Sack Them All

Australia votes, the world is on fire and we will destroy their agendas.

#SackThemAll – Huge demos took place this weekend all over Australia to revolt against their corrupt political establishment and to call for sacking them all with next week vote.

Australia votes on the 21st of May. Australians have a chance to get rid of the corrupt  and criminals politicians who have transformed their nation into a concentration camp for the last two years, working on behalf of globalists and foreign agendas.

As in other countries, Australia has been infiltrated and is infested with parasites (many WEF puppets but not only) who are bleeding their host dry.

Australians can eliminate this vermin on the 21st of May, if they act smartly by voting them out.


#VoteThemAllOut2022 BUT beware of election fraud. They will try to rig the vote, it’s not a question if but of how will they try.

Election fraud has become the norm all over the world.  This is how biden got in power, how macron stayed in power, through obvious and massive fraud.


Worst of all, while proofs even offender names and contact details are being provided, corrupt law enforcement and federal government branches are doing nothing about it, showing the level of total corruption in the USA.

#VoteMajorsLast is the name of the game. Getting rid of labor, liberal/national, green parties is the goal: vote them last !

The way it works is explained here:

Put The Majors Last




MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT – An easy guide on how to vote

Beware of fraud:

Election fraud happens everywhere. Behind it are the same criminals who are behind the covid coup, the great reset, agenda 2030, and most manufactured ‘crisis’.

Example in Bolivia:

A car carrying presidential election ballots in Bolivia was intercepted by civilians. The ballots are already marked with a vote for the candidate and current Bolivian president Evo Morales #electionfraud #WEFpuppets

Our institutions, media & governments are either infiltrated or controlled by globalist syndicates or criminal corporations (big pharma, big Telco, big food etc…).


They install plants at the head of hitherto sovereign nations . Example here with sanna marin, Finland’s mock PM,, found & groomed from pre-school?

A room decorating plant, not very bright, highly incompetent and devoid of any scruples. She takes orders from her Davos pimps as seen recently in her aggression against Russia.

They control all kind of people, from politics to arts. Here the pimp in chief with one of his oldest puppet, pathetic hasbeen, Bono

Replying to  @U2 and  @ZelenskyyUa Yeah we know it. #WEFpuppets. Bono and zelensky, 2 mediocre “artists’, both #WEFpuppets… When was the last good U2 album? In the 1980’s...

As PIECE OF SHIT schwab bragged (, ‘we infiltrate governments cabinets” . They own morrison, johnson, macron, trudeau, ardern, half of the EUSSR, half of most parliaments and of course Spanish non-entity , pedro sanchez, chosen like the plant sanna marin for decoration purposes. They don’t need leaders, they need power hungry psychopaths, failed actors (zelensky) or psychologically disturbed, preferably incompetent and with zero or low ethics easy to manipulate stooges. The scum of humanity packaged in a glittering dress…

Spanish Prime Minister #occult #wef22 #WEFpuppets #symbolism

Mass murderer, megalomaniac nerd and psychopathic eugenicist bill gates was one of klaus schwab  first ‘pupil’ …
Media Inquiries (206) 709-3400

Don’t be surprised the placebo did not work. Why bother virtue signaling when no one can respond? More evil than windows updates #WEFpuppets

#SackThemAll the #WEFpuppets

We have penetrated za cabinezs. Who ever elected this scumbag? No one! Of course, schwab doesn’t have the capacity nor the talent to have done it all by himself, he is only a puppet, actually never held a real job in his life but was groomed by criminal vs humanity henry kissinger (club of Rome), who is behind schwab career and the WEF …

What do they want, why have they infiltrated governments and institutions?

This is their goal for Humanity. Keep obeying and keep believing that the truth is ‘conspiracy theory’, this is what they want you to believe and this is where you’ll end up in 2030. They are well on their way thanks to #WEFpuppets around the world

CLUB OF ROME… Depopulation “I hope it can occur in a civil way”…

This is what bother these scumbags “conscience”: Killing us in a ‘civil way’….

The only thing we can say to subhuman assholes like him is that when we will get our hands on you (and we will), we won’t ‘depopulate’ you in a ‘civil way’. We will go full Sri Lanka on you!

Will Australians be able to change the outcome in their country?

This week-end, massive and widespread demos took place all over Australia under the banner of:


The same people who sat back while state governments shut your business down, locked you in your homes and destroyed your kids schooling for 2 years, now want you to re-elect them so they can keep their jobs. What will you do?

OGP @FreedmFightr1 · May 13 –

Massive turn out all over Australia. Really impressive. They can make the Americans, the British and the French blush!

