The World Is Calling

The resistance is Growing – The resistance is spreading like an Australian bush fire.

4th of Dcember and all of last week, millions more are rising against tyranny and the resistance is spreading worldwide


Despite the massive censorship, the deplatforming, the removal from search engine results, the lies and media propaganda, millions more joined the RESISTANCE this week. The resistance is getting bigger stronger and wider.

In view of the most recent attacks against worldwide populations by their own ‘governments’ with a clear intent to harm, torture psychologically and physically, break, starve, kill us and reduce us to slaves, peaceful demonstrations won’t be able to stop them. Popular armies, defense communities and action groups must be independently built silmuteanously everywhere. We must prepare for street battles, guerilla warfare, door to door fights and full scale combat against the criminal who are now planning to force inject us (Austria, soon Germany, next the rest of Europe), segregate us, send us to camps like in Australia, or starve us to death (Luxembourg) like they are planning with their new onslaughts.

It is now becoming a question of survival, and if we can’t be free, work, live and survive anymore, we will make sure nobody can.

We will cover this in a future chapter.

There were so many protests worldwide against the fake pandemic, the globalists coup and covid tyranny that it would take twenty posts to just enumerate them, we will cover some of it. It is not the Great Awakening yet as too many people are still under hypnosis but it’s definitely going this way (this is why the NWO vermin are accelerating pace because they are late and losing ground)...

Nb: For all those who still have doubts. Despite their constant lies, they intend to make vax passports permanent and everlasting mandatory jabbing as well, same for muzzles, lockdowns and all the set of fascist diktats. The goal is to break our wills, to enslave us or to kill us.

1/ Even the most compliant who believed in the lies of their politicians should now realize they have been fooled, with the new false flag advent of non-existing ‘variants’ (last in date the ‘omicron’ aka MORONIC one) and nonexistent ‘waves’, they now end-up in the same situation as the smart people who didn’t fall for the injection blackmail.

Yes, they will need a new dose of poison or else their much loved cattle neo-Nazi ‘vax passport’ will expire and they will be on par with the normal Human Beings who avoided the slave trap since day one.

No doubt that the moronic hordes of covid cult members will run to get injected (a sizable portion will die afterwards as it was the case for the previous doses) as well as the cowards, the obedience adorers, and the sheeple that frankly wouldn’t know what to do with freedom and have the karma and brain capabilities of chicken.

The truth and the very sad truth are out there for everyone to see (for free). No excuse to those who pretend ‘they are just doing their jobs’ they didn’t know’. No excuse. No alibi. They are killing people with bio-weapons posing as vaccines. And now they are after our children! truth comes out. This nurse explains what she sees everyday, her hospital is full of patients injured by the so-called ‘vaccines’. The media and ‘authorities’ will pretend they are ‘covid cases’ but they can’t hide the truth anymore.

In Africa, they didn’t even notice there was a ‘pandemic’ even less a MORONIC ‘variant’, because of the lack of corporate media… Simple as that. People who aren’t addicted to TV and mainstream media know there is no ‘pandemic.

Even the devil in person admits it, the CEO of biontech the criminal firm associated with pfizer to manufacture their bioweapon ‘vaccine’, refuse to take his own jab because of safety reasons…

On the right WHO whistleblower tells the truth, the corrupt WHO lied since day one and intends to transform eveyr little flu into mass panic events, forever. Will the zombies wake-up? –

2/ How do you call a situation when citizens in almost all countries worldwide are demonstrating every week and weekends against corrupt and criminal politicians controlled by oligarchs?  When the illegitimate tyrants in power have to use massive censorship, news obliteration, brutal repression, and murder to try to stop the protests, and yet the protests continue and amplify?

Last time we looked, it was called a revolution. Because the covid coup and their tyrannical agenda are global, the revolution is global.

For the first time in world history, Human beings are participating in a worldwide revolution. The first worldwide revolution in Human history!

Think about it as it is significant.

NB: The mainstream media being controlled by a handful (literally less than two hundred individuals control 99% of all mainstream media worldwide. In the USA, 5 or 6 control everything), they censor the truth. They peddle the narrative that serves the agenda of their puppet masters.

But, when you see from your window, 50 000 to 100, 000 people demonstrating in the streets of your city like it was the case in Vienna this week and the media don’t even mention it, largely under report it or truncate the numbers, then, even if you are a firm covid believer, you know they are lying. 

3/ Balance of Power – It is essential to consider a very important fact: The police who serve their paycheques and the NWO fascist regimes worldwide are a minuscule minority facing a largely overwhelming majority: We The People.

The balance is to our sole advantage. How come then that so many people are scared or flee every serious confrontation with them?

In any given country, there is on average less than 3 cops per 1000 People. In the USA it stands as 2.78 cops/1000, in Italy it’s 4.57 cops/1000 People, in France it’s 3.38 cops/ 1000 People, in the UK it’s 1.92!

