Of Guinea Pigs, Lab Rats And Mice…

Imagine a place where the inhabitants get forced injected with experimental DNA altering substances for a manufactured disease that for the most part exists only in their minds.

Imagine a place, where most residents believe that covering their faces with dirty rags for months is ‘normal’ and is been forced on them for ‘ health and safety’.

Imagine a place where the population is locked-up in their homes half of the year because some malevolent idiots said it was for their own good.

Imagine a place where the populace have to get tested, injected with bio-hazard substances in order to travel, meet, eat, and participate in society.

Imagine a place where people spend most of their times indoors in front of screens reflecting a distorted version of reality. Now imagine the same people who, instead of seeing reality as it is, have developed a cult like belief in totally ridiculous, insane and impossible concepts born out created fears.  

Imagine a place where they have been made to believe that slavery is freedom, free speech is a crime, surveillance is liberty and rights are less important than comfort.  

Imagine a sick world where healthy people are called ‘asymptomatic sick’ and sane people ‘conspiracy theorists’ , while neurotic and psychotic cult behaviors are lauded as being “normal”.

This world could be called Planet Guinea Pigs, Ratlabia or Miceland as it is the place where psychopathic parasites are using populations as rat labs, ferrets, guinea pigs  or mice to advance their sick agenda.

And worst of all, they do so with the help and collaboration of their victims.

In Miceland they live in bubbles, they do ‘home office’ unless they are ‘essential lab rats” or “frontline mice” who are allowed to have more privileges than other test tube creatures…

Joey is happy, today his masters have decided to let him out of his cage, but only if he wears a muzzle and promise to get injected with whatever they’ll give to him. What Joey failed to realize is that his cage was always open and no one could force him to wear a muzzle or get injected with anything.

The ‘people of the lab’, the criminals behind the scam want Mickey to stop telling the truth. Mickey is an unbeliever in ‘the great sickness comedy’. He’s a sane and healthy mouse in an insane and sick society. Mickey is ready to run, he’ll keep saying the truth and live a great life as a free rodent.

It’s not the case for the millions of ignorant and oblivious mice and guinea pigs who for fallacious reasons have submitted to coerced jabbing and medical fascism forced down their throats by the criminals behind the covid SCAM.

USA: 5,165 DEATHS  294,801 INJURIES


UPDATE 28/05/2021

And soon, the criminals behind the scamwill go after children, force jab them, sterlize them, kill or enslave them, with the help of their idiotic, brainwashed and criminal “parents”.

CDC Begins Mass Extermination Program of Americans’ Children Aged 12 to 17 Implementing Eugenic Population Control Measures through COVID-19 Bioweapons

EUSSR*: 13,848.00 DEATHS, 525,907 injuries


An increase of 1, 205 new deaths and 62, 431 new injuries compared to last week

The EUSSR is trying to emulate its models, Stalin’s USSR and communist China in term of mass extermination.

* EUSSR and its (unwilling) sattelites.

In the late 1980s the USSR, Ronald Reagan’s “evil empire,” imploded. America might soon be confronted with another evil empire.

UK*: 1,253 DEATHS, 888,196 INJURIES


UK*: Death numbers are fake. As much as they inflate false ‘covid’ deaths, the criminals in charge in the UK downplay real ‘vaccine’ death numbers. various NHS employees and a senior board member have exposed the coercion within the system not to report deaths and injuries under the threat of losing their jobs.

In the UK, the biggest killers are criminals Pfizer-Biontech and Oxford-Astrazeneca. In the US and in the EUSSR, they are Pfizer-Biontech and Moderna. Pfizer-Biontech are by far the biggest mass murderers in all countries. This is certainly why the politburo of the EUSSR has chosen them for their future depopulation plans.

However, not all is well in the rotten kingdom of little Britain for the criminals behind the covid scam. People are revolting, and even the mainstream media presstitutes like the ‘guardian’ had no choice but admit that huge protests took place in London against the current coup.

Hundreds of Thousands March in London Protesting Pandemic Restrictions, Vaccine Passports

Hundreds of thousands of British citizens marched in central London on May 29, 2021 in a “Unite for Freedom” rally to protest against the government’s COVID-19 lockdowns, vaccine passports and other fascist abuses.  

At this stage, we doubt it will stop the criminals in power and their puppet masters, but this is the kind of massive demonstrations needed to make them understand that their lies have long lived and we will not take anymore of this bullshit.

In the USA many states have ditched all restrictions, face diapers and other bogus science abuses of people’s rights. many state shave also moved against #bananaJoe biden dictatorship by forbidding “vaccine” passports and forced jabbing.

American Governors Sign Laws To Ban ‘Vaccine’ Passports & Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination

Governors from many American states are now framing a legal structure and are signing laws to ban Vaccine Passports and mandatory COVID-19 vaccination.

Governors from Florida, Wyoming, South Carolina, Montana, South Dakota, Arizona, Idaho, and Texas have issued executive orders to prohibit Covid-19 Vaccine Passports, while North Dakota, South Carolina, Arkansas and Utah have passed bills into law to prohibit Vaccine Passport.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey and Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed the bills into law. They are joining other states that do not support Covid-19 Vaccine Passports at the state level.

