Trieste Calls, The Free World Answers! It’s true, people like us never give up…

Update: Victory in the French Caribbean island of Martinique vs forced injections & the paSS

The People United Will Never be Defeated – A lesson of courage and tenacity for all of us.

In an information note from the 18th of October, the University Hospital of Martinique’s director decided NOT TO require anymore employees to have the neo-nazi pass or any proof of ‘vaccination’ to access the hospital and their workplace..

United and resolute the health workers have managed to make the government & the hospital draw back. The health workers fought for their inalieanable rights until they got them back, and succeeded in their struggle against macron’s facist regime.

An example of ‘Never Give Up’… Congratulations to the Great People of Martinique!

Of course, they won’t telll you on mainstream news as it could give ideas to other hospitals. More here (in French).

Translation: People are waking-up, #Italy roars, everything becomes possible, to restore a world of light, respect and tolerance!

We like this picture showing that they can do nothing against us, they are the extreme minority, we are the vast majority.

Without the passive and active collaboration of the sheeple, the cowards, the cowed, the idiots, the ignorant, the apathetic, the oblivious, the indifferent, the obedience worshippers, the losers, the weaklings, the paranoid, the hypochondriacs, the profiteers, the opportunists, the greedy, the corrupt, the stupid, the robots, the TV parrots, the brain-dead zombies and the pathetic covid cult members, their scam would have never worked.

The reality is, while sheeple will always be sheeple and follow whoever leads them, only 5 to 10% of courageous People are enough to take the tyranny down and stop their agenda.  

So don’t wait for your neighbor to stand-up, stop to be timid, afraid or powerless, yes this is the fight of our lives and nothing is more important, not even our own lives.

This week again, the Resistance was fighting against the globalist takeover all over the world, each in its own way and many Nations, the essence of a Free World answered Trieste Call.


Trieste, Milano, Bologna, Genova, Cesena, Trento, Roma, Belluno, Torino, etc.. thousands and thousands are fighting against the globalists neo-nazi vax passport. #nogreenpass. #Novaccinepassports.

Italy – Trieste [Oct 23, 2021] Trieste calls on all people  at all squares of Italy against mandatory health passports: “Protest to the bitter end. People like us never give up!” #TriesteResiste #NoGreenPass     #vaccinatieplicht #NoVaccinePassports #HoldTheLine #manifs23octobre     and #Trieste qui aime #Pordenone answered. #NoGreenPass                                                                                                        #NoGreenPassObbligatorio #iostoconiPortualiDiTrieste

Revolt all over Europe against the pigs in power and their control and genocide agenda!

On the left, ‘EUSSR ‘values’: bankster vermin draghi black shirts attacking peaceful protesters. The limits of non-violence or peaceful protests that play into the hands of the criminals in power. More on that below. On the right, The famous slogan : El Pueblo unido jamas sera vencido – The People United will never be defeated!

Trieste Calls, Pistoia answers…

Dockers from #Genova come to support #Trieste and with #Udine fight against globalist scumbag draghi, the neo-nazi paSS and the forced injections of his puppet masters.

If the clowns in blacK shirts stop a fire in Trieste, the fire starts again in Roma.

draghi: VA FUNCULO!

Another globalist vermin that will go to hell is the rostchild lackey macron who just extended the neo-nazi paSS and dictatorship until July 2022, out of a whim , just because he thinks he can…

He did so because in 2022 he is sure to lose the presidential elections, so by extending the emergency powers he will be able to organize votes by mail and other fraudulent techniques (electronic cheat-voting machines maybe) to rig the elections, like it was done in the USA. And since in the USA (as in France), the vast majority of the population did nothing or very little to fight the take-over in the last two years, the globalists believe they can do whatever they want to us.

But we will show them that they can’t take whatever they want and they can’t do what they want to all of us!


For the 15th week now, France, millions of French People are in the streets in more than 300 villages, towns and cities to fight the globalist agenda, macron’s evil regime, the neo-nazi paSS, forced vaccinations and now the latest globalist attack: hyper-inflation.

No other Nation has demonstrated more, except for Italy, but as all the other resistance movements, the French need to up their game. Protests, especially peaceful protests alone won’t win the war. A multiple set of actions, techniques, strategies must be put in place to destroy the globalists and stop their agendas.

Protest against fascism in Pau for the 15th consecutive week, forced injections and vax passports. Same in Paris, where People came in massive numbers.

Above: Saturday night fever in Paris against rotschild’s evil whore macron and his fascist regime. While in the island of Martinique (Caribbean), courageous nurses and doctors fight macron’s gestapo who want to block access to their work place. Strangely, some of the most courageous people in France are those who are not living in metropolitan France but far away from it.  A former slave colony, Martiniquais know exactly what the forced injections and slavery ‘paSSes’ mean for them!             

Who will kill macron is the real question…   

Obviously there are a numbers of candidates, appart from the fake ‘conspiracies’ invented by macron’s fascist regime to incarcerate dissidents, a Bangladeshi MP seems interested by liberating the planet from this piece of shit.

Bangladesh MP says he will kill French President Macron and ‘happily’ walk the gallows

Jatiya Party MP Leakot Hossain Khoka has said he would ‘kill’ French President Emmanual Macron if he had the chance and willingly walk the gallows…

We would gladly welcome him and reward him…

This lady has already prepared a burial ‘bouquet’ for All Saints Day with the mention: “pour notre tante” (‘To our aunt’). In French a tante is either an aunt or a slang term for a faggot. – It is no secret that macron is a repressed and undeclared homosexual whose wedding with a woman that could his mother is just a gross cover. Here are the flowers that will ornement his tumb.

Martinique again, in the Caribbean,

where the People are fighting against the globalists orchestrated hyper-inflation scheme. The goal is to kill us, to enslave us and to make us even poorer and transfer our wealth through ‘inflation’ to criminal politicians and their puppet masters.

On the right, the kind of action we need to see more, cars burning in St Martin, the ‘luxurious’ French Caribbean island, a haven for the rich and privileged where piece of shit macron wants to impose vax passports. Guess that the rich and privileged are now fleeing at full speed with their yacht and private jets to better  horizons…

Nice and Pau in the south fighting since weeks against the fascist regime and its forced injections and neo-nazi paSSports.

The Free France  and the French Resistance are demonstrating in Paris. Roads and bridge blockades in the Caribbean island of St martin where the local resistance is ready to fight globalist whore macron’s fascist regime.

The word courage comes from the French: Heart’ (Coeur in French). Is this why so many obedient sheeple have neither courage nor heart?

A lot of People but mainly a lot of young People in Paris! Fighting  against tyranny while so many youth in other countries are braindead cult zombies and collaborators of the tyrants!

Annecy, in the French Alps and close to Switzerland demonstrated en masse this week-end!                                                    

#GiletsJaunesSaison2 – #YellowVestsSeason2

The Yellow Vests are back, will it last? Will they make a difference? Their help is much welcomed by the resistance…

#YellowVestsSeason2, One Single Hero, The People’. .. On the right, ‘macron get lost!’ From

On the left, The People United.

On the right, brilliant initiative by the French resistance: They stuck the photos and the names of the corrupt mp’s  who ‘voted’ to impose neo-nazis vax passports on the French population in Paris subway.

Like criminals wanted for their crime against the French Nation and Humanity, exposing this kind of scumbags is essential.  These collaborators might soon need bodyguards, but what they really need is to be arrested, tried and punished in the most severe way. Justice will come and if it doesn’t come through the law, citizen justice will apply.

Yellow Vests blocking roundabout to fight the globalist organized hyper-inflation, the next stage of their ‘great reset’ agenda to further destroy our economies and impoverish us.  On the right, same kind of operation with a billboardl demanding rotschild’s lackeys resignation. They should not ask for it but take him down for good.



Massive demosntrations took place again in Switzerland this week against their corrupt federal mock of a ‘government’ and the EUSSR (which they are no part of) neo-nazi paSSport. Not only the Swiss are not giving up but they also will vote again in November to see if they allow their criminal politicians to extend or stop ‘covid’ ’emergency tyranny’. They voted in June and very surprisingly, a short majority voted to extend the abnormal powers given to their ‘government’.

Now that they have seen the real faces of the corrupt criminals infeoded to the globalists & EUSSR scum, will the Swiss vote again to extend the nightmare? We doubt it, but given the amount of rigged elections in the past two years, it’s possible.

Swiss People are the obedient type, non-violent, non conflictual who rarely strike or protest. The scale of the massive and unprecedented protests in Switzerland (even if the corrupt media pretend to ignore it) are a sign that the globalists scum are losing the plot.



Since weeks, Belgium is in the streets against their mock ‘government’ and their puppet masters agenda of control and genocide.


Bulgaria entered the resistance movement, showing that the EUSSR neo-nazi paSS is a global project (as it was planned since 2018 at least) and that they try to force it there too.


Another former victim of communism, Poland has recently reaffirmed its sovereignty over the EUSSR ‘rules’ imposed by unelected, unnacountable, corrupt , and criminals bureaucrats to the fury of the globalist vermin in Brussels.

Unfortunately for the Polish people, their government is a puppet of the US deep state and is trying to enforce the fascist agenda of their globalist masters. Hopefully, the Poles won’t let them do it and retain their independance towards the EUSSR.

Poland has answered Trieste call – Triest calls, Poland answers!


Same in Israel, “#Trieste calls #TelAviv answers and in Italian!

The situation is dire in israel, by now they should know very clearly that there was never any pandemic and that the deadly posion they injected so massively are the real killer.

11th week of protest in Israel against the globalist yellow badge: the neo-nazi vax passport! Of all people Israelis should know what all this is really about.       



The fight continues in Australia against the globalists agenda and their local tyrants. The lockdown of madman kimg jong dan has stopped but fascism is still in full flow and Aussie have to fight their criminal politicians and find solutions to remain free.

The picnic solution to avoid neo-nazis who demand a vax passport to dine or have a drink in their fascist premises.

Like it was done by French, then Canadians, Aussies are now showing a big middle finger to their oppressors and bring their own picnics to boycott the nazi businesses requiring nazipaSS.

unfortunately the video is on google gestapo censortube

Check-in with QR codes is mandatory upon entry to all venues. Now, not only do you have to let the government know where you are at all times, you must be vaccinated to enter restaurants, bars and clubs.

Any business owner who enforces this is a rat and deserves to have people camped out the front. It doesn’t cost anything to eat on the side of the road and if the French can do it, so can we.

He deserves more than just a picnic in front of his shitty business, he deserves to lose it!

Talking about rats…

Northern Territory Chief Minister’s family flees home after he threatened to destroy people’s lives

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner says his wife and son had to flee their home over the weekend as anger over his vaccination rules hits fever pitch in the Top End. Demonstrators yelled out Mr Gunner’s home address and threatened to attack him at a rally held in Darwin on Saturday — after the leader introduced some of the world’s toughest mandate laws last week. Mr Gunner told Sky News Australia he was extremely worried about his wife and son’s safety.

“The priority was obviously people knew where we lived, it was at a rally it was on the internet, you had no idea who was watching and my clear instinct was obviously don’t be at the house, the advice we received was don’t be at the house and so Kristy and Hudson got out of the house,” he said.

Here is a good example of how to properly harass an asshole and make him think twice before trying to force inject people. The reality is that these vermins are shitting their pants everytime the People are around and this is why they want so much to exterminate or enslave us.

And even Dogs are fignting back against scumbags and globalists lackeys


Melbourne, police Dogs attack their so-called masters. Animal instinct is always right! Dogs know who are the enemy, the aggressors and who is the victim…

Another example of People’s Power in the UK and another proof that peaceful protests are limited in scope and effectiveness. – Yellow buffoons get kicked out of Wembley by Patriot Supporters. BEAUTIFUL and WELL DONE! It teaches these fascist morons their real place: SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE whose fat wages are paid by taxpayers! SO GO FUCK YOURSELVES AND LEAVE US ALONE!

Brief news from the USA, where states, people and governors are fighting back against globalist demented puppet illegal ‘orders’.

New York City is facing a Disaster with a significant number of Emergency Services workers refusing to be vaccinated. 30% of the Cops, 40% of the Firefighters and 50% of the Paramedics!! Have a listen!!

For the brain-dead morons who still think criminal and corrupt politicians are ‘doing that’ for their ‘health and safety’…

Some resources in relation with the ongoing war from the globalists against Humanity:

How Nonviolence Protects the State

We found this book on an anarchist website. Although most of the ideological content of this book is totally opposed to our own ideas, there are a lot of interesting parts that can be used in our today struggle against the globalist vermin.

As in anything in life, there are good things to take from anywhere, even from the most unexpected places.

Let us be clear, we reject marxism, communism, socialism, fascism, corporatism, wokism, and any other tyrannical despotic  ideology, and especially so-called ‘antifa (which ARE fascist militias) blm, and other corporate/state created and controlled ‘movements’  posing as ‘resistance’ while they are the puppets and/or useful idiots of the elites they pretend to fight. Same for the fake environmental ‘movements’ from psychotic Swedish teenager to ‘extinction rebellion’ stooges of the NWO.

However, we encourage anyone to read that book, to ditch the far-left/marxist BS (like ‘white supremacy’ or  ‘Patriarchal’ / feminism garbage or the so-called ‘racist’ or ‘capitalist’ nature of the issues we face and keep only the good advices and analysis that can be used in the current war.

By focusing mainly on the following chapters:

Nonviolence is Ineffective page 8
Nonviolence is Statist page 34
Nonviolence is Tactically and Strategically Inferior page 57
Nonviolence is Deluded page79
The Alternative: Possibilities for Revolutionary Activism page 91

The author recognizes and totally agree that:

“Because of the hegemony advocates of nonviolence exert, criticisms of nonviolence are excluded from the major periodicals, alternative media, and other forums accessed by antiauthoritarians.

Nonviolence is maintained as an article of faith, and as a key to full inclusion within the movement. Anti-authoritarians (…) who suggest or practice militancy suddenly find themselves abandoned by the same pacifists they’ve just marched with at the latest protest.

‘Its methods are wrapped in authoritarian dynamics, and its results are harnessed to meet government objectives over popular objectives. ‘

‘This is exactly what pacifists have done in phrasing the disagreement as nonviolence versus violence. Critics of nonviolence typically use this dichotomy, with which most of us fundamentally disagree, and push to expand the boundaries of nonviolence so that tactics we support, such as property destruction, may be accepted within a nonviolent framework, indicating how disempowered and delegitimized we are.’

“I know of no activist, revolutionary, or theorist relevant to the movement today who advocates only the use of violent tactics and opposes any usage of tactics that could not be called violent.

We are advocates of a diversity of tactics, meaning effective combinations drawn from a full range of tactics that might lead to liberation from all the components of this oppressive system.”

AGAIN, we disagree on what the author signals as this oppressive system. It is certainly not white power , patriarchy or capitalism that are behind the globalist war we are facing today, quite the contrary, discrimination of white people in their own lands, lgbt/transgender anti-family movements and crony capitalism, statism, marxism, are part of the global attack.

While the author is mostly wrong about what needs to be destroyed, he has a lot of good points on how to fight effectively  the current global tyranny .

“We believe that tactics should be chosen to fit the particular situation, not drawn from a preconceived moral code. We also tend to believe that means are reflected in the ends, and would not want to act in a way that invariably would lead to dictatorship or some other form of society that does not respect life and freedom. As such, we can more accurately be described as proponents of revolutionary or militant activism than as proponents of violence”.

We agree with this statement.

We also agree with any methodology to stop the globalist onslaught and to destroy them.

WHATEVER WORKS IS GOOD TO DESTROY THEIR AGENDA. Including violent and non-violent varied set of actions.

Since 2 years now, we have seen unprecedented, massive and widespread protests in almost every country of this planet against the ‘covid’ scam and coup, the globalist agenda of world control.

99% of these protests were and are peaceful and willing strongly to be.

The only violence we have seen was orchestrated police violence to discourage the sheep to keep protesting and it worked well most of time for the oppressors and their globalist masters as the majority of sheep would rather get culled than engage in real fighting against the neo-nazis posing as ‘police officers’.

Yet, sometimes, there is a welcome explosion of violence where the People suddenly discover their power and eradicate in few minutes the fake power of the tiger papers that are the globalist controlled gestapo stooges.

Example here:

But, as soon as People get a victory of this kind, they suddenly backtrack into quietness or guilt (fuelled by controlled media), misplaced temporary satisfaction, inaction or apathy.