When the governments have become rogue and are run by criminals to enforce tyranny and commit crimes against humanity, it’s not only our right to fight it, it’s also our duty. And while the real target are the politicians and their puppet masters, if they put their thugs in our way, we shall overcome them if they refuse to join us.

They feel big and strong because we are on our knees and scared to fight. And because they have protective gears and weapons, which we pretend we don’t have.

All these are excuses. Every soldier will tell you that before any fight he is scared. The difference between a brave and a coward is that the brave surmounts his fear. We can have the same weapons and the same protective gears than they have. Here is the proof:

so-called ‘antifa’, corporate/state funded militias used to break-up protests, discredit real grassroots movements, terrorize the population and undertake manufactured ‘riots’ for the benefit of their funders.

Look carefully at this picture. Yes these corporate/state/globalist sponsored and trained fascist militias dare to call themselves ‘antifa’ while they are fascist paramilitary organizations. They are paid for (literally for many) and manipulated by globalist criminals like soros (on the right).  ‘Antifa’ pawns who don’t realize they’re used by the people they pretend to fight are useful idiots.

But look at their gear, at their uniforms, helmets, shields and military like formation. They have been trained exactly like riot police are. Who trained them and who pays for their gears is irrelevant for our purpose.

If they can do it, we can do it. Remove the communist signs from their helmets and we could protect ourselves with the same outfits. Then rehearse during demos until we are ready to crush the NWO paid thugs.  If idiots and cowards like the soros funded antifa can do it, anyone can!

Now, look also at Ukrainian demonstrators during  the 2014 uprising (yet another soros/cia funded color ‘revolution’). Look how the protesters beat the crap of riot police despite their military equipments. Their enhanced Molotov Cocktails became legendary (invented by the Finns who repelled Stalin armies).

Any old bottle, petrol, white spirit or any inflammable product can produce a very potent cocktail. And with protective gears, the fear change sides.

See what the Dutch did two weeks ago and how rutte’ s regime reacted by shooting people with real bullets. What if People had protective gears and weapons like the Ukrainians had in 2014, fire cracker rockets, petrol bombs, sticks, baseball bats, axes, pikes, knives, helmets, shields, swords, etc… All easily made or found in garages, kitchen, sport and bike shops, toolset boxes… They might shoot with real bullets like in the Netherlands, but the more of us they kill, the more it will infuriate the quiet majority, and the more People will join. History is full of revolutions that started just like that.

The globalists use chaos to implement their evil agendas, but they want chaos they can control, they want false flag riots like the Floyd riots started for political gain (US elections), they want riots they can play and stop at will, they fear real revolts, real riots by us The People, their most formidable enemies.

A long term, global, and all encompassing revolt is what they fear the most.

So we must give them exactly that. And we don’t need to be millions to do it. Thousands are enough to destroy their agendas. Like they did in Holland, lie they are doing in the French Antilles , Martinique, Guadeloupe, St Martin and now spreading all over the globe.

4/ Now let us be clear, peaceful and massive protests are essential and they work but only to a certain extent. We need to strike harder to avoid their plans to go further, to scare or punish those who help them and to tackle those who push their plans.

We also need to understand that pacifism serve them. They laugh at us and our petitions, miles of walking and peaceful protests. They laugh less when the island of Martinique and Guadeloupe are burning, paralyzed to the point where their plans fail and they must surrender to the will of stronger people!

The proof? Despite the massive demos in Australia since weeks, the evil ‘laws’ are implemented and they keep going as if nothing happened. Forcing deadly jabs on young children for example.

They muzzle us, they beat us, they lock us up, they shoot at us, they kill us with poisonous substances, they segregate us, they force cattle ‘passports’ on us, and they send some of us to concentration camps like in Australia, what more evil do they have to do to us in order we fight back proportionally!?

Survival 101: if someone wants to kill you and your family, you don’t protest, negotiate, file petitions, you kill him before he kills you.

We have to go after them relentlessly, continuously, without any pity or restraint, because they have none for us. Exhaust them, beat them, destroy the beast that want to take your rights and your lives.

Or die a slave on your knees, sick from injections after injections, buried under the digital chains of your new masters and full of shame and remorses.

And we must go after the real culprits, the politicians and their puppet masters.  While most ‘leaders’ are unattainable (in theory but in practice they are reachable like macron realized many times), the vast majority of the corrupt politicians/parliamentarians who ‘voted’ or forced on us their covid fascist diktats have zero protection and are easy to find and easy to retaliate against.

An example here: Kansas mayor resigns in FEAR FOR HER SAFETY after comments favoring mask mandate led to threats

The mayor of Dodge City – the legendary town known as a lawless Wild West frontier in the 1800s, abruptly resigned after comments she made in support of a mask mandate provoked a backlash. Warshaw said she had been receiving threatening emails and telephone calls …

Another case is one of the Australian criminal politician masquerading as a health minister who had to relocate his family after his home address was shared on the web and Aussies started to target him.

