How Do They Rig Elections?

By RforResistance – 2022-04-12

The French Case…

biden, macron, Kim Jong, all inspired by Stalin?

Did you know that in France, the votes of the presidential election are compiled by the authorities without any possibility to recount them since the ballots are destroyed after the vote?


Various sources have alerted us about the fraud taking place during the first round of the French presidential elections. We have published multiple articles and analysis about it.

But we wanted to gather evidences, simple mathematics, and check the numbers. So we have focused on the voting machines and electronic vote, trying to find which municipalities used voting machines, we checked the results for each municipality, and compared them with the overall national results and average main candidates national scores, and we have drawn some conclusions.

Here is what we have found in one document. Sometimes, reality surpasses fiction.

French 2022 Presidential Elections – Comparisons of the 2017 and 2022 results:

Much of the same but a very different configuration.

The French president, like in the USA has quite a lot of power, however in France, the president is elected directly by voters in two rounds. The first round sees a myriad of candidates competing with each others. The goal is to win a place in the second round.

The two candidates with the higher number of votes are going through to the second round to compete against each other.

In 2017, it was macron, the Davos puppet and Marine Lepen a conservative with wide ranging views taken from right and left of the political spectrum, but conveniently stigmatised as ‘far-right’ by mainstream media presstitutes controlled by the people who own macron.

Marine Lepen is used as some kind of  scarecrow to have ultra minority and deeply unpopular puppets like macron elected by default. Basically, the trick is to push  a majority of misinformed, gullible and scared (by change) voters to vote against the scarecrow, therefore electing someone nobody want but who appears ‘preferable’ to the scarecrow.

The controlled media would like to make French people believe that Marine Lepen is some sort of Hitler bent on transforming the country into a fascist dictatorship.

Coming from an establishment which has transformed itself into a fascist regime since the onset of the fake pandemic, it is laughable and deeply cynical.

This scarecrow technique has been used in France since decades, first by Mitterand, then in 2002, when Jacques Chirac was elected with a 80% banana republic score against Jean-Marie Lepen (Marine’s father) who served as the scarecrow in his time.

Guess what happened yesterday on the first round of the French presidential elections? Back to the future

They did it again, they didn’t even bother to change the configuration, sure of dealing with a triple-jabbed zombie population of disenchanted dimwits and weaklings who will do nothing even when slapped in the face with blatant fraud

The string-puppet (WEF infiltrated ‘young leader‘) macron who said himself that he was chosen by the Bilderberg group for 2017 and that ‘democracy doesn’t exist in France’, is the most unpopular and deeply hated president of all times with a mindboggling 84% of French people who do not want to see him as president again.

Yet, despite having almost zero supporters, after having done zero campaign and being caught-up in serious fraud and tax evasion scandals (#RothschildGate, #AsltomGate and #MckinseyGate), he amazingly made it to the second round with 2 percentage points more than his opponent, Marine Lepen.

No question asked?!

Notwithstanding their reputation of revolutionaries and sophisticated people, the majority of French people are in fact relatively ignorant, not very brave nor very bright and certainly very naive if they believe one second this wasn’t programmed.

The same gross technique used twice in 5 years, all that after two years of state terrorism, total “medical” fascism, psychological and physical torture and after 5 years of utter destruction of their social fabric, their communities, their economy and their rights by the psychopath macron, and they should believe the vote was fair?

So the French would want to re-elect their torturer as if they were masochists and to see their lives becoming even more miserable? Difficult to buy this BS… The election was rigged. If macron got 7 to 9% of the vote, that was the end of it.

The real question is not if, but how did they pull the trick?

This article below translated from French explains how they did it.  

The art of falsifying elections

Did you know that in France, the votes of the presidential election are compiled by the authorities without any possibility to recount them since the ballots are destroyed after the vote?

By Valérie Bérenger on Riposte Laique 09.04.2022

You begin by demoralizing your opponents by spreading out fake, underrated polls, by accusing the «small people» to the idea that the foutriquet (one of macron’s many derogatory nicknames, meaning, ‘small man‘ in a very pejorative way) will remain in place no matter what, despite the fact that 84% of the French have declared that they no longer want him.

