Writing History

Freedom Rules

The “fringe” was there all the way and in Ottawa to defend People’s rights. Thank you Truckers! Thank you Canadians.

What a “Fringe”! Tens of thousands of Truckers, The capital city occupied by its only real stakeholders: The People! Millions of People in support, a tyrant on the run, his corrupt party & lying media, his Davos pimps and the brain damaged covid cult zombies exposed for what they are...

Who is the fringe?

The “fringe” was there, turd eau fled into hiding…

The movement has raised $8,796,680 CAD in a week! A real ‘fringe’ amount! Whatever the leeches who would want to block this money, it’s too late, the People have won!

The losers are trudeau, his ‘liberal’ dictatorship and his pimps, the Davos scum and the global cabal behind COUP-19

Well done Canada !

Great video, great pictures…

It continued on Sunday of course…

…and No violence in Ottawa unlike what the corrupt media predicted

The snowball effect: VIDEO: On the border at Reinfeld, #Manitoba. #Minnesota Flag of United States #NorthDakota #FreedomConvoy2022 #TruckersForFreedom2022

Hey globalist scum: It’s going to be more difficult than planned to ‘remove patriotism from the heart of People”!

The snowball effect: Trucker convoys all around the world

Europe Convoy
Canada Convoy

Australia Convoy
Finland Convoy
Netherlands Convoy
Czechoslovakian Convoy
Belgian Convoy
American Convoy
French Convoy
French Convoy 2
Italian Convoy
Spain Convoy
Hungarian Convoy
Portuguese Convoy
Romania Convoy
Lithuania Convoy

In Australia, it started already: Canberra Bound Anti Mandate Convoy.


In the mean time, the courageous trudeau, scared by a ‘fringe’ decided to flee to a ‘secret location’. Nothing compared to the run you’ll experiment one day, scum.

Klaus schwab little bitch, trudeau, declared on Friday that it was “a negligible fringe that didn’t represent Canadians”. Then he fled Ottawa to a secret location. Why would you do that if it’s just a “fringe”?

  • What kind of “fringe” raises $8 million CADS in less than week for supporting the Truckers Freedom Convoy?
  • What kind of “fringe” goes out in the cold by millions and wait for hours all the way to Ottawa for a full week to support tens of thousands of Truckers?
  • What kind of “fringe” blocks an entire city like Ottawa with trucks, tractors and people?
  • What kind of “fringe” are the tens of thousands who came in support in Ottawa Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

Are there still idiots out there who believe it’s about a ‘virus’? If so, wake the f…up! It’s one thing to be a coward or a little obedient bitch who submits to every politician tantrums, it’s another to keep believing in Santa Claus…

Take your muzzles, your deadly jabs and your cattle ‘passports’ and shove them!


One of the leaders who has denounced the covid coup since 2020, exposing the IMF & world bank who tried to bribe him in order he too would destroy his country’s economy with lockdowns and his people with insane, unscientific and absurd dictates is now revealing the truth, once again:

Belarus Alexander Lukashenko Truth Bombs in his own words:

“Coronavirus Is a Controlled Process Now.

It has its beneficiaries, billionaires around the world whose wealth increase tremendously, per Davos forum (WEF clique), big tech, big pharma enjoyed the largest profits.

Now they are conjoined businesses (monopolies and trusts).

“You Think this Mafia Will Relinquish Trillions in Their Profits?! “ The gap between the extremely rich and the rest of the population has widened enormously.

In other words, they Ordered Everyone to Stay Home, Gave You Gadgets, Replaced Reality with Metaverse, And Push Pills on You!”

That’s why their created panic and ‘vaccines’ become an element of the ‘big politics”.

Alexander Lukashenko – Belarus President

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko calls out the Covid SCAM

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko Confirms The Plandemic Has Been Created By International Criminals

He also confirmed that in case of NATO attacking against Russia, Belarus would fight with Russia. We will come back to this topic later as it seems to be the next step in the globalist agenda to destroy our world and enslave humanity.

This excellent article below confirms and details the various steps that led to the coup. It also partly explains why they did it:

Confirmed by Rockefeller, as we know, the creator of the lock-step scenario forced on us since 2020.

Rockefeller Speech From ’91 Exposes Evil Plot

End of the parenthesis and back to Canada

Ottawa, the Freedom Convoy, miles and miles of Trucks, as far as the eye can see. A real “fringe” movement for sure 😮

On the way to Ottawa, thousands upon thousands of truckers with fireworks in the background   

Canada’s Truckers, writing History…

Day and night, the Freedom Wave keeps coming...