Why would any fighter stops to hit his adversary if he hasn’t made him K.O on the ring?

People act without strategy, out of their heart and occasional moments of victory don’t last because instead of pushing their advantage, they come back into place, the place the globalists controlled state want them to be.

The place they shouldn’t stay in.

“Likewise, an ideal revolutionary activist would not be one who obsessively focuses on fighting cops or engaging in clandestine acts of sabotage, but one who embraces and supports these activities, where effective, as one portion of a broad range of actions needed to overthrow the state and build a better world.”

We agree to that too, any action effective to overthrow the globalist system and the current takeover is welcome and if it has to be a violent one, it is not only our right but our duty to use it against evil that wants our death and enslavement. 

The book is available for download here:


Three important articles, one which confirms that PCR tests and muzzles are designed to hurt and making us sick, the other confirming that besides minsinformation, the media’s goal is to demoralize us and the last one from Jon Rappoport confims with spirited humor what we all knew: Natural Immunity is far superior to any ‘vaccines’, especially when there is no ‘pandemic’ .

There’s a Three-Pronged Attack on Our Health and Our Lives Using Test Swabs, Face Masks and Toxins

The Expose UK

Author: The Media’s Agenda is Not to Mislead People, But to Demoralize Them


Natural immunity vs. Vaccine-induced immunity: the issue that terrifies the pro-vaxx mafia

Jon Rappoport NoMoreFakeNews

And we’ll finish with this nice article and illustrations:

Protest in Trieste – We The People are winning but the revolution will NOT be televised


Strikes, Blockades and massive demonstrations worldwide against the globalists sick agenda –  Let The Revolutions Start!

Forza Italia! Globalist vermin draghi effigy burning during a protest in Italy.

They want a ‘great reset’? Let give them a huge reset, the kind of reset they won’t like and will never forget.

Since months now protests against the neo-fascist globalist agenda are growing in numbers, intensity and purposes all over the world.

The past week was no exception and was rich in events and resounding successes for the RESISTANCE.

This is a war of survival. We will remove from the surface of the earth the parasites who want our death and enslavement. There is no other option. The globalists and  their lackeys must be terminated and their sick set of ideologies must be eradicated from the memory of men once and for all!

When so-called ‘governments’ (fascist regimes) give 320 millions to media whores like the BBC in order they can keep lying and spreading propaganda, it’s your money, your taxes they are giving away to these criminals in order to buy their services. 
More than ever, stop to pay any tax for the fake news media (TV licence) and boycott all mainstream media whores.


The scale of the immense Rebellion in Italy

 Italy is in full scale rebellion, general strikes, huge demonstrations and total blockades from north to south, until globalist piece of shit draghi removes all his puppet masters diktats like vax passports and forced injections.


Images speak for themselves…

Trieste Calls,

Ancona Answers

And Genoa too

Huge Dock Worker Protests In Italy, As fascist “green paSS” Takes Effect

Trieste and  Massive protest in Milan

Napoli  & Milano, police violence as usual – One day these fascist pigs will regret to have sided with evil against The People.

Impressive deployment of People force in Bolzano, Alto Adige and in all of Italy, millions were and are fighting against the globalist agenda!  Italians show the world what to do, blockades, strikes, and massive demonstrationss.  Peaceful protests don’t work, they make them laugh because it doesn’t bother anybody. Blockades, strikes, flash actions, paralysing the country and fighting the regime works!

What are other nations waiting for!!!?


France was the first country to go out in the streets every weekend, then every week and now almost every day since the Yellow Vests have now joined the movement.

Since mid-July, hundreds of cities, towns and villages are demonstrating against rothschild’s puppet macron and his masters agenda of forced poisoning, 24/7 surveillance with vax passports, and lately manufactured hyper inflation to rob People’s money and further destroy middle and lower classes.

These criminals must be fought, brought to justice or destroyed. Their assets must be seized and distributed to their millions of victims as war reparations!

The good news this week in France is that Yellow Vests are back in force for Season 2 of the war against globalist vermin macron and his pimps.

#YellowVest Season 2?

Pure evil and pure fascism at play, the globalist puppet regimes have merged with evil corporations like the gas, oil & electricity corporations all over Europe to asphyxiate Europeans, rob their hard earned money and destroy communities further. The Yellow Vests, a grssroot movement and millions of French People are getting back on track to fight this evil agenda.

Concrete and effective actions have started again to fight the fascist regime and their corporate partners in crime.

Yellow Vest roundabout blockade near Caen, Normandy to protest against globalist manufactured hyperinflation. Another roundabout blockaded in Mougins. The resistance is there!

Other blockades in Brittany, and a Yellow Vest special in the North: ‘operations free motorway toll’ (opening the tolls for free to all motorway users) is starting again big time to the great enjoyement of the drivers!

The Yellow Vests have joined forces with the antivaxpassport protesters to blockade a roundabout near Montpellier, while another motorway toll is being opened for free to the happy public…

In Nice, Freedom fighters are blockading train tracks avoiding the train company SNCF who forces people to have vax passports to use their services to function . This is another example of effective protest as opposed to peaceful walking protests heavily guarded by police in cities that annoy nobody, and comfort the fascist regime in its belief that people are just sheep to be sheared, jabbed and marked.

On the right, another effective form of protest, farmers drop manure in front of tax offices, petrol stations and govt offices. Dropping manure on manure is just fair!

The massive and widespread demonstrations against the globalist manufcatured covid tyranny continues all over France for the 4th month (14th week): Hundreds of towns, cities and villages who are fighting against macron globalist puppet regime.

Millions have already demonstrated since mid-July, those who can go this week while those who went the week before might take a rest before going next week, and so on, until macron’s regime is destroyed or the fascist ‘covid’ diktats totally removed.



Massive attendance in Marseille and Montpellier

Under the bridge of Avignon in the south east, and in Pau in the south west

In the French overseas territories, lies the Caribbean island of Martinique, where macron’s Gestapo are now attacking nurses in hospitals because they refuse to get poisoned with the globalist depopulation ‘jab’… And in Lille, North of France People came in numbers.

Incredible Martiniquais who fight day and night. This week is going to be hot!

The fire brigade was there en masse

Firemen opposed the vax passport and forced injections since day one and now are fighting en masse adding more revendications to their struggle.

Protesters in front of the French Senate which voted this week  to reject by an overwhelming majority  an evil project from macron’s fascist regime to impose forced injections for the entire population. The little rothschild bitch hates the People as much as his pimps and the Peopl

In Vannes, macron’s SS troops attack peaceful protesters. A message to all the fascist pigs from France to Australia: “You feel strong with all your weapons and protective gear but wait we get equipped too and you will be running for your useless lives”!

Protests took place all over Europe and worldwide, mostly in western globalist vermin controlled countries like France, Italy, the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovenia  and now even in tiny Luxembourg, where globalist scum also want to force inject their genocidal drugs and impose cattle vax passports.

Hop Schweiz!

In Lausanne and Geneva massive protests took place this week against their criminal & corrupt federal politicians, forced injections and cattle vax passports. Swiss people almost never demonstrate, showing how serious they are on this matter.

Let’s not forget that Geneva is the city where many globalist criminal organizations have their seats: the UN, the WHO and the hateful world economic forum, 3 organisations behind the fake pandemic, and the agenda of global enslavement and depopulation called UN agenda 2030.

We also have the BIS, the rothschild owned so-called ‘bank of international settlements in Basel, yet another criminal organization having its seat in Switzerland.

The Swiss citizens have a duty and the right to go after these criminals, close these evil organizations, seized all their assets, imprison their leaders and expel them from their country!

Massive protests in Geneva and Lausanne the biggest cities in Western Swizterland

Bern, the Capital city is fighting For the sixth consecutive week against the criminal globalist puppets of the Federal ‘council’ who try to impose vax passports and forced injections. Baden in canton Aargau has joined the fight for Freedom. 

The protests are growing in numbers and intensity and spreading like fire as many other cities are joining the movement . Here in Lucerne in central Switzerland and in Rapperswil.


The Belgians are smartly making a siege in front of the devil’s lair, mass murderers, known felon and criminal corporation pfizer, responsible for the deaths and injuries of millions worldwide.

& Luxembourg

The protests are continuing in Slovenia but we have no images as well as in the Netherlands and Spain (against globalist & state manufactured hyperinflation)

And Israel, in the Middle East. One of the most fascist regime on earth, the population is fighting against their criminal ‘government’ diktats for the 12th consecutive week.

Down Under too, The People took to the streets

Australia Freedom Rally

Australia Freedom Rallies took place this Saturday October the 16th in multiple cities, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne

We have some images and videos from the Perth rally thanks to the site

googlegestapo censortube, bad choice of platform for a Freedom Rally, . Based on the above calculation there were about 12,000 people protesting at the Freedom Rally on Saturday in Perth.
googlegestapo censortube, bad choice of platform for a Freedom Rally,
Prof. Augusto Zimmermann, who gave a very passionate speech

Some videos:

Adelaide, South Australia, Freedom Rally Protest 16th …

and on a proper platform, Bitchute: Australia Freedom Rally


Sites & Telegram groups:

In Canada

And in the USA

Many things happened and are happening in the USA in the fight against usurper biden’s tyranny, from protests to lawsuits, from Free states enacting antivax laws to protests and from outright rebellion to pilot strikes and blockades.

Texas Governor Bans COVID ‘Vaccine’ Mandates

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday issued another executive order cracking down on COVID-19 vaccine mandates — this time banning any entity in Texas, including private businesses, from requiring vaccinations for employees or customers.

Southwest Cancels THOUSANDS Of Flights As Pilots Walk Out

Fascist corporation and bailed-out with taxpayer’s money  Southwest airline want to force inject its pilots and employees (many pilots have had strokes and heart attacks during service putting their passengers at risk but criminal executives don’t care about that).

As a result pilots walked out leaving close to 2000 flights being cancelled over the week-end.

Sen. Ron Paul: The Great Rebellion

“As we noted on Sunday, Southwest airlines canceled nearly 2,000 flights over the weekend – blaming the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and inclement weather. Oddly, no other major airlines had the same issues, while it seems airline employees had staged coordinated walk-outs.”

And pilots are now exposing the lies and telling the truth online, like the one below.

This pilot’s call to action for all of us is really inspiring! This is the single bravest thing I have seen in years. God bless these Pilots. The heroes we need right now ✈️ — Benny (@bennyjohnson) October 11, 2021

 Southwest Pilots Union Sues To Block Airline’s Vaccination Mandate

Is South West  fascist CEO going to pretend that bad weather is behind the Union’s move?

Boeing Employees Planning #FreedomFlu Sickout Fridays in Response to Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate

Leaked documents suggest that there will be another mass “sickout” event will soon take place, this time at Boeing, which recently threatened its unvaccinated employees with being fired if they refuse to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

Several Boeing employees based in Seattle reportedly sent Human Events copies of internal documents showing that so-called #FreedomFlu sickouts are set to take place in response to the company’s refusal to tolerate unvaccinated staff at its workplaces.

Pilots are not the only ones to speak, sport celebrities too (not the establishment bitches who try to push you to get injected with poison while they get a placebo) …

The NYC  Broadway Rally For Freedom took place this week -end in New York organized by Robert Kennedy Jr. Children health defense and many others.


“It is ordinary people who can rescue us from tyranny,” said Kennedy.

  • We can say No to compliance with jabs for work, No to sending children to school with forced testing and masking,
  • No to censored social media platforms,
  • No to buying products from the companies bankrupting and seeking to control us.

These actions are not easy, but living with the consequences of inaction would be far harder. By calling on our moral courage, we can stop this march towards a global police state.”

Defund the media, the idea is good and should be widely applied, no media should ever received a cent of our taxes for their criminal propaganda…

Another Massive Fall Exodus from U.S. Public Schools

We also read here that Another Massive Fall Exodus from U.S. Public Schools is happening as parents are removing their kids from marxist/globalist garbage schools that want to indoctrinate them and force jab them too!

” In fact, some school districts, such as Los Angeles, have seen a larger public school enrollment drop this fall compared to last fall. L.A. public school enrollment declined by 4.76 percent in the 2020/2021 academic year, while new data show that enrollment is down another 27,000 students this fall compared to last year, or a drop of nearly 6 percent.”

This was just after the Los Angeles school board mandated the COVID-19 vaccine for all eligible public school students, and before California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that all students in the state would be required to be injected with the new vaccine. As I wrote last month, these COVID-19 vaccine mandates for children and adolescents will likely lead to more parents fleeing public schools for private learning models, particularly as new data emerges about the link between the COVID-19 vaccine and higher rates of myocarditis in teenage boys and young men.

The Growing Rebellion Against COVID Policies

Troops, federal employees, contractors sue Biden administration over COVID vax mandate

Military plaintiffs include two Navy SEALs, a Navy EOD Officer, a Navy senior chief petty officer, a Navy chaplain, two Marine lieutenant colonels, two Marine lance corporals, an Air Force major, an Air Force technical sergeant, an Army National Guardsman, an Army colonel, and a Coast Guard lieutenant.

No Vax Mandate Job Boards

Great initiative which is growing in popularity and numbers of users :

In an email sent to users on Wednesday, Gab CEO Andrew Torba announced the No Vax Mandate Job Board.

No Vax Mandate Job Board

This job board is for sharing job openings that do not require employees to inject themselves with an experimental substance or violate their bodily autonomy and religious beliefs in order to retain employment,’ he wrote, adding that job seekers are welcome to post their resumes in the group. The group, had nearly 30,000 members after just two days…, says it believes ‘no right is more sacred than the right of every individual to the control of their own person, free from all restraint or interference of others.’


We connect employers who value freedom with employees who value it too. We envision a world beyond cancel culture, where employees are free to work… without fear that they will find themselves on the wrong side of their employer’s politics.


And to finish,

Nearly 150 legislators from over three dozen states call for countrywide audit of 2020 election

Dozens and dozens of lawmakers from nearly 40 states are calling for a nationwide audit of the 2020 election and a decertification of election results where they have been called “inaccurately.”

That the elections were rigged is not even in question, how to undo this fraud is the real task at hand.

Some resources to fight against forced injections and other diktats.

Preventing Vaccine Mandates Toolkit

Detailed Longer Letter to School Districts or Universities

Shorter COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Letter for Colleges

And a great initiative to report and put on notice all the criminals against Humanity pushing the covid fraud and trying to force People to get injected with the globalist poison.

The Covid Fraud Bureau of Investigations

The Covid Fraud Bureau of Investigations, come about after many police officers, members of the intelligence community,  ex FBI agents and libertarians, concerned citizens and advocates for human rights. decided to create an independent, dedicated organisation with the ability to investigate all levels of Government , media corruption.

And importantly the powerful corrupted non government bodies such as the World Health Organisation the World Economic Forum and the criminal foundations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and the Rothschilds Foundations.

It also has the power to investigate the child sex trafficking industry which many of these Foundations, mainstream media and Governments are directly involved in or providing cover for.

Report a politician, media personality, entrepreneur, celebrity that are pushing the Covid fraud or endorsing the Global Medical Experiment.

(Fill the online form with the name and email of one of the known criminals)

EXAMPLE: Daniel Andrews (Kim jong dan, Australia Victoria State globalist scumbag & small time dictator).

1 Treasury Place
Melbourne, Victoria Australia, 3002
03 965 15 000

Dear Daniel,

Warning . You are at risk of being placed under investigation.

You have been reported to the CFBI for potential crimes against humanity.

The Covid Fraud Bureau of Investigations, come about after many police officers, members of the intelligence community, ex FBI agents and libertarians, concerned citizens and advocates for human rights, decided to create an independent, dedicated organisation, with the ability to investigate all levels of Government , media corruption.

And importantly the powerful corrupted non government bodies such as the World Health Organisation, the World Economic Forum, and the criminal foundations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and the Rothschilds Foundations.

More here: CFBI – Covid Fraud Bureau of Investigations (


Article From

See also the comprehensive UK Expose report: 13 reasons why you should not allow your child to get the Covid-19 ‘Vaccine

This article comes from, well documented, factual with links to videos, real scientific studies, eminent researchers, big pharma insider testimonies and even real life stories from tens of  thousands who have been seriously harmed or have lost loved ones due to the deadly substances criminals want to force inject us.

