Rigged Elections, The Sequel… And The End

Massive fraud in French presidential elections

By RforResistance – 2022-04-25

OH LORD, A MIRACLE… (France 2 screen copies)

Image above: Marine Lepen had 14 million votes at 9.20 pm, and she had only 11 million votes left at 10.45 pm. Where did all these votes go?

How France 2, the national French channel exposed the truth (Marine Lepen won the 2022 presidential elections) before being told to pretend it was a “technical error” (while the results where given live and in real-time)…

Successful Hold-Up: 5 More Years Of Jail For France

Ms Le Pen is the only candidate in elections history to have less vote at midnight than she had at 9 pm. Such technocratic miracles are only possible in macronistan .

“Sorry technical error”…  

Image below (link to the actual video on TV channel France 2). On the left, the real-time spread of the number of votes counted on France 2 (state TV channel) at 9.15 pm (polling stations closed at 6 pm and at 8pm for few big cities).

  • Number of votes for Marine Lepen at 9.15 pm on the 24th of April = 13,899,494
  • Number of votes for macron at 9.15 pm on the 24th of April = 13,697,236

Tied, but Ms Lepen is leading. On the right, the final “results’ according to the ‘ministry of interior’

Number of votes for Marine Lepen according to the ‘ministry of interior(after midnight or next day):

13, 223, 898 votes (compared to 13,899,494 at 9pm). In few hours, she lost 675,596 votes. It also means that on top of this sudden loss, no more votes were counted for her. Welcome to the 4th dimension….

Sounds familiar?

In the same time macron miraculously gained a staggering 4, 236,699 votes! All day long he couldn’t lead over Ms Lepen but in the odd hours after the voting ended, and behind closed doors, he gets 4 million votes

Even more magical than 2020!

And they showed it on the national channel for all French people to see. Guess what they told the public as an excuse?

“Sorry technical error”…  

A close-up from a different source :  

“9:15 pm still tied”. (99% of polling stations closed at 6 pm)


21h15, toujours à égalité”… pic.twitter.com/vSBQIWWh3QLe questionniste (77) (@lequestionniste) April 24, 2022

At 9pm Ms Lepen had 13,899,494 (more votes than macron), then only 13, 223, 898 once the ‘ministry of interior‘ announced THEIR results…

It gets worse, the same national channel, France 2 shows much more votes for Mrs Lepen . She is now at 14, 432, 396 at 9.20 pm and still leading over macron. Then the final results from the ministry of interior give 13, 223, 898 votes for Ms Lepen!


We believe Marine Lepen won this election, by a slight margin perhaps (51% to 49%), but the establishment falsified the numbers.

We also know macron never made it to the second round, but shhhh, they don’t want you to know…

And it starts to be be known, at least in informed circles (while mainstream and fact-censors are trying to silence the truth).

In France,

and abroad,


Live on #radioquebec  about  #fraude in French elections

The electoral irregularities observed in France on Sunday night resemble those observed in the United States during the last presidential campaign.



Electoral fraud on presidential elections

And everywhere,

Clear Evidence of Election Fraud in French Presidential …

Sarah Westall – Evidence of election fraud has emerged …

Massive voter fraud confirmed in French elections

Evidence of Election Fraud in French Presidential …

French Election FRAUD Puts 2020 To Shame — Millions Of Uncounted Le Pen Ballots Found

Evidence already emerging in France of electoral fraud with voting slips for marine le pen being unusable

Drebonacci (@andre_mihaescu) April 24, 2022 pic.twitter.com/Gp5tjVnUy7

In France, an association, REACTION19, has filed a complaint to contest the fraudulent results:

Mandate to associate with the Collective to contest the Presidential election results

Brusa Carlo Alberto @cab2626 Président de l’Association REACTION19

Their goal is to expose the fraud and have the election cancelled after investigation. So they ask all those who want to contest this rigged election to fill the form (above) and send it to this email address: fraudelection2204@gmail.com.  

Another complaint has been officially filed for fraud by the association BonSens.org .

