Bringing Down The House of Cards

World Wide Demonstrations, International Rally For Freedom, Defeat The mandates, The massive Brussels protests and the weekly worldwide protests on six continents against global fascism masquerading as a “health emergency” , so many events, demos and protests that it’s difficult to know where to start.

The bad news is that too many people still don’t have the character, the common sense and the courage to stand-up for their rights. Most of these people will submit to everything, victims as they are of mass formation psychosis (or madness of crowds that saw the emergence of totalitarian systems in the 20th century and the genocides). They  are doomed to slavery with vax passport ID’s, social credit systems, never ending injections & sickness and eventually early death.

The most outrageous Conspiracy of the last 23 months, is thinking that your Compliance will get you anywhere…


The good news is, We Are Not Alone, millions join every day,  former hypnotized humans are setting themselves free, We Are Millions and growing every week. We are the Future of Humanity. We will destroy the globalists agenda and

We Will Win This War!

A special word for our Brothers and Sisters in the Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe who fight the globalists assault with everything  they have: Do not give-up, do not obey, do not surrender, the world is watching and is behind you!  Long live Freedom!

In any war we need to know who is the enemy, otherwise we don’t know who and what to fight.

Who are the enemies?

A Canadian MP has just named them this week-end: Independent MPP @randyhillier speaks at the freedom rally at Queens Park.  He names “the enemies who seek to destroy our freedom.” The enemies of Freedom.

Those that we can see:
The government, (so-called) ‘health’ ‘authorities’, the media.”
Those who collaborate: the door keeper who refuses you entry because he can see a smile on your face. The business who demand a vax passport to let you in. The employer who demand vax or fires you, the doctor who refuse to accept your exemption and the teacher who force a mask on your child are enemies of freedom.
• Then there are the profiteers who fill their pockets because of our fears.
• Every person who cast scorn or ridicule upon those who act freely, are enemies of freedom!

Collaborators also include  the police and military who enforce illegal rules, arresting Free people who refuse to get injected with poison, to wear a muzzle or carry a cattle vax passport. The law already provides for these criminal civil servants but the law being ignored, The People must carry justice themselves.

He didn’t mention the globalist scum who hide behind their lackeys to pull the strings.The moneychangers, Blackrock, Vanguard, central banks and their owners , the rich families, the rothschild, rockefeller, Windsor, soros, gates, buffet, the Vatican of fake pope bergoglio, the drug pushers of the pharmaceutical crime syndicate and their sponsors (gates), the globalist organizations (UN, EU, WHO, IMF, WEF…), big tech and media billionaires who censor and manipulate information: soros, bezos, zuckerberg,  bloomberg,  ellison (oracle), page, brin (google), balmer , etc…

These criminals added one million per day to their already to large fortune while the world was descending into tyranny and poverty.

$1 Billion a Day — That’s How Much Top 10 U.S. Billionaires Added to Their Fortunes During “Pandemic”

Besides ending their monopolies, these people, most of them behind the coup, must repay the world for their crimes. Their assets must be seized, redistributed equally amongst nations and people to finance the reconstruction of our economies. Criminals like bill gates must be sentenced to death!

While in many States in the USA, there is still hope for the rule of law and respect for the constitution, the situation is dramatic in Europe and Australia.

Once again Europe has descended into abject fascism, a situation unseeen for the last 77 years with the end of Nazism & fascism and 33 years with the end of communism.

As in happened many times before, armed struggle has now become a necessity in now overtly fascist regimes like Austria, Italy, France, Germany and all other countries where the globalists have seized power and are destroying rights and freedoms, are enslaving and killing the populations with forced injections, vax passports, forced muzzling and other crimes against Humanity.

All so-called ‘mandates’ are illegal, unconstitutional and constitute flagrant crimes against humanity according to a dozen of international treaties binding every government and to the constitutions of the countries under attack.  

forced masking, forced jabbing and vax passports are illegal. period.

The ‘leaders’ of these countries must be held accountable, trialled and sentenced. The only decent sentencing for the crimes against humanity committed since 2 years by the clique behind this coup is the DEATH PENALTY.

Here is a non exhaustive list, feel free to add your own national corrupt politicians, media whores, health charlatans and regime collaborators.

Nb: we name only the main criminal leaders or executives, it should also include accomplices if not their entire administrations.

nehammer (Austria) should be the first to be shot, biden-harris, fauci, walensky (CDC), bill gates, trudeau, draghi, macron, scholz, merkel, van de leyen (EUSSR), johnson, morrisson (Australia), daniels (Victoria), ardern (NZ), rutte (netherlands), de croo (belgium), bettel (Luxembourg), sanchez (Spain), parmelin and most of the federal council (Switzerland), andersson (Sweden), frederiksen (Denmark), gahr støre (Norway), marin (Finland), etc…

Criminals that should face the death penalty, incomplete list.
As justice is mostly corrupt like anyhting else, POPULAR JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED



2/ massive and permanent CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE

3/ massive and permanent DISRUPTION AND SUBVERSION of their agenda

4/ SABOTAGE of their plans, infrastructures and power structures.

5/ BOYCOTT of all business, mainstream media, corrupt institutions, public and private organizations who demand vax mandates, vax passports, muzzles, tests, etc…

6/ REPRISALS, RETALIATION, HARASSMENT AND ATTACKS ON THE CRIMINALS BEHIND THE COUP: politicians, regime collaborators, media whores, corporations, executives of big pharma, big tech, banksters, etc…

7/ COUNTER PROPAGANDA, EXPOSING THEIR LIES. SPREAD THE TRUTH by all means and media, print, word of mouth, radio, video, web, social media etc…


9/ MAKE CHILDREN. They want to “depopulate” us, they want our death, make children to fight this agenda! Make sure you can afford to raise them as Free Human Beings, to school them at home if need be or outside the cultural marxist, lgbt, technocrat and globalist re-education “schools”.

And as the bio-weapons posing as ‘vaccines’ are killing like no other product ever killed before in human history, the criminals behind the depopulation and enslavement agenda are now pushing for forced injections and vax passports globally.

It is a coordinated, planned and orchestrated move belonging to the overall lock-step scenario that we are now familiar with. They are all pushing it at the same time, the evidence that it is not health related but a pre-planned agenda.

They keep unrolling the sick agenda of a few dying psychopaths and their wet dreams of a ‘one world government’ (global dictatorship), despite the millions who fight since months, and the billions who simply don’t want their sick world, they just continue as if we didn’t exist.

They and their media whores saw how real we were this week and this week-end. They also saw how strong we now are.

Their police thugs, their petty collaborators, their masses of compliant bitches won’t be able to stop Freedom. They dream to do with us what they have done in China. But we are not chinese. We come from civilizations who invented the concept of Democracy, something unknown and foreign to China.

The people who are rising now aren’t the same as those who did so 1 or 2 years ago. Some major figures, tens of thousands of scientists, doctors and real experts took the red pill and are fighting. Influential and wealthy people have also joined the fight.

 The struggle won’t be easy as we are facing gigantic evil trusts who own the media, corporations and criminal politicians, but all the money in the world can’t silence the entire planet.

The very tools they use to manipulate, brainwash, control, surveil the masses are now used against them to wake these masses and wise them up.

The truth is out there and is spreading.

A brief recap of the current genocide using bio-weapons posing as ‘vaccines:

22,193 Deaths After COVID Shots Reported to CDC (only 1 to 10% are ever reported)

VAERS data released Friday included a total of 1,053,830 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines, including 22,193 deaths and 174,864 serious injuries.

To put that in perspective: In one year there were more deaths from these ‘vaccines’ than in the last 30 years from all other vaccines.

Or to put it more clearly:

The explosion of deaths related to vaccines (compared to the last 30 years) started right after the beginning of the mass jabbing campaign. What more proofs do we need? Source

The exact same is happening in Europe on a bigger scale:  36,257 Deaths and 3,244,052 Injuries Following COVID Shots in Europe (2 weeks ago) from EudraVigilance (big pharma controlled agency).

And the UK





We have to understand that after a hundred deaths from any other medicine, the rule is to stop the medical experiment. Why do they continue?

If we add actual numbers of deaths and injuries from these 6 official sources, we totalize close to100, 000 deaths and more than 4 million injuries. But the official numbers are rigged as most deaths and injuries are simply not reported. Not even 10% are reported.

Independent databases have been setup to make-up for the lack of transparency of big pharma controlled ‘medicine’ agencies.

No More Silence
Vax testimonies – Israel
Vax Tracker – USA, from Children’s Health Defense (CHD) and Doctors for Covid Ethics (D4CE)

Plus, countless scientific papers and peer reviewed studies are now proving that covid ‘vaccines’ are deadly:

And an excellent and very comprehensive article from Silicon Valley entrepreneur Steve Kirsch that completely demolishes the covid narrative.   

Incriminating evidence

Steve Kirsch is a Silicon Valley philanthropist.  He is the inventor of the optical mouse and one of the first Internet search engines, Infoseek. About his involvement to fight the false ‘science’ behind the official covid narrative:

In early May, 2021, I started hearing disturbing stories from my friends about vaccine injuries and deaths. These were too frequent to ignore. Someone was lying. So I started digging and found that I had been lied to about the vaccine by the US government. Not only that, but my best estimates (confirmed by multiple independent sources) were that we have killed over 150,000 Americans from the vaccine and nobody was bothered by that. I wrote an article on TrialSiteNews and that let to the Darkhorse podcast and the rest is history. You can see all the links here.

He invested $1M of his own money and raised another $5M to start CETF. He writes on Substack

Now to the action this week, starting in Brussels, Belgium, at the very heart of evil, the EUSSR mock ‘parliament’, where globalist whores, macron and van der leyen are exposed for the corrupt criminals they are:

EU MEP Mislav Kolakušić drops the Hammer on macron… Absolutely destroying him over the illegal and illegitimate VAX Mandates.

“While presiding over the EU, do everything exactly the opposite of what you are doing in France. Tens of thousands of citizens have died due to ‘vaccine’ side effects. Yet, you mandate these! Mandatory vaccination represents death penalty and its execution for many citizens. That has to remain a choice for every citizen!”

A political way of saying to  the world that macron is guilty of crimes against Humanity and that the world knows it. Little globalist bitch macron must face the death penalty for his crimes!

The only  language narcissistic psychopaths like macron understand is violence and the proper vector is to tell him with a gun.

Then Mislav Kolakusic moves to the other corrupt globalist piece of shit, van der leyen (unelected mock president of the EUSSR politburo) – Tel: +32-229-56070.

“In the last 80 years since Nazism fundamental rights have never been so severely violated.”

We do not believe in the EU as it has always been a totalitarian project as it reveals itself now, but huge respect for MEP’s like Mislav Kolakusic who is throwing the truth to the ugly faces of evil.

And proof that times are changing and the house of card crumbling is that Mislav Kolakusic wasn’t alone denouncing corrupt criminal macron:

“While you are implementing measures under the pretext fo covid that look like chinese measures. And when the violence you perpetrate against the Yellow vests and other protestors is Chinese too. These are violations of the Rule of Law. And now you are using it for your ideological war on Poland and Hungary. It’s appalling!”

A second MEP expose globalist lackey macron for his crimes against Humanity. Death penalty is the only outcome for macron!

Belgium where the biggest demo took place this weekend and also where various personalities spoke, like Vera Sharav, one of the last Holocaust survivor. She spoke about the return of fascism in Europe as it is now happening using the old trick of ‘ health emergency‘ to transform the continent into a hell hole again. A must watch. History shows where blind compliance to evil leads.

A Call To Europe – Press Conference in Brussels

Vera Sherav, holocaust survivor and president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, AHRP: Germany, Italy and Austria are again swept by fascism.  Silence in the face of evil is evil. Don’t obey tyrant orders”!

Featuring Keynote Speakers Mary Holland, President of Children’s Health Defense, Catherine Austin Fitts, president of Solari, Inc., Vera Sherav, president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, AHRP.


With Washington DC, Brussels in Belgium was the epicenter of the rebellion as hundreds of thousands of Europeans from multiple nations, maybe a million, converged to Brussels to fight global fascism disguised as a health emergency. Freedom fighters as far as the eye can see.

Massive involvement from all over Europe. Europeans say no to tyranny, mandates and vax passports

As far as the eye can see… Hundreds of thousands, maybe a million.

Free Europe was here

Hundred thousands of Europeans march for freedom  and to fight globalist fascism in the heart of the EUSSR dictatorship: Brussels. They chant Liberte and Freedom!

The plan was to demonstrate peacefully in front of the EU parliament, but the NWO thugs in uniform who have sold their soul to evil and enforce criminal and illegal orders,  started to attack protesters and prevent them to reach the parliament.  Clashes were inevitable and the protesters won the day.   

EUSSR building with NWO thugs inside under attack.

Some say it’s antifa, used to discredit peaceful protests.  We don’t know. Others would say that it’s only justice as these buildings host the parasites who suck the blood of Europeans since decades, bureaucrats, technocrats, globalist rats, corrupt politicians: the scum of the earth.  For sure, the media will use these images to try to discredit the overall movement. But since dictators always call Freedom Fighters terrorists, what they say doesn’t matter.

Road signage serves as giant barricades against water cannons. While cops retreats faced by a massive assault.

NWO lackeys are forced to take refuge in the subway while barriers, bins, stones and detritus are thrown at them.

It could be staged too, but after all the crimes committed by the cops in the last two years it’s good to watch. Melbourne cops should be treated as such!

Strange scene where a cop supposedly under heavy attack of projectiles takes all his time walking down the stair as if he knew nobody will really hurt him… Would it be possible that these ‘protesters’ are in fact cops in civilian clothes creating a false flag?

This scene could confirm the false flag possibility: Two plainclothes cops are gassed by their colleagues (who didn’t recognize them). These cops dress like protesters to infiltrate them, serve as agents provocateurs or to create false flags. 

A real Belgian joke, the cops being gassed by their owns….

Clashes between protesters and fascist regime thugs forced to retreat and pursued by the People

Despite heavy military gear and water cannon armored truck, the demonstrators manage dot break the NWO fascist thugs lines

More than hundred thousand people in Brussels. Two nice banners…

Conspiracy theorists for sure…

A massive and successful demonstration that attracted hundreds of thousands of Europeans from many nations, we recognized Dutch, German, Luxembourgish, French, Belgian flags and regional ones as Europe is a patchwork of rich and diverse cultures and identities that will never be diluted into the totalitarian wet dreams of the globalist vermin.

Brussels: THE PEOPLE 2 – globalists scum : 0


Vienna fighting against the neo-Nazi regime and its pigs in uniform, braindead scum enforcing illegal ‘mandates’. Their turn will come, no pity for those who helped the regime! Again, marching and playing drums won’t help. What helps is targeted actions against criminals pushing this agenda! When are people going to understand that only by eliminating the roots of evil will they recover their freedom?

Are Austrians really going for it? The challenge they face is a test fo their character. Are they fighters or helpless victims? They should watch East in Bulgaria and West in Guadeloupe for inspiration.

The so-called ‘mandates’ are illegal. Do not obey the tyrants. Fight the cops if you have to but do not submit, pay fines or let them send you to jail.

The criminal nehammer must pay for his crimes. For him and his puppet regime: DEATH PENALTY!

Massive demo in Graz – The resistance is there. Theyye must be ready to take weapons to defend themselves and children against the fascist regime!

Austrians should raise hell on the regime, its collaborators and the criminal media. Strong People would rather burn their own lands than submitting. They should do like the Guadeloupeans


The country of the ‘right of man’ has become a fascist dictatorship in less than two years. Millions are fighting but millions are also collaborating with the evil regime. This must end, People must stop to walk but march on the seats of power, the national assembly, the Elysee palace, the Senate, all government buildings, criminal politicians and their lackeys must be the targets of People’s anger and justice!

Guadeloupe is showing the way:


Guadeloupe, fighting against little globalist whore macron and his fascist regime. Blocades, general strike, road blocks, clashes with macron SS, the night‘s burning!

The resistance will not submit to slavery, forced injections and cattle passports like so many other cowardly French submitted to.

Guadeloupe : Following an appeal to general strike in Guadeloupe, clashes took place in the commune of #Abymes.  Gestapo were shot at. One was shot in the knee . We all wish it were macron who got the bullet in his face.

Real or false flag? Right after that alegedly happened, a sudden ‘curfew’ was declared… So, one gestapo agent shot another in the leg to accuse the resistance so they can declare a curfew…

Like in The Martinique, Guadeloupians should just intensify the fight, refuse to comply to any curfew and keep disobeying to any of little whore macron’s demands.

Which is what they’ll do as the strike will be extended and the fight will continue until People’s victory. Even if they have to break more knees!

Two new pieces from artist Michel-Ange Flori that describes the situation in France:

macron and OUR FREEDOMS and France in chains. The French can’t let this happen. They have to topple macron’s regime.

This is what they are doing in Perpignan in French Catalonia: Criminal “deputy” Romain Grau  (one of the scumbag who voted to force the vax passport on people) attacked by demonstrators in front of his office. This is the kind of action that works.

They chant ‘collabo’ (short for regime collaborator) and shout insults. Booing is not enough, punches, kicks, stones and more for these scumbags need to become the norm! Well Done Perpignan!

They want our enslavement and death? Their offices are not difficult to find for a start. Then, their home addresses are not difficult to find to pay them a visit.

Protesters against the NAZIvax passport throw television sets in front of the office of the criminal deputy, c. castaner ( another scumbag who voted for vax passports)  in Forcalquier this Saturday.

Getting rid of fake news, radiations and brainwashing while harassing the corrupt politicians. Very good idea. To replicate at his home.

Since July 2021, France is demonstrating every weekend if not everyday against global fascism and little runt macron.

Paris – Demo 1 -The song: if you don’t want to see macron (and all his government) clap in your hands! If you want your freedom: Clap in your hands!

Paris and France stand with Djokovic! слобода Джоко means sloboda Džoko, which means Freedom and Djokovic! @DjokerNole @jelenadjokovic #WeStandWithNovak #BoycottAusOpen #WeStandWithDjokovic

Sources close to Novak Djokavic said the nine-time Australian Open-winner is considering suing the “Land of Oz” for $4.4 million after the country’s immigration officials last week deported him because he wasn’t “vaccinated”. Insiders told The Sun Djokavic may seek damages, including the prize money he expected to win in the prestigious tournament.

macron your pass we don’t want, macron your masks we don’t want! – Total Resistance! We won’t fall into the trap of division, vaccinated or not, we are all together until the final victory! Unity!

The vax passport will perish at the same time as this criminal clique (macron & co). Liberte! Freedom freedom!

But if they let people demonstrate it’s because they don’t fear it. Where aret the injection and tests centers burning, the regime HQ being assaulted, the regime collaborators punished?

Paris demo 2: Yellow Vests and allies at the beginning of the march.

There is a problem with this demo. It is surrounded by 2 or 3 rows of macron’s gestapo, preceded in the front and guided by a squad of macron’s gestapo and closed at the back by macron’s gestapo. In short, it’s not a protest it’s a promenade led by the very enemy protesters were supposed to fight.  It’s like dogs walking their farmer’s sheep before sending them back home until next week.

Nothing will be achieved by following the route designed by the enemies of Freedom or ‘demonstrating’ under their full control. Be more like in Martinique and Guadeloupe or Brussels. It’s your lives, your children at stakes! Raid the assembly, macron’s palace, the senate, attack criminal politicians, hang them!

Massive demo in Marseille against macron fascist regime and the neo-Nazi yellow badge aka ‘vax passport’.

Toulon in force as every Saturday. But again, these protests don’t stop the criminals. More virulent and serious actions need to be taken. People need to strike at the centres of the problem:  politicians, corrupt mp’s, media, regime collaborators. These criminals must be targeted and punished.


Narcissist psychopath macron is not only a criminal, a mass murderer and a globalist puppet, he is also a deviant that has been sexually abused at the age of 15 by his pedophile “wife” who happens to be a dude! “Brigitte Trogneux (his surname) is in fact a transexual! Real name is Jean-Michel (according to French laws he/she should be in jail for sexual assault, pedophilia and abuse of a 15 years old. THESE ARE THE SICK PEOPLE IN POWER!

Folder here (in French):

Like many other corrupt ‘leaders’ installed by globalists, we find the same profiles: pedophiles (biden, rutte in the Netherlands, de croo in Belgium), transexuals (NZ ardern, michael obama), homosexuals (bettel in Luxembourg, trudeau), etc… These sick people must be easy to manipulate, and all share profiles of psychopaths (nehammer, draghi) and sexual deviants or predators. Most of them were also “young leaders” groomed at the WEF school of klaus schwab (macron, trudeau, kurz…). They selected, groomed and installed their pawns who now unroll their evil agenda.