More here: https://greatgameindia.com/ban-vaccine-passports-mandatory-vaccination

And a war is ongoing against universities (infiltrated since long by the globalist and marxist scum behind the scam) trying to force DNA altering jabbing on their students.

The solution is there;

No Vaxx Rebellion: Resist, Refuse, Reject

And boycott the universities, shops, corporations, employers and companies who demand forced jabbing, testing or your health records just to be their customers. You are the client, like civil servants, they are at your service, it’s you choice.

The proof is there:

Diaper Report 6/1/21

Last week, I reported on an attempted Diapering at Earth Fare in Roanoke. An Acolyte of the Diaper ran up to me, proffering a box of Holy Rags, urging me to accept one (the Acolyte being afraid, apparently, to hand me a Rag). I demurred – as I have all throughout this organized attempt to induct every man, woman and child into the Church of Sickness Perpetual, amen.

But that’s not the interesting part.

What’s interesting is that I’d been entering Earth Fare – a “crunchy” store that specializes in “clean” food, which is one of the few things I have in common with most of the types who frequent stores such Earth Fare – for the past several weeks, showing my face without being accosted.

This had not been possible prior to a few weeks ago, when Earth Fare – like most “crunchy” places – was a militant branch of the Church of Sickness Perpetual. Enormous billboard signs with block lettering were placed outside the doors – and within the doors, more signs. If you entered without donning the Holy Vestment, the Acolytes would mob you and cast you out.

Then, about three weeks ago, the big placard outside went away and all that remained inside was a much smaller sign urging the donning of the Rag. But no attempt was made to impose it; one could shop without being accosted.

I was not the only bare-faced heretic, either. At least a third of the people shopping were Undiapered. I suspect because most of these had been Anointed and so had stopped wearing the external symbol of their Faith, having made it a part of themselves, internally – amen.

But this was apparently a reform unwelcome by the traditional members of the Church, who – like Pope Fauci XVII – favor both the external and the invisible/internal signs of devotion.

There is also the problem – for the Faithful – of invisible heresy.

As those Anointed began to shed their Holy Rags, it became easier for those who never wore a Rag to go about unnoticed. And to go within. The Holy Places were now open to anyone. You could not tell, just by looking, whether someone was “of the body” – a member of the Church, in good standing – or someone not “of the body” – someone who has not yet accepted the Faith (or the Anointing).

This triggered a counter-reformation.

The big signs out front returned – and the Faithful obeyed. Including the Anointed. I was accosted, my heresy once again being visible to the Acolytes.

But just three days after my Accosting, the signs were gone. Outside – and inside. No Accosting by the Acolytes. I walked freely among those “of the body.” It is the will of Landru.

Actually, it is probably out of temporary necessity. Because Earth Fare’s management probably had to deal with angry Church Members who had received their Anointing and – being fully vested members of “the body” – resented being ordered to continue wearing the symbol of a mere novitiate. Had they not fully immersed themselves in Doctrine? Accepted within themselves the Water of Life?

Some of these may have told the manager-priests that they would not shop unless they were not made to look like mere novitiates. Earth Fare’s priest-managers also knew that people – “of the body” and not – were now free to shop elsewhere (almost anywhere) because enforcement of Rag Wearing has been on the wane as Anointing has waxed.

And so, the signs disappeared, just like that.

But the war isn’t over, we have lost some serious battles like in what was until recently known as ‘Europe’ and has now become a mix betwen a gigantic concentration camp and an asylum full of insane creatures half robotic half zombies, petrified by fear and completely brainswashed who claim that superstition is science, asphyxia is healthy, jailing innocents is safety, and having healthy people proving they aren’t sick is ‘normal’.

There is a time when choices must be made. there are a lot of writers in this unilateral war (they are at war against us and we keep not fighting back).

There are a lot of thinkers, but not many soldiers, and while brilliant ideas will win on the long term, wars need to be fought with many soldiers and a handful of strategists.

The Man Who Killed Communism

It will soon be thirty years since the implosion of the Soviet Union. That liberating event took place on the last day of August in 1991, exactly twenty-one months after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Will there be celebrations to mark the anniversary? Not if Europe (sic) and the West (sic) have grown so forgetful of their freedoms and where they come from that the day passes by without anyone remembering it.

Will anyone remember those who, by the sheer heroism of their lives, made it happen—Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, for instance, without whose witness the evil empire might never have fallen at all. How could any one man possibly have done so much to ensure the end of Soviet tyranny? And why exactly did we call it an evil empire?

Article here; https://www.crisismagazine.com/2021/the-man-who-killed-communism

Not everybody can be Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. And if we forget what he taught us with books like the Gulag Archipelago, we will end-up in the same kind of establishment for exactly the same reasons.

Maybe this is the time for the fighters, the soldiers, the experts in combat, guerilla warfare and those willing to learn the skills to come together and start to organize what will be needed tomorrow to win this fight against the scum who have taken over our world.

