There is Only One War, and it’s not in Ukraine

It’s the war of Humanity against the global ‘elites’

The self anointed ‘elites’ are at war against us, Humanity, not against each others.

So let’s cut the crap first


Ukraine – listen carefully to what she says…Here we go, The BBC is at it again. It’s the Wuhan Flop all over again….

The World is nothing but a Stage- Don’t fall for it, it’s crisis after crisis, they have an agenda it’s called the new world order.

Everything they do is to try to convince the world that global problems require global solutions hence we need a a one world government, a one world digital currency, a one world police, it’s all about control and not about keeping you safe.


God over Government — Freedom over Fear

Definition of the concept ofuseful idiot (and joke of the day)

Early 2020: changes avatar to a masked selfie.
Mid 2020: changes avatar to BLM raised fist
2021: changes avatar to boast of being vaxxed
Early 2022: changes avatar to STAND WITH UKRAINE

All along, considers himself a highly independent thinker (sic)

Interesting article from the DailyExpose one week after our post, confirming the ‘war in Ukraine’ as a distraction while crucial things are happening, the release of pfizer documents (proving the fraud), but especially the takeover of our sovereignty by the WHO with the BS ‘pandemic treaty’ (a coup in all but name). The WHO has always been a tool by which they intended to impose their totalitarian world ‘order’ as Joseph Mercola and former WHO employee Astrid Stuckelberger confirmed recently (Grand Jury Day 2).

Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency Documents

So, this new manufactured crisis serves as a smokescreen while they are unrolling their lock-step scenario, destroying our democracies – we now have USSR style political prisoners in Canada with Heroin of the Freedom Convoys Tamara Lich arbitrarily held in jail for the crime of peacefully protesting and fascist police violence in New-Zeland. But hey, very few care because the idiot box has turned the mass formated psychos towards poor ‘Ukraine’ and magnified scarecrow Putin !

The real bad guys however are still free to roam. Sadly, nuclear destruction would seem preferable than this human fall into baseness and the abject enslavement millions are building for themselves…

Slipping Under the Radar – Pfizer Documents, Pandemic Treaty and the Magical Disappearance of Covid

“Vladimir Putin has managed to do in a few days what the UK and other governments weren’t able to do in two years – eradicate Covid.  He has been so effective that Strange Sounds is suggesting he be nominated for a Nobel Prize.”

Strange Sounds

How to put that?

Decentralization is our only hope to preserve our rights and Human dignity

The ‘war in Ukraine’, a (not very creative) 1984 scenario

By directing the attention and hatred of the masses toward one subject and enemy, the criminals in power can quietly unroll their real agenda in stealth mode while the peasants are distracted.

Soon they will even be able to implement more curtailment on people’s rights and freedom under the guise of a ‘war’ they created in the first place, more martial laws, more controls, more obedience training, more surveillance, more censorship and eventually more elimination of dissidence and different opinions.

“They prop one another up, like three sheaves of corn.”

Excerpt from George’s Orwell 1984
"The splitting up of the world into three great super-states was an event which could be and indeed was foreseen before the middle of the twentieth century. With the absorption of Europe by Russia and of the British Empire by the United States, two of the three existing powers, Eurasia and Oceania, were already effectively in being. The third, Eastasia, only emerged as a distinct unit after another decade of confused fighting. The frontiers between the three super-states are in some places arbitrary, and in others they fluctuate according to the fortunes of war, but in general they follow geographical lines".
--- Excerpt from George's Orwell 1984

Think about the USA and their lackeys in western Europe, then Russia and China, and suddenly the similarity is striking.

Will we also have soon a ‘day of hatred’ like in 1984? Or is it already on against the designated villain of the day?

Our guess is that the scum behind these ‘crisis’ have read Brave New World and 1984 very carefully and have applied and are applying significant parts to their global control agendas.

The current ‘war in Ukraine’ war is used to cover up for the failure of the covid hoax at the exact moment when it was crumbling on a scale unseen in the last two years.  What a coincidence!