The title will certainly attract the social engineering hyenas who have been snooping around for months trying to find out why their victims refuse to be exterminated or transformed into ‘trans-human’ slaves. Bad news for this vermin and their pimps, more and more people know and are sharing the truth…

10 Legitimate Reasons So Many People Are Refusing The Covid Shots

Published on October 2, 2021  at

As the pressure to take the experimental COVID vaccine intensifies, many people are being forced to make extremely difficult decisions that may greatly impact their livelihoods and even their lives. Unfortunately, there are too many people who still rely on the corporate-owned and controlled media to give them the truth about this issue. That is a big mistake.

It’s not just the corporate media either. Our health agencies and entire medical system have been captured by powerful pharmaceutical corporations with blatant conflicts of interest that cannot be ignored. Just about every mainstream source of information is purposely ignoring and censoring stories that are not aligned with the official narrative.

In this article, we would like to highlight some of the legitimate concerns people have about this “vaccine” that are being downplayed, ignored, or outright censored by the media and our health officials. This article is by no means all the information there is about these vaccines but can serve as a jumping-off point for those looking to find out information the corporate media is refusing to report or acknowledge.


Despite what the corporate media, politicians, and world health officials want you to believe, for the majority of the population, this virus is not a mortal threat.

In fact, the survival rate for COVID is over 99% for most people.

Contracting Covid is not a pleasant experience and it affects different people in different ways, but for the majority of the population, these are temporary symptoms. Many people would rather take their chances with COVID than try a fast-tracked, experimental, emergency-use authorized vaccine that has the potential for life-altering side effects.

No amount of free Krispy Kreme donuts or whatever else the states are offering will make these people gamble with their health or the health of their loved ones.

People have more chance to die in a car accident than from ‘covid’.


We are told by health officials, politicians, and the media that these experimental shots are safe and effective.

The truth is, this mass vaccination campaign is the world’s largest medical experiment ever conducted. This is a fact!

These vaccines were fast-tracked, which means limited safety & efficacy trials, which also means, we are the test subjects.

Vaccines or any medical product typically take many years to come to market and just because the FDA recently approved a version of this new vaccine does not mean that they are safe.

In fact, the FDA approved many new drugs that were later recalled for safety reasons, and tens of thousands of people were permanently damaged in the process. 

How can the FDA possibly know the long-term effects of such a new medical treatment??

The truth is, it is impossible for anyone to know how this fast-tracked medical experiment will affect long-term health! It has not been in use long enough! It is not hyperbole to say that we are being used as human guinea pigs or lab rats. Some vaccine manufacturers even admit this is a big experiment. 

When we see who is in charge, no wonder the world is so evil…


This is not a vaccine, so let’s start calling it what it really is, a new experimental medical treatment.

A vaccine is designed to prevent infection and stop the transmission of new cases (even though shedding has often been an issue with previous vaccines).

These “vaccines” do neither.  This new experimental medical treatment is very different from traditional vaccines in many other ways too.

Aside from the fact that these new “vaccines” were created at “Warp Speed” forgoing typical vaccine safety tests, an equally troubling aspect of them may be that they are introducing new technologies and genetically modified organisms into the human body.

This has never been done in previous vaccines. Well-known vaccine dealer, Bill Gates even admits that they will be “injecting genetically modified organisms into little kids’ arms” in this video that Youtube banned.

Gates: Evil personified, this psychopathic serial killer has tested for years his ‘vaccines‘ on Africans, indians, Asians and South Americans, has killed thousands, sterlilized and harmed tens of thousands with the help of the UN, the WHO and corrupt officials like fauci. Since 2020, his new target is us.

Career criminal gates controls and influence a lot of globalist organizations, corporations and media, most of them involved in the scamdemic, including moderna, one of the biggest killer with pfizer. Here an interesting site, “Kill Bill: Ways Bill Gates should die”

Independent researchers are finding that there are other additional very troubling ingredients in these new “vaccines” that have never been used before. More on that later in the article. These are some of the reasons that they cannot be properly categorized as a vaccine.

My guess is that they are using this term because people are familiar with it, but don’t be fooled, they are most certainly not vaccines, at least not in the traditional sense.

A better way to describe these vaccines would be to call them gene therapy because they operate using gene therapy technology.

This experimental medical treatment is only presumed to lessen the severity of Covid symptoms and minimize hospitalizations.

What’s more, any presumed health benefits from this treatment are short-lived as proven by the endless booster shots we are now being told we need.

An ex Pfizer employee, Karen Kingston recently stated and provided documents showing that the people who were vaccinated were up to 300% more susceptible to contracting COVID.



What is the difference between a vaccinated person and an unvaccinated person in regards to posing a public health risk?  And what is the real risk to the public?

Remember, this virus has a 99% survival rate for the majority of the population! If people choose to take this treatment, that’s fine, but mandating this “vaccine” makes absolutely no sense! 


Dr. Peter McCullough is a world-renowned epidemiologist, cardiologist, and professor at Texas A&M College of Medicine. In the video above, Dr. Mc Cullough explains why people should not take this vaccine. Dr. McCullough has been practicing medicine for over 40 years and his credentials are impeccable:

Professor of Medicine, Texas A & M College of Medicine, Baylor Dallas Campus
President, Cardiorenal Society of America
Editor-in-Chief, Cardiorenal Medicine
Editor-in-Chief, Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine
Senior Associate Editor, American Journal of Cardiology

Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor/pioneer of the mRNA vaccine went on the record urging the halt of COVID Vaccines, especially with young people.

Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer Vice President, is also warning people not to take this vaccine.


Did you know that over 7,000 doctors and scientists have signed the “Rome Declaration” accusing COVID policy-makers of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’?

There are also dozens of other credible medical experts who are not beholden to the pharmaceutical industry coming out against these experimental medical treatments and they’re doing so at great risk to their careers and reputations.


Israel is one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, yet they have one of the highest mortality rates attributed to COVID. What’s interesting is Israel’s COVID mortality rate skyrocketed after the experimental Pfizer vaccine was introduced.

In the video above, we hear first-hand accounts of vaccine damage from Israeli citizens known as The Testimonies Project.

The Testimonies Project was started because the Israeli media refused to report on these adverse events.

WXYZ Detroit Local Channel 7 News published a Facebook post several weeks ago asking their readers to share stories about losing unvaccinated loved ones to Covid. Much to their surprise, I’m sure, the comment section was inundated with first-hand accounts of vaccine injuries and deaths.

The post received over 240 thousand comments and over 200,000 shares.

People are sharing the truth about the ‘vaccines’ while lying media, big tech & governments censor the truth and push for more victims. “The screenshot above is only a few of the most popular comments but there are thousands of more comments just like them. It was truly stunning to see how many lives are being destroyed by this experimental shot.”

I spent hours on end reading thousands of comments and 99.9% of the stories that I read were about vaccinated people being moderately to severely injured or killed from the vaccine.

The screenshot above is only a few of the most popular comments but there are thousands of more comments just like them. It was truly stunning to see how many lives are being destroyed by this experimental shot.

As more people receive this experimental shot, we are witnessing its destructive aftermath, and despite the media’s censorship campaign, people are talking about their experiences. Would you be hesitant to take this experimental shot if your family member or loved one was permanently disabled or died after the shot?


We are constantly being told that these vaccines are safe and any adverse events are either unrelated or extremely rare.

As we can see from the previous reason we just listed, (#5) adverse reactions are happening to tens of thousands of people.

In the video linked above, you can see how horrific some of these adverse reactions can be. By the way, there are countless more videos like the one linked above on free speech video sites like Bitchute, but you will find very few if any YouTube. More on that later.

Every Friday, just by clicking on this link you can see how many deaths and adverse reactions have been REPORTED on VAERS. (90% to 99% adverse reactions & deaths ARE NOT REPORTED ).

As of the publishing of this article (updated with 1/10/21 data), using data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) there have been over 700,000 adverse events recorded with over 16,000 deaths in the U.S. alone from this fast-tracked experimental medical treatment.

In other parts of the world, these figures are even higher.

To put this in perspective, in the 1970s, the swine flu vaccine killed less than 100 people, and the program was immediately discontinued.

Our comment: it tells how much ‘health officials, governments, big pharma and media really ‘care’ about our health, as instead of stopping the massacre they implement more and more fascist ‘rules’ to force inject their designated victims.

In this case, however, our health officials are ignoring this data and/or making excuses regarding the accuracy of the VAERS database.

To make matters worse, Harvard University conducted a study that revealed fewer than 1% of adverse reactions are reported to VAERS.

Our comment: It is exactly the same in Europe, the UK, Canda, Australia, etc… 1% to 10% deaths and adverse reactions are reported.

The CDC silenced the Harvard Project and many try to debunk this study but that is just par for the course when it comes to vaccine damage.

Did you know that the CDC does not count any injuries or deaths from the COVID vaccine until after 14 days have passed?

If someone dies within the 14 day period they are counted as unvaccinated.

Not only does this inaccurately inflate the unvaccinated death toll, but it also hides the real dangers of the COVID shots, as the vast majority of deaths from these shots occur within the first two weeks

Related – Why “Doing Your Own Research” Is Not as Simple (or Accurate) as it Used to Be


Have you ever noticed that you will rarely see any meaningful stories about vaccine injuries or deaths in the corporate media?

Keep in mind, pharmaceutical companies are some of the corporate media’s biggest sponsors.

If you’re looking for information on vaccine damages, don’t bother trying to find them on major platforms. Youtube just removed 130,000 videos and banned all content that questions the official vaccine narrative.

Google/Youtube scrubs all information about vaccine damages yet you can find them daily on free speech video sites like Bitchute, Gab, and Rumble.

Some search engines are better than others but for the most part, they are all censoring content these days. It seems like any information that does not support the official narrative is being vigorously censored.

Here are some stories that you will not find that easily:

Is this why so many people are getting blood clots and strokes? They also found strange metallic strands that were as they put it, “very troubling & unexplainable.”

He is just one of many researchers and doctors that are critical of the spike protein’s role in these vaccines. Here is an excerpt from the article: 

Canadian immunologist and vaccine researcher Byram Bridle, Ph.D., has gained access to Pfizer’s biodistribution study from the Japanese regulatory agency. The research, previously unseen, demonstrates a huge problem with all COVID-19 vaccines:

• The assumption that vaccine developers have been working with is that the mRNA in the vaccines would primarily remain in and around the vaccination site.
• Pfizer’s data, however, show the mRNA and subsequent spike protein are widely distributed in the body within hours.
This is a serious problem, as the spike protein is a toxin shown to cause cardiovascular and neurological damage.
It also has reproductive toxicity, and Pfizer’s biodistribution data show it accumulates in women’s ovaries.
• Once in your blood circulation, the spike protein binds to platelet receptors and the cells that line your blood vessels. When that happens, it can cause platelets to clump together, resulting in blood clots, and/or cause abnormal bleeding.
Pfizer documents submitted to the European Medicines Agency also show the company failed to follow industry-standard quality management practices during preclinical toxicology studies and that key studies did not meet good laboratory practice standards.

Our comment: The unelected, unnacountable criminal at the head of the EUSSR ‘Kommission’ (the politburo), Ursula van Leyden is being investigated by a Romanian state agency for her ‘dealings’ (bribes) with pfizer to impose their deadly products on unsuspecting Europeans.

The media tried to debunk this but Dr. Robert Young did a comprehensive analysis of all four COVID vaccines on the market and confirmed the same findings.

The one thing that all of the researchers strongly agreed upon was that there is no possible reason for a known toxic substance like graphene oxide to ever be injected into a human.

Our comment: The answer to this riddle might be here in the Death Vaccine Report…

How long before this face diapered moron get sick too? And how fertile is he now that he got injected?

The COVID Cult: If you even question the safety or efficacy of these ‘vaccines’ you are immediately attacked and labeled an anti-vaxxer or conspiracy theorist.

The covid cult has its members, its creed, its taboos, its useful idiots who are at the same time the victims, the conned and the pillars of the sect for the sole benefit of the criminals screwing them.

Look at what happened to Nicki Minaj for merely suggesting to her social media followers to do some research before taking the shot. I’m the furthest thing from a Nicki Minaj fan and I don’t think anyone should take any advice from celebrities, most of them are just corporate spokespeople. That’s not the point. The point is that Nicki Manaj just said to do some research before taking the shot.

Don’t we all do research to some degree on any important products we wish to buy? Why are we not allowed to do research on these experimental vaccines?

At the end of the day, these vaccines are products made by corporations. They are not infallible. Not only are they not infallible, but pharmaceutical companies also have a long and sordid history of lying and deceiving the public. 

We are constantly told that we need to “follow the science.”

The whole essence of scientific research is to constantly question and challenge previously held conclusions. Yet we can’t ask questions when it comes to the COVID “vaccines.”

This COVID cult vaccine narrative has far more in common with religion than science.

This is a huge red flag and leading more and more people to distrust the narrative.


In the video above, Dr. Rand Paul does an excellent job pointing out to  HHS Sec. Xavier Becerra the fact that millions of people have already contracted Covid and have naturally developed antibodies to the virus that studies show are far more effective against COVID than vaccines.

Pfizer’s own scientists admit that natural immunity makes the vaccine unnecessary but they say that they are not allowed to talk about it because it goes against Pfizer’s business model.

As far as the policymakers behind this experimental mass vaccination campaign are concerned, the vaccine is a hammer and everyone is a nail, no matter what preexisting conditions or special circumstances people may have.

As Dr. Paul correctly points out in the video above, our health officials say they are following science when they are actually ignoring science.


There are several other ways to treat Covid which have shown great success, despite what the promoters of this vaccine tell us.

We reported on Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as early as May of 2020. At that point, Dr. Zelenko from New York had successfully treated over 500 of his patients with his HCQ protocol. To date, Dr. Zelenko has successfully treated over 7000 people with his HCQ protocol.

The corporate media and our health officials did everything they could to try and falsely discredit and suppress this successful treatment, even though Dr. Fauci knew HCQ was a viable treatment by his own institution’s testing back in 2005.

In fact, the Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine had to retract their false studies finding HCQ deadly and ineffective. Unfortunately, people only hear about or remember the first story falsely attacking this alternative treatment, not the retractions.

Rolling Stone Magazine wrote a hit piece on Ivermectin that was later debunked as well. Joe Rogan was viciously attacked after he said that he used Ivermectin to successfully treat his COVID.

Did you know that in India the use of Ivermectin nearly wiped out the COVID Delta variant in a large portion of their population by 97%?

What this showed was Ivermectin was far more effective than vaccines but of course, this news and the relating studies were essentially blacked out because information like this does not support the “vaccinate everyone narrative.”

Why is there a coordinated effort to suppress and restrict these alternative treatments and demonize anyone who uses them?

Shouldn’t we be trying every possible way to treat people, especially when people are finding success?

Why is this experimental vaccine the only way?

Maybe because they would not be able to mandate the COVID vaccines if there were other viable treatments available.

Did you know that the biden administration has taken control of the highly successful Monoclonal Antibody Drugs and is now blocking its distribution to red states?

What this behavior clearly shows is that our politicians and health officials are not interested in saving lives, only limiting our choices and increasing vaccine uptake.

This does not instill trust in the people promoting the COVID vaccines and is another huge red flag for those who are paying attention.


This is anecdotal but our team has read thousands of comments on social media posts made by people who already took the first round of shots and are refusing to take anymore.

I have also personally spoken with people who say that they will not take any more shots after their first round.

One of my good friends had a severe stroke a few days after taking the shot in which he is still recovering from and he has stated under no circumstances will take it again. Can you blame him?

There are a lot of reasons why these early adopters of the experimental vaccines are no longer okay with this. Many of them had bad experiences with the first round and for many people, it came down to this; they did not sign up for a lifetime of experimental vaccines that require additional boosters shots every six months.

Keep in mind, with this new vaccine normal, you’re vaccinations status is only as good as your last shot. This is for a virus that has over a 99% recovery rate for most people.

Our comment: confirmed here, and it’s not only in the USA. The author should have also mentionned all the people who got placebos instead of the real injections, willingly (doctors and nurses are well placed to do fake shots as well as politicians who ARE NOT ‘vaccinated’) or unwillingly (the 85/15% rule mentionned by funeral director John O’Looney. In any case, when fascists like biden, draghi, macron try to force jab people, one technique to avoid it is to pretend to have received the jab and/or fake the ID/tests they try to impose on us.


As more information comes out about this experimental “vaccine” we are learning that it is not some magic bullet.

For many, this experimental shot is more like a bullet to the head.

