War Against The globalists

Italy, this week end, massive demonstrations against the fascist paSS and bankster vermin draghi’s illegitimate regime – https://twitter.com/i/status/1447178580543344640

What they hate the most and what invariably destroys their plans is The Truth.

Evil fears Light and the Truth, this is why they invested so much in trying to suppress HOPE and TRUTH.

1/ So let’s continue to spread the Truth starting by two important articles that summarize the situation each in his own style and expose the foes we are fighting against.

2/ Then we will present the updated ‘official’ death and injury reported numbers from the substances posing as ‘vaccines’ in five regions of the world.

3/Finally, let’s see the reactions against the globalist agenda to force inject the world population (to impose the ID2020 agenda) and how nations like Italy, France, Slovenia, Switzerland, Belgium, the USA and even Israel are fighting against the takeover.

But first, from Stop World Control :

Included on the website is the exhaustive, well documented ‘VACCINES’ DEATH REPORT, exposing the fraud and crimes behind the forced ‘vaccination’ agenda and the real amount of victims of this criminal scam. To download here:



This is not just an article, but a unique in depth overview of the globalist’s strategy to use Covid-19 as an excuse to create global tyranny.

Nothing is about your well-being, but everything is about creating a world of control. Read the entire report to see the facts for yourself.

You will also see abundant evidence that the pandemic has been planned for decades and how everything is orchestrated with mass fraud, global bribery, unprecedented censorship and extreme corruption in media, and governments.

May you find the courage to face the truth, and experience how it awakens you to become a hero, who fights for the freedom of humanity.

100% FACT CHECKED. This is not a conspiracy theory, but a reality that can be fact checked in the many references at the bottom of this page (79 references).

The second article comes from a website that is a treasure of information and resources about the fake ‘pandemic’, if you’ve ever wondered why almost all governments started to do exactly the same insane, absurd and unscientific things at the same time, the answers are there, from Wicked Truths:


UN agenda 2030 is a global plan designed by the ruling class to gain centralized control over earth’s resources and populations under a one world government. The plan existed for decades and is in full execution at breakneck speed since 2020.

The goal of UN agenda 2030 is to transform global society into a technocracy under the guise of sustainable development by 2030. The end result would be a high-tech slave system, impossible to escape, so let’s make sure it never comes to fruition.

COVID-19 plays an important role in pushing these agendas through. Before we can understand how that works, we must first understand what UN agenda 2030 & technocracy is all about.

This picture summarizes the situation:

Do no hesitate to share

Sustainable” Development Goals (SDGs)

In our hearts, we want a clean and liveable world and we can have it on condition we don’t hand over control on the matter to the ruling class.

Their social engineers are exploiting a desire the majority of us has.

No less than 14 out of 17 SDGs include vaccination or immunization.

What does vaccination have to do with green economies?

I suppose you could make the world more sustainable by vaccination if it kills many or makes them infertile.

That’s a warped eugenicist perspective for sure, but we know eugenics is an ideology the ruling class adheres to.



United Nations is an intergovernmental organization. All countries of the world are members and donate tax money to the UN.

The SDGs trickle down hierarchically from UN, to federal governments, to local governments. Meaning in all likelihood, your city and mayor are executing programs in context of SDGs.

The programs in your city might have varying names but when it’s about sustainability and smart technology, it’s an SDG implementation.


Rosa Koire & independent journalist James Corbett explain the true motivations behind UN agenda 2030. [BitChute]



  • Technocracy is the science of social engineering.
  • Definition from the technocrats themselves in magazine The Technocrats’ Magazine.

A technocracy is a governance system where science dictates how society is organized. The focus lies on resource management and population management on a global scale. The entities that run such a system are technocrats: scientists, the ruling class and artificial intelligence.

Expert on the topic Patrick Wood explains what technocracy is and puts it in context with COVID-19 in an interview with Spiro Skouras. [BitChute]


In a technocracy, all resources of the planet are hooked onto, and managed by a technological control grid. Resources include food, water, land, construction, animals and people.

