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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Read it carefully, as every single right has been violated by almost all puppet politicians worldwide since March 2020. They continue to deny and violate these rights with coerced vaccinations, ‘vaccination passports’, lockdowns, forced masking, destruction of our livelihood, oppression, repression, outright fascism and constant humiliations. This declaration was adopted by all United Nations members in 1948, at a time where the UN was not yet completely rotten.

This is also the basis of all rights given naturallly to human beings, this is our most precious gift, for a life without liberty is not worth living. Those who give up on these rights for comfort, the illusion of safety or perosnal interest, deserve neither safety, comfort or any rights.

Global top down control hierachy from the excellent site the Wicked Truth

The Lockstep Scenario designed in 2010 by the Rockefeller foundation, the scenario used since march 2020 for the manufactured ‘pandemic’:

We already presented it here, the EU is planning ‘vaccination passports’ since 2018, long before the onset of the covid COUP. It is now clear that the EU is part of the cabal and ‘covid19’ has been created to force this fascist agenda.

Here is the document of the EU commission from March 2019 preparing the lock-step scenario to force ‘vaccine passports’ on European people without their consent or any debate (as usual since the EU is an anti-democratic totalitarian system).

In the same vein, ‘event 201’ .

Event 201 was the final preparation for the fake pandemic organized in October 2019 by the world economic forum, bill gates and john hopkins bloomberg school of health.

The member list of the Trilateral Commission, one of the globalist lobbies working towards a global feudal dictatorship under the fallacy of a ‘one world government’

Study made in Wuhan, China on ten million people proving that so-called ‘asymptomatic cases’ are a myth.

Therefore all fascist measures based on treating healthy people as if they were sick or worse, like criminals have zero value and zero scientific basis.

2011 report showing that the VAERS (adverse events reporting system in the USA) is flawed to the point where only 1% deaths and accidents are really reported.

Petition about Pfizer/biontech poorly tested mRNA injections, from Dr Wodarg and Michael Yeadon (former Pfizer executive).

A list of ingredients that can be found in vaccines, it’s like cigarettes, except you don’t inject the content of the cigarette in your veins.

The Navarro report that proving without any shred of a doubt that the 2020 US elections were rigged, stolen from the rightful winner Donald Trump.

Whatever side you are , whatever you might think about Trump, what happened in November 2020 is a very serious crime. Not only democracy has died for good in the USA, but the precedent has been set that it’s ok to rig elections .

The USA, since then, have descended to the level of one of these banana republic they have so many times managed to install in third world countries through regime changes, color revolutions and wars.

The deep state has now its own banana republic puppet serving the interests of the 1%, the Davos clique and other globalist criminals.

5G – One of the tools implemented worldwide to control the serfs and peasantry, 99% of the popualtion is 5G.

5G is sold as some technological progress allowing bums cowering at home and smartphone zombies to get very high speed from the internet. Not only this assertion isn’t true as the real gain from existing technologies is negligeable but 5G is a complete different technology, one extremely damaging for our healths, the eco-systems, nature and the planet.

5G will be used to implement 24/7 surveillance with Ai, iOT and the digitalization of everything. It is implemented at the same time as they force people to vaccinate and push for ‘passes’. All these will be linked in the future to control every aspect of the slave lives, if people don’t revolt massively against this agenda.

From the 5G Summit: How to protect you and your home from EMF radiations

E-book from Robert f. Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense about our inalienable rights in the face of the frontal assault on our rights since the onset of the manufactured plandemic:


Compulsory vaccination violates fundamental human rights, including
the right to prior, free, and informed consent to all medical interventions.
Children’s Health Defense strongly supports the right of individuals to
make voluntary choices regarding vaccines.

Here are some interesting documents. We make them available for download here because of the current Greek regime who tries to force ‘vaccination passports’ on visitors to Greece. Of course, they pretend it’s because of a ‘pandemic’ (that exists only in the media), in reality these corrupt politicians who follow the agenda designed for them by their puppetmasters.

It could be that the name of some of these corrupt politicians appear on these documents…

They were released a decade ago at the time Greece had to suffer the assaults of the IMF, the ECB and the EU, the alliance of bankers and corrupt politicians using the collaborator Alexis Tsipras to pillage Greece public service, heritage and riches. To the point where the corrupt government even sold some historic buidlings and Islands. This was one of the worst grab of public assets by corporate fascists and their puppets in governments.