We now have overwhelming evidence and testimony that this vaccine is most certainly altering thousands of lives in profound ways. We’ve listed 10 legitimate reasons people are not taking this shot(s) but even just a few of the reasons we listed is enough to make anyone hesitant to take the shot(s).

Contrary to popular belief, there is no empirical evidence that suggests the unvaccinated are more of a danger to society than the vaccinated, only politicized propaganda designed to shame people into taking the shot and to pit them against the people who were vaccinated.

New studies are showing that the viral loads of vaccine breakthrough cases are akin to those of the unvaccinated.

As we mentioned earlier, if these experimental vaccines do not prevent someone from getting COVID or the spread of new cases, what is the difference between a vaccinated and an unvaccinated person in regards to being a public health risk?

If the “vaccine” can only lessen someone’s symptoms and not stop the spread of COVID, why are we mandating them?

For a virus with a 99% survival rate for the majority of the population!

Did you know that the whole basis of testing people for COVID during this pandemic is flawed and our health agencies know it?

Did you know that Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize winner and the inventor of the PCR test stated that the PCR test should never be used to diagnose people because it will yield a high rate of false positives? 


Blueprint for Solutions

War Against The globalists Part 2


To annihilate globalism, the perfect solution is to dismantle global political entities. Dismember empires, large artificial political constructions which were build by war, invasions, and survive only through oppression, violence and tyranny.

Real democracy is possible at the local level in small scale nations or cities as it was the case with Athens and other Greek cities where the concept was invented.

Examples: suppress completely the EU which has become a technocratic and bureaucratic dictatorship answering exclusively to the interests of a tiny self-titled ‘elite’, lobbies and corporations.

The EUSSR lie its soviet style kommission (the politburo) is an imposed, unelected, unaccountable top down artificial construction forced on Europeans to undermine European cultures, identities, civilizations and native ethnicity and to prepare its People for the ‘world governance’ that is the ultimate goal of this globalist tyranny.

Europeans burning the HATED EUSSR mocK of a flag

The EUSSR parliament is a nest of corruption where the vast majority of mep’s are controlled by lobbies, corporations, foreign billionaires and societies. They serve solely vested interests rather than serving their constituents as shown during the mock vote to impose ‘vaccine’ passports fascism to Europeans last April. These people should not only be stripped of their seats and privileges but held to account and pay for their crimes in relation of the millions of people maimed and killed by the deadly substances posing as ‘vaccines’.

Nigel Farage, the artisan of BREXIT. Source


Each European nation must regain its full independence from this dictatorship.

The process of dismemberment has started anyway since the EUSSR showed its real ugly face at numerous occasions (2005, then during the manufactured ‘financial crisis’ from 2008 onwards, the manufactured fake ‘refugee’ crisis of 2015 and of course the new manufactured crisis, the plandemic).

  • The UK has (partially, some would say) left the EUSSR and regained its independence, although it is still under the boot of a fascist regime with globalist lackey bojo the clown at its head (one of many bill gates lackey).
  • Hungary voted laws to expel globalist criminal Soros organizations, and recently voted laws to fight the planned family destruction agenda by banning LGBT brainwashing programmes in schools.
  • Poland, otherwise has recently passed a law prioritizing national laws over the EUSSR abusive treaties. To the grand outcry of the globalist lackeys in other EUSSR controlled countries.
  • Italy was on the verge of getting out of the euro and talked about nationalizing its gold (central bank) before the betrayal of the marxists 5 stars assholes ‘movement’ (that was always controlled opposition) and of salvini, who finally was bought or blackmailed to  betray Italians or was a very cunning from of controlled opposition stooge from the start.
The EUSSR, the mix between nazism and marxism, the perfect globalist combination.

If European People were to vote about the EUSSR imposed treaties and membership, more than half of the European nations would be out of the EUSSR the next day and would revoke the dictatorial powers given to unelected criminals in Brussels.

Another artificial entity build on lies, oppression, violence, crimes against humanity and invasions is what is wrongly referred to as ‘China”. There is no one China, there are many nations and cultures under communist Chinese oppression.

The similarities of the communist Chinese flag and the EUSSR one are flagrant. This is not an accident, communist china is the ultimate model for the globalists of the EUSSR and for biden’s regime.

China, the model for the EUSSR, is one of the most brutal and vicious dictatorship on earth, as for any communist regime since the invention of marxism it is guilty of all major crimes against humanity and has never been judged and punished for it.

If Tibet was to recover its independence, China would lose half of its current territory. Tibet is not and has never been part of China.

Tibet‘s flag and protests. The real Tibet is not only the Tibet Autonomous Region but includes all the other 4 provinces as well. When Tibet will recover its independence, China will lose almost half of its territory.

If Uyghur, Mongolia, Hong-Kong and other parts occupied by Chinese communists were to recover their lands, China would lose another 10% to 30% of the lands they occupy.

Dismantlement is the best thing that could ever happen to China and the world, as dissembling communist China would open the path to democracy in former Chinese occupied territories and set an example to the rest of the world. It would also eliminate the unfair and artificial manufacturing monopoly this country has over the world.

The same could happen in the USA, where obviously, a large number of people love to live under the boots of tyranny, are acclaiming fascist rules and nauseous ideologies like communism/marxism/socialism. These people, then should live in their own little communist dream states like California,  New-York and others (until they too realize how wrong it is)  and separate from the rest of the country that want to stay free.

A secession of Free States would be easy to setup in the USA as the lines have now been drawn clearly since the start of the fake pandemic and the rigged elections. Seceding the country for good, separating the good grain from the scum would be the best thing that can happen to the USA and the world (less wars, regime changes, and chaos).  

By separating rather than agglomerating, by decentralizing rather than centralizing, by seceding rather than submitting to the tantrums of a minority of psychos and their handlers, we will destroy globalism in its essence and allow democracy to flourish on a smaller scale at the local, regional levels where people can really influence decisions and policies.

Not to mention that once nations will recover their autonomy, the first thing they should ditch and boycott are the globalist organizations like the UN, WHO, IMF, world bank, BIS, NATO, stop being ransomed by these bloodsuckers and bleed them dry unto inexistence.


Especially young people. The criminals who have destroyed our democracies could never have done it in a few years, they needed decades to infiltrate and corrupt all our institutions (government, academia, law, medicine, health, media, etc…).

The same must be done by us, especially by young  people, it’s a long term fight, if we don’t succeed our children will and if not them our grandchildren.

This is why education is of the highest importance. Don’t let the criminals brainwash your kids like they brainwash them now in most public schools with cultural marxism, ‘gender study’ rubbish, lgbt crap or ‘moral relativism garbage.

We need to create new parties, new rules and to invest candidates in every bit of what’s left of our rigged electoral system.

As much as we can do things from outside the system, we must change many things from inside.

The same is true for media. Although 95% of the mainstream media is rotten to the chore, it doesn’t mean we can’t change it, fight it and compete with it with high quality, honest and real journalism.

Same for every institution, people must be involved and  get inside all of them. As for those who are inside the system and keep shutting their mouth about the crimes committed by the establishment, it is time to grow some backbone, join with others like minded professionals and speak-out. It is especially true for nurses, doctors, scientists, cops, civil servants, etc…

Instead of saying yes to everything and be scared to lose one’s job, refuse to implement illegal and unconstitutional orders like forced vaccination for federal employees.

Don’t resign, don’t shut-up, don’t comply, this is what they want, have an army of mindless obedient serfs.

Fight for your rights, refuse to obey, and gain momentum by standing up, and when you do others will, until so many don’t comply that the likes of demented pedophile biden and its psychopathic masters will have no other choice but to retreat.

Run for university, schools, work management jobs, so you will be in a position in the future to say no to medical fascism and influence others to do the same.

If they have succeeded in transforming our societies into fascist hellholes until now it’s because too few are daring to do the right thing when they have the power to do so. 

After two years of insanity, even the most obtuse covid cult member should realize that it has never been about health or a virus, and every good minded people must act as their silence just reinforce the actions of an evil minority.


This is why education is of the highest importance. Don’t let the criminals brainwash your kids like they brainwash them now in most public schools with cultural marxism, ‘gender study’ rubbish, lgbt crap or ‘moral relativism garbage.

If no other choice, school them at home, otherwise, make sure your ids will be protected from the globalist scum and marxist vermin by schooling them in either conservative, classical or even religious schools if there is no other alternative.


As seen in How to get rid of the “vaccine” paSS?, massive and united boycotts can definitely annihilate any attempt from globalist governments to impose their puppet masters ID2020/vaxpaSS agenda, as it was done in Moscow in just 3 weeks.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-95.png

Obviously in the West, there are too many egoists, cowards, ignorant, idiots and outright regime collaborators in most countries to be able to do what the Russians did.

Although transport companies, shops, and other businesses and institutions demanding the paSS for cattle are losing millions, corrupt governments use people taxes to bailout these criminal organizations.

An easy thing to do if you are not into sabotage, is to simply remove or confiscate covid propaganda signs, panels, posters. Just remove them, hide them, used them as a door for your chicken stall or as barbecue starters if you wish. The simple presence of these fascist signs are a reminder of the servitude they want to impose on us, an insult to human intelligence and a promotion of fear over normality and humanity.

Just get rid of them.  As we now, if there is no body, there is no proof of a crime.


Reinterpretation, reimagining, improvement, hacking the messages of propaganda signs, displays, billboards and other media for their propaganda.

How to use the formidable financial and propaganda means of the enemy?

You can destroy, burn or make the propaganda signs disappear so nobody can see them anymore but you can also hack their sick message to return it against them, using their own insane investments to counter their evil propaganda.

 It is also a great way to spread the truth and your message to the uninformed masses.

Here are some non exhaustive examples done by everyday people, imagination is the limit really:

Miami: covid propaganda display transformed into a vehicle for truth and justice with the message: arrest fauci
F… them all and another hacked display to warn of covid cult zombies ahead
Joke about Dominic Cummings (one of the crooks and fraudsters behind the covid scam), using a covid propaganda message to transform it into counter-propaganda. And another way to spread the truth
Coquitlam Canada. and COVID-19 propaganda clinic signs on Salt Spring Island with anti-genocide message, Often a simple word is enough to spread the truth and undermine their propaganda

A New Orleans church sign encouraging vaccinations against COVID-19 was defaced on Friday with a painted “mark of the beast” bible verse.

A reminder of bill gates 060606 patent for tracking devices? But to useful idiots and their lie providers, it’s just ‘vandalism’. The message though is clear for anyone with a functional brain.

Northbrook covid BULLSHIT deaths scoreboard propaganda sign hacked with the truth.  New Orleans church sign encouraging the devil’s work and deadly injections punished for betraying God.
‘Mask Moscow’ (USA) sign rectified for second time. Propaganda sign encouraging residents to wear muzzles was spray-painted for a second time… We wonder why… In the UK, a covid propaganda sign in its rightful place: the ditch.
A pure beauty, this two covid propaganda sign transformed into a powerful counter-propaganda tool just by changing 3 words
Turning the message against the neo-Nazis who want to force muzzle us (from Eric Peter). Destroy the globalist attempts at dividing us by segregation and discrimination. And exposing the naked truth.

A perfect example of using billboards as counter propaganda and caricature to fight tyrants and the globalist agenda is the work of billboard French artist Michel-Ange Flori who is fighting for People’s rights using his own money and billboards against the evil macron’s regime

“Macron doesn’t have children, so he wants to steal/jab ours”. In French the word ‘piquer’ can have two meanings, to jab and to steal (in slang). An allusion to macron’s globalist masters who want to force jab children (control and sterilization agenda).

Covid propaganda signs also seem to burn very well and are most appreciated during long winter nights spent outside fighting lockdown, curfews and other globalist vermin diktats.

Fire dance around burning globalist propaganda


Human Beings burning muzzles in Brooklyn…
Same in Idaho last spring – Obviously they did something right as face diapers have since been scrapped

Why are Europeans not doing the same? Do they like to be muzzled?

They prefer to burn the NazipaSS

new video shows vaccinated citizens shouting “liberta” and “no green pass” as they burn their NAZI-paSS in solidarity with the unvaccinated.


A jabbing slaughterhouse burning- how many lives were saved thanks to this fire?

French slaughterhouses & DNA collection centres hit by resistance sabotage

According to FAKE NEWS agency ‘Reuters”, in France since July 12, a total of 22 “health” (death) facilities have been have attacked, including 15 ‘vaccination’ centres, five Covid-19 test centres and one medical lab, an interior ministry official told ‘Reuters’.

Everything coming from mainstream media is lie, propaganda, misinformation and manipulation. The only good news here is that the local resistance did their job and saved countless lives. 

Concrete examples as seen here:

In the Doubs department, a slaughterhouse electric supply system was sabotaged, fridges stopped to work and 3500 doses of deadly genetic injections were spoiled. (Smartly done).

In Urrugne (French Basque Country) a sterilization & genocide centre was set on fire, saving countless lives in the process.

Urrugne and Lans-en-Vercor, where another jabbing slaughterhouse was destroyed

Other slaughterhouses were damaged at various degrees (some had only tags on their walls) in Chambery, Valogne, Vendôme, Morhange, Chambéry, Saint Paul Les Dax, Fort de France, La Reunion (French overseas territories where the locals refuse categorically to be poisoned).


Citizens are burning 5G antennas around the world


Joan Carles López, a specialist in electromagnetic pollution, is an advisor to the group.

He regrets that this new technology has not been sufficiently experimented with humans to know the effect that the massive installation of millimeter-wave repeaters can produce in a spectrum of 700 megahertz.

He has compiled more than 70 scientific studies that point to the harmful effects that these waves have on the cells of animals and plants, a warning from the scientific community that ensures that it is being ignored by the strong economic interests behind the deployment of 5G.

He explains that in the day to day of his work he meets people who have health problems related to existing networks and warns that the problems will multiply with 5G.

“5G radiation would cause a long list of conditions ranging from cancer to the involvement of the immune system, with the consequences that this would have in the spread of a virus.”

Hundreds of birds died during test of a 5G antenna in the Netherlands

Residents burn 5G tower. Obviously the local corrupt ‘authorities’ wouldn’t listen to them, so they took things into their hands to protect their health and their families.
He explains that in the day to day of his work he meets people who have health problems related to existing networks and warns that the problems will multiply with 5G.

To eradicate IoT, Ai and 5G global surveillance infrastructures, we need to know how they look like. Here is for 5G cells and relays (which are necessary for 5G to work):

This is what they plan, hundreds of thousands of ‘small cells towers’ or millions. The good news is, they are easier to destroy than those huge cell towers.
To take these down: fire, poles, spears,, gunshots, bows & arrows, stones, cutters, knives, slingshots even, hooks & cables, any toolbox would provide enough tools to neutralize the small cells infrastructure. The cost for the criminal corporations and their state puppets just to repair, maintain or monitor could simply bankrupt the all operation. But don’t wait too long before acting…


Already explored in another chapter


There are these fantastic tools on sale in every electronic shop (avoid amazon) which can scramble signals from almost every device, from cctv cameras to smartphones. See here for details:

From a readers’experience: stand in front of a bar, restaurant, hospital,  airport or any other premise demanding vax passports to be able to enter. Switch the device and scramble all smarphone signals. You will see suddenly the panic as people won’t be able to show their CATTLE marking codes to the neo-Nazis guarding the entrance. Repeat that as often as you wish in as many places as you can and enjoy the sabotaging of the globalist plans. 


  • Boycott
  • Harassment (online and offline)
  • Lawsuits
  • Complaints
  • Sabotage to make sure that if you can’t use their services or enter the premises, nobody can (example, blockading train tracks, airlines, airports, false bomb alerts to disrupt traffic an create panic among collaborators of the regime, and other actions that can avoid these entities to run their slavery enterprise).
  • Retaliation against owners, executives and managers of the businesses. From harassment, lawsuits, massive protests in front of their house shaming them and showing them they have nowhere to hide, to more deterrent actions.

Nancy Pelosi’s Home Reportedly Vandalized With Pig’s Head and Fake Blood

RETALIATING AGAINST INSTITUTIONS, corrupt politicians, globalist lackeys who ‘voted’ or pushed to impose the current dictatorship (forced vaccination, vax passports, tests etc..)

