Under The Boots of Global Fascism

The concept of a fascist form of government began in the early twentieth century in Italy.

Italy did not specifically label their government model as fascist, in Italy it was known as “corporatism”.

People have been taught that the effects of fascism, is fascism.

They are not taught to understand the structure of a corporatist (fascist) form of government, also known as corporate fascism.

“Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power.”

“Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power.”
Benito Mussolini (speaking of corporate fascism)

Georges Orwell and Aldous Huxley were both right.  They foresaw the current situation and the world that was planned by totalitarians of the time.

Or rather, they gave the totalitarians some ideas from their books, 1984, the Animal Farm and Brave New World to impose the current tyranny we are subjected to since March 2020.

AS describe din this article, the ‘free’ world died of a manufactured, contrived ‘pandemic:

The Free World died of COVID-19

As someone with a background in foreign policy and international affairs, I am often asked to discuss the ramifications of having Joe Biden as the so-called leader of the Free World.

While it is easy to get carried away debating the merits of a heavily compromised man being the physical representation of the Free World, and how cringeworthy and depressing that is, I can’t help but get stuck on the possibility that the term itself is no longer viable. 

“What Free World?”

The Free World is a term that was originally used to describe the Allied powers during WWII, but it is most applicable here when discussing what united the anti-Soviet bloc to the United States during the Cold War. It was these “Western world” values of free speech, free media, the freedom of assembly, and freedom of association that united our sovereign states against the evils of Communism.

COVID Mania has turned the world’s sovereign states into one tyranny after another.

And the authoritarian forces of the world won this second “Cold War” against its citizens without firing a shot.

Some appear to be under the impression that the ruling class, which just finished the fastest roll up of power in human history, will simply return these stolen liberties when the “national emergency” comes to an end. I’m not particularly convinced that this is the case.

Full article here: https://dossier.substack.com/p/the-free-world-died-of-covid-19

We are absolutely convinced of the contrary as already the criminal Soviet styled system that calls itself ‘European (sic) Union’ (sic sic) has transformed Europe, once again into an evil dictatorship where ‘passenger locator form‘ (total surveillance travelling tools) and ‘vaccine’ passports (misleadingly named ‘Digital Green Certificate‘ while they should be properly called 21st century Nazi yellow badges) are being forced upon ignorant, gullible, cowardly populations who, obviously don’t give a damn about their rights, freedom and what their ancestors have built for centuries.

How do they do it:

They pressure business owners, shops, people whose survival depends on the opening of their business, to impose unacceptable demands on their clients, like wearing a mask, tracking clients, treating them like inmates rather than clients).

The goal is to force the population to obey to orders. Shop owners will pretend that it’s not them doing that to their clients, that they just follow the ‘law’, the state or the ‘virus’ who is responsible.

And the corrupt and criminal state will say it’s not them closing the shops, destroying the economy, they just give ‘guidelines’ (while fining/jailing those who stay open), imposing masks and other insanities, but the business owners.

Soon, they will use fascist shop owners, collaborators, compliant sheeple and covid cult members to segregate and reject sane, smart and healthy people who logically refuse to get jabbed with hazardous substances.

The enforcers will use the same excuse to torture people that they use to torture them with muzzles, face diapers and other face nappies.

This agenda is not limited to a handful of countries but part of a concerted, planned one (agenda 2030/great reset, whatever they call it). signed by corrupt politicians the world over, with a clear roadmap (fake pandemic to remove all our basic rights, permanent tracking and surveillance through forced ‘digitalization’ of everything, the global dispossession of anything we own by 2030, our enslavement, total control over people’s bodies and minds though medical fascism and censorship, shaming, humiliation , fining, jailing, harassment, police that have become Gestapo agents, and most likely, depopulation through injection of DNA modifying substances posing as ‘vaccines’..

People haven’t resisted this assault, the result is fascism, global fascism, under the pretence of a ‘virus’ no more potent than a flu.

Nothing will come from lawsuits, lawyers, many lawsuits and rulings have led to absolutely nothing as separation of powers doesn’t exist anymore. All the powers have been confiscated by a handful fo criminals working for corporations, billionaires, globalist organizations.

Examples abound:

Same everywhere, the UK is a fascist regime, France is a fascist regime, Italy is under the yoke of the unelected dictator and globalist stooge mario draghi, Poland, Spain, Austria, Germany, all of Europe has become a gigantic totalitarian hell hole.

The only way out of it won’t be through lawsuits or peaceful protests, this is a certitude. None of this worked for the last 13 months, there is no reason it will work now.

