Trieste Calls, The Free World Answers! It’s true, people like us never give up…

Update: Victory in the French Caribbean island of Martinique vs forced injections & the paSS

The People United Will Never be Defeated – A lesson of courage and tenacity for all of us.

In an information note from the 18th of October, the University Hospital of Martinique’s director decided NOT TO require anymore employees to have the neo-nazi pass or any proof of ‘vaccination’ to access the hospital and their workplace..

United and resolute the health workers have managed to make the government & the hospital draw back. The health workers fought for their inalieanable rights until they got them back, and succeeded in their struggle against macron’s facist regime.

An example of ‘Never Give Up’… Congratulations to the Great People of Martinique!

Of course, they won’t telll you on mainstream news as it could give ideas to other hospitals. More here (in French).

Translation: People are waking-up, #Italy roars, everything becomes possible, to restore a world of light, respect and tolerance!

We like this picture showing that they can do nothing against us, they are the extreme minority, we are the vast majority.

Without the passive and active collaboration of the sheeple, the cowards, the cowed, the idiots, the ignorant, the apathetic, the oblivious, the indifferent, the obedience worshippers, the losers, the weaklings, the paranoid, the hypochondriacs, the profiteers, the opportunists, the greedy, the corrupt, the stupid, the robots, the TV parrots, the brain-dead zombies and the pathetic covid cult members, their scam would have never worked.

The reality is, while sheeple will always be sheeple and follow whoever leads them, only 5 to 10% of courageous People are enough to take the tyranny down and stop their agenda.  

So don’t wait for your neighbor to stand-up, stop to be timid, afraid or powerless, yes this is the fight of our lives and nothing is more important, not even our own lives.

This week again, the Resistance was fighting against the globalist takeover all over the world, each in its own way and many Nations, the essence of a Free World answered Trieste Call.


Trieste, Milano, Bologna, Genova, Cesena, Trento, Roma, Belluno, Torino, etc.. thousands and thousands are fighting against the globalists neo-nazi vax passport. #nogreenpass. #Novaccinepassports.

Italy – Trieste [Oct 23, 2021] Trieste calls on all people  at all squares of Italy against mandatory health passports: “Protest to the bitter end. People like us never give up!” #TriesteResiste #NoGreenPass     #vaccinatieplicht #NoVaccinePassports #HoldTheLine #manifs23octobre     and #Trieste qui aime #Pordenone answered. #NoGreenPass                                                                                                        #NoGreenPassObbligatorio #iostoconiPortualiDiTrieste

Revolt all over Europe against the pigs in power and their control and genocide agenda!

On the left, ‘EUSSR ‘values’: bankster vermin draghi black shirts attacking peaceful protesters. The limits of non-violence or peaceful protests that play into the hands of the criminals in power. More on that below. On the right, The famous slogan : El Pueblo unido jamas sera vencido – The People United will never be defeated!

Trieste Calls, Pistoia answers…

Dockers from #Genova come to support #Trieste and with #Udine fight against globalist scumbag draghi, the neo-nazi paSS and the forced injections of his puppet masters.

If the clowns in blacK shirts stop a fire in Trieste, the fire starts again in Roma.

draghi: VA FUNCULO!

Another globalist vermin that will go to hell is the rostchild lackey macron who just extended the neo-nazi paSS and dictatorship until July 2022, out of a whim , just because he thinks he can…

He did so because in 2022 he is sure to lose the presidential elections, so by extending the emergency powers he will be able to organize votes by mail and other fraudulent techniques (electronic cheat-voting machines maybe) to rig the elections, like it was done in the USA. And since in the USA (as in France), the vast majority of the population did nothing or very little to fight the take-over in the last two years, the globalists believe they can do whatever they want to us.

But we will show them that they can’t take whatever they want and they can’t do what they want to all of us!


For the 15th week now, France, millions of French People are in the streets in more than 300 villages, towns and cities to fight the globalist agenda, macron’s evil regime, the neo-nazi paSS, forced vaccinations and now the latest globalist attack: hyper-inflation.

No other Nation has demonstrated more, except for Italy, but as all the other resistance movements, the French need to up their game. Protests, especially peaceful protests alone won’t win the war. A multiple set of actions, techniques, strategies must be put in place to destroy the globalists and stop their agendas.