“It goes all the way down to Metcalfe street “. Trucks as far as the eye can see. They even had fireworks. How are the media protitutes and trudeau going to hide that?

Miles and miles

Arrival in Ottawa


What is this Human Tide? The ‘fringe’ as schwab idiot called the tens of thousands of Freedom lovers in Ottawa and the millions who support the freedom Convoy

Arrival in Ottawa, massive crowd, cheering, chanting and waving the flags of their Nation, Canada, the Provinces and Freedom!

“we are not going to take it!” All Canada behind the truckers for Freedom! 

What did klaus schwab little bitch said the other day? “A negligeable fringe”… WEF puppet trudeau, more and more ridiculous everyday...

Ezra Levant from Rebel News  inspiring speech in Ottawa:

“I was invited by the truckers to give a short speech. Here’s what I said: I see a lot of cameras. a lot of independent journalists, you become the media. Everyone on the road, everyone here has to bear witness of what they saw and tell it to everybody around you.

I was asked, what’s the point?  The point is: You have succeeded already by being here. You are not the crazy ones, they are. You are not the isolated ones, they are! They say it’s fringe, well it’s pretty massive fringe then!

We have raised more than 7 million dollars, even if it’s cancelled it shows how much People care. Millions of Canadians supported the Convoy all the way and that is huge achievement.”

This was this week, on the way to Ottawa

no more PLANDEMIC – NO MORE mask and jabs

Solidarity to the 50,000 freedom truckers in Canada who are forming the world’s longest convoy to protest against vaccine passports and restrictions.

“It’s 70 km long,” B.Dichter, spokesman for the Freedom Convoy 2022, told the Toronto Sun. “I have seen footage from an airplane. It’s impressive.” The Freedom Convoy left from Vancouver for Ottawa on Sunday to protest globalist puppet regime’s “vaccine mandates” for cross-border truckers, which took effect on Jan. 15.


The world is now backing #FreedomConvoy2022 Canada. Australia is organizing. THE NWO is in disorder. Our truth is rolling home. US truckers rolling into Canada. So proud to be a real Canadian.

Freedom Convoy 2022 in Solidarity with the Truck Drivers: What Canada Needs Is the “Political Quarantine” of Trudeau

The snowball effect: Students at a Laval highschool in Laval, Quebec, staged a protest against mandatory masks chanting “let us breathe”

It too them a long time…

Moved to tears, two indigenous women tell why they are supporting the convoy. They call Trudeau a hateful man & break down talking about not being able to access their own clinics because of their vax status. They say it is time for Trudeau to go.

Massive show of support to the freedom trucker convoy just outside of Quebec City.

The losers: trudeau, his ‘liberal’ dictatorship, prostitute “media”  and their pimps, the Davos scum and the global cabal behind COUP-19.  The weasel who insulted Canadians by calling them a ‘fringe’ fled Ottawa because he was scared of the ‘fringe’.

Trudeau, macron, ardern, kurz, newsom, all groomed WEF ‘young leader’ pupils programmed to destroy our democracies. All the same psychopath profiles, same evil ideology, same methods, all dangerous sickos that must be removed from power…

trudeau, clearly The People’s Champion…

Video: Has Justin Trudeau Been Duly Vaccinated? Registered Nurse Expresses Doubt on Authenticity of Trudeau’s Vaccine Jab

Do you really think they get injected with the same poison they give you?

No Landmarking was implemented, the alleged nurse in the video above is doing it with one hand. “Nobody does it that way”. Landmarking applied to inoculations is defined as “an area or point on a soft tissue used as a point of reference for measurements of the body or its parts.”
In the video, the Registered Nurse (RN) compares the procedure applied to Justin Trudeau and his wife to that routinely applied to patients receiving a vaccine injection. In every single case of patients receiving the vaccine, landmarking is applied. “That is the proper way to give it”.
“Zero landmarking” applied to Justin Trudeau. She does not use her second hand. Visibly the alleged nurse who vaccinated Trudeau did not have the required skills. According to the RN, they made three key errors when they were “acting their scenario”.

  1. Zero Landmarking,
  2. Zero Aspirating of Syringe, to avoid inoculating into a blood vessel which can cause serious medical issues.
    3. One Hand. Threw that Needle in Like it was a Dart.
    This was Acting”. “Lots of Red Flags”. “Bad Acting Justin”. “Obviously Fake” according to the Registered Nurse.

