Blueprint for Solutions

War Against The globalists Part 2


To annihilate globalism, the perfect solution is to dismantle global political entities. Dismember empires, large artificial political constructions which were build by war, invasions, and survive only through oppression, violence and tyranny.

Real democracy is possible at the local level in small scale nations or cities as it was the case with Athens and other Greek cities where the concept was invented.

Examples: suppress completely the EU which has become a technocratic and bureaucratic dictatorship answering exclusively to the interests of a tiny self-titled ‘elite’, lobbies and corporations.

The EUSSR lie its soviet style kommission (the politburo) is an imposed, unelected, unaccountable top down artificial construction forced on Europeans to undermine European cultures, identities, civilizations and native ethnicity and to prepare its People for the ‘world governance’ that is the ultimate goal of this globalist tyranny.

Europeans burning the HATED EUSSR mocK of a flag

The EUSSR parliament is a nest of corruption where the vast majority of mep’s are controlled by lobbies, corporations, foreign billionaires and societies. They serve solely vested interests rather than serving their constituents as shown during the mock vote to impose ‘vaccine’ passports fascism to Europeans last April. These people should not only be stripped of their seats and privileges but held to account and pay for their crimes in relation of the millions of people maimed and killed by the deadly substances posing as ‘vaccines’.

Nigel Farage, the artisan of BREXIT. Source


Each European nation must regain its full independence from this dictatorship.

The process of dismemberment has started anyway since the EUSSR showed its real ugly face at numerous occasions (2005, then during the manufactured ‘financial crisis’ from 2008 onwards, the manufactured fake ‘refugee’ crisis of 2015 and of course the new manufactured crisis, the plandemic).

  • The UK has (partially, some would say) left the EUSSR and regained its independence, although it is still under the boot of a fascist regime with globalist lackey bojo the clown at its head (one of many bill gates lackey).
  • Hungary voted laws to expel globalist criminal Soros organizations, and recently voted laws to fight the planned family destruction agenda by banning LGBT brainwashing programmes in schools.
  • Poland, otherwise has recently passed a law prioritizing national laws over the EUSSR abusive treaties. To the grand outcry of the globalist lackeys in other EUSSR controlled countries.
  • Italy was on the verge of getting out of the euro and talked about nationalizing its gold (central bank) before the betrayal of the marxists 5 stars assholes ‘movement’ (that was always controlled opposition) and of salvini, who finally was bought or blackmailed to  betray Italians or was a very cunning from of controlled opposition stooge from the start.
The EUSSR, the mix between nazism and marxism, the perfect globalist combination.

If European People were to vote about the EUSSR imposed treaties and membership, more than half of the European nations would be out of the EUSSR the next day and would revoke the dictatorial powers given to unelected criminals in Brussels.

Another artificial entity build on lies, oppression, violence, crimes against humanity and invasions is what is wrongly referred to as ‘China”. There is no one China, there are many nations and cultures under communist Chinese oppression.

The similarities of the communist Chinese flag and the EUSSR one are flagrant. This is not an accident, communist china is the ultimate model for the globalists of the EUSSR and for biden’s regime.

China, the model for the EUSSR, is one of the most brutal and vicious dictatorship on earth, as for any communist regime since the invention of marxism it is guilty of all major crimes against humanity and has never been judged and punished for it.

If Tibet was to recover its independence, China would lose half of its current territory. Tibet is not and has never been part of China.

Tibet‘s flag and protests. The real Tibet is not only the Tibet Autonomous Region but includes all the other 4 provinces as well. When Tibet will recover its independence, China will lose almost half of its territory.

If Uyghur, Mongolia, Hong-Kong and other parts occupied by Chinese communists were to recover their lands, China would lose another 10% to 30% of the lands they occupy.

Dismantlement is the best thing that could ever happen to China and the world, as dissembling communist China would open the path to democracy in former Chinese occupied territories and set an example to the rest of the world. It would also eliminate the unfair and artificial manufacturing monopoly this country has over the world.