Trento, citizens against apartheid warmly “greet” piece of shit draghi: They sing draghi: vaffanculo . Young, elders, women, men, jabbed or not, Italians from all walk of life singing in chorus: draghi draghi: vaffanculo! (draghi GO FUCK YOURSELF!)


Naples- All terrorized by the moronic ‘variant’ (omicron)  – draghi: VAFFANCULO!

Napoli: Always a step further!  draghi: VAFFANCULO!

Genoa, vaccinated and not, together against health apartheid. draghi: VAFFANCULO!


Padua, 6 gestapo pieces of shit check the use of the cattle vax passport by the hairdresser. These fucking clowns have nothing better to do?

carabinieri: VAFFANCULO!

Rome, policemen mistreat mp elected by the people and prevent her from entering the Palace of Justice, guilty of fighting against health apartheid. Italy as China.

The corrupt police who did these kind of things will have to pay for their crimes. popular justice will have no mercy for them!

The criminal draghi must pay for his crimes. For him and his puppet regime: DEATH PENALTY!

Without the bio-weapon posing as “vaccine” you cannot get on the ferry. Citizens of the island of Ischia ask fishermen for help to get to Naples. Then the solution is there: organize your own transports, build your own society.


Judge crosses the Strait of Messina on a fishing boat. Incredible. The solution, besides MASSIVE DISOBEDIENCE, is DiY, DO IT YOURSELF. They don’t want you to use their shit ferries? Let them get bankrupt and organize your own transport systems! How difficult is it to man a boat?


Presstitute Saverio Tommasi, with television crew, chased away by citizens protesting against apartheid in Milan. Well done!



Germany: Former constitutional judges warn against mandatory vaccination and send a clear signal to the chancellor and the health minister. Hamburg 22.01.22.

Germany all over the nation. How to transform sheep into warriors?

Dusseldorf – Stuttgart

Ok. Something that is really ridiculous is all these people going to demos outside wearing face diapers. How do you hope to liberate the world when you can’t even free yourself? Drop the fucking muzzle, we are not slaves!

Dresden -The Pearl of the East. So active during the fight against the 2015 organized invasion. scholz/merkel: DEATH PENALTY!


As part of the World Wide Demonstrations


UK Government Officials Face Police Investigation Over COVID ‘Vaccines

On the right: linked, a man tries to wake-up face diapered slaves from their slumber. Hard work, really tough and real courageous. He cites the Hammersmith (London) police station which is one of the station investigating government officials.

Lawyers acting on behalf of White stated: “Of paramount importance and as a matter of public safety, we as a collective have demanded the vaccine rollout is stopped immediately and we suggested an address to the nation is made by the Metropolitan Police to advise accordingly.
PJH Law said that it has “significant and irrefutable evidence” of wrongdoing, and the Metropolitan Police reportedly accepted this evidence as part of the filed complaint. A crime reference number was then issued for “Misconduct in Public Office” and a designated officer has been assigned to handle it.
“A number of government departments and in particular individuals in public office and government have been named as offenders and we have supporting evidence.”

Added to bojo the clown struggle for political survival following the ‘parties’ scandals, it might explain the sudden u-turn and scrapping of vax passports, muzzles and the likes. But as in the case of Ireland, we will soon see that these false restriction endings are just traps and manouvers to dilute the anger of the growing resistance.

London, health workers against Covid vaccine throw work uniforms in Downing Street! Pretty useless, we guarantee you that if you were throwing Molotov cocktails and bricks at them and on the PM office, they would listen to you.

The cops are nervous, in fact they are scared. They know they are protecting criminals and that the People have all the right to go after them. The cops who helped this criminal coup will have to answer for their complicity!

Huge demo in London against vax mandates and the global enslavement agenda. The People don’t believe a word coming out of the mouths of the criminals in power!

England, stop SOME restrictions. No more muzzles and Nazi yellow badges aka vax passports. This is of course a trick to disarm the growing resistance to global fascism and all these fascist diktats will be reintroduced as soon as the criminals see fit for their agenda. Their former colony, Ireland, now a banana republic and colony of US corporations and the EUSSR did the same at the same time. Our guess is that Ireland and the UK use the same social engineers for their mind control program.

Birmingham The good news is that the sleeping Brits woke-up in masses. There are warriors there, what took them so long?


On the right a nurse with a banner that reads: “NHS workers don’t want the death shot”. They know what they’re talking about as they see first hand the ongoing massacre with these bio weapons.

Manchester – Some fab moments from today in Manchester.#worldwiderallyforfreedom #NoVaccineMandates  #nhs100


Glasgow Scotland – sturgeon : GO FUCK YOURSELF!

Invading a mall that demands slaves to wear muzzles. The only thing to do is to go there without any. Hey sturgeon, evil bitch, we will wear masks when it’s carnival!

As the #WorldWideFreedomRally #worldwiderallyforfreedom takes place 22/1/22 Never forget your Queen who said you were selfish for NOT taking an Experimental jab – Awfully familiar with Klaus Schwab & Bill Gates #Nuremberg2 coming… Yes, the Windsor are into it. Oh, and they also killed Diana…


Dublin – The day before the Dublin protests, the puppet regime announced an end to some restrictions including vax passports for pubs and restaurants. However forced muzzling stays in place and they want to force it on young children too. This is a trap to calm the growing rebellion and in few weeks, like in the UK, they will reintroduce everything. Using a new BS ‘variant’ or ‘magic cases’?


Tenerife rise against the globalists evil agenda. The message of this lady in a wheelchair resumes the situation: No to agenda 2030! This fake ‘pandemic’ has been created to force down our throats the most totalitarian system of all times, to implement their one word dictatorship agenda also called NWO, or great reset.


Impressive human tide in Bilbao against fascism.


Portugal – Lisbon [Jan 22, 2022]#WorldWideFreedomRally, #worldwiderallyforfreedom , World Wide Demonstrations


Amazing for Sweden. Impressive human tide in Stockholm against the vax & passport enslavement agenda! The message is clear: No to forced injections. Not to neo-Nazi yellow star aka ‘vax passport’! #WorldWideFreedomRally #worldwiderallyforfreedom

Gothenburg – Same huge amount of protesters against globalist fascism and their control agenda! On the banner: Sweden against vax passports!


Exact same in Finland, impressive amount of people. #WorldWideFreedomRally, #worldwiderallyforfreedom , World Wide Demonstrations. Massive protest against vaccine passport and vaccine mandates in #Helsinki.

In Finland, the local globalist whore mock of a PM, sanna marin ( even forbids non jabbed people to enter the country.


Copenhagen  The World says Enough – World Wide Demonstrations


Oslo: Frihet, Frihet, Frihet, Freedom, freedom freedom! World Wide Demonstrations


Under the snow, in the cold, courageous People are there. World Wide Demonstrations


The Swiss voted twice in June 2021 and November 2021. At stake for these votes? Whether or not they would allow their mock and corrupt ‘government’ to extend their self-attributed ’emergency powers’. They voted YES each time. Un fucking believable but true! Here is the result: their puppet regime is now pushing for the same digital ID agenda (vax passports) and forced injections as the other globalist puppets worldwide. How stupid are most Swiss voters is the real question.

Now, fight in the street what you didn’t defend with your votes!


Athens, lecturers & students against fascism and police presence in universities. Only 20 years ago, cops in any European university would have started a war.

Real “rebels” who like good obedient dogs wear a muzzle… WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS GENERATION?


No face diapers here but Free People fighting for their rights.


Big things happened and are happening in Canada, a country under the yoke of the ‘liberal’ party, alias globalist fascism. WEF whore trudeau ( is a former klaus schwab pupils like macron. They installed their assets all over the globe in the last decades to implement the coup.

Canada, truck drivers against fascist forced injections block all lanes heading south to the United States and northbound traffic from the United States. Traffic paralyzed. Great protest – A big middle finger to criminal turdeau.

A GoFundMe campaign has been setup to help the truckers and has already passed the 1 million Canadian $ bar.

This truck driver says it all. The biggest threat to the supply chain is the transport minister and trudeau’s regime and truckers know it! A must watch – 2 minutes..


Massive support and cheering from the population. Canadians know Truckers fight for their rights and have the power to bring the regime to its knees.

Canada Anti VAX Mandate Truckers Convoy – Bring Down The House of Cards

But the Convoy For Freedom is just one of the events. Demos took place all over the country. Huge amount of People in Toronto – Canada says enough! #WorldWideFreedomRally, World Wide Demonstrations

The city of Quebec chanting LIBERTE LIBERTE LIBERTE like their French cousins in Paris! World Wide Demonstrations

Kelowna , British Columbia World Wide Demonstrations. The Canadian Resistance

Vancouver: World Wide Rally for #Freedom No vax mandates & passports! Freedom, freedom! World Wide Demonstrations


Big things happened in the USA too. A massive initiative and rally from multiple organizations in Washington DC, demos in many places and a series of good news for Freedom. The USA are waking-up.

Washington DC: Defeat The mandates meets the World Wide DemonstrationsRise-up, you are not alone!

The war against tyranny is far from over but we now have influent and wealthy people with us!

I also want you to know, eh, spoiler alert: Freedom wins!

“We are not one doctor. We are 17,000 doctors!!” This more than the FDA, the CDC, NIAID and all other agencies! I ask you to have courage! For you and future generations to resists this tyranny!

A must watch

“It was a fraud from the beginning” . Paul Alexander, PhD calls for the immediate end of emergency powers

Dr. Lynn Fynn and Dr. Heather Gessling bringing the truth to the swamp. “Policy makers are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths! These policies may constitute Crimes Against Humanity!”


Dr. Aaron Kheriaty warns of history repeating itself “The pretext of public health and public safety historically has been used to pave the way for totalitarian regimes”

Nazi  Germany was governed for nearly its entire time using an article of the Weimar constitution: “suspension of German laws during time of emergency’.  The name of the group who carried the infamous reign of terror after the French revolution: “The committee of public safety”.

Dr. Robert Malone: We’ll get through this – the dark winter has failed to materialize! We’ll break through the effects of the madness of crowds, the mass formation (psychosis)…MUST WATCH

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: “We Are Here For One Reason” . We love the United States Constitution. “We have witnessed over the past 20 months, a coup d’etat, against democracy and the controlled demolition of the US Constitution and The Bill of Rights”. First of all freedom of speech. If you give government the license to silence its critics, you’ve given them the capacity to commit any atrocity”.


All the speeches, discourses and debates are available here  WATCH ON HIGHWIRE or WATCH ON CHILDREN’S HEALTH DEFENSE

Albany, NY . Tramell Thompson @progressiveact  ripped up his vaccine card in Albany, NY. He is pro-choice, Anti-Mandate & Anti-Segregation.Now he’s on a RIP IT UP Tour now in Washington DC

Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s OSHA Vax Mandate For Private Businesses

Restaurant Owners Sue Minneapolis and Mayor Jacob Frey Over Vaccine Mandate

Senate Committee Passes Tech Antitrust Bill That’s Making Apple and Google Lose Their Minds

San Juan, Puerto Rico against tyranny World Wide Demonstrations

California – Santa Monica [Jan 22, 2022] – #worldwiderallyforfreedom  No vax mandates & passports!

We forgot this scumbag: newsom: DEATH PENALTY!

Down south to Mexico.


Mexico city #worldwiderallyforfreedom , World Wide Demonstrations


Sao Paulo World Wide Demonstrations against mandatory injections and vax passports. 

They have one man in Brazil who fight since day one against the globalists coup, and his name is not Lulla….

Jair Bolsonaro: “No governor or mayor will be able to impose vaccination on children. In addition, fines or other sanctions cannot be applied to parents!” vaccination must be optional for everyone, otherwise it is dictatorship.”

In the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New-zealand and most of Asia, we have dictorships.


In Argentina, they have a corrupt puppet regime therefore, a dictatorship.  Under heavy rain and in the subway, The People are fighting against tyranny

In Chile, they have a globalist puppet regime therefore, a dictatorship.  

To the other side of the world, a nation under heavy assault of the globalist cabal helped by criminal and corrupt politicians that will have to pay the dearest price for their crimes: death penalty!


Melbourne CBD Police Headquarters. If only they would SERVE us… No they are corrupt scum who serve evil and other corrupt scum.

kim jong dan: DEATH PENALTY!

Brisbane Army Vets March with The People… Long Live Freedom

Perth – really hot.

Adelaide Anti Pandemic BS – Part of the #worldwiderallyforfreedom , (World Wide Demonstrations

Circus Australia : 34 deaths ONLY 6 Allegedly UNWAXXED …You  can spin your math’s stories all you want, 83% of the deaths are WAXXED.. You were promised no transmission, then no hospitalisations and finally no deaths

And guess what since you’ve been injected with the mark of the beast, your chances for paradise are also very slim.


Auckland – Haka from freedom- Impressive – The Haka is a war dance – This is exactly what is needed against the bolshevik regime of travestite puppet ardern! Death penalty!

Haka performance at the World Wide Demonstration, rally for #Freedom & No vax mandates & passports! #wewillALLbethere #WorldwideDemonstration– Massive crowd present against travestite’s regime jacinto ardern. – +64 4 817 8700

travestite ardern: DEATH PENALTY!


India #worldwiderallyforfreedom: The Alleged Delta Variant Capital of the world, where everyone allegedly died… The People Rise from their own ashes and Say Enough is Enough!

World Wide Demonstrations, #WorldWideFreedomRally, #worldwiderallyforfreedom


World Wide Demonstrations Japan


Loud and clear: Stick your pass and vax up your asses!


World Wide Demonstrations, #WorldWideFreedomRally, #worldwiderallyforfreedom


Planet Lockdown

Full Interviews with:

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg
Doctor, former Public Health Officer, former German Parliament Member and Council of Europe Member. The man who stopped the false “pandemic” of 2009.

Astrid Stuckelberger
WHO Whistleblower exposing the WHO corruption

Michael Yeadon
Former Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer for 16 years.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Catherine Austin Fitts
Former Investment Banker

Dr. Franz Allerberger
Chief Epidemiologist of Austria

Dr. Maria Huber
A general practitioner from Graz Austria describes her experience in grappling with understanding the pandemic and what’s truly going on.

Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Caude

And many others…

Ending on the truth with a bit of dark humor:

Si Vis Pacem Parabellum

“If you want peace, prepare for War”

Again, they want to push us on the edge so we commit mistakes and riot mindlessly giving the criminals an alibi for more fascism and martial law, but they fear organized resistance, smart targeting, massive disobedience, the truth, reprisals. The last thing they want is us on their lawns destroying their lives as they destroyed ours. This is exactly what we are going to give them!

The worldwide Resistance is growing as the tyranny reveals its ugly face. The brainwash masses can’t ignore anymore the global revolt, despite the attempts from the globalists media & political puppets to censor the truth. Heroes are born like Novak Djokovic who exposed the Australian puppet regime for what it is. Djokovic hasn’t lost an appeal. The Australian “Open” lost @DjokerNole . And the fight for freedom Won a symbol.


WARNING: the site is a hack made by globalist stooges.

But rallies alone won’t solve the PROBLEM.

Let’s break it simply:

1/ “Vaccine” passports, digital id’s ARE NOT TEMPORARY ‘measures’. They are made to STAY PERMANENTLY, IF WE LET THEM DO.
In Europe, the plan of the EUSSR and their lackeys is to impose by force and stealth the ‘vaccine’ passports to all Europeans against their will. Meaning, nothing will be possible anymore to any European who doesn’t have one (traveling, shopping, working, surviving) as it is the case already in various fascist countries. This is the test they are doing now in Austria. And if Austrians keep being as calm as they are about it, they are done and it will be implemented in all other countries.

All these “mandates” are illegal, unconstitutional and have nothing to do with health. Even the most naive should realize it by now.

Mass Formation Psychosis is what millions are victims of, also called mass hypnosis or the madness of crowds. This phenomenon, which gave us the genocidal totalitarian regimes of the 20th century, is explained in this article by Robert Malone (inventor of the mRNA technology used in the bio-weapons posing as ‘vaccines).

People have to go after these scumbags to stop this. And if it means war, so be it!

Needleless to say that many are ready toburn this continent to the ground if that happens and make sure that if they can’t live, nobody will be able to.

Freedom Fighters Europe

One very easy proof: The EU planned “vaccine” passports since 20018 (at least). Their plan and roadmap was laid out there and there in their own documents. This is one of the roadmaps taken from their own website:

Available here: Basically, what these documents show is that they want to force vax passports on every European by 2022.
  • One month later, in October 2019, Event 201 was held
    Event 201 was a simulated pandemic exercise focusing on a novel coronavirus originating in bats. It was sponsored by John Hopkins Center for Health Security (rockefeller), the World Economic Forum, and the Bill & Melinda Gates “Foundation“. The exact same people who are behind the ‘plandemic’, and who pretend that this “event” was just a coincidence…
  • The result of the exercize was seven key  suggestions . In November of 2019, these suggestions were published as a “call to action”: /event201/event201-resources/200117-PublicPrivatePandemicCalltoAction.pdf
  • One month later, China, the social credit hellhole that serves as a model for the globalists,  reported the first cases of ‘Covid19’.

How convenient, what a coincidence! A well prepared and coordinated agenda…Those after that, who still believe this is some ‘conspiracy theory’, please ask your new masters to implant you a new brain in your next ‘booster’.

2/ “Peaceful” protests alone achieve nothing. However peaceful protests are here to advertise the resistance movement, gain new adherents,  make noise and show  the masses that, contrary to what the criminals in power (media+ junta) pretend, there are millions out there who fight their agenda and won’t comply. They are also a show of power to the regime in place.

But unless these protests have real arms and legs, and are backed with concrete actions that disrupt the regime plans heavily, the regime feels safe, laugh at it and keep unrolling its agenda. Some may argue that the globalists puppets are accelerating their agenda because they are losing ground but after two years and the destruction of our rights and freedom it doesn’t seem they care as many people don’t react and keep being hypnotized.

Peaceful protests have never and will never stop fascist regimes or topple totalitarian regimes. History shows that minorities as small as 3% to 10% of the population can topple regimes .

The masses will follow. The masses always follow. In 1940 in Europe, there were maybe 1 to 5% of the population that were resisting Nazis and fascists. In 1945, 90% pretended to have resisted.

Most people are not very smart or courageous, dread responsabilities and would accept anything as long as they can keep some illusion of comfort.

Example of weak and meek protests not backed by a real will to stop tyranny, Luxembourg:

Sunday -demo and clashes with thugs in uniform serving the mock PM xavier bettel, yet another trans-trash used by globalists as their local whore to implement their agenda. Some individuals go to fight alone against heavily protected thugs, as a result they lose the fight. The people manage to regroup and encircle them, but instead of charging and beating them up as they should, they just stay there and chant: Liberte!

Now the globalists know that People in Luxembourg are good at chanting and bad at fighting. Guess what they’ll do next?

Let’s remind what is at stake: their survival! From today’s on the Luxembourg puppet regime ‘mandates’ (in complete illegality) people to have a yellow badge (vax passport) to work. Basically, the criminals in power just removed the right for people to work, that is to survive. It’s a blatant attempt at making them starve. It’s genocide. Is that all Luxembourg has to throw at these criminals?

Now have a look at Guadeloupe, Martinique, Kazakhstan or Bulgaria where they assaulted the parliament this week.

Bulgarians assault their mock parliament. Last minute talks with the police (totally overwhelmed) seem to have changed their mind . It’s a mistake, they should have forced the doors and hang them all.

Guadeloupe: Fighting, clashing, blockading the island, until they win.

Better to die fighting than to live like a coward and a slave.

The only way to stop the criminals who think they are unaccountable and untouchable is to scare them to death! 

They feel invincible and take People for granted idiots, but most of them don’t even have police protection and are easy targets for reprisals.  We are not talking about throwing mud at them and booing, children can do that. We are talking about real beatings, storming their homes, etc…

They will think twice afterwards to vote for ‘vax passports’.

3/ Of course some say that they want us to go into mindless riots in order they can push more fascism, more martial law, more ‘restrictions on our rights and freedoms.

But while they welcome their organized chaos, they fear organized, strategically sound  and smart targeting resistance,  or massive people anger like in Kazakhstan (although a color revolution), Bulgaria, Guadeloupe, Martinique and all other places where People are still dangerous.

If they see you are dangerous, they’ll try to crush you, but they’ll fear you.

They would label us ‘terrorists’ (the 6th of January syndrome). In any struggle for liberty or liberation war, the criminal regimes always calls freedom fighters ‘terrorists’, it was the case during the American revolution, it was the case in Europe for all resistance movements against fascism, Nazism and Bolshevism in the 20th century. It is the case now. It’s part of their game to dissuade us from armed struggle.