What a blessing for those behind the covid hoax and the great reset agenda!

Putin, normally an astute geopolitical chess player, suddenly falls into a gross trap to serve the interests and narratives of his alleged enemies?

Is that believable?

That he recognizes two tiny enclaves is one thing, he could have done it without any military move, but a complete operation inside Ukraine? 

Does that make sense?

The self anointed ‘elites’ are at war against us, Humanity, not against each others.

Lets’ the show begin…

Note: They have used the same war psyop and propaganda techniques since the first Gulf war in 1991 (which was also the ‘birth’ of fake news channel CNN).

Using archive footage to fool the public in thinking it’s happening now!

From Twitter:Earlier this week I have posted other threads with fake news stories. I can go on forever. MANY of the pictures & videos I see on twitter AND the mainstream news are old, fake, or even footage from GAMES.

Carl Bildt caught in the act of lying and trying to manipulate people by using old images pretendig they are actual. The real question is: Who is Carl Bildt and who does he work for? Carl Bildt is the co-chair of the European Council on Foreign Relations, one of the globalist crime syndicates trying to force on us their “NWO”.

Photo on the left used as actual footage while it was taken in 2021 by psyop propagandists to deceive the public.

Seen on twitter again, fake news, old archive footage and images used to manipulate people perceptions.

But WHY do our MSM and so many “high” profiles share FAKE videos/pics. Where are the real ones?

And it’s not only corporate medias doing so, it’s also puppet ‘governments’:

Italian state television show ‘Kiev’ bombed by the Russians without understanding that they are images of a video game.

The technique was already in use by CNN during the first Gulf war. Nothing new, nothing creative, no need when they are dealing with amnesiacs and ignorant.


In the mean time they are killing our children! Worst of all, parents are complicit!

8-Year-Old Boy Dies of MIS 7 Days After Pfizer Vaccine, VAERS Report Shows

VAERS data released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention included a total of

1,134,984 reports of adverse events

from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including

24,402 DEATHS

196,203 serious injuries

between Dec. 14, 2020, and Feb. 18, 2022.

The number of adverse reactions and deaths is highly underreported, only 1 to maybe 10% adverse reactions are reported. So you can multiply these amounts at least tenfold.

No wonder they try to carpet bomb the public with far away wars rather than looking into domestic genocides!   

A Moving Testimony From Dr. Robert Malone – who created the  mRNA technology…

before you inject your child, a decision that is irreversible , I wanted to let you know about the scientific facts about this genetic vaccine which is based on the mRNA technology i created 30 years ago.  There are 3 issues that you parents and grandparents need to understand:
1/ a viral chain will be injected into your children cells- these genes force your child body to make toxic spike proteins. These toxins can create permanent damage in children critical organs (include damages to brain and nervous systems, heart and blood vessels, including blood clots, their reproductive system, and can trigger fundamental changes in their immune system). Once these damages have occurred they are irreparable.
2/ This novel technology has not been adequately tested - we need at least 5 years of testing and research before we can really understand the risks of any new vaccine. vaccines can cause long term disease in auto immune diseases, it's true for all of them.  "ask yourself if you want your own child to be part of the most radical medical experiment in human history". 
3/ the reason they're giving you to inject you child is a lie - your children represent no danger for their parents or grandparents. (...)  as a parent an grandparent my advice to you is to resist and fight

And they are implementing their total surveillance agenda in stealth mode.

While face diapered / triple jabbed idiots take everything they see on TV at face value…

By Prof. Chossudovsky

Besides, most covidhoax dictates haven’t been removed in most countries worldwide. While it’s now been proven that it is nothing but a massive fraud, hellholes like California, New-York, Italy, France, Austria (where they criminalize people for refusing to get genetically modified, harmed, euthanized or sterilized), Germany, Australia, New-Zealand, to cite only some of the most fascist regimes, still have forced injections, forced muzzle and other illegal dictates in place.

