Montjoie, Saint-Denis! Update

Down to the macronie!

Update 11.09.21: The French Hero, Damien Tarel, who slapped globalist puppet emmanuelle macron in the face few months ago has been released from jail.

Damien Tarel, French Resistance Hero

Damien, who is now immensely popular amongst the French population, has declared that he “regretted nothing”, he also said that “macron represents the decadence of our country” before mentionning that he would probably go to protest with the hundred of thousands who took to the streets on Saturday the 11th in more than 300 cities and towns to fight against the globalist-fascist paSS and macron’s dictatorial regime.

A true Hero faithful to his ideals and our expectations.

Who will slap #bananajoe the usurping dictator in the face? Or is there a better way to deal with this demented piece of horseshit?

A brief moment of joy, laugh and pure bliss… A well and long deserved slap in the face of the insufferable French president, by a young man who shouted the battlecry of the French Knights while giving Macron an humility lesson.

“The man can be heard saying “Montjoie! Saint Denis,” which is considered a royalist war cry, France 24 reported. He continued by saying “A bas la Macronie,” or “Down with Macron,” according to the news outlet.”

A liberating, most welcome and exhilarating moment

On the picture on the left, we can clearly see that Macron touches the arm of the man, which obviously answers by slapping the ‘president’.

Damien Tarel, a 28 years old medieval martial expert specialist demonstrates to the oppressed People of the world how to talk to the globalist scum behind the covid scam.

Is this what happens when you wake up the Gauls?

Montjoie, Saint-Denis

“Montjoie, Saint-Denis” was indeed the battle cry of the kingdom of France, and particularly of the Capetians. The expression refers to the banner of King Charlemagne, the oriflamme, preserved in the abbey of Saint-Denis and also called “Montjoie”.

Throughout the Middle Ages, the banner of the abbey of Saint-Denis was the standard of the King of France in times of war. It was only taken from the abbey when great dangers threatened the kingdom of France.

The banner is a two-tailed red taffeta with golden flames, surrounded by green and attached to a pole.

This cry of the French royal armies dates back to the time of the Capetians. It would have been shouted during the battle of Bouvines in 1214, by the forces of Philip II Augustus against those of Otto IV, the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

“The cry refers to the royal banner”

“Montjoie” designates the banner behind which the medieval army gathers, when it goes up to combat. And “the cry refers to the royal banner, preserved in Saint-Denis, where the kings are also buried”.

A legend quoted by the Encyclopédie Universalis also reports that King Clovis would have been victorious at “Montjoye”, near Saint-Denis, thanks to a shield bearing three golden lilies on an azure background. A miracle that would have been commemorated by the war cry “Montjoie Saint-Denis! “. This banner then became the standard of the kingdom.

As for the origin of the word “mont-joie”, it is linked, according to the Encyclopédie Universalis, to the mont-joies, these small piles of stone that we still find today at the neck of a mountain. In the Middle Ages, this word also designated a hill, an oratory or a territory to be protected.

It is also part of the history of France that the French people cherish so deeply and the globalist ‘president’ denigrate in permanence. His insults to the country and its people have been avenged.

A Hero is Born

Damien Tarel, 28, a medieval martial arts specialist said that he didn’t planned to slap the Rotschilds puppet, Macron, he did it spontaneously. Is it because the ‘president’ touched him or gave another of his infamous insulting remarks on France and the French people that he got slapped like an insolent and arrogant brat?

Macron can now go back to ‘mummy’ Brigitte, his unmarried ‘wife’ who could be his mother, and cry in her skirt…

Damien Tarel, the man who put Macron at his rightful place and avenged the French for the countless offenses committed against them since many years.

Of course, Damien has been arrested, charged in no time, and given a sentence of 18 months suspended and 4 months in jail, plus a fine. Already people are organizing to help in his defense and support him.

The mainstream media also immediately jumped on the occasion to label him”far right”. In the newspeak totalitarian world we live in, this is one of the anathemas used to discredit opponents along with ‘conspiracy theorist’ or ‘white supremacist’.

Damien Tarel is a specialist of medieval times and and admirer of French medieval history. Enough for the thought police to call him a ‘royalist’, or ‘ far right’ to try to repel any sympathy for this brave man. Too late, People are already behind Damien Tarel.

His gesture has become a world phenomenon , and while ‘condemned’ by the establishment and its obedient media, many in France and worldwide laughed, applauded and gave the thumb up for this well deserved slap.

No need to remind how macron got ‘elected’, by using corrupt justice to eliminate his main opponent and making sure he was running against Lepen in order to use her as scarecrow to get elected by a minority.

We also remember how his ultra violent police brutalized, harmed (with many people losing eyes and limbs due to lethal shots by neo-nazi style police) yellow vest protesters with the complicity of the media and state controlled groups like antifa (used to discredit peaceful protests through gratuitous violence).

Macron is also the local globalist lackey whose job is to destroy the nation, the values, the families, the borders, the culture and the French civilization in order to better prepare for their ‘world governance’ project.

Finally, Macron like the other globalist scumbags has imposed a totalitarian regime upon the population since March 2020 using the fake pandemic to push his puppetmasters “reset” agenda.

What is important is that Damien’s revolutionary act humiliated the arrogant Macron. Showing that the very People he despises so much still have the stamina to fight back. It also shows that the little respect left for this political parasitic class is gone.

No one is above the justified anger of the People and that should remind us of our strenght and of why they fear us so much.

It didn’t need a bullet, or a dagger to put plastic ‘president’ Macron down, just a little slap in the face.

Who’s next?

When will we see Germans slapping Merkel, British slapping Bojo the clown, Americans slapping #banana Joe? Italians slapping unelected scumbag Draghi or the Swiss slapping really hard Bond vilain Klaus  Schwab in the face?

The slapping season is open!

Happy Birthday!

11 thoughts on “Montjoie, Saint-Denis! Update”

  1. Well you can say what you want… he got the opportunity and did it, even when its was kind of a bitch slap and was wearing a diaper on his face… he did it! I imagine some other world bastards getting acquainted with my fist for the last year and a half….

    Liked by 1 person





  3. Thank you Mr Tarel for putting the wanker macron back in his rightful place: a little brat that needs to be slapped and kicked in the ass to behave and start to respect france and the French.

    macron, little piece of shit, only morons like you and voted for you. Juts go fuck yourself with mummy brigitte and the presstitutes who still support you.

    Go eat your face diaper and stick your fake pandemic, your fake ‘vaccines and passes deep up your gigantic ass!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It’s true that the slap was a faggot slap… Why not hitting harder? If you will end in jail anyway give this asshole a master punch in his face, break his nose or make teeth fly out of his face diaper for God sake!

    Great move, next time slap harder with a loud smack noise!


  5. It was a very gentle slap, a faggot slap almost. the guy took 4 months of jail, for this price, he should have smack asshole macron with a real noisy hard punch , the like Asterix and Obelix give to Romans…

    But overall, what a pleasure to see this piece of shit humiliated worldwide


  6. Well done and well made. It doesn’t look like a monumental slap the kind Obelix would give to a roman but the importance is in the symbol.

    Wanker macron has been slapped in front of the world and humiliated the way he should be.

    There is no respect to have for criminals like macron. the slap is a minimum anser to his crimes.

    Next time he might wear a helmet on top of his face diaper :-0


  7. Fantastic news! This is music to my ears. Someone’s got to do the same to Bojo soon. Apparently he’s been booed at quite a lot. As for Schwab, a well-placed fuel-air bomb at the WEF headquarters in Coligny would sort that fucker out, half a kiloton TNT equivalent should do the job.

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