The snowball effect:

Huge news. Small businesses will no longer complying with mandates as of Saturday, January 29 in solidarity with #FreedomConvoyCanada #weareallessential

More surprising given his billionaire status:

Elon Musk Comes Out In Support Of The Canadian Freedom Convoy

Musk, an outspoken libertarian took to Twitter to post his message of support for the Canadian freedom convoy:

Canadian truckers rule — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 27, 2022

And of course Trucker convoys all around the world

Starting by Australia, another globalist ‘colony’ that must be re-conquered by its people.

Amazing things happened in Canada but we must not forget the plight of other countries and the fight of Free Humans against globalist totalitarian regimes the world over.

France is fighting against globalist puppet macron and his fascist regime since more than 6 months now. Every single week and week-end out in the streets to defend people’s fundamental rights.



The Caribbean island of Guadeloupe is at the moment the spearhead of the resistance against global fascism, forced injections and tyranny in France. Their attitude and fight are exemplary and should be emulated everywhere. Besides, many GuadeloupEans are much more and better informed than their counterpart of mainland France and understand the agenda behind the illegal and criminal “mandates” of macron’s puppet regime.

Congratulations and all our support, at the time when millions of Free Human beings are behind Truckers fighting for our rights, the struggle for Freedom in  Guadeloupe deserve a much larger coverage.

Guadeloupe: demonstrators determined to “go to the end” against the “vaccine” passport (source Le Parisien, MSM neswpaper)

Guadeloupe’s anti “vaccine” passport protesters on Tuesday showed their “determination to go to the bitter end” at a press conference in front of the Pointe-à-Pitre University Hospital.

 “Resistance to oppression is a natural right, and that is what we demonstrate, no matter how much contempt we face” . Gaby Clavier, trade unionist of the UGTG, displaying a “determination to go to the end” and calling for strengthening the mobilization in “a permanent movement”. WELL SAID.

Press conference of the Struggle Collective: “We will continue the fight until Victory!”

The Collective of organizations in struggle in Guadeloupe, mobilized since November 15, 2021, intends to lead its fight to victory, despite repression, attempts to intimidate and demonize their actions, The Collective of organizations in the fight against illegal forced injections and the slave “vaccine” passport, organized a press conference, on January 25, 2022, at the University Hospital of Guadeloupe (CHUG).  Maïté Hubert M’Toumo: “We understand that the state is embarrassed. So he seeks to invent stories to, once again, criminalize all our actions and demonize our organization.

Repression denounced

“The French state is at a loss. It confirms that our position is right, while we affirm that we have the right to demand that we be respected, for who we are as people, that we respect our professions, our lives and our bodies.

This movement is the contribution of the Guadeloupean people to the international struggle of the workers, against all oppressions, against all contempt and against their claim to dominate and domesticate men and women throughout the world”.

“The various arrests and prosecutions are intended to intimidate those mobilized. This is repression! You have to understand that! No one is talking about this, about the accumulation of repression that has targeted us since July, about the sum of comrades arrested and placed in police custody, most often 2 to 3 days, on purpose to terrorize them.”

The Guadeloupean resistance understands. Contrary to millions of hypnotized, not very smart and not very brave people in mainland France, they know what the agenda is about: enslavement, control, chinese style social credit and depopulation. The former slave colony certainly doesn’t want to go back to this nightmare.

The General Strike In Guadeloupe Continues Under High Tension

General Strike In Guadeloupe barrages Installed On The Roads

Congratulations and massive worldwide support for the resistance in Guadeloupe!

The movement extended to the island of the Reunion: General strike: Tens of thousands march in the streets of Saint-Denis

But this is not all, strikes are now launched everywhere in France against the globalists agenda of klaus schwab little bitch macron:  

Road sign decorated: “Fuck you too, macron, you and your transvestite”! (his ‘wife Brigitte’ which happens to be a guy). Because macron said ‘I want to piss off the unvaccinated’. This is their answer.

France, the Resistance, the Patriots and the Yellow Vests fighting for Freedom, People’s rights and against macron’s puppet regime for the 29th week now.

The two main movements demosntrating in Paris since July, separated by secondary political differences compared to the survival challenges the Nation faces today. They should join forces against the globalists.

Patriots – Chanting and waving flags from all over the world, notably Italy, Spain, Canada and Quebec in support of the Freedom Convoy!

“A huge crowd converges to defend freedom in Paris! Patriots from all over the world in the same communion for human rights! Massive!!”