We publish a partially translated version of the French document which tackle the shocking  manipulation that took place live and direct on the 24th of April.

The original in French:

They appeal to the “constitutional council” (see below), the last and only recourse in case of electoral fraud. They also filed an appeal to the OSCE after the first round which was also stained by fraud (we still maintain that macron never made it to the second round).  

However, today they wrote on their site that in complete violation of the law, the “constitutional council” announced the fraudulent results without having considered the recourse from BonSens.org . They did it as quick as possible because they know the French are reacting and the fraud is now known and proven.

In this letter in French, BonSens.org reiterate their recourse to the “constitutional council” and demand explanations regarding this new irregularity.

It is clear that the rule of law is dying in France and the country’s in the hands of a gang of criminals, starting with the constitutional council.

The constitutional council is populated with macron’s selected cronies,

His son is a director at McKinsey France, the firm implicated in fraud and tax evasion with macron).  

The members of the constitutional council are selected by the French president and by the parliament’s president (macron’s party). Zero independance, 100% cronyism. They allowed the unconstitutional and illegal imposition of apartheid and vax passports on French citizens, and many other abuses. They won’t invalidate results of a fraud they helped organized.

They are better known as the kangaroo council.

Here is a list of the crooks working there and their contact details:

Kangaroo council: 2, rue de Montpensier 75 001 Paris Accès : métro lignes 1 et 7, arrêt Palais-Royal – Musée du Louvre (+33)

  1. laurent.fabius@conseil-constitutionnel.fr
  2. alain.juppe@conseil-constitutionnel.fr (another corrupt former minister and known felon)
  3. francois.pillet@conseil-constitutionnel.fr
  4. jacques.mezard@conseil-constitutionnel.fr
  5. michel.pinault@conseil-constitutionnel.fr
  6. dominique.lottin@conseil-constitutionnel.fr
  7. jean-jacques.hyest@conseil-constitutionnel.fr

What is important though is that the French people and others know about the fraud and who they are dealing with.

The criminals who took over our governments and infiltrated our institutions, work for foreign interests, for multinationals, unelected billionaires and lobbies, not for us. They are criminals at war against us and only their complete destruction will save us from slavery. It is not going to happen through elections, complaints or petitions, but through ruthless and relentless attacks against them and their infrastructures.

#macronfraud #fraude

As soon as the rigged results of the mock French presidential elections were announced, demonstrations and riots started all over the country. However we are told that these protests were mainly led by leftists (who according to some media have supposedly voted for macron to eliminate Lepen).

We don’t think people who’ve lost freedom, their livelihood, even hands and eyes from macron’s police violence went to vote for him. They don’t need their votes, they can always steal them.

Tomato Update 27th of April.

Cergy today morning a footage showing security staff rushing to shield Macron as a tomato rain down on his entourage during his market visit.  pic.twitter.com/3J0hXIZSRP

Unfortunately, people have no imagination. Maybe in few months they will finally throw knives, bullets or grenades at him.

Lol and they want us to believe that this guy was elected???? HELLO but who do they take for idiots … tomatoes for macron in Cergy … boom it starts well!

BellinaRg4 (@Bellinarg4) April 27, 2022 pic.twitter.com/6boRDoM9yT

  • Riots in Rennes
  • Tensions in Châtelet (Paris)
  • A more and more numerous crowd in Paris against macron re-election
  • Demonstration in Toulouse
  • Demonstration in Strasbourg
  • Barricades in Rennes
  • Demonstration in Montpellier


Rennes  –  Montpellier

Châtelet (Paris) – Toulouse

Lyon: Fireworks used as rockets fired at the 4th district City Hall where municipal police were stationed.

War scenes, this is Lyon not Mariupol

Nantes – The struggle begins in #Nantes with the slogan «Let’s not let the disaster organize» following the election of macron.  “macron, we’ll get you, you won’t finish your mandate.”

“macron, we’ll get you, you won’t finish your mandate.”

