Like masks, lockdowns, curfews, antisocial distancing are imposed on people, not for health and safety, these absurd and insane measures have no scientific basis. The psychopaths behind this coup and their politician puppets don’t give a damn about our health, quite the contrary, they laugh at our credulity and are the first to break their own ridiculous ‘rules’.

You will find quantity of studies and articles on this website proving that lockdowns, curfews, antisocial distancing  are absurd, insane, unscientific, detrimental and just tools of oppression, social engineering, communities destruction and control.

As  mentioned before, the RT-PCR test used to hike-up ‘cases’ worldwide has been chosen for good reasons by those behind the coup: the test is flawed, unfit for purpose, can detect anything and nothing and has more than 90% false positive.

Concrete example, Lockdowns:

Since march 2020 when the globalist cartels behind the coup decided to push entire countries to impose lockdowns on their citizens, ten of thousands of free people if not hundred thousands or millions decided to disobey and kept going out wherever they wanted to, stayed open for business and violated every ‘order’ to stay home, to stay within a set distance or to cower like slaves.

If you don’t know the roads of your area, the streets of your towns, villages and cities, these are the times to explore.

The police, willingy or unwillingly employed to control us with their ‘checkpoints’, fines and menaces can’t be everywhere, can’t control everyone, even in cities, specially in large overcrowded cities, where anonymity prevails.

In average on 146 countries studied, theere are 165 cops per 100 000 inhabitants. They are seriously overwhelmed, worldwide, even in those countries who have 500 + cops per 100 000 people.

Only the cowardice, ignorance and credulous compliance of timid citizens allow these people to have an illusion of power and control!

Yes, sometimes you get caught, what big deal! You’ll find ideas to manage your way out, you might get a fine, and life goes on. Our advice, if you get caught, start again the next day, so you’ll stay fit. Freedom has no price and it’s by practicing that we become better.

So, if you haven’t done it yet like we have done almost every day since March 2020, go out, meet your friends, have a drink, hug your family members, go to clandestine bars, restaurants, shops, farms, hike, walk in faraway mountains, go to bath, surf, enjoy the sun on faraway beaches, use backroads, small roads where you will meet nature, quietness, lovely people, freedom lovers, those who don’t comply to insanity, those who live like human beings, far away from the covid cult zombies.

Why Herd Immunity Is Far Superior to Lockdowns

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Chief Pfizer Scientific Officer of 16 years: “more than half of the positives are likely to be false, potentially all of them”

Correlation Between 3790 Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction–Positives Samples and Positive Cell Cultures, Including 1941 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus

PCR ‘TEST’ Inventor: “It doesn’t tell you that you are sick”

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7 Things That Used to Be “Crazy Conspiracy Theories” Until 2020 Happened



  1. It’s at the same time horrifying and almsot soothing to see hards of face diapered idiots happy to get jabbed with trial injections, and rejoice in advance to be soon marked with some ‘vax id’…

    Sheep, catlle and dogs. These people have lost all liberty, all conscience, all free will and capacity to think and yet, they want YOU, smart, aware and FREE to become shadows like them.

    My red fish has more conscience than all of these morons.

    Initially I though that to protect elders it would be fine to take precautions, but now that i see how stupid these ‘elders’ are, being so willingly ready to be culled by their ‘owners’, I have lost all respect for them.

    They don’t want to die? Well, they will and sooner than they think and it will be their own making.


  2. The fraudulent PCT test has many uses for the crooks behind the covid scam:

    1/ create the impression of numerous ‘cases’ while 90% of them are false positives.
    2/ reinforce fear and control through forced tracking and testing.
    3/ enrich crriminals labs and pharma mafia who manufacture and do the fake testing
    4/ create a precdent and condition the stupid masses to get used to be controlled at borders with this fake test
    5/ collect the DNA of millions of idiots who get tested even if they are not obliged
    6/ preapre the field for forced vaccination and vax ID’s
    7/ inject mRNA poison thourgh micro needles?

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  3. Yesterday, we drove again 150 km away to go to the beach and have a nice pcinic with many friends.

    the goal was to live, to say a big fuck off to all the clowns in government, to break all their lockdown rules, and to tell them again to go fuck themselves.

    We took pictures and made videos, which will be poster on the web with a big middle finger to all health and state assholes!

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  4. Insanity is when you repeat the same inneficient and useless actions everyday expecting a different outcome.

    Like wearing a face diaper to shop in a supermarket, or obeying all the absurd orders from corrupt political bullies expecting that by doing so they will stop bully you.

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  5. Went on the beach today to surf, 75 miles from home with few friends, not because we wnated to to, but just to say a BIG FUCK OFF to their fascist rules, shutdowns, house arrest, masks and so on…

    So we break your fascist rules everyday and if you don’t like it, then it makes us even happier!

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  6. Is the fake ‘killer virus’ a bio weapon? Of course, it is, if it comes from wuhan (a bio weapon lab funded partly by the US pharma-military complex with fauci at the head)..

    But more dangerous are the so called ‘vaccines’ that will make people sick and alter their DNA, but idiots can’t help but take it, this what idiots do and this is how we recognize them (they also wear masks outside, on the beach, mountains, when doing sport and probably some real geniuses sleep with their dirty rags).

    Inject the morons with DNA altering poison that will trigger sooned or later other diseases…


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