What we have learned in the last year is that most governments and their corporate masters on this planet are rotten to the core. The level of corruption today is unprecedented in world history, no country is spared, this is a global agenda.

We need to rebuild a world outside of the grip of the globalist organisations behind the coup, outside of the grip of fascist corporations who would destroy us and the planet for power and profit, outside of the grip of the unelected billionaires parasite class, far from the grip of the corrupt governments who think they are gods and we are their canon fodder, who pretend they care about our welfare while destroying our lives. These people are our civil servants but we have let them act as our masters for too long.

We need to go off the grid, off their evil grid, outside of the control of these psychopaths, these leeches, these parasites who have been bleeding us dry for too long.

“Let’s starve the beast” as the saying goes. Let those who love their servitudes be slaves of those who enjoy nothing in life but power and control over others. If some people can’t live without others telling them what to think and do, this is their problem, just don’t force us to abide by your fears and servitude.

Here are advices, articles and life experiences on how to become self sustainable and exit the sick society they want to impose on us.

Unbanking vs. Underbanking: How to Break-Up with the Financial mafia

55 Ways to Starve the Beast

Starving the beast also include not using anymore the worst enemies of free speech, democracy and human rights: the mainstream media (cnn, nyt, wapo, bbc & co) of course but also google-youtube, amazon, twitter, oracle, microsoft, facebook, apple and most ‘silicon valley’ style tech-fascist corporations.

These are the people who censor the truth, the people who spread the lies, use false ‘fact-checking’ and real censorship to destroy free speech.

These are the criminals who enrich themselves beyond any decency while our economies are anihilated by their puppet political servants, our lives, businesses and jobs are destroyed, because of them, because of criminals like bill gates, zuckerberg, bezos…

A list of alternatives to these criminal corporations is to be found here: https://rforresistance.wordpress.com/boycott-the-lying-mainstream-media/


Resolve To Grow Freedom & Weaken The Beast Through Agorism


“Resolve to serve no more and you are at once free.”
from 16th Century essay by Etienne de la Boetie, On Voluntary Servitude.

This article is written for people who understand what is happening. I think those of us aware of the nature of the Great Reset, Agenda 2030 and the emergence of immunity passports, Central Banks Digital Currency and the biosecurity state, understand we are being enslaved.

The most common question I am asked is what can we do to resist and ultimately defeat this sustained attack upon humanity by the State (and by “State” I mean a global public private partnership, not just national governments.)

Agorist.Market: Connecting Counter-Economy Buyers With Sellers


LibreTaxi – free open source Uber/Lyft alternative. CASH ONLY

Pirates Without Borders

The Freedom Cell Network – Peer to peer groups organizing themselves

List Your Business On Agorist.Market For Free





Liberty Under Attack Publications

@ShopAgorist group is like CraigsList and only for listing individual items, jobs and housing being offered or sought in exchange for non-banking system payment.

The decentralized shopping platform OpenBazaar https://openbazaar.com/ and its mobile companion Haven which cannot be blocked by censors like website based stores.

Its described in this review we found of web based and decentralized marketplaces selling for crypto without KYC.


By H8St8 at https://Pocketnet.app Updated 15 November 19

Opportunities are needed to sell products and services for crypto without any state involvement or personal information requirements. The following few markets were found outside the darknet which accept widely used cryptocurrencies, beyond BTC (Bitcoin), without KYC (know your customer) requirements.

The most highly recommended markets are at the top, beginning with the best, which is also decentralized.


OpenBazaar is a free, decentralized, open source program by the US corporation OB1. Having a company behind it provides a control point which makes it less than fully decentralized. It was built to provide everyone with the ability to buy and sell directly with each other freely. The desktop app can be downloaded from https://openbazaar.com .

Haven – Private Shopping mobile app on Android and Apple iOS is the mobile version of OpenBazaar’s decentralized market. The app can be downloaded from https://gethaven.app and a non-google-gestapo download for the android app is at https://apkpure.com/haven-private-shopping/io.ob1.nativeandroid.