The same could happen in the USA, where obviously, a large number of people love to live under the boots of tyranny, are acclaiming fascist rules and nauseous ideologies like communism/marxism/socialism. These people, then should live in their own little communist dream states like California,  New-York and others (until they too realize how wrong it is)  and separate from the rest of the country that want to stay free.

A secession of Free States would be easy to setup in the USA as the lines have now been drawn clearly since the start of the fake pandemic and the rigged elections. Seceding the country for good, separating the good grain from the scum would be the best thing that can happen to the USA and the world (less wars, regime changes, and chaos).  

By separating rather than agglomerating, by decentralizing rather than centralizing, by seceding rather than submitting to the tantrums of a minority of psychos and their handlers, we will destroy globalism in its essence and allow democracy to flourish on a smaller scale at the local, regional levels where people can really influence decisions and policies.

Not to mention that once nations will recover their autonomy, the first thing they should ditch and boycott are the globalist organizations like the UN, WHO, IMF, world bank, BIS, NATO, stop being ransomed by these bloodsuckers and bleed them dry unto inexistence.


Especially young people. The criminals who have destroyed our democracies could never have done it in a few years, they needed decades to infiltrate and corrupt all our institutions (government, academia, law, medicine, health, media, etc…).

The same must be done by us, especially by young  people, it’s a long term fight, if we don’t succeed our children will and if not them our grandchildren.

This is why education is of the highest importance. Don’t let the criminals brainwash your kids like they brainwash them now in most public schools with cultural marxism, ‘gender study’ rubbish, lgbt crap or ‘moral relativism garbage.

We need to create new parties, new rules and to invest candidates in every bit of what’s left of our rigged electoral system.

As much as we can do things from outside the system, we must change many things from inside.

The same is true for media. Although 95% of the mainstream media is rotten to the chore, it doesn’t mean we can’t change it, fight it and compete with it with high quality, honest and real journalism.

Same for every institution, people must be involved and  get inside all of them. As for those who are inside the system and keep shutting their mouth about the crimes committed by the establishment, it is time to grow some backbone, join with others like minded professionals and speak-out. It is especially true for nurses, doctors, scientists, cops, civil servants, etc…

Instead of saying yes to everything and be scared to lose one’s job, refuse to implement illegal and unconstitutional orders like forced vaccination for federal employees.

Don’t resign, don’t shut-up, don’t comply, this is what they want, have an army of mindless obedient serfs.

Fight for your rights, refuse to obey, and gain momentum by standing up, and when you do others will, until so many don’t comply that the likes of demented pedophile biden and its psychopathic masters will have no other choice but to retreat.

Run for university, schools, work management jobs, so you will be in a position in the future to say no to medical fascism and influence others to do the same.

If they have succeeded in transforming our societies into fascist hellholes until now it’s because too few are daring to do the right thing when they have the power to do so. 

After two years of insanity, even the most obtuse covid cult member should realize that it has never been about health or a virus, and every good minded people must act as their silence just reinforce the actions of an evil minority.


This is why education is of the highest importance. Don’t let the criminals brainwash your kids like they brainwash them now in most public schools with cultural marxism, ‘gender study’ rubbish, lgbt crap or ‘moral relativism garbage.

If no other choice, school them at home, otherwise, make sure your ids will be protected from the globalist scum and marxist vermin by schooling them in either conservative, classical or even religious schools if there is no other alternative.


As seen in How to get rid of the “vaccine” paSS?, massive and united boycotts can definitely annihilate any attempt from globalist governments to impose their puppet masters ID2020/vaxpaSS agenda, as it was done in Moscow in just 3 weeks.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-95.png

Obviously in the West, there are too many egoists, cowards, ignorant, idiots and outright regime collaborators in most countries to be able to do what the Russians did.

Although transport companies, shops, and other businesses and institutions demanding the paSS for cattle are losing millions, corrupt governments use people taxes to bailout these criminal organizations.