Florian Philippot

Yellow Vests, some with ski googles and hoodies, not because there is any snow but for protection against macron’s pig surveillance, bullets & gasses

After trying to negotiate with face diapered Neanderthals to change the course of the demo, and pay tribute to a yellow vest #Nejeh hospitalized at the Pitié-Salpêtrière, @FaouziLellouche was violently pushed back and then gassed. Why trying to negotiate with macron’s Gestapo? Who negotiates with terrorists and globalist scum? Organize, charge with tactical formations and overcome them.

Yellow Vest in support of their colleague hospitalized. We support him too and wish him a quick come back.

Paris – Protesters in front of mass murderers pfizer’s offices, denouncing their crimes and chanting “macron, veran (death minister), bourla: murderers!”... On the poster: ‘vaccine’ = DEADLY.  Elders, young, woment, men from all walks of life.

This is the kind of effective action, preferably to be done in the week when the complicit emplpoyees or criminal pfizer can be shown, shamed and named! Best is to sabotage their production facilities.

Prime Sinister jean castex is booed and insulted during his visit in Grenoble. This is how normal Human Beings welcome criminals.  Among the insults: rot, garbage, scumbag, sold-out, asshole, criminal, get lost, go to jail! In short the truth. No projectiles flying. Nobody’s trying to punch, shoot or stab him. Next time maybe…

The insurrection is spreading to workers, students, teachers and farmers, we can’t possibly show all of it but multiple strikes, protests and riots happened this week.

At a Leclerc shopping center (big retail) in #Lamballe (Britanny), farmers dump rubbish and block the access, motorists forced to turn back.

Farmers can thank the scum of the EUSSR for all their problems. This is where the organized destruction of French and Europe economies mainly comes from.

Farmers raising their voice. Trolleys set on fire at the Leclerc supermarket of Plérin to denounce big retail abusive practices.

And as usual since July, hundreds of other cities were demonstrating for their rights and against macron’s dictatorship.  Here in Nice


Austria where the unelected, illegitimate, corrupt and criminal junta in power have been caught red handed rigging ‘covid cases’ numbers to implement their heinous lockdown and illegal forced injection dictates. They basically inflate numbers by at least 60% as an alibi for their crimes against Austrians and humanity. In a normal world these vermin would be in jail waiting for lifelong sentences or executed.

Some bad news for the corrupt nehammer’s regime and good news for Austrians:

We like the conclusion of the Author:

I believe answering these questions will end the “pandemic”. It also ends the government. It seems we got off lightly once again.

Let’s not forget this lesson. Freedom never dies dramatically. She dies little by little.

We must never take them for granted. We must fight for them!

Even now (especially now), until those in power were removed from office in handcuffs.

The original article from Chris Veber:

Game Over

The German version for our Austrian and German friends:

Game Over? Setzen Wiens Verfassungsrichter die Regierung matt?

In case there were any doubts about illegal “mandates”:

We also refer to the massive fraud revelations perpetrated by the criminals who seized power in Austria to illegally try to force the WEF agenda on unsuspecting populations. More here about it. Or here, here and here.

Only massive civil disobedience will solve the problem. They have absollutely no right to force any injection or any medical treatment on You! DO NOT COMPLY.

All their dictates disguised as “laws” are illegal and groundless. DO NOT COMPLY!

DO NOT PAY ANY FINE, DO NOT LET ANY SCUMBAG TRYING TO ARREST YOU! It is your absolute right to defend your body against agression.

This is a war and you must fight it. This is the fight of Your lives. If not for yourselves, do it for your kids!

DO NOT GIVE-UP TO THEIR BLUFF! The world is watching, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Millions are resisting and will help you! DO NOT COMPLY TO THEIR RACKET!

Vienna Anti Mandatory VAX, Anti Everything – It’s happening Everywhere.  We know how corrupt and criminal the illegitimate and unelected nehammer’s regime is. It’s a puppet regime remote controlled from Davos or wherever the cabalist/globalist clique hides these days. Their days are counted! DO NOT COMPLY!

On the 27th it was Mozart’s birthday. So they play Mozart. If he would come back today in Austria, he would be so ashamed that he would as for Belarusian nationality! Or maybe he would fight with the Resistance!

Austrians in their streets defending their rights. Being too timid will not help. It’s a war the elites and their stooges are waging on us. We must fight with all we have.

Two neo-nazi pigs beating a lonely lady. 2 pigs against one woman… What else but ruthless reprisals against this subhuman scum?

Are there no men in the crowd to defend her and crush these pieces of hit?

nehammer, you and your henchmen: Your time will come!