Protest against fascism in Pau for the 15th consecutive week, forced injections and vax passports. Same in Paris, where People came in massive numbers.

Above: Saturday night fever in Paris against rotschild’s evil whore macron and his fascist regime. While in the island of Martinique (Caribbean), courageous nurses and doctors fight macron’s gestapo who want to block access to their work place. Strangely, some of the most courageous people in France are those who are not living in metropolitan France but far away from it.  A former slave colony, Martiniquais know exactly what the forced injections and slavery ‘paSSes’ mean for them!             

Who will kill macron is the real question…   

Obviously there are a numbers of candidates, appart from the fake ‘conspiracies’ invented by macron’s fascist regime to incarcerate dissidents, a Bangladeshi MP seems interested by liberating the planet from this piece of shit.

Bangladesh MP says he will kill French President Macron and ‘happily’ walk the gallows

Jatiya Party MP Leakot Hossain Khoka has said he would ‘kill’ French President Emmanual Macron if he had the chance and willingly walk the gallows…

We would gladly welcome him and reward him…

This lady has already prepared a burial ‘bouquet’ for All Saints Day with the mention: “pour notre tante” (‘To our aunt’). In French a tante is either an aunt or a slang term for a faggot. – It is no secret that macron is a repressed and undeclared homosexual whose wedding with a woman that could his mother is just a gross cover. Here are the flowers that will ornement his tumb.

Martinique again, in the Caribbean,

where the People are fighting against the globalists orchestrated hyper-inflation scheme. The goal is to kill us, to enslave us and to make us even poorer and transfer our wealth through ‘inflation’ to criminal politicians and their puppet masters.

On the right, the kind of action we need to see more, cars burning in St Martin, the ‘luxurious’ French Caribbean island, a haven for the rich and privileged where piece of shit macron wants to impose vax passports. Guess that the rich and privileged are now fleeing at full speed with their yacht and private jets to better  horizons…

Nice and Pau in the south fighting since weeks against the fascist regime and its forced injections and neo-nazi paSSports.

The Free France  and the French Resistance are demonstrating in Paris. Roads and bridge blockades in the Caribbean island of St martin where the local resistance is ready to fight globalist whore macron’s fascist regime.

The word courage comes from the French: Heart’ (Coeur in French). Is this why so many obedient sheeple have neither courage nor heart?

A lot of People but mainly a lot of young People in Paris! Fighting  against tyranny while so many youth in other countries are braindead cult zombies and collaborators of the tyrants!

Annecy, in the French Alps and close to Switzerland demonstrated en masse this week-end!                                                    

#GiletsJaunesSaison2 – #YellowVestsSeason2

The Yellow Vests are back, will it last? Will they make a difference? Their help is much welcomed by the resistance…

#YellowVestsSeason2, One Single Hero, The People’. .. On the right, ‘macron get lost!’ From

On the left, The People United.

On the right, brilliant initiative by the French resistance: They stuck the photos and the names of the corrupt mp’s  who ‘voted’ to impose neo-nazis vax passports on the French population in Paris subway.

Like criminals wanted for their crime against the French Nation and Humanity, exposing this kind of scumbags is essential.  These collaborators might soon need bodyguards, but what they really need is to be arrested, tried and punished in the most severe way. Justice will come and if it doesn’t come through the law, citizen justice will apply.

Yellow Vests blocking roundabout to fight the globalist organized hyper-inflation, the next stage of their ‘great reset’ agenda to further destroy our economies and impoverish us.  On the right, same kind of operation with a billboardl demanding rotschild’s lackeys resignation. They should not ask for it but take him down for good.



Massive demosntrations took place again in Switzerland this week against their corrupt federal mock of a ‘government’ and the EUSSR (which they are no part of) neo-nazi paSSport. Not only the Swiss are not giving up but they also will vote again in November to see if they allow their criminal politicians to extend or stop ‘covid’ ’emergency tyranny’. They voted in June and very surprisingly, a short majority voted to extend the abnormal powers given to their ‘government’.

Now that they have seen the real faces of the corrupt criminals infeoded to the globalists & EUSSR scum, will the Swiss vote again to extend the nightmare? We doubt it, but given the amount of rigged elections in the past two years, it’s possible.