Products and living beings can be tracked with microchips with Geo-location, RFID sensors and 5G. Fluids, gas and electricity throughput can be counted with smart meters.

The smart grid knows exactly what, when, where and how much you use. Your access to resources can be shut down remotely. Meanwhile, governments make it harder to live self-sustainable and resource monopolization has been a reality for a long time.

Survival would depend on the whims of the state who controls the smart grid. Your access to basic resources for survival could be cut off for not testing or vaccinating for COVID-19 or simply because you voice criticism against the state.


Population management is about tracking the population, controlling where people can go, which behavior is acceptable, tracking the population count and controlling who is allowed to reproduce (eugenics).

 According to the mysterious Georgia guide stones the ideal population count is only 500 000 000.


Cameras and face detection play a vital role but also online behavior is monitored. (Advices on how to neutralize cameras here).

Punishments for behaviors deemed unsuitable to the technocrats would be automated, removing the human factor and negotiation from the equation.

The ruling class likes China’s digital dictatorship and social credit system and wishes to expand that model to the rest of the world. To hook up man to the grid, man has to merge with machine, which means at some point, (nano)robotics would have to be inserted into the body.

The perfect candidate for this crime is the COVID-19 “vaccine“.


Let’s consolidate what we’ve learned before we move on.

  1. The ruling class is dead-set on transforming the world into a technocracy.
  2. UN agenda 2030 & COVID-19 are the tools to transform society to a technocracy.
  3. UN agenda 2030 is a facade for the public while a one world government technocracy is implemented.

With this in mind, let’s have a look at the targets the ruling class wishes to complete while the world is occupied with the COVID-19 chaos.

The common thread in this list of targets is total control over mankind.

  • Digital identity: ID2020
  • Digital health card: COVI-PASS (‘green pass’, ‘vax’ passport, ‘health’ pass, etc…)
  • Digital monetary system, cashless society
    • Connected to your identity and health records via blockchain.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
    • Resource control
    • Population control
  • ‘Smart’ cities
    • Facial recognition cameras
    • Digital access control
    • 5G
    • Smart meters
    • Self-driving cars
  • Gobal totalitarian police state
  • Wildlands project (to “restore wildlife”). Our comment: to stole our lands, housing, assets and park us in megacity reservations. Something like the film ‘the hunger games’ (which given who controls Hollywood is just another propaganda piece to prepare the poupulace to the worst)..
  • Remove people from rural areas.
    Example: “SDGs marked your land as a wildlife reserve. Leave.”
    • Move them into smart mega cities.
  • No private property
    • Land, house
    • Business
    • Your body
      • Mandatory vaccination
      • Masks
  • Communitarianism
    • Is a collectivist ideology like communism, Marxism, socialism or collectivism in general. Meaning,
    • Community goals trump individual rights.
    • Community “interests” dictated by governments & corporations.
    • You hear mantra’s like “the common or greater good”, don’t do it for yourself but for your neighbor. Those are collectivist concepts.
    • Dissidents will be outcasts.

Taking in account propaganda from the ruling class and events in 2020/2021, it appears the global population is supposed to adopt a collectivist mindset which is being indoctrinated through the media and education, while governments and businesses are supposed to collaborate in a fascist manner.

The next paragraphs go as follow:

DESTROY THE MIDDLE CLASS (and the financial system)

This is a very interesting, well presented and concise piece (it reads in less than 10 minutes). As a conclusion, the author presents the following solutions (which we agree on):


A solution starts with a world population that realizes what’s really going on.

Spread the word and keep in mind the digital censorship.



  1. Reject vaccine passports, “show (medical) papers”.
  2. Reject central bank digital currency, use cash
  3. or even better, switch to an unplugged monetary system.

Avoid buying at big chains or any store that violates (medical) privacy or has the audacity to require you to perform a medical procedure like masks, tests or vaccines.

  1. Demand the removal of city surveillance cameras.
  2. Sabotage being tracked and traced, physically and digitally.
  3. Don’t wear a mask.
  4. Don’t test
  5. Don’t vaccinate.
  6. Raise hell in schools that impose inhumane rules that destroy and torture a generation of children.
    And so on.