Germany, where like in neo-Nazi Austria, the truth is coming out. there was never any ‘cases’ or ‘deaths’. there was never any ‘pandemic’, but a coup to impose totalitarianism once again. Germans who have been fooled by Nazism and communism not so long ago really have a very selective and short memory…

From Europe Reloaded

German Health Minister says Tyrannical Covid-19 Restrictions for Unvaccinated were based on “Software Error”

The BS “pandemic of the unvaccinated” was caused by a computer glitch. That was the conclusion of the Health Minister of Germany Karl Lauterbach, after months of vilifying the unvaccinated in the nation’s second largest city, Hamburg.

Instead, they didn’t want to reveal that it was in fact the fully vaccinated who were suffering the worst with coronavirus.

The Hamburg mayor now claims that the misclassifications were a result of “different IT systems,” whatever that is supposed to mean.

“With the situation in Hamburg … I can claim without a doubt that the problem was in the automatic classifier of the software,” added Lauterbach, trying to save face.

“The problem is solved now … and it was a mistake and was not done on purpose in order to largely blame the unvaccinated for the pandemic.” (SURE, ASSHOLE, WE BELIEVE YOU).

Now, an investigation by the newspapers Sueddeutscher Zeitung and Welt found that the spike in cases touted by Lauterbach and Tschentscher was entirely fake. (The MSM suddenly grew a conscience or Nuremberg style trials are coming?)

Like in Austria and all over the world, these criminals must be jailed and sentenced to lifelong time in prison or death penalty.

Anyhow, as the criminal politicians are still in power and pursuing criminal policies, the fight goes on until the final victory.



Frankfurt (seat of the evil EUSSR ECB)

And every Monday there are thousands of #Montagsdemo and #Spaziergänge all over Germany. On Telegram for the details.


Another country where illegitimate, unelected and criminal politicians have been installed in power to enforce the fascist agenda of the globalist vermin.

Italians have a new technique, they go by tens of thousands to file complaints to prosecutors all over the country against piece of shit draghi and his dictatorship.

Modena, Ancona and Lucca, citizens file a complaint against Mario Draghi. Same scenes in prosecutors’ offices all over Italy!

Like all the other criminals behind the covid COUP, draghi is guilty of mass murder, racket, attempted genocide, gross negligence, discrimination, blackmail, fraud, racket, enslavement, corruption and high treason. Half of these charges would normally lead to the death penalty!

This is what the banker vermin draghi and his puppet masters are doing to Italians: genocide!

Milan this morning. Pensioners, disabled, women with offspring and unvaccinated suspended from work, queuing in the cold to beg for a piece of bread. Intolerable. The criminals responsible of this situation must be arrested, jailed and executed.

Prosecutor of Massa, citizens file a complaint against draghi for unconstitutional decrees related to the vax passport, which harm individual freedom and prevent the unvaccinated from working. Also in Genoa, Naples, Arezzo, Bologna, Lecce and many other cities!

Will it work? We doubt it, they have done the same in many other countries. In France, last week, corrupt judges have simply annulled 20,000 such complaints on a whim (most likely on order from their masonic partners in crime).

The solution necessarily involves massive disobedience and retaliation against the  criminal politicians, their collaborators (including pigs and military if need be). The current fascist regime must be toppled and draghi and his ministers dragged into the streets and given the same death than Mussolini and his collaborators had.

Mussolini and his gang were beaten to death by the crowd and hanged at the end of WW2. The same is waiting for draghi and his collaborators.

We will see how their complaints end. We hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

State violence against 16-year-old students. Incredible. We see that and honestly, why are they letting them be beaten like that? Why don’t they go armed and geared against draghi Gestapo? Here again advices on how to confront pigs in a protest:

Now people are fighting back against draghi’s pigs. Roma, Torino, Milano, everywhere.

One of the criminals against humanity responsible for the deaths of thousands and the destitution of millions. He goes on TV admitting his crimes and planning more crimes. This evil pig must pay! 

CRIMINAL “deputy minister” for death, Pierpaolo Sileri, against unvaccinated people: “We will make life difficult for the unvaccinated”.


Few protests in the Netherlands


This was last week. Impressive! Amazing, a gigantic tribe of hundred thousands warriors. All over Europe, the war is on !

The battles against NWO pigs last week in Brussels. An umbrella provides a good shield against water cannon, gasses and baton hits.  It also can hide weapons such as petrol bombs, stones, or bats and obfuscate the pigs view. The media can say whatever they want but the hatred against criminal politicians and their tail waving dogs is increasing day after day. One day millions will have nothing to lose and those who helped the criminal politicians will run for their lives.