Swiss People are the obedient type, non-violent, non conflictual who rarely strike or protest. The scale of the massive and unprecedented protests in Switzerland (even if the corrupt media pretend to ignore it) are a sign that the globalists scum are losing the plot.



Since weeks, Belgium is in the streets against their mock ‘government’ and their puppet masters agenda of control and genocide.


Bulgaria entered the resistance movement, showing that the EUSSR neo-nazi paSS is a global project (as it was planned since 2018 at least) and that they try to force it there too.


Another former victim of communism, Poland has recently reaffirmed its sovereignty over the EUSSR ‘rules’ imposed by unelected, unnacountable, corrupt , and criminals bureaucrats to the fury of the globalist vermin in Brussels.

Unfortunately for the Polish people, their government is a puppet of the US deep state and is trying to enforce the fascist agenda of their globalist masters. Hopefully, the Poles won’t let them do it and retain their independance towards the EUSSR.

Poland has answered Trieste call – Triest calls, Poland answers!


Same in Israel, “#Trieste calls #TelAviv answers and in Italian!

The situation is dire in israel, by now they should know very clearly that there was never any pandemic and that the deadly posion they injected so massively are the real killer.

11th week of protest in Israel against the globalist yellow badge: the neo-nazi vax passport! Of all people Israelis should know what all this is really about.       



The fight continues in Australia against the globalists agenda and their local tyrants. The lockdown of madman kimg jong dan has stopped but fascism is still in full flow and Aussie have to fight their criminal politicians and find solutions to remain free.

The picnic solution to avoid neo-nazis who demand a vax passport to dine or have a drink in their fascist premises.

Like it was done by French, then Canadians, Aussies are now showing a big middle finger to their oppressors and bring their own picnics to boycott the nazi businesses requiring nazipaSS.

unfortunately the video is on google gestapo censortube

Check-in with QR codes is mandatory upon entry to all venues. Now, not only do you have to let the government know where you are at all times, you must be vaccinated to enter restaurants, bars and clubs.

Any business owner who enforces this is a rat and deserves to have people camped out the front. It doesn’t cost anything to eat on the side of the road and if the French can do it, so can we.

He deserves more than just a picnic in front of his shitty business, he deserves to lose it!

Talking about rats…

Northern Territory Chief Minister’s family flees home after he threatened to destroy people’s lives

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner says his wife and son had to flee their home over the weekend as anger over his vaccination rules hits fever pitch in the Top End. Demonstrators yelled out Mr Gunner’s home address and threatened to attack him at a rally held in Darwin on Saturday — after the leader introduced some of the world’s toughest mandate laws last week. Mr Gunner told Sky News Australia he was extremely worried about his wife and son’s safety.

“The priority was obviously people knew where we lived, it was at a rally it was on the internet, you had no idea who was watching and my clear instinct was obviously don’t be at the house, the advice we received was don’t be at the house and so Kristy and Hudson got out of the house,” he said.

Here is a good example of how to properly harass an asshole and make him think twice before trying to force inject people. The reality is that these vermins are shitting their pants everytime the People are around and this is why they want so much to exterminate or enslave us.

And even Dogs are fignting back against scumbags and globalists lackeys


Melbourne, police Dogs attack their so-called masters. Animal instinct is always right! Dogs know who are the enemy, the aggressors and who is the victim…

Another example of People’s Power in the UK and another proof that peaceful protests are limited in scope and effectiveness. – Yellow buffoons get kicked out of Wembley by Patriot Supporters. BEAUTIFUL and WELL DONE! It teaches these fascist morons their real place: SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE whose fat wages are paid by taxpayers! SO GO FUCK YOURSELVES AND LEAVE US ALONE!

Brief news from the USA, where states, people and governors are fighting back against globalist demented puppet illegal ‘orders’.

New York City is facing a Disaster with a significant number of Emergency Services workers refusing to be vaccinated. 30% of the Cops, 40% of the Firefighters and 50% of the Paramedics!! Have a listen!!

For the brain-dead morons who still think criminal and corrupt politicians are ‘doing that’ for their ‘health and safety’…

Some resources in relation with the ongoing war from the globalists against Humanity:

How Nonviolence Protects the State

We found this book on an anarchist website. Although most of the ideological content of this book is totally opposed to our own ideas, there are a lot of interesting parts that can be used in our today struggle against the globalist vermin.