It concerns criminal politicians, mp’s, but also so-called ‘health’ officials, influencers, celebrities, doctors, nurses, academics, big pharma insiders, corrupt civil servants, media prostitutes (a lot of them indeed), etc…

  • Boycott
  • Harassment (online and offline)
  • Lawsuits
  • Complaints
  • Sabotage to make sure that if you can’t use their services or enter the premises, nobody can (in the case of schools and universities, removing your kids from those which are controlled by globalists or marxists (same creed) will avoid them to be brainwashed anyway).
  • Sabotaging their work, offices, discrediting these corrupt criminals online and offline.
  • Exposure: Online and offline. A graffiti denouncing a corrupt doctor/academic/big pahrma paid scientist on the wall of his house or on his/her car is often enough to deter the asshole.
    For more serious criminals like Fauci, more expedient methods are necessary. A mass murderer like him or bill gates deserve only one thing and it’s the death penalty.
  • Reputation damaging like they have done for whistleblowers and honest scientists, doctors, journalists since so long. Online and offline.
  • Don’t let criminal politicians run again for elections or get to power. For the EUSSR, there is a list of mp’s to punish and boycott for their crimes with their emails. Don’t hesitate to write to them and tell them how much they are exposed.
An effigy of globalist whore macron hanged and burned during a protest. A staged execution for the moment, but after having tortured people for so long and committed so many crimes against humanity, this scumbag will have to pay one way or another.


War Against The globalists

Italy, this week end, massive demonstrations against the fascist paSS and bankster vermin draghi’s illegitimate regime –

What they hate the most and what invariably destroys their plans is The Truth.

Evil fears Light and the Truth, this is why they invested so much in trying to suppress HOPE and TRUTH.

1/ So let’s continue to spread the Truth starting by two important articles that summarize the situation each in his own style and expose the foes we are fighting against.

2/ Then we will present the updated ‘official’ death and injury reported numbers from the substances posing as ‘vaccines’ in five regions of the world.

3/Finally, let’s see the reactions against the globalist agenda to force inject the world population (to impose the ID2020 agenda) and how nations like Italy, France, Slovenia, Switzerland, Belgium, the USA and even Israel are fighting against the takeover.

But first, from Stop World Control :

Included on the website is the exhaustive, well documented ‘VACCINES’ DEATH REPORT, exposing the fraud and crimes behind the forced ‘vaccination’ agenda and the real amount of victims of this criminal scam. To download here:



This is not just an article, but a unique in depth overview of the globalist’s strategy to use Covid-19 as an excuse to create global tyranny.

Nothing is about your well-being, but everything is about creating a world of control. Read the entire report to see the facts for yourself.

You will also see abundant evidence that the pandemic has been planned for decades and how everything is orchestrated with mass fraud, global bribery, unprecedented censorship and extreme corruption in media, and governments.

May you find the courage to face the truth, and experience how it awakens you to become a hero, who fights for the freedom of humanity.

100% FACT CHECKED. This is not a conspiracy theory, but a reality that can be fact checked in the many references at the bottom of this page (79 references).

The second article comes from a website that is a treasure of information and resources about the fake ‘pandemic’, if you’ve ever wondered why almost all governments started to do exactly the same insane, absurd and unscientific things at the same time, the answers are there, from Wicked Truths:


UN agenda 2030 is a global plan designed by the ruling class to gain centralized control over earth’s resources and populations under a one world government. The plan existed for decades and is in full execution at breakneck speed since 2020.

The goal of UN agenda 2030 is to transform global society into a technocracy under the guise of sustainable development by 2030. The end result would be a high-tech slave system, impossible to escape, so let’s make sure it never comes to fruition.

COVID-19 plays an important role in pushing these agendas through. Before we can understand how that works, we must first understand what UN agenda 2030 & technocracy is all about.

This picture summarizes the situation:

Do no hesitate to share

Sustainable” Development Goals (SDGs)

In our hearts, we want a clean and liveable world and we can have it on condition we don’t hand over control on the matter to the ruling class.

Their social engineers are exploiting a desire the majority of us has.

No less than 14 out of 17 SDGs include vaccination or immunization.

What does vaccination have to do with green economies?

I suppose you could make the world more sustainable by vaccination if it kills many or makes them infertile.

That’s a warped eugenicist perspective for sure, but we know eugenics is an ideology the ruling class adheres to.



United Nations is an intergovernmental organization. All countries of the world are members and donate tax money to the UN.

The SDGs trickle down hierarchically from UN, to federal governments, to local governments. Meaning in all likelihood, your city and mayor are executing programs in context of SDGs.

The programs in your city might have varying names but when it’s about sustainability and smart technology, it’s an SDG implementation.


Rosa Koire & independent journalist James Corbett explain the true motivations behind UN agenda 2030. [BitChute]



  • Technocracy is the science of social engineering.
  • Definition from the technocrats themselves in magazine The Technocrats’ Magazine.

A technocracy is a governance system where science dictates how society is organized. The focus lies on resource management and population management on a global scale. The entities that run such a system are technocrats: scientists, the ruling class and artificial intelligence.

Expert on the topic Patrick Wood explains what technocracy is and puts it in context with COVID-19 in an interview with Spiro Skouras. [BitChute]


In a technocracy, all resources of the planet are hooked onto, and managed by a technological control grid. Resources include food, water, land, construction, animals and people.

Products and living beings can be tracked with microchips with Geo-location, RFID sensors and 5G. Fluids, gas and electricity throughput can be counted with smart meters.

The smart grid knows exactly what, when, where and how much you use. Your access to resources can be shut down remotely. Meanwhile, governments make it harder to live self-sustainable and resource monopolization has been a reality for a long time.

Survival would depend on the whims of the state who controls the smart grid. Your access to basic resources for survival could be cut off for not testing or vaccinating for COVID-19 or simply because you voice criticism against the state.


Population management is about tracking the population, controlling where people can go, which behavior is acceptable, tracking the population count and controlling who is allowed to reproduce (eugenics).

 According to the mysterious Georgia guide stones the ideal population count is only 500 000 000.


Cameras and face detection play a vital role but also online behavior is monitored. (Advices on how to neutralize cameras here).

Punishments for behaviors deemed unsuitable to the technocrats would be automated, removing the human factor and negotiation from the equation.

The ruling class likes China’s digital dictatorship and social credit system and wishes to expand that model to the rest of the world. To hook up man to the grid, man has to merge with machine, which means at some point, (nano)robotics would have to be inserted into the body.

The perfect candidate for this crime is the COVID-19 “vaccine“.


Let’s consolidate what we’ve learned before we move on.

  1. The ruling class is dead-set on transforming the world into a technocracy.
  2. UN agenda 2030 & COVID-19 are the tools to transform society to a technocracy.
  3. UN agenda 2030 is a facade for the public while a one world government technocracy is implemented.

With this in mind, let’s have a look at the targets the ruling class wishes to complete while the world is occupied with the COVID-19 chaos.

The common thread in this list of targets is total control over mankind.

  • Digital identity: ID2020
  • Digital health card: COVI-PASS (‘green pass’, ‘vax’ passport, ‘health’ pass, etc…)
  • Digital monetary system, cashless society
    • Connected to your identity and health records via blockchain.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
    • Resource control
    • Population control
  • ‘Smart’ cities
    • Facial recognition cameras
    • Digital access control
    • 5G
    • Smart meters
    • Self-driving cars
  • Gobal totalitarian police state
  • Wildlands project (to “restore wildlife”). Our comment: to stole our lands, housing, assets and park us in megacity reservations. Something like the film ‘the hunger games’ (which given who controls Hollywood is just another propaganda piece to prepare the poupulace to the worst)..
  • Remove people from rural areas.
    Example: “SDGs marked your land as a wildlife reserve. Leave.”
    • Move them into smart mega cities.
  • No private property
    • Land, house
    • Business
    • Your body
      • Mandatory vaccination
      • Masks
  • Communitarianism
    • Is a collectivist ideology like communism, Marxism, socialism or collectivism in general. Meaning,
    • Community goals trump individual rights.
    • Community “interests” dictated by governments & corporations.
    • You hear mantra’s like “the common or greater good”, don’t do it for yourself but for your neighbor. Those are collectivist concepts.
    • Dissidents will be outcasts.

Taking in account propaganda from the ruling class and events in 2020/2021, it appears the global population is supposed to adopt a collectivist mindset which is being indoctrinated through the media and education, while governments and businesses are supposed to collaborate in a fascist manner.

The next paragraphs go as follow:

DESTROY THE MIDDLE CLASS (and the financial system)

This is a very interesting, well presented and concise piece (it reads in less than 10 minutes). As a conclusion, the author presents the following solutions (which we agree on):


A solution starts with a world population that realizes what’s really going on.

Spread the word and keep in mind the digital censorship.



  1. Reject vaccine passports, “show (medical) papers”.
  2. Reject central bank digital currency, use cash
  3. or even better, switch to an unplugged monetary system.

Avoid buying at big chains or any store that violates (medical) privacy or has the audacity to require you to perform a medical procedure like masks, tests or vaccines.

  1. Demand the removal of city surveillance cameras.
  2. Sabotage being tracked and traced, physically and digitally.
  3. Don’t wear a mask.
  4. Don’t test
  5. Don’t vaccinate.
  6. Raise hell in schools that impose inhumane rules that destroy and torture a generation of children.
    And so on.



The ruling class owns all major corporations and governmental institutions and will weaponize them against the people.


  1. Therefore, it’s wise to depend on the system as little as possible.
  2. Prepare for insanity like not being able to enter the shop to buy food without vaccination, blocked bank accounts and even door-to-door Gestapo forcing vaccination.

May it never come to that. It depends on what the masses allows. I have no doubt the predator class will push it all the way when left unchecked.

The absurdity of it all is, they make populations do it to themselves (we know what he’s writing about).


Society turned into an insane asylum because many just follow orders.

“It’s the law. We have to listen to the government. Trust the experts.” (we now this parrot talk) . They’re all bought and paid for pushing an evil agenda!

This one can be solved by considering immoral orders individually and having the backbone to reject them.

It’s an interesting topic because there’s an opportunity for human growth. I expanded on it here

We definitely like his analysis and the type of solutions we have applied almost every single day since the global coup started.

Also some interesting advices on how to fight censorship, the plague of our time and the tool of every dictatorship:

One of the advice to counter censorship is to backup your website, just in case your current provider decides to shut you down because you tell the truth or advise people on how to fight the takeover.

In the mean time the planned genocide and enslavement described above continues with too often the help of the victims themselves, who, willingly of not have now degraded from guinea pigs to mere cattle…

The cattle see no issue in having to be herded, muzzled, injected by force with hazardous substances, marked like beasts and scanned evrytime they go out of their grazing grounds.

Bovid, (family Bovidae), any hoofed mammal in the family Bovidae (order Artiodactyla), which includes the antelopes, sheep, goats, cattle, buffalo, and bison.

  • Beef cattle breeds
  • Dairy cattle breeds


File to download:

Sources for the numbers:

Australia DAEN

Brazil Anvisa

Canada ASPC

EUSSR “eudravigilance” (sic)

UK MHRA “Yellow Card” (sic)


Who are the biggest killers and what diseases will they kill you with?

The statistics and numbers of the medicine agencies and others (CDC, MHRA, EMA, DAEN…)  show clearly which categories of diseases the substances posing as ‘vaccines’ are triggering.

Contrary to what lying media, corrupt officials and criminal politicians pretend since forced injections started , these products were never fully or properly tested, not on animals (after all test animals died, they simply stopped the trials) and barely on humans.

The toxic ‘vaccines’ have been ‘tested’ live since December 2020 on YOU…

Same for the ‘approval’. These deadly, unsafe, ineffective  substances were ‘authorized’ in ’emergency’ (meaning they ditched all normal safety procedures to impose hazardous products on populations with zero liability for the makers and zero guarantee of success, based only on what the manufacturer pretended).

The CDC, FDA, EMA, MHRA, DAEN and the vast majority of all ‘medicine agencies’  in the world are corrupt big pharma enablers and drug pushers for the vaccine industry. Interestingly, the unelected globalist lackey at the head of the EUSSR Kommission ursula von de leyden is under investigation from Romania Anti-Corruption Direction in relation of her ‘negotiations’ (bribery) with mass murderer pfizer to impose their deadly products on Europeans. The article also tells us how much Romanians refuse to get injected with the globalists poison (LESS THAN 25% PEOPLE GOT JABBED).

For example, for the European countries under the yoke of the EUSSR dictatorship, here are the categories of diseases you are likely to get after being jabbed by any of the substances posing as ‘vaccines’ (keeping in mind that the biggest killers are moderna and pfizer-biontech like in all other countries except for the UK where oxford-astrazeneca is on the top killers list).

  1. Cardiac disorders (by far the biggest killer after injection, many people will get heart problems for life if they don’t die).
  2. Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders (including covid likes symptoms which are and will be conveniently rebranded as ‘new variants’ by the same criminals who want to force inject you in the first place).
  3. Nervous system disorders
  4. Infections and infestations (see number 2)
  5. Vascular disorders (see number 1)
  6. Gastrointestinal disorders
The reaction groups on the Eudravigilance database. The same reaction groups are used as a standard worldwide.

These are the ‘diseases’ which will kill millions of so-called ‘vaccines’ recipients in the months and years to come.

Sadistic psychopath and career criminal bill gates must now be happy, not only he gets his depopulation agenda ongoing but also the digital marking of the idiotic, obedient and cowardly masses who see no problem being treated, injected, marked (with QR codes for the moment ) and scanned like mere cattle.

Most people won’t make the connection between their organ failure, cancer, Alzheimer, dementia, or cardio-vascular disease with the injection they got few years or months before. 

Some people are so definitely brain damaged that when a member of their family dies days after getting jabbed with mRNA poison, they still think they die from ‘covid’ and even regret not to have jabbed them earlier!

As exposed by Milton Keynes funeral director John O’Looney in various articles and interviews, many people have been given a placebo, for the moment. They are the lucky ones, but be sure that the coming boosters won’t be placebos.

Unless you’ve got the placebo and don’t intend to get injected further with any of their poison, we advise you to live each day as if it was your last and wish you the best of luck for the future.

As for us, we are very fine thank you, we’d rather die standing like Human Beings than live on our knees like slaves or cattle!

And like millions of others rising-up and fighting for our (and your) rights, for Humanity and our children’s future.

This week and week end saw again massive protests worldwide with the most active being in Europe in Italy and France (due to the unprecedented fascist onslaught there by criminal globalist controlled politcians).

Gigantic expression of the People Power against their criminal ‘government’ in Rome Italy, Piazza Del Popolo:

Bankster vermin draghi has sent his Gestapo against the People. Do these morons realize they work for globalist scum to destroy their own children’s future?

“We are ready to die”. This is the spirit, but not before having killed a large number of globalists and their lackeys.

Serious abuses were committed In Rome by draghi’s dictatorship armed fascist thugs against innocent People. More crimes from these scumbags will add to their already very heavy coming punishments.

The batallions of draghi’s SS will have to answer their crimes like their masters.

You will pay for your crimes and the People will have no pity for you and your servants.

Sit, lay down, stand-up, attack, good slave!

France, for the 13th week, and despite mainstream media lies, massive demonstrations took place this week end but also in the week in more than 250 cities and towns. The French people are fed-up with globalist whore macron and the country seems ready to explode.

The Guillotine is ready for macron. We can’t wait…


Paris 9.10.21×360
Lyon protest in front of an hospital to reinstaste the health professional ‘suspended’ because they refuse to get injected with deadly crap.
Caen, Normandy,
Midwives demonstration in Paris in front of the health DEATH ministry. Again the local gestapo is using violence against peaceful protesters!
Srasbourg, Alsace


Massive strikes in France against macron’s attacks vs the People, the fascist paSS,destruction of social system, the unions woke up
Grenoble 6/10/21

Toulouse 6/10/21
Toulouse South West


The Yellow Vest are blocking a major national road in St Brieuc to protest against the artificially created price increases, notably for petrol, gas and electricity (part of the globalistsa agenda to destroy the middle/ poorer classes and the economy).


Switzerland demonstrates against the neo-Nazi paSS:

From Geneva on the banks of the Leman lake,

To Bern, the seat of the federal corruption, for the 5th consecutive week…

Local neo-nazi PIGS shooting at People with rubber bullets. As in other countries, the globalists have given orders to their little obedient whores to provoke violence. When the People will return this violence, the globalists and their lackeys shall better run.

And Belgium:


Where, again, the local armed thugs were given orders by their globalist masters to provoke violence. Exactly, Slovenes had nazism then communism, so they know about tyranny, and now they have globalism, an ideology worse than fascism & marxism together. An ideology that must be destroyed along with its pushers.