Brisbane– 2022 MAY 14 #SackThemAll Freedom ‘We Choose Freedom! Australia you know what you have; to do. 1 WEEK TO GO! 21ST MAY 2022. Twas very wet in Brisbane! Didn’t stop the masses though. #SackThemAll

The media and Andrews do not have an honest bone in their bodies. The harm they have done to Victoria will be decades fixing and only if we can get rid of them #SackThemAll #sackdanandrews

Allison Lane

From a VicPol Whistle-blower whose duties involve guarding Dan Andrew’s: “Andrew’s now resides at Crown Towers as he knows he is a marked man.”
Any Politician who cannot walk among the people cannot work for the people.

The White Rabbit

Tott News has it:

‘We Choose Freedom!’: Large crowds across Australia REJECT the major parties  

Demonstrators have rallied across Australia today ahead of the 2022 Federal Election, in a show of rejection against the major parties and their agenda (the agenda of their puppet masters).
A call for freedom from the two-party false paradigm.
The 2022 Election represents the essential political conflict of our time — one between the corporate oligarchy and the beleaguered working classes.
A week remains until Australians head to the polls, and today, demonstrators took to the streets to let the establishment know what they think of them. A collective voice of rejection to their agenda.
Australians will not forget the last two years. Neither will any normal human being ...

Western Australia – South Australia

Australians let us all rejoice for we are supposed to be one and free.  Let us all unite to #SackThemAll #VoteThemAllOut2022 #NoVaccineMandates

Nationwide Rallies in Australia FOR #FREEDOM & Vote the Majors last! #SackThemAll Amazing turnout!

Great day to rally! #SackThemAll,  #sydney let’s go!!! #Australia , #VoteThemAllOut2022  – Freedom fighters! Sydney 14 May 2022

#SackThemAll We will be demanding this on 21st . ALL WEF ARE TRAITORS. ALL WHO SIGNED TREATY ARE TRAITORS. YOU ARE D.O.N.E. Australia… this is absolutely epic… this is a revolution. SYDNEY  The fire will never burn out!! So proud God bless everyone standing for freedom #faithoverfear WE WILL NOT FORGET!!


You serve us Victoria police! – Look at these braindead Nazis with their dog muzzles! They are, like the scum politicians, servants of the NWO/WEF/bankers.  They serve the devil and they are too stupid to even realize it.

Gold Coast -…Read that sign….Long Live the Unvaxxed ❤(“Unvaxed Lady, looking for a Tradie”).

On the left, self-explaining. On the right an elderly lady with a poster that reads:”Unvaxed Lady, looking for a Tradie”

“If there was ever a possibility of change in an Australian election, this is the one.” #SackThemAll #putthemajorslast #auspol

Put The Majors Last

People say that voting will not save us. They say that the establishment media including the ABC only promote the Pepsi and Coke parties and the Greens and Nationals just cling to their hosts like parasites so voting is a waste of time. True, but if there was ever a possibility of change in an Australian election, this is the one.
Never in Australian history has the establishment and their parties (Liberals, Labor, Nationals, Greens) ever subjected us to two years of home detention, experimental medication coercion, job losses, bankruptcies, forced medication mandates, police raids for Facebook posts, rubber bullets, choking, pepper spray in the face, tramplings, prevention from visiting dying relatives across borders, suicides and relentless media propaganda to divide families and friends.

If Australians still vote for the major parties then voting will not save us.

Interestingly if you put a major party anywhere but the bottom of the list they still have a chance of getting a place in the election with your vote. This is where the brilliant work of the Put the Majors Last campaign comes in.
Please share their videos and website far and wide. They explain how the system works and how we can beat the majors.
They even have an interactive page to create your own how to vote card by inputting your preferred candidate.
To my knowledge there are no freedom friendly minor parties running in the election that are interested in stopping Australians from being erased by third world immigration but we need to create openings. This election could create real change but if it fails the only solution will be to legally infiltrate the Nationals and Greens to change the Nationals back to a nationalist party and the Greens back to an environmental party that stops clearing the bush to build houses for their migrants.


And a comprehensive and excellent article from Susan Pavan of i3 Publications


Federal Election In Australia Is Just Around The Corner And In One Last March Aussie’s Fighting The Tyrannical Covid-19 Response Are Taking No Prisoners In Their Attempt To Make Political History…



Ultimately while the masses stay in their slumber; the people in the above stories are re-igniting a strong Australian spirit with those growing and willing to listen to logic; honesty and courage.

What they have discovered is a force, a sleeping giant in all of us. The governments Tyrannical Covid-19 Response was ultimately their own un-doing… The rock in David’s slingshot that brought Goliath down in rain; hail or shine.

Susan Pavan of i3 Publications


Election effect? Like scrapping “mandates” just before the vote (seen in banana republic France).

Western Australia Boom Pilbara Council to sue The WA Govt Over the Illegitimate VAX Mandates…. Finally, someone grows a Set Of Balls

Vote well Australians, don’t repeat the same mistakes the French did last April...