As in anything in life, there are good things to take from anywhere, even from the most unexpected places.

Let us be clear, we reject marxism, communism, socialism, fascism, corporatism, wokism, and any other tyrannical despotic  ideology, and especially so-called ‘antifa (which ARE fascist militias) blm, and other corporate/state created and controlled ‘movements’  posing as ‘resistance’ while they are the puppets and/or useful idiots of the elites they pretend to fight. Same for the fake environmental ‘movements’ from psychotic Swedish teenager to ‘extinction rebellion’ stooges of the NWO.

However, we encourage anyone to read that book, to ditch the far-left/marxist BS (like ‘white supremacy’ or  ‘Patriarchal’ / feminism garbage or the so-called ‘racist’ or ‘capitalist’ nature of the issues we face and keep only the good advices and analysis that can be used in the current war.

By focusing mainly on the following chapters:

Nonviolence is Ineffective page 8
Nonviolence is Statist page 34
Nonviolence is Tactically and Strategically Inferior page 57
Nonviolence is Deluded page79
The Alternative: Possibilities for Revolutionary Activism page 91

The author recognizes and totally agree that:

“Because of the hegemony advocates of nonviolence exert, criticisms of nonviolence are excluded from the major periodicals, alternative media, and other forums accessed by antiauthoritarians.

Nonviolence is maintained as an article of faith, and as a key to full inclusion within the movement. Anti-authoritarians (…) who suggest or practice militancy suddenly find themselves abandoned by the same pacifists they’ve just marched with at the latest protest.

‘Its methods are wrapped in authoritarian dynamics, and its results are harnessed to meet government objectives over popular objectives. ‘

‘This is exactly what pacifists have done in phrasing the disagreement as nonviolence versus violence. Critics of nonviolence typically use this dichotomy, with which most of us fundamentally disagree, and push to expand the boundaries of nonviolence so that tactics we support, such as property destruction, may be accepted within a nonviolent framework, indicating how disempowered and delegitimized we are.’

“I know of no activist, revolutionary, or theorist relevant to the movement today who advocates only the use of violent tactics and opposes any usage of tactics that could not be called violent.

We are advocates of a diversity of tactics, meaning effective combinations drawn from a full range of tactics that might lead to liberation from all the components of this oppressive system.”

AGAIN, we disagree on what the author signals as this oppressive system. It is certainly not white power , patriarchy or capitalism that are behind the globalist war we are facing today, quite the contrary, discrimination of white people in their own lands, lgbt/transgender anti-family movements and crony capitalism, statism, marxism, are part of the global attack.

While the author is mostly wrong about what needs to be destroyed, he has a lot of good points on how to fight effectively  the current global tyranny .

“We believe that tactics should be chosen to fit the particular situation, not drawn from a preconceived moral code. We also tend to believe that means are reflected in the ends, and would not want to act in a way that invariably would lead to dictatorship or some other form of society that does not respect life and freedom. As such, we can more accurately be described as proponents of revolutionary or militant activism than as proponents of violence”.

We agree with this statement.

We also agree with any methodology to stop the globalist onslaught and to destroy them.

WHATEVER WORKS IS GOOD TO DESTROY THEIR AGENDA. Including violent and non-violent varied set of actions.

Since 2 years now, we have seen unprecedented, massive and widespread protests in almost every country of this planet against the ‘covid’ scam and coup, the globalist agenda of world control.

99% of these protests were and are peaceful and willing strongly to be.

The only violence we have seen was orchestrated police violence to discourage the sheep to keep protesting and it worked well most of time for the oppressors and their globalist masters as the majority of sheep would rather get culled than engage in real fighting against the neo-nazis posing as ‘police officers’.

Yet, sometimes, there is a welcome explosion of violence where the People suddenly discover their power and eradicate in few minutes the fake power of the tiger papers that are the globalist controlled gestapo stooges.

Example here:

But, as soon as People get a victory of this kind, they suddenly backtrack into quietness or guilt (fuelled by controlled media), misplaced temporary satisfaction, inaction or apathy.