And even Israel, the “most jabbed country” on earth, and yet the agression doesn’t stop proving once and for all that it had never anything to do with health.

This is the 11th week of protests there.

And the USA

Not enough actions in the USA, while it is time for an all out war against the deep state
Howell Michigan, against demented pedophile #bananajoe creepy and his puppet masters force jabbing agenda.
Hey creepy joe, GO FUCK YOURSELF!

And the slogan of the week, from Lyon in France:



The globalists War(s) Against Humanity

And How We Beat Them

The first WHO director, Brock Chisholm stated their agenda already in 1954:

“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.” George Brock Chisholm, September 11, 1954

The WHO, you now one of the criminal organizations behind the covid scam…

“We shall have world government whether or not you like it, by conquest or consent.” – Statement by Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member James Warburg to The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on February 17th, 1950

The globalist war against Humanity didn’t start with 9/11, but this is when they accelerated and dramatically amplified the aggression against mankind.

First by mass murdering their own citizens, then by massive invasions and genocides around the world (millions of Iraqis and other nations civilians have been murdered since then) in the name of the false flag they created: the so-called ‘war on terror’.

It is now a well known fact that the official version of 9/11 is an enormous lie.

Plenty of literature, articles, studies and proofs about this fact. 9/11 Was an Israeli Job, How America was neoconned into World War IV.

Multiple goals were achieved with this false flag:  starting to remove the liberty of US and other citizens worldwide, put in place the ‘legislations’ and infrastructure for the surveillance, spying and control of populations in the USA and globally (as denounced by Ed. Snowden few years later), have an excuse to invade countries like Iraq and Afghanistan (which happened to be two of the few countries at the time who didn’t have a rothschild controlled central bank), undermine the US constitution and people’s civil rights, serve Israel/zionist interests and the globalists control and depopulation agenda.

The main terrorists attacks since 9/11 are state sponsored terror attacks or rather globalist sponsored terror attacks as ‘governments’ like the USA (deep state) are controlled by globalists actors. From 9/11 to the London or Madrid subway bombings, from the Charlie-Hebdo massacre (where the ‘terrorist’ conveniently forgot his ID card before being executed by police forces few days afterwards) to the arson of the Paris Cathedral Notre-Dame (an act committed by or with the complicity of macron’s regime).

The proofs are all over the internet for those who want to know about it (many prefer to believe the ‘official’ version of rewritten ‘history’, same people probably believe that John F. Kennedy was Killed by a lone wolf).

The wars from the globalists against us didn’t start in 2001, it started long ago:

1865: In a statement to Congress, President Abraham Lincoln states,

“I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me, and the financial institutions in the rear. Of the two, the one in my rear is my greatest foe.”

1861: President Abraham Lincoln (16th President of the United States from 1860 till his assassination in 1865) approaches the big banks in New York to try to obtain loans to support the ongoing American civil war.  As these large banks were heavily under the influence of the rothschilds, they offer him a deal they know he cannot accept, 24% to 36% interest on all monies loaned.

Lincoln is very angry about this high level of interest and so he prints his own debt free money and informs the public that this is now legal tender for both public and private debts.

1862: By April $449,338,902 worth of Lincoln’s debt free money has been printed and distributed. He states of this,

“We gave the people of this republic the greatest blessing they ever had, their own paper money to pay their own debts.”

That same year The Times of London publishes a story containing the following statement, “If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce.

1963: On June 4th President John F. Kennedy (the 35th President of the United States 1961 – 1963) signs Executive Order 11110 which returned to the U.S. government the power to issue currency, without going through the rosthchilds owned Federal Reserve.

Less than 6 months later on November 22nd , president Kennedy is assassinated for the same reason as they assassinated President Abraham Lincoln in 1865, he wanted to print American money for the American people, as opposed to for the benefit of a money grabbing war mongering foreign elite.

This Executive Order 11110, is rescinded by President Lyndon Johnson (the 36th POTUS, 1963 to 1969) on Air Force One from Dallas to Washington, the same day as President Kennedy was assassinated.

Those who still believe that these are ‘conspiracy theories’ must have been hibernating for the last 18 months.

The site ‘the globalists agenda’ explained their goals long ago already. It seems people haven’t been paying attention, despite the decades long ongoing assault against them:

The End Game

Elite’s” Utopia

The elite’s utopia is not the Star Trek federation ideal but rather and complete controlled on dominated society consisting of the elite and their slaves.

Population Reduction

The elite firmly believe the earth is overpopulated and the population must by any and all means (war, starvation and pandemics included) be reduced to less than 1 billion people.

Our comment: The current fake pandemic was created serve this purpose among others. They created a gigantic scaremongering false flag, used the panic to exterminate elderly people in care homes (with Midazolam in the UK or Rivatrol in France), then released fake ‘vaccines’ and coerced what are mainly ignorant, scared and often not very bright people to get injected with the 85/15 rule as explained by UK based funeral director John O’Looney.

What John O’Looney says in these interviews (in a nutshell):

O’Looney: The ‘vaccine’ method being used is the advocate’ method: suppose you have 100 vaccines in a tray, and 85 are placebo whereas the remaining 15 are designed to maim and kill.

The 85 recipients that are fine are your advocates for the ‘vaccine’, whereas the 15 that become sick and ill are your ‘Covid’ deaths.

So how are they going to ‘nail’ people who’ve had a placebo vaccine? With the regular boosters for the next 3-5 years.

Peters:Are the non-placebo vaccines all kill shots?

O’Looney:There’s a range in there because clients of funeral company O’Looney have had a very different range of symptoms.

The elderly were murdered in care homes in the UK using Midazolam (an ‘end of life’ drug), then their deaths were labelled as ‘covid’.

All deaths, cancer, strokes, even car accidents were labelled ‘covid’

What is keeping mass amounts of people from understanding what is going on?

O’Looney: It’s like a Stockholm syndrome, of people who trust, who’ve had the vaccine and they’re fine.

It’s a well-organized scheme where effective treatments have been suppressed and nurses have been bullied to administer Midazolam in the carehomes.

People are beginning to wake up, but it means the government and those perpetrating this are going to up their game.

For example, he’s received e-mails from parents where they’ve only been notified at noon that day that their children are going to be vaccinated.

Around 50 funeral directors have reached out to him, but they’re terrified because they know what’s going on.

O’Looney just attended a meeting in London with a prominent MP, top lawyers and scientists like Prof. Dolores Cahill and others.  They expect a lot of deaths globally among the vaccinated in October to December.

Children are expected to die, especially from heart inflammation, which will be labelled as a new virulent strain of ‘Covid’.

He feels as if he’s conducting funerals for murder victims. New strains have been conveniently appearing every few weeks.

Civil unrest is expected as some people realize they’ve been lied to.

Parents with dead kids aren’t likely to buy the variant story. And that’s the excuse they’re looking for to introduce martial law.

Once that’s introduced, they’ll go door-to-door vaccinating people or taking them away.

The vaccinated who are sick will appreciate this removal of neighbours because they’ll hold them responsible for their own vaccine-induced sickness.

This is a consensus view among the people he spoke to in London recently. Unless we can convince the ‘advocates’ for the vaccines that they’ve been lied to.

It’s been a well-funded, well-orchestrated elaborate lie’.

Full interview here:

And there:

  • He wants to be on the record for saying all this because he know his days are numbered. Thousands of people have reached out to him, corroborating what he’s saying.
  • O’Looney: It’s a global movement because all governments are saying the same thing, using slightly different methods to achieve the same objectives.

Our grandfathers fought and died for what is happening in Australia. We signed the Nuremberg treaty but that has no value anymore.

They’ve taken away the right to bodily autonomy. It’s a systemic problem among medical people, journalists, etc.

Peters: how does the healthcare system benefit from being in lockstep with this?

O’Looney: do the people in the healthcare system or local government not imagine they’re going to be next?

Peters: There’s going to be a rage amongst people coming up this fall who get sick. …

O’Looney: Military personnel have also reached out to him to express the growing dissent among them. They’re going to regret they trained us so well” he was told.

At what point is it acceptable to defend yourself against a deadly attack – legally?

A nurse, Michelle, told him how families have been bribed into putting their loved ones on a death pathway by promising them time spent with them – these people have made bad judgements just through grief. 

She said, ‘They stood and clapped on doorsteps for us, and when they realize what we’ve done, they’ll stone us to death.’

It’s pointless reasoning with governments. We need to reason with the advocates (those not hurt by the vaccines so far) to get them on side. We need to be prepared for what’s coming next.

They’ve built very large holding centres or prison to take in people, despite there being a lack of public money. What can these be for?

They’re for people who won’t take the vaccine. People will disappear from these camps, listed as ‘Covid deaths’. 

— End of the interview —

Post Industrial Feudalism

The elite believe that the current level of resource consumption is unsustainable in the long run and consequently the world must enter a post industrial society once again based on a form of scientific feudalism.


In 2016 already, in State of the Nation an article exposed the war that was going on against Humanity from the monsters behind the current covid coup.

The author at the time presented the war against us as the war of globalists against nationalists, but this is incorrect, globalist vermin are targeting 98,5% of the world population, not only nationalists. it’s Humanity itself that they want to destroy, control, enslave or exterminate. 

The Final War for Planet Earth Pits the Globalists Against the Nationalists

Our Enemy is Globalism

This enemy wants to destroy your country and all nations around the world; they are the Globalists. They are the people who run the Bilderberger Group, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Federal Reserve, United Nations, International Monetary Fund, Bank of International Settlements, World Bank, Knights of Malta, Central Banks, offshore tax havens, Warlord Bankers, the Black Nobility, the City of London, the Bank of England, the Vatican Bank, and many other dark brotherhoods.

To achieve their goal of total world domination, their agenda is simple:

  1. Destroy all nations and unite under one world government, religion, and military.
  2. Depopulate the enemy (that’s us folks) through forced vaccinations, poisoned food (irradiated, GMOs, filled with deadly chemicals), and chemtrails full of poisons sprayed down on us like we are insects and rodents to be exterminated.
  3. Keep us uneducated and uniformed. From fluoridating the water to substandard education, to mainstream media propaganda and revisionist history—all have been in play for decades to make sure the enemy (that’s us folks) can’t think clearly.
  4. Keep the enemy (that’s us folks) off balance with their propaganda war machine, their criminal banking system, fixed elections, spiralling debt and inflation, broken educational system, crumbling infrastructure, bad trade deals, UN created laws, fake diseases, etc.  

Need more proofs?

Here are some, the weekly numbers of deaths and adverse reactions (aka injuries) to the fake ‘vaccines’ they are trying to force inject in all human beings on the planet, including your children.

Only 1 to 10% adverse reactions & deaths are reported.

Approx. 50% of adverse reactions are serious injuries (myocarditis, pericarditis, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, miscarriage, Bell’s palsy). Many side effects become life lasting sicknesses.

In some countries like the UK, health workers are blackmailed, bullied and menaced to  lose their jobs into not reporting deaths and injuries. Which explains the abnormal high amount of injuries compared to the very low amount of deaths reported in the UK ‘yellow card’ system (if it was really a ‘yellow card’ system, the fake vaccines would have been removed from the market long ago).

Click here for full size:

In total, for the 6 regions above, USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, the UK, and most of Europe, the official reported numbers (not even 10% of the real numbers) are:

45,391 DEATHS

3, 027,970 INJURIES

Which means that even if we were to believe the fake death numbers they invented for their ‘covid’ disease, the so-called ‘vaccines’ would harm more than the disease itself.

Links to the official database for those who want to verify these facts:

Australia DAEN
Brazil Anvisa
Canada ASPC
EUSSR “eudravigilance” (sic)
UK MHRA “Yellow Card” (sic)


rotshchild owned bank burning in Paris on the left. On the right, the EUSSR ‘flag’ being torched by EUROPEANS.

Once we understand that we are the targets of an enslavement or extermination war against us, Humanity and that they will never stop until they have either ‘depopulated’ us and enslaved the rest, it’s quite clear what to do.

We need to fight them, refuse to obey to any of their demands, blackmail, menaces, fight back, then attack them and their vassals, make their lives hell,  destroy them and eradicate once and for all their ideologies and infrastructures (which mean ultimately to suppress or nationalize their debt machines, the central banks).

To fight them, we need to know who to fight and it’s very easy as they openly exposed themselves like never before:

All the globalists organizations and their lackeys: the UN, the EU, the WHO, the Bank of international settlements, the IMF, the WEF, the world bank, the Vatican, the windsors, the rothschild, soros, rockefellers, gates, bezos, zuckerberg,  bloomberg, the globalist and fascist corporations behind the covid scam or pushing it, google, amazon, twitter, the mainstream media (all of it), the think tanks and so-called foundations (rockefeller, soros, gates, cfr, wef, bilderberg etc… And of course all their vassal ‘governments’ and politicians from old timers like biden and merkel to those who have been educated and groomed by the globalists since an early age to wage the wars against Humanity, macron, kurz, trudeau, ardern, etc…

All these institutions, organizations and individuals are part of the globalist war machine deployed against Humanity. They maybe represent 2 to 5% of lackeys serving their 1% masters against the 95 to 97% of Humanity.

They are overwhelmed and this is something people don’t realize. Despite all their money, armies, media, polices and corporations, they are poweless compared to our numbers and we are all powerful. This is why they fear us.

Simple yet effective advices and yet not enough heeded by most people:


What is so difficult in saying no? They won’t let you to the movie, the restaurant or have you even tried to fight your way through?

In order to resist the coming totalitarian control grid, you must simply refuse to comply. Do not accept a national ID card/biometric ID based driver’s licenses; refuse to take a vaccine of any kind regardless of the propaganda you are fed; refuse to eat genetically modified food; do not accept voluntary sterilization to save the planet; and above all do not accept the implantable microchip. And educate the very young of the dangers these things represent and to say no.


It is important that we all recognize that the controllers require our passive acceptance and compliance to their agenda. We have been indoctrinated to accept that we cannot effect change and have been disengaged from our true power.

We are powerful and can make a difference and that is the truth.

Any fear you have has been created by your indoctrination and by choosing to act you can break it and discover and power and freedom you didn’t know was possible.

Choose to act as a powerful and positive force and do whatever you can to influence others whether it is on the internet or most importantly in person. Take to the streets and educate the public; organize with others of like mind and become enriched and empowered by the experience; inform those around you; participate in any general strikes that arise; and participate in local demonstrations that counter the agenda of the elite as it presents itself on the multiple fronts discussed on this site.

By acting you create the conditions by which we, the informed, caring and compassionate people of this world can defeat the social engineers and chart a new course in human history.

As an example: Since 12 weeks now the French, the Italians, Australians are fighting for their rights and against the agenda of the globalist vermin who control their mock governments. They are now joined by many other European countries in the fight against fascism:



New street protest against “health” restrictions in Ljubljana



So much for so-called ‘expert” who are feeding the public with the lies of their big pharma sponsors

Don’t be afraid to speak out – your voice and your thoughts are your true power. Share information, article you’ve read and films, videos you watched with those around you. Video is now the primary method by which most people consume information. It is a powerful weapon in you arsenal so use it whenever possible to persuade those around you.

Political Action

Gandhi and his countless supporters willingly spent time in jail to fight the hideous ‘laws’ of their oppressors. They eventually succeeded.

The opponents of freedom have been active for a very long time but it is not too late. We can still get involved and retake positions of political power in local, provincial and federal government. All it requires on the will to act and the determination to succeed.

Examples: Italy and Germany where new parties have been created to fight the corrupt establishment and their treacherous mock parties (like the controlled opposition parties : die linke in Germany, Lega, and 5 stars assholes in Italy).

Self Sufficiency / Independence

Gandhi weaving his own clothes and boycotting the oppressors manufactures, followed by millions in his political act of resistance. What will happen when we stop buying their products? They will beg on their knees for us to be back without a muzzle or a CATTLE ID!

You must do everything in your power to counter this and survive and thrive in the coming hardships so the knowledge you possess will survive and our ultimate victory over the elite sociopathic control freaks assured.

Plant gardens and grow your own food and encourage those around you to do the same;

buy/store emergency food supplies;

take protective measures to arm yourself in the event you need to act in self defense to safeguard yourself and your family;

ensure you have adequate access to water;

and buy physical gold and silver related assets to protect against the imminent hyperinflation planned by the bankers.


Trust your own intuition. Throw off the dogma given to you by organized religion and decide for yourself what is right and wrong – we all know it deep down.