Same for the business owners who have become regime collaborators and demand fascist vax & passes. They could easily ignore the diktats, but they don’t We are not going to explain how to deal with these assholes, besides boycotting them but there are many ways to tackle these scumbags.

They go after us, they go after our children, they want our enslavement, they want our deaths. It is not only our right to retaliate , it is our citizen duties.

5/ We must go after the leaders of the coup, at least the apparent leaders before going after their puppet masters.

There are legal ways to do so as it is now done in the USA against piece of shit biden and his corrupt regime. But the criminals behind the covid tyranny must be brought to justice. Here are some ideas by Joseph Mercola:

Roadmap for Prosecuting COVID Crimes

Francis Boyle has an undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago, a juris doctor (lawyer) degree from Harvard and Ph.D. in political science. He’s a professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law, and wrote the book, “Biowarfare and Terrorism.”  

STORY AT-A-GLANCE   The Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 imposes fines and prison sentences on anyone who “knowingly develops, produces, stockpiles, transfers, acquires, retains or possesses any biological agent, toxin or delivery system for use as a weapon”

The problem we face today is that our federal government has been captured by forces that seek to destroy the U.S. from within. As such, we cannot trust the federal judiciary to prosecute and hold those responsible for the pandemic and the toxic COVID shots accountable

To circumvent the corrupted federal judiciary, we need to focus on locally elected prosecutors instead. Depending on the state, they may go by titles such as district attorney, state attorney, prosecuting attorney or county attorney

Organize locally to find people willing, as a group, to call on your local, elected district attorney to convene a grand jury and indict the individuals suspected of being involved in the creation of SARS-CoV-2, and those responsible for the COVID shots

The charge that applies is “murder and conspiracy to commit murder.” For starters, 15 researchers listed on a key paper can be indicted, plus those who funded the research. Those to be indicted in relation to the COVID shots include the chief executive officers, chief operating officers and chief scientific officers of Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.  

In this expectation (although trials might never come), we’ll regularly give a (non-exhaustive) list of criminals and what sentences we would require.

Example: for mass murderer of children (and adults), the CDC director and globalist/big pharma whore rachel walensky. For her crimes against humanity, we request the death penalty.

6/ Finally, there is no point eliminating and imprisoning criminal puppets that serve a system if the system stays in place.

We must end the system and replace it with a better one that serves People’s interests. So let’s be clear it won’t be their ‘great reset‘ or ‘agenda 2030‘ but the Great Awakening and the World People’s agenda.

We know about all the failures of the past and the failed ideologies who killed hundreds of millions and served only the interests of the few criminals who always funded them. Communism, socialism, liberalism, corporatism, fascism, nazism, globalism and even capitalism (especially today’s crony capitalism) don’t work.

We must replace these systems and ideologies with zero systems and zero ideologies. Anything based on an ideology or specific philosophy is doomed to fail. As History has shown repeatedly.

  • To replace the current world order which is globalism, we need de-globalization , which doesn’t mean that we will stop travelling or doing business globally but that the means of production shall be repatriated in each country, not in a few communist shitholes like China. Giving away our industries and know how to evil regimes lie China was one of our biggest economic mistake.
  • It means job creation and the rebuilding of industries locally. It also means tariff barriers to make sure our industries can compete and eventually eliminate child, slave labor, low quality products from shitholes like communist china.
  • It also mean self-sufficiency everywhere. Every Nation should be or close to 100% self-sufficiency. It is the only guarantee of sovereignety against globalists and foreign manipulations. It will also create jobs, millions of jobs. High paid ones.
  • The role of Nations should be reaffirmed and entrenched into constitutions for only sovereign countries can guarantee freedom, rights and societies as close as possible to democracies (an ideal that will never be fully attained as we will never be perfect).
  • It means the complete elimination or utter transformation of all globalists organizations starting by the UN, the EU, the IMF, the WHO (many executives of these organizations will be sent to jail).
  • It also means a complete remodelling of the current banking system based on usury and Nation enslavement through the network of private ‘central banks’ (said to belong to the rothschild). This network of private banks is how they control corrupt politicians, nations through un-re-payable debts.

All central banks will be nationalized (in the real sense of the word) and their assets repatriated in each nation to be redistributed in the form of indivisible equal shares to each citizen of each nation.
These shares will be held forever and inherited generations after generation without the possibility to sell them so nobody can ever claim a majority stake. However, dividends will be paid when profit are made.
The states will only be able to borrow free interests loans from national public or private banks or from the public in the form of bonds that will redistribute dividends.
Each nation will be in charge of printing its own money and BS money like the euro will be abandoned (along with the EU commission and the thousands other EU bureaucratic taxhole useless and tyrannical bodies).