Why would any fighter stops to hit his adversary if he hasn’t made him K.O on the ring?

People act without strategy, out of their heart and occasional moments of victory don’t last because instead of pushing their advantage, they come back into place, the place the globalists controlled state want them to be.

The place they shouldn’t stay in.

“Likewise, an ideal revolutionary activist would not be one who obsessively focuses on fighting cops or engaging in clandestine acts of sabotage, but one who embraces and supports these activities, where effective, as one portion of a broad range of actions needed to overthrow the state and build a better world.”

We agree to that too, any action effective to overthrow the globalist system and the current takeover is welcome and if it has to be a violent one, it is not only our right but our duty to use it against evil that wants our death and enslavement. 

The book is available for download here:


Three important articles, one which confirms that PCR tests and muzzles are designed to hurt and making us sick, the other confirming that besides minsinformation, the media’s goal is to demoralize us and the last one from Jon Rappoport confims with spirited humor what we all knew: Natural Immunity is far superior to any ‘vaccines’, especially when there is no ‘pandemic’ .

There’s a Three-Pronged Attack on Our Health and Our Lives Using Test Swabs, Face Masks and Toxins

The Expose UK

Author: The Media’s Agenda is Not to Mislead People, But to Demoralize Them


Natural immunity vs. Vaccine-induced immunity: the issue that terrifies the pro-vaxx mafia

Jon Rappoport NoMoreFakeNews

And we’ll finish with this nice article and illustrations:

Protest in Trieste – We The People are winning but the revolution will NOT be televised


  1. We all have the same issues with assholes like cloudflare. Same as tiwttr, faceboo, google etc… They keep removing the truth and we keep pushing it elsewhere, same with so-called ‘fact checkers’, these morons are controlled by the same people who do the lying. they didn’t exist until the truth started to come out.

    Now we all the new social media, cms, alt-media out there, these grotesque centralized monopolies will eventually die, drowned in their arrogance.

    We use more and more word of mouth and offline communication and it’s amazing how many more people you can reach within your local community or even outside with a bit of travel!




  2. They try to divide us with assholes like noam chomsky totally controlled ‘call for murder’ of unvaccinated people.

    The guy is close to 100 years old and doesn’t know his dick from his middle finger anymore, so they use him to deliver the genocidal talk to further the artificial rift between People.

    On top of that he is an old senile, debilitating far left extremist who for decades has been calling for the destruction of the West while promoting his rotschild masters agenda of sickness, marxism, and control.

    chomsky, although an intellignet person, has always been an establishment puppet, despite all his moaning against it!


  3. They are losing the narrative, even the usual covid supporters are now having doubts about the lies they are served since 2 years:

    1/ No pandemic lasts for 2 years, it’s pure fake science
    2/ If their ‘vaccines’ are safe and effective, why do they force us to wear masks?
    3/ If their ‘vaccines’ are safe and effective, then vaccinated ris nothing from unvaccinated, so why the hatred, call for genocide campaign?
    4/ ‘vaccines’ are NOT safe and effective, why do they want to force them on us? And why do they want to force inject children?
    5/ Even the most hardened covid cult members now that children are not at risk of getting or dying from their ‘virus’, so why this massive campaign to force inject children?

    No one could give a scientific, honest and pertinent answer to these very legitimate questions, proving that the agenda is CONTROL, SUBMISSION, ENSLAVEMENT AND GENOCIDE.

    Most people submit because they are SCARED ,not by this BS-19, but by their fascist governments and their neo-nazi cops!

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  4. The important bit is that only 5-10% lions is what is needed to overthrow tyranny. So much HOPE! There’s more. We need to reach out to those HUGE segments of the population who may thing something is ‘off’ but are hoping things will return to normal. There’s three segments of the population; those like us, those who’re fanatical supporters of the regime and those in between. It’s that ‘silent middle’ that we need to be reaching to UNDERMINE SUPPORT for lockdowns, masks, vax passports, tyranny. The vast majority that maybe ‘sheep’ but who have concerns and are not vocal. That’s who we need to reach. Just read this article. Great practical tips in this article;


    1. This the analysis we had in the last 15 months, not necessarily reflected on this blog. We talked, presented facts, articles, studies and proofs to this ‘silent majority’ that the all covid thing was not making sense.
      Not only it was a waste of time in most cases but over time these people who felt something was wrong and disagreed with the all forced mask & jab & passports agenda are complying to everything and not moving a finger.
      The typical coward will just shrug and tell ‘what can we do’ without ever having tried to do anyhting before putting his muzzle on and going to get a 3rd dose and to have his children murdered by injection.