Take the best from Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and other faiths that provide a foundation of ethical and moral behaviour and reject the current culture of moral relativism which will inevitably lead us all to destruction.

This was written decades ago and many should have listened to these sound advices earlier.



We Are Human, We Are Free
We would disagree for the orange ribbon as it singles you out or discriminate you (lie the yellow badge)

An initiative that resonate with what we have been saying AND DOING since the beginning of the covid coup, simple and clear messages that can be easily applied in real life and shared online and offline in leaflets, posters, banners or stickers.

198 Tactics of Nonviolent Action

Reference: Gene Sharp The Politics of Nonviolent Action, Part Two: The Methods of Nonviolent Action. Boston: Porter Sargent, 1973.

Assembly of activists in Tiananmen Square prior to Beijing massacre by the communist criminal regime of China, 1989.

199: BLOCADES (forgotten in this 1973 list) like Truckers are doing now in Italy, like they did in France and Australia to stop the ‘vax’ passport and forced jabbing. 

The Yellow Vest and other protesters in France also used to occupy the motorway tolls and open them to all traffic for free. Not only they hurt macron’s regimebut they managed to become very popular with the public who could take motorways for free.

Another popular action is the spraying or jamming of road radars by protesters (some even stole the radars or cut the highest ones with saws). The public was overwhelmingly supportive.

‘macron get lost!’ reads the sign

But some got caught because they were sometime careless and caught on CCTV.


One of the surveillance aparatus of the globalists

How they used lasers to avoid face recognition

Freelance journalist Alessandra Bocchi posted this video of protesters in Hong Kong using some kind of laser to target security forces’ cameras: it’s part of the #612strike movement’s stunning repertoire of /07/29/watch-how-hong-kong-protestors.html” improvised anti-police countermeasures, in a near-civil-war where /07/26/technology/hong-kong-protests-facial-recognition-surveillance.html” faces have become a battleground.

For a start, be anonymous. Any outdoor, sport, military surplus shop (preferably street shops, offline and paid with cash) that offers dark clothes, balaclavas, hoods, gloves, etc… No trademarks, recognizable signs or reflective bands, just neutral plain dark attire.

Clothing to stay anonymous, hide your face and body

How to Disable Security Cameras – From security experts Brinks…

Shutting down a security camera is as easy as bringing a flashlight.  A powerful LED flashlight can disable a security camera. Of course, this trick only works at night, when the LED light will blind the camera lens. But if someone is out to conduct a bit of illegal business during daylight hours, they can achieve much the same result with a simple laser.

Most security cameras will go completely blind and be all but disabled with either of these simple tricks.

Digital versus Hard-wired

If a camera is set up on a digital feed, then a little bit of  advanced digital tech knowledge  will help a crook shut down a camera before they even enter your property line. Some crooks will invest in what is called a jammer. This will cause the camera to go offline and stop recording for a set duration of time.


Of course, there are a few old-school ways to disable a camera too — and even the most inexperienced crook can figure this one out. Cameras only work when they have access to power. Disable the power source and you disable the camera. This may mean having to get up close for a minute or two to find out if it is battery or power-cord operate. Once you determine this, then the camera will be down for good.

Disabling Security Cameras with Lasers

There’s a really interesting video of protesters in Hong Kong using some sort of laser to disable security cameras. I know nothing more about the technologies involved.

Hong Kong protesters use lasers to blind security cameras


Watch how Hong Kong protestors neutralize police tear gas canisters

Protestors in Hong Kong have figured out how to extinguish tear gas canisters that police throw at them. They cover it with a traffic cone then pour water into the hole at the top of the cone, which stops the canister from emitting tear gas.

Truly awesome the way Hong Kongers deal with tear gas.#antiELAB #HongKongProtests” #BeWater — Alex Hofford (@alexhofford) July 28, 2019

How to tell whether a security camera is on

  1. And it can be pretty easy for you to tell. For example, most infrared security cameras will have visible red light at night.
  2. You can observe whether there is red light or wires connected to the cameras.

1. Observe whether the security camera is moving to see if it is on. If you install a pan tilt type security camera, you can see this type of security camera will rotate continuously when it’s on, and you would hear a distinct buzz when it’s rotating.

If you have set up the patrol/tour function of the pan-tilt IP camera, you can see it moving constantly so you will know if the CCTV camera is recording.

2. Check the status of the LEDs in the IP security cameras. If it’s an infrared IP security camera, you are able to see small red lights around the lens of the security camera in the dark, when this security camera is on. It’s also a quick way to tell if a security camera has night vision.

You can use a book or any covers to block the light falling on your security camera. If you see the lights turn red, it means that the security camera is on.

Side note: The security camera blinking red light is not always real. Remember that when a real security camera is on, it will only have red lights in very poor light conditions instead of blinking all the time day and night. (Further Reading: Why Security Cameras Have Red Lights)

4. Use electronic bug detectors. CCTV security cameras would produce what is called a balanced signal when they are on or in working status. A balanced signal is a video signal that has been converted for transmission along with a medium other than coaxial cable.

It’s also a pretty easy way to detect hidden cameras, or check if there are surveillance cameras are around.

CCTV IP security cameras (systems) would transmit higher energy radiation in their specified range. Thus you can use the electronic bug detectors to figure out the status of the IP security cameras.

5. Know if a CCTV is recording from its power indicator. Some IP cameras or wireless IP cameras have a status LED, so you can easily tell whether the camera is working or connected to WiFi properly.

6. Identify whether the security camera is real or fake. If it’s a fake security camera, it will never be on.

Below are some useful ways to help you solve the other part of your questions — how to tell if it’s a real or fake security camera.

Use LED lights

This strategy will only work if you are precise and quick. You need powerful lights to do it successfully. Also, this trick only works in enclosed spaces or at night. You need to know the exact location of the security camera.

Then you need to point the 2&linkId=a40dbec6031cce4bf3cafc82f9e29191&tag=rhp15920″ \t “_blank” LED lights to the camera’s lens. If you are successful in doing this technique, no one watching the video clip will recognize you. However, that person will know that someone is out there blinding the surveillance camera.

You must be able to hold the light steady because if the light beams drop from the lens, anyone watching the video will recognize you because your face will be visible. You can also put infrared LEDs on your clothing, hat, or headband. Another strategy is to wear an IR LED mask.

Use an infrared laser pointer

Aside from LED lights, you can also use an infrared laser that points to the security camera lens directly.

This strategy is less harsh than the first technique.

However, it requires more precision than the previous approach because the security cameras will capture the face of the laser pointer strays away from it even for a moment.

Unlike the first strategy, using the infrared laser works night time or daytime. Also, this approach only works if there is only one security camera (if more than one camera, you’ll be caught by the rest of them).

Cover the camera lens (such as spraying it)

Smear jelly onto the lens. Rub Vaseline, petroleum jelly, or another viscous substance onto the lens of the camera to make the picture come out blurry.

In a pinch, try using sticky-but-spreadable foodstuffs like butter, jam, and peanut butter. Be careful to coat the entire surface of the lens. Make sure that you aren’t caught on camera as you approach the recording device.

This approach is the least practical because the motion detection security cameras will capture your image sensor even before you can cover its lens..

Cut the wires

This method works if the neighbor is using a wired security system. You can cut the cables going to the camera (either the power cable or the data cable) and disable the camera.

Moreover, it’s gonna be very costly to replace a broken wire. However, be careful because this method is illegal and you may get into trouble.

Use a security camera jammer

A 20″camera jammer has various sizes. But, if you are wondering how it looks, it is like a TV remote control. A discrete and handy device can disrupt signals and security camera recordings.

Some models have GPS tracking and cell phone call blocker.


You can bring it wherever you go because you can put it in your bag or pocket. The camera jammer will disrupt signals, and you can go on with your activities in full privacy.

However, you must first determine the broadcast frequency of the surveillance cameras so you can purchase the right equipment to disrupt it.

How to Blind a Home Security Camera

This is the end result

Hackers, The Most Feared Burglars for Smart Homes

how to blind a cctv camera

These guides were found on various activist websites (whatever their political orientations, what matters are the advices).

Further links:

The Corporate War Against The Planet, People and Democracy

Hacking globalist infrastructures


The video seem to have been removed at this time…

If you still “don’t know what to do”…

More to come…

Reports From Draghistan, Macronistan And Other News

To our Australian sisters and brothers, Your salvation lies in your capacity to revolt, never ever give-up.

Massive demonstrations last weekend again against draghi and macron’s globalists dictatorships and against the NWO agenda of their puppet masters.

Australia, re-painting the fascist armed thugs with lively colors…

Which banana republic/dictatorship is worse,  the USA, Australia, Italy or France?


In the case of macron, he’s been (partially) elected unlike draghila (mario draghi) and #bananajoe (biden).

He’s been elected using corrupt judges to eliminate the man who would have won easily against him, Francois Fillon, a career politician, part of the system but too Catholic for macron’s pimps.

Thus, macron’s handlers used a corrupt justice to indict the then presidential candidate with an old and minor offence and Fillon finally gave-up the race, leaving rotschild’s whore facing national scarecrow, Marine Lepen.

As all the mainstream media in France, like in the USA are owned by a handful of people who all work for macron’s handlers, it was easy to demonize his main opponent and help install the current lackey in power.

Yet, macron won with only a tiny minority as the majority of French voters didn’t vote for him (they either abstained, put a blank vote or voted against Lepen).

As we know since election night, biden was never elected, the election was a gigantic fraud. Rigged electronic voting machines, mail-in voting (even dead people managed to vote), ballot replacement, media and establishment corruption, those  behind the fraud spared no trick to achieve their plan.

The real question is: Was Trump part of the scheme? After all, his administration was full of the same people who now parasite the highest levels of power and it is him who started ‘operation warp-speed’, the current mass genocide underway in the USA.

In the case of  mario draghila, a long time globalist puppet, 100% controlled by the financial mafia and a rothschild asset, the fraud is even more blatant.

Draghistan, il regime del ricatto: nessuno peggio di noi

mario draghila, the unelected globalist puppet of the banana republic of draghistan is now in big troubles as the Italians are waking-up and going for his throat.

This banking whore wasn’t elected, was uninvited, unwanted and hated by the vast majority of Italians and yet has been propelled “prime minister” in the most illegal and unconstitutional way, without any vote, debate or referendum.

It was a coup, like in the USA, but this time the globalist vermin didn’t even bother to organize a mock election.

Let’s not forget where draghila comes from: Bilderberg conference 2004 – Stresa, Italy 3-6 June 2004 – 50th anniversary I – Draghi, Mario – Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Goldman Sachs USA…

Of course, in Italy too mainstream media are controlled by a handful of criminals, obeying to the same monsters.

The (half) surprise was the betrayal of former ‘opponent’ Salvini and his ‘Lega’ party (now known as the league of turncoats), showing his real controlled opposition’s role.  These traitors along with the 5 star assholes now belong to the bins of history.

It’s going to be difficult for the globalist scum to bring in new fake opposition parties in the future and it shows to People that only a People movement controlled by its base can succeed in routing the globalist vermin.  

Since draghila has been installed as the official new dictator of Italy, he’s been trying to force the sick and destructive agenda of his puppet masters with forced genocidal injections, imposition of yellow badges called ‘green passports’, rampant discrimination, segregation, oppression, and police repression against the Italians.

Here is The vaccine-death-report, a must read from DAVID JOHN SORENSEN & DR. VLADIMIR ZELENKO MD.



The data shows that we are currently witnessing the greatest organized mass murder in the history of our world. The severity of this situation compels us to ask this critical question: will we rise up to the defense of billions of innocent people? Or will we permit personal profit over justice, and be complicit? Networks of lawyers all over the world are preparing class action lawsuits to prosecute all who are serving this criminal agenda. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are rising up against this criminal operation. To all who have been complicit so far, we say: There is still time to turn and choose the side of truth. Please make the right choice.

This is what the CDC healthcare fraud detection expert Jane Doe officialy stated in a sworn affidavit: 1

‘I have, over the last 25 years, developed over 100 distinct healthcare fraud detection algorithms, both in the public and private sector. (…) When the COVID-19 vaccine clearly became associated with patient death and harm, I was inclined to investigate the matter. It is my professional estimate that VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) database, while extremely useful, is under-reported by a conservative factor of at least 5. (…) and have assessed that the deaths occurring within 3 days of vaccination are higher than those reported in VAERS by a factor of at least 5.’

The CDC is also vastly underreporting other adverse events, like severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis). The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) reported that a study showed that the actual number of anaphylaxis is 50 to 120 times higher than claimed by the CDC. 2, 3 On top of that, a private researcher took a close look at the VAERS database, and tried looking up specific case-ID’s. He found countless examples where the original death records were deleted, and in some cases, the numbers have been switched for milder reactions. He says:

‘What the analysis of all the case numbers is telling us right now is that there’s approximately 150,000 cases that are missing, that were there, that are no longer there. The question is, are they all deaths?’ 4

“rochelle” walensky, the criminal director of the CDC. No doubts as to whom she really answers to… This despicable monster should be arrested, tried and executed in public for genocide and crimes vs Humanity.

Back to draghisatan or draghistan

Draghila globalist pimps want to punish Italians for having rebelled against the vermin of the EUSSR and to almost have succeeded in getting Italy out of the beast clutches. Only the treason of 5 stars assholes and now Salvini have derailed the ineluctable outcome of an Italexit

We remember that traitor Slavini was talking about leaving the ‘eurozone’, getting hold of Italian gold and put it at disposal of Italians. This is what triggered the move by rothschild ‘s whores of the 5 star assholes movement to betray their own ‘alliance’ government with Salvini  and his allies.

Heil covid! Is the new rallying cry of the brainless masses and their new masters (actually old ones).
draghila, would have been paraded in Adolf’s car in the 1930’s like his counterpart Mussolini…

Mussolini was hanged by Italians at the end of WW2. This is exactly what is waiting for mario draghila and should be done as soon as possible.

Central banks: Weapons of Mass Financial (and nations sovereignety) Destruction

As all central banks are private banks and instruments of control over the governments of almost every nations on earth (except Syria and Iran), by ‘nationalizing’ or eliminating these Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction, a country simply regains its independence.

By doing so, it also cancels the power globalist vermin/financial mafia has over a country, meaning they will hate you for this and try to destroy you if you don’t destroy them before.

The suppression or nationalization of central banks (which are said to be all owned by the rothschilds) along with the interdiction for a government to borrow money from private businesses, institutions or foreign ones would guarantee a nation’s independence, the end of rothschild’s control over money and therefore of its politicians.

This is how courageous leaders supported by the People, hit the mark in the past (Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the USA from 1829 to 1837, Abraham Lincoln (16th President of the USA),  and now need to strike more urgently than ever.

People need to elect the type of leaders who would fight for their country’s sovereignty.

Central banks: some rough ideas to get rid of them

Ideally, central banks like the federal reserve should be dismantled, or nationalized and their assets confiscated to be equally divided and allocated to all the (real) citizens of a country (excluding migrants, illegal aliens and all other foreigners imposed by globalist forces through immigration, family re-groupings, open borders and fake  ‘refugee crisis’).

To make sure that never again a group, monopoly, trust or a family like the rothschild could own these assets, the constitution should make sure that no eligible citizen will have the right to sell, give or get rid of its allocated part of the treasury, which will be then automatically inherited by their descendants generations after generations.

The governments in return will have the right to request loans from citizens in exchange of return on investments in the form of bonds that will both serve the state and pay the citizens back interest or dividend.

We need to involve ourselves in politics, found new parties and support new leaders who will propose these kinds of solutions to eliminate forever the control of an oligarchy of criminals over our nations.

As we are aware, globalists always finance both sides, either in wars or politics, right, left, marxists, fascists, republicans, democrats, north, south, etc…Thesis, antithesis in typical Hegelian fashion, to be sure to be the ones imposing their ‘synthesis’ (new world order, one world ‘governance’, ‘great reset’ or whatever they call it).

So, what are the news in the globalist led banana republic of draghistan and macronistan?

In dgrahistan first, where the new Mussolini is illegally trying to force inject the country with DNA altering poison from  big pharma criminals and enforce the new yellow badges of his puppet masters, strong and resolute resistance is building up quickly:

Sep 29 Second day of blocking in Italy against the soon compulsory “health” pass to be able to work. Truck drivers block the motorway at the Montecchio Maggiore tollbooth in the province of Vicenza. #Italy.

Nunzia Alessandra Schilirò, joint commander of Rome police forces calls Italian police to refuse to control the globalist-fascist paSS.