A book that many should read: The Art Of War by Sun Zu. A chinese military classic unsurprisingly as what they are doing to us since two years is to try to convince us that resistance and fighting back is futile. This is a classic Sun Zu tactic: most war don’t even need to be fought if you convince your enemy he has lost already without a fight.

4/ There is no ‘pandemic’, there was never any ‘pandemic’: IT’S A COUP as many have realized by now.

Even if you believe there was a ‘pandemic’, it’s been over for a long time now. What is left  is a lie artificially expanded and extended with forced masking, forced isolation, forced injection of bio-weapons posing as ‘vaccines’ who create the next diseases. Millions have been wearing muzzles for two years now, got injected (and get sicker and sicker) 2, 3 even 4 times with poison.

And what is the outcome?

Nothing, just the next bullshit ‘variant’ and more tyranny.

When are you going to wake-up?!

5/ Yes, the ‘great reset and agenda 2030’ have a chapter for forced injections and depopulation. It is not mentioned as such; genocides are always denied, but in their globalist PC ‘newspeak’ (see 1984) It is written black on white on the UN and WEF websites, it is one of the ‘sustainable goals’, the global enslavement and annihilation project they try to force on us since decades (with a huge acceleration in the last two years).

It has been announced since more than ten years ago by psychopaths like bill gates and planned more than a decade ago by criminals like the rockefeller.  The criminals behind this are the richest people on earth, they own most global corporations and media, they control most governments, they have ruined the planet, destroyed our lives for decades and they are now out of control. They want to force on us a one world ‘government’, that is to say an oligarchist dictatorship modelled on communist shithole China.


This is a rerun of already said things, and unless the various resistance groups start to seriously consider and act, nothing will change and it will only get worse.

1/ Sure, we must keep demonstrating, growing in numbers, cities, towns, regions and countries as it is the case. The demos are the poster child of the worldwide resistance movement.

It has never happened before in world history and while hypnotized, neurotic, psychotic muzzled, fear porn addict masses and their drug dealers, the criminal media & governments, try to minimize or hide it, people now see the reality: millions are demonstrating worldwide since months and growing.

But it is not enough. No peaceful protest has ever won a war. And even if you are not at war, your criminal government is at war against you on behalf of its masters.

2/ MASSIVE AND CONSTANT CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE WORKS, and we are not only talking about People and consumers who should boycott all shops, businesses and companies demanding forced masking and vax passports, we are also talking about businesses, companies, restaurants, bars and pubs to stop complying, to refuse to implement illegal diktats such as forced masking and forced jabbing!

Your businesses are being destroyed by the criminal politicians with an agenda, fight them back by refusing to comply to their diktats! Then millions will buy from you!

Example in Israel:

“Unvaxxed”  are not allowed to enter  movie theaters in Israel.  Here you see freedom protestors are taking by storm a cinema while singing “we will never give up”.



How come that it is too difficult for people who pretend they fight for freedom to send emails, comment on media and social media, stick stickers and posters on their way to work, in the subway, in shops, in the streets, write the truth on walls?

How difficult is that? It’s the least difficult for anyone, it’s even less difficult than a peaceful protest.

Counter propaganda, spreading the truth, countering their lies, through talk and digital or print is essential. Millions out there have nothing but the criminal mainstream media message as reference. They often doubt their lies or disagree, but if they see they are alone, they won’t do anything. If omnipresent messages fills the streets of cities, towns and villages, they now there is another narrative out there, they SEE the lies exposed and they know they aren’t alone.


Sabotage doesn’t necessarily mean property destruction, it can just be counter propaganda messaging, government propaganda enhancement, ridiculing the media lies, as exemplified here:

Sabotage of course also means regime infrastructure destruction. Burning another citizen’s car is stupid and counterproductive (unless this is a regime collaborator or a cop car), but burning a rothschild owned bank is a strong message sent to the globalists whores in government and their pimps.

Lebanon this week, the People set in fire a rothschild controlled ‘central bank’ to send the right message to their corrupt politicians. The cops were overwhelmed.

Sabotaging 5G surveillance infrastructure is also important as it costs the criminals behind it millions and send the message that People won’t accept it in their communities.

Sabotaging injections and tests centers is also important as it hinder their depopulation and enslavement agenda. Most importantly, the jab and tests stocks must be destroyed not necessarily the buildings.

Targeting big pharma and their employees. This is very important. The resistance must target pfizer, moderna, j&j and astrazeneca facilities and employees everywhere we find them (only management and executives).  There, maximum damage and maximum destruction should be sought.  No quarter, no pity, no consideration should be given to these criminals. They are the culprits in a genocide. Death penalty is the sentence for executives.


This must be done because the criminals behind the imposition of the current fascist societies and vax passports are corrupt politicians for most of them (there are always the occasional idiots or mentally damaged who really believe in this fantasy).

Example here, in St Pierre Et Miquelon, a French island off the coast of Newfoundland in Canada. The local globalist prostitute or psychotic deputy Stéphane Claireux ‘voted’ to impose vax passports on unwilling people. As a result they pay him a visit at his home to throw mud in his muzzled face.  

This isn’t enough. This scum destroys their lives, their families, the future of their kids. He is part of a genocide and enslavement agenda. They should throw stones, petrol bombs, they should beat him unconscious.  Then fear will change side.

Example in Brazil, a country where people still have spines:

Brazil Local Mayor Pounced upon by The People, after trying to implement WAX Mandates.

Not enough criminal politicians get attacked and beaten up, and this is the issue. They feel untouchable and unnacountable. It has to change.

This is really important. It concerns relatively few individuals worldwide, few thousands.

The war is global, so every single nation resistance movement must make lists of local, regional and national corrupt politicians who are regime / globalist puppets and are pushing for the implementation of global fascism. 

The first to be targeted should be congressmen, deputies, parliamentarians, senators, mp’s, who ‘voted’ to impose on us diktats like forced muzzling, lockdown, forced jabbing and vax passports. These people are either exempt, get fake injections (like imposter puppet biden) or privileged so all these diktats don’t apply to them.

It is important for the punishment to be exemplary and extremely harsh, including possible death as most of these criminals know what the agenda is, want to exterminate or enslave us. If someone tries to kill you, you don’t protest ‘peacefully’, throw mud in his face, you beat him so hard that he can’t move anymore.

Example: Pascal Arimont a corrupt EUSSR MEP who ‘voted’ to impose vax passport son Europeans without their consent,  had his home targeted with a petrol bomb.

This is the kind of action that will make this scum think twice before accepting bribes in the future. The fact that his family was at home is irrelevant since he doesn’t care to starve entire families and condemn millions to death by imposing vax passports. 

The list of all the vermin who voted for fascism is here with their email and pictures. Their home addresses are easy to find. We will not forget, we will not forgive.

Each nation has it cohorts of criminal ‘parlementarians to be targeted. Of course in each city, town and village, there are also targets in the form of corrupt mayors and local representatives. Like this mayor in Brazil who met with Popular wisdom

For ‘high level’ criminal politicians: Again each nation’s movement must make lists of their mock government scumbags. Most will have serious level of protection but many not so, and so on a granular level it is best to proceed from the local to the regional up to national according to availability, distance, feasibility, etc…

Ministers, presidents, PM are often vulnerable targets at political or social events. Best example is macron’s slap in the face last spring by Damien Tarel. He had the time to administer an humiliating slap in the face of subhuman trash macron (who is more vulnerable as he is campaigning for elections this year), he could have as well stabbed him fatally.

In the case of draghi, macron, biden/harris, trudeau, morrison, daniels, ardern, rutte (Holland), bettel (Luxembourg), de croo (Belgium), van der leyden (EUSSR whore), johnson, sanchez (Spain), and all the other puppet regime heads of this world, death penalty is the best outcome and public execution is a must.


Let’s not forget that if we had an honest and independent media, their coup would have never worked. Unfortunately, the media like most corporations are rotten to the core because they all belong to the handful of oligarchs behind the coup.

Fake news presstitutes and criminal media executives are mostly forgotten by the resistance for retaliation. It is time to change that.

Example this summer in Marseille, France: a team of presstitutes from the ultra lying state media got beaten and chased by angry crowds fed-up of their constant lies. Media liars should fear the People and for their lives or start telling the truth.

All state media have become the new ‘pravda‘ of our times, they all lie in tune with criminal governments. Corporate media do the exact same. The good thing is, there is no shortage of targets, from sabotaging their buildings, infrastructures, vehicles, beating up presstitutes, throwing any kind of projectiles at them, exposing them, harassing them, etc…As presstitutes are mostly cowards, it won’t be long before they change their tone. High level executives should get the same treatment as high level politicians, including public executions.

7/ CORPORATION REPRISALS (including ‘foundations” & globalists orgs)

Like the media, corporations are owned by a small oligarchy of shareholders. In this article it is said that the richest families on earth own Vanguard, StateStreet which owns Blackrock, the moneychanger mafia that owns majority stakes in almost all global corporations.

It includes all the major banks and especially the so-called ‘central banks’ and ‘federal reserve’ which are the cornerstones of the moneychangers enslavement of Humanity.  These debt slavery machines must be destroyed, their executives punished in the harshest way. Like criminal politicians, public executions are a must.

Since decades, we have assisted to an unprecedented concentration of wealth and acquisitions in very few hands, because of political and justice corruption, monopolies and trusts have been able not only to exists but to grow to the point that they now have more money than most countries. It is the case for amazon, apple, google, blackrock, microsoft, state street, vanguard, to name only few. It is also the case of all the billionaire “foundations’ (gates, rockefeller, soros, etc…) which are profit machines with an evil agenda masquerading as “philanthropy”.

Organizations like the WEF, WHO, UN, IMF, CFR and other globalist syndicates are funded by these criminal corporations and pseudo-foundations. This is a clear takeover.

Targeting these criminals corporations is easy in the form of  BOYCOTT. One of the best weapon at our disposal. Juts stop buying from these mega corporations. Switch to local, family owned, small businesses (provided they are not covid cultists or regime collaborators). Don’t pay with digital or credit cards (visa, mastercards and all the others are part of the digital enslavement agenda).

Perfect example is the massive trend #BoycottAustralianOpen in support of Novak Djokovic (#WeStandWithNovak). Not only millions are boycotting the ridiculous “Australian” ‘Open’ but they also boycott their sponsors:

Here is the list we are going to boycott! #VoteWithMoney #SayNoToAntiHumanRightsProducts #BoycottAustralianOpen #BoycottSponsorsOfAO

One of our reader, a buyer for a large corporation has already eliminated Toshiba and Infosys from a tender because of that. We recognize some names which are already part of the digital enslavement agenda like mastercard or mariott (‘quarantine’ hotels scumbags). VoteWithMoney #SayNoToAntiHumanRightsProducts #BoycottAustralianOpen #BoycottSponsorsOfAO

Another form of targeting big corps is insider whistleblowing for those who work or have infiltrated these corporations. The truth is always what the devil fears the most (hence the unprecedented censorship). And insider sabotage including pirating their internal IT systems, making them lose money, stealing from them, breaking things, sabotaging production, creating bad atmospheres, initiating strikes, subversive actions. Anything that can damage them, their reputation and make them lose money. When they lose, The People win, Freedom Win.

Remember, even if your local office or plant is run by decent and nice people, the corporation nonetheless belongs to criminals behind the current agenda.

Here is a quite exhaustive list of all the players in the digital ID/vax passports enslavement scheme. They look like a lot but they are few hundreds only.

The author remind us : Don’t let it intimidate you. They are only has powerful as we allow them to be.

The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 4: BLOCKCHAINED

The list to download:


A special mention for datacenters. this is where all the data their stole from us are stored. Thousands of datacenters in the world. Most of time, in redundance with one or few others. Of course many host also your favorite websites or social media, but by targeting those from evil companies like IBM, microsoft, apple, google or amazon, you can be sure to hit a nerve in the war against global fascism.

Example: Amazon datacenters in the world (from Julian Assange’s Wikileaks). Pick the nearest one and have a look at it.

Here is an article on how to prepare, plan, and roll out successful sabotage and resistance actions:

Monkeywrenching and Sabotage


We covered that in the Protest Survival Skills chapter under the name Police Confrontation. Both articles are really worth a good study especially in the current context. It might come as the difference between losing the fight or winning it.

These articles describe proven methods to defend, escape and counterattack cop aggressions. They are simply military formation techniques.

We saw in Luxembourg how unprepared and defenceless the protesters were, should they have read these articles (they are not our articles), they could have made mince meat out of the thugs in uniform this week end.

Other like in Freiburg Germany, seem to have integrated few of the concepts:

Freiburg Germany: The Resistance break through the Police Line. The comment reads: “Power comes in numbers, numbers comes UNITY” . It is not exactly so , the proof is that few cops (as little as 20) can hold thousands sheep in check just by using techniques they are trained for.  

The following video shows success for the People not because of numbers but because of a well implemented  and organized formation charge . It even looks like a wedge charge… As depicted in the last chapter, if the wedge formation is well executed , the enemy has very few option except letting go.  Well Done!

The Bulgarian assault against the parliament was successful because of numbers. The charge itself was chaotic but anger made up for lack of discipline.

Again, they want to push us on the edges so we commit mistakes and riot mindlessly giving the criminals an alibi for more fascism and martial law, but they fear organized resistance, smart targeting actions, massive disobedience, smart sabotage, counter propaganda, truth spreading, political, media and corporation reprisals. The last thing they want is us on their lawns destroying their lives as they destroyed ours.

This is exactly what we should give them!

Another warning from Mike Yeadon – Nobody will save us but us. Don’t expect your neighbors, politicians, lawyers, religious leaders, ‘justice’ or any other institutions (most of them are corrupt anyway) to help us. Do it yourselves! Do it ourselves!



We start by Austria who is at the frontline against tyranny and medical fascism!  Millions of Austrians were again demonstrating against the illegal, unconstitutional and criminal diktats from the unelected regime of dictator nehammer.

Thousands gather in Vienna, Austria, to protest the criminalization of bodily autonomy.  If the cops come at your door to force jab or arrest you, just shoot!

#WeStandWithAustrians and against their neo-nazi regime but we find them too quiet about it. They should tear the country appart. Hundreds of politicians should have been targeted already.

We Stand with Austrians. They must not submit. they must fight until the bitter end. And if they want to criminalize normal people then join the armed resistance and become a real outlaw!

We Stand with Austrians. They must not submit. they must fight until the bitter end. And if they want to criminalize normal people then join the armed resistance and hit back at criminal politicians and their stooges.



Italy finds itself in almost the same situation as Austria, unelected dictator, put in place through a coup, without elections, to force globalist fascism on the country. But Italians have a special talent to flout the rules, legal rules as well as illegal ones. And they are fighting now since 14 weeks.

Roma caput mundi! Rome- head of the World!

Milano- Nobel Prize Luc Montagnier: “This vaccine does not protect absolutely,  it is admitted by everyone, indeed, it favors other infections. The protein used is toxic. There are so many deaths and so many young sportsmen who have problems.”

Luc Montagnier, Nobel prize for his researches on AIDS. One of the most brilliant and respected scientist on earth, yet censored and ignored by the criminal mainstream media.He was one of the first to analyze the ‘virus’ and declare that it was made in a lab (Wuhan)

Milano – Tens and tens of thousands growing by the week!  They sing: “La gente come noi non molla mai!” – PEOPLE LIKE US NEVER GIVE UP!


Genova contro l’apartheid sanitario e PUTTANA draghi. They sing:  “La gente come noi non molla mai!” – PEOPLE LIKE US NEVER GIVE UP


Genova  – “La gente come noi non molla mai!”


Roma, 100 mila cittadini contro l’apartheid sanitario – Rome, hundred thousand citizens against apartheid!



Starting with the warriors in Guadeloupe!


No surrender, never give-up, long live Freedom and the Guadeloupian Resistance!

New blockades in several areas of #Guadeloupe this morning against the health/vaccine pass, the suspension of unvaccinated caregivers and fire-fighters. Guadeloupe knows how to deal with small time bitches like macron.

Road blocks, barrage of branches and trees, broken shells on the roads, tunnel set on fire, circulation is paralyzed.  Long live Guadeloupe and the RESISTANCE!

Many barrages burned in the district of Chauvel in #Guadeloupe and in the evening following the dismantling of the picket line of the CHU by macron’s Nazi pigs. New protests  are expected today on the island. Go Guadeloupe! Let’s do like Martinique!

Guadeloupians are fighting against the globalist assault like any normally constituted human being should do! And macron’s pigs are scared because they know Guadeloupians won’t hesitate to destroy them when it comes to it! Respect! 

Really inspiring, a model for the the Free world! This is how it’s done!

Impressive human tide in Paris. The Grande Army in Paris: And what do they sing? Unity! Resistance, Resistance!

The People of France says NO to vax passports and to the lunatics in power!  Liberty, Sovereignty, Dignity!  Free France! (Free France was De Gaulle’s resistance movement during WW2 Nazi invasion). So many people as far as the eye can see!

On the banner: “Vaxxed or not, All United!”

And they were all united. Seems like the division agenda is not working as well as expected. Little whore macron will call his pimps to ask them what to do next…

By the way, it’s now been confirmed, macron’s “wife”, ‘Brigitte’ (older than his mother) is in fact a tranvestite… It’s the new joke in France

A playing card has been made with the effigy of Jean-Michel “Brigitte”, macron’s “husband”.

Above, the fake France, globalist trash mock president and his monstruosity “wife”. The same guy dares to ostracize real French people! Guillotine calls for you macron!

Below: real and Eternal France. The one you won’t destroy globalist vermin!

They are singing and this is what they are singing, this song has been written for exactly this kind of times: La Marseillaise:

To arms citizens Form your battalions
March, march Let an impure blood Water our furrows

What do they want this horde of slaves Of traitors and conspiratorial kings?
For whom these vile chains These long-prepared irons?
Frenchmen, for us, ah! What outrage What methods must be taken?
It is us they dare plan To return to the old slavery!

What! These foreign cohorts! They would make laws in our courts!
What! These mercenary phalanxes Would cut down our warrior sons
Good Lord! By chained hands Our brow would yield under the yoke
The vile despots would have themselves be The masters of destiny

Tremble, tyrants and traitors The shame of all good men
Tremble! Your parricidal schemes Will receive their just reward
Against you we are all soldiers If they fall, our young heroes
France will bear new ones Ready to join the fight against you

An awe inspiring war song that seems to have been written exactly for our times!

Students against fascism in France (Paris).

It’s a new game, it’s called push and pull pork or pig pulling, Students pull full heavy bins on macron’s trash who try to pull them back to the students.

Paris- Montmartre at the foot of the Sacre-Coeur – Gilets Jaunes (Yellow vests) want to enter the area, macron’s gestapo try to push them back but end up retreating.  

Paris – Montmartre Sacre-Coeur : The Yellow Vests force macron’s gestapo barrage.  #FrenchResistance

Clashes in front of the MOCK parliament of macron’s BANANA republic to protest against the traitors and scumbags who ‘voted’ to impose vax passports to the French. 

As the Marseilleise says: “Tremble, tyrants and traitors The shame of all good men
Tremble! Your parricidal schemes Will receive their just reward

And for the 7th consecutive month, hundreds of cities and towns all over the French Nation were fighting against the dictatorship

Montpellier, always at the forefront, massive demo again this week!

Same in Toulon, huge demo against the vax passport and macron’s fascist regime.

macron: CASSE TOI PAUVRE CON! macron: get lost pathetic asshole!

Marseille- The South in Force!

Pau, Pyrenees:  Jan 15 – Pro-democracy demonstration outside the offices of La République newspaper. La ‘republique’, a fake news wipe ass paper

Valence, South East, macron’s SS attacking peaceful demonstrators on Sunday the 16th. We will remember you assholes, when retribution’s day comes

Nantes, national strike against macron’s regime. Clashes between macron’s pigs and students. When students start to fight the state, it often ends-up badly for the state.

“Collabo” ( “co-operator”, it’s an insult, it is the name given to traitors who cooperated with the Nazis during France 1940-45 occupation. Today, the new co-operators are helping globalists to enslave humanity,  Anne Hidalgo is one of them), socialist candidate for the presidential election, booed during the demonstration of the National Education in Paris.

The hatred for these corrupt political vermin is reaching a paroxysm and the people there are soft, they are teachers, not exactly tough guys, but the level of insults screamed at her shows that anything could happen.


Huge protest rally against #vaccinepassports held in #Amsterdam this afternoon.   #NoVaccineMandates #vrijheid – How many, 3, 4, 5 hundred thousand? How long will the mainstream media WHORES pretend it is not happening?