The ruling class owns all major corporations and governmental institutions and will weaponize them against the people.


  1. Therefore, it’s wise to depend on the system as little as possible.
  2. Prepare for insanity like not being able to enter the shop to buy food without vaccination, blocked bank accounts and even door-to-door Gestapo forcing vaccination.

May it never come to that. It depends on what the masses allows. I have no doubt the predator class will push it all the way when left unchecked.

The absurdity of it all is, they make populations do it to themselves (we know what he’s writing about).


Society turned into an insane asylum because many just follow orders.

“It’s the law. We have to listen to the government. Trust the experts.” (we now this parrot talk) . They’re all bought and paid for pushing an evil agenda!

This one can be solved by considering immoral orders individually and having the backbone to reject them.

It’s an interesting topic because there’s an opportunity for human growth. I expanded on it here

We definitely like his analysis and the type of solutions we have applied almost every single day since the global coup started.

Also some interesting advices on how to fight censorship, the plague of our time and the tool of every dictatorship:

One of the advice to counter censorship is to backup your website, just in case your current provider decides to shut you down because you tell the truth or advise people on how to fight the takeover.

In the mean time the planned genocide and enslavement described above continues with too often the help of the victims themselves, who, willingly of not have now degraded from guinea pigs to mere cattle…

The cattle see no issue in having to be herded, muzzled, injected by force with hazardous substances, marked like beasts and scanned evrytime they go out of their grazing grounds.

Bovid, (family Bovidae), any hoofed mammal in the family Bovidae (order Artiodactyla), which includes the antelopes, sheep, goats, cattle, buffalo, and bison.

  • Beef cattle breeds
  • Dairy cattle breeds


File to download:

Sources for the numbers:

Australia DAEN

Brazil Anvisa

Canada ASPC

EUSSR “eudravigilance” (sic)

UK MHRA “Yellow Card” (sic)


Who are the biggest killers and what diseases will they kill you with?

The statistics and numbers of the medicine agencies and others (CDC, MHRA, EMA, DAEN…)  show clearly which categories of diseases the substances posing as ‘vaccines’ are triggering.

Contrary to what lying media, corrupt officials and criminal politicians pretend since forced injections started , these products were never fully or properly tested, not on animals (after all test animals died, they simply stopped the trials) and barely on humans.

The toxic ‘vaccines’ have been ‘tested’ live since December 2020 on YOU…

Same for the ‘approval’. These deadly, unsafe, ineffective  substances were ‘authorized’ in ’emergency’ (meaning they ditched all normal safety procedures to impose hazardous products on populations with zero liability for the makers and zero guarantee of success, based only on what the manufacturer pretended).

The CDC, FDA, EMA, MHRA, DAEN and the vast majority of all ‘medicine agencies’  in the world are corrupt big pharma enablers and drug pushers for the vaccine industry. Interestingly, the unelected globalist lackey at the head of the EUSSR Kommission ursula von de leyden is under investigation from Romania Anti-Corruption Direction in relation of her ‘negotiations’ (bribery) with mass murderer pfizer to impose their deadly products on Europeans. The article also tells us how much Romanians refuse to get injected with the globalists poison (LESS THAN 25% PEOPLE GOT JABBED).

For example, for the European countries under the yoke of the EUSSR dictatorship, here are the categories of diseases you are likely to get after being jabbed by any of the substances posing as ‘vaccines’ (keeping in mind that the biggest killers are moderna and pfizer-biontech like in all other countries except for the UK where oxford-astrazeneca is on the top killers list).

  1. Cardiac disorders (by far the biggest killer after injection, many people will get heart problems for life if they don’t die).
  2. Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders (including covid likes symptoms which are and will be conveniently rebranded as ‘new variants’ by the same criminals who want to force inject you in the first place).
  3. Nervous system disorders
  4. Infections and infestations (see number 2)
  5. Vascular disorders (see number 1)
  6. Gastrointestinal disorders
The reaction groups on the Eudravigilance database. The same reaction groups are used as a standard worldwide.