GRIM OMEN – macron’s second five-year term begins with two killed by the “police”. It was predictable: macron’s “re-election” opens the way to omnipotence and gives wings to the police prefect GESTAPO to shoot on sight. THE TRAGEDY OF FRANCE BEGINS. https://t.co/STRldfZGc6 — François Asselineau April 24, 2022


macron’s regime SS attacking protesters. The global-fascist regime lost no time to show what the next 5 years will be made of. If it survives.

Will the French rise-up, start an insurrection and topple macron and his clique of criminals? We will come back to that as some observers, influencers and political leaders are now saying that macron won’t finish his term.  Some even say he will end-up like Muammar al-Qaddafi, lynched by the mob.

Besides condemning their country to destruction, themselves and their children to sickness, death, sterilization, misery and serfdom, the assholes who voted macron also condemned Europeans to hell. The EUSSR scum was waiting for the outcome of the French elections to trigger the next phases of their agenda of annihilation and enslavement of 450 million Europeans.

Whereas in the USA, there is a possibility to recount the votes, in France there is none. The regime controls everything from the moment the results are sent from the polling stations to the moment they are announced with ZERO RECOURSE for anyone.

Thinking in this case that the criminals making macron’s regime wouldn’t use this aberrant system to rig the vote to their advantage is very naive.

14 ministers in macron’s mock ‘government’ are under investigation or have been charged with fraud, embezzlement or corruption. They are now in charge.

If you think these felons would hesitate one second to rig an election, we can sell you the Eiffel Tower…

We have circumstantial and actual evidences of massive fraud, as demonstrated already in 2 different posts and above.

  • The falsification of the results and the suppression of million of votes for Ms Lepen.
  • The falsification of the results and the mysterious 4 million more votes for macron in less than 3 hours.
  • We explained how they rig the electronic votes with unsecure and technologically failed system such as NEDAP.
  • We also explained how they transmit results using the same type of fraudulent digital systems, such as Scylt (used in the electoral steal of 2020 in the USA).
  • We also showed with actual proofs how they created long waiting times in the first round in front of polling stations so that many voters would lose patience and not go to vote against macron. Strangely no such thing occurred in the second round.
  • We also demonstrated with actual proofs how some polling stations violated electoral rules by not displaying results as the law oblige them to do so or not even signing the result sheets they must sign.
  • To add to this, there are between 1.2 to 1.7 or even 2 million French voters voting abroad. For these voters, there is no such thing as displaying results in front of polling stations (as these stations don’t belong to the French government), therefore the results are given by the embassies or not at all and eventually announced by the  ‘ministry of interior’. These results often arrive later than national results. They can easily be used to ‘rebalance’ the vote in macron’s favor in the event of the Davos candidate being in difficulty.

We also showed the “institutional” fraud that took place in the second round as soon as Ms Le Pen was announced as opponent to the usurper macron.

100% of the media (monopolies own by globalists and heavily regime subsidized “press”), universities, unions, chosen celebrities, political parties, deputies and senators (illegally), calling to vote for macron up to the day before the vote (again illegal).

All acting as any dictatorship does: imposing a a unique ideology, with a unique message for a unique party and its unique candidate.

Other circumstantial evidences proving electoral fraud:

  • macron didn’t do any campaign for re-election. Even usurper biden paid lip service to the ‘democratic’ show by campaigning. macron as  an arrogant psycho didn’t even bother. Who else does that except dictators who self re-elect?
  • macron booked the ‘Champs de Mars” in Paris days before the vote, announcing that he will deliver his (victory) speech from there. Who else does that except the dictators who know they will be re-elected through fraud?
  • The US warned days before the vote US civil servants and  citizens to avoid large French cities on weekends due to the risk of ‘civil unrest’ and ‘terrorist attacks’. How could they know that unless …The fake results triggered riots all over France on Sunday night as soon as they were announced.
  • The Ministry of the Interior (the same which falsify the vote results) bought 91 polices  armour vehicles 3 months ago. Why?
  • At 11 am  French time, the results from the French islands of the Caribbean (Guadeloupe, Martinique, etc..) came in: 75% of the vote went to Ms Le pen… We remind our readers that the populations of these islands are mainly black. So if Marine Le Pen was the alleged ‘racist’ the brain dead parrots pretend she is, how come so many black people would vote for her? The results from the Caribbean are known and announced before the national results. They showed the general tendency of these  elections. What did macron’s clique of fraudsters did when they realized that they were losing the vote?