We can only imagine brain damaged covid zombies now becoming totally psychotic watching the new fear porn circus on the idiot box: ‘war in Ukraine’… We have zero hope for these halfwits to ever been able to wake-up from their slumber.

We still see people wearing muzzle alone in their cars, even in countries where the ‘mandates’ have been cancelled.  It’s not fear of fines anymore, its’ blunt stupidity.

These are the useful idiots who are partly responsible of the totalitarian assault on Humanity since 2 years. Without their compliance and complicity, the coup would have lasted 2 months. After having polluted their minds and bodies for 2 years (and anyone else around them), they now want to pollute us with their psychological diseases about what they’re made to believe is happening in Ukraine.

The only war is taking place at home and now and it’s a war from our captured governments and their masters against us. It’s a survival war and it’s a world war.

Fortunately, millions are figthing worldwide and millions are waking-up

“Since the hoax pandemic is over, seamlessly replaced by the war-thing, I can now say all of you who didn’t wear masks, get jabbed or take the fake tests, despite 2 years of unrelenting piss, are absolute fucking legends.”

Compliment seen on twitter

A warm welcome. Thank you!


Day 5 of the Grand Jury concluded with a rather surprising (for investment bankers and lawyers) call for a return to spirituality among other solutions to fight the globalists agenda. It was also the last session on Saturday, Day 6 Eugenics + closing arguments and outlook.

Christian Kreiss , economist and former investment banker offers some solutions.

Starts at 03:32


Solzhenitsyn – a devout Orthodox Christian – had the same analysis (referring to the Bolshevik “revolution” , 70+ years of communism and his own imprisonment in the gulag):

” If I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous Revolution that swallowed up some 60 million of our people I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.”

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

It’s definitely a war against spirituality. The War of Spirituality vs materialism. The spiritual dimension of this war is extremely important as some of their goals are to control our minds, deshumanize us, disconnect us from each others or destroy our souls. No wonder many of them pretend to be ‘satanists’. We Are Fighting Evil, this is why we can only win, but it supposes a return to values we have lost along the way. Ancestral ones. A return to our inner spirtuality and connection with a higher spirit.

Back to earth with the weekly actions in this war of Humanity against the global ‘elites’ and their lackeys:


In Canada, chicken combo trudeau (aka the Davos clique) has lost the little credibility he had left, he had to end the illegal ’emergency act’ because the senate would have voted against it and because of capital flight from criminal “Canadian” banks.

This is how we can get to them. Hurt them where it hurts the most. TAKE YOUR CASH OUR OF THEIR CLUTCHES!

From Mike Adams and When All Else Fails, Invoke the Emergencies Act!:

Speaking of money, Canada’s TD Bank has lost $8.5 billion in value since Trudeau invoked the Emergency Measures Act, plus whatever was withdrawn in the bank run.
Trudeau’s government froze bank accounts of Canadian citizens in the absence of a court order, in the absence of a conviction. In some cases, in the absence of any charges whatsoever.
Capital flight is likely one reason why Trudeau revoked the Act and there were some rather comical reports of the RCMP working with banks to “unfreeze” most of these accounts.
Timing is everything. You can’t declare war on your own people when there are still 40 million of them kicking around. You have to wait until the vaxxines have taken full effect.
Trudeau was going to lose the all-important vote in the Canadian Senate today to pass the Emergency Measures Act.
It was such an egregious, illegal, completely unnecessary and dangerous power grab that he had to end it to save face – not, as he claimed yesterday afternoon because he decided it was no longer needed.

Timing is essential, so now, Truckers would be smart to start the protests again, this is exactly the right time to strike when the Davos scum are busy with Russia.

And it’s happening! Winnipeg

what what!? Yes chicken combo, sending dirty cops and foreign troops against citizens never solve a problem, it makes it worse. But to know that you need to be a leader, not a puppet…


Toronto  – Freeeedom!