  • We shall aim to create micro-nations rather than the current merging and centralization of power and empires. Real democracy is feasible only at the local and regional level.  Example: artificial constructions like China will be dismantled to give back Tibet, Hong-Kong and other sovereign nations their full independence.
  • Education will become again what it should be: transmit knowledge, making people smarter, providing them the tools to think for themselves, understand the world they live in and allow them to succeed and be happy. Needless to say that dumbing down programmes, marxist brainwashing, lgbt and race theory bullshit propaganda will be wiped-out from the programmes.
  • And to never repeat our mistakes, history will need to have a large place in any studies. Ignorance is the mother of all evil, if people watched less TV and read more history books, we wouldn’t be in this dire situation today.
  • On the corporate side of things, trusts, monopolies will be dismembered, fascist monopolies like blackrock, vanguard, facebook, microsoft, google, amazon et al will be divided until fair competition is possible again, with the obligation to never again create such corporate monsters responsible of the tyranny we face today.

Needles to say that criminals like bill gates will face death penalty and many CEO will spend time in jail for their roles in the covid crimes and other crimes (including big pharma executives mentionned previously).

These are few ideas for a world that will free us from the parasitic global vermin that has oppressed us for too long and is destroying our lives, rights and societies on an unprecedented scale since two years.

This week resistance acts

To start with, Australia called for help and the World has answered!


Member of the EU “Parliament” Christine Anderson to Australia SOS with words of wisdom and truth:

The Welfare of Humanity Has Always Been the Alibi of Tyrants” – Albert Camus

 “You Need to Understand It’s Not About Breaking The 4th Wave, It Is All About Breaking People”

“Australia Doesn’t Need a No Covid Strategy, It Needs a No Oppression Strategy.”

“At no point in History have the people forcing others into compliance been the Good Guys” – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his organization Children’s Health Defense answered Australia’s call.

The USA and the UK answered the call

Japan and France answered Australia’s call

Germany and Canada answered the  call,

Russia, Poland, Spain, Portugal and many other countries answered Australia’s call. A full list can be found here:

and of course Australians answered the  call

Melbourne on Saturday 4 December 2021.Credit:Luis Enrique Ascui

Melbourne against fascism. “We’re not going to take it” and massive demos all over the Australian nation.  Free hairstyle in front of the parliament of Melbourne. The solidarity of vaccinated hairdressers towards unvaccinated citizens who will no longer be able to enter the salons. Beautiful initiative. Boycott the businesses who demand the nazipass. This is exactly the kind of resistance act that bothers the globalist establishment and their collaborators. – – Another world is possible, outside of their sick regime.

Policemen, doctors, nurses, workers, teachers and miners lay down work uniforms in front of parliament in Perth. The Australian state took away their right to work because they chose not to get injected with poison. Massive crowd in Perth. –

Malaka: The word derives from two ancient substantives, malakia(fem) (Greek: μαλακία) and malakos (Greek: μαλακός). This meant, and still means “mental illness or disorder“, and “soft” and thus “weak, depraved, effeminate”.

Malakas (μαλάκας) today is a vulgar word that is used for the “masturbator, the wanker.” Also, today is used either to offend, as in “asshole”, “wanker“, “impotent“, “stupid‘, “idiot‘, “sucker“…

Looks like the exact definition of deepshit dan…

From Australia to Austria, a country under the boots of the globalists tyranny who says NO to forced injections and neo-nazi pass.


Massive demonstrations all over the country against schallenberg’s puppet regime (his name literally means mountain of shells so let’s call him mountain of shit) despite the lockdown this clown wanted to impose the People took over the streets. Mountainshit is one of the criminal politicians who will have to stand trial for crimes against humanity, murder and attempted murder.

We require the death penalty for schallenberg aka mountainshit.

Update: mountainshit wasn’t enough of a fascist, so they found a new puppet ‘chancellor’ in a smelly neo-nazi gutter, the name is karl nehammer, a ‘hardliner’ they say. So let’s call him neu-hitler (new hitler).

Massive protests in Austria despite mountainshit lockdown tantrums that only fools and hypochondriacs follow.  

Austria (Linz), state television journalists chased by citizens. Well deserved. This is how to treat fake news peddlers, reject, boycott, expel media whores and presstitutes who lie and deceive for a living. Alternatively, they can start reporting the truth. – several thousand protests against lockdown and forced injections.

Again forced injections of any product are illegal and a crime against humanity. But in the case of proven harmful and deadly products like the bio-weapons of mass murderers pfizer-biontech, moderna, oxford-astrazeneca and J&J, the charge that applies is “murder and conspiracy to commit murder.” See this article from Joseph Mercola: Roadmap for Prosecuting COVID Crimes

Below on the left, it reads:

Congrats to Austrians! From the moment when forced injection are imposed, the people have the right and the duty to defend themselves against this aggression, by all means! All means! This man, Florian Phillipot, is one of the future candidate for the French presidential election and the only candidate who has been demonstrating with the French people since July 2021. He is opposing muzzles, forced injections and the revolting nazipass. He is one of the only few politicians talking about the real agenda behind this contrived pandemic.