An easy thing to do if you are not into sabotage, is to simply remove or confiscate covid propaganda signs, panels, posters. Just remove them, hide them, used them as a door for your chicken stall or as barbecue starters if you wish. The simple presence of these fascist signs are a reminder of the servitude they want to impose on us, an insult to human intelligence and a promotion of fear over normality and humanity.

Just get rid of them.  As we now, if there is no body, there is no proof of a crime.


Reinterpretation, reimagining, improvement, hacking the messages of propaganda signs, displays, billboards and other media for their propaganda.

How to use the formidable financial and propaganda means of the enemy?

You can destroy, burn or make the propaganda signs disappear so nobody can see them anymore but you can also hack their sick message to return it against them, using their own insane investments to counter their evil propaganda.

 It is also a great way to spread the truth and your message to the uninformed masses.

Here are some non exhaustive examples done by everyday people, imagination is the limit really:

Miami: covid propaganda display transformed into a vehicle for truth and justice with the message: arrest fauci
F… them all and another hacked display to warn of covid cult zombies ahead
Joke about Dominic Cummings (one of the crooks and fraudsters behind the covid scam), using a covid propaganda message to transform it into counter-propaganda. And another way to spread the truth
Coquitlam Canada. and COVID-19 propaganda clinic signs on Salt Spring Island with anti-genocide message, Often a simple word is enough to spread the truth and undermine their propaganda

A New Orleans church sign encouraging vaccinations against COVID-19 was defaced on Friday with a painted “mark of the beast” bible verse.

A reminder of bill gates 060606 patent for tracking devices? But to useful idiots and their lie providers, it’s just ‘vandalism’. The message though is clear for anyone with a functional brain.

Northbrook covid BULLSHIT deaths scoreboard propaganda sign hacked with the truth.  New Orleans church sign encouraging the devil’s work and deadly injections punished for betraying God.
‘Mask Moscow’ (USA) sign rectified for second time. Propaganda sign encouraging residents to wear muzzles was spray-painted for a second time… We wonder why… In the UK, a covid propaganda sign in its rightful place: the ditch.
A pure beauty, this two covid propaganda sign transformed into a powerful counter-propaganda tool just by changing 3 words
Turning the message against the neo-Nazis who want to force muzzle us (from Eric Peter). Destroy the globalist attempts at dividing us by segregation and discrimination. And exposing the naked truth.

A perfect example of using billboards as counter propaganda and caricature to fight tyrants and the globalist agenda is the work of billboard French artist Michel-Ange Flori who is fighting for People’s rights using his own money and billboards against the evil macron’s regime

“Macron doesn’t have children, so he wants to steal/jab ours”. In French the word ‘piquer’ can have two meanings, to jab and to steal (in slang). An allusion to macron’s globalist masters who want to force jab children (control and sterilization agenda).

Covid propaganda signs also seem to burn very well and are most appreciated during long winter nights spent outside fighting lockdown, curfews and other globalist vermin diktats.

Fire dance around burning globalist propaganda


Human Beings burning muzzles in Brooklyn…
Same in Idaho last spring – Obviously they did something right as face diapers have since been scrapped

Why are Europeans not doing the same? Do they like to be muzzled?

They prefer to burn the NazipaSS

new video shows vaccinated citizens shouting “liberta” and “no green pass” as they burn their NAZI-paSS in solidarity with the unvaccinated.


A jabbing slaughterhouse burning- how many lives were saved thanks to this fire?

French slaughterhouses & DNA collection centres hit by resistance sabotage

According to FAKE NEWS agency ‘Reuters”, in France since July 12, a total of 22 “health” (death) facilities have been have attacked, including 15 ‘vaccination’ centres, five Covid-19 test centres and one medical lab, an interior ministry official told ‘Reuters’.

Everything coming from mainstream media is lie, propaganda, misinformation and manipulation. The only good news here is that the local resistance did their job and saved countless lives. 

Concrete examples as seen here:

In the Doubs department, a slaughterhouse electric supply system was sabotaged, fridges stopped to work and 3500 doses of deadly genetic injections were spoiled. (Smartly done).