The guinea pigs, lab rats and mice don’t revolt, they either flee or are victims of their torturers. Why would a creature endowed with the capacity of fighting, creating and thinking for himself act and stagnate at the level of a guinea pig or a mouse?

The first step to gaining back liberty is to ignore the demands of tyrants, ignore the whinning of neurotic cult members or braindead robots and realize that we don’t need them, they need us.

31 thoughts on “Of Guinea Pigs, Lab Rats And Mice…”

  1. Yes my name is John Thimakis.
    Former electronics technician, semi retired and pretty much a handyman now. I know you don’t want to hear about me but the reason I mention this is because of the ridiculous things some people think and say just because you don’t agree with them. Like the way Laura puts “fact checker” in quotes like it is a bad thing. I’m not “trolling” nor am I being “paid” by anyone. My WordPress blog is down at the moment. Rather than live in a cynics and doomsday bubble why don’t you guys check the facts from the other side. That’s what honest research is.

    If you think that any information that comes from scientists is part of the “system” and therefore can’t be trusted then your position is unfalsifiable which means there is no evidence that will ever convince you that you are wrong. That’s why I said in my original comment that in a few years time if millions of people aren’t killed by vaccines or sterilised or poisoned or 12 – 17 year old’s aren’t exterminated, will you then admit you were wrong?

    Probably not. By then you would have moved onto the next conspiracy theory, that the latest cell phone technology is actually a military weapon system used to control the population, but you’ve got a neat tin foil hat that stops the waves. Lol.

    I live in Australia and you know how many have died due to vaccine complications so far? 4 people out of over half a million doses. It is roughly 1 in 140 000. The chances of dying from catching Covid-19 are far far greater than that. No one is forced to take the vaccine. No one. Masks don’t prevent or reduce your intake of oxygen, neither do they make you rebreathe your carbon dioxide. I can’t believe intelligent adults are still saying stupid things like that. Surgeons wear the exact same masks for hours on end so that they don’t spread germs and they have never suffered ill effects.

    If you required important surgery and the doctors told you they won’t be wearing masks, would you be happy with that? I bet you wouldn’t because you know masks greatly reduce the spread of viruses that travel through the air in tiny droplets from our mouth and nose.

    Your arguments are as ridiculous as saying: Big auto is trying to kill us. They invented and sell cars just so that millions can die on the rods every year. I’m not a sheeple. You’ll never see me get in a car. Henry Ford was a genocidal maniac.

    That’s how ridiculous your arguments sound.

    Read this:



    1. Hi john,

      I saw that your site has been taken down by WordPress yes. Why, I don’t know. However, the first time you came here was with insults.

      You start to accuse people who take the time and efforts to put real information online to be ‘conspiracy theorists’.

      We don’t know about Australia except for your madman in Victoria (kim Jong dan) as he is known). Autralia with its very small population is one of the less jabbed country in the world. And why would they for a disease less potent than the flu which hasn’t even been isolated.

      But we know about the USA, the UK and Europe.

      The numbers published here and you can check if you are honest, come from the US CDC, the UK MHRA and the EU EMA (all 3 so-called medicine ‘regulators’ and all in bed with big pharma).

      These people are the establishement and they publish these numbers every week. Where is the conspiracy theory?

      EU: http://www.adrreports.eu/en/index.html
      UK: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-adverse-reactions/coronavirus-vaccine-summary-of-yellow-card-reporting#annex-1-vaccine-analysis-print
      USA: https://vaers.hhs.gov
      and https://medalerts.org/vaersdb/findfield.php?TABLE=ON&GROUP1=CAT&EVENTS=ON&VAX=COVID19

      Just check these links and you will see how many people died and were harmed in less than 6 month.
      Never in human history so many have been harmed in such a small amount of time by so-called ‘vaccines’. If the criminals in government cared they would have stopped the massacre months ago. No, they know want to inject children!

      Why is that? Because these so-called ‘vaccines’ have not been tested properly, they are experimental and are tested live on human beings. This is gross violation of human rights of the Nuremberg code and a crime against humanity.

      Only ignorant, indfferent,brainwashed or dishonest people pretend the contrary. Their fake vaccines are on trial until 2023 accoridng to their own literature…

      One year and a half ago, people like us were warning people like you that the agenda was to impose ‘vaccine passports’ and new levels of surveillance and control.

      People like you shouted ‘conspiracy theory’!

      Today, they have forced ‘vaccine passports’ all over the world without any consultation or democratic process.
      Today you cna’t travel anymore without having to be forced tested or injected with badly tested drugs. In compltee violation of your rights and bodily integrity.

      And yet, while we were right, you still call us conspiracy theorists…

      When the conspiracy has proven real, it’s not a theory anymore.

      Just go on the World economic Forum website and you willsee what is their agenda. It is clear, not hiden and they don’t even care if nobody agrees with it. Would they brag about it if it was a theory?

      You leave a link from reuters, one of the main disnformation agency with AP.

      Please, inform yourself before calling people names. Check who own the media and who control them and maybe you’ll start to see why every news channel and newspaper is just a long serie of copy paste carpet bombing people with the same narrative (in the case of covid, fear porn).