Only few achieved the minimum requirements of accepting widely used cryptocurrencies, beyond BTC, without KYC. Only one seems to be still active.

WeShopWithCrypto.com – Seems not to be in service anymore https://weshopwithcrypto.com

Bitify.com has the ability to list products without KCY, but then you can’t be a “verified seller”. https://bitify.com/. Crypto accepted: Only BTC and LTC are accepted.

HomesteadersCoop.com is tightly linked to the Steemit.com community with involvement required to open and maintain a store. Seems not to work anymore.

30 Steps to Help You Prepare for Civil Disturbance


How to Can Food in a Boiling Water Bath

How to Create a Root Cellar for Food Storage – The Organic Prepper

simplified lifestyle:


bartering product:


homestead with animals:


Precious Metals: A Prepper’s Guide to Gold and Silver

Unbanking vs. Underbanking: How to Break Up with the Financial System

Keep the plumber away- Natural Unclog drain







Energy autonomy requires some investment and technology but is now possible while enjoying all the commodities of modern life (without the destructive technologies like smart meters, 5g, IoT and other surveillance tools).

Here are few articles about energy storage technologies including non-lithium-ion rechargeable type of batteries 9air/zinc-ion for example).

Behind the meter

What is the Best Battery for Solar Storage?

Application of Manganese-Based Materials in Aqueous Rechargeable Zinc-Ion Batteries

New Zinc-Air Battery Beats Lithium-Ion Battery on All Levels

Solid Electrode Battery Technology

Understanding electric consumption & demand charges

Self Produced Energy Storage (commercial)


Two good articles about the need to decentralize in order to escape the control of big monopolies and techno-fascists like facebook,google,apple, amazon,twitter….

Wave of Censorship Spurs Demands to Break Up Big Tech’s Monopoly

By Dr. Joseph Mercola


The Coindesk article points out that movement toward decentralized storage and databases has been fast and furious, and includes an extensive list of developments. Even changes to how the Domain Name System (DNS) functions are in the works. Why decentralize the DNS? As noted in the article:

“Within the current system, the bottom line is you can be erased from the Internet at any moment, for any reason, by anyone with enough power. Decentralized DNS makes it virtually impossible for authorities to shut down access to the web and gives individuals real ownership over their digital identities, communication channels and means of commerce.”

One decentralized DNS service is UnstoppableDomains.com, which uses blockchain technology. I recognized this early last year, which is why we purchased the mercola.crypto domain that we hope to launch later this year.

Additionally, I am currently in the process of connecting with the founder of Signal, Moxie Marlinspike, probably the best encrypted private communications platform out there, to strategize about how to decentralize a social platform like Parler.

Clearly, many others are in agreement that a decentralized web — one in which monopolies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube cannot rule with impunity — has become an urgent necessity. Alternatives cannot be created fast enough.

“On Facebook and Twitter, one finds official accounts from the most repressive and violent regimes on earth, including Saudi Arabia, and pages devoted to propaganda on behalf of the Egyptian regime. Does anyone think these tech giants have a genuine concern about violence and extremism?”

What’s behind the push for censorship?

According to Big Tech, free speech is “dangerous.” I guess a follow-up question to such a statement would be: “To whom?” As mentioned earlier, agencies such as DARPA are using the online services of private companies, and according to independent journalist Whitney Webb, the COVID-19 pandemic has given “a dangerous boost to DARPA’s darkest agenda.”

“Though the answer to this question has frequently been written off as mere ‘incompetence’ in mainstream media circles, it is worth entertaining the possibility that a crisis was allowed to unfold.

Why would the intelligence community or another faction of the U.S. government knowingly allow a crisis such as this to occur?

The answer is clear if one looks at history, as times of crisis have often been used by the U.S. government to implement policies that would normally be rejected by the American public, ranging from censorship of the press to mass surveillance networks.”