In Urrugne (French Basque Country) a sterilization & genocide centre was set on fire, saving countless lives in the process.

Urrugne and Lans-en-Vercor, where another jabbing slaughterhouse was destroyed

Other slaughterhouses were damaged at various degrees (some had only tags on their walls) in Chambery, Valogne, Vendôme, Morhange, Chambéry, Saint Paul Les Dax, Fort de France, La Reunion (French overseas territories where the locals refuse categorically to be poisoned).


Citizens are burning 5G antennas around the world


Joan Carles López, a specialist in electromagnetic pollution, is an advisor to the group.

He regrets that this new technology has not been sufficiently experimented with humans to know the effect that the massive installation of millimeter-wave repeaters can produce in a spectrum of 700 megahertz.

He has compiled more than 70 scientific studies that point to the harmful effects that these waves have on the cells of animals and plants, a warning from the scientific community that ensures that it is being ignored by the strong economic interests behind the deployment of 5G.

He explains that in the day to day of his work he meets people who have health problems related to existing networks and warns that the problems will multiply with 5G.

“5G radiation would cause a long list of conditions ranging from cancer to the involvement of the immune system, with the consequences that this would have in the spread of a virus.”

Hundreds of birds died during test of a 5G antenna in the Netherlands

Residents burn 5G tower. Obviously the local corrupt ‘authorities’ wouldn’t listen to them, so they took things into their hands to protect their health and their families.
He explains that in the day to day of his work he meets people who have health problems related to existing networks and warns that the problems will multiply with 5G.

To eradicate IoT, Ai and 5G global surveillance infrastructures, we need to know how they look like. Here is for 5G cells and relays (which are necessary for 5G to work):

This is what they plan, hundreds of thousands of ‘small cells towers’ or millions. The good news is, they are easier to destroy than those huge cell towers.
To take these down: fire, poles, spears,, gunshots, bows & arrows, stones, cutters, knives, slingshots even, hooks & cables, any toolbox would provide enough tools to neutralize the small cells infrastructure. The cost for the criminal corporations and their state puppets just to repair, maintain or monitor could simply bankrupt the all operation. But don’t wait too long before acting…


Already explored in another chapter


There are these fantastic tools on sale in every electronic shop (avoid amazon) which can scramble signals from almost every device, from cctv cameras to smartphones. See here for details:

From a readers’experience: stand in front of a bar, restaurant, hospital,  airport or any other premise demanding vax passports to be able to enter. Switch the device and scramble all smarphone signals. You will see suddenly the panic as people won’t be able to show their CATTLE marking codes to the neo-Nazis guarding the entrance. Repeat that as often as you wish in as many places as you can and enjoy the sabotaging of the globalist plans. 


  • Boycott
  • Harassment (online and offline)
  • Lawsuits
  • Complaints
  • Sabotage to make sure that if you can’t use their services or enter the premises, nobody can (example, blockading train tracks, airlines, airports, false bomb alerts to disrupt traffic an create panic among collaborators of the regime, and other actions that can avoid these entities to run their slavery enterprise).
  • Retaliation against owners, executives and managers of the businesses. From harassment, lawsuits, massive protests in front of their house shaming them and showing them they have nowhere to hide, to more deterrent actions.

Nancy Pelosi’s Home Reportedly Vandalized With Pig’s Head and Fake Blood

RETALIATING AGAINST INSTITUTIONS, corrupt politicians, globalist lackeys who ‘voted’ or pushed to impose the current dictatorship (forced vaccination, vax passports, tests etc..)