The global revolt isn’t limited to Australia, in some places people have finally found the solution: beating and stoning cops, presstitutes and politicians!


In Sri Lanka, politicians are beaten and stoned by starving people. Coming soon to Europe. Hungry people in Sri Lanka beat journalists and burn politicians’ villas.

Well done Sri Lankans !

Hungry people in Sri Lanka hunt for politicians and journalists while the police are forced to retreat. Well done Sri Lankans ! Sanctions against Russia: petrol has run out in Sri Lanka. Endless lines in front of petrol stations. The corrupt political class is ferrying the world to the brink of the abyss. Coming soon to Europe.

Well done Sri Lankans !

This is the globalist agenda 2030/great reset: depopulation by any means: false pandemics, made-up ‘wars’, food shortages, manufactured economic ‘crisis’, ‘color revolutions’, coups, famines, eveyrthing that can create harm, suffering ,death and chaos. We are fighting the devil and its servants...

Politicians’ cars fly into rivers in Sri Lanka. The people are hungry: “No gas, no oil and essential medications, people are suffering & living with 1 meal per day. Can you imagine?” Coming soon to Europe.

"Sri Lanka, where protesters angry at the soaring prices of everyday commodities including food, have burned down homes belonging to 38 politicians as the crisis-hit country plunged further into chaos, with the government ordering troops to “shoot on sight.” 
Police in the island nation said Tuesday that in addition to the destroyed homes, 75 others have been damaged as angry Sri Lankans continue to defy a nationwide curfew to protest against what they say is the government’s mishandling of the country’s worst economic crisis since 1948.

We applaud and congratulate Sri Lankans for doing what spineless westerners should have done long time ago: burn down politician houses, beat them up, beat-up presstitutes and cops and defy any corrupt official orders.

However as this article refers to sources such as fake news channel CNN, let’s be very cautious as to the reality of what is happening there.  If they cover Sri Lanka like they do for Ukraine, then it’s all false flags, archive footages or outright montages.

Rajapaksa’s resignation came after live television footage on Monday showed government supporters, armed with sticks, beating protesters at several locations across the capital, and tearing down and burning their tents. 

Dozens of homes were torched across the country amid the violence, according to witnesses CNN  (FAKE NEWS CHANNEL, SO BIG WARNING) spoke to. It remains unclear if the curfew and the Prime Minister’s resignation will be enough to keep a lid on the increasingly volatile situation in the country. 

Many protesters say their ultimate aim is to force President Gotabaya Rajapaksa — the Prime Minister’s brother — to step down, something he has so far shown no sign of doing.

What came close to that was in Italy, but just in words…


The Italian Minister of Health DEATH is bitterly challenged in La Spezia: “You must die! You are a murderer! Fuck you, bastard!” Awesome.


Genova Italy Anti VAX Pass, Anti Pandemic BS – draghi VAFFANCULO!


Novak Djokovic king of Rome. A great victory for a free man. He would also have won in Australia. It’s a tad unfair, first he is the world best player, second he  has a real advantage, he is not injected with heart debilitating substance posing as a “vaccine”.



Ireland or the contrary of courage:

In one of the most injected country in the world the criminal “government” (WEF and CFR puppets) are now planning to seize people’s ‘property to give it to so-called “Ukrainian refugees”…  Since they saw that the Irish were obeying all their tantrums and dictates without a fight,  they now think they can do whatever they wants.

IRELAND- remember that proposed legislation? “The state accordingly, will delimit the right to private property, where it is necessary to ensure the “common good” Well now they’re coming after your elderly! Do something!

Bernie’s Tweets
Seems that this quote has been designed for them…


Like every weekend and Monday, thousands of demos all over the country. The Germans however wouldn’t go full Sri Lana, it’s not their style. Unfortunately…

Hannover – Munich – Anti Vax Pass, Anti Pandemic BS- Do Whatever you can to disrupt their plans-


#Germany Saalfeld – Mannheim FREIHEIT! 16/05/2022

FREIHEIT! And all over the country:


Netherlands Anti Govt Convoy It’s happening again


Toronto Anti VAX Pass, Anti Pandemic BS

Feel like beating-up chicken trudeau and burning his house with him inside? Chicken Combo style?

In other news:


An anti-vaxxer is anyone who does not blindly accept a billion dollar narrative peddled by the richest people in the world who want us dead and attempted to hide their safety data for 75 years.

Dean Anderson
Plenty of evidences there too, but the reality is not as pleasant as the lies.

Pfizer data drop shows they knew the vaccine didn’t provide 95% protection and was closer to 12%.
They knew efficacy dropped to ~1% after a few days.
They knew it could potentially harm unborn babies.
They wanted to bury this data for 75 years.