      Let them have it and let them be slaves in their pathetic societies devoid of any sense and future. We fight for Human Beings, not for cattle.


    2. The truth is facts alone won’t work, we’ve got to understand and use the same applied psychology that lead to so much compliance in the first place; identify people’s beliefs. What do they fear would happen if they didn’t comply? Why do they feel the need to comply? Treat like a therapist would treat an anxiety disorder (that is technically what it is).

      So many people have the belief that ‘if I hunker down, things will get back to normal’. Another thing that’s got to be made clear is ‘they’ are not going to give us the old normal, we’ll actively have to take it back. There is hope, I’ve been able to get friends and colleagues on my side. I have been doing something right.


    3. Glad to read that about freinds and colleagues. But what have they done lately to fight global fascism?
      And yes they don’t intend to give us anything back, on the contrary and we have to take it back without asking. But see what happens in Austria, where ‘unvaccinated’ are now locked down history shows that next step are camps, Australia where they intend to make it permament, Netherlands where after jabbing almost everybody they know push lockdown and curfews again.

      The problem is that while it might work on the long term to change these people mindset, we don’t have time, we have lost 2 years already where we should have acted much stronger.

      And to get back our rights will take massive disobedience and insurrections.

      It will also take exemplary punishment for the main culprits, meaning death penalty.

      It will have to be like 1946 but on a much larger scale


    4. Besides, we are now heavily censored by wordpress, third parties or both which blocks user and readers from accessing the site or receiving updates, so we are testing other providers to migrate on a faster, easier and fairer media. Any suggestions are welcome


    5. Re we have lost 2 years

      better late than never. These cunts have been sussed. Now tat their techniques have been identified, it’ll take less time. Sussing-it is what’s taken the time.

      RE Austria lockdown

      How the hell will they enforce it? What clever creative tactics are they going to use? If they did that in the UK, they won’t stop me seeing my mates. I’m not afraid of snitches (when that no-longer works, what will their next plan be?). Let’s suss-em.

      Massive disobedience and non-compliance is the way forward. Don’t fear fines or prison ‘When laws are this despotic, it’s one’s duty to disobey them’.


    6. Totally agree, they say that they will fine people 30k (insane) so many people will be so scared that they will comply. They can’t implement it but people seem not to now how to count. In most countries there is one cop for 10 000 to 100 000 people and many cops just don’t want to play the fascist game of fining people for being outside.

      Thye can’t enforce it and yet people comply. Th eris of being caught is almost the same as winning the lotto, yet they comply while they wouldn’t play lotto because they now they won’t win.

      It’s perception only.

      We passed borders this summer that were supposedly closed to tourists, way and bac many times while on TV they tried to scare people with passes, tests etc…

      Social pressure makes people obey, no fascist regime lasts without help from a vast amount of people. Thye see others od it and they do it.


  5. Good to know :

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis today called for a special session of the Florida legislature to help write laws to protect the rights of workers and combat vaccine mandate policies.

    More and more state are stepping up, USURPER biden didn’t last a year as a puppet… He’s burnt after few months only.

    What are they going to invent next to eep their fae pandemic and agenda going? Have killed to push the bitch harris forward as originally planned?

    Or an insurrection, put both in jail and reinstate the Donaldo (who is also part of the plot mind you)?

    And adolf fauci is also on the grill,

    This is why they are running double speed to try to inject the children before their ASSHOLES, MORONIC and CRIMINAL “parents’ wake-up!

    The neo nazism is in full sway in Europe and soviet states 9so called demcorats), WE NEED A REVOLUTION, A WORLWIDE REVOLUTION AND WE NEED BLOOD!



  6. These people who submitted to everything, they are about to give them their children fro sacrifice, just because these assholes want to go to the restaurant!

    Will thye wake up and get out of their hypnosis?


  7. Thank you to spread the good news , the media are all lying and trying to demoralize people by broadcasting only negative “news”, so people will surrender without fighting.

