One of the goals of the global coup is to suppress cash. Propaganda would have us believe that cash gets infected and transmit a virus that is not worse than the flu.

Any bacteria or virus can harm you and can be found on any object (including firstly your mobile phone and your credit card), but none will survive on these surfaces as they need to feed on other ‘living’ organism.

The panic or rather the hysteria about cash is manufactured and doesn’t correspond to any reality. You probably have noticed that your bank (under control of the finance cartel behind every major crisis since decades) is charging you more to draw cash from the ATM than when you pay with your card. It’s because, they also are pushing the ‘cashless’ agenda.

By paying only with electronic means, all your transactions can be monitored, analyzed and ultimately controlled. A society without cash, would be a nightmare of permanent surveillance where your every move,buy and shopping would be tracked.

The ‘covid’ operation is first and foremost a control agenda.

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8 thoughts on “CASH IS FREEDOM”

  1. I always use cash since 2 years, when I understood what they were doing with ‘all digital’: 24/7 surveillance and enslavement.


  2. Well, some people are so ignorant that they believe face diapers rpotect them and others.
    They also believe people who aren’t sick can infect others with a disiease they don’t have.

    they also believe PCR test is reliable.

    They also believe their government cares about their health, the media don’t lie and the pharmaceutical industry who make billions out of vaccines is there to help them!


    Same retards believe the cashless agenda is there to help them having lighter pockets…


  3. It’s quite obvious that remving cash is used for surveillance purposes. How blind do you nedd to be not to see what the finance mafia is up to?


  4. Some morons, and often they are very young, inexperienced, highly ignorant easy to manipulate and frankly those who were born with smartphones in their mouths, think that removing cash is cool…

    They don’t understand the world they live in, they don’t get it at all. Thye have been brainwashed since childhood and think digital money is great.

    They don’t see the swindle behind it and the control agenda that goes with it.

    Will they mature, wake-up, understand what is going on?

    Some will, many won’t. They don’t want freedom, they don’t want rights, they don’t understand even the concept of liberty.

    If they inject them with microchips like dogs and cattle, these souless morons will be happy a slong as they can ‘connect’ online with their fake world.

    These zombies won’t last two days in the wild, but for the moment they are content to be the useful idiots of the criminals with a control agenda…



  5. if you have your own house, some outside space, and plenty of hiding places inside and oustside, it is best to keep the minimum on a bank account and keep the rest hidden for bad days (which will come for sure).

    The green pass from the neo-Nazi Netanyahu is a good example why you should get your money out of the bank before it’s too late. Before they find an excuse to seize it.

    Gold, silver, other precious metals, and stuff you can exchange against food, tools etc…

    Barter is a good solution to stop feeding the beast. No taxes as well, which helps starving the beast.

    What is going on is the devil’s work and we should protect ourselves from those infected (the marked so-called ‘vaccinated’ with their evil pass, like in fascist Israel, the modern yellow badge).

    Shame on the criminals like netanyahu who push for this agenda, Hell has been reserved for them!


  6. With cash you can leave your business open, even if the new medical nazis want you to become bankrupt by forcing you to close (so their billionaire friends can buy your shop on the cheap).

    No obligation to declare taxes, or even sales or nothing. Cahs is really the condition for freedom


  7. and stay out of the traditional bank system if you can, but be careful with bitcoins and others, they are part of the cashless plan


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