Of course, despite the massive fraud, there are still people who voted for macron, far from the 18 million they claim (probably more around 14/15 million).

 Here is a must see video (unfortunately only in French) where freedom fighter Salim Laïbi  finds the right term to describe the masochist dimwits who voted macron:

The translation would go like this roughly:

“The people who voted macron… Stupid is  too weak a word to describe them, (he mention hypochondriacs as well),  we would have to invent a neologism to describe their level of idiocy.  It’s like free masonic organizations, they have novices, then a hierarchy all the way to grand masters. Macron’s voters would be masters of cretinism, and being educated or not has nothing to do with it”

 Salim Laïbi

He is obviously right, we would add that they are also traitors, cowards and co-operators of a fascist regime (a French specialty since 1940).

In his analysis he also describes the ceremony which attracted less than 3000 people (500 party officials, hundreds of cops and security guards, 1200 media whores and the usual gang of cronies on the Champs de Mars (not chosen by chance, the god of war in Roman mythology) was a masonic ceremony with the Eiffel (a mason) tower decorated with masonic symbols.  The music used is the EUSSR ‘anthem’ and the French flag was insulted and replaced by the EUSSR rag.

Florian Philippot has it:

The EU ‘anthem, distribution of EU rags. macron gives the tone tonight: the total destruction of France.” So let’s us prepare for an extraordinary resistance. His ‘mandate’ must not last 5 years”


He also explain how we will have to fight even more against the global-fascists and their sick agendas. Many of his advices closely match ours, and it seems our fight is gaining momentum despite the confiscation of power and corruption. According to him we live in a cycle of history corresponding to the dark ages.

Neither he or any normal human being wants to live surrounded by covid cult morons and brain-dead blue/yellow flag wavers who wait for their masters to tell them when to wag their dog tails for the next big trend. Creating our own societies outside their sick world is the task at hand, create your own communities, your networks of trade and knowledge, create your own money, barter, grow your own food, produce your energy, buy gold, silver, land and other real assets, everyone according to their means.

Other reactions to the disaster and the fraud:

My 11 years old son is weeping – He is smarter than most adults.  He said: ” 5 more years without freedom! Anyway macron removed the muzzle and vax passport to get re-elected”.

This Is Sparta

Indeed, that was the trick to fool the brain damaged, masters in cretinism, media parrots zombies into ‘voting’ for the scumbag.

The assholes who voted macron are going to suffer, of that I don’t care. But they drag me into their shit, that I will never forgive.

Marie Walch (@mariewalch) April 24, 2022

Hell. We must prepare for 5 more years of hatred, divisions, tensions, social violence, vax passport. And macron wants war. We will have to fight with all our strength, do everything for this mandate not to last 5 years, we must push him out as quick as possible!

Florian Philippot

The last light are dying. No more counter power anymore, our democracy is dead, she just sank to the bottom. The pseudo ‘health’ totalitarian nightmare starts again and could last 7 years* Seven years of gloom.  It’s the end, thanks to all who followed me

phil.bechade (@pittbull_grrr) April 24, 2022

*7 years* : macron as any other dictator intends to stay in power for life, therefore he announced that he will extend the presidential term from 5 to 7 years. Of course, this new diktat will be pushed through a rigged vote or a captive mock legislative ‘assembly’.  The traitors who voted macron don’t realize what they have done.

5 years worse than the last 5 worst years? With macron, yes it’s possible.

— Alexis Poulin (@Poulin2012) April 24, 2022

#electionspresidentielles2022 fraud is proven. Thank you #McKinseyGate but also #MacronDegage2022. We must not let go of anything and go all the way!!