Freedom Convoy truckers regrouping at undisclosed location

Truckers from the Freedom Convoy who have recently been evicted from downtown Ottawa are now regrouping at an undisclosed location. 
After the recent police action last weekend, and the reinforcement to clear the area of protesters, I wondered what happened with all the people who saw their trucks, cars, furniture and equipment seized by the authorities.
I talked with some of the people who remained while they awaited more updates on the seizure — they revealed to me some of the secret locations other people went to.

Speaker Avoids Answering Transparency Concerns Regarding the WEF’s Influence on the Canadian Government. “The member was in a really good question there, but the audio was really, really bad, and the video was really, really bad as well.” The audio was perfect- It answers the question, the mock parliament ‘speaker’  is one of them!

This is the situation in Canada and in many other countries

The Convoys effect:


The People’s Convoy 

God over Government—Freedom over Fear

People’s Convoy updates with CHD TV

Hit the road with CHD.TV! Tune in EVERY DAY @ 10am EST for BREAKING news updates from our reporters on the ground – kicking off on 2/23 from Adelanto, CA. #LetsRoll #FreedomConvoy

CONVOY UPDATE DAY 5: Road to Big Cabin, OK

The People’s Convoy pulled into Elk City, Oklahoma today to be greeted by a large group of loving supporters, including the city’s mayor, Nick Archer.

The People’s Convoy is not exclusive to the continental 48—Maui convoys for freedom!

Starting at a modest size when leaving from California, the People’s Convoy has expanded, stretching over ten miles long as it crosses into Texas

Unite Oregon took place in Portland on Friday Feb 25.  All Oregonians were invited to come together to stand for Medical Freedom. 

More corruption revealed at pfizer and the FDA:

Pfizer/FDA Corruption, Lethal Batches, and Autopsies Reveal Covid-19 Jab Genocide

And it’s not only about abusing your health, it’s a global grab agenda, starting by farmlands and food.

A food war is brewing and American farmers and ranchers are on the front lines. Family owned farms are the backbone of America. Ninety-eight percent of U.S. farms are operated by families. Eighty-six percent of all U.S. agricultural products are produced on family farms or ranches. In 2018, about $140 billion worth of agricultural products were exported to the world, making the U.S. a top food exporter. Their blood, sweat, and tears bring food to tables across America and the world.

Most of us don’t give much thought to where our food is coming from – farmers and ranchers of this great nation. It is a thankless job, but if you asked a farmer they would probably tell you it isn’t a job. It’s a way of life and a family tradition – passed down through generations. It’s an American dream, but this dream is dying. 
The backbone of America is being crushed under the weight of the Biden administration’s policies. 
The Biden administration’s looming tax hikes, incentives to put farm land out of production, and plan to put 30% of all U.S. land and water into conservation by 2030 threaten American farmers’ and ranchers’ way of life, as well as our nation’s food security.
We must fight to save the American dream for their sake and for our own. 
  • Support your local farms.
  • Get involved by contacting your representative and telling them that over-taxing American farms, ranches and businesses will crush the backbone of America.
  • And if you ever have the pleasure of meeting a farmer, tell them ‘Thank you.’
Watch this 10-minute video by The Sharp Edge to understand the gravity of the situation.

Bitch of the week

A 9 year old girl was locked outside in the cold and prevented from entering her classroom for not wearing a mask. When the Vice Principal was questioned she responded, “I’m just doing my job.” “This is called segregation and discrimination”. When challenged:  “I’m just doing my job.”- “no you go above and beyond to make it harassment for a child.

This occured at Summerville Elementary in Tuolumne, California.

Activists against mandates rally in Brooklyn NY demanding all Mandates get lifted – People all around the world are waking-up to this tyranny! Yep, this is why they created the next crisis ‘war in Ukraine’, to divert attentions somewhere else while they keep destroying our lives!

Good People, even a minority can make up for indifferent, ignorant and evil ones.