This will make  possible to highlight his “pseudo-victory” compared to the previous polls. These are the basics!

Did you know that in France, the votes of the presidential election are compiled by the authorities without any possibility to recount them since the ballots are destroyed after the vote?

Therefore, if the results transmitted by the polling stations are falsified during the digital transfer, it is impossible to prove this by having the votes counted.

Admit it’s very practical!

How do you transfer the votes?

Because the whole question is there. If a majority of French people vote for Z or N, how will their vote end up in the bag of candidate M?

It’s actually very simple—

Imagine the impossible with a ridiculous example… at 8:45 p.m., two-thirds of the votes counted in the presidential election, a candidate recorded 1.59%, or 443,003 votes out of 14,801,491 votes cast.

How would this fraud have been possible? Quite simply through the game of voice transfers.


Based on this principle, the results of the first round of the 2017 presidential election could have been falsified thanks to a very elaborate computer program, designed to «steal» a maximum of votes in the votes for ‘small candidates’.

You know, the ones who have polls that say they’re going to be at less than 14%.

In fact, the lower the polls keep those candidates at a very low level of voting intentions, the more you can come in and take votes out of their box without anybody noticing, as well as in null or blank votes.

Remember those two boroughs of the city of Lyon that ended up with “0” null or white ballots in the official results, just before “as if by chance” there were some lying around.

It is by the way one of the role of the ‘official polls’ that allow to hide the theft of the votes and their transfer from one candidate to another.

Who, in fact, would ask questions if Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, (one of the so-called ‘small candidates’ whose votes are stolen to feed criminal macron) has only 1.5% of the vote in the first round when he was given 2.5%  by the polls.

Do you now understand why the results are often so similar to the «estimates» of the survey institutes (one of the biggest, Kantar piloted by macrons’ wife son in law)?

«Estimates» widely reported by mainstream media (who all roll for macron).

At the time in 2017,the software «Soluvote», used for this operation belonged to the company France Election (the French Dominion?)…

By announcing the victory of a candidate in the ‘polls’ you immediately validate the final result of the election without anyone asking too many questions!

In large cities, the multiplicity of polling stations means that they have to be centralised. Since each person in charge of one office does not have access to the results of the others, it is much more difficult to verify the veracity of the figures announced. The larger the urban areas, the larger the number of polling stations and the easier it is to cheat by transferring votes.

Add to that expatriates whose votes are collected through voting machinesBy stealing voices in a linear and regular way, “reasonably”, the operation is almost invisible.

Remember the US 2020 steal?

FRAUD AND CHEATING « EN MARCHE » (macron‘s party’s name)

Let us not forget that since 2004, 63 municipalities have already used voting machines for 1.3 million voters. These are the voting machines ESFA, of the Dutch company NEDAP and marketed by the company France Elections .

Note: In fact, according to France Elections own website, there are 69 or 71 municipalities using their system and we counted more than 1.3 million voters forced to use their ‘cheating machines’.

The funny thing is that Ireland and the Netherlands, which used these types of machines, stopped using them in February 2021 because they “didn’t comply with safety requirements” and were found “unreliable”.

Here is a report about prohibited vendors in New York, including NEDAP:


The Liberty DRE marketed in the United States by Liberty Election Systems is manufactured by the Dutch company, Nedap.  It is the same machine marketed in Europe as the PowerVote Voting System.  These DREs and their software have been found to have crucial security and accuracy flaws; serious enough to enjoin NewYork’s contracting with Nedap/Liberty.  Moreover, given the repeated examples of coercive and threatening antics exhibited by Nedap in the Netherlands, Governor Spitzer’s commitment to high ethical standards would proscribe this company’s doing business in New York State.

In 2003, Ireland spent 50 million euros on 7500 Nedap DREs, but has never used the machines because of their vulnerabilities. 

Our comment: It doesn’t bother macron’s regime to use crooked systems and firms as seen in the #RothschildGate, #AsltomGate and #MckinseyGate scandals.