      What do you expect coming on a blog and insulting people like that? That we will listen to you?

      I wish you a good jab and enjoy whatver happens to you afterwards…

      We will keep using what nature gave us to beat the flu.


  2. V for Vendetta tells in a simpler way the covid coup as it happened.

    People know this film, they know that the regime used a fake pandemic to impose a fascist society…

    They know but they don;t compute anymore. They watch but they don;t see. they read but they don’t get it….

    My dog is smarter than most people I met since one year


  3. There is a common assumption that people are old enough or adult enough to decide what to have injected in their bodies… Same as voting, they are supposedly ‘informed’ and vote accordingly…

    This is why we get criminals and corrupt politicians elected one after the other since decades, because people are so ‘wise’ and ‘informed’…

    Biden doesn’t count as he lost the elections but they rigged the vote, but here we have johnson (unelected), globalist scumbag draghi (unelected), merkel (in power since more than 14 years, barely elected as she was always in minority), macron (the rotschild lackey, elected by people who see themselves as ‘smart and rebels” but who are sheep and idiots), etc…

    The list is long. People get tortured, fooled, crooked and since one year and a half sodomized without any foreplay by the same criminals over and over again (with the help of media), and yet they keep voting for the same scumbags representing the same vested interests, instead of voting for those who would really represent them…

    Masochism? Complete stupidity? Alzheimer, dementia? Ignorance and amnesia? Or do they really like to be treated like s..t?

    Pavlov dogs who love their servitude and the whip…


    1. The game is rigged. If elections could change anything, they would supress them, like they did in the USA (by rigging the vote) and in Italy by simply imposing a dictator without any vote, so they effectively canceled elections… A banker on top of that. People have reached such a degree of weakness and compliance that they don’t even bother to pretend anymore


  4. All the civil servants, the doctors, the nurses, the state or pharma criminals employees who inject people with untested substances that kill and harm ARE GUILTY, RESPONSIBLE AND LIABLE TO PROSECUTION for MANSLAUGHTER, DAMAGES and even MURDER, when they know that the products they inject people with is harmful.


    To these criminals, here is the Nuremberg code:



  5. Don’t want to pinpoint the ugly truth but look at this horrible woman from the CDC (big pharma vaccines marketing branch) “walensky’, look at the people behind the covid hoax, look at most of the coup, fake revolutions, fake riots, and of course israel used as a blueprint for the forced poisoning of the world population and we can see a pattern…

    the eskimos, again…








  7. The covid cult morons don’t even realize how much they have been fooled. No need for a ‘soma’ pill for them, TV and social media are enough…

    Sterlization en masse, DNA modification and injection of future diseases + nanoparticles, total surveillance and global fascism. But the morns are happy, their masters allowed them to leave their home (if they obey)….

    Surely, the masters know better…

    Actually sheep, cows and mice are smarter than these idiots.


  8. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn would have claearly seen the lie behind the covid manipulation. he would have understood that what they ahve done since more than a year is exactly what mass murderers likes stalin and lenin have done to the Russian people.

    Solzhenitsyn would have denounced the scam and fought against the return of evil.


  9. There are 3K cases in the 4 fatal sets, but in the 4 summaries there are 13K deaths labelled “not linked to ID”.

    Are those “missing” 10K cases in the EMA-database and if so why are they not in the fatal sets?

    cases in fatal sets (4×4 PDF):

    6/04,5/27,5/21,5/14 latest entry

    2829,2669,2538,2400 Total
    1353,1278,1206,1123 modRNA
    0914,0871,0831,0804 Pfizer
    0456,0424,0414,0399 Zeneca
    0106,0096,0087,0074 J&J

    • the 5/27 set is not from RforResistance

    • how I count 3K: copy-paste text from PDF to text-editor with sort-function, remove all lines except EU-EC (includes date); statusbar of most text-editors shows line-number cursor is on, last line is number of cases (latest entry)


    1. This is indeed a peculiarity of the ‘eudravigilance’ database.

      Thank you to pinpoint that, we asked ourselves the same questions few weeks ago.

      We used to publish both numbers:

      1/ Fatal not linked to ID
      2/ and (death linked to ID

      The ‘eudravigilance’ database counts fatal events (deaths) by categories (reaction groups) (vascular disease or Cardiac disorders for example), then counts deaths linked to ID in “Run Line Listing Report’…

      This is why we do a ‘summary’ of Fatal events not linked to ID and an export of deaths linked to ID.

      We thought first that the ‘Fatal events not linked to ID’ could be duplicates, but then how a death could be in the group of “Endocrine disorder” and ‘Renal and urinary disorder’ at the same time?

      Questions to EMA remain unanswered…

      These numbers are also published on other media like https://www.globalresearch.ca/ . They roughly find the same numbers.

      In general, in the USA, the UK and in Europe, adverse reactions are under reported (in the UK, they are even censored in order to hide the truth and push the ‘vaccine agenda). In the USA, studies have found that less than 1& adverse events are reported.