These are the ‘diseases’ which will kill millions of so-called ‘vaccines’ recipients in the months and years to come.

Sadistic psychopath and career criminal bill gates must now be happy, not only he gets his depopulation agenda ongoing but also the digital marking of the idiotic, obedient and cowardly masses who see no problem being treated, injected, marked (with QR codes for the moment ) and scanned like mere cattle.

Most people won’t make the connection between their organ failure, cancer, Alzheimer, dementia, or cardio-vascular disease with the injection they got few years or months before. 

Some people are so definitely brain damaged that when a member of their family dies days after getting jabbed with mRNA poison, they still think they die from ‘covid’ and even regret not to have jabbed them earlier!

As exposed by Milton Keynes funeral director John O’Looney in various articles and interviews, many people have been given a placebo, for the moment. They are the lucky ones, but be sure that the coming boosters won’t be placebos.

Unless you’ve got the placebo and don’t intend to get injected further with any of their poison, we advise you to live each day as if it was your last and wish you the best of luck for the future.

As for us, we are very fine thank you, we’d rather die standing like Human Beings than live on our knees like slaves or cattle!

And like millions of others rising-up and fighting for our (and your) rights, for Humanity and our children’s future.

This week and week end saw again massive protests worldwide with the most active being in Europe in Italy and France (due to the unprecedented fascist onslaught there by criminal globalist controlled politcians).

Gigantic expression of the People Power against their criminal ‘government’ in Rome Italy, Piazza Del Popolo:

Bankster vermin draghi has sent his Gestapo against the People. Do these morons realize they work for globalist scum to destroy their own children’s future?

“We are ready to die”. This is the spirit, but not before having killed a large number of globalists and their lackeys. https://twitter.com/i/status/1447178580543344640

Serious abuses were committed In Rome by draghi’s dictatorship armed fascist thugs against innocent People. More crimes from these scumbags will add to their already very heavy coming punishments.

The batallions of draghi’s SS will have to answer their crimes like their masters.

You will pay for your crimes and the People will have no pity for you and your servants.

Sit, lay down, stand-up, attack, good slave!

France, for the 13th week, and despite mainstream media lies, massive demonstrations took place this week end but also in the week in more than 250 cities and towns. The French people are fed-up with globalist whore macron and the country seems ready to explode.

The Guillotine is ready for macron. We can’t wait…


Paris 9.10.21 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FBRUt-PXMAMDJrp?format=jpg&name=360×360
Lyon protest in front of an hospital to reinstaste the health professional ‘suspended’ because they refuse to get injected with deadly crap. https://twitter.com/i/status/1439235269354471432
Caen, Normandy,
Midwives demonstration in Paris in front of the health DEATH ministry.
https://twitter.com/i/status/1446776517648949250 Again the local gestapo is using violence against peaceful protesters!
Srasbourg, Alsace


Massive strikes in France against macron’s attacks vs the People, the fascist paSS,destruction of social system, the unions woke up
Grenoble 6/10/21

Toulouse 6/10/21
Toulouse South West


The Yellow Vest are blocking a major national road in St Brieuc to protest against the artificially created price increases, notably for petrol, gas and electricity (part of the globalistsa agenda to destroy the middle/ poorer classes and the economy).


Switzerland demonstrates against the neo-Nazi paSS:

From Geneva on the banks of the Leman lake,

To Bern, the seat of the federal corruption, for the 5th consecutive week…

Local neo-nazi PIGS shooting at People with rubber bullets. As in other countries, the globalists have given orders to their little obedient whores to provoke violence. When the People will return this violence, the globalists and their lackeys shall better run.

And Belgium:


Where, again, the local armed thugs were given orders by their globalist masters to provoke violence.

https://twitter.com/i/status/1445737959630807040 Exactly, Slovenes had nazism then communism, so they know about tyranny, and now they have globalism, an ideology worse than fascism & marxism together. An ideology that must be destroyed along with its pushers.