Thus, if you look on the internet the results of the votes of the second round of 2017 you will find like me that foutriquet (macron)  is still well above his competitors with these voting machines, which leaves a reasonable doubt.

Another program involved in the rigging of the American elections, the Scytl program is used by the ‘French Ministry of Europe (sic) and Foreign Affairs’ since 2009 to allow French expatriates, that is to say 1.7 million people, voting remotely with Invote Gov.

Note: It seems that the number of expatriates is even larger at 2.5 million.

see also: Why US Election Votes Were Counted By Bankrupted Spanish Company Scytl

This software claims to meet the highest security and verifiability requirements of the market (sic)… The joke of the matter is that this software is certified by the ‘National Agency for the Security of Information Systems’ (ANSSI), created in 2009 (precisely) to guarantee the use of responsible IT security practices in France!

If we add the 1.7 million French expatriates who vote with machines to the 1.3 million in France, we have 3 million easily falsifiable votes.

Note: The current numbers of voters using France Elections fraud machines is actually over 1.3 million in 69 or 71 municipalities as shown on their website.

A large enough quantity to allow foutriquet (macron) to be elected in 2017 and re-elected (God forbid) in 2022!

Note: Actually he transmission system used to send French expatriates vote results has changed from ‘diplomatic telegram’ to a digital app (thus allowing fraud).


The question asked to a computer engineer made him laugh… “Nothing easier, it’s included in the design”!  Software is just “coding”. A coding has to do what you want when you design the software.

It is also easy to “drag” lines of code that will disappear at the right time on a given date and time. «It can also be involved in the program, as well as the automatic update at the end of the use that will erase all traces».

Those of us who work on software designs know this well. Just include the right lines of code, in the right places, so that the votes are transferred at will.

The basis being in the programming according to the results that one wants to obtain: how many blank votes will have to be diverted according to the quantity displayed; how many null votes; how many votes taken on certain candidates will be transferred and which ones, etc..

“As long as the specifications are accurate, everything is doable. It’s just a matter of time before it’s done.”



  1. Do not abstain! Your vote is absolutely essential to get rid of the current parasite of the Elysée Palace.
  2. Refuse to vote on a voting machine.
  3. If you are an expatriate, vote ONLY by proxy, which will avoid the misappropriation of your vote.
  4. Do not vote blank. Your blank vote can be immediately diverted to the fraudsters (macron). If you don’t know who to vote for, do it for a “small candidate” who in any case has no chance of being elected.

Nb: Of course the article was written before April 10 and it seems few French read it.

Don’t forget that Macron and Pécresse (center right globalist shill) are both Young Leaders, it’s the same party. They will work for the American oligarchy and in no case for the welfare of the French.

For both it is «all vaccinated, all confined» the «cattle» must obey and go to the slaughterhouse without discussion. They will follow the EU commission orders no matter what. If you want to live in freedom, don’t fall into their trap.

In the same way avoid Marine Le Pen because voting for her is to allow Macron to repeat the same scenario as in the second round 2017 and nothing will come out of it, except five more years of nightmare. (Again, the article was written before April 10). However, in the current scenario any other candidate would have had little chance to beat macron. It’s either Lepen or the programmed death of the country with Davos lackey and psychopathic sick fuck macron. Something French people seem not to really grasp.

Instead, are you asking how a Marine Le Pen can be in the polls at 18% voting intentions when her Party now has only 20,000 members, while Eric Zemmour, whose Reconquest Party has more than 120,000 members, is only at 12.5%? (Good question).

Note: In the case of Eric Zemmour, it is clear that he was, as a ‘small candidate’ one of the main target of the ‘voice transfer’ rigging scheme of the regime. Logically he should have been around 18-20% himself…

If this is not mass manipulation and a future fraud attempt, it looks awfully like it!

And so it was!

Some sources and further reading:

NEDAP and France Elections cheating machines

Scytl and US rigged elections

Fraud 2017

macron, a fraud and unelected dangerous psychopath

Why are French elections important for Europe and the world?