Gilet Jaunes pour la France (@JaunesLa) April 26, 2022

Ready for the next doses, the EU vax passport, the control of Europe by the USA, war, recession and a poverty you have never lived before?

Veronique Genest (@veroniquegenest) April 24, 2022

The French have chosen the horror for 5 years with m the damned…

Philippe Murer

The worst is yet to come


what macron announces for the future is an acceleration of what we have suffered for the last 5 years.

Paul Rocher

Our country is under the influence of an oligarchy. Macron puppet of the EU, banks, Atlanticism, McKinsey, lobbies! It is necessary to oppose a clear and frank path of rupture with the oligarchy! Without trying to circumvent the obstacle!

Florian Philippot (@f_philippot) April 25, 2022

Thierry Mariani: “Mélenchon has a very heavy responsibility tonight (in Macron’s victory). For 5 years, he explained that he was the first opponent. Between these two turns, he was the first regime co-operator”

Thierry Mariani

France could have saved Europe and the world but it couldn’t even save itself from the electoral trap… Already the vermin who rigged the election announce a 4th dose for September (aka return of vax passports) and extension of the retirement age to 65 years old. All that was made possible by massive fraud and the complicity of a part of the population (many leftists) who will be the first to suffer.

The scum who voted for these criminals will pay dearly for their submission. They will have war, poverty, serfdom and humiliation.

We cannot accept a president elected by fraud. The French are asking for a real investigation!! We cannot let this go!!


Translation: At 40% of the vote, Lepen has 13 899 494 as shown on this video (French national TV France TV). Then on the same reportage, she loses votes . (see right 13 297 760 votes according to the ‘interior ministry’ . How can she lose votes ?

1 million 134,636 votes lost for Marine LePen between France2’s live recounts and the final result. Check yourself, the replay around 2:49

The number of votes cannot decrease because, According to France 2, this was the real-time spread of the number of votes counted at polling stations closed at 6 p.m. The subject is too serious for France2 to escape by evoking a simple “technical error”.

François Asselineau

Mayotte: Le Pen gets almost 60% of the votes in the most muslim department of France (while the media portrays her as anti Muslim and a racist). Largely first in Mayotte with 59,1% of the votes.

François Asselineau (@UPR_Asselineau) April 25, 2022

NEW SCANDAL ALERT! Were the 2022 Presidential Election Results RIGGED? Electoral fraud?

BellinaRg4 (@Bellinarg4) April 25, 2022

She didn’t lose a million, but 2 million, while Macron made 2 million!  A little more than 14 million for both with a small advance for Marine around 9 pm, and at midnight minus 2 million for Marine +2 million for Macron!! There you go…!

Here a whistleblower of the interior ministry announces the final results long before the end of the voting at 12:53 (illegal), the exact “official” score: 58% to 42%…

TRANSLATION: “I am an employee of the interior ministry, I give you the results of this evening (it’s close to 1pm, 7 hours before the last polling stations will close). macron will do 58% vs 42% for Lepen. It’s a scoop. To check this evening.”

The same on youtube channel.  There’s also this comm at 1:00 on YT https://youtu.be/olaIVQhpKtI. They take him for troll but then how could he predict the exact rigged result more than 10 hours beofre it was announced by the ministry?

  • She…lost votes on the final tally
  • BFM’s tweet announcing the victory before the time
  • Another who announced the result at 12am
  • Congratulations arrived the day before

It stinks

BFMTV (aka macron’s TV) ANNOUNCES THE RESULT BEFORE THE TIME (6 hours before, which is illegal) then removes the tweet)

And on LCI (pro-macron TV channel), Ruth Elkrief (presstitute- anchor)had the face decomposed. She smiled again around 18h, when the first Belgian polls were broadcast and gave macron between 56 and 58%. And at 9 pm, Lepen again in front of macron (face decomposed) Has Kevin the intern got it wrong again?


Major Alain Bonte announced electoral fraud more than ten days ago. Starting at 2:14, he says:

Even if we know that there will be electoral fraud that will bring us macron and Le Pen in the second round. The same fraud that was used for Trump. We know about it.”