In the mean time in Europe:

“Don’t comply with Draconian Measures, Organise Yourself, You Have to Find Your Tribe But Don’t Comply and Others Will Help You”

Mary Holland, Renate Holzeisen, Meryl Nass MD, and Polly Tommey Join World-Renowned Experts In Science, Medicine, Finance, Media And The Law To Speak At The Doctors For Covid Ethics + UK Column Symposium III



Austria – Vienna  Sunday Feb 27, 2022 – Massive demonstration against tyranny, forced injections, vax passports and the totalitarian regime.

Massive demonstration in Salzburg and all over the country

The day before: Massive protests in Vienna, against the unelected regime and its dictates

Anti Mandatory VAX, Anti Everything – Stunning Scenes, Austria says Enough

TIME TO OVERTHROW nehammer’s REGIME! – Jail van der bellen and all the other criminals!

Its’ all over the Austrian Nation, like here in Gleisdorf



“We will not have peace with all those who have been waging war against us for so long! NATO, the EU, the bidens, trudeau and macron!” A superb French crowd in the heart of Paris gathered for freedom and peace, the real one! The French do not let themselves be intimidated by macronist propaganda and fight for their freedoms! An incredible crowd in Paris! macron véran McKinsey out!

No pass… No muzzle… macron, GO FUCK YOURSELF!


My wife is victim of the pfizer “vaccine”

I accuse @olivierveran  (health minister). You are a liar and an incompetent veran.  I accuse #veran of failure to assist a person in danger I accuse #veran of endangering the lives of others. Veran you do not scare me #veran make me a lawsuit France will be behind me

To contact scumbag & mass murderer veran:
75015 PARIS. Phone. : +33 140 6365 11
and MP office
2, rue de Belgrade
Phone: +33 476 888 835

Bercy Bld Tunnel – Yellow Vests against macron’s WEF puppet regime


Paris Has Had Enough of macron and the World Economic Forum



The Convoys effect:

Italy, Campania, Caserta now. Motorway exit blocked by hundreds of trucks. The revolt of Italian truckers and farmers.

draghi, pezzo di merda, VAFFANCULO!

Attack by deputies towards the minister for Relations with the Parliament of the Italian Republic dictatorship. This was while the minister asked for confidence on piece of shit draghi‘s vaccine mandates.

draghi, pezzo di merda, VAFFANCULO!

Heard in a free restaurant* in Napoli:

Like for Julius Cesar or Caligula, the only solution if Italy wants to become a republic again is to KILL mario draghi. Someone must assassinate draghi!

*free restaurant: a place where Italians eat freely and refuse to comply to fascism and welcome everybody without muzzle and cattle passport.

Italy, Mestre: support of Dr. Barbara Balanzoni, suspended by the big pharma controlled Order of Doctors prostitutes for refusing the Covid vaccine bio-weapon.

draghi, pezzo di merda, VAFFANCULO!


Well done to everyone in Cardiff that came out to rally – to continue fight for freedom & rights & against Covid jabs for kids Across UK we have many organising #together We won’t stop til we have full freedoms back & our Public Inquiry – to never repeat damaging policies

We won’t stop til we have full freedoms back: WE NEITHER!

London makes sure we will keep pushing to insist we have our fundamental freedoms & rights We have some distance to go. Well done everyone! We are always stronger & better #together #londonprotest


As every week, thousands of cities, towns and villages are demonstrating against the WEF puppet regime and its #covidhoax dictates.

And every single day and all over the country  – More details on Protestkarte– Baden Baden and Ulm

Osnabruck- Dusseldorf – More details on Protestkarte

Reutlingen and everywhere else Protestkarte


The People of Winterthur Refuse to Bow Down to Total Government Control


As we know Cash is Freedom, this is why they want to suppress it.