    It’s awe inspiring, so many people have just given up and find all sorts of justifications for their cowardice, but it’s true, they can’t tame Lions! The sheep always will be sheep…


  8. Amazingly people are ready to trade their freedoms and all their rights against the COMPLETE ILLUSION of being able to go to:
    a restaurant
    a bar
    or to a concert and other social events


    After having been “forced” (nobody can force anyone) to stay inside for few weeks or months.

    Why did they obey in the first place?

    You see them, even in places where it’s not ‘mandatory’ wearing their loved muzzles, the very symbol of their slavery and they tell you that they got injected because they ‘chose so!

    To be free!

    What a f…. joke!

    What a delusion!

    So, the delusional slaves are happy to have to wear a yellow badge to have the right to do things they could have done freely if they had a bit of courage and curiosity about the truth.

    They prefer to submit…

    Then come the 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc.. doses and the new submissions, restrictions, new passes, until they will be microshipped and under 100% total control…

    And yet, they will still tell you how “free’ they are…


  9. We will never surrender, never get injected, never accept any test, pass, qr code, we will die arms in hands with our sisters and borthers happily for our FREEDOM.

    Live like humans on our feet rather than slaves on their knees!


  10. I also thin that it is time to KILL some of these murderers. In Europe obviously the main targets must be Draghi and Macron, Merkel for all the evil she has done in the past decade…

    In the USA, fauci, gates, harris then biden and this horrible looking woman from the CDC, rachel something.

    In Australia, madman daniels, hazzards, and two or three others lie them…


    Then, we will take care of central bankers and their masters!


  11. Excellent post and excellent article at the end showing what the liars want to hide from us.

    Media and governments have always been lying criminals, but since the avent of the internet, they can’t hide the truth anymore, it’s all out there, even if the MSM PROSTITUTES don’t report it, CITIZENS, FREE HUMANS REPORT THE TRUTH!

    This is why they have created big tech to censor thje truth (twitter removed PROTEST NEWS this week, but others are taking their place and report now on Telegram).

    Really those who keep following and believing mainstream media are the real losers and the real pillars of any fascist regime.

    They profund ignorance, they botmless stupidity and their cowardly obedience is the reason why we have these fascist regimes today.

    Liberate these ghouls, these slaves and the tyrants will run for their lives.

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  12. Truly agree, we are dealing with tigers of paper who ahve just big mouths and the media on theri side.

    They can do nothing against us if we refuse.

    What happens when we start to assault their fucking shops, restaurants and pillage them all?

    People are mainly afraid of thei own shadows, nothing can stop the tide, not even their pathetic cops and all their protection gear.

    Thank you, the fight goes on!



  13. Thank you for spreading the truth and the pictures and videos they don’t want us to see.

    The dying mainstream media are lying and pretend it is not happening but it is. Only idiots hide their hands in the sand after that!


  14. Spendid, do you now that in some countries, your website is blocked?

    It’s call censorship, we had the same with a fromer website hosted on wordpress in the US, the traffic was high but the stats showed another story. We realized 70% of traffic was never counted and that some countries just bloced access (using the criminal corporation cloudflare and others to stop access to the site).

    We moved to another platform and hosting country (eastern europe) and it suddenly was solved!

    Keep the good work guys!


    1. Thank you, yes we have had all of it, rigged stats, people subscribing to our blog and being removed, bullshit stats where one visitor is counted when we see multiple visitors in multiple countries browsing the site at the same time, site taken down, countless numbers of spam, junk, insults, and of course the censorship from cloudflare and other fascist corps to block access to our site.

      Their main startegy these days seems to be the same as the covid psyop, ‘killing us slowly’ using the tricks described above… We tried few others and we have backed the site up just in case.

      But it’s important users keep subscribing and commenting and first of all, to NEVER GIVE UP!


    2. Rigged stats but also junk comments and spam. The usual technique of showing less and less audience so that people would give up…

      Problem is the information is still there and the people are still revolting against the gloablist agenda


  15. Thank you and well made, as it was stated somewhere, the mainstream garbage fake news are made to demoralize us.

    You re-moralize us! Give us hope and courage to eep the fight!

    Liked by 1 person

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