Major Alain Bonte
Veteran Major Alain Bonte

Questions About Marine Lepen

There was always the suspicion that most opponents in the presidential contest were at different degrees some kind of controlled opposition. We know it is the case for Jean Luc Melenchon, a millionaire, a freemason, a former socialist minister who called to vote macron in the second round, betraying millions of his voters (he hopes for a position in macron’s regime).

The French establishment has been using the Le Pen (father and daughter) since the 1980’s to win elections with the old trick of the “scarecrow”.  The goal is to face Le Pen in the second round of the election to setup an immediate propaganda and witch-hunt  campaign to stop the “far-right” or to halt “fascism”.

As smart people know real fascism is what macron and his puppet masters have been doing for years now.

Basically, any conservative idea has been pushed into this ‘far right’ bag since Mitterrand’s socialist reign. To the point that conservatives themselves moved towards the left to accommodate their enemies, afraid to be associated with real conservatism, populism and Lepen.

The problem with this trick is that: first Lepen’s party is not far-right, it is even on the left in term of economic policy. What the actual neo-marxists mean by ‘far-right’ is anything that is outside their very limited range of uniform ideology of neo-liberalism, globalism and marxism (which includes aberrations such as wokism, climate fascism, lgbt bullshit and race theories, these people are the real racists).

As such, any democrat defending his country is, for these manipulators or useful idiots, a ‘fascist’, or ‘far-right’ or even a ‘neo-Nazi’. These are the same people who trample old ladies with horses and support real neo-Nazis in Ukraine. We’ve known them for a long time, from the USSR gulag to the killing fields of Cambodia, they haven’t changed, they are just wearing another disguise.

To come back to Ms Lepen, the question about her real intentions has been asked many times. She and her father have lost so many elections  that some believe they are not only used as scarecrows to have system vultures elected but are part of the con.  

Marine Lepen lost in 2017 but at the time her party had never made such a high score in any election. So in 2017, despite her loss, she presented it as some kind of victory implicitly promising to build on this result to win the 2022 elections.

She stayed at the head of the party, despite her defeat (which is unusual in politics) and  many party executives  left (most went to support Eric Zemmour in 2022).

However, and to our surprise, after her defeat in 2022 (now, we know how) she made again the same type of speech, while the ‘official’ score, if it was real, would be the right occasion to despair.  58% vs 42%. Who could find anything positive in such a blatant defeat? Most would apologize and resign.

Likewise, she didn’t constest the results, which is strange as she must know what happened (the France 2 results) and she’s the first concerned to have her votes stolen.

Parliamentary elections follow shortly presidential elections in France, because despite his powers, a president cannot govern without a majority of deputies in the assembly. And she invited her supporters to fight for this election. Which is the right thing to do, but she won’t ally with other likeminded candidates such as E. Zemmour or N, Dupont-Aignan to gain a large majority in parliament.  Why ? Besides financial reason (subsidiaries are given by the state to each DIFFERENT party, so alliances get less subsidies), there might be personal and ideological reasons.  But for someone who called for a national union to to save France, refusing to ally with people that could make this union become the first party in France is very strange and suicidal. If macron has a majority, France will lose.

Is it possible that the favourite system opponent is controlled opposition? Being there just to make sure minority scum like macron get elected?

It could explain why she spared so much macron during the debate while there were so many scandals to choose from to crush him. Any other opponents would have buried him under the #McKinseyGate, #AlstomGate, #RotschildGate, not mentioning the apartheid system and the police state put in place in the last two years and the social and economic destruction of the last  5 years.

This is why, in any country, People should count only on their own, not waiting for a miracle ‘leader’ or a ‘wonder politician’ to do the job we must do ourselves.

Elections are rigged, the system is corrupt to the bones, justice is a sad parody, law enforcement is the arm of globalist fascism. Is there a more direct and quicker way to get rid of macron (and other usurpers)?

Who will take responsibility? Who will make the ultimate sacrifice to save France, Europe and the world?

“In the face of the #GreatReset’s victory in the ballot box, all we have left is the #GreatResist...” All we have is total resistance“.