There has been a global war against The People for too long now. Civil disobedience, resistance, and fighting back are the only solutions. Fear has to change sides.

10 thoughts on “Under The Boots of Global Fascism”

  1. FEAR and IGNORANCE are the conditions of TYRANNY.

    And people who don’t do any effort to even try to become less ignorant or overcome absurd fears.

    You see these armies of masked morons, cult members, psycotic robots washing hands, face diapering, mumbling behind their slave muzzles, rushing to get jabbed so that they can continue to wash their hands, wear their dirty rags and be hold in house arrest for the rest of their lives…

    Deranged and idiotic don’t quite describe the level of stupidity and insanity human beings have reached…

    I think our descendants will laugh at our credulity…


  2. There is a contest of fear and stupidity going on since last year. it is now a challenge as to who will be more stupid, ignorant, idiotic and obedient like a little bitch to its master orders…

    Some even go to the extent of wearing two face diapers (probably because they realized that their brain still got some oxygen with only one).

    There is a struggle to force others to be as stupid and brain grilled as they are, because of the imaginary sickness they see on TV…

    They run from their home to the shop and back with a muzzle on the nose like a psychotic dog, witing to get their injection from the criminals who forgot to even test it on animals. Why would they test it on animals when animals are smarter, more independant, less ignorant and more courageous than so-called ‘homo sapiens’ (homo ignoramuses would rather be the right name).

    And it seems that they multiply. The more they are tortured, deprived, harassed, beaten by the criminals behind the scam, the more they are obedient and demand punishment, beatings and torture…

    Revolt? Insurection? Revolution? Civil Disobedience? God no! Master could setup a new lockdown or a curfew, sheeple wouldn’t dare to do that!


    1. Yes it seems people know what their psychotatic rulers are doing and yet, they tacitely obey and continue to behave like slaves (no other word that slave)…

      When will they wake-up from their slumber?


  3. Excellent articles there. Indeed what free world?

    Freedom can be found in Florida, South Dakota, Kansas, Idaho, Belarus, Turkmenistan 9where the word covid is even officially banned), but all the western world is now a huge dictatorship controlled by pyschos bent on exterminating and enslaving the people, us…





  5. It took centuries for our forefathers to acquire the basic rights we enjoyed from our births.

    It took less than a year to cowards, braindead assholes, morons and gullible ignorant to give away all these basic rights.

    And for what in exchange?

    nothing, as the future will prove.

    Thank you assholes!

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  6. Let’s not forget that the EU has always been a totalitarian project that has 2 models, the USSR and China (because corporations can govern whilre people live under communist misery).

    One of the goal of the ‘vaccine’ passports is to force a ‘federal’ construction on Europe and Europeans, a totally artificial one, which, if it succeed will serve a s canvas for the ‘one world government’ the parasitic scum is wetting its pants with since decades.

    It is our role, our goal and our destiny to kae them fail, to put Europe in its rightful place, in the hands of Europeans and to exterminate the globalist and technocratic scum who have been waging war against us for so long!


  7. Worst of all, most people are delusional, they will refuse to see the truth and the facts that we are now living under fascist regimes…

    Those who lived already in dictatorships won’t see much difference, more fascism than before, many states in the USA now refuse the covid scam, masks and lockdowns but Europe is now a concentration camp, worse than the USSR where nobody asked anyone to get jabbed with poison, fill 24/7 surveillance forms or ‘vaccine passes’

    This insanity will stop by war, when the people will take weapons fight back against the psychopaths who attack tthem since os many years. The violent elimination of politicians, globalist & corporate scum and billionaires will make all the others think twice before trying again!






  9. True, this a war against the People, against us and it didn’t start last year with the fake pandemic.

    Before that there was the 9/11 false flag, the inside job (or mossad job) to start the bs ‘war on terror’ and remove our privacy and half of our rights.
    Then came the ‘fiancil crash’, yet another fasle flag, planned to steal money from our bank accounts to re-finance ruined banks and finance criminals.
    Then came the ‘refuge crisis’, another totally manufactured crisis to allow the invasion of Euorpe and the USA by hordes of islamic scum, in order to destroy the homgeneity of our societies, destroy our communities and increase the level of terrorism even in countries where there was none previously.

    The fake pandemic is just the last assault on our People, communities, religion, societies, values and civlization.

    the same exact scum are behind it, they want to erase all our democracies, rights and humanity before enslaving and erasing us.

    This is what is going on, and you have to be either a servile deepshit helping these assholes to bury you or a complete idiot not to see what’s going on…


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