This is what the EUSSR is preparing and why the result of the French elections is so important for the survival of Europe:

Hungary and Serbia for example voted against what the globalist oligarchy wanted them to vote, but their sizes and influence are relatively modest (although Hungary might be the fatal thorn in the EUSSR clay foot).

  • The battle that takes place in France, in Europe and all over the world is a war of survival for Humanity. If France swap from the globalists side to the Camp of Freedom, Europe will follow. If Europe wakes-up, their fascist ‘reset is over.
  • France is the second nuclear power in Europe, after Russia and before the UK.
  • France has the biggest army in Europe with the UK.
  • France used to have a tradition of sovereignty and independence from the US and the UK (aka globalist puppets), largely thanks to Charles de Gaulle who managed to keep US occupation troops out of his nation, contrary to countries like Germany or Italy while becoming a global and respected alternative power.
  • A Marine Lepen victory (a former avowed FREXIT supporter) would send a big slap across the face of the EUSSR politburo, starting by biden personal bitch, the corrupt, criminal and incompetent ursula vonder le-hyena (
  • A Marine Lepen victory is not possible without the support of diverse factions from left to right, center, conservatives, sovereignists, nationalists, patriots, populists, but also many leftists who want to expel macron at all costs. Most of these movements want to get out of the EUSSR and if Mrs Lepen manages to unite them, there is no doubt that a referendum on FREXIT will take place under her watch.
  • France exiting the EUSSR or changing it deeplyk with strong reforms would be the end of tyranny in Europe. France founded the European Community, it is her responsbility to end or modify it completely as a Europe of independent nations.
  • A Marine Lepen victory would also mean the end of the fascist ‘measures’ put in place by globalist lackey macron: end of forced injections, vax passports-digital id’s, masks, lockdown, curfews and other totalitarian abuses. Also the reintegration of all health personnel who have been fired by globalist stooge macron’s policies.
  • We have no doubt that she would also reject both the EUSSR digital ID and the ‘pandemic treaty‘ from the scumbags of the WHO.
  • Finally she would remove France from the criminal organization Nato‘s high command
  • And become again an independent nation, deciding its own diplomatic course with Russia without taking orders from Washington as all the other European vassals do.
  • As a result, the sanctions against Russia would end, inflation on oil and other commodities would recess with it and French companies would probably be back in Russia (some never left like Total). Actually, for someone ready to do good business, there has never been a better time than now to do business with Russia.

So what to do to get rid of macron if Mrs Lepen fails on the 24th of April? Or if the elections are rigged again?

Eventually, if the law is corrupt, if law enforcement is corrupt, if elections are rigged, if tyranny has replaced the rule of law, insurrection is not only a right but also a duty.

When the government violates the rights of the people, insurrection is the most sacred of rights and the most indispensable of duties for The People and for each portion of The People.

Article 35 of the 1793 French Constitution
Liberty Leading the People, oil painting (1830) by Eugène Delacroix commemorating the July Revolution in Paris that removed Charles X, the restored Bourbon king, from the throne.

How many so-called ‘democratic’ countries are in fact banana republics with rigged elections like France and the USA?

How to Rig An Election

“Old-school election fraud was limited in scope, but new electronic voting systems allow insiders to rig elections on a national scale.


As the twentieth century came to a close, a brave new world of election rigging emerged, and two major events paved the way: the mass adoption of computerized voting technology, and the outsourcing of our elections to a handful of corporations that operate in the shadows, with little oversight or accountability.  This privatization of our elections has occurred without public knowledge or consent, leading to one of the most dangerous and least understood crises in the history of American democracy:

We have actually lost the ability to verify election results.

Old-school ballot-box fraud at its most egregious was localized and limited in scope. But new electronic voting systems allow insiders to rig elections on a statewide or even national scale. And whereas once you could catch guilty parties in the act, even dredge ballot boxes out of the bayou, the virtual vote count can be manipulated in total secrecy.By means of proprietary, corporate-owned software, just one programmer could steal hundreds, thousands, potentially millions of votes with the stroke of a key. It’s the electoral equivalent of a drone strike.