    2. They are in the fatal ‘set’ as you call it. They are under the ‘group reaction’ tab on the database.

      The database counts every FATAL REACTION by reaction group. For instance:

      -Blood and lymphatic system disorders for Pfizer-Biontech has a count of 74 fatal reactions on the 05/06/2021.
      – Cardiac disorders for the same Pfizer-Biontech has a count of 843 fatal reactions on the 05/06/2021.

      There are in total 27 reaction groups for each manufacturer (pfizer, moderna, astrazeneka, janssen). That makes 27 reaction groups X 4 manufacturers.

      In the files to download, there are 4 files cllaed ‘SUMMARY’. These files are the exact reports of all ‘FATAL REACTIONS’ for each group and each manufacturer.

      When you add the total of these ‘FATAL REACTIONS’ for the 4 manufacturers, you have a total of 13,848 FATAL REACTIONS on the 05/06/2021.

      These numbers are correct, they come from the Eudravigilance reporting system.

      My advice to you is to do the calculation yourself, it takes time, the system is crap and antique (runs on oracle) but the numbers are correct.



    3. Thanks, same as above, we will try to publish some steps or methodology on how to pull out these data if time allows.


    4. To #injektionMachtFrei:

      I appreciate the dark humor and reference to the nazi eugenicists…

      Eudravigiliance, the gas factory’ from the EU medecine Agency (EMA) is a complicated, archaic, soviet style techno-bureaucratic system (as everything else in the EU SSR).

      It runs on oracle BI (incredible but true it stands for business ‘intellignece’ while it has very little of it).

      The reports you mention on the last tab (run listing) are not the complete report. Eudravigilance doesn’t do any summary or global report. The user has to do it. You have to do it yourself.

      These bureaucrats get CEO salaries and yet, you have to do their jobs. Welcome to the EUSSR komrade!

      You have to fetch and compile all the data line by line. They report FATAL REACTIONS on tab 4 and 5 (I think) and from there you have 27 lines of diverse ‘disorders’ that you have to add to count the number of FATAL REACTIONS.

      And that is only for 1 vaccine maker. You need to repeat the same operation 4 times for all of them.

      To add insult to injury, the pathetic Oracle BI system is slow, super slow, it takes ages to get to one line to the other (and it has nothing to do with broadband speed, the problem is oracle).

      It’s a long, difficult, uninteresting and bureaucratic process to fetch and compile all these data, but THE TRUTH IS WORTH THE EFFORT.

      Now, if you want other sources, health impact news pubish the same numbers every week or so and they corroborate the numbers posted on Rforresistance:


      Number of fatal reactions (aka deaths) reported are correct. Are there duplicates? Do they count a death twice in the ‘reaction groups’ cardiac disorders and eye disorders?

      Most likely, if it’s like in the USA and UK, there is under reporting rather than the contrary…

      But the sheer numbers of adverse reactions (and more than 50% are serious ones) show that there is something really wrong going on, in Europe, the UK and the USA. there is no doubt about that.

      Massacre? genocide? depopulation? Mass murder? Manslaughter? is the right term really important?

      Millions are harmed by badly tested substances and thousands are killed, and these criminals instead of stopping the experiment are going for children!

      We are talking about serious crimes VS humanity here my friends!


    5. Thank you James, I couldn’t have said it better… It’s true, it’s a real pain to compile these data and they really don’t do anything to make it simple at the EMA ( a front for big pharma and their ‘vaccines). Most people wouldn’t bother, have the patience to get the data there. This is probably what they expect, putting the raw data under the rug…

      Anyway, we will try to explain how we get these numbers if we have time 9with screenshots and a clear process) so more people might want to do it too.

      As you write, serious crimes are going on here…


    6. Covid-19 test vaccines are the Goose which lays the Golden Egg for all of those who contribute test vaccines for bucket loads of money and as we know, test vaccines won’t ever stop Covid from coming up with new ways to get around test vaccines and let me recap on that one.

      Since test vaccines were put into human arms 6 months ago , we have had Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta variants at a rate of roughly one new variant each month – the next Covid Variant, due now, will be Epsilon, all of these variants driven by the test vaccines and eventually, sometime soon, Covid Variants will overpower test vaccines and that will be that, because they already nearly have.

      Obviously, for several reasons, test vaccines are not the way to go, amongst those reasons, is the scramble by these test vaccine makers to cash in on the pots of gold, they will continually earn from their test vaccines.

      Would it not be a great thing to cut the buggers off at the legs, by introducing a free, simple way of killing off the Coronavirus, that becomes Covid Delta (in this case), before it is allowed to do that, during the 10 to 14 days of self isolation, so that Covid never eventuates and thus Covid Variants will never occur and that will be the end of this Pandemic once and for all, without anybody else having to die, for one reason or another.

      I want to clarify my free, salt water cure, so that there is no misunderstanding.

      We know that if an airborne Coronavirus particle lands on a flat surface, any household cleaner will quickly destroy it, because the Coronavirus is about 0.012 in size and is covered by a weak membrane, which it is easy for the household cleaner to penetrate and kill the Coronavirus, much along the same lines, as washing your hands frequently with soap, does.

