Westminster will save the people. They are the tools of our destruction.

They will vote vaccine passports through, even those who know these are horrible things. They’ll be told it’s temporary and get their pat on the shoulder. But of course they won’t be temporary.

“For example, you might even be told as from next month it will be illegal to leave your house without a valid vaccine passport. That’s how easy it would be.

I’m not saying they will do that but they can exclude non-vaccinated people from civil society wholly and that is what is happening in Israel. Once this system comes in I cannot see a way in which it can be undone.

They might say initially you can’t enter a sports ground or a large shopping complex, but then in a couple of weeks they might say, ‘as of Tuesday all large supermarkets will use vaccine passports on the door’, so that’s them out. And eventually they can say, ‘as from Wednesday week, all cashless transactions must be preceded by demonstration of a vaccine pass’ – so you can’t even fill your car with petrol. It could happen.

“The idea would be for me to be in America, educating and essentially immunising populations and politicians against what is happening, so that when they’re told next time that you need to lock down your businesses and your state, they won’t. That’s the goal. My preferred one would be to go and work for either Governor DeSantis or his scientific advisory team.”

Dr Yeadon has criticised his peers for failing to speak out against the problems he sees with following only one line of enquiry. He explains that the UK’s official figures of 4,395,703 positive cases and 127,000 simply cannot be believed due to the countless levels of contamination in testing and the unprecedented change in how deaths are certified.

He said: “I am disappointed that almost no one in the scientific community has said anything. What about recently retired professors, people who are not being paid by universities, why aren’t you saying something? Is it cowardice?

Death certification has been radically changed in a way that has never been done anywhere for any disease. And we have never used PCR on an industrial scale and it is my opinion – confirmed by people who do this professionally – that it could never be done reliably. So whatever they tell you it’s a lie. You cannot run three quarters of a million PCR tests and not have cross contamination all over the place.

“Why were the doctors not complaining about the death certification? If you have a positive in this ropey test at any time 28 days up to your death then that is on your death certificate. It’s just not even logical. It’s like saying if you had biro on your finger at any point 28 days prior to your death, we’ll say you died of biro ink poisoning. It’s absurd. But they went along with it.”

And he has a message for those who no doubt once would have agreed that you cannot trust a politician but who know hang on their every word.

“If you spot an inconsistency, something you think, ‘that doesn’t sound right’, pursue it, because if you pursue it to a point where you think, ‘I’m not being told the truth’ – which you’re not – once you spot that, then the question would be, ‘if your Government has lied to you about one thing, don’t you think it’s quite likely it has lied to you about other things?’ I believe they are lying to you about everything.

“Let’s look at pubs; you can only take a drink outside and you can only pay for it outside. Hold on, have the supermarkets not been open continuously through this process? Sometimes it’s really busy and you might be in the shop an hour. Isn’t that an inconsistency? And why are we OK with that?

I don’t believe that any outbreaks have ever been linked to a supermarket. And that is another odd one. That’s about the only place you meet. Surely all the outbreaks that aren’t linked to hospitals and care homes must be linked to common places of commerce and they are supermarkets and essential shops – there aren’t any others, none.”

And he uses supermarkets in his insight as to why lockdowns are pointless; in a nutshell, if you are full of virus, you feel very ill, so you would be at home, curled up on the sofa, in bed or in hospital. If not, you do not have enough virus in your body to be a threat of transmission.

Indeed, a global study, cited by Jay Bhattacharya, Professor of Medicine at Stanford University and co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration, to a court in Manitoba, found that asymptomatic transmission is close to zero in an outside setting, given it is about 0.7 per cent inside.

Dr Yeadon says: “We will lock down again. They will want to do it as early as possible, so October.

But the reason why lockdowns could never have worked is combined with one of the other lies, asymptomatic transmission.

The reason it’s a lie is that, in order to be a good source of infection, you need to have lots of virus in your body. If you’ve only got a little bit, the chances that you would infect another person is very low, even if you were close to them – maybe even if you kissed them – you just don’t have that much virus in and around your body.

“But if you had a thousand times more virus, maybe you could put a droplet on a person and they might inhale it or whatever. But if you have lots of virus you must have symptoms. You cannot have a situation where your body is growing huge amounts of virus in the airwaves and producing no symptoms and this is because the virus will attack you, it’s damaging your tissues, every cell it multiplies in and then escapes from is destroyed.