And even Israel, the “most jabbed country” on earth, and yet the agression doesn’t stop proving once and for all that it had never anything to do with health.

This is the 11th week of protests there.

And the USA

Not enough actions in the USA, while it is time for an all out war against the deep state
Howell Michigan, against demented pedophile #bananajoe creepy and his puppet masters force jabbing agenda.
Hey creepy joe, GO FUCK YOURSELF!

And the slogan of the week, from Lyon in France:



9 thoughts on “War Against The globalists”

  1. Sweden has now gone down to fascism, we were so proud of being a flag of freedom for the rest of the world without muzzles, lockdowns and oppression, and now this is how they than us for having played the game: dog vax passports!

    Never ever trust politicians and never obey!


  2. The ‘unions’ are corrupt and work for the criminals in power. They try to diffuse the protests against covid tyranny and the pass to project people’s agner elsewhere while betraying these people with their friends in government.

    It’s fine if they go out and make noise but make sure to never demonstrate under the banners of these fuckers (most of them are communist political parties in disguise).


  3. Very well done and said, love the slogan at the end, yes these bastards look tall behind their walls and their armies of bodyguards but they are small and scared by the sleeping GIANT, US!

    Why don’t people realize they have total power in their hands?


  4. The chips are down – those who will have vaccinations will have them and those who won’t, won’t, but vaccines and Covid aside, let me focus on the numbers who so far have died from Covid and vaccinations, or been severely compromised by them, so that they can no longer work.

    Our society runs on infrastructure and each time an adult dies, or is compromised by Covid or vaccines, so the infrastructure which supports our lifestyle, takes a hit and when that infrastructure takes too many hits to be able to support itself, it starts to fall to pieces and then the infrastructure we took for granted, which supplied us with our daily needs, ceases to be able to do that and once the collapse begins, it won’t be possible to continually prop it up, because the skilled personnel to do that have died, or can’t work and there is nobody left to replace them.

    Let us take one key element on which our infrastructure depends – Electricity.

    When the electricity power generation plants fail, because there is nobody to run them, do repairs and maintain them, then there won’t be any electricity put into the grid to maintain the infrastructure we have come to depend on.

    This will have an impact, slow to start with, but with a life force of its own.

    No electricity to our homes, no heating, no cooling, no lights, no radio, no TV, no computers, no internet, no water, pumps won’t provide gas (fuel) at garages, or to the airlines, or to the ships which run on fuel, or to the trucks which deliver food to our stores, no cars, trucks, planes, ships, once the fuel in them runs out, shops will remain locked down, because there is no way to operate them, food will begin to rot in the frozen or refrigerated parts of food shops, or at home, spreading disease and vermin and unable to support ourselves, in this new world, many of us will die – because we simply don’t have the skills to survive or compete with those tougher or more determined than us, or the climate in which we live is too harsh – hot/cold to be able to do that without electricity.

    As people have vaccines and continue to die or have severe adverse reactions to Covid and those vaccines, so our infrastructure starts to collapse, but lets think of those people, shall we?

    We, or they, are civilians, we did not sign up to fight in some war to maintain our beliefs, or our lifestyles, or for our children and the world we want them to enjoy after us, each time a member of that family dies or is incapacitated, a component of the structure of that family ceases to exist, or the role that they played in maintaining their family and they just can’t be replaced because relationships are based on trust and love and once that loss occurs, a replacement, if one is available, can’t just get drafted in – it does not work like that.

    So on the one hand, the infrastructure on which we depend starts to collapse as supply chains can’t support the demands on them and families are torn apart from within, in the most despicable of ways, as the very structure of our society is destroyed from within.

    When we cannot feed or look after ourselves, let alone anyone else , we will revert to another form of animal, just like all of the other animals on this planet, probably within one, this, generation and the future which we could have enjoyed as a continually evolving race, will be lost and gone forever.

    It won’t matter if you are the rich elite, or the poorest of poor, without the infrastructure, it will be every person for themselves, trust nobody, live or die, on the basis of making the right choice over the wrong one, in a world with all of the conveniences in place, but nobody able to make them work and keep the infrastructure running, because Covid or the vaccines have killed them all dead.