Sittard against health apartheid: “You’ll never walk alone!” Gorgeous!

Massive demonstration last night in #Groningen in the Netherlands against gas extraction in the region. The same people behind the ‘great reset/agenda2030, who pretend they want to ‘save the planet’ are behind this, helped by their puppet politicians. While the masses are terrorized and oppressed, the globalists behind the covid and climate scams are ripping off earth resources in front of our very nose!



#Bruges, this afternoon (16.01,22).   #vrijheid #freedom #Liberté #Freiheit





Valencia, police against apartheid:

“We are with the people, not with corrupt politicians. We are in contact with Portugal, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, and Holland to unite all the police of Europe. Enough with the health passport!”

Valencia Police Spain 15.01.2022

We take good note of that. When are they going to arrest criminal and corrupt politicians and join us with their weapons? Because this is about time!

We will believe it when we see it

Valencia, hundreds of thousands in the streets against the enslavement agenda!

Palma De Mallorca – LIBERTAD!




Demonstration in Copenhagen this Sunday in Denmark against the NAZIpass and restrictions, one year to the day after the beginning of the protests of the Men In Black movement in the country.

Hey Vikings, wake-up and strike hard at your corrupt ‘elite’!


Policemen, health workers, firefighters and citizens, all together against health apartheid besiege the Ministry of the Interior in Prague.

It is time to unite all over Europe, all over the world. Bring your weapons and your skills and join the People. Take down the globalists puppets, topple their puppet regimes! Restore Liberty!


Bulgarians know how to treat criminal and corrupt scum:  Bulgarian citizens assault the parliament in Sofia. The police cannot contain the wrath of the sovereign people. The People could have gone inside the mock parliament and punish the traitors….

The criminal scum inside the mock parliament controlled by globalist vermin. These scumbags should be lynched by the crowd then beaten to death, then hanged in front of the parliament to serve as a lesson for other scumbags.


It’s time for The Polish Nation to wake-up and tackle their corrupt politicians!


Germany woke-up – What is happening in #Germany right now is just WOW. 1899 protests nationwide! #SpaziergängeGermany – Gotha [Jan 17, 2022]

Germany – Chemnitz [Jan 17, 2022] – Nationwide 1899 planned demonstrations

Altenburg [Jan 17, 2022] – Rostock [Jan 17, 2022] Massive protest in #Rostockscholz stasi attacking them. Remember, fight with discipline and sound tactics and you’ll win!

Germany – Bamberg [Jan 17, 2022] – Cologne. It’s everywhere in 1900 cities, towns and villages!

Protests and mass mobilizations in hundreds of German cities THIS WEEK END

The scene in #Eberswald,, NE of #Berlin, last night.

On the left the banner reads: No vaccination! Nuremberg Code! On the right it reads: We are the red line!

Impressive human tide in Rostock against FASCISM.

Hamburg Germany 15.1.22


Freiburg – Epic scenes, The People break through the cops Line. Wedge Formation

Germany: an example of legitimate target for extreme reprisals (warning: not for sensitive people)

Neo-Nazi Germany: Child tortured by a subhuman piece of shit!

Do you know this whore? Do you see her face? Are you ready to avenge this child?  Wanted for child abuse and crimes against humanity. Dead or alive!  


Belfast Northern Ireland

Cork down south…

More protests happened in Ireland this week in Sligo, Galway and Limerick ..



 Iain Duncan Smith accuses successive governments of being “asleep at the wheel” over threat from #Beijing communist regime.  Is bojo the clown and his goons working for Chinese communists? That would explain a lot about the last two years… . They are building communist shithole china all over Europe. Is that a coincidence or are these criminals working for foreign powers against their own countries?

Manchester, London, Bristol and many cities in the United Kingdom against a draconian bill strengthening police powers and restricting the right to protest. The mock parliament of the kingdom of shame will certainly vote it as it is the plan of their globalist puppet masters.

A major clean up of all the institutions will have to take place, starting at the top.

The end of the clown? Or maybe his puppet masters trying to blackmail him for more tyranny?

Their so-called ‘rules’ are illegal anyway, so breaking them is a right and a duty!


The red line! They could have voted no last year, but many Swiss are victims of mass formation psychosis, and most are neither very smart or brave… The Swiss resisting are the top of the Nation.


Students Turn up the heat outside the Ministry of Education Athens. Clearly the People have had Enough. Long Live Freedom! IT IS JUST THE BEGINNING…


Tunisia, forbidden demo takes place anyway because The People Says So, against new austerity measures, health restrictions, unemployment and full powers of “president” Kais Saied.


Lebanon paralyzed by a strike of road carriers this Thursday with banks, schools and universities closed while the currency that has lost 90% of its value for two years. A full tank of gasoline now costs more than the minimum wage (Allegedly).

This is what the globalists want to do in Europe, the USA, Australia and the rest of the world: ruin the economies, ruin us, kill us with their bio-weapons posing as vaccines, starve us to death, so when they come with the “solution”: Chinese style social credit dictatorship, sheeple will obey. We must destroy them.

Protesters gather outside the Bank of Lebanon (owned by the parasites behind the covid coup) in Beirut against currency collapse, political class and corruption, and set it in fire. BEAU-TI-FUL.


Elbit Systems Ltd. is an Israel-based international defense electronics company (blabla, a war criminal firm) – Boycott in the UK.

Last night in Ra’anana, Israel, we gathered in the rain and reminded the PM and his neighborhood that “we are the revolution” (that’s what we sang)!!. No false arrest, violence or sanction will break our spirit!!  #HoldTheLine


Melbourne – Freedom!

A Legend Is Born In the heart of the dictatorship!

Thank you Novak for what you have done for Freedom, for the World and for Humanity!

Melbourne, Novak Djokovic acclaimed by The People.

The quotes from all over the world:

You can deport him from Melbourne, you can give him worst schedule in Paris, you can cancel Wimbledon & you can default him in New York. But you can never break the spirit of Novak Djokovic. Stay strong Novak- this too shall pass!

@DjokerNole @jelenadjokovic #WeStandWithNovak

One day , kids will open history books to read about the man who challenged the whole dirty world, protected his principles and fight for freedom of the choice ❤

They will read about @DjokerNole the player , the human and the hero ❤❤ WeStandWithNovak

Ibrahim Al khoury Syria

The truth is that #Djokovic is hated by many because he is not a puppet of the establishment. He’s a brave champion who wants love, but he’s not just interested in showing off. I’m not talking about the vaccine, I’m talking about his whole life


Only circumcised tennis players will be able to play tennis in Dubai next year.

Dejan Dimić

Boycotting Australian open. AO event will be remembered as a circus , with some epic clowning from the Australian Government. #BoycottAustralianOpen #Djokovic #WeStandWithDjokovic


Shame on all the players participating in the Australian open…. you all have given in to medical tyranny …. #WeStandWithDjokovic #BoycottAustralianOpen

Michele Kragalott

Tennis federation should seriously consider moving the grand slam somewhere else or of Australia. Huge shame on the government refusing Novak to play. If it’s impossible for all of the players to get into the tournament it should be moved to another country. #AustralianClosedMikhail

Mammoth leadership crisis down under @DjokerNole is an epitome of good health & physical fitness. Fighting for the silent majority against fake news, big tech, big pharma & tyrannical governments. #myocarditisSyringe #WeStandWithDjokovic #boycottaustralianopen2022


I don’t care about #AustralianClosed .  I just want him to fight to the end.  I am so proud of him.  He already won.

Never in the history of sport has an athlete been banned from competing for NOT taking a drug #BoycottAustralianOpen


From doom to eternal glory in 30 years.

Boris Milinković

EVERYONE needs to be concerned about DANGEROUS legal precedent set by the Djokovic case. Let’s hope the geniuses &Clown faceClown facealike can see the Djokovic case is a precedent to stop ANYONE coming to Australia. Any real “Human Rights advocates” should VERY CONCERNED #WeStandWithDjokovic

#AustralianClosed (ex Australian Open) (RIP 1905-2022)

The best one, from Brazil:

“Djokovic não perdeu um recurso. O Australia Open é que perdeu Djokovic. E a luta pela liberdade ganha um símbolo.”

Djokovic hasn’t lost an appeal, it’s Australia who has lost Djokovic. And the struggle for freedom Won a Symbol!


Australian sheeps are strong on Twitter (BUT VERY WEAK IN REAL LIFE).. The justice will be served, you just have to wait…. #WeStandWithDjokovic #BoycottAustralianOpen.


Gold Coast, Australia… RESIST!

Coolangatta  – Voices for the kids protest

Punching bag dan… We are past this stage. It’s now SHOOTING TARGET shitbag dan…



scomo, alias scott morrison PM, the corrupt shitbag used as their local prostitute by the globalist vermin.

And of course DjokerNole was right, it happened in Melbourne, yet another “coincidence”:

So many “vaccine” coincidences, it’s almost a Conspiracy…


Are You Ready?

This week worldwide massive demos. Why protests won’t be enough unless they topple corrupt regimes. The vax passport/digital ID agenda behind the covid fraud. Novak Djokovic, a hero against global fascism.The genocide by ‘vaccines’ & diktats continues and why we must do much more than protesting to stop their agenda.  

#boycottAustralianOpen  #WeStandWithDjokovic

Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Catalonia, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Luxembourg,  New-Zealand, Portugal, Scotland, South Korea, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA… These are only the countries we know about.

Dr Mike Yeadon exposes the global plan to force on us digital fascism through “vax” passports (aka digital ID’s):

They want to force ‘vaccinate us’, because of vaccine passports, because digital ID’s. This is their plan.


Until  2020 each country had a pandemic preparedness plan which contained only 2 things: if you are ill stay home until you feel better and wash your hands more often.” The rest of the document spend ten pages telling why it’s not justified to mass test the population, to close borders, to restrict business activities, close schools, etc…”

“All the things they are actually doing, all this is a lie, is inappropriate , strangely being pushed by all governments at the same time. ”

Why they’re doing this is to frighten us, why they’re doing that is to have us vaccinated. And why they are doing it,  because vaccination passports  are digital ID’s, and this is what this is about.

Brief news about Novak Djokovic and the ‘revolt’ in Kazakhstan:

Judge orders immediate release of tennis player Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic must be released from detention, and the Australian government should pay his costs, a judge has ordered after overturning the decision to revoke his entry visa.

But the criminals at the head of the globalists puppet regime in Australia do like every fascist, illegitimate and unpopular regimes does: it violates the law. Confusion as Djokovic ‘detained again’ in Australia

The “Australian” mock “government’ has been exposed once again for what it is: a puppet regime working for globalist criminals and big pharma against their own population and against Free Humans like Novak Djokovic. The morrison regime has humiliated and ridiculed itself further while corrupt cooperators like bill gates lackey nadal (see picture at the end of the post) are backstabbing their betters like cowards, snitches and losers always do.

nadal who can’t hope to win fairly against better players like Djokovic are reduced to vomit the abject message of their puppet masters to justify their petiness. DISGUSTING.

#boycottAustralianOpen  #WeStandWithDjokovic

Professional Tennis Players Association: Our official statement regarding Novak Djokovic.

The revolt in Kazakhstan seem now to have been yet another coup attempt (color revolution) like the failed attempts in Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, and many other countries. Who is behind it? Suspicions go logically towards the usual US deep state/CIA/soros regime change makers with the help of their vassals in Europe (UK, France, Germany) through fake NGO’s, global corporations and foreign mercenaries.

What’s interesting however is that protests can quicly evolve into a revolution (less than a week to topple the current regime). If this can be done in Kazakhstan, it can also be done to corrupt regimes in Europe, the USA, Canada, South America, Asia, China, Australia & New-Zealand.

Most don’t realize it but if People had refused to wear masks in 2020, globalist plans would have fallen flat.

First they came with illegal lockdown and the people complied
Then they came with illegal mask ‘mandates’, and the sheeple complied
Then they came with bio-weapons posing as ‘vaccines’, and sheeple complied
Then they came with illegal coercion, then sheeple complied
Then they came with forced injection and the cowards complied
Now they come with illegal ‘vaccine’ passports and the SLAVES comply

Today, to reclaim our sovereignties, our freedoms, our rights, demonstrations, protest and marches won’t be enough.  They don’t care about our demos, they laugh at it, because they see us for what we do and don’t dare to do.

If we were the tyrants behind this global coup, seeing people with their muzzles marching, singing, dancing and claiming that they are free while behaving like slaves and being beaten up, we would feel safe and laugh in our palaces.

Have a look at what they did in Kazakhstan and how the people made the local dictator flee in less than a week.  

Are we ready to do that? It is the solution and we know it. We can delay and delay until none of us is alive or free, or we can go for it.

Millions of people in hundreds of countries have protested since the beginning of the coup. In total hundreds of millions have marched since 2020, perhaps a billion.

What is the outcome? Did it stop their lockstep agenda?

Nothing concrete has been achieved except when the people were ready to burn down everything, fight with police and army, engage in full scale war and refuse all the fascist diktats like in the island of Martinique.

It is time to realize the violence of the globalists assault on us and to admit that the only viable response is tenfold reprisals against them and their lackeys.

Protests are important but represent only one component of the global fight. They won’t solve the problem alone. Multiple and widespread silmutaneous actions and undertakings will, some peaceful some not.

Disruption, non-compliance, sabotage, civil disobedience, subversion, retaliations, counter-propaganda and yes even guerrilla actions will be necessary to stop them and their evil plans.

The genocide continues

Meanwhile, the genocide continues covered-up by the media, the establishment, the corrupt ‘medical’ institutions, the ‘governments’ and yes, by millions of people who are looking the other way and pretend it is not happening:

USA: 1,017,001 injuries and 21, 382 REPORTED* deaths.

  • Only 3% to 10% adverse reaction numbers (deaths + injuries) are reported.

Never in the history of medicine has any drug caused such a dramatically high level of injuries and deaths!

Year 2021 was America’s Holocaust: Unprecedented Lives Destroyed by Experimental COVID-19 “Vaccines”

EUROPE: 36,257 Deaths and 3,244,052 Injuries Following COVID Shots in European Database

The European (EEA and non-EEA countries) database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, from the European Medicines Agency (EMA):

From the total of injuries recorded, almost half of them (1,540,852) are serious injuries.

Seriousness provides information on the suspected undesirable effect; it can be classified as ‘serious’ if it corresponds to a medical occurrence that results in death, is life-threatening, requires inpatient hospitalisation, results in another medically important condition, or prolongation of existing hospitalisation, results in persistent or significant disability or incapacity, or is a congenital anomaly/birth defect.”

  1. For the UK, you can find the numbers here
    In the UK, reporting deaths and injuries is repressed and can lead to lose a job in the NHS or any other criminal medical organization answering to big pharma, therefore, the vast majority of deaths and injuries are simply not reported!
  2. For Australia, numbers are here: Again, manipulated numbers much lower than the real numbers.
  3. Canada, same manipulated numbers
  4. Brazil

These facts being presented, let’s focus on the fight against the globalist agenda and the massive protests that took place this week worldwide.


“The unvaccinated, I really want to piss them off. And so, we’re going to continue doing so, until the end. That’s the strategy,” – This is what rothschild whore macron dared to say. He shot himself in the arm and dug his own grave deeper.

This is the answer of the French Nation against the globalist nonentity:

Pissing off macron it’s good, doing so in music is even better#Manif8Janvier #UnionSacrée (Sacred Union)

Thank you Steve Bannon, Marion Maréchal (politician), S. Ravier (Senator), JF Poisson (presidential candidate, deputy), PM Coûteaux (senior official, writer and politician), , Virginie Joron (EU MEPs), la Cocarde (resistance group) , les restaurateurs résistants (resistance group in the restaurant business), navigants libres (free pilots and flying attendants resistance group), Thomas Séraphine (actor & humorist), Bébert, S Roussel, Maxime Bernier (Leader of Canada’s Popular Party), CH Gallois, Me Di Vizio (lawyer) Marc Doyer, PY Rougeyron  

One of the main party fighting against the current dictatorship in France is called the Patriotes, led by Florian Philippot.  He recently initiated what he called the #UnionSacrée (Sacred Union), an alliance of various resistance groups, parties, political leaders and personalities in the fight against the covid coup.
They had their first meeting and demonstration together in Paris on Saturday the 8th. Florian Philippot, and his supporters have been occupying the streets since day one, every single week since mid-July.

They came in numbers in Paris, one of the several demo that took place on the 8th.  There is much more people than on the 17th of July (date when globalist lackey macron declared war against France).  Proof that the country has woken up and is rising up!  Liberte!   In music with Edith Piaf : La Foule

It’s about time to put away our differences and unite in the fight against the global elite and their political puppets. Whether from the right, the left, center or wherever we find ourselves on the political chessboard, we all want the same, our rights back, freedom and human dignity.

Our differences are minimal compared to the challenge humanity is facing.   So, nobody cares if you are far right, right, conservative ,libertarian, nationalists, sovereignist, left, far left, anarchist, or apolitical, black, white,  yellow, red, green, Asian, African, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Animist or any other faith, believer or atheist,  what matters is that you want your freedom and natural rights back, live in dignity as a human being and refuse to be forced masked, injected, controlled and scanned like slaves, beasts or commodities.

Political and philosophical disputes are luxury for the rich. What counts is to restore our freedom and stop the criminals and their evil agenda.

Millions again in France, Europe, the Americas, Oceania, Asia, Africa and The Middle East

The lights of Hope at the end of the demonstration: Magnificent vision of a People who has faith and who is fighting!

Florian Philippot

The other massive demo in Paris on the 8th, with the Yellow Vest & Co…

Paris, NWO thugs in uniform attack demonstrators, but this time the crowd hits back. Insults and fists fly… The hatred for macron’s regime has reached such a height that generalized clashes will soon be inevitable.

many protesters have now brought protective gears in the demo, helmets and shields to fight on par against macron’s thugs.

Fuck the king’ (allusion to ‘macron the small’, who in his fantasy megalomania sees himself as some kind of king but behaves like the excrements of a tramp’s dog. Remember the slap in the face the little wimp took from a French knight, Damien Tarel, last year. Here to watch again and again (video on the right).

In your f…. face!

Marseille, Paris’ rival which attracted ten times more people than in December.

Under the rain in Reims, People are fighting for democracy, dancing and singing despite the weather.

Nantes: macron, “On t’emmerde” (literally it means, macron we shit on you, but the closest meaning would be:  macron fuck you!  Annecy, in the Alps.

Toulouse quite timid, Mulhouse very noisy,  Aix, joyful and chatty

Avignon with war drums, Strasbourg in Music. Bordeaux, rather quiet…

Massive crowds in Toulon and Montpellier as usual.

Little whore macron wanted to piss off the ‘unvaccinated’. He woke up Freedom fighters.

Deliberate police violence and clashes in Montpellier. The old technique used by PIECE OF SHIT macron to try to discredit massive rebellion against his regime: provoke violence. Be careful little whore, violence is a two edge sword that might see you end up in a Kazak disaster…

Same in Toulouse, macron SS are attacking people for no reason. The people are fed up with the dictatorship, the lies, the oppression. They want to fight! They need to fight with discipline and target the regime and its neo-nazi pigs where it hurts.

Mindless police violence again. Out of control macron’s pigs in uniform attack people in Dijon and in Lyon throw a grenade inside an apartment with a mother and 3 children! It’s time for the people to hit back and tackle these criminals! 

The only outcome with that is not fear but the complete loss of the little respect and trust the police still had with the population and an hatred of the regime that will only be redeemed by a bloodbath of politicians and regime stooges. It happened many times before in this country, it will happen again.

In Guadeloupe, the fight continues, barrages, blockades, demos and marches against medical fascism and macron’s evil regime.

And a warning to the criminals who help the fascist regime enforcing illegal orders: The French constitution punishes severely law enforcement officers who implement illegal orders like arresting people who are not vaccinated, don’t wear a muzzle or don’t have a cattle pass.

And we know that it’s the same in every Western constitution: their BS “mandates” ARE ILLEGAL, PERIOD!

According to the penal code Article 432.4, a law enforcement agent guilty of implementing illegal acts that violate individual liberty is liable to 7 years in jail and 100 000 Euro fine.

Article 122.4 says that this person is not responsible if ordered by legitimate authority, except if this act is manifestly illegal.

So-called  ‘vaccine mandates’ are not only illegal, they are also crimes against humanity. The same happens to forced injections, vaccine passports, forced masking, house arrest for innocent people (lockdowns) and most other fake restrictions that have no basis in law and in science, and in any constitution or international treaties.