He is right, it is our right and duty to defend ourselves by any means possible. Any means!

Left again: The cops are overwhelmed (they always are but the people don’t realize it) by a population more and more numerous. On the right. One of the 27 demos on the 4th of December in Austria.

We strongly advise Austrians to start to group togheter into paramilitary groups, militias, defense groups, to arm themselves when possible, otherwise to manufacture self-made weapons (bows, crossbows, axes, sticks and batons, pikes, nunchau, swords, slingshots, petrol bombs, firework rockets, etc…).

We also advise to prepare actions with lawyers, courts, honest judges (if any), to already warn local government and law enforcement that violence will be met with violence and that nobody will be allowed to perform forced injections on their bodies. Don’t wait without planning and preparing for the possible clashes ahead. Be ready to go to the bitter end. Don’t pay any fine, don’t obey to any court order violating your bodily integrities.

Think of the USSR gulag and nazi death camps, don’t ever let them send you to camps or prisons! Austrians will do what they want and can , we for example will die fighting and killing many before they get us.

Which brings us to France where the islands of the Carribeans are burning because People fight fiercely for their lives and their rights!

Plus nationwide demos took place again for the 21st consecutive week. The list of regions, cities and towns fighting macron’s fascist regime is too long to hope to render the scale of the revolt, we focus on few spots.


The French Antilles are Burning


The fight goes on in Martinique and the revolt now extend to other remote territories lie St Martin where the resistance is fighting rothschild whore macron’s regime and in New Caledonia in the Pacific.

In Martinique clash between fascist thugs and the Martiniquais who refuse the curfew, forced injections and the nazipass. St Martin clashes and blockades, the same as in Martinique and Guadeloupe. The Antilles are burning, the consequence of the despicable and malevolent macron’s regime.

Demonstrations in Martinique despite the prefect ‘interdiction’ of meeting of more than 6 people… We laugh at your ‘interdictions’ moron! More blockades are erected and on the left, it says that negotiations will take place with the minister. It’s simple, the Martiniquais like any normally constituted Human being refuse forced injections and the nazipass (they should have included the scrapping of the muzzle in their demands), also on the table the globalists artificially created hyper inflation… On the right blockades, cars set on fire and monster traffic jam in Martinique.


Same situation in Guadeloupe where anti terrorists units have been called to clean the 30 or so burned cars blockading the island roads. Maybe they want to empty the bins, clean our windows and toilets after that? The pathetic rothschild whore macron is using an army to deal with a local revolt, what is he going to do when the real thing starts, use nuclear warheads? rothschild whore macron keep showing how weak and incapable he is and how overwhelmed his despised regime is.

The last five years in France have been made of revolts, clashes, fights, demos, protests and war scenes like the ones we see since months. Not only macron is the most incompetent and hated president of all times, he also has more blood on his hands than any other in recent French history. 

The police has never been so hated too. The country is a powder keg, even in 1789 there wasn’t so much hatred against the regime.

On the left, demos in Guadeloupe. When a fire stops, another starts elsewhere. Here on the right they use the army who decidedly has nothing better to do than cleanup a blockade, another blockade starts elsewhere. Are soldiers not ashamed of what they have become? Puppets of the globalists behind little whore macron?

Guadeloupe, blockades, demos, fires  and still NO to forced injections! As we can see it’s everybody against little whore macron.


After Guadeloupe, Martinique and St Martin, this is now New-Caledonia rising to fight against fascism of forced injection and the nazipass (they want to force inject the entire population) . Huge mobilization while the local congress is studying a text to abrogate forced injections and little whore macron’s diktats.

Do not comply, do not obey, refuse to get injected, fight door to door, street by street and burn and destroy everything if need be. Liberty or death, nothing less. 

Thousands miles away, Paris France for the 21st week, massive demos in the capital and nationwide.

Colmar in Alsace, Vannes  in Brittany with a poster with a picture of the Auschwitz death camp and the text: “vax passport mach frei! (vax passports make you free). Only ignorant believe forced injections and vax passports bring freedom. 

Strasbourg  in Alsace, Tours in the Loire Valley where Yellow Vest are blockading a highway toll and let drivers pass for free.

Aix en Provence and Toulon in the south where a blockade is set on the highway to protest against medical fascism.

The Yellow Vests in Paris in numbers. On the right a message to one of the celebrity whores who sold their souls and asses to the regime and try to sell its propaganda to the People. The third rate ‘singer’ patrick bruel, one of the regime collaborators, is asked to get lost and stop breaking French people’s balls.

Paris for the 21st consecutive week of protest with a tribute to Australia for the SOS Australia campaign by the French Patriots, one of the multiple demos that took place in Paris.

The tweet reads: “A massive amount of people!!! macron get lost! ursula out! (ursula van leyen the corrupt whore chosen as ‘EUSSR commission president’ due to her total incompetence and servility to her globalist puppet masters), veran out! (the ‘health’ minister who recently declared that unvaccinated children from the age of 6 will be isolated, why not sending them to camps asshole!