More troubles for another WEF little bitch, bojo the clown:

British MPs open an investigation into the government’s nudge unit accused by psychologists of using scare tactics of “deploying the “deploying fear, shame and scapegoating” to justify and enforce restrictions.

Unjabbed ICU doctor who confronted Sajid Javid over compulsory jabs for NHS staff launches legal action against government’s vaccine mandate and insists he is prepared to lose his career to ‘stick with my values’

• Dr Steve James is spearheading a judicial review against NHS vax mandate’
• Mandate requires all NHS staff to get two Covid-19 vaccines bio-weapons by April 1
• Dr James and 7 other medical professionals call mandates unlawful (it’s the case0
• He said he is willing to lose his career over the mandate to stick with his values

Good man. When Good People stand against evil…

And of course, there is an ongoing complaint for crimes against humanity against bojo the clown and his criminal cabinet.

One of the reason why the team of criminal puppets of the bojo cabinet removed all restrictions this week might be because they are under huge pressure of political death but also because of the war (Ukraine false flag or not)they are preparing as the next step of the lock-step scenario (or as a distraction). One thing for sure, it’s not out of sudden love for the People. The future will tell.


Catalonia Abolishes the vax passport

Spain Proposes to “Return to Normal Life” and Treat Covid-19 Like Flu

Sure, “normal life” with muzzles and a dictatorship. They really take people for idiots (and often it works).

Last time we heard that it was from Denmark (which also removed restrictions last week) who pretended exactly the same back in September to impose Nazi vax passports in December. Then there was Israel who scrapped the yellow-green badge to reintroduce it months later with even more fascism.

Marxism101: to break the will of prisoners, they are nice with them one day then torture them the next,  then nice again, to terrorize them the day after.

The only moment we will know it’s over is when the criminals behind it will have been executed or jailed for their crimes. And if anyone is naive enough to think that we will forget or forgive, then think twice.


Last night in Tel Aviv, Israel.  Calling: “re-vo-lu-tion!” That would be nice…


Australia has been fighting for months against the globalists scumbags in power. The fight continues day after days, weeks after weeks.

The Freedom Convoy to Canberra is on. Down Under, they are called Truckies.

Humor first:

One year ago Australia CHO Paul Kelly said Astrazeneca and Pfizer stop serious illness and death 100% of the time…Today NSW Recorded 75% of 49 Deaths as WAXXED...So it works ALL the time, 25% of the Time...

All these “Australian” bureaucrats and corrupt politicians look the same, jerk faces, permanent BS, zero credibility and utter arrogance. Are they chinese CP genetically modified clones?

Melbourne – The fight goes on!

Freedom Rules!

BS vaccines kill

Melbourne, the resistance is there facing kim jong dan and its ‘army’ of braindead NWO pigs.


The People vs The Police, Truth vs Lies – Tense scenes outside Melbourne West CBD Police Station…by coincidence at 313 Swanston Street…33.  We like the demonstrator who waves a plastic pig at the face diapered cop who pretends not to see it.

HONK HONK – It’s miss piggie with a muzzle and sunglasses. Yes all of you freaks look ri-di-cu-lous

BOYCOTT and RESISTANCE: This is how it’s done.


In other news

An investigation of currents trends has revealed that the Covid-19 vaccines are projected to cause over 62.3 million cardiovascular deaths worldwide in 2022, after already causing cardiovascular deaths among professional athletes to double every three months throughout 2021.

Surprise, surprise… It seems to match the depopulation targets announced by some psychopathic mass murderer posing as a philanthropist few years ago. What a coincidence!

In 1984, the George Orwell famous dystopian novel that seems to have inspired the criminals behind the current coup, there are 3 mega continents always at war with each other. They are used a scapegoats and permanent menace by the totalitarian system to keep people in fear, hatred and under control.

Is it the same scenario they are playing on us now with the ‘war in Ukraine’ using Russia and Putin as the villain to hate, distracting us from fighting our real internal enemies, while expanding the emergency powers and enforcing ever more dictatorship in our dying societies?  

Just an idea as it appears that Putin like bojo the clown both went to school at the ‘young leaders’ school of James Bond villain caricature klaus schwab.

The resemblance between schwab and the caricature of a Bond movie villain, Dr Evil is so striking that it is embarassing for the WEF founder.

Dr evil schwab even bragged in a video  in 2017 that he infiltrated most governments in the world and installed people like macron, trudeau, merkel and Putin in power.