Just wait — you’re next

While many appear to be caught up in the schadenfreude of the moment, basking in the perceived power of cancel culture, make no mistake — the censorship will not be limited to conservatives. Years ago, I warned that online censorship would not end at alternative health sites like mine, and guess what? It didn’t. Then I warned it would not stop at questioning vaccine safety, and of course, it didn’t.

Make no mistake. Eventually, all will be targeted. Acceptable speech will continue to narrow until everyone has something to lose by opening their mouth and expressing an opinion. It’s inevitable, which is why supporting censorship is so ill advised. As noted by Greenwald:


Censorship is never directed to specific groups, eventually it is applied to anything deemed threatening to the ruling class. So, while you wait for a decentralized, censorship-free internet, what can you do to protect your online privacy and your right to free speech? Here are a few suggestions:

    Switch from Facebook and Twitter to free-speech alternatives such as Gab, MeWe, Minds (and Parler if they manage to come back).

    Switch from YouTube to uncensored alternatives such as Bitchute, Brighteon, Banned.video and Thinkspot.

    Download the Signal or Telegram app to encrypt your text messages. Telegram also allows you to subscribe to channels (read-only messages are sent to your phone from any channel you subscribe. This feature is starting to be increasingly used by individuals who have been banned on other social media platforms).

    Use a VPN on your desktop, laptop and mobile devices to preserve your privacy.

    For content creators and alternative news sources that no longer have a social media presence due to censoring, subscribe to their newsletter if available, and/or mark their website in your favorites and check back on a regular basis.

Boycott Google by avoiding any and all Google products:

    Stop using Google search engines. Alternatives include DuckDuckGo and SwissCows. OR OTHER ALTERNATIVES, SEE HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

    Uninstall Google Chrome and use Brave instead, available for all computers and mobile devices. From a security perspective, Brave is far superior to Chrome and offers a free VPN service (virtual private network) to further preserve your privacy. RATHER USE TOR OR OTHER ALTERNATIVES, SEE HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

    Switch to a non-Google email service such as ProtonMail, an encrypted email service based in Switzerland. THERE ALSO TUTANOTA (GERMANY) AND VIVALDI (ICELAND).

    Stop using Google docs. Digital Trends has published an article suggesting a number of alternatives.

    Don’t use Google Home devices. These devices record everything that occurs in your home, both speech and sounds such as brushing your teeth and boiling water, even when they appear to be inactive, and send that information back to Google. Android phones are also always listening and recording, as are Google’s home thermostat Nest, and Amazon’s Alexa.

Ditch Fitbit, as it was recently purchased by Google and will provide them with all your physiological information and activity levels, in addition to everything else that Google already has on you.

    If you’re a high school student, do not convert the Google accounts you created as a student into personal accounts.

Originally published by Mercola.


Anthony Pompliano

This mission is too big for any one person. A global shift is underway and it is likely to impact every company, every industry, and every product.

Why are people going to use communication products where companies spy on their every word if there is a product that has feature parity, dense network effect, and also happens to be privacy-centric?

The age of decentralization is here. The age of privacy is here.
Pomp 🌪 @APompliano

The more centralized institutions highlight their power and control, the more the younger generation becomes intrigued by the idea of decentralization.

How to make your Home safe from 5G and EMF radiations

25 Survival supplies you’ll need to stock up on before SHTF

Sunday, February 23, 2020 by: Zoey Sky Natural News

(Natural News) Starting a survival stockpile is one of the most daunting tasks for beginner preppers, especially if you have no idea where to start. The important thing is to do it before SHTF, not when things are already going south.