It’s not just a theory, it’s inevitable you will have symptoms. And furthermore you need symptoms like coughing in order to propel infected droplets out of your body. They don’t come out when you’re just passively breathing. If you have lots of virus and it’s attacking you and making you ill and your immune system is fighting it back, which is also making you feel ill, those symptoms are called ‘I don’t feel well’.

“So if you’re a good source of infection, you’re symptomatic, you don’t feel well, you probably feel very ill, possibly bad enough to be in your bed and we’re giving you chicken soup and cups of tea every few hours.

And if you’re a bit older you might be in hospital. But what you’re not going to be doing is dashing up and down the aisles in Sainsbury’s. Or sitting in the pub. You’re ill.

So that’s the whole point. In the general community, almost no one who met the conditions to be pretty sure of infection was out there. It’s just simply not possible. You need to be full of virus, you need to get the symptoms to get the stuff out of your body but you need to be completely unwell despite those two things.

“And those things do not overlap, you can’t have ‘feeling fine out and about, looking normal but full of virus’.

And we are trained to notice if someone has a cold or they look ill. We have known this stuff for tens of thousands of years.

You can spot someone who is a respiratory threat to you. It’s very uncommon for people with good sources of infection to be walking about in the community and, even if they were there, you would usually avoid them.

And as a result hardly any transmission occurred in the general population. And as a result shutting down the general population made f**k all difference to transmission.

And that is why lockdowns don’t work and they never did. They never worked anywhere because lockdown isn’t really lockdown, it just smashes the economy.”

20 thoughts on “An Interview with Dr Mike Yeadon: “Vaccine Passports are a gateway to mass killing, in the billions”

  1. Hello.
    Are there parasites or life forms in the Pfizer vaccines?
    I thought i heard Yeadon one time saying that there are parasites in the vaccines.
    Is this true?
    Also I saw interview with a Russian scientist that was showing that there’s an alien life form in the Pfizer vaccines.


    1. There is graphene oxyde for sure, for an aline life, well it’s science fiction (but it doesn’t mean that there are not more parasites inside their fake “vaccines”):

      Here an article describing how it targets the heart (hence the huge amount of myocarditis case after injection)

      Also, how graphene is used for “NEUROMODULATION”

      Dr. Robert Young analyzed both blood and “vaccines” and found graphene oxyde:

      Some even as if this graphene oxyde is not what they call ‘covid’:

      And of course, since funeral homes directors have started to expose the truth, we know that the fake ‘variants’ are in fact vaccine injuries and that more than 90% of ‘covid deaths’ were in fact caused by something else.
      [video src="" /]

      Mike yeadon might have referred to graphene

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      1. So if graphene oxide is also in the face masks could it be from the face mask that i feel shortness off breath and feeling tired?
        Is this possible?
        Last year in 2020 i had 2 times Covid 19.
        And after months it went very good and now I have this shortness of breath going on.


  2. I admire this Doctor and all the others who have the balls to risk their lucrative careers and reputations to speak out against this insanity. I just wish more people would listen. Of course, it doesn’t help that the media goes out of their way to ignore them or dismiss them as nut jobs despite their impressive credentials and lack of any motive to lie, unlike the pro covid propagandist.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello.
      Are there parasites or life forms in the Pfizer vaccines?
      I thought i heard Yeadon one time saying that there are parasites in the vaccines.
      Also I saw interview with a Russian scientist that was showing that there’s an alien life form in the Pfizer vaccines.


  3. He knows what he’s talking about, he’s been working for the devil for decades…

    A whistleblower, unfortunately, they need to be retired to start having a conscience…


  4. Good old Mike Yeadon. The media keep saying the weasel words ‘the experts say’ yet they only use talking heads. They never consult real experts like Yeadon, Sunetra Gupta, Carl Heneghan, Anders Tegnell.

    Anyway this whole ‘anti-vaxxer’ labelling crap for people who merely raise concerns or question the whole ‘vaccine is saviour’ message. At best the pandemic is being used for profiteering by big pharma. At worst, it’s what’s talked about above and also on Dr. Vernon Coleman’s website.