These documents are a list of Greek tax evaders, including famous politicians, powerful business people, celebrities, all those who evaded taxes while the country was bled dry by the financial mafia, the EU, global corps and local corrupt politicians.

For some reason this list ended-up in the hands of Christine Lagarde, then finance minister in France, later head of the IMF and lately a senior member of the world economic forum. She could have done some good with this list, but as a corrupt member of the globalist parasitic scum, she made this list disapear.

Fortunately, courageous journalists released the full list, they were even arrested for that. At the time it was published here (in greek):

Follows a text by John Perkins, who is a whistleblower, former ‘economic hitman’ himself, denouncing a system he was part of for many years. What he writes a decade ago will look strangely familiar to the current new manufactured ‘crisis’ started in 2020 by the very same globalist ‘elites’.

February 19, 2013

Economic Chaos, Loans, Greece and Corporatocracy

Posted: 07/18/11

As I write this, I am watching the economic chaos in Greece. I’m sure we’re all sharing the feelings of fear of economic collapse  that is rampant among the other European countries –and in fact, around the world.

These events are classic cases of what I detail in my books —Confesssions of An Economic Hit Man and Hoodwinked.

Free downlaod:

Greece has been struck by economic hit men. Set to default on its debts, the Athens government is leading the pack of the 17  eurozone states as the first country using the common currency to be declared in “selective default” on its debt. In the process,  this nation, where democracy was first defined more than 2000 years ago, is clearly demonstrating how predatory capitalism works to undo the freedoms of its citizens. The Greek people were not the ones who agreed to accept these debts and for the  most part they did not benefit from them; yet they will be burdened for years to come because they were hoodwinked by the  international banking community and their own corrupt leaders.

Bailouts serve the creditors; they enslave the debtors. Although protesters swarm the streets of Athens, objecting to the draconian measures being imposed by the EU and the IMF, the country’s leaders are crumbling; they are accepting the

bailouts. It has become evident that bailouts in our own U.S. crisis have only benefited the corporatocracy, with CEO’s paying  themselves outrageous bonuses. This method of borrowing against the well-being of a country’s citizens merely serves to increase the power of the central banks, the IMF and corporate CEOs.

In my books, I write about how world economics and politics today are controlled by a very few people -the corporatocracy.

This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that whenever “debt restructuring” or “debt forgiveness” deals are struck they include  privatizing parts of the economy that were previously considered public. Utilities, schools, prisons, even significant parts of the military are sold to multinational corps. Those who demand smaller government, are –knowingly or not –supporting a new brand of corporate imperialism.

These corporations are usurping the economic engines of growth that historically have been considered as belonging to the public domain. When I was an economic hit man during the 1970s, I was ordered to implement these policies in many “Third World” countries. It took me nearly a decade to see beyond the smoke and mirrors of the World Bank/Business School models, but eventually I came to understand that this was nothing less than the Big Steal. Now it has struck Iceland, Ireland, and Greece; Spain, and Portugal are in the cross-hairs. The Big Steal is escalating in the US, with the current round of budgetcutting anti-government campaigns.

When our corporate-financed elected officials forced the government to step back, cut away at the regulations that were safety nets established after the Great Depression, the corporations brought down Wall Street, took us into this horrible recession, and then demanded that the government finance their recovery and sell them its assets. Our assets.

Please remember, none of this is about creating a better world for us or our children. It is about destroying democracy,

emasculating government-by-the people, and replacing it with government-by-the corporatocracy. Despite the red-white and-blue rhetoric, all these actions strengthen this New World Order of imperialistic rule by the corporatocracy.

We must not accede to a corporate-run government. We must vote out those who are on the corporate lobbyist bankroll and vote in those who can truly make a difference. We must reject the robber barons of the corporatocracy.

About 2400 years ago a Greek general named Pericles stood before an Athens audience and proclaimed, “We are called a democracy, for the administration is in the hands of the many and not the few, with equal justice to all alike in their private dispute.” Let this current Greek crisis serve as a reminder to all of us that democracy is under attack today. It will only survive if you and I –We the People –insist on governments that are “in the hands of the many and not the few.

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Series of archive documents on Adolf Hitler from the CIA and FBI. Some doubts about his ‘suicide’ in 1945 for example.

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