  1. Aluminum foil – Use aluminum foil for cooking food or collecting rainwater.
  2. If you’re lost in the woods, you can use its reflective surface to signal a plane or vehicle for help.
  3. You can also use it as a makeshift sharpener for dull scissors. Smooth out a sheet of foil, fold it in half a couple of times and cut it.
  4. After cutting the foil for some time, the scissors will be as good as new.
  5. Ammunition, air rifles, BBs, pellets – These weapons can be used for hunting and self-defense.
  6. You can also stock up on smaller weapons like slingshots.
  7. Baking soda – Baking soda can be used for more than cooking.
  8. Baking soda is a non-toxic ingredient that can be used for cleaning, deodorizing and even brushing teeth.
  9. Bandanas, baseball hats, cotton handkerchiefs – Hats will keep the sun out of your eyes while the hankies and bandanas
  10. can be used as makeshift protection from smoke.
  11. Batteries – Opt for rechargeable batteries that work with a solar battery charger.
  12. Buckets, lids – Stackable five-gallon buckets are best for storing supplies. Use food grade containers for food supplies.
  13. Cash or precious metals – After a large-scale disaster, your debit and credit cards may become useless. Have emergency cash and precious
  14. metals like silver or gold on hand so you can buy supplies.
  15. Coffee, hot chocolate, tea – These items may not be essential to your survival, but having them in your stockpile can give you a sense of comfort
  16. during an emergency. you can use them for bartering.
  17. Cotton socks, hooded jackets, shirts, thermal underwear – If these items are on sale, stock up on them. They’re also perfect for bartering.
  18. Duct tape – Duct tape is a versatile item that deserves space in your stockpile. You can use it to patch up your gear or tools.
  19. Entertainment – When SHTF, you can boost morale among the adults and entertain kids with toys, board games, story books, coloring books, crayons and other items.
  20. Feminine hygiene supplies – If there are women in the group, they’ll need feminine hygiene supplies. Even if you don’t have women in your family, other preppers will barter for them when SHTF.
  21. Firestarters, lighters, matches – You’ll need fire for cooking and staying warm. Store charcoal and lighter fluid for easier firestarting.
  22. Firewood – Stock up on firewood, especially if you live in an area with a cold climate. Store firewood properly to ensure that it
  23. burns well when it’s time to use it.
  24. First aid supplies – Common first aid supplies like burn ointment, bandages, pads and wound cleaners are a must-have when disaster strikes.
  25. Fishing poles, fishing line – Fishing gear is essential for finding food in a survival scenario.
  26. Garbage bags – You’ll need large trash bags for waste disposal. Garbage bags can also be used as makeshift raincoats or for waterproofing
  27. your gear and supplies.
  28. Gardening tools and supplies – Stock up on simple hand tools for gardening and seeds if you plan on growing your own food or bartering when SHTF.
  29. Hardware supplies – You’ll need the following items for your toolbox: nails, nuts and bolts, screen patches and screws. Glue and small hand tools like hammers, pliers and screwdrivers should also be included in your stockpile.
  30. Infant supplies – When SHTF, baby formula and disposable diapers will be valuable commodities.
  31. Manual can openers – Get manual can openers and save some for backup. Use extra ones for bartering.
  32. Non-perishable food – Different kinds of survival food will last for months or even years if you store them properly in your stockpile.
  33. Check your supplies regularly and rotate items as needed.
  34. Pet food – If you have pets, stock up on their needs as well, like food and their favorite toy. They will also need their own go-bags
  35. if you plan on bugging out.
  36. Soap, personal hygiene items – Soap is cheap and easy to store. You’ll need them for personal use or trading.
  37. Water filters and purifiers – You’ll need water for drinking, cooking, bathing and washing.
  38. Stocking up on extra water filters and purifiers is also a great tactic if you plan on bartering with fellow preppers.

Beginners and experienced preppers alike should stock up on these items before disaster strikes. There’s no such thing as too many when SHTF.

The Battles of Finland Winter War‘s Museum

Against all odds, this small nation resisted the onslaught of Stalin USSR thanks to courage, ingenuity, determination, faith and a spirit to never submit, never surrender and fight till the end. Full of interesting experiences and practical advices.