In Ontario, COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ have produced 3.5x the volume of adverse events from all vaccines combined from 2012-2019, despite having given roughly half the total doses. They also have the highest rate of severe outcome (hospitalization/death) of all vaccines in Ontario.

The more you give facts, the more they sunk their heads deeper into the sand…

After the covid cult and the Stockholm syndrome, the Ostrich nevrosis…

News of the WHO coup masquerading as a treaty

When they LIE and DECEIVE Canadians for the interests of a foreign entity!!! #WEFpuppets All Politicians Who Are Not OPPOSED To The W.H.O Treaty being SIGNED This Month Are Complicit In The Treasonous Act That It Is!! Wake UP!! Scott!!! #StopTheTreaty #StopTheWHO !!!


The WHO pandemic treaty is a profound threat to democracy as we understand it. It’s as blatantly undermining as Germany’s Enabling Act of 1933. Our Prime Minister has no authority to sign away such fundamental but fragile civil rights. Nobody should let him pretend that he has.

Graham Kemp

THE PLAN shows the official agenda of the World Health Organization to have ten years of ongoing pandemics, from 2020 to 2030. This is revealed by a WHO virologist, Marion Koopmans. You will also see shocking evidence that the first pandemic was planned and abundantly announced right before it happened. Make sure to watch, and share this everywhere. More information, and to see all the documents in THE PLAN, go to:


There is a big question on many people’s mind and lips: Is Putin really going after the globalists and their agenda 2030/great reset agenda or is he part of it, using war as an expedient to accelerate the ‘great reset’?

The answer will be known soon.  If on the 28th of may, Russia is one of the countries signing for the ‘pandemic treaty’ of the WHO scumbags, then we’ll know that Putin is just playing a role in their global agenda. If, on the other hand, Russia rejects the WHO coup attempt, then it will be time for the freedom lovers of this world to stand with Russia.

Updates on Russia and why it makes sense with the WHO global coup:

Russia to quit WTO

According to Thierry Meyssan

After the United (BANANA) Kingdom announced that it would cease all exports to Russia, in violation of WTO rules, the United Russia Party tabled a bill in the Duma to withdraw Russia from the World Trade Organization (WTO) so as not to have to fulfil unilaterally the commitments of the organization.

Globalization as we have known it for thirty years is dying. The splitting of the world into two distinct zones should ultimately bring about the economic downfall of the West.

And from Interfax itself (thank you Vlad) Translated from Russian:

State Duma sent a proposal on denunciation of agreements of the Russian Federation with WTO and WHO

JOKE OF THE DAY (and why cash is freedom):

Looks like almost all card payment terminals in Norway have stopped working. Leaving massive queues at grocery stores and shops, people unable to buy except with cash. Welcome to a cashless society…

Delighted to see MORONS stranded with their cashless slave society…  Maybe next time they’ll consider reverting back to cash? In dying countries like Sweden, there are even braindead zombies who get micro chipped to pay with their hand, slaves who love their servitude… A society that decadent will not survive, and that is a fact.


38 thoughts on “Sack Them All”

  1. reuters, isn’t that one of the ‘big’ fake news agency with AP (associated propaganda) owned by the rothchild COCKROACHES?

    Well, it is said they sold it to… Themselves as they also probably own stinking firms like blackrock…

    A pile of excrement for brainwshed morons…



  2. It seems that Australian elections were rigged too, as you warned…

    The same party stays in power, labor, fake greens, and liberal scum, all united against the people


  3. It seems Australians weren’t paying enough attention as their election was rigged too.

    To start with, their electoral system is rigged as it allows only 2 parties to always win, labor and liberals and they were also victims of fake ‘independant’ (small fake parties running for the big ones under an assumed name), but then it shows the lack of intellignece of voters too.

    Another rigged election, the world goes straight to the wall with the coup ‘treaty’ in Geneva and the globalist manufcatured crises everywhere.

    Revolutions and violent ones are going soon to be the only solutions.

    Millions dream only of one thing: EXTERMINATING THE SCUMBAGS WHO WERE BEHIND THE FAKE PANDEMIC. maybe the time is coming quicker than expected to take revenge and wash with the globalists blood all what they’ve done to us since decades.




  4. With ‘2000 Mules’, the evidence of massive fraud in the 2020 US elections is there for all to see. On videotape, with names and contact details of the perpetrators.

    truth the vote will release the adresses of the stash houses involved in the crime (so called ‘ngo’s’).

    Is the DOJ doing anyhting about it?

    A crime has been committed, massive fraud, thousands of criminals involved, proofs and video of their acts are online for all to see!

    Is the DOJ going to do his JOB!!!!??

    No? Too rotten to even pretend?



  5. Hi, very well said, the problem will be fraud again in Australia’s election. The davos clique want to eliminate democracy so they rig elections.

    It will stop only when their blood will flow through the streets.

    The earlier the better for the world.


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