Contact details of these criminals: – +33 1 40 63 65 11
A message to puppet macron? It’s here:
ursula van leyden contact details: +32-229-56070 –

We demand the death penalty for macron, veran and van der leyen.

Marseille: Clashes between protesters and macron’s Gestapo. 3 years ago rothschild’s whore macron sent his SS against protesters and they killed a 80 years old man with a grenade who was doing nothing but watching from his window.  A month ago, after a 3 years bogus ‘ investigation’, the criminals who committed this crime went free without even a blame.


Italy like France is under the boot of a vicious globalists controlled dictatorship using a bankster piece of shit to try to implement their totalitarian agenda.

We call the unelected puppet and banking vermin draghi-ma wormtongue (from the Lord of the Rings Grima Wormtongue) or draghila.

The resemblance is striking..

Citizen mourn the funerals of the Italian constitution and fight against vermin draghila wormtongue . Bologna, No to forced injections and medical apartheid.

Milano, brutal NWO fascist thugs repression against peaceful protesters, draghila wormtongue. and his clique will have to pay for their crimes.

Ancona province, a restaurant owner revolts against fascism and lets everybody in with or without nazipass. This is how we win, this is the right strategy to invalid their diktats.  Keep leaving normally without mass, injections, distancing and nazipasses and ignore them and their minuscule forces of thugs.

People are often scared of their own shadows and of paper tigers. Like children or the cavemen in Plato’s Myth of The Cavern.

We require the death penalty for draghila wormtongue.

Genova against medical apartheid. ‘LA GENTE COMO NOI NON MOLLA MAI’ – Milano workers protests and are attacked and beaten by draghi fascist thugs

The hunt against those who protest without authorization is open (you know where you can stick your ‘authorization to protest’). Milan, peaceful citizens beaten, arrested and sanctioned as in Afghanistan, China and North Korea. Trento, citizens against health apartheid besiege court.

This is your future, draghila wormtongue, same as Mussolini.

Padua  and Torino- Again like in France or Austria, it was nationwide and everywhere. What we show here is not even 10% of the scale of the resistance.


Massive demo in Utrecht against global tyranny masquerading as medical emergency

Utrecht. Nov 30 – On the left massive protests. On the right, NWO subhuman piece of shit  beating a man unconscious to fight Covid. Notice how even the dog refuses to take part in this barbaric act. #DogBetterThanPolice #Netherlands #PoliceBrutality #Dutch #ACAB #NoVaccinePassportsAnywhere. How long are we going to stand this without fighting back!!!!?

They must pay for their crimes!

The criminals behind these barbarians acts:



But the main culprit is globalist whore, professional liar and pedophile mark rutte:

We require the death penalty for rutte and prison sentences for the others.

NB: we will briefly mention SSISSILAND formerly known as Switzerland and now renamed to match the real nature of the majority of its voting population: sissies, pussies, cowards, ignorant and idiots who voted to extend ’emergency’ (aka permanent) powers to their globalist puppet politicians.

A population who has twice the unique occasion to end tyranny and use both occasions to vote for more tyranny deserves nothing but scorn. They voted to be slaves, they will be slaves.

 We are sorry for the 38% or so Swiss voters who as Human Beings are surrounded by so many chicken, ignorant cattle and cowards.

To those who fight..


The Belgians are taking no more of the fake pandemic bullshit from their criminal puppet politicians, and they are fighting the NWO thugs to the bitter end. – On the left the Belgians are fighting in the EUSSR quarter of their city Brussels, now the seat of evil globalists.

Fights between the Belgian Nation and the globalist puppet thugs in Brussels.

Gigantic demo in Brussels against forced injections and the nazipass. Firemen and healthcare workers are joining the fight against crimes against humanity and the lying pieces of shit in their puppet government.  The demo ends up in clashes. But this is only the beginning as the globalists who control our rotten institutions want to enslave Humanity, if we stay peaceful we will lose.  There is in average 3 cop for 1000 people, it is impossible for them to win.

The NWO thugs are now attacking children.

The criminals behind these atrocities are:

Alexander De Croo, ‘prime minister’ (globalist whore in chief) – sounds like de crook. Let’s call this shitbag decrook
Rue de la Loi 16 BE-1000 Brussels tel.: +32 2 501 02 11

And death minister (big pharma whore in chief) Frank Vandenbroucke- aka vandershit
Rue de la Loi 23 BE-1000 Brussels tel.: +32 2 206 95 00 –

Troubles already for these two criminals as a court invalidated their diktats:

Belgian Court Rules COVID Pass Illegal & Orders Local Government To Withdraw Measure

A court in Belgium’s Wallonia region has ruled that use of a COVID pass is illegal. The court ordered the local government to pay a daily fine of €5,000 ($5,658) until they withdraw the measure .
Despite so much opposition, why do governments have the power to restrict the rights, freedoms and movements of people?
It appears that the largest and most constant gatherings in human history are not being televised, maintaining the presumption that only a small minority opposed these ideas.