      The Coronavirus is lighter than air, it is lighter than the fine mist rain, you probably have experienced and if you have ever watched a Mosquito when it is raining, the force of the droplet blows the Mosquito out of the way and the Mosquito never gets wet, same as with Coronavirus and of course, Coronavirus is so fine we cannot see it in the air.

      There are 3 ways the Coronavirus can enter us.
      1) Through our eyes, 2) Through our nose, 3) Through our mouth – as we breathe.

      Always breathe through your nose and keep your mouth shut, because you really don’t want the Coronavirus to seed itself in your lungs!!

      The Coronavirus is like a seed and if you were to throw a handful of seeds around on a tarseal area, for example, most would probably not seed, but there are always one or two which do and Coronavirus is the same, however, in the warm, wet tissues inside your head, where it grows inside those tissues and develops into Covid over the 10 to 14 days, you self isolate, so afterwards you have a full blown case of the next variant, in your head and in your lungs, when you will probably need a respirator to survive it.

      If you are in America, your hospital visit will cost you a minimum of US$500,000 up to
      US$1,000,000 irrespective of how much you own in capital and the hospital will pursue you for complete payment irrespective of your circumstances, because American hospitals are a business too and they function to earn money for their investors and that is their reason for being.

      My salt water cure has “absolutely nothing” to do with test vaccines, or what they do, because virologists are not interested in Coronavirus in the head, (whereas I am) but virologists are only interested in the Covid, in the body, which you allow Coronavirus to become, during your isolation, and their test vaccines are to treat that Covid and also if you get a reinfection breakout Covid, bonus, which is money in the bank for them.

      So back to square one. The Coroanvirus is now in your head and it has taken root in the soft fleshy areas inside your head, where it is warm and wet and like the seeds I refer to previously, it grows with ferocity and it takes those 10 to 14 days to develop into the next stage Covid Delta, for example, which the latest Covid is, however moving into your lungs from your head, in the one liter of snot, or mucus, we each produce daily (the engine oil of the body), so that the Covid is now in both the head and the body.

      The Achilles Heel of Coronavirus, is while it is still in the developing stage and before it gets to become Covid in your head and body, because Salt is a disinfectant and has been used to cure meat and fish for centuries, before refrigerators and freezers became available and we have used salt forever, so it is as safe as anything can be, unless you are allergic to salt.

      By mixing one heaped teaspoon of salt in a mug of warm or cold water, cupping a hand and sniffing or snorting that mugful up into your nose, you flush out your head and you kill that Coronavirus plant growing inside your head, as effectively as if you put a salt water solution on the seeds I mentioned before, which we grew on tarseal.

      If you get a burning sensation (which lasts for 2-3 minutes) then you have an infection and you can tell how advanced it is, by the area of soreness you experience and although you may not know it, Coronavirus likes to get into your sinuses and when you sniff the salt water up into your head, you can feel the salt water clearing your sinuses, sometimes, right back to your ears.

      When you do my free salt water snort or sniffle, you quickly discover there is a hole, roughly level with the middle of your ears, inside the top of your throat and that is sometimes sore, as the Covid begins to move down into your lungs, so washing that out, as indeed you must, also is great and the salt water, will come down into your mouth, with your infection in it, so spit it out and flush it away.

      If you experience soreness in your head, continue doing my salt water cure until the soreness goes away, morning, noon and night, or more often if you want, until, when you do my salt water cure, you don’t experience any soreness at all, when you have cleared Coronavirus in your head and you won’t ever get Covid in your body, because salt does not differentiate between Coronaviruses or which Covid they will become and by murdering the Coronavirus in your head, naturally, you stop that Covid from evolving into something else, say Epsilon, the next Covid and because you kill Coronavirus dead, Covid does not eventuate and it won’t ever have the opportunity to form new Variants, which test vaccines, or any vaccine, for that matter, will never stop.

      From test vaccine makers perspective, “Why kill the Goose which lays the Golden Egg?”

      I say, chop them off at the knees and save humanity, instead of destroying it, from test vaccines and unstoppable Covid Variants.

      When the soreness goes away, after 2-3 minutes, blow out your head with toilet paper and flush away, washing your hands afterwards and this is what I have done for over 26.5 years and I am NEVER ill and there is no reason, you should ever be ill again, from virus related things, like me.

      You can swallow a couple of mugfuls of the salt water and if you have Covid in your lungs, the salt water will kill it there too – you will experience a burning sensation in your chest and that is the salt doing its thing there too.

      When the salt water tastes sweet, you don’t have enough salt in your body, when it tastes bitter, then you do, but irrespective of that, if you have soreness in your chest, get the salt into your lungs to kill off the Covid it might otherwise become.

      What we have done, is to use a natural disinfectant to kill Coronavirus, whenever you get it, which you will, irrespective of if you have had test vaccines, or not, in just the same way that you would use a household disinfectant to wipe down your kitchen areas to kill off Coronavirus particles, which might reside there.