Let’s put it clearly, cops, magistrates, judges who fine you, arrest you for not wearing a muzzle, refusing to get injected with poison or refusing to abide to a slave ‘vax passports’ are acting illegally and as such must be punished adequately.

You therefore have the right not only to refuse to obey these illegal orders but also to resist arrest and further abuses on your inalienable rights.

Refusing to obey illegal and criminal ‘mandates’ is not only a right, it’s a duty!

Forced vaccinations, forced medical experimentations, forced injections and even forced masking are all illegal in regards of most constitutions but are also illegal in regards of international laws and treaties signed by all UN registered nations and constitute, according to these laws, crimes against humanity.

Whether the globalist puppet  is called trudeau, johnson, macron, draghi, rutte, johnson, de croo, merkel, scholz, morrison, daniels, ardern, or biden, he/she has no right to impose such ‘mandates’ and by trying to do so are committing crimes against their own constitutions, laws and people but also against humanity.

We remind these scumbags that crimes against humanity leading to genocide are punishable by death or life in prison.

The Nuremberg Code
Universal Declaration of Human Rights – 1948 – UN
Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights
European Convention on Human Rights

As Maxime Bernier, Canada Popular Party leader was invited to speak in Paris (video on a giant screen), this is what happened in Montreal, Quebec, the same day:  

QUEBEC (Canada)

Huge demonstration in Montreal, Quebec. A big middle finger to trudeau and his local lackey Claireux. Hey justina, turd-eau, GO brandon YOURSELF!

The Quebec Libre Marching towards Liberty!

Montreal  – Maxime Bernier leads protest against COVID diktats and vaccination ‘mandates’

Maxime bernier:

“We are here today because we know that enough is enough! We want our rights and freedoms back!  I am not alone, you are not alone, look here and all over the globe, people are tired, people are ready to fight for their rights, and we are saying no to these draconian measures, no to more lockdowns, no to ‘vaccine’ passports and no to division and segregation ! Freedom always triumph at the end!”

The city of Quebec in the Beautiful Province. Really cold outside, but they are there against schwab’s whore trudeau.  Car and trucks passing by are honking in support!

How to treat assholes, psychopaths and criminals:

Brazil President Bolsonaro disrespects justina trudeau. He sees the globalist whore extending his hand to him, ignores him and turn his back to shake the hand of someone else. 

How do you feel now, turd-eau, being discriminated, segregated, isolated, like you do with Canadians?  

President Bolsonaro gives a lesson to globalist lackey trudeau. Yep trudeau, you have zero legitimacy, no friends, you’re just a puppet, a little groomed whore of the world economic forum like your girlfriend macron…

St Pierre & Miquelon (French island off the cost of Newfoundland) Protesters throw mud in the face of corrupt deputy Stéphane Claireaux standing in front of his house,  a globalist scumbag who want to force vax passports on People.  Well done!

People are very cool with criminals, as it’s not mud this scumbag should get in his traitors’s face but something rather more solid. They know where he lives. They know where to knock next time.


War trance in Genova, overcharged, overexcited against bankster vermin draghi. It looks and sounds like a war dance!

Napoli, all terrorized by the so-called omicron BS ‘variant’ ! :-0 – Non-compliance!  

Non-compliance! Hey draghi: VAFFANCULO!

Livorno Italy Long Live Freedom

Turin/Verona Anti SCAMDEMIC, global fascism, and draghila wormtongue‘s regime

Italy Jan 6 – The Peace March, Venice to Rome 4 days, 500 km, picking up people on the way, trying to raise awareness of the people’s plight…Every Message Counts Now

Comment: We’d rather have the People Power March, toppling globalist draghi’s regime and replacing it with a popular one!

DACH – Deutschland, Austria, Confederatio Helvetica (Switzerland)

A new union is born, the VUM for Verbund Ungeimpfter Menschen, the Union of Unvaccinated Humans (and proud to be and stay so).

This union needs to be reproduced everywhere in the world.

In German only but it’s worth a visit as we need to unite all over the world to build the same kind of unions, syndicates, associations to be able to fight with more power against the criminals behind the coup!  

We unite the interests of 25 million people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Their motto:

“The most important thing is that you never stop questioning.”

Albert Einstein (who fled Nazi Germany because as an ‘unvaccinated of the time’, he was targeted for segregation, camps and extermination).


Massive demos in 300 German cities and towns

First with the best:

Teen Queen”: Brilliant example of smart and improvised resistance action. A teenage girl slaps a thug in uniform who just hit her friend (or boyfriend), she runs, he runs after her and fall on his ass! How Teen Queen defeats a violent idiot twice her size and humiliate him under the public applauds and cheering. Priceless!

This kind of action  has more impact than 10, 000 petrol bombs!

Freiburg (Free-castle): the police cannot contain the anger of the sovereign people against health apartheid. Like in France, the Germans are now ready to hit back. The cops know it and won’t insist. The criminal politicians will realize only when their heads will start rolling down the gutters.

The criminal politicians will realize only when their heads will start rolling down the gutters.

Saarbrücken,  against health apartheid and globalist fascism. Very noisy!

It’s all over the country, only liars, fools and morons can now pretend they were ‘only few thousands’.


Hamburger fur FREIHEIT!

Frankfurt am Main [Jan 8, 2022] – The demo passed in front of the EUSSR central bank, one of the evil bank behind all our sufferings. The least they could have done is to throw bricks at it and set the EUSSR symbol on fire!

The seat of evil in Germany, in any other country it would be a prime target


The Nation at the heart of the fight against global fascism. We repeat again, all ‘mandates’ are illegal and are to be defied. DO NOT COMPLY, DO NOT PAY FINES, DO NOT LET THEM PUT YOU IN JAIL. FIGHT WITH ALL WHAT YOU HAVE!

Impressive human tide in Vienna against fascism: We won’t let them violate our freedoms! Liberty!

Austria Stunning Scenes Of UNITY. But will that be enough or do we need something more POWERFUL, Kazakhstan style?

Massive human tide in Vienna. Austrians must be ready to fight up to topple the criminal regime if need be. Law enforcement officers must refuse to enforce any illegal ‘mandates’ from criminal politicians.

Anti Mandatory VAX, Anti Everything – 3 weeks to go till the Country Wide Mandated VAX…The fallout will be epic.

The police remove the barriers and let the protesters pass through Vienna! Are they siding with the Austrians, supporting their fight or did they receive orders?

In many countries police and army don’t have the right to demonstrate. Austrians are demonstrating also for them.

Austria – Salzburg [Jan 9, 2022], the day after, they were there too.

The people in #Austria don’t give up! They are AGAINST vax discrimination. #NoVaccinePassports #DoNotComply #NonAuPassSanitaire #Freiheit #nejtillvaccinpass #GeenQR #Freedomrally

Austria – Innsbruck [Jan 9, 2022] – Huge protests keep going on in #Austria on daily basis, against vax mandates & passports!


Fight in the streets what you didn’t fight with your votes.

Schweizer Frei

Switzerland – Anti Pandemic BS – Grab Whoever you can and disrupt their plans. Huge amount of demonstrators with a lot of noise with cowbells !


Amsterdam against #apartheid. The police cannot contain the wrath of the sovereign people. Like in other places, people want to go after the criminals behind the current tyranny. Only the police separate them from justice.

Netherlands, It’s happening everywhere

Alkmaar – Demo against fascism – Farmers are joining the fight!


Massive massive demo in Brussels on Sunday the 9th!

Awesome footage of the #Freedomrally in #Brussels against vax mandates!

Brussels [Jan 9, 2022] Massive protest today in #Brussels against vax mandates & passports!


The police surrounded by protesters, after talks decides to retreat. We can clearly hear the police officer negotiating with a protester and agreeing against vax mandates and passports. They know The People are fighting for their rights too!

Scene of solidarity or was the squad overwherlmed by the crowd?

Thousands of People despite heavy rain against globalist whore bettel.


Czech Republic – Prague [Jan 8 and 9, 2022]

Another puppet regime reminiscent of the old communist dictatorship. Czechs do not comply with that!


nb: Since they voted with a majority for independance from Spain, and despite the crackdown from sanchez regime, we consider Catalonia a sovereign nation.

Barcelona [Jan 8, 2022] – libertad!

A la mierda sánchez!


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria [Jan 8, 2022]. Huge amount of people, the all island was there!  Libertad!

No al abuso de poder: no to abuse of power! A la mierda sánchez!


Lisbon [Jan 8, 2022] Huge protest in #Lisboa against vax mandates & passports!


Jan 9, 2022 – Anti Pandemic BS, Anti Everything. Men in Black were there too.


Huge demo in Glasgow,  Scotland for freedom. 


Belfast, the message is clear: DO NOT COMPLY!



sajid javid gets Torched. He is taken back to school by a real doctor who refuses to get injected and exposes javid for the total fraud he is…

This man in the video below is describing what the British and all other criminals ‘governments’ have been doing since 2 years with lockdowns, business destruction, jobs destruction, coercion, terror, dsicrimination, segregation and so on.

They kill people, they have killed people and their actions will kill more people in the next decades. He speaks about the UK but it’s everywhere the same.

The people who do that, who have done that, deserve only one thing: DEATH PENALTY!


Another proof that the genocidal/enslavement agenda is global, another globalist puppet regime, another country under the illegal ‘menace’ of forced injections. Just say no. Lebanon has militias, they are armed, what are they waiting for?



Australians have the unique opportunity of being remotely located. By organizing, fighitng and taking down their criminal politicians, they could create a genuine home ruled nation. Like in other countries, the solution is the removal of the tiny parasitic class in power. The sheeple will follow as usual.

Melbourne – jan. 8. Save our children!

Perth Anti VAX Mandate,Pro Choice Rally. This is Epic, this little girl has more common sense than most. Long Live Freedom

Perth Western Australia Anti WAX Mandate, Anti Covid BS

Melbourne Anti Everything Just watch this clip in full, get a load of the Masked up SHEEP trying to shoe the people away….Long Live the Imbeciles/

A must watch and listen

We need to stop these evil bastards in politics!

This is Australia and it belongs to The People!

#FreeNovak. In support of the smartest and most courageous tennis player in the world (and the best one as well) oppressed by scumbags of the  criminal fascist regime of Australia.  #WeStandWithDjokovic  #FreeNovak

#FreeNovak and pro freedom protesters gather outside detention facility holding the world number #1 tennis champ awaiting possible deportation from Australia.

The criminal regime which should be toppled in Australia. All its criminal politicians and their helpers should be tried and jailed!



New Zealand Governor House: “The Whole System is corrupt, rebuilding it all is the ONLY way to win...”

A powerful speech and prayer asking God to destroy the criminals behind the covid crimes and send them back wherever they come from (they come from hell).

“We want those documents and the writs for fresh elections issued – do it now, Governor!”


All terrorized by the so-called ‘omicron BS variant’…  

Dancing, singing, chatting, hugging, living normal lives like normal human beings unafraid of a non existing ‘pandemic’


Same globalist agenda, same puppet regime with the ‘vaccine’ passport aka digital ID’s for digital tyranny. This was the plan all along and when people were told they screamed “conspiracy theories” like TV parrots.  Who are the theorists now?

On the other side of the globe in the Americas:


Massive demos in Buenos Aires

Argentina and Chile, two other globalist puppet regimes trying to force the agenda of their pimps, who are dying, because they have ruined the planet and now they need to enslave and exterminate us if they want to keep bleeding our planet dry.


But this time, they have gone too far, we don’t want their shit world tyranny, their shit reset, their vile agenda 2030, we don’t need these bloodsucking parasites, we will destroy them all!


Seattle woke-up… Great banners, great street occupation. It doesn’t need to be millions but to make enough noise and spread the message.

Who lives in Seattle or not far from it? Yes, mass murderer psycho bill gates, one of the main culprit behind the covid COUP! Who has its HQ there? Yes vermin bezos, one of the main profiteer of the FAKE PANDEMIC.
These are prime targets!


Vax passports are a failure. They are discrimination. Protecting people’s freedom and make sure we have a State worth living in . These policies (forced injections and vax passports), people vote with their feet.”  

The future US president? Got to get rid of imposters biden/harris first.

NYC (marxist/globalist shithole)– REFUSE TO BE A SLAVE!

#HappeningNow at the Nikey Store in NYC , Activists against mandates go to the store maskless to buy gifts. They were met with some resistance but did ended up buying what they needed. The NYPD showed up but no one was arrested (yep maybe they have better things to do than that!).



Nathan Buckley former AFL player collapses on I’m a celebrity get me outta here. Yet another  covid “vaccine’ “coincidence” … A 25-year-old Guatemalan soccer star collapsed during training and tragically died shortly after being rushed to hospital.

Another one…. Othman Coulibaly  – And it would seem we have Another Unfortunate Coincidence…  Triple jabbed Swiss Olympic marathon runner Fabienne Schlumpf  diagnosed with myocarditis… Yet another “concidence”…

Tennis ace Basilashvili drops out of Sydney Cup after struggling to breathe. They expelled Novak Djokovic. Now those who submitted are falling like flies…


Paris. This week end: Chants in support of Novak Djokovic #WeStandWithDjokovic

Novak Djokovic supporters protest against the Australian junta in front of the Serbian parliament in Belgrade#WeStandWithDjokovic

Rare enough to mention it. Zadar Croatia – The people of Croatia are standing in solidarity with Novak Djokovic! #WeStandWithDjokovic

The ass-lickers, bootlickers and their sponsor mass murderer psychopath bill gates. nadal, federer and the others… 

We understand now who speaks through braindead BITCH nadal…

The mollusc on the right is gates. The leech who wants to ‘depopulate’  the planet (with his ‘vaccines’) and enslave us with digital ID’s. This groomed eugenicist (by his father) feels so much ‘superior’ with his boobs, his big belly and his nerd voice…

The real question is how much “donations” have gates given to backstabbing bitches like nadal to spread his evil message?

One way of getting rid of the corrupt institutions behind the covid COUP is to replace them with ours, independant from big pharma, billionaire ‘foundations’, corporate & globalist control.

The World Council for Health stands with Novak Djokovic.

BREAKING NEWS: World Council For Health issues immediate Cease and Desist of all experimental injections. We declare that they are dangerous and unsafe for human use. Demanding an immediate Stop to manufacturing, distribution, administration, and promotion of these injections.

Novak Djokovic arriving at Melbourne Airport

Game, set and match Djokovic!

Seen on social media:

I got questioned about my vaccination status today, I replied back “have you got aids or herpes”
She replied “that’s a bit rude and confidential”
So is my vaccination status, See you later.









Protest Survival Skills

And Other Useful Techniques

Trieste 2021, People like us never give up. Dedicated to all the Good people of Italy and elsewhere fighting against their criminal and corrupt unelected “governments”. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Protests, which are ongoing worldwide since more than 6 months now (something never seen before in the history of Mankind) are not enough as proved by the fact that they didn’t stop the criminals behind the global coup to adavance to the next steps of their agenda helped by their lackeys in ‘governments’.

But they are essential on a ‘political’ point of view (in the real sense of politis), they broadcast visibility, people disagreement, they show the world that We Do Not Consent and Do Not comply with the destruction of our Rights, Freedoms and Human Dignity. They show the vermin behind these global crimes that we know and we are here to fight them, until Victory.

However, protests are just one component of the global fight, one cog in the resistance movement. They won’t solve the problem. Many silmutaneous actions, and undertakings will, some peaceful some not.

The violence and the total illegality of the assault against Humanity by the scum in power and their globalist pimps not only justifies any kind of violence against them but obliges any conscious citizen to disobey, fight and destroy this apparatus of crime, oppression and global fascism anywhere he finds it.

We will elaborate further in future chapters. This one concentrates on surviving protests, police confrontation and other useful tactics in the fight against our totalitarian regimes.

Nb: These articles were published by activists, we didn’t create anything and reproduce them as it makes sense in the current context.

Protest Survival Skills

“Teen Queen”, Germany, this week:  Brilliant example of smart and improvised police ridiculing action. A teenage girl slap and defeats a thug twice her size and humiliate him under the public cheering and applauds.

If she can do that, imagine what dozens, hundreds and thousands can do! kind of video has more impact than 10,000 petrol bombs. TO WATCH AND SHARE. This girl has more courage than millions of “men” who comply to covid diktats.

What we present here is a brief guide to surviving public order situations and slowing down or preventing the police from gaining the upper hand once a situation has occurred. Bear in mind that the police are much better equipped and trained for close combat than you or I.

They will have been psyching themselves up for hours, have plenty of reserves standing by, and will feel confident with the establishment behind them, beating the police is about outwitting them, not necessarily hitting them over the head (even though it’s tempting).

• Don’t be tempted to stand there and fight–get out to where you can cause some damage or disruption without the police around.
Keep moving around, as a group and individually, fill gaps, never stand still chaos puts the police off.
Police attempts to divide the crowd and the formation of police lines must be nipped in the bud.
• Do everything in small teams, prepare in advance.
• Think defensively, protect each other and escape routes.
Always face outwards, away from us and towards them.
Link arms as often as possible, form barriers, use your body.
• Move quickly and calmly, never giving the police time to react.


Staying out of jail and hospital need not be hard work. Most people caught up in riots manage it — even a fairly high proportion of the really pissed-off ones. But with a bit of forethought you can turn surviving a public order situation into living a public order situation!


No one really “wins” at the end of the day, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are unhurt, still free and that some egg is still stuck to the face of your original target, after the police have come and gone.

With all that in mind, we suggest you stick to these 3 basic aims when you find yourself in a riot.

1 – Getting you and your mates away safely, rather than fighting.
2 – Finding a place to CAUSE EMBARRASSMENT AND ECONOMIC DAMAGE TO YOUR REAL TARGET, rather than fighting.
3 – HELPING OTHERS IN TROUBLE by administering first aid and DE-ARRESTING, rather than fighting.


The Yellow Vests in Paris this week-end understand the concept of affinity groups and De-arrestation (see below).

They put police off balance, manage to isolate several officers and drive them back while helping and de-arresting each others.


Always try to form an AFFINITY GROUP before setting out and at the very least have a buddy system whereby everybody has one person to look out for them and to act with when a situation arises.

AFFINITY GROUPS are just a handful of people who work together as a unit, as and when circumstances arise, they can meet beforehand to discuss issues and possible reactions, practice or role play scenarios, the more your group meets, the quicker the reaction times will get and your effectiveness will improve.

Affinity groups can often act without the need for internal discussion, they naturally develop their own shorthand communications and can divide up skills and equipment amongst each other.

Water, d-locks, paint, first-aid, food, banners and spare clothes is a lot for one person to carry, but divided up between 5 people it’s nothing.

Do pay attention to what you wear in advance. Although no one wants to go to a street party or demo dressed in full body armor, consider precautions that are discreet, adaptable, easy to apply and discard.

Pro-democracy protesters break through police lines during demonstrations in #Munich  (December 23rd)

Thinking about these things in advance will help:

1 – SURVEILLANCE. Masking up makes it difficult to identify individuals in a crowd and if everyone masks up no one will stand out. The cut off sleeve of a long sleeved t-shirt makes a good mask (this was written before 2020 obviously, today we need to wear full caps, hoods and balaclavas).

A hooded top will cover most of your face and a baseball cap on its own provides good protection from most static cameras, which are usually mounted high up. Sunglasses give good protection against harmful rays including UV and CCTV.

2 – TRUNCHEON BLOWS. A placard makes a good temporary shield and light strips of plastic under your clothing on the forearm could offer some protection. The best protective clothing however is a good pair of running shoes.

3 – CS SPRAY. The best authorities suggest a solution of campden tablets (used to clean home brewing equipment), some say use lots of water, but it’s effectiveness is unclear. WHATEVER YOU DO DON’T RUB IT IN or take a hot shower.
If in doubt get clear and let the wind blow it away from your skin, this will take 20 minutes. It is highly recommended that you carry eyewash wipes that are provided in most first aid kits.

4 – SOMEONE NEEDS TO WATCH THE POLICE FROM A GOOD VANTAGE POINT, so that their next move can be preempted. On top of the sounds van is not a good place- -no one can hear you shout “here come the pigs! fucking run!” and any gestures you do will be interpreted as dancing… Today with mobile phones, this is easily done.

5 – SITTING DOWN is good for dissuading the police from charging, but you should only do it in large numbers and the crowd needs to feel confident. We advise you to sit down as soon as the shout goes up, hesitating is not good, you can assess the situation once you’re down there. hopefully others will do the same. If it still looks viable 5 seconds later, link arms with your neighbors.
There are times when sitting down is not really recommended — horses are maybe too unpredictable but the authors have never seen horses charge into a seated crowd, the way they do into a standing crowd. It’s a good way to avoid the crowd getting split up. Some particularly violent gangs of police just aren’t worth it either. Only experience will teach you when to sit down. We wouldn’t recommend this ‘technique’ nowadays.