    Not the world I chose to live in and not the world I wanted to die in, probably sooner rather than later – I do have the advantage of having lived most of my life as I wanted to and I probably will be one of the few who will survive Covid (no problem – my salt water cure) but for what, a world to all intents and purposes, where I am one of the few who still remain and whom I probably won’t ever see, because there won’t be many left alive afterwards, to make living life worthwhile in this harsh new reality.



    1. This is why we encourage everyone to get out of this sick society before the collapse is complete (exit the matrix) and learn the skills to survive in a hostile world, (including learning on how to defend oneself. Not everything can be learned in a small amount of time, this is why building communities of like minded people (and people who can last) is important.

      Humanity has known greater crisis in its history. Just remember the black plague to realize that this covid BS is just a joke.

      If a virus had the possibility to kill human beings we wouldn’t be there today.

      Now, a bioweapon made in a chinese or US lab might be able to kill many, but still won’t wipe human beings out.

      The only force that could wipe us out is nature.

      People have lived for the most part of history without the ‘modern’ comfort that makes us so weak and dependant, losing that won’t destroy Humanity. Maybe it’s a blessing even.

      What is really dangerous is their agenda, 5G, GMO’s, microchips, Ai, ‘smart’ cities, global surveillance, sttelites, DNA altering, all this is the real danger for Humanity.

      Covid is just a vehicle for their sick agenda.


      1. Let me provide you with my free salt water cure, when you get signs of the next nasal infection which will either be the Flu or Coronavirus, so that you can easily and effectively kill it dead in the nasal passages of your head, long before it ever becomes Covid, which is where the money is – I have been doing this simple cure for over 27 years and I am never ill from viruses and there is no reason why any of you should be either – I never have vaccines – I rely totally on my cure to keep me safe and well.
        The assumption is that the only way to deal with Covid, is after it arrives as Covid in your body, after the initial cold infection, in your head, some 20 days earlier
        Why is that?

        Kill the Flu or Coronavirus in the head, soon after getting the virus in the nasal passages inside the head, with my free salt water cure, which flushes out the nasal passages (so no Long Covid) and kills off the Coronavirus infection, immediately, or during the 10 to 14 days of self isolation.

        No infection in the head, no Covid – it is as simple as that.

        Then the purpose and functions of the vaccines, ceases to be a problem and you simply can’t get sick and won’t ever get Covid.

        Mix one heaped teaspoon of “iodine” table or sea salt in a mug of warm or cold “clean” water, cup a hand and pour some of the solution in, then sniff or snort that mugful up into your nose, spitting out everything which comes down into your mouth, from the back of your throat, by so doing, you flush out your nasal cavity, where Coronavirus lives.

        If you get a burning sensation (which lasts for 2-3 minutes) then you have a Coronavirus infection.

        When the soreness goes away, blow out your head with toilet paper and flush away, washing your hands afterwards and continue doing my salt clean water nasal cavity flush cure, morning, noon and night, or more often, if you want, until, when you do my free salt water cure, you don’t experience any soreness at all in your nasal cavity inside your head.

        While you are at it, swallow a couple of mouthfuls and if you get a burning sensation in your chest, then you are killing the Covid/Pneumonia there too, so keep it up, each time you do a salt water sniffle, until the soreness in your head and lungs goes away – job done.

        When you flush your head with the salt water remedy, it should feel like you are flushing your head with water – no reaction felt at all.

        I have been doing this for 27 years and I am never ill from viruses and there is no reason for anyone else to be either.

        You don’t need to be tested to see if you have a head infection, you will know instantly if you have or not, with my free salt water cure

        We will need a cure for Coronavirus or the Flu, which everyone will get sooner or later and this is it – my Covid Crusher.

        Pass it around to everyone and take credit for it yourself, if you want.

        Now to the nitty gritty – try it with everyone with Flu like symptoms and see for yourself how effective it is and post your results here.

        Make my day!!



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