Update and last warning: Parliamentary elections are coming in France in June.

We have been informed that French voters living abroad will have to vote through internet if they want to vote for these elections. Basically, more massive fraud is going to take place.  Their number is estimated between 1.7 to 2.5 million.

Largely enough to turn a result and get a majority in parliament in an election that is traditionally shun by French voters, while it is more important than the presidential election as it decides who will effectively govern. Which shows the ignorance of most who seem to be satisfied by the PANEM ET CIRCENSES offered by the electoral circus.

Our guess is that with machine voting (1.3 million voters), the ministry of interior FRAUD manipulations and internet vote, the usurper & fraudster macron will get a majority in parliament. The wiseman shows the moon, the masses look at his finger.

‘When a wise man points at the moon the imbecile examines the finger.’


You have been warned.


Whose prophecy is this? Wang Yiwei, Director at Renmin University Research Centre. This Chinese expert understands very well that the future of the EU is THE problem.

François Asselineau (@UPR_Asselineau) April 26, 2022


23 thoughts on “Rigged Elections, The Sequel… And The End”

  1. Rotchild little bitch Macron is now going to rig parliamentary electiona and the serfs who compose the majority of the French population are just going to keep doing nothing about it….

    The guy gets fucked by an old pedophile travestied as a ‘woman’ and probably sleeps in a cupboard like most psychos like him.

    This is what the wretched masses call their ‘president’…


  2. They got screwed for 5 years and they got screwed with this massive elction fraud.

    Do you think they would do anyhting against it?

    No… Except a tomato or an egg maybe..

    There is a proverb which says something like : “cuckold but happy”…

    Civlizations that have reached such a level of decadence don’t deserve to survive


  3. Most people in France are so stupid that they vote for the presidential elections and don’t vote for the legislative elections (parliament). As you pointed out, the president without a majority in the parliament has little if any real powers.

    But the sheeple just want to vote for the presidential elections, then go back to their ignorance and cattle lives.

    No wonder that they get worse and worse governments, they have the governments they deserve.

    Same in the USA and everywhere else.

    They are not even able to understand how they have been screwed with rigged elections, and even if they did, they are too spineless to do anything about it!

    Ps: the only solution is to kill criminals like Macron. No discussion, no blabla, just act or shut up.


  4. 20 years ago, there would have been riots everywhere when people realize the election fraud.

    Today, they throw a tomatoe at macron and they think they have done something…

    Not even able to aim correctly as the tomato missed its target…


  5. This is even more visible than in the USA, this glitch on TV is unbelievable and it shows how brainwashed is the popultation.

    They have the real results in front of them and yet, they don’t ask questions when the numbers are changed.


  6. This Laurent Fabius, he really has the face of an asshole. No surprise.. . I have heard of this stained blood story, same happened in the UK too.

    They are at killing us since a long time.


  7. Wow, like in the US in 2020. Will the French have more balls than the sleepy Americans (who are armed contrary to French) ?

    Will they revolt and topple macron’regime ?


  8. We know that scumcron didn’t pass the first round, we also know they love lepen as the right opponent to easily beat.

    My guess is melenchon made it to the second round, he probably faced lepen (the 3rd one, zemmour was really far behind). Given the anti-lepen propaganda, melenchon would have won this second round.

    When we look at melenchon/lepen programmes, we see that they are at 80% identical with few differences (immigration and law enforcement), otherwise they agree on sovereignty, getting out of the EU dictatorship (even though lepen stopped to talk about it, she would have initiated a referendum for frexit), economic and social policies…

    So, as they are together the main party in France, why didn’t they unite to fight scumcron?

    Division is the keyword, with this sterile and false left/right paradigm, the globalists make sure that no party emerge to challenge their puppet.

    melenchon/lepen confiscate the political debate by their presence and apparent only oppositions, they avoid a more acceptable party with the same exact ideas to emerge as their personalities appear as ‘extreme’ for the mass of voters.