We nevertheless require the death penalty for these two criminals.


The criminal globalist whores in tiny Luxembourg now push companies to mandate forced injections so smart people won’t be able to keep their jobs.  It is a clear attempt at exterminating by starvation those who refuse to be injected with shit. This is racket, blackmail and companies who will implement this are criminals.

Unsurprisingly, the globalist whore serving as a mock prime minister is yet another homosexual, they are the favourite choices as puppets by the globalist elite. Probably because they are easy to manipulate and implement their family destruction agenda. Many globalists like gates, royal family members (prince andrews) or rothschild pawns (epstein) are also pedophiles.

Anti nazipass protesters invade a Christmas market ‘reserved’ to jabbed ignorant. Well done, civil disobedience and violating their rules is the only way forward. Several thousands took to the streets, which is a lot for tiny Luxembourg.

We require the death penalty for criminal puppet, xavier bettel.



Dublin, Parents & students demonstrate against the forced muzzling of their children in school from the age of 6 and new restrictions. It is the proof that it has never been against a virus but to destroy peoples’ mind from the youngest age and transform them into obedient slaves or mindless robots. On the other side of the seal, their Celtic cousins demonstrate for the same: FREEDOM and the future of their kids!

Interestingly, angry mums make private security guards flee, this is what is needed to stop these assholes.


Greece, the birthplace of democracy, now a fascist dictatorship like all the other globalist controlled puppet countries in Europe.

Thessaloniki, a human tide against medical apartheid.  Town Hall besieged to the bitter end.


Some naive people thought that Spain would be spared with fascism, they don’t realize that all Europeans governments are puppets and to end this we must end the EUSSR with it and their globalist masters.

Do not obey, do not comply with anything, boycott all businesses/institutions demanding the nazipass and make the state starve to death!  The communist scumbag sanchez is taking revenge against Catalonia who voted for her independence and was denied the right to do so by imposing nazipasses and coerced injections. Catalonia is now rising to fight the hated Madrid regime.

It might be the time for Catalonians to unite and win their independence. No country became independent without armed struggle, only in dysneyland. Freedom is gained through fighting and sacrifice. Time now to get what you deserve by force as they won’t give it to you!

Next door in PORTUGAL, same story and few thousands km east the exact same in CZECHIA.

Are people now understanding that it is a global coup, a global agenda and they do not want you to be healthy but slaves?


Germany is waking up after a long long sleep. It remains limited but growing steadily.

The Germans were the first to be forced to wear muzzles and are now living in a dictatorship worse than the Nazi and Eastern Germany of the past.  

Update: the fascist regime of communist merkelia has now declared a ‘lockdown for the smart’ (for the smart people who refuse to be jabbed with poison). This is now the time to wake-up and fight, go and burn the fucking reischtag for good, and hang the bitch and all the criminals who forced this diktat!


Great initiative on the right to mock and violate the purpose of the fake pandemic takeover: People meet in public by the thousands to kiss their beloved one (or maybe a complete stranger).

A great way to show the middle finger to the soulless ghouls behind the coup. Of course the ‘authorities’ and their media whores  hate it, because psychopaths can’t love.  Well done and enjoy!



Men In Black demo in Copenhagen, Denmark, as the globalist puppet mock of a government (PM: mette frederiksen last time we looked +45 3392 3300  tries to force vax passports and new restrictions after having said that the pandemic was over and from now on it will be treated like a classic flu

Another proof that the current governments in Europe can’t be trusted and   must be eliminated along with the EUSSR bureaucrats who are behind most of Europe plagues.


Serbs are protesting against Rio Tinto, the criminal corporation that has destroyed countless countries in the world. Another aspect of the protest is new ‘rules’ about ‘pollution legislation’ that are in favor of criminals coroporations behind the covid and climate hoax and against us, the People.

This protest is important, because as we know the FAKE PANDEMIC is just the prelude to more fascism in the context of ‘agenda21/2030‘, the evil plan of the globalist elites to control all resources on earth including our bodies and minds using the CLIMATE HOAX to do so.

The forced muzzling, arrests, lockdowns, destructions of our rights and freedom, forced injections and cattle marking with vax passports are just a part of the global enslavement program hiding behind the alibi of the climate change hoax.

They use fake pandemic, false flag terrorist attacks and the climate hoax to destroy our freedom and try to force on us their one world dictatorship.

This is how #riotinto is doing #business in #Serbia. Using the police and government of #serbia to achieve their goals with lithium mine. This is what they always do, buying politicians and thugs in uniform to destroy our societies for their profits.


The Romanian government closed all injection centres because nobody went to get injected with this shit.   Romanian are great people and they prove it in front of the world. They do what any Human Being should do: refuse to bow to coercion, racket, blackmail, menaces, and lies. Well done!