It concerns criminal politicians, mp’s, but also so-called ‘health’ officials, influencers, celebrities, doctors, nurses, academics, big pharma insiders, corrupt civil servants, media prostitutes (a lot of them indeed), etc…

  • Boycott
  • Harassment (online and offline)
  • Lawsuits
  • Complaints
  • Sabotage to make sure that if you can’t use their services or enter the premises, nobody can (in the case of schools and universities, removing your kids from those which are controlled by globalists or marxists (same creed) will avoid them to be brainwashed anyway).
  • Sabotaging their work, offices, discrediting these corrupt criminals online and offline.
  • Exposure: Online and offline. A graffiti denouncing a corrupt doctor/academic/big pahrma paid scientist on the wall of his house or on his/her car is often enough to deter the asshole.
    For more serious criminals like Fauci, more expedient methods are necessary. A mass murderer like him or bill gates deserve only one thing and it’s the death penalty.
  • Reputation damaging like they have done for whistleblowers and honest scientists, doctors, journalists since so long. Online and offline.
  • Don’t let criminal politicians run again for elections or get to power. For the EUSSR, there is a list of mp’s to punish and boycott for their crimes with their emails. Don’t hesitate to write to them and tell them how much they are exposed.
An effigy of globalist whore macron hanged and burned during a protest. A staged execution for the moment, but after having tortured people for so long and committed so many crimes against humanity, this scumbag will have to pay one way or another.


12 thoughts on “Blueprint for Solutions”

  1. The solution is not peaceful protests fro sure. We are dealing with pedophiles, satanists who murder children during their rituals, spychopaths and mass murderers.

    Only many of killing them will stop the others. Most of them are cowards, degenerate scum, less than animals, they should be crushed like we crush mosquitoes without thinking about it.

    Put a bullet in the head of biden, draghi, harris, fauci, gates, macron, and few others and it stops tomorrow.

    The people who have weapons have a duty to act and if need be to scarifcie themselves for the future of humanity!


  2. More and more ‘vaccinated’ people get seriously sick or die! It’s all over the internet, censored by the mainstream & govt criminals and their armies of nazi nurses and doctors mengele (facui & co), but it’s all over social media, forums, websites, disccusions… It is not tens of thousands who are dying it’s millions and it’s not millions who are injured int’s tens of millions.

    It’s an organized genocide!


    1. This is the case and while we knowl nobody who ever died of ‘covid’ (except those who died of cancer, gunshots, car accidents that are labeled ‘covid), we know plenty who have had serious injruies after being injected with their poison.

      Click to access vaccinereport.pdf


  3. Yes democracy is possible only on a small scale like in antiquity in Athens. In Switzerland, they have this possibility of voting for almost anything if citizens psuh for referendum, however the last one in June they voted to extend full power to their corrupt politicians…

    Result: they are now in the streets regretting their vote!

    Canada: the voted again for asshole trudeau! Was it rigged like in the USA? Or are they completely dumb?

    Vote should only be allowed to people who understand their constitution and know about the outcomes..

    Liked by 1 person

  4. New parties are being created as we speak, but the same happened duirng the last globalists manufactured ‘crisis’ (the fake financial & refugee crisis as you clearly describe).

    We have now ‘Die Basis’ in Germany and the 3V party in Italy.

    But again the 5 stars movement started after the planned financial crisis in 2010 and Salvini success dates from the fakerefugees crisis with his Lega party. We know how these parties betrayed the people.

    We also see how AfD in Germany has not progressed in the last elections, despite the obvious dictatorship globalist servant Merkel imposed on the Germans (Nazism and communism were soft compared to the apartheid society of today).

    So let’s not be too quic to jump on the next train that could be just another controlled oppostion party like the 5 stars movement or like salvini…

    We need parties that have no links to the current institutions which are corrupt


  5. What we do here is to put ultra-glue with a pin into the locks of shops, businesses, public buildings who collaborate with the fascist regime and try to force vax passprots or vaccines on us!

    You should see their faces when they try to open the doors in the morning.

    One nazi college director even banged his fist into a glass door and had to get to hospital!


  6. Love the fauci message! And most of the signs being put in their place!

    Dont forget Australia where criminal politicians like kim jong dan and their nazi pigs are destroying the country…

    These people will suffer for what they have done! And those who helped in anyway will take too!


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