Spanish Pensioners Win Rare Victory Against Banks’ War on Cash

After bearing the brunt of the banks’ years-long war on cash, elderly customers have had enough and are not going to take it anymore.
In late December, a retired 78-year old doctor called Carlos San Juan organised a petition on to call for “more humane treatment” in bank branches. This set off an avalanche of complaints from citizens and consumer protection agencies about the difficulties many of the country’s elderly and most vulnerable face in trying to access physical money. The discontent became so widespread that calls began pouring in for “a payment card strike” which spread like wildfire across social media and messaging apps like Telegram.
It is not just the elderly in Spain that are pushing back against the banks’ war on cash. A new pro-cash initiative called Plataforma Denaria is gathering public support for freedom of payment choice and underscoring the benefits of banknotes and coins to the nation’s economy and society. In its mission statement, the Plataforma Denaria argues that cash is a universal, free payment method and a symbol of individual rights and freedom that serves as a pillar of financial inclusion.
“Since data is the new oil, cash is a symbol of freedom, says Javier Rupérez, the president of Plataforma Denaria. “We believe that cash is a public good that must be protected. It is the safest, most democratic, accessible, and equal method of payment and must be protected by European regulators.”


Melbourne, Canberra – Anti VAX Mandate, Anti VAX Pass, Anti NWO – 26.2.21 – hands-off our kids!


You won’t see this in the news, but the gig is up in New Zealand. 20hWe will not comply- We won’t be terrified _ Welcome to the Revolution!

Taking on the Canadian example, thousands of people gather in front of Parliament in Wellington, New Zealand, with high spirits and solidarity against infiltrated bitch ardern and the WEF agenda.

Wellington NZ- Anti Mandate Parliament Standoff – These NZ monsters have been going 19 days straight – Huge crowd  and bikers TOTAL RESISTANCE!

Here taking on the police with Maori warriors at the front! They would make mince meat of these yellow face diapered goons !

Christchurch NZ

Auckland NZ – Boom – Anti Mandate Standoff ✈ NZ says Enough


In other news:

Video conference between Dr David E Martin and Reiner Fuellmich that should fatally debunk the official COVID narrative

David makes a tight case, backed by mountainous evidence that COVID-19 wasn’t a lab leak. It is a US bioweapon, as is the so-called vaccine. 
Everything David says can be used in a court of law and is backed by over 20 years of research, patent filings and FOIA documents, including Anthony Fauci’s recently-released emails. 
David does not speculate about anything. He doesn’t get into any ulterior motives beyond what he has seen in official or verified documents. What he can definitively prove is that COVID-19 is a financially-motivated scam more than 20 years in the making.
Furthermore, he says “SARS-CoV-2” is not novel. It’s the same old SARS (SARS-CoV-1) bioweapon targeted for human lung epithelium that Anthony Fauci commissioned the University of North Carolina to create and which was patented on April 19th 2002, months before what he calls the “alleged” outbreak in Asia.

Full article here

the-fauci-covid-dossier-david-martin -Download

Earlier this month, Dr. Andrew Huff, a scientist who worked with Peter Daszak ( at the EcoHealth Alliance, sent a whistle-blower complaint to Senator Gary Peters, the Chairman of the Senate Whistle-blower committee, stating that he believes Daszak works with the CIA and could in fact be “a double agent working on behalf of the Chinese government.”

While they try to make you sleep with their new made-up narrative ‘war in Ukraine’, the real agenda is unrolling in the background: total enslavement.

Now that they’ve conditioned you to wear a face diaper and relinquish your social life for two years in the name of “public health,” they want you to tax and surveil you for the betterment of “climate change.” “Additional surveillance and control in exchange for greater safety.”