      If you live in America, you won’t ever need to go to hospital and end up with one of those half million or million dollar hospital bills, for a little bit of inconvenience, to essentially save your life and live to a ripe old age – like me.

      There is absolutely no reason to ever agree to a test vaccine, or any vaccine for that matter and the questions of how safe they might be for you.

      It is my understanding that Bill Gates, his wife and his kids and the Elite have all refused their test vaccines – oh and me too!!

      All my above free salt water cure needs, is someone in a position of authority to start doing it with those who are infected with Coronavirus, before it is allowed to become Covid and once the obvious benefits and solution to Coronavirus are evident, then broadcast those results around the world and stop this crazy pandemic from continuing any further, or those who are profiting from it, financially.

      My question to each of you who read the above is – how many had to die from Covid and how many more will die from test vaccines – when nobody had to at all – once you see that my simple, free salt water cure actually works and that, like Jenner, back in 1776, who tested his Cow Pox Vaccine on his son to prove his theory worked, so I have been using the above salt water cure, as I have discussed it here, for the past 26.5 years and I am never ill from external viruses or illnesses – nor do any of you, need to be either.

      Cost Zero!!

      Richard Noakes


  10. You should be ashamed of yourself putting out so much misinformation and hysterical lies.
    Sometimes I really wonder what goes on in conspiracy theorists heads.
    You sound like a paranoid schizophrenic.
    After a few years pass and the pandemic is over, will retract what you’ve said when you discover that the 12 – 17 year olds weren’t exterminated en masse.


    1. jtveg:

      Instead of insulting people with ZERO logical argument (acting like a cult member as all other brainwashed members) you should look at the official database put in place by the governments you serve so well.

      Here are the links and you will see that these numbers are their numbers:

      EU: http://www.adrreports.eu/en/index.html
      UK: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-adverse-reactions/coronavirus-vaccine-summary-of-yellow-card-reporting
      USA: https://vaers.hhs.gov and https://medalerts.org/vaersdb/findfield.php?TABLE=ON&GROUP1=CAT&EVENTS=ON&VAX=COVID19

      You should remove your face diaper, it really hinder cognitive capabilities besides transforming people into souless robots.

      Ps: TV shows are not ‘science’, stop to parrot…


    2. reply to jtveg (veg for vegetable in reference to your brain),

      Trolls like you should stay where they belong (twater, fuckbook, poohgle…).

      There is no cancel culture or censoring here. You bring nothing to the discussion, you just have insults and hatred to share. A sad little troll…

      As it’s been suggested, remove your face diaper and let oxygen flow into your vegetable brain to think 5 minutes.

      Children do not need any injections against this fake pandemic ‘virus’ that has never been isolated.

      These fake vaccines are experimental and people who take them are used in a trail that will end in 2023. If you are too stupid to know that, just don’t comment on others who know the truth.

      More than a million adverse reactions, more than 15 000 deaths after 6 months of coerced jabbing and you dare to bring your useless and childish comments into this conversation?!

      Again, close the TV, ditch your dog muzzle and inform yourself.

      By the way, it’s not because the mRNA gene treatment won’t kill you instantly that it won’t trigger diseases on the long term.

      Read this interview with Mike yeadon former executive at known felon Pfizer, he knows wht he’s talking about contrary to people like you.

      Your comment, as already stated are typical of brainwashed cult members who can’t stand logic and reason. For the likes of you superstition and voodoo bulshit science (seen on TV) is the truth, because some charlatan and pharma shill says so…

      Wouldn’t be surprised that you work for the CDC, FDA or any other corrupt organization serving as a front cover for big pharma.


      Liked by 1 person

    3. Hey guys, don’t feed the trolls. This jtevg is just another paid troll trying to discredit the truth…

      Probably a ‘fact checker’, inquisition jerk of some kind, maybe even working for the state…


    4. You’re right, it doesn’t worth a mention. The guy however has a site on wordpress or is using the alias of someone who has : johnthimakis.wordpress.com…

      No problem to debate with anyone as long as it doesn’t start by insults and they provide real facts, and arguments as opposed to anathemas…


  11. Well, the virus is real – Coronavirus, or Flu, for want of a better word and if you get Coronavirus, you will get Covid and you might die, but while this is you, it also applies to everyone who you come into contact with and if only you and one other person come into contact with each other, you both will spread Covid-19 exponentially to 40,000 other people, but if you get the latest Coronavirus Variant, you will spread it to 365,000 people (I don’t remember the exact numbers offhand but I’ve got the article somewhere, I think).
    Hence my free salt water cure, which kills the Coronavirus dead, before it ever gets to be Covid, during the 10 to 14 days of self isolation, provided you don’t get a test vaccine in the meantime and if you survive that, just for starters.
    Anyone want more details of my free salt water cure – the works, just ask me here!!
    Richard (smile)


    1. That’s not true, it’s nice to tell us about the ‘exponential’ theory but it’s not true.

      So-cllaed ‘variants’ appeared when the decided to ‘cancel’ the flu in 2021. No flu anymore, instead we have ‘covid variants’.. This is so gross that it’s a wonder anyone above 10 years old believes in this fairytale

      As for salt water, yes it’s an old and efficient grandma remedy for a cold but…

      Smile too


    2. Lol.
      You sounded like the only one on this thread that makes any sense but you had to go ruin it by talking about some “salt water cure”. Now it is of course within the realms of possibility that you do have some kind of cure but that would need to be backed up with data from double blind clinical trials. Medicine doesn’t count on anecdotes. Also why haven’t you patented and released this cure if it is actually effective. You could make plenty of money. If it actually works there would be people scrambling to get it. Don’t appeal to some conspiracy about big pharma trying to shut you down. If it works, it works. There are ways to get it FDA approved. Unless you are being sarcastic.