    This is why they are there, scarecrows as you rightly saw, controlled opposition (willingly or not) to make sure nothing changes.

    In the USA, 2 parties only but people don’t scatter their votes. What made the French lose is their division and the multiplication of parties who are saying the same thing. scumcron couldn’t have cheated so easily if he had faced only one strong party.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice analysis, yes the scattering of the votes and the artifical divisions is what make people lose. They are now fighting with each others for the parliamentary elections instead of uniting against the real danger for France, macron and his puppet masters… People never learn it seems


  9. This is no mistake or technical error. That would be an error if she had 13 million votes then end up with 14 million VS her opponent getting 16 million for example.

    But being at 14 million and ending up at 11 million an hour later, this is clear FRAUD.

    This is how they did to steal Trumps’ victory in 2020.

    I am afraid it is now everywhere. This is what happens when people let criminals rig elections without being severely punished for it.

    They keep doing it, everywhere, until we stop them.

    And make no mistake, the only langage these criminals understand is VIOLENCE.


  10. Their electoral system calls for fraud. What ind of fair election if only the party in power is allowed to collect and announce the votes without being overseen by all the candidates who paritcipated.

    It’s like a soccer match, the blue play the red, and the referee is a blue player. How do you think it’s going to go?

    Add to that electronic vote, mail in ballots and internet voting (lol) and the fraud becomes massive!

    I can’t beiieve that people, even alternative media, think the vote was ‘regular’…


  11. I thin they dind’t see it coming (Lepen’s victory) and they were just showing the live results on the national TV channel when they realized that she was about to win.

    Then they received a phone call from high places telling them to revert back to rig numbers.

    Then, as if they take people for real idiots, they invented the technical error BS.

    How many people who saw that or know about it beleive the election was fair? Then, if they do, we are dealing with cretins that deserve only what they’ll get.


  12. It’s amazing how people who know politicians are scum accept so easily and without any question to be fooled like that.

    They even show them on TV: “Look we are fooling you, you see, and now it;s gone!’.

    yet, very few reactions, the usual freedom fighters, the masses are asleep…

    Misery and starvation will wake some up, that’s a given.


  13. Worse than in the USA… There was not even a campaign from macron, and only one debate. What kind of ‘election’ is that?

    Typically he knew he would rig the vote, didn’t even bother to pretend. So sure that the population is stupid and spineless enough not to do anything about it. Like in the US.

    There is an ongoing complaint and recount campaign but the system is corrupt form head to toe, it will end up nowhere.

    The solution is popular revolt and regime change from the streets and by force.


  14. Definitively rigged, definitely fraud. They are so gross that they couldn’t even synchronyze. While the ministry gave rigged numbers, the media gave the true ones…

    “Sorry to have shown you the truth, now we remove it.”

    They want to demoralize people, this is why they do that. They know that WE know (those who still have a brain, that is a minority) and they want to make us mad with rage and demoralize us.

    We are neither, we will fight them until their complete destruction.


  15. I can’t beleive they let it slip on TV at such a high audience hour on election day!

    Somehow, like many serial killers and psychopaths, they want to get caught, they leave clues, they want to tell us (to try to convince us) how smart they are…


    Appart from few demos, it doens’t seem the French even realize or are able to revolt against that… I think they are all controlled opposition, Lepen, Melenchon, all there to divide people and have the globalist candidate elected.


    1. Agree with you, it’s obvious, it’s swindle, they lure the fools into thinking there is an opposition while there is none.

      One conman and his 2 or 3 accomplices screwing the pigeons…

      I can imagine how scare marine lepen was when she saw that she was winning after 9pm. Maybe it’s even her who gave a call to macron for him to order his media servants to reverse the counting…

      Gosh, she escaped what she feared the most: being elected president!

      It’s simple, don’t listen to what they say, look at what they do.

      None of these candidates except 2 went to protest with the people in the last 6 months, and lepen wasn’t one of them.

      I understand the biggest party in France is the ABSTENTION & BLANK VOTES PARTY. Showing that the majority is either not that stupid or really didn’t like the menu…


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