How to rig an election

As elections become more prevalent as the stated method of choosing who governs, is the world actually becoming less democratic? In their new book, How to Rig an Election, Nic Cheeseman and Brian Klaas argue that the increase in voting has not led to a corresponding rise in the embracing of democratic norms, with voter intimidation, strategic misinformation, and ballot-rigging common in many countries that describe themselves as democratic.

The greatest political paradox of our time is this: there are more elections than ever before, but the world is becoming less democratic.

Nowadays, elections are held almost everywhere. The vast majority of governments at least go through the motions of election campaigns, and are rhetorically committed to allowing citizens to cast ballots to choose the leaders who will govern them. However, in many places, that choice is little more than an illusion: the contest is rigged from the start.

Rigging Elections Electronically – How They Do It

Using Maths to Rig Elections

And why you need to know Benford’s Law to do it

Tucker Carlson: Here’s how the Democrats ‘rigged’ the 2020 elections

And once you have let them do it without punishment, they will do it again and again:


62 thoughts on “How Do They Rig Elections?”

  1. All elections are rigged. So-called “democracies” are jokes, they exist only in the head of morons and on TV.


  2. They rigged the presidential election and they will rig the parliamentary ones. They control the results with zero checks from the parties and citizens, so they cheat massively like they did in the first and second round.

    The solution is with armed struggle and revolution. We need to purge this scum!


  3. This is eye-opening, the voting machines & that Dutch company NEDAP and that fantastic linked article. This is interesting and something people have a RIGHT TO KNOW about. Thanks for sharing. I’ll do my part and get the word out.


    1. Thank you, there will be more later about the fraud, it’s now clear that they used the voting machines to do so.

      Many thanks








  5. Observers found out that more than 65% of “voting machines” (frauding machine) voted for Macron!

    while 64 or 77 as you wrote municipalities use these “voting machines”, most of them gave voices to Macron. The machine of France Elections/NEDAP which are unsafe and unreliable that the Nederlands and Ireland got rid of and are used in France…

    What you wrote has been confirmed, the information is on twitter under #fraude2022 , also on youtube

    It’s not like they are hiding, it’s in fulll view but people are too brainwashed to even be able to make simple computation.

    I am notably shocked at the complacency and lack of investigation from the so-called ‘alternative media’ who play 100% into the establishment trap, in France and elsewhere.


  6. Bets are on, as last time Lepen lost 66% vs 34%, she’s clearly the challenger and if you bet on her and win, then there is a lot of money to make brothers and sisters!

    So I bet on her and not a small amount.

    This is one that makes you or finish you, like their country France…


  7. Macron is a criminal, his place is in jail. It’s obvious elections were rigged. I was in France recently, I have met only people who want him out, a lot of people really hate him, many want his death even.

    I have never seen that anywhere.

    I haven’t met one person out of hundreds who wanted him again as president.

    I am amazed by the way the French accept to be screwed on such a scale. Everybody is talking about the electoral fraud in France and outside, nothing on mass media…

    There is no way a politician who attracts such hatred could have made it to the second round. It is fraud 100% confirmed.

    My worry is that whatever the French vote on the 24th, Macron will rig the vote to stay in power.

    I would still vote Lepen not because I like her, but to get rid of Macron.


  8. I see a lot of defeatist comments here. I think Marine Lepen can win. It will depend how she performs in the coming debate against Macron. It’s on the 20th of April I think.

    In 2017 she completely failed the debate against him, she was arrogant, unprepared, ignorant and she was less comfortable than him. She lost a lot of votes because of this debate.

    French people like others judge first and foremost on appearances, not substance. The criminals who put Macron in power chose him because he’s a professional crook and can lie without shame in people’s faces.

    He wouldn’t have stood 5 minutes against people like Eric Zemmour who is way more intelligent and articulate, and even less against a big mouth like Melenchon. This is probably why they are happy to have Lepen in front of him, she’s the less dangerous of all.

    But, if she works as she should and nail this asshole where he should be nailed (Mcinseygate, Rothschildgate, the disastrous covid management crisis, the last two year sof tyranny, his social and economic destruction project and his warmongering against Russia, she can definitely win!

    Liked by 1 person

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