      Plus, it seems you don’t really understand that Coronavirus doesn’t turn into Covid. Coronavirus is a family of viruses that have a particular spike protein on their periphery and look like a crown, hence the name Corona. Covid-19 is simply a very infectious strain from this coronavirus family.

      Technically speaking SARS CoV-2 is the name of the virus and
      COVID-19 is the name of the disease it causes.


    3. Technically speaking SARS CoV-2 is the name of the virus and
      COVID-19 is the name of the disease it causes.

      Yeah? And SARS CoV-2 has never been isolated, so it can’t cause COVID-19

      You know this one? COVID-19 Certificate Of Vaccination ID 2019…


    4. I have sufficient means, so that I don’t need any more money, also I was around before you were a twinkle in your mother’s eye.

      Covid is a fake disease, which is caused by Coronavirus and the patent for Coronavirus is owned by the CDC who are well aware of what it becomes, if untreated by my simple, free, salt water cure – because the money is in Covid and guess who owns the patent for Coronavirus from the link I provide below.

      https://humansarefree.com/2020/01/bill-gates-pirbright-institute-cdc-patent-coronavirus.html You can see the patent there and when it was issued.

      Bill Gates, his wife, their kids and the Elite of our world, have refused their test vaccines, bearing in mind who owns that Coronavirus patent – Oh and me!!

      If Coronavirus is not treated with my free salt water cure, to kill it in the head, it becomes Covid, which is where the money is. You cannot catch Covid!!

      I am well aware of what the virus looks like, but in actual fact, so do all Flu type viruses, this one is a Flu type virus, but the scientific name for the Flu, is Coronavirus

      Since test vaccines were put into human arms 6 months ago , we have had Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta variants at a rate of roughly one new variant each month – the next Covid variant, due now, will be Epsilon, all of these variants, driven by the test vaccines and eventually, sometime soon, Covid Variants will overpower test vaccines and that will be that, because they already nearly have, with Delta. I speculate, within 1 year.

      Experimental Test Vaccines have not been approved for human consumption and the only way anyone can get them is to volunteer and in so doing the test vaccine makers have committed Crimes Against Humanity and will be subject to a Legal Challenge by the Geneva Convention (1947) in the next few weeks and to put a handle on that, those who have test vaccines are the new Jews (though not Jews), much along the lines of the Jews who Joseph Mengele experimented on – look him up in Wiki and see what happened to him = test vaccines.

      I could go on and try and convince you, but to be honest, i have been doing much on Quora and I am worn out, I suggest you sign up there and follow my posts Richard Noakes, there are enough of them, with more links than you could shake a stick at and you will quickly discover what happens to the body after mRNA is injected into the muscle of the arm and where it goes, after that. Scary stuff indeed, especially as mRNA is a foreign substance to the makeup of our body and is not part of our physical design.

      If, after reading all of the blurb (not written by me, but by others more qualified than I would ever want to be) then I am happy to discuss all of this further – my only interest is my free, salt water cure and getting it out there to anyone who will listen, everything else, I am Hermes, the messenger of the Gods.

      Virology is a closed shop, Bill Gates uses his money to pay huge sums, as gifts, to get companies to do what he wants and politicians too and what is happening now looks like the big reset, when the world population is reduced to 50 million tops and at what better time, almost everything is controlled by computers and automation and the numbers of people who will never work, grows constantly – so who is going to provide them with the means, for doing nothing?

      Also, the ice is melting on the poles and in the not too distant future, it is expected that the sea currents will reverse and the world will go into a new ice age of 5,000 years, so by reducing the numbers of humans on this planet, “they” might be able to reverse that trend, which they can’t, as things are now and if they continue as they are.

      I don’t matter, I am towards the end of my life and I will be dead in the not too distant future, what I am doing and have done, is through my sense of duty, so that when I die, I can leave this life with an easy conscience and if there is another life after death, i will go to the good side and not the bad and then I will have won the lottery of life twice, being born and taking what I have learned through a very tough life, over to the good side, when all of my material possessions are left behind.

      I am never ill. I have been doing my free saltwater cure for 26.5 years and there is no reason why you, or anyone else, cannot follow my simple regime.

      I have been trying to get my simple salt water cure out there, for all of those past 26.5 years, but all I have been able to do against the closed shop our world has become, has been from the shadows and I have contributed to the forthcoming Geneva Convention Legal thing, as I am able.



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