The Self-Reliance Manifesto – The Organic Prepper

11 thoughts on “EXIT THE MATRIX”

  1. Who exactly are you talking to? It sounds like a rant monologue for you and your tech friends who understand what you are talking about.


  2. To leave the ‘matrix’, it will require courage, unwavering resolution to be free at all cost, self-sacrifice, the end of a lot of accpeted ‘comfort’ (fake comfort) and a lot of work and efforts.

    Efforts that most people are not ready to make. they prefer to be slaves on a sofa rather than free humans with less or little confort.

    The boycott of all evil corporations and states in essential. The less give them money (including taxes), the more power they have.

    Self sustainability is essential as self sufficience too (no point depending on oil or other sources of energy when they hike oil prices on purpose so to make sure poeple don’t use their cars).
    – make you won food, energy, build resrves and organize your own defenses agaisnt corporations, covid cult members, governments and their agents.
    – be ready to cut all links with cvoid cult members, zombies, robots, parrots and other cretins believing in the covid scam. It includes members of family and friends (this is the hard part).
    – And be ready to kill for survival and fight for freedom until death.


    1. Yes, it takes a lot of motivation, courage and huge efforts, but like anything else, nothing comes for free in life and freedom is the most prcious gift we have.

      It worth it


  3. By choice or by neccessity, we will have to get off their evil grid anyways.

    So, better to get used to it. And in the next ten years, the life of those people within their grid won’t be enviable anymore, quite the contrary, life off the grid will become enviable for the dna modified zombies when they start to starve thanks to their ‘agenda 2030’ no co2 BULLSHIT and nothing to eat is left on supermarket shells…

    Time to leave the matrix is nearing.


    1. Totally, it will have to happen in any case.

      By the way, we have “funny” spammers who obviously are also big pharma whores: s.i.ldm.a.f.i.lili.nii.s@gmail.com (fake email). IP adress: Host Europe GmbH Strasbourg France, or Switzerland…

      Our advice to them: please take a triple dose of mRNA injections, keep washing waht’s left of your tiny brains on TV, and enjoy your robotic zombie lives.

      If you are nice, we’ll buy you some balls for Xmas


  4. Living off grid is more difficult than many think.
    Are you ready to live without permament electricity?
    With no running water or direct acceess to it?
    mkaing your won food, spending time growing food, taking care of small or bigger farm animals to procude dairy, eggs, meat and perhaps wool?

    it’s really time consuming but it’s really rewarding…

    Then heating with what you can collect and buliding with available material…

    Not much money either and probably not connected on the internet so easily, this is what off-grid means and this is why most people won’t go for it, because of convenience and comfort…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This comment should be there:

    Resigned from amazon, closed all accounts with google, facebook and twitter. don’t use whatsapp anymore, swicthed to face to face and calls.

    Stopped to shop at big retailers because of their fascism and focus on small producers, farmers, local shops (only if they don’t promote covid cult fascism).

    Started to grow my own vegetables (potato, carrots, herbs)…

    Plan to catch rabbits and buy chicken…

    the goal is self sufficience outside of morons pathetic world

    Liked by 1 person

  6. We are planning to build our remote communities, far away from masked zombies, neurotic covid cult robots and their stae and corporate masters.

    We pool resources of multiple families to buy huge chunk of land, we have already found an old remote farm with plenty of buildings that just need renovation and plenty of land with a well.

    We intent to produce our own food, energy, get some farm animals, open shops where face diapered idiots will be exluded from. Some of us will still work for a while in the matrix until complete independance is reached.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. It takes some efforts to go off-grid and a lot of motivation. If you’re ready to forget about artificial things like TV, dumbphones (cause they make us dumb), and all the other distractive gadgets that ensalve us, then it shouldn’t be an issue.

    Doesn’t mean that you have to disconnect completely from this dying world, it means to reconnect with nature, our true selves and other in real life.


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