For sure the globalist scum will try other types of blackmail or coercionbut remember, Romanians are the ones who hanged on TV the communist dictator Ceausescu It was in the 1990’s not so long ago, millions were there and are still there.

This is what awaits for you schallenberg, de croo, rutte, macron, draghi, leyden, trudeau, merkel, drosten, biden, harris, fauci, gates, and all the criminals behind the covid crimes. IT IS NOT 100% TRUE THAT ROMANIA HAS CLOSED ALL ITS POISON INJECTION CENTERS, IT IS TRUE THAT THEY CLOSED MORE THAN 130 BECAUSE ROMANIANS WHO KNOW WHAT COMMUNIST TYRANNY MEANS REFUSE TO GET JABBED WITH POISON AND WEAR YELLOW BADGES-VAX PASSES.


Massive demonstrations against the criminal government in Limassol. But remember 10 years ago, they stole money directly from people banks accounts and got away with it. The bankers (rothschild & co) as usual are behind this.

Are we going to go after them for good this time?

Good idea in Ukraine the protesters use mirrors to show what police have become. the cop couldn’t stand to see his own face in the mirror, vanquished by guilt. Under the uniform there is still a conscience and a struggle between good and evil. Join the People and bring your gears and weapons with you. This is the only way out.

After Turkey where a storm stopped the protests this week, the revolt extended to the Caucasus where, despite not being part of the EUSSR, the corrupt government tries to enforce their globalist puppets masters agenda of forced injections, and nazipasses.


Massive demos in Tbilissi against the globalists agenda of forced injections, enslavement and control.


Canada In solidarity with Australia and fighting their own dictator, piece of shit, trudeau the TURD! On the left this cop explains why nobody should submit to blackmail and get injected with the globalists shit.


Another example of effective resistance. A group of Maori goes in a mall ‘demanding muzzles and nazipasses without any and do a Haka! Who is going to challenge these guys? Living normally and ignoring the diktats of the corrupt and criminal politicians is one of the way to destroy their sick agendas..

Contact details of the following criminals: transvestite JACINDO ardern – +64 4 817 8700

and tiny prick andrew, the scum acting as death minister:  andrew Little +64 4 817 8707

We require 20 years in prison for both of them.

Massive demos in Tauranga and Auckland against transvestite and globalist whore JACINDO ardern’s regime


South Africa, November 29, where the deadly ‘variant’ omicron (aka MORONIC ‘variant’) is supposed to wreak havoc.

As you can see on the party on the video on the left, they fall down in droves, panic everywhere. The omicron nonexistent ‘variant’ has been invented for the MORONS who believe in it (that is USA and Europe mainly). A must watch.

 If you don’t have a TV, you are immune!

On the right Israel still fighting against their rothschild owned state. Time to get rid of the rothschild?

Someone asked us why we always place the USA last. Well shows us real demos and protests of consequential size in the USA and we will start by it. We however pay tribute for those who fight for their rights in communists shitholes like New York, or California.

Also in the USA, there are free states that fight usurper globalist puppet biden and his diktats, so millions of Americans don’t need to protest, but if they don’t in totalitarian states, then they will end up slaves as in Europe. The free states should help the others to free themselves from tyranny.


Demos in New York against puppet ‘Brandon’s regime, for freedom and to support Australia

We end with horrifying images of COMMUNIST SHITHOLE china.

This is what they do to children there, this is what they want to emulate in Europe and the USA.

We don’t have a choice, it’s our duty to fight that until the utter destruction of the ideologies behind these atrocities.

Some KARMA news to end on a more positive note:

Neocon WashPo Editor Who Trashed Anti-Vaxxers Dies Of ‘Sudden Cardiac Arrest’

Yep, the ‘vaccine’ … What goes around…

‘Puzzling’ Surge In Heart Disease Among Soccer Players Is A ‘Coincidence,’ Media Reports

And the soccer geniuses are falling in troves, after having been ‘jabbed’ and having promoted the bio-weapons to kids aged 12!

Wigan striker Charlie Wyke, 28, collapsed in training, Sheffield United’s John Fleck, 30, collapsed on the pitch at Reading and Adama Traore 25, went down clutching his chest while playing in the Champions League . Barcelona striker Sergio Aguero, 33, was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia having been forced off with chest pains last month and Icelandic midfielder Emil Palsson, 28, required resuscitation after a cardiac arrest in October. [Note: tons more cases are documented here.]

What goes around…

75 thoughts on “The World Is Calling”

  1. A bullet in the heads of bill gates, fauci, biden, soros and half a dozen of other paraistes will solve the fake pandemic problem once and for all!


  2. The People of the wolrd united can win this war against the globalists and their stooges, whatever their money and means. When the shit will hit the fan, there will be no moeny and the cops won’t work for free, so the politicians will be easy targets.

    For now, we should start locally, strike at all the covid cult members, the corrupt politicians who voted for this dictatorship, the profitters, the media liars and so on.

    Hit them hard!


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