Everything the globalists pour money into is self-serving, despite their efforts to manipulate people into believing they do everything for the good of mankind.  
This particular agenda is no different. They are “investing” in “changing” the minds of children (and parents) to control all aspects of their characteristics and behavior, thinking, emotions, and beliefs so they can mold them to be their future workforce in a digital world where everyone’s moves, access, behavior, words, and spending is all tracked through blockchain and a social scoring system they’ve long been building.
As with most agendas being perpetrated on human beings, those who manufactured the alleged “crisis” are those profiting from it.
Parts 1-5 of this 9-part series revealed the Social Emotional Learning PreK-Adult obedience training being instilled through the education system and beyond, many who are involved, and just how far along this psychological agenda is.
Part 6 explains the human capital aspect, and shows the private sector funding that has been pumped into this agenda to train the obedient future workforce.
This global agenda is already operating in 110 countries and billions are pouring into it.
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: The Programming
Part 3: Spirituality in Education Programming
Part 4: WEF Vision for Global Education System
Part 5: U.S. Department of Education & Multiple Agencies Involved

There is only one war, a world war, this is the war the self-titled global ‘elites’ and their lackeys in govt, media and corporate are waging against Humanity.

This is the war of Humanity against these agressors and depending on our response, and in our hands rest the fate of our children, the future of the planet and of Humanity.

This war will be long and terrible. Resist, never give-up, ditch the mainstream media, do not comply, wake-up and Fight. This is the fight of our lives and we can’t lose!

Don’t comply with Draconian Measures, Organise Yourself, You Have to Find Your Tribe But Don’t Comply and Others Will Help You”

34 thoughts on “There is Only One War, and it’s not in Ukraine”

  1. This article says it all. Everything we need to know about their made-up crisis ukraine which followed the made-up ‘pandemic’ covid, and now they go again with monkeypox and high inflation:

    The goal is to destroy us.

    If the idiots keep complying (as they do), nothing will be left.

    Keep wearing muzzles and get injected with poison stupidos and you will definitely destroy your kid’s future.



    – Early 2020: changes avatar to a masked selfie.
    • Mid 2020: changes avatar to BLM raised fist
    • 2021: changes avatar to boast of being vaxxed
    • Early 2022: changes avatar to STAND WITH UKRAINE

    All along, considers himself a highly independent thinker (sic)

    Dead with laughter!

    I know so many of these morons, and worst of all they are so stupid and devoid of any remnant of capability to think for themselves that they get really angry when you dont’ ‘support ukraine or blm or injection with poison’…

    Pathetic type

    Liked by 1 person

  3. For Italy, the only solution is to kill draghi. To kill him, a bullet in the head.

    Someone must do it!

    drgahi, pezzo di merda, vaffanculo!


  4. I say Putin should destroy NATO and start to remove from power the WEF infiltrated puppets in all Western countries.


  5. Who profit from this war/

    1/ The globalists behind the covid hoax, the now can continue their takeover in the background while the triple jabbed braindead idiots ‘stand for Ukraine’.
    example: the pandemic treaty you mention which is a coup to impose the WHO constitution over all countries.
    The vax passports and digital currencies thta are pushed everywhere which are totalitarian surveillance 24/7.

    2/ The same globalists need to destroy economies and finance systems (they have ruined for decades), so they can impose their ‘solution’: one world dictatorship under their control and the great reset under their rules.

    The big losers are : us, Humanity and Europe in the first place.

    Wake-up , throw the TV out of the window and go to protest not against the war in Ukraine but against your criminal governments!


  6. zelensky is a US/EU puppet… How come that anyone would fight to defend this puppet regime… makes no sense.

    It’s like if someone invaded Italy with the goal of removing piece of shit draghi from power, most Italians would help the invaders, because the real enemy is the infiltrated scum in power.


  7. These war are provoked by the same people who weare already behind WW1, WW2 and most other wars since.

    The same scum who use people as cannon fodder and try to inject the planet with deadly substances.

    They transformed Europe and Ukraine into a quagmire and want to do the same in Russia…

    Ukrainians and Russians should unite and fight against the globalists instead of fighting each others.


  8. How come that Putin attacked just when the globalists were in deep shit with their covid scam and pfizer/moderna were taking ahit on their shares?

    As shown by the author, the shares miraculously went up again after the start of the war…

    I don’t know but it looks like they are all into the con and we are the conned, as usual.

    Don’t watch the tool, watch the hand behind it…


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