VIDEO FOUND: Klaus Schwab Admits To Penetrating The Cabinets Of Most World Governments

Completely logical for merkel, macron and trudeau who are obvious puppets acting on behalf of external forces to destroy their nations from inside, but Putin?

It is however true that he attended the WEF ‘young leaders’ school. So real war games of yet another theatre for the unwashed masses to further the globalists agenda?

One thing is for sure is that NATO is the evil army it pretends to fight. Without NATO, there would have been no invasion of Europe in 2015 and no terrorist attacks, mass rapes and mass murders in the last 7 years in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa.

NATO is believed to be the globalists/deep state private army used for their resource grabbing and regime change wars. So those who serve in it are as the legend says ‘half-wits’ cutting the branch they and their families are sitting on.

This article is worth reading. And we can’t forget that the US and their allies have lost all major wars since the end of WW2, from Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine. One might say that they won the cold war but is it true since as soon as the USSR died, the EUSSR took its place (Maastricht ‘treaty’, 1992). The only battles NATO and allies ever won were the easy ones at a 1000 against one, and even with all the firepower and resources it too them more than 8 months to subdue Libya. All that to say, that aside from bragging, a real war against Russia and/or China would probably be the end of NATO and perhaps Europe as we know it.


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  1. Russia will make mince meat out of the transgender pussies of NATO…

    I can’t wait to see that…

    The incompetent, decadent and triple jabbed sissies of the “US” (globalists) army haven’t won a war in 80 years and they managed to win WW2 thanks to the Russians…



  2. Whatever happens they have written history already and they ahve shown the entire world that this ‘pandemic’ was a fake!

    Now the world is following on their steps!

    Well done!


  3. The worst are the covid cult zombies, the braindead morons who not only believe in this bullshit but want to force others to join their stupid fascist cult.

    The problem of these deranged CRETINS is that they can’t stand to see other being free whjile they live in their tiny mental cages…

    Laughing at them would be enough if these scumbags weren’t the ones pushing for the extermination of those who disagree with their bottomless STUPIDITY.


  4. The world economic forum puppet, Trudeau is digging his own grave by now calling the movement ‘Nazis” and “racists”. the TURD has completely lost it!

    This article however reminds us that trudeau was shaking hands with real nazis in Ukraine:


    These are official figures. They are facts.
    TOTAL for EU/UK/USA – 61,654 Covid-19 injection related deaths and 9,755,085 injuries reported as at 28 January 2022.







    As a trucker in one of the videos below explains, Ottawa itself cannot accommodate the volume of trucks, it’s simply not big enough. So local protests by truckers across Canada are also taking place.

    GoFundMe began to pay out the funds, with the first payment of $1M in Canadian dollars being released, the campaign organizer tweeted on Friday. iT STANDS AT 10 m$ NOW!


    Convoy organizers hold first live press conference from an undisclosed location in Ottawa. #FreedomConvoy2022 https://t.co/0h0nYpzZ5a
    — Keean Bexte (@TheRealKeean) January 30, 2022

    Tuesday, Feb 1
    NEW: Truckers are providing meals for the homeless in downtown Ottawa. Zero mainstream media coverage. Organizers also have pop-up pizza ovens cooking food for everyone all over. This is who Trudeau is calling “unacceptable.” pic.twitter.com/0uySAyA4iJ
    — Keean Bexte (@TheRealKeean) February 1, 2022
    The freedom trucker convoy protest made free pizzas for anyone in Ottawa today. pic.twitter.com/3ehd1OwgmQ
    — Marie Oakes (@TheMarieOakes) February 2, 2022
    Tuesday Feb 1
    The police are coming for these men. They will probably go to jail because they want us all to be free from this biomedical prison.
    True North, strong and free. https://t.co/9kE7AGbOVC
    — Sheila Gunn Reid (@SheilaGunnReid) February 1, 2022

    Newish Tweet – a roadblock by Canada’s RCMP (police) at the Alberta / Montana border hasn’t worked:
    IDEO: Farmers and truckers successfully evade #RCMP road block near #Coutts, #Alberta, border crossing with US 🇺🇸 (via @NoliVinci). pic.twitter.com/WUIcUacHfP #NoVaccineMandates #Trudeau 🇨🇳 #Biden 🇨🇳 #FreedomConvoy 🇨🇦 #CouttsCrisis 😂 #Montana
    — Manchester Chronicle 🐝 (@WithyGrove) February 2, 2022


  6. Freedom Convoy Organizers Condemn Media Lies in First Press Conference

    Dichter also makes it clear that the rumour of there being a withholding of funds by GoFundMe was simply a lie, put out to cause them problems. An additional point worth noting is that, according to Dichter’s sources, it was the Trudeau administration which pushed or persuaded Biden’s to adopt the vaccine program/restrictions for truckers. ‘The Americans have us to thank for it.” And “why is the US accommodating Canada? We don’t know.”