She’s not only courageous, putting her career in line, and showing she has more balls than many Italian men, she’s also 100% right.

She reminds Italy that the fascist ‘vax’ passport misnamed ‘green pass’ or’health’ pass’ for Italy (the EUSSR chosen name for the yellow badges they want to force on us) is illegal and violates the constitution, therefore police forces have the duty to refuse to enforce it!

Here is more about it from the ground, in Italian. It can be translated with various free online translators, deepl being the best at the moment  (don’t use google translator as they are one of the vermin corporations behind the coup).

Parla a tutti gli italiani il coraggio di “Nandra” Schilirò

Nunzia Alessandra Schilirò, joint commander of the Rome police forces calls to Italian policemento refuse to control the globalist fascist pass

Since globalists whore draghila started the genocidal campaign of its puppet masters, there has been a large number of demonstrations every single weekend (like in France) against his totalitarian regime in all Italian cities, mostly downplayed or ignored by the MSM prostitutes, but  largely reported elsewhere.

Italians are finally waking-up and rising
Milan, Rome, Trieste, Turin, the revolt is general and massive.

In case anyone would like to impersonate dictator draghila, here is its signature, found on the web very easily:

We are confident that some imaginative resistant might find a good use for it.

bankster hyena draghila with a Hitler mustache and a flag of the EUSSR junk money, the ‘euro’.
globalist whore draghila painted as Mussolini

The lynching and hanging of Mussolini in 1945. This is what is in store for you draghi!

Now to macronistan, aka France under globalist occupation.

First of all, rothschild’s lackey, emmanuelle macron received (again) another egg during a fair in Lyon. it missed the petty tyrant’s dickhead of a few centimetres and landed on his shoulder… Our last reports told us that the egg is fine

slapface macron is a magnet for eggs

Like in Stalin’s times they incarcerated the student who threw the egg and shouted ‘revolution!”   in a psychiatric hospital…

Fortunately, the egg was not injured by the collection of face diapered morons and cult members present at this event

It’s not the first time globalist whore macron is the (legitimate) target of French resistant and jokers alike, he was targeted with eggs countless times, he is generally booed when he dares to go out with his army of masked- morons bodyguards:

macron in Marseille, despite the complete lockdown of the Old-Port quarter, we clearly hear people booing and shouting ‘macron resignation!’. He’s not good for electoral campaigning. Here it’s Marseille, baby…

#Macron est accueilli à #Marseille et malgré le bouclage complet du quartier du vieux-port, on entend clairement #MacronDémission. Il est pas très bon, en campagnes électorales. Ici c’est Marseille bébé! — Blonde Poirson Aiphan (@BlondePoirson) September 1, 2021

And last June he also received a well deserved slap in the face:

Damien Tarel didn’t slap the globalists poodle too hard, but well enough to humiliate him in front of the country.

The hero , Damien Tarel , who humiliated macron had to spent 3 months in jail for his act of resistance and bravery,   and as soon as he was out told reporters that he didn’t regret anything and that it was deserved.

Damien, Hero of the French Resistance.

For the 11th week now, more than 300 demonstrations took place on Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th of September in almost 290 towns and cities everywhere in France.

And despite the lies and propaganda of the controlled media, the massive mobilisation continues…

Antibes (Cote d’Azur)

Mont-de-Marsan (South West)

Périgueux – South West

Strasbourg, Alsace – North East

And Paris: as every weekend since 11 weeks, 5 different demonstrations.

Paris – 14h – place de Barcelone (politique)
Paris – 13h (départ 14h) – place de la bourse
Paris – 13h – devant l’AFP

Paris – 12h – boulevard Diderot (gare de lyon)
Paris – 13h – place pierre Laroque ministère de la santé (blouses blanches) (mainly doctors, nurses and health professionals)

Paris: The mobilisation remains high

Article in French(mainly pictures), to translate full texts for free, you can use deepl.

Huge demonstrations again in Paris for the 11 th consecutive weekend, image:
The images spea for themselves

In ‘Book of the Jungle’, the snake tries to hypnotize Moogli, like the criminals try to hypnotize people with these words: “trust us, wear a mask, get jabbed, get a paSS”…

A message from the protesters to the lethargic and ignorant masses:

“You will thank the active minority when you realize that the ‘vaccines’ are ineffective, unsafe and provoke serious side effects and deaths that haven’t yet been reported.”

Obedient dogs, this is what many people have become.

Parents who may have believed the lies of their criminal ‘government’ & media, had their daughter murdered by criminals against humanity pfizer. The sign reads: “Laure-Helene – heart attack the next day. Our daughter, 42 years old, succumbed from pfizer therapeutic experiment (1st injection) on June 4th 2021”.

Scum of humanity,  albert bourla, pfizer vermin CEO must pay for his crimes. He deserves to be lynched by a mob and executed in public like Mussolini.

The demonstrations  in France since the beginning include both ‘vaccinated’ and unvaccinated protesters.  Again, criminal media propaganda tries to divide people between ‘antivax’ and ‘vaccinated’, even  accusing protesters of being ‘anti-Semites’, ‘neo-Nazis’ or ‘conspiracy theorists’  while people of all religious and political obedience are part of the protests.

These dividing attempts and accusations just confirm who feels guilty and who are the people behind the fake news media and behind the fake pandemic.

Nurses, doctors, health workers fired or suspended for refusing to inject experimental substances that they are well placed to know are harming and killing people on an unprecedented scale. Between being a genocide victim and losing a job, survival instinct dictates the choice.

This man with the traditional ‘Fleur de Lys’ French flag (Quebec’s actual flag and the French kings flag) holds a sign which reads: ” inoculators: Collabo dogs!”. Meaning people who jab others are complicit of the criminal government crimes.

A ‘collabo’ (from the word collaborator) is someone who helped the German invaders during WW2 and helped the Nazi and their servants arresting, killing, oppressing French people or rounding-up resistant, Jews and opponents to send them to concentration camps. 

The modern ‘collabos’ include snitches who denounce people who refuse to comply with the globalist takeover disguised as a ‘pandemic’, it also include all the daily criminals who force inject other people, the ‘celebrities’ who advertise the jabs,the lying media, criminal politicians, corrupt scientists and doctors, and all those who participate in the largest crime against humanity of all times. While some still think sincerely (despite the evidences) that they are doing this for the ‘common good’, many know they are collaborating with evil and do so willingly.

Francis Lalanne, a famous French singer speaks during the protest in Reims (North east)

Bravo à Avignon !! Vive les résistants !! Nous sommes le peuple et le peuple va redevenir souverain !! Vive la France !! #NousSavons #NousSommesDesMillions #Manifs25septembre
Vivre Sainement— KARIM (@KARIMAMARKHODJ1) September 25, 2021

Congrats Avignon (South East), Long live the resistance!! We are the People and The People will become Sovereign again!! Long live France! #Wenow! #WeAreMillions
Live healthily — KARIM (@KARIMAMARKHODJ1) September 25, 2021

Aix en Provence (South East)

Toulouse (South West)
11eme samedi de manifestation. #Manifs25septembre — Michael (@les3chatons) September 25, 2021

LILLE (North) – DES MILLIERS DE MANIFESTANTS#Lille #Manifs25septembre #PassSanitaire @ActusMondial — Didier (@LetItShine69) September 25, 2021

Quimper (North West, Britannny)
11ème samedi de mobilisation des #antipass dans les rues de #quimper pour #manif25septembre contre le #PassDeLaHonte #NonAuPasseDeLaHonte #ObligationVaccinale #Manifestation25septembre #PasseSanitaire — SLC (@salutlescocos) September 25, 2021

In Nice, the local mayor, C. Estrosi, one of the most corrupt politician in France received a visit from the demonstrators at his home. (because he ordered the protests not to take place in the city) . For this time, due to heavy police presence and violence, Estrosi escaped the crowd’s anger, we will see how long this scumbag and the likes of him escape their destiny.

Nice (Cote d’Azur)
Le maire de Nice Christian Estrosi s’en tire avec un petit coup de chaud :
La situation commence à être tendue près de la résidence de Christian #Estrosi à #Nice. Des gaz lacrymogènes sont utilisés contre les manifestants. (Telegram) #manifestation25septembre #manifs25septembre — Anonyme Citoyen (@AnonymeCitoyen) September 25, 2021

Next time maybe, estrosi head will serve as the paysant forks ornement?

But it’s not only protesters that are going after the dying globalist regime, comedians, artists and visionaries are now openly exposing the ’emperors’ without clothes.

Who else than Michel-Ange Flori could better describe what globalist lackey macron really is. And even the comparison to Hitler is too good for a narcissist psychopath like macron. Maybe a cockroach with Pol Pot’s head and rothschild claws would better suit the petty tyrant.

macron as Adolf Hitler by Michel-Ange Flori, the Bilboard Artist

Existe t-il un vaccin contre la macronite aigüe ? La France va t-elle devenir le Macronistan ?
— Flori Michel-Ange (@MichelFlori) July 16, 2021

Is there a vaccine against ‘macronite’? Is france to become the ‘macronistan’ wrote Michel-Ange Flori on the 16th of July. It was a premonition.

Michel-Ange Flori was condemned by a corrupt judge to pay 10,000 euro for his caricature whereas no laws forbid caricaturing even the ‘president’ in France. This is how evil the establishment has become in what can only be called a dictatorship. Flori appealed the ‘decision’.


However, far from abidcating in the fight against tyranny, the Billboard king replied in kind last week:

” Even the Australians don’t want him”

the small kinglet had no clothes, it was about time somebody told him

The panel reads: ‘The Kangooroo of His Eminence‘ (Translation: The underwear of his majesty)

Michel-Ange Flori comment reads: “even the Australians don’t want him”

Reference to the $90 billion submarine contract scrapped last  minute by Australian globalist lackey  morrison from the claws of globalist puppet macron.

It’s always a pleasure to see globalist little whores fight between each others.

‘Eminence”: a French brand of underwear for men, also a title for a noble (his majesty)

‘Kangaroo”: a very old fashioned style of underwear for men (named so because of the wide pockets on the sides), depicted here on the bilboard.

The reactions in France were unanimous, macron was, is and remains the laughing stock of the country :


Cassandre Tristot with the famous sign she displayed exposing the names of many of the criminals behind the current dictatorship, the fake pandemic and many other crimes against humanity. #JESUISCASSANDRE


Let’s not forget Cassandre Tristot, a young lady victim of the pimps who control macron, because she dared to expose them and write their names on a cardboard during a protest.

Here are their names again and yes they are all guilty of crimes against humanity and for many it didn’t start with the fake pandemic:

jacques attali, one of the biggest career criminal in France, trying to destroy the country and its people since decades. He is one of macron main handlers, macron really is his creature or rather his little bitch.

This interview from 1981 proves that he and his acolytes had planned a fake pandemic for decades : “The stupid will believe it and ask to be treated”: ‘Pandemic’ to DePopulate – 1981

bhl: bernard henry levy, a pseudo intellectual whose goal like his other partners in crime has always been to undermine France, western values, sovereignty, people’s rights, French and European nationalism while being himself a nationalist fanatic for zionism and Israel.

laurent fabius: former ‘health’ minister responsible of the death of thousands of French people  when his services took blood using contaminated syringes knowwingly. While guilty he never paid for his crimes, he used a proxy to be sent to jail in his stead. Like attali he is trying to destroy France and its people since decades. He is now ‘president’ of the Constitutional Counsel’ an institution whose original role was to protect the constitution until it was filled by corrupt politicians (most members were nominated by macron).  The Constitutional Counsel’ ‘authorized’ the fascist ‘vax’ passports in complete violations of international treaties, French laws, human right legislations and the French constitution. This joke of a ‘Constitutional Counsel’ is now fully discredited.

drahi: owner of the TV channel BFM, which broadcast lies and propaganda 24/7. He was instrumental in the election manipulations of 2017 that saw rothschild’s employee macron come to power.

george soros (the criminal billionaire), klaus schwab (aka Dr Evil from the world economic forum), fergusson (the crook whose fake models helped the imposition of lockdowns, masks, etc…) 

rothschild: the rothschild are probably the biggest criminals of all times, always acting behind the scene, never doing the dirty works themselves, financing all sides of wars, conflicts and crimes against humanity (including Marx, lenin or Hitler). They alegedly own all the world central banks (except Syria and Iran) Is it true? They are involved in most of the largest crisis, war crimes and genocides since almost 250 years.

1849: Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife dies. Before her death she would nonchalantly state, “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”

macron, veran (current death minister), buzyn (former death minister), attal, salomon: all part of macron’s regime.

But as they obviously felt the heat with people starting to openly expose the truth about their criminal activities, they used the old trick of the Jew card to try to silence the critics by stamping them as anti-semites and launching a mock trial against CASSANDRE TRISTOT.

This is the same trick used by zionists and the fascist regime of Israel to silence the truth about their crimes.

These criminals don’t hesitate to kill their own people and other Jews to advance their agendas as they are doing right know in Israel by oppressing, force injecting and killing , and enslaving the population with the help of mass murderer albert bourla (a Jew) from pfizer. Because, as soon as they will have done it in Israel, they will do it everywhere. This is how they did since the beginning of the fake pandemic and how they plan it for the future.

If we let them do!

Globalist vermin are now also facing revolts in Israel

Cassandre Tristot was thus condemned through a mock trial by corrupt judges (same as Michel-Ange Flori) and was made ineligible for 3 years (she’s a teacher and might lose her job).

But she gained widespread support, recognition and helped spread the truth widely. She became one of the heroin of the resistance movement in France and internationally.

Further revolts worlwide against the globalist scum and their NWO

Australia – The solution

Well Done Aussie! In France, the Yellow Vests used the CACATOV in 2019 (balloons filled with shit, the cops were running like rabbits), Australians use balloons filled with paint. Brilliant!


Not much to see on this picture






No thanks, I don’t belong to your cult


Back With Numbers

“Gott lasse nicht zu” by Andreas Prediger about the Volga Germans genocides in the USSR

Power gradually extirpates for the mind every humane and gentle virtue.
—-Edmund Burke. A Vindication of Natural Society

Power, like a desolating pestilence, Pollutes whatever it touches.
—-Shelley. Queen Mab III

Power tends to corrupt;  absolute power corrupts absolutely.
—- Lord Acton. Letter to Bishop Creighton

Forced or coerced ‘vaccinations’ are crimes against humanity. Period.

And the criminals who are pushing this now it perfectly.

UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Right, 2005

Like the Nuremberg Code or the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the criminals behind the covid COUP are violating the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Right of 2005 and they now it.


Even a scumbag and senile demented pedophile like biden knows that and the USA as welll are bound by such treaties. So all his ‘executive’ tantrums are VOID, or rather worth approx. a few grams of horseshit.

Full document here:

UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Right, 2005

To download:

Many people have good intention and assume others too, even their so-called ‘leaders’.

Because of misinformation, indifference, obliviousness, laziness, cowardice, ineptitude, weakness, ignorance, naivety or whatever reason, many people think their governments “would never do such horrible things” as trying to exterminate and enslave them and their children. They mistakenly think that this level of evil is not possible.

Many dismiss the reality (often as ‘conspiracy theories’) that their mock ‘governments’ are in fact serving psychopaths in the shadows with an agenda.

Most people would rather sleep better at night and avoid the effort to fight evil than face reality, and some will spend all their lives in complete ignorance of the real world they have been sleep-walking in.

Today, it goes to the point that many would rather have their kids murdered or enslaved than rising-up and fight.

History is full of examples of governments exterminating, enslaving, stealing, destroying People’s lives, for various reasons, often for lust of power and money or ideology, because they were evil enough to do so, and because nobody really opposed them. And because people who helped these monsters were made to believe they were doing good, even when committing the worst atrocities.

When good people allow evil to run free, this is what happens.

History also shows that people, often went to the slaughterhouse without lifting one finger or ushering a complaint… Some even never noticed until it was too late (gas chambers, gulag, etc…).

Here is a non-exhaustive list of genocides that happened in modern human history (in the last 100 years or so), some very recently.

What is happening since March 2020 has happened before in Bolshevik Russia, communist Cambodia, communist China (and is still happening there today ), Nazi Germany, Rwanda, and a lot of other countries.

The outcome were invariably and always are massive genocides.  And it is exactly what they plan and what they are doing since march 2020.

What is Genocide?

Stacked skulls, the totemic image of
Cambodia’s killing fields