6 – THROWING STUFF IS A DEFENSIVE TACTIC. We shouldn’t stop having respect for life just because the police have. If you want to throw do it defensively, strategically, and en mass — a constant hail of debris creates ‘sterile areas’ into which the police don’t want to go, thus keeping them at arm’s length.

REMEMBER: don’t throw to attack or cause injury, only throw from the front, then disappear into the crowd, only wankers throw from the back (like cops).

7 – BARRICADES can be more hassle than they are worth. (we disagree on this one. They arevery efficient in the islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe, especially when set on fire on main roads)

Barricades in Guadeloupe

The best barricades are random matter strewn all over the place–horses can’t easily charge over them, police find it hard to hold a line amongst them, but individuals can easily pick their way through.

If you know police are advancing from only one direction and you have clear escape routes behind, barricading can be sensible. The tactics cops developed during the 1980’s riots was to drive vans into crowds with TSG in the back, jump out and arrest everyone they caught. Barricades are an effective way of preventing this.

8 – THE BEST FORM OF DEFENSE IS CHAOS! A complicated hierarchy needs orders to act on and those orders come from individuals making informed decisions.

If the situation changes constantly they simply cannot keep up. Keep moving all the time, weave in and out of the crowd. Change your appearance.

Open up new directions and possibilities, be unpredictable. If you find yourself standing still and passive for more than a minute then you’ve stopped acting defensively.


With any crowd the police will be looking to break it up as soon as possible. Crowd dispersal is achieved with baton charges, horse charges, water canon, and sometimes CS gas, vehicles and in the case of the Dutch Nazi pigs use of real bullets with clear intent to kill (in this case retaliation should be without quarter).

Some particularly nasty or out of control units may pile straight into the crowd, but there is usually a gap between the time they arrive and the start of dispersal. This stalling time is often just dithering by the commanding officer, or psyching/tooling up time for the troops (the latter is easy to spot). this aside, there are only 3 more reasons why they aren’t wading straight in, see if you can spot them next time they’re waiting for “kick off”.

• They first divide the crowd up into ‘actors’ and ‘viewers’, small groups of officers will move into the crowd and start politely encouraging the timid ones onto the pavement.
• Once the crowd starts moving the way they want, those little groups of cops will get bigger and start joining up.
• Before you know it, there’s two crowds on two pavements with two lines of cops penning them in.

let the head cracking commence, or…

  1. Don’t stand and watch them (fight back, affinity groups, de-arrest, run, etc..)
  2. Don’t look like you’ll let them anywhere near you
  3. Spot gaps in the crowd and fill them in
  4. Work out which space they want to take and get there with your mates first
  5. Get long tarp banners to the front to stop them advancing and filming
  6. Protect your escape routes by standing in them
  7. Get those who have turned into spectators off the pavements, back in the crowd and moving around
Guadeloupe, People fighting and always in movement. Impossible to catch or stop by the riot police.

Of course, now having resisted being split up and penned in, they may just let fly with the baton charge. But you’re in a stronger position to deal with it and escape.
Whatever happens next, don’t just stand there waiting for it. If you’ve managed to get their line drawn far away, you’ve bought valuable time and space — so use it!
Even if their line is right up against you, they still haven’t broken down your numbers.

However, it’s only a matter of time before the police try and get closer/break you up again use the time to get out of there slowly and in one block. (This is the last thing they want — a large mob moving around freely.) Whatever you do, don’t stand there waiting for them to try again, YOU ARE NOW IN CONTROL TO GO AND DO WHATEVER YOU WANT, SO DO IT.

If they have blocked your only exit, try…


This involves moving your lines forward into theirs, thus gaining more space and opening up more exits. Use the front line as a solid wall, linking arms and moving slowly forward. Use the long banner like a snowplow. (This stops them from grabbing you or breaking the line, but they can still hit you with truncheons, this is why you also should have protective gears and weapons to counter hit.)

Germany This video show The People crushing the police lines.


A line of crowd control barriers can also be carried by the front line like a snowplow to break into the police ranks.
The point of the ‘plow’ can then be opened once their line is breached and the barriers pushed to the side to contain the cops. This all needs a lot of coordination and balls (seriously lacking in western countries). The advantage gained will not last long, so push all your ranks through the gap right away.


Your body is your best and most adaptable tool. It is best used in concert with others. for instance it could take a long time for twenty to scale a wall, but stand two people against the wall, bowed together with their arms locked with two more crouched at their feet and you’ve got a set of human steps! (Those waiting to climb can link arms around the steps to protect them.) Always look for ways to use your body to escape.


Keep looking for ways of increasing your numbers, by joining up with other groups and absorbing stragglers, everyone has to get out and you’ll stand a better chance of getting out unharmed, with all your belongings and equipment if you leave together at the same time.


When the police want to isolate and arrest an individual in a crowd they will usually employ a snatch squad.

Watch for groups of 10 or so fully dressed up cops, rallying behind the police lines, they will be instructed by evidence gatherers and a superior (you can often spot them pointing out the person to be snatched), the lines will open temporarily to let the snatch squad through.
Half the officers will perform the snatch, the other half will surround them with batons, hitting anyone who gets in the way. Once they have their target he/she is bundled away behind police lines.

Try and beat the snatch squad by:

1 – Keeping the crowd moving around.
2 – Spot the squad preparing.
3 – If possible warn the target to get the hell out of the area.
4 – Linking arms in an impenetrable wall in the squads path.
5 – Surround the squad once they are in the crowd and intimidate them so much that they panic and give up.
6 – If you are being grabbed or pressure pointed, keep your head and arms moving.


The best time to do this is as soon as the snatch has happened, you need a group who know how to break grips and some people to act as blockers, once you’ve got your person back, all link arms and move off into the crowd, the police may try and snatch back or arrest one of the de-arresters.

From “Guide to Public Order Situations” by Peasant Revolt

Police Confrontation

Riots happen 90% of the time because of midnless or planned police violence. Learn how to counteract their provocations.

Shield Wall Formations and Tactics


The only way to guarantee maximum effectiveness of the variety of shields and body armor employed is that every affinity group uses similar equipment as much as possible.

Since rows are set up of one or more affinity groups marching together and it is in no one’s interest to break up affinity groups, it would be foolish to have some people in your group arrive with massive shields, and others with just a helmet.

Once converging, everyone participating in shield wall formations can agree among each group as to who goes where. Groups with inner tube or tower shields will be urged to be near the front or at least highly exposed.

Remember this isn’t a demonstration of heroics – it is a matter of practicality as to which affinity groups are in the front because they are helping to defend the entire march.

By visual consensus it should not be hard to determine who should position themselves where, unless certain groups do not feel comfortable near the front.

Remember that DIY equipment is made to be disposable, and swapping equipment might be an important function of solidarity even if you labored for hours on your particular shield.

Freiburg Germany 8.1.2022: the police cannot contain the sovereign people.

An example of uncoordinated success where the demonstrators force a small police barrage. It could have been done in an orderly fashion with the following techniques:



This method, requiring much coordination is derived from a classic Viking method of charging. It requires a good deal of discipline, not to mention an awful lot of courage on the part of the person in front. This method also requires the space to make for a near running charge to provide maximum disarray and psychological intimidation against opponents.

A wedge will have one or two persons in front, using the two-handed method with as large a shield as possible. The two lines that follow to the right and left of the focal point slightly angle their shields to the outside direction.

Wedge formation

Once in position a countdown to a charge should be given and the charge should be made at a quick pace of short steps to keep tight, as full sprinting will lose cohesion.

The wedge works by focusing on one point and pressing upon it while the two angled sides deflect forces attempting to aid the one point and widening the breech.

It also keeps a degree of cohesion for those attempting to break through. A normal flat line of attack may open a hole in one or two places, but they are difficult to expand upon and to even notice for reinforcements to converge upon.

Another advantage of the wedge is that if a person in the lead is about to be nabbed, there is immediate support behind him or her to pull them back away from arrest.

It is then critical to remain close to the person in front of you. A wedge need not be more than 7-11 persons across or about 4 persons deep.

Extra bodies can be used to fill the inside of the wedge, and form a solid line behind it – although at the ready to push through the breech.


As seen here, the Pulse Charge might be quite similar to the Minuet technique used by Guerrillas.

This is another method that takes discipline, and planning ahead of time. It probably is too complicated to be considered, but it’s included for the concept anyhow.

The pulse, as the name implies is a series of quick and short engagements that are just as quickly broken off.

This should work to throw the police off balance and catch them by surprise when the real push is made.

If pre-arranged, such that 3 pulses will occur before the real press, then simple shouting commands will work.

The difficulty is being able to disengage – as people behind you may not be aware of your methods. A possible effective manner is to use only one line of shields, having a few people behind to ask the rest of the crowd to wait until the final real charge. Otherwise, this is probably a move too difficult to coordinate.


Similar in effect to the wedge, but easier to set up, the echelon also works in a defensive manner.

It is set up such that a given wing of the shield wall is extended ahead, sloping down to the other side of the wing, like the shape of a guillotine blade.

Each person stands slightly behind and to the side of the person in front.

The principle behind this tactic is to turn the flank of a cordon of police and execute a breakthrough there.

Traditionally, this is done on the right wing of the shield wall, turning the left wing of the police formation and for the sake of preparation, it is a good idea to keep this as a standard – unless the police have caught on of course.

To add to the effect of pressing one corner of the opposing line, the weight of added bodies should be added to this side.

In effect, the one edge pushes through on one corner, turning the flank while the other end of the echelon advances enough to keep those police at bay.

Hence the weight pushes through one side and the other wing of the police is helpless to come to their aid.

This method not only breaks the police line, it also boxes them in to a degree, forcing a very disorganized withdraw on their point.

The confusion should be enough to deter the police from pressing your weakened left wing.

Alternately, if an echelon is too difficult to form, a simple straight line with added weight to one side can have a similar effect.


The tortoise formation is the essence of the shield wall. Now while typical advancements may only require a front row of shields, the tortoise formation aims to protect both the front and the top from raining projectiles such as tear gas canisters.

A tight wall above and in the front can also protect against direct spray items such as pepper spray nozzles and water cannons.

Traditional tortoise formation dictates that the first row of shields lay theirs at ground level while the second row reaches over the shoulders of the first at an angle to double the front protection while then the third and subsequent rows protect the top. Additionally members on the side would protect the flanks if necessary.

As the tortoise was employed for protection against arrows and javelins in antiquity, it is only crucial today in situations of situations where police projectiles are thrown.

As it is naturally a slow moving formation, it is not recommended for actions in defense against batons for the loss in visibility in finding gaps among the police lines.

For the purposes here, a formation with one front row of shields and the remainder providing ceiling support should suffice.

As moving fast invariable develops cracks in the formation, move to a slow rhythm or the chant of “1, 2, 1, 2…” A tactical objective of the Tortoise is to get close enough to police rounds to render projectile weapons ineffective. This will relieve protesters in the rear of the need for flight.

Immediately once contact is made with the police lines, the tortoise should break into supportive rows of frontal shields aimed at defending each other against baton blows.


This defensive tactic, or a loose derivative of it should be employed when you have a single position to defend against imminent attack, and your numbers are rather small. This can arise typically when trying to block the path of vehicles in a spontaneous move.

The traditional square was a formation the British Imperial armies would use to defend from massed cavalry attacks. For our purposes, it works to prevent or at least pro-long arrest even when surrounded or when injecting yourselves into a compromise-able position.

The square is simply set to face around a point with your shields out. As you are immobile, kneeling will provide a smaller space for the police to try to crack.

In reality, you will probably end up with more of a circular formation than an actual square, but the idea is the same.

Apparently unprepared, and chaotic fight in Montpellier this week, however if  the building burning in the background was one of the real targets for the protesters rather than the diversion fight with police, it’s a success.


When facing an opposing force that is hell bent on breaking laws and violating your rights by viciously attacking you, any code of self-defense (the Dutch ‘police’ who shoot people with real bullets for example) allows for extreme measures.

By this we mean to include the throwing of projectiles and use of bludgeon weapons which serve to distract and disorientate the opposition so that the demonstrators might regroup or escape (or hit their real targets).

While injury to others is never a facet to embrace in self-defense, we must recognize this possibility as it has happened in the past, and will probably occur again.

If the police are prepared for the worst, so should we.

While this is not the place for a moral treatise, the general philosophy is that we are fighting for life and freedom, and so long as we don’t fight for death and oppression as our enemies do, we have moral fortitude on our side.

Toulouse, France this week end uniformed  thugs are attacking the people who pay their salaries. The people are fed up. They want to fight! They need to fight with discipline and target the regime where it hurts.

Grease guns, smoke and paint bombs and other items don’t necessarily injure and also can provide tactical advantages in disorientating the police.

But, as this is a booklet concerning self-defense tactics, we won’t get into specifics on more aggressive street fighting manners.

From “Bodyhammer: Tactics and Self-Defense for the Modern Protester” by Sarin

And hey, how much do you need to know about throwing a brick, stones or Molotov cocktails?

Here is an article on how to Make an Effective Molotov Cocktail.

Molotov cocktails mostly use a single type of carburant. The author of a famous book from the 1970’s uses 2/3 gasoline and 1/3 oil. The effect is that they won’t be able to extinguish the fire with water.


Portæ Inferi Non Prævalebunt

The gates of hell shall not prevail over you

Brighter Future” by Artist Jordan Henderson. You can buy his Art HERE and HERE

“And I say also unto thee, that thou art peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. “

In this Holy period, a former Catholic Archbishop, Carlo Maria Viganò and an actual Bishop of the Orthodox faith, Porfiry, abbott of the Solovetsky monastery in Russia  are spreading the truth, exposing the ‘covid’ scam,  the real agenda behind the coup and denouncing the corruption at the highest levels of the clergy and governments who arenot only corruptt but are the culprits of the biggest crimes ever committed against Humanity.

Proving once again that this war is not only temporal but spiritual

One article, one interview and a sermon, these two men of God stand-up, share the truth with believers or unbelievers, and call for global resistance.

MUST WATCH: Archbishop Vigano Blasts ‘Pope’: ‘Zealous Accomplice’ in Satanic Plot to Destroy Church via COVID, Great Reset

Sometimes something so remarkable happens, that it doesn’t register with most people. This 90 minute interview (full transcript below) is one of those times.

The above headline might make you think, another crackpot conspiracy nut. But no, this is coming from one of the most respected figures in the catholic church with a huge following. Archbishop Vigano is a retired Vatican diplomat, former Nuncio, i.e. ambassador, to the US. Over the past few years he has emerged as a powerful critic of the ‘Pope’, basically saying the ‘Pope’ is not really a Christian, rather someone trying to destroy Christianity, and working directly against it. He refuses to even refer to the Pope as such, calling him instead, “Bergoglio”, Francis’s surname, and called on Bergoglio to resign.

Furthermore, these criticisms are not ad hominem attacks, they come in the form of weighty articles and interviews in which the archbishop makes detailed and compelling arguments for his remarkable accusations.

The latest comes in the form of an interview, in English, from late August, with the well-known journalist Robert Moynhihan. It began appearing in 17 sections on Moynihan’s Moynihan’s Moynihan’s Rumble channel.

In it Vigano says that Bergoglio is essentially a Marxist, a man put in place by his accomplices to capture the church and cooperate in a global conspiracy to enslave the world to an anti-Christian system, a new world order.

A “pope” welcomed by the worst enemies of the Christian faith, the masonic sect. How come? How have they managed to get their strawman on a Pope seat?

Vigano names Klaus Schwab as one of these plotters, who deliberately orchestrated the Covid crisis as part of the plan. Vigano says the next step, will be a massive cyber-attack which will paralyze the world economy, forcing populations into a new system of total control, and usher in the “Great Reset” (…)

We can’t recommend this video enough, it is extraordinary. Vigano comes across as a highly intelligent, well-informed, and credible observer, with great Christian discernment.

Following is an analysis of this interview by the excellent Leo Hohmann for a well-regarded American conservative Protestant website, World View Weekend, run by Christian broadcaster Brannon Howse, closely associated with Mike Lindell’s new TV platform, LindellTV. 

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has been warning for months about a global revolution taking place that has the backing of the Marxist Jesuit Pope Francis along with central banks and globalist billionaires to create what amounts to a new dark age for humanity.

An era in which human beings are treated as chattel property. In which people are conditioned to love their slavery, as long as they can have their devices to stare into while they are going about life in robotic fashion. They will “own nothing and be happy,” as Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum opined earlier this year.

But how will they usher in this new society, which they have dubbed the Great Reset?

Christian broadcaster Brannon Howse tackled that subject in a one-hour broadcast with journalist Alex Newman on Oct. 7.

“The great crash is necessary for the Great Reset,” Howse said. “They are deliberately going to crash everything so they can justify the Great Reset. The same thing that Vigano is warning about in the Catholic world I’ve been warning about with the Marxists in the evangelical world.”

Howse dedicated his 2015 book, Marxianity, to this very issue, explaining how Christian churches would be deceived into supporting the coming global shift from a capitalist, Judeo-Christian world order to a socialist, technocratic (and totalitarian) world order.

And the strange thing is, the globalists always telegraph their plans. Although few seem to listen and take them seriously, these billionaire elites always tell us what they have planned ahead of time.

For instance, the Covid pandemic was forecast in the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation document Lockstep, which described a future scenario that sounds a lot like 2020- 2021, with people in masks, businesses being shuttered, etc., a scenario that got even more detailed in the Event 201 conference held Oct. 19. 2019, just a few months before Covid hit (basically it was the rehearsal of the fake pandemic).

“So this was clearly planned,” Howse said. “And we’ve been wondering, what is the next thing in the planning? What is the next shoe to drop?”

Because remember, they deliberately bring crises, and fear and anxiety, as I deal with in my documentary Brainwashed the Movie. I go into the Tavistock Institute, and how they deliberately use fear and anxiety and conflicting information, to cause people to just throw up their arms and surrender. So they don’t know who to believe, don’t know what to believe, and they just surrender. And this is going back to the 1940s, and it’s a psychological operation on the American people.”

The Tavistock Institute was established in 1921 by Luciferian-inspired elitists with connections to the British military intelligence with an agenda of mind control. Their goal was to socially engineer the masses into subservience.

Enter Carlo Maria Vigano, the former papal Nuncio to the United States under previous Pope Benedict, and he is saying in a recent 90-minute video interview that Covid was a massive propaganda campaign to induce the masses to go along with something they would not normally accept.

“Then he drops a bombshell in the middle of his 90-minute talk,” says Howse.

He says the globalist elites will conduct a global cyber attack that will impact the economies, the individual and the rhythm and flow of their lives and work. And it’s already been studied and planned.

Here is the quote from Vigano:

“But then, there will be a global cyber attack, an economic crisis, which have already been studied and planned out, and whose first sign we can observe. All of these strategy have the attack on the individuals as their objective. Isolated an attack in his emotionality and his daily rhythms and in his work.”

The question is, who is studying and planning for a major cyber attack?

It’s Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, the same global organization that has been pushing the narrative that the Covid SCAMdemic should be seized upon as an “opportunity” to transform the world, eliminate capitalism and “build back better” under a (bullshit) ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ that punishes middle-class and working-class people around the world in favor of a new digital economy enslavement.

Schwab released the following doomsday prediction about a “frightening” cyber attack in promoting the WEF’s July 9, 2021Cyber Polygon online conference:

“We all know that paying insufficient attention to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack, which would bring to a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society of a whole. The Covid-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyber attack. To use the Covid-19 crisis as a timely opportunity to reflect on the lessons of cyber security, community, and improve our preparedness for a cyber pandemic.”

Note Schwab’s prediction of a “complete halt” to everything modern society depends on.

Straight out of a Bond movie caricature, globalist scum, klaus schwab. While his father helped the Nazis, he created the WEF after beeing groomed by Jewish mass murderer and war criminal henry Kissinger.
Somebody will have to take care of him and his minions…

He’s telegraphing a classic grid down scenario made famous in dystopian movies and novels such as One Minute After.

“They’re going to kill a lot of people,” said Howse. “In fact a government study found that if the grid went down, stayed down for a year, from disease, starvation and civil unrest, 90 percent of the American population would be dead within a year. But all of a sudden this guy is becoming so concerned about cyber-attacks.

“So we know from Lockstep that the people planning the pandemic were the same ones warning about it in 2010,” Howse added. “It’s the same with the cyber attack. The very people offering up all the solutions about it are the ones telling you it’s coming. So this is total psychological conditioning.”