    ‘Legacy Media? Turn It Off’
    ‘The enemy is the political class who is pushing us into serfdom’

    This is a formidable team (the three of them) of players representing the Canadian truckers and the popular will.

    ‘We’re fighting two fights …one, we’re fighting the Trudeau government, the mandates and the passports, but the other is, we’re fighting … the smears … of the legacy media’



    Liked by 1 person

  7. It’s clear to me that the theatre show in Uraine is both a false flag and a big distraction from the fact that they have lost the narrative about the false pandemic.

    The humiliation of WEF puppet Trudeau is blatant. He has been pulled by the nose and waled around naked all over the country and the world showing what he has, a small, ridiculous, tiny tyrants that cries the king is naked if ever this lackey had the stature of a king.

    They are now obliterating the masses with a new wave of terror: the Russian one…

    This is so grotesque that I really wonder who believes in this BS.

    They are so desperate to push for their ‘great BULLSHIT reset’ and so impatient to have their’ one world government’ which is failing dramatically that they would actually invent anything to hide the fact that they are ruined, their world is ruined and their dams of fantastic lies don’t hold water anymore.

    This is the kind of desperate madmen that would push the world into nuclear war just to accelerate their depopulation agenda.

    It’s even possible that Putin (a former attendant of the ‘young global leaders’ ‘school’ of the WEF) is part of the plan.

    As you write, the trick in 1984 is to have permament conflicts of big global blocks against each others so as to keep the masses under fear and control.

    AS COUP-19 is failing miserably, they feel the peasant masses waking-up and readying their forks and knives, so they manufacture yet another ‘big crisis’ to distract and terrorize further.




  8. Awasome! They are still there and they have spoen, even a former sniper who worked for Trudeau is now doing security for the truckers!


    He got fired for not taking the poison and stood for his rights! Superb!

    Also trending now: #WeStandWithRussia




  9. Congratulations to the truckers and the Candiains who exposed the puppet trudeau for the total fake he is.

    As for Uraine it’s another manufactured crisis ‘made in Washington’ or rather made behind the curtains by the cabal who control the deep state and its European lackeys.

    I new soldiers who served in Yugoslavia and Serbia for the Un in the 1990’s, already they knew the media were lying when they saw the fae news in the evening using archive images from other conflicts to pour oil on fire.

    How the prostitutes in the media can keep lying and be responsible of the death of millions by their lies?

    How can they look themselves in a mirror?

    It’s true that many are zionists so they have no conscience and are not real humans like us but how is it possible to have become so evil?



  10. Great movement, well done to Canadian Truckers and Canadians. The proof that an international reolvution is possible and even with no blood spilled.

    Thanks for the Telegram groups for the Convoys all over the world.

    the only 2 problems with Telegram are:

    1/ You need to download a software to install it on your device. This is a big no go for security and practicality reasons: Why don’t they just offer the service online lie other media?
    2/ You need to register with a phone number: Anoter big no go for me for privacy, anonymity reasons. Activists must be able to register and use social media that respect anonymity and privacy (just let us regsiter with email and that’s it).

    So, for these reasons, countless people will not use telegram.

    To Telegram executives and developers: Create a version for those who don’t want to install it and want to remain anonymous and you will multiply your user base.


  11. I also thin the ‘war in Uraine’ is a sham. You saw it wisely with the 1984 novel comparison.

    Dictatorships always create and internal (dissidents, non vaccinated) and external (Russia, China) enemy in order to increase the dictatorship, the terror and to keep peeople in fear. It also allow them to extend ’emergency powers’ indefinitely.

    It’s the same from the Russina side, Putin received 18 bn$ from the jews of the IMF in November, soon after ‘qr codes’ magically started to be pushed in various regions (although Russians now can beat or stab anyone demanding that)…

    Putin was also a ‘youn leader’ at the WEF school, lie all the other puppets trudeau, macron, merkel. On the video laus Schwab pretends he inflitrated many world governments and and that he put Putin in power ( I have doubts on this one).

    But, they are all part of the same masonic lodges, so it’s possible that it is only part of the plan to enslave the rest of humanity.

    In any case, no one should be so stupid to go to die for global corporations, zionist and globalist scum.


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