    I’m sure this whistle-blower suppression technique has a name; labels such as ‘covid denier’ and ‘anti-vaxxer’. I’m certain the same technique has been used by despotic regimes througout history.

    Anyway, I think the way forward is to get people questioning. The only thing I would advise is to avoid the assertion that covid is a hoax. Instead I would mention that it’s being EXLPOITED. People might be more willing to lend an ear & there’s less chance of being labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’. Trust me. My work coleagues are starting to wake-up (YIPPEE).

    There is so much truth that is the RIGHT of the public to know.


  5. He’s right and an exodus should happen. Europeans, those who still have brains and guts, should emigrate in masse to the USA to join the ranks of the free and brave in states like Florida or South Dakota and counterbalance the southern invasion organized by globalist scum like #bananajoe biden and soros.


    1. I am new to all this so slightly green I may be able to get my family to fly there but then will I just be an illegal stayer?


      1. The USA are a decentralized country, so when globalist puppet scumbag biden says something, a governor might jsut do the contrary. Some states like Florida or South dakota never had any insane restrictions like lockdowns or masks. Difficulty is to get a green card… Better be a free illegal than an injected slave or an inmate in a camp in the EUSSR?


  6. It is exactly that, the return to fascism, nazism and communism 76 years after the end of WW2.

    The evil today is called globalism and has the same projects for manknd: genocide and enslavement.

    Fascism is the merging of corporate and state as Mussolini said.


  7. How could people think one second that forcing them to wear suffocating muzzles, locking them down, beating them if they protest (most don’t), closing their businesses, destroying their jobs and the economy and coercing them to get injected with hazardous untested substances taht don’t qualify as vaccines is for their good?

    How is it possible thta millions if not billions believe all this is for their good?

    Many people know, but they won’t admit it, even to themselves, they just submit to every humiliation one after the other hoping their torturers will eventually stop to torture them soon (LoL, after one year people still believe that BS too).

    MORONS, SHEEPLE, COVID ZOMBIES, TV PARROTS: They will never release you from the torture chamber unless you release yourself!



  8. The funniest and worst of all this scam is that millions of delusional people really believe in the agenda 2030 bullshit. They are even working for it, receiving funding from ‘organizations’ who are working to kill them on a mass scale.

    But for these credulous people, they don’t see the links between the avowed projects of the globalist parasites (just need to read it on the world economic forum to see the nightmare they plan) and the crisis they create one after the other to impose distancing, then masks, then lockdowns, then fake vaccines and then vaccines passports…

    they don’t realize that, like chicken and cattle in industrial farms they are being used to feed the criminals behind all this…

    Some are evn standing in front of the chute and still refuse to see the truth…


  9. Dr Yeadon is lucky to have the possibility to flee this hellhole that Europe has become.

    Did you know that in China, the place where they fabricated the bio-weapon and spread it around the world, life has returned to normal? No masks, no lockdowns, no forced vaccination, no passports, nothing.

    the only continent where it’s happening is Europe thanks to all the globalist pieces of shit infesting our lands!

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  10. It’s a good warning for all freedom lovers. It’s exactly as if we were Jews in germany in 1935 or Kulaks in Russia in 1918…

    Time to flee before they target us for genocide. This is their plan, te globalist hate The People, they hate as much the idiotic ‘covid’ believers (probably even more than those who know the truth) and the dissidents. They know they risk nothing from the idiots, so they’ll try to turn them against the freedom lovers.

    Typical marxist tactic…


  11. Great interview from Dr Mike Yeadon, as usual he’s not scared to tell the truth as it is. He certainly knows well what kind of criminals Pfizer are as he worked for them as one of their executives.

    Speaking out now as he has no links anymore with this deadly industry.

    Unfortunately, like many other real scientists who didn’t sell their souls out, he is vindicated and censored or ignored by media under control or too scared to broadcast the truth.

    Europe has now become a fascist continent where the sane, healthy and smart will soon be discriminated, chased and maybe killed by the insane, sick (in their minds and bodies infected by mRNA drugs) and stupid…

    We need to regroup, prepare for war and be ready to defend our lives against the zombie members of the covid cult!


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