The cyber attack will be real. The reaction to it will be pre-planned and coordinated.

“It’s legitimate to have a threat from Russia or Iran or North Korea or some rogue group,” said Howse. “The problem is, they are going to likely take this legitimate threat, hijack it and then be the ones that allow it to happen. They don’t have to be the ones to carry it out, maybe they get others to carry it out, but they’re behind it. Because clearly Vigano is telling us it’s already been studied, already been planned. The question is will it be an enemy within, an enemy without, or an enemy without acting in concert with the enemy within?”

Vigano’s warning tells us that most of the central bankers and big corporations will be protected. The “individuals” will suffer. They are the ones who will lose jobs, their careers, their relationships with friends and family who have been divided and cut off, just as has occurred with the divisive Covid mandates.

Most of the world’s central banks are already working on digital currencies to replace cash. Why? Because they know what’s coming.

Alex Newman, senior editor at the New American and host of the Sentinel Report on Lindell TV, said Cyber Polygon was carried out in similar fashion to Event 201.

“They don’t want to go into this blind. They war game it, they make sure all their pieces are in place. Everyone knows their role and how they’re supposed to respond to this. And I think another one of their goals is to take total control of the internet.”

Ah, the internet – the communications lifeline for many who may think alike but are separated by distance in today’s modern society.

Newman believes the global predators who control Big Tech have plans to sever the awakened masses from that lifeline they depend on for information and moral support.

“In the couple of decades since the internet has become ubiquitous, millions, maybe billions, of people have woken up,” Newman said. “They realize they’ve been lied to, deceived, they’re being poisoned, oppressed by these elites and they’ve realized this because of information they’ve found online, but they need that to come to an end and one way to do that would be to make it like China where you cannot go online without the government knowing who you are, where you live, etc., and controlling what you say, controlling what you see. So there’s a very real chance they could use a disaster like this [cyber attack] to cover their tracks, implode the economy, grab a bunch of additional power and then move in for the kill with total control over the internet.”

America, while severely weakened, remains a powerful symbol that must be dealt with.

“America is still based on certain principles that they have to discredit and eradicate – the principle that God created us equally, that God gave us rights, not the government, and the role of government is to protect those rights …and so you have to have a sort of final death blow that gets that out of the way and paves the way for this world system they want to build.”

So just like Covid was foreshadowed by operation Lockstep and Event 201, a major cyber attack is being predicted by Cyber Polygon. This would help further many of the objectives of the global predators seeking to implement their new world order under the Great Reset.

Cyber Polygon 2021 was sponsored by the following partners:

  • Banco Santander: (part of the plutocracy cartel)
  • BI.ZONE (global surveillance tech posing as a ‘cyber-security’ firm)
  • IBM (without them, deaths camps and the Holocaust would have never been possible, the pfizer of big tech…)
  • International Criminal Police Organization (sic) – INTERPOL (a corrupt and under influence globalist body masquerading as ‘police’)
  • Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) (yet another corrupt body).
  • Mobile Telesystems (MTS) (Russian Telecom corporation owned by oligarchs in cahoot with the globalist scum behind the current coup)
  • Sberbank (Russian bank, part of the plutocracy cartel)
  • Ericsson (big tech presenting corporate fascism as ‘partnerships’ between them and their lackeys in governments)
  • Trend Micro (global surveillance tech posing as a ‘cyber-security’ firm)
  • Visa (banking mafia)
  • World Economic Forum (the place where corrupt politicians, criminal corporations and media whores meet to further their sordid agendas).

Global elites need crises to advance their agenda. They war-game each crisis before it gets launched.

“They can’t have governments, the media and big corporations just flying by the seats of their pants and responding in different ways,” Newman said. “They’ve got to plow the ground in advance.”

At Event 201 they talked about using the big media and social media companies to push their propaganda and clamping down on counter narratives.

“They prepared this in advance, and when these people do these kinds of war games, like with Covid and like with Cyber Polygon, folks you need to be paying attention. They’re not sinking millions of dollars into this for their own amusement or because they love you. They’re doing it because they’re preparing for something and they want it to go smoothly.”

An article published in February 2021 by titled Event 201 to Cyber Polygon: The WEF’s simulation of a coming ‘Cyber pandemic’, took a deep dive into how the global predators use international crises to advance their agenda.

The article describes the agenda behind the Cyber Polygon event held in August 2021.

“The exercise comes several months after the WEF, the international organization MAFIA for public-private cooperation, that counts the world’s richest elites as its members, formerly announced its movement for a Great Reset, which would involve the coordinated transition to a Fourth Industrial Revolution global economy in which human workers become increasingly irrelevant. This revolution, including its biggest proponent, WEF founder Klaus Schwab, has previously presented a major problem for WEF members and member organizations in terms of what will happen to the masses of people left unemployed by the increasing automation and digitalization of the workplace.

“New economic systems that are digitally based and either partnered with or run by central banks are a key part of the WEF’s Great Reset, and such systems would be part of the answer to controlling the masses of the recently unemployed.”

The digital monopolies created by central banks under the Fourth Industrial Revolution would allow those who control them to “turn off” anyone’s money who refuses to obey the laws, mandates and rules of the newly established world order.

The article warns that this will help set the stage for the next big crisis, just as Event 201 did for the Covid pandemic.

“I think this is why Vigano is saying it’s been studied, it’s been planned. And if we have any indication from the past, where they study something and run a scenario, Americans should be planning for a massive cyber attack that will impact their banking, their ability to get food, everything,” Howse said.

Newman said that if these elites are successful in launching their Great Reset and Fourth Industrial Revolution, the ramifications for working and middle class people will be horrific.

“These people don’t mess around. This Fourth Industrial Revolution that they say they’re going to pave the way for with the Cyber Polygon, they are working on, the implications of this are nightmarish.  We’re going to install microchips, we’re going to infuse them in your brain, openly talking about this already.”

While it may sound like science fiction, “This is serious,” he said.

So if you don’t have a little cash in your safe, if you don’t have a little food and water, and you’re not psychologically prepared, you’re being foolish.”

Transcript of the interview follows below:

The Viganò Tapes

We reproduce only parts of the interview. Dr. Robert Moynihan’s Interview with Archbishop Viganò Download the full transcript here
View The Viganò Tapes and additional content on

Question Number 1: Archbishop Viganò, very nice to see you again and very pleased that you are willing to answer our questions. The great question has two parts, it’s the world and it’s the church. We are looking at a global pandemic and a global move towards a new world order and we’re also looking at the church in confusion, in division, in concern about how it reacts to this new world order whether it’s breaking with its tradition or holding fast to its tradition. And you’ve got comments to make and insights on both of these questions, the present pandemic and the present crisis in the Roman Catholic Church. So what do you think about the current pandemic and about the current confusion and crisis in the Catholic Church under the leadership of Pope Francis?

It now seems clear to me that we are facing a siege on both the social and religious fronts.

The so-called emergency pandemic has been utilized as a false pretext to impose the vaccination and the green pass in many nations of the world, in a simultaneous and coordinated way.

At the same time, on the other front, not only do the ecclesiastical authorities not condemn in the least the abuse of power by those who govern public affairs, but they support them in this wicked plan and go so far as to condemn those who do not accept being subjected to inoculation with an experimental gene serum with unknown side-effects that does not impart any immunity from the virus – to say nothing of the moral implications related to the presence of genetic material derived from aborted fetuses, which for a Catholic is itself a more-than-sufficient reason to refuse the ‘vaccine’.

WE ARE AT WAR: A WAR THAT IS NOT OPENLY DECLARED, that is not fought with conventional weapons, but a war all the same, in which there are aggressors and aggressees, executioners and victims, kangaroo courts and prisoners; a war in which violence is used in ostensibly legal forms in order to violate the rights of citizens as well as believers.

It is an epochal war that is a prelude to the end times and the great apostasy spoken of in Sacred Scripture.

Question Number 2: Archbishop, you have spoken in very stark terms about an undeclared war, and you have spoken about grave dangers, but you’ve emphasized that you see a type of coordination between the globalists, as we may call them, the architects of this new world order and the Catholic Church with Pope Francis. How can we explain what seems to be a new alliance?


• The State has as its end the bonum commune, with respect to both the natural law as well as the divine and positive law.
• The Church has as her end the salus animarum, with respect to the unchanging teaching of Christ.

IT IS OBVIOUS THAT RULERS ARE NOT PURSUING THE COMMON GOOD when they expose a population to experimentation without scientific basis, even in the face of evidence of the ‘vaccines’ ineffectiveness and the damage it causes to those who have received it.

The Bergoglian Sanhedrin is clearly integral to the plan of the Great Reset: on the one hand because it is pursuing ends that have nothing to do with the purpose of the Catholic Church, and on the other because it hopes that its complicity can bring it some sort of political and economic advantage in view of the new order.

This criminal complicity is there for all to see, and is further proven by Bergoglio’s obsessive vaccination campaign, which by mean of moral blackmail wants to impose inoculation with an experimental genetic serum on everybody.

Puppet ‘francis’, the false Pope, aka Jesuit-marxist bergoglio. Installed to the Vatican through a coup ousting the real Pope Benedict 16th.bergoglio’s role is to advance his globalist masters agenda and  to destroy the Church from within. He is the darling of the old arch enemy of Christianity, the freemasons. But brainwashed masses don’t even see the paradox here.

In recent days, he has gone as far as to involve Cardinals and Bishops from both North and South America in this shameful propaganda, including Archbishop Gomez of Los Angeles, the President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. They too bear responsibility for a grave crime against humanity. Such a scandalous subservience of Prelates to the infernal globalist agenda has been surpassed only by the recent heretical rants of Bergoglio himself.

Question Number 3: You are telling us that the Church has made a shameful alliance with people whose goals are not the same as traditional Christian goals. What price, in your view, is the Church paying for making this choice? Why is it making this choice?

THE ENSLAVEMENT OF THE HOLY SEE AND ALL OF ITS PERIPHERAL ENTITIES TO THE PANDEMIC NARRATION IS THE PRETIUM SANGUINIS OF A SCANDALOUS BETRAYAL, which sees the ecclesiastical hierarchy – with some exceptions – completely integral to the globalist plan of the elite, and not only on the health issue but also and above all on what concerns the Great Reset and the entire ideological structure on which it is based.

In order to do this, the hierarchy has had to apostasize doctrine, deny Christ, and dishonor His Church.

The Malthusian ecologism, irenicist ecumenism (that is a prelude to the constitution of a ‘universal religion’), the “fourth revolution” theorized by Klaus Schwab and the families of international finance, find in Bergoglio not a neutral spectator – which would itself already be an unheard of thing – but actually a zealous co-operator, who abuses his own moral authority in order to support ad extra [outside the Church] the project of the dissolution of traditional society, while ad intra [within the Church] he pursues the project of the demolition of the Church in order to replace Her with a ‘pseudo-philanthropic’ organization of Masonic inspiration.

And it is scandalous, as well as a source of great sorrow, to see that in the face of this ruthless and cruel massacre the majority of Bishops are silent, or rather they align themselves obediently out of fear, self-interest or ideological blindness.

On the other hand, today’s Hierarchy comes from the conciliar school and has been formed and chosen in view of this evolution.

In addition to the Episcopate, all of the Religious Orders, Universities, and Catholic institutions have been occupied since the Council by fifth columns that have formed generations of clergy, politicians, intellectuals, entrepreneurs, bankers, professors, and journalists, indoctrinating them into progressive ideology. And just as the Left has done in the political and cultural sphere, so within the Church the Innovators have ostracized any voice of dissent, driven out those who are not aligned, and expelled those who resist.

The persecution we are witnessing today is no different from that of decades past, but now it has been extended to the masses, while previously it focused on individuals and the ruling class.

This applies to both the civil and ecclesiastical world – confirming the pactum sceleris [criminal conspiracy] between the deep state and the deep church. It seems to me that in this conspiracy the role of the Jesuits has been decisive, and it is no coincidence that for the first time in history a religious of the Society of Jesus is seated on the Throne of Peter, in violation of the Rule established by Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

‘Dante discovers Bergoglio in the Inferno’ . Satirical Art by Eugene de Leastar. Vigano is not the only one to understand the current situation.

Question Number 4: In your opinion how does the recent papal decree, Traditionis Custodes, the Guardians of Tradition, fit into what is happening on the global level? In other words, Pope Francis on the 16th of July issued a startling, unexpected decree cancelling the thousand-year-old, old liturgy of the Church saying, we must now have only one liturgy, the one that was written and introduced in the 1960s. Many Catholics were heartbroken because they have a deep connection with the old liturgy. You believe that there’s a connection between this decision of Pope Francis and the preparation of the church to ally itself to this new global order in the Great Reset. Can you explain how the prayers in the Church are related to the Great Reset?

The decision to abolish the traditional Liturgy – which was restored to the Church by Benedict XVI in 2007 – is not an isolated incident and must be contextualized in a broader perspective.

Bergoglio acts on two fronts: an ideological one, with which he wants to prevent any expression of dissent with respect to the failure of the new conciliar path; and also a spiritual one, aimed at preventing the propagation of the objective good of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in order to favor those who see in that Mass a terrible obstacle to the establishment of the New Order – Novus Ordo Sæculorum – that is, the reign of the Antichrist.

It is not possible to believe that Bergoglio does not clearly understand the consequences deriving from his decision, or that he does not realize that depriving the Church of the apostolic Mass is an assist to the enemies of Christ and to the devil himself.

It is as if a commander of a division in the height of battle would order his soldiers to fight against tanks using slingshots, laying down the most effective weapons that would enable victory over the adversary.

I am convinced that the faithful, numerous priests and some Bishops are beginning to understand that the question of the traditional Mass is not merely a simple difference of opinion on liturgical matters, and for this reason they wonder how it can be possible that Bergoglio shows so much fury against a sacrosanct rite that is over one thousand years old, unless he sees in it a threat to the realization of the globalist plan that he supports.

By the grace of God, the fate of the Church is not in the hand of the ‘Argentine’, over whose remains the Vatican vultures are already hovering.

The Great Betrayal, by Eugene de Leastar. False “pope’ bergoglio has lost something, on the wall a portrait of marxist mass murderer Mao.

Question Number 5: Archbishop Viganò, you are telling us that the decision to change the liturgy and to abolish the old liturgy does have something to do with this general crisis and the New world order. What should be the reaction of people in the Church to what is happening as the Church seems increasingly to be accommodating itself to a plan organized by people outside the Church?

We find ourselves trapped in an impasse, a dead end, from which we cannot escape as long as we do not recognize it for what it is.


Traditionis Custodes – Painting by Eugene de Leastar. Imposter bergoglio is working on destroying the Church from within for his real master satan.

Question Number 6: You have spoken of feeling that we are at an impasse, a dead end, both in the Church and in the world. You’ve described a type of alliance between the deep Church and the deep State which you feel is not in keeping with traditional Christian teaching or with traditional desire for freedom of the free peoples of the democratic West. But if you are preaching this dead end or impasse, what are you suggesting to people? Are you suggesting some type of disobedience or some type of rebellion?

Catholics are naturally oriented towards order, to respect for authority and the hierarchy, because this order and authority emanate from the wisdom of God and are necessary for the government of both public affairs as well as the Church.

But precisely because the authority of men comes from God, Catholics – like all citizens in general – cannot accept the usurpation of authority by those who set goals opposed to the very reasons for which that authority is constituted.
The Lord has placed at the head of the Church the Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, designating him as His Vicar, so that he may pasture the sheep that He has entrusted to him, not so that he may scatter them, otherwise he would have chosen Judas and not Saint Peter.



Obedience, which is a virtue linked to Justice, does not consist in an non-critical submission to power, because in doing so it degenerates into servility and complicity with those who do evil.


Thus those who resist an illegitimate order apparently disobey the one who gives it, but they obey God, whose power is however exercised by the vicarious authority against its purpose, that is, against God himself.

Matthew 18:6: but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea. Painting by Eugene de Leastar

Question Number 7: Your Excellency, you have spoken of the distinction between legitimate authority and illegitimate authority, between legitimate commands that we should obey and illegitimate commands that we should not obey and resist. But how can we distinguish between them? Isn’t it true that St. Paul in his letter to the Romans spoke very clearly about the necessity for Christians to obey the constituted authorities. What do you say?

Saint Paul was a Roman citizen, and as such he had before him the example of a power regulated by laws that later formed the basis for the law of Western nations and which were also adopted by the Church.

The authority that governs us today, instead, has cancelled millennia of Greco-Roman and Christian civilization, bringing us back to the barbarism of the Assyrians, to the absence of laws and absolute principles to which even authority itself is bound to conform.


I would like to underline this barbarization of the law, which in my opinion is the cause of the crisis of authority, of its perversion and its brazen arrogance.


And what leaves us disconcerting is that the masses allow themselves to be tyrannized, precisely in an era that has made Revolution one of the key themes of modernity, to the point of introducing its principles right into the sacred precincts with Vatican II.


Question Number 8: So, what you are really saying is that there could be two types of chaos. One is a type of servile submission to illegitimate commands and the other would be a type of renegade disobedience to legitimate commands. How does one distinguish between these two things? And when we distinguish between the two, what can we do to resist the abuses?




In no way can one jeopardize one’s life and health and that of one’s children, not even in the face of the threat of retaliation; for in that case our participation would make us guilty before God and deserving of His punishments.
In no way can we accept the administration of experimental gene serums, in the course of whose production children have been killed in the third month of pregnancy: their blood would fall on those who produce them, as well as on those who impose them, and those who receive them.
In no case should it be tolerated that a pseudo-pandemic, whose victims are fewer in number than the victims of the supposed ‘vaccine’s, become an alibi for imposing controls and limitations on natural freedoms and civil rights.

And if the media, enslaved to power and accomplices of this conspiracy, censor every dissenting voice, this should persuade us that the dystopian society described by Orwell is now being realized following a precise script, under a single direction.

I denounced it in my Appeal last year, and no one who rereads it today can accuse me of having sounded unjustified alarms.


Roadmaps have been studied for all of these scenarios, and it is disturbing to see how the one relating to the pandemic has essentially turned out as expected (see Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, here).


BUT THEN THERE WILL BE THE GLOBAL CYBER-ATTACK OR THE ECONOMIC CRISIS, which have already been studied and planned out, and whose first signs we can observe. All of these strategies have the attack on the individual as their objective – isolated and attacked in his emotionality, in his daily rhythms, in his work – and also attack the masses in an undifferentiated and anonymous way.



One wonders whether the totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century did not constitute a preparatory experiment for what is happening today, starting with the state of Israel.

It was done before, it must be done again. The criminals behind the global coup, despite their money, are a tiny minority and are just human like us, or rather subhuman scum.

Download the full The Viganò Tapes Transcript here

Question Number 9: Your Excellency, once again, you are speaking in very dramatic terms about people being used as guinea pigs about humans becoming chronically ill due to the health measures being taken and you are asking for us to resist what you call a type of new totalitarianism.

But how could we really come to a united conclusion about the threat we face with so much inability to understand the true facts and to know really what our position truly is? What do you suggest?




in Santa Marta [the residence where Bergoglio lives] one cannot eat at the cafeteria without a “green pass”, and in many Catholic schools and universities the ‘vaccine’ is required of all staff and students. Soon they will ask us for the ‘vaccine’ passport in order to travel, to enter public offices, to vote and to go to church.

I want to be very clear on this point: without understanding the dimension of the problem, without recognizing its authors and discerning its aims, we will never be able to get out of it. Because the Lord, in order to come to our aid, wants us to recognize the evil that oppresses us and understand what causes it, in order to then be able to ask Him for forgiveness and do penance.

And the cause of this hell on earth is having abandoned God, having denied Him in His temporal and spiritual Lordship, having usurped the crown to give it to the Enemy.


Question Number 10: Archbishop, you are sketching for us a dramatic confrontation between good and evil. You are speaking of God and the devil. I was wondering if you might go into a little more detail. What can you see in our history, actual facts in recent years, and even recent centuries, which led us to this war over the fate of humanity, the identity of man, the goal of human life, and leads us to this stark contrast which you see us facing today?


Behind the workers of iniquity there is always and only him, a murderer from the beginning.

It matters little whether the cooperators of this plan are pharmaceutical companies or high finance, philanthropic organizations or Masonic sects, political factions or corrupt media: all of them, aware of it or not, collaborate in the work of the Devil.

Sin, disease, and death are the unmistakable mark of his work.

Sin, disease, and death – not as an evil to be healed, but as a wicked response, as the only alleged remedy to bring life and the material and spiritual health of men. Indeed, as a normality for those who no longer live in the economy of Redemption, but in the slavery of Satan who wants to make the effects of original sin irreversible and the Sacrifice of Christ ineffective.


To the point that the clergy themselves dare to put the health of the body before the duty of administering the Sacraments and celebrating Mass:


‘Who will cut the cord?’ by Artist Eugene de Leastar. False ‘Pope’ bergoglio is satan’s toy…

Because this is the absurdity of what we have seen happening for a year and a half: the response to a seasonal flu has consisted in the prohibition of effective treatments and the imposition of experimental therapies with new gene technologies which, while not curing the consequences of the virus, cause genetic modifications and side effects, heart attacks and myocarditis, deaths of people otherwise healthy or who could recover with the treatments available.

And to this is added, like an infernal ritual, the use of a gene serum made with aborted fetuses, as if to renew the human sacrifices of the pagans with a new twist of health, propitiating the coming New Order with the lives of innocents. And while Christian Baptism cleanses the soul of sin and makes us sons of God in its sacramental character, the satanic baptism marks those who receive it with the mark of the Beast.

How Catholics are able to undergo the ‘vaccine’ as a sort of satanic baptism without any scruple of conscience remains a question to which an answer must be given.

Certainly, decades of systematic cancellation of Faith and Morals in the faithful, in the name of a dialogue with the world and with modernity, have allowed souls to lose all supernatural reference, allowing themselves to be dulled by a formless sentimentality that has nothing Catholic about it.




Freemasonry is the mystical body of Satan, because Satan is the entity that it adores at its highest levels of initiation.

The “illumination” which it promotes to its members consists in subjecting them to the cultic worship of a Great Architect, which shows his infernal features only when one is no longer able to turn back.

(…) The numerous encyclicals condemning the infamous sect demonstrate the wisdom of the Church and the lucidity of the judgment of the Popes, just as they reveal the infiltrations and complicities of the conciliar Hierarchy.

(…) True religion defends the individuality of each person in his intimate relationship with his Creator, Lord, and Redeemer and in his relationships with his fellow men.

By contrast, in the new anthropocentric conception, the individual is annulled into an indistinct mass in which the State is lord and master of its citizens, and this has laid the foundations for Socialism, Communism, Nazism, and today’s transhumanist globalism.

It will not escape notice that, accordingly, the anthropocentric and communitarian approach is the distinctive mark of the Novus Ordo (NWO), in stark contrast to the theocentric vision of the Traditional Mass.

Sheep, Shepherds, and a Goat by Jordan Henderson. The dumb down masses wearing the tool of their enslavement (a muzzle-mask), incapable of individual reflexion follow the devil to their own destruction.


Obviously, these are concepts that after centuries of brainwashing are difficult to understand for the mentality of our contemporaries, above all after Vatican II endorsed them, denying the condemnations that these ideas had merited from the Church.

In this sense, we can believe that the New World Order will organize itself into a synarchy, a single government, in which power will be initially delegated to a small circle and then transform itself into a tyranny that will be headed by the Antichrist.

Let us not forget that Satan knows all too well how effective the monarchical system is in the exercise of governance: what he does not accept is that the one who governs should be Jesus Christ by means of his representative, because in this too Satan wishes to usurp the place of the Son of God.

Question Number 17: Your Excellency, you have sketched for us a kind of stark picture of a great challenge to our humanity, to our traditions, to our understanding of our freedom, and the possible loss of that freedom. Do you have anything of hope to leave us with in the vision you have for our possible future as we face these terrific challenges?

I would like to strengthen the hearts of all those who listen to me, using the words which I have used many times before.


These are words that we know well, and based on them we know that the final victory belongs to God.

Yet at the same time that we consider eschatological truths, it is also understandable that we are concerned about our more immediate destiny, that is, what will happen to us in the coming months and years.

We are concerned for our loved ones, our children, our elders.

We are worried about what will happen to us a few weeks from now, because every single day those who govern are imposing new norms, limitations, and obligations.

And if many factors make us think that we are nearing the end times, this does not lessen our suffering over the present and the immediate future.

My first thought goes to Our Lord’s words:

“Do not be afraid of those who kill the body, but cannot kill the soul; fear rather he who has power to make both soul and body perish in Gehenna”

(Mt 10:28)

The life of Grace, friendship with God, and frequent reception of the Sacraments are for us an invincible medicine against the spiritual plague that strikes humanity.

Let us not be frightened by the impending threats: when the devil roars, it means that the Lord is not allowing him to bite.

‘The Great Accuser’ –Eugene de Leastar. Judgement and reward will come for those who have betrayed.

We have at our side the Most Blessed Virgin, she who is our Mother and Our Queen. We entrust ourselves and our loved ones to Her protection, certain that She will know how to strike that ravenous lion as he deserves.


(1 Pt 5:9)

Question Number 18: Thank you, Archbishop, for those hopeful words. Now I will ask my final question. You’ve left aside one little aspect. Apart from the pandemic, the ‘vaccine’s, the health passport, many of the Catholic faithful are concerned about the fate of those communities that are tied to the old mass. What can you say about the fate of these communities and the old way of praying in the Catholic Church which so many are concerned about?

Also in this case, the roaring lion who threatens retaliation and excommunication now has no teeth.

The faithful and the priests have understood very well that his threats, his iconoclastic fury, and his now-blatant hatred against the Catholic Mass have revealed him for who he truly is.

What can he possibly do to a priest who continues to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice? Suspend him a divinis or even excommunicate him? Throw him out of the parish? Reduce him to the lay state?


It is not the first time and perhaps it is not the last. And those who have understood what is at stake – eternal salvation – will not allow themselves to be intimidated by the unseemly shouting of Santa Marta.

I also urge the faithful to welcome and help these priests with gratitude, encouraging them not to yield in the face of persecution.

I invite the faithful to build domestic altars, around which to gather their brethren in the Faith to feed on the Bread of Angels.

The immeasurable graces of the Holy Mass will pour out copiously on our smaller communities, on the Church and on the world.

Let us pray that the good clergy may remain faithful to their vocation, so that the lukewarm may find in the divine Nourishment the courage to preach the Word opportune importune [in season and out of season], so that those who have forgotten the value of their Priestly Anointing may convert and amend their ways.

In persecution graces always multiply, spiritual blindness opens up to the contemplation of the True and the Good, and hardness of heart melts into docility to the voice of God.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

Run bergoglio run. with your globalist friends.. Back to hell to your master where you will all burn for eternity.

Top Russian Bishop Blasts ‘Evil, Sinful’ Vax Pass, Calls for Active Resistance

Bishop Porfiry, the abbott of the Solovetsky monastery, has emerged an outspoken voice in the Russian church against the vaccines, and vax passports, which in Russia are referred to as “QR codes.”

Last week, Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian church, made a lengthy public statement stating the church’s position that vaccination has to be voluntary, can never be forced, and that QR codes infringe on civil rights, in a major win for the burgeoning anti-vax movement in Russia. Here is an excellent summary of his statement.

The Patriarch’s statement was required to be read out in churches all across Russia at the end of Sunday morning service. Bishop Porfiry did so, and then proceeded to urge Russians to resist the vax and the vax passes as evil and unacceptable on moral and legal grounds.

Bishop Porfiry, of the Solovetsky monastery. Video is in Russian. English transcript follows below. Well worth reading the Bishop’s words, as he is very influential and popular among Russian Christians. The video was immediately spread across Russian social media, seen by millions.


First of all, one must individually and personally realize that the QR codes are a change in the entire legal system, that it is an unacceptable thing for a citizen and for a Christian. The Christian must regard every use of this system in his life as a sinful phenomenon and not allow it to be used.

As a citizen he must in every way rebel against the establishment and adoption of this system in life.

There was a phase of discussion of all these bills. Citizens expressed their negative attitude to the bill, the widespread introduction of these QR codes.

At the same time in practical life we sometimes encounter the fact that they have already been put into use. Their use is illegal, not based on the law, but simply the decision of some authorities to really put them into practice.

What should we do in this case?

Obviously it is necessary to avoid every new case of using this system, because if we show this QR code, this means that by this action that we agree with a system which is unacceptable, and not according to Christian or civil understanding.

Therefore it is necessary to avoid all those places where it is required and the conditions of in which it is required to present this QR code.

And if it is necessary to enter these places, whether a shopping mall or any other place where people gather, it is necessary to enforce the right to be in those areas or to receive the corresponding services without presenting this evil badge.

We also need to support each other. In Tatarstan in such an illegal way were introduced codes on transport. But people using social networks established another alternative system. (Since then, the city of Kazan has given up to try to enforce them because nobody complied and of the many brawls occuring).

When drivers began to give others a ride to those who do not agree with the this system and thus showed their solidarity were able to resist in this way. In general, we have to do the same, and support each other, thus opposing something that seems unavoidable.

You know about the governor’s latest decree for visiting the Solovetsky Islands. One of the conditions could be the presentation of a QR code. We also have to counteract this by expressing our opinions publicly and through the deputies who are on our side.

That is, using all our civil rights, electoral rights, because the introduction of such rules is contrary to our will. We should seek by all legal means to cancel this rule.

God grant us in these difficult circumstances to be worthy Christians and citizens, and as never before we can learn that the operation of the law in the country is not so much based on the work of law enforcement agencies.

They can do nothing if citizens consciously stand up for the law (the Constitution) that they have made, that is accepted in their state society and with which they agree. The law holds in this or that society as long as the citizens personally each in their place stand up for it, for freedom of the civil will.

We must stand up for the law, and above all the basic law of society which is our Constitution.

We can appreciate how beautiful our Constitution is.

We must study it. We must become conscientious citizens, that is, stand up for the rights and freedoms that are enshrined in our Constitution, which is Christian in spirit.

We should use this legally and spiritually beautiful legacy that we have received, and make every effort to ensure that those who will live after us, our children, should not live in a society of absolute barbarism and absolute lawlessness, when man, his personality and his dignity would be reduced to nothing, which they would be if these fundamental rights and freedoms were somehow annulled, dismantled and eradicated.

Happy Holidays to all and God’s help in work and in life.

In the Orthodox world, this week is Christmas week as many nations celebrate the birth of Christ on the 7th of January.

Solovetsky monastery on the Solovetsky Islands

Important to know, even before the vast majority of Russians, the Orthodox Church and even countless businesses took position against the fascist QR code/vax passports, resistance to QR codes in Russia had taken on many forms, including boycotts and beating up “ID inspectors” (including stabbings).

Contrary to westerners, Russians haven’t been castrated or rendered powerless by decades of lgbt/marxist/tech gadgetry brainswashing. Russia has suffered like few nations under the yoke of communism and understand all too well that governments are not to be trusted.

The naivety and stupidity of westerners in regards of their corrupt media and politicians (some still believe there is a ‘pandemic’ after two years) surely make them look like retarded children to the average Russian person.

It is not only men who are braver and gifted of a common sense that seems to have disappeared in the west, but women too, especially Babushka (grandmothers) who are ferocious and fearless and won’t tolerate to be muzzled, vaxxed or transformed into cattle or robots with vax passports.

We unfortunately have to admit that the west is full of spineless weasels who find all sorts of excuses for their cowardice and would rather have their own children killed by injection and mask asphyxia than fight for their natural rights like Humans.

We stand with those who resist and fight and thank the two very different individuals, from , worlds and faiths sharing the same message for Human Dignity, Freedom and Resistance.


Happy New Year 2022

This is just the Beginning…

The beginning of the end for the globalists.

indomitable defiance. Whatever they throw at us, Freedom can’t be taken out of Humanity. But Humanity can take out those who want to suppress it.   


Mandates Legal definition :  Governments don’t want you to know this.

A mandate is not a law, a mandate becomes valid only if you agree to it. But the law clearly specifies that the ‘mandatee’ is bound by the mandates, only if he/she accepts it. The mandates becomes valid only if you accept it.  It is your right not to accept it.

Mandates are not laws, are against the constitution. They can become the norm ONLY if you accept it. So just refuse as their ‘mandates’ are all illegal, from force masking to vax passports and forced injections!

We are at war, it’s not a war we wanted or welcomed, this is a war they wage on us since decades and in this final act, they now move to exterminate and enslave us with help of our rogue ‘governments’.

Yes, your mock government, made of criminals controlled by the scum behind this agenda wants you dead or transformed into a post human slave. They pretend it’s for the good of the planet as an alibi for their crimes, but it’s all about evil, money and power.

It’s a war of survival and either we destroy them or they will destroy us (and the planet with it).

Consequently there are things that work and other that don’t in this war. There are strategic objectives as in any other war. there are also legitimate targets and non legit ones, and there are different grades of actions to take against our enemies.

For who are we if we are as evil as our evil enemies? We are better, stronger, braver and morally so superior that there is almost no contest.

They just have money a lot of money, this is how they control corrupt politicians, through debt, lust for power and money.

And there are things that work and things that don’t.

Peaceful demonstrations don’t work unless they disturb the criminals in power.

Guadeloupe for example where tens of  thousands besiege a police station to demand the liberation of their leader. The police, who are overpowered (and scared) finally release their political prisoner not because they wanted to, but because they had no choice. The crowd out there would have come in and freed their leader whether the cops wanted or not.

Walking around a predefined itinerary made by the very enemies of the People while being surrounded and guided on all sides by the NWO goons that serve the regime only makes them laugh. It’s important to demonstrate massively but it must be a pain for them, not something they control.

What works and what doesn’t work?

Beware of false flags, they often work but for them

Two false flags happened this week, one is the ‘burning’ (mock fire) of the old Australian parliament in Canberra, the other is the alleged ‘torching’ of a masonic hall in Dublin, Ireland. Let’s focus on the Irish false flag.

First, the mainstream media whores (that is 99% of mainstream) are all very quickly all pushing the same narrative, that so-called ‘antivax’ graffiti were found near the site of the alleged ‘arson’. It’s the usual sign of a pre-planned op (6th of January 2021 style).

Second, what interest would any resistance movement have to burn an empty and most likely unused building, as masons like others don’t meet in person but communicate by other means. Even the WEF didn’t meet in Davos, but online.

Third, who does it help to have a symbolic building burnt? Nobody except the owner who can now make a claim to the insurance company (a well known insurance scam in these parts of the world).
If so-called ‘antivaxers’ were to burn something it would rather be vaccination centers, not merely symbolic buildings.

Fourth: Although most politicians are masons and masons have been behind many plots & crimes over centuries, there is no evidence that they are involved in this one.

Finally, who profit from this? Certainly not so-called ‘unvaccinated’ people who are used as scapegoats, segregated and further signalled for mass hatred every day.

The only people who benefit from it are scum who want to criminalize so-called ‘unvaccinated’ people (because they are better informed, braver, aware and therefore opponents and dangerous for the globalists), so they can proceed further with their plans of discrimination, division and segregation to provide for the basis of future incarceration in concentration camps disguised as ‘quarantine’ centers.

Our guess is that the state or some ‘partner’ is behind this ‘arson’. They might have used marxist thugs as they often do, ‘intel’ services or even elements of the police (it wouldn’t be a first as related in the sordid murder case of Sophie Toscan Duplantier.

Burning a mostly unused, mostly symbolic building doesn’t make sense, it’s neither strategic or damaging and helps the regime rather than the resistance.

So what works?

Brazil Local Mayor Pounced upon by The People, after trying to implement WAX Mandates.

Would biden, trudeau, johnson draghi, macron, nehammer, scholz and all the other globalist lackeys still be pushing their forced injection agenda if they had been kicked like that since day one by angry citizens?Probably not. they would be much more careful to open their excrement pits and vomit their masters evil ideas. Citizens of all Nations should watch and re-watch this video and enjoy, for this is exactly how these monsters should be treated.

What works:

Like Martiniquais, the Guadeloupians don’t pretend to fight for their rights, they don’t do half things. They actually fight until they get what they want.

Guadeloupe – Pointe-à-Pitre [Dec 30, 2021] Massive demonstration against vax mandates & passports!

The Carribean island shows the world how to fight the tyrants.

For it’s not only marching, it’s fighting against the forces of evil and their slave pigs.

If someone wants to kill you or make you a slave, you don’t stay at home and inject his poison, you fight him.

Resumption of the BLOCKADES tonight in #Guadeloupe against the nazivax passport, the forced injections and rothschild’s WHORE macron!

The protester message reads: “It is only the beginning! “

#Guadeloupe – And what do they do if the police arrest one of their leader (Elie Domota)?  Protesters gather in front of the Pointe-à-Pitre police station to demand the release of Elie Domota. Barricades are built and fires lit.

In Guadeloupe, old and young fight alongside for Freedom. Something to emulate.

#GuadeloupeElie Domota, spokesperson and leader of the LKP has been freed due to People’s pressure.  The protesters call for extending the movement!  

Another proof that  we. The People, have the power, that they are weak and that we are strong ! Only cowards, controlled opposition and defeatists pretend otherwise!

This is effective action. This is real resistance and this is successful!


Unelected bankster piece of shit, the bloodsucking leech draghi thinks in his bottomless arrogance that he can forbid Italians to enjoy life, parties outside and be free.  Who does this sobalzo thinks he is?

Answer from Napoli(30/12/21), party all’aperto in a well-known venue, all without muzzles. Naples, Always one step ahead.


Italians partying outside in Napoli for all’aperto, the traditional Italian aperitif outside before dinner. draghi: vaffanculo!

Waiters, vaccinated and not, together against health restrictions. Naples always one step ahead. Go fuck yourself draghi!

Netherlands :  New Years Eve.  Uber pedophile rutte puppet regime allegedly banned Fireworks and Celebrations so The People went ahead and put on their own show….Civil Disobedience and UNITY will win this war…rutte: ga jezelf neuken ! 

And today, 2nd of January 2022, they did even better, a massive demo with tens & tens of thousands people took place in Amsterdam, despite the wet dream of pedophile rutte to forbid it.

France, rothschild’s little whore macron thinks he can decide to ban French citizens to go where they want in their own country.


Funny video, where few pathetic buffoons in uniform try to stop 100, 000 people from living their lives. This is the moment when millions understand that the mock ‘government’ has only the power WE choose to give.

What kind of weak and totally discredited mock of a ‘leader’  needs to send the army on New Year’s Eve to stop people partying? Hey macron, va te faire enculer!


USA: This Arizona Sheriff is asking to all law enforcement officers to HAVE THE COURAGE to say no to these ridiculous and unconstitutional ‘mandates’, which are not laws (mandates are not laws) to SAY NO, TO STAND UP and STOP ENCORCING it!



Dec 31, 2021 – Papua Indonesia. This is Epic Fire Furious Villagers chase down and smash a Mobile WAX Clinic Vehicle (because the bio-weapon killed one of their own)…Long Live The Papuans Fire .

We notice that children are smashing  the globalist scum vehicle. These 10 to 12 year old  kids have more courage than millions of so-called ‘men’ in the West.


Israel: Dec 30, 2021- Israel Anti WAX Pass Mall Run-through – Do whatever you can to disrupt their plans.

The mall ‘cops’ are dealt with in few seconds. What are they going to do if millions do that? Send nuclear bombs?

Activists against mandates have a win at Wolfgang restaurants in NYC on New Years Eve and were seated and able to get served without using the Covid NAZIpass .

Thumbs-up, how many even thought about it.Real courag


AGENDA BULLSHIT 2030: Greenpeace co-founder: There is no climate catastrophe, that’s a lie!  Right, Mike Yeadon is exposing the lies of the puppet regime that destroys the UK and its citizens.

The solution is now: it is not peaceful, not accommodating, MASSIVE civil disobedience, taking down every one of these criminals and take back our Freedom whether they want it or not!

Dr. John Abramson, A Harvard Medical School Lecturer & National Drug Litigation Expert… Shares What Goes On Behind The Scenes With Big Pharma…WATCH THIS

Aus Close Contacts, alleged ‘cases’ and Vax Mandates are destroying small businesses, with staffing levels decimated…It’s ALL part of the plan…This ends when you say Enough!

Dr. Malone on the #GreatReset: “They’re proud of it. They don’t hide it. This is documented on official sources. This is the vision. This is a full-on globalist totalitarian vision with the money and control… That’s what we have to wake up about. …this is not (only) about the vaccine

Dr. Malone, one of the inventor of mRNA technologies in medicine is denouncing the real evil agenda behind forced injections and cattle vax passports.


Never forget their lies and what they did to us! These criminals will have to pay and many with their lives! Including, bill gates’ personal bitch, bojo the clown.

The so-called ‘pandemic’ is coming to an end. the omicron BULLSHIT ‘variant’ is so mild that it’s less dangerous than a cold. Data  In Ontario and Denmark reveal the majority of those infected with ‘covid are vaxxed, proving major ‘vaccine’ failure (or rather showing that the ‘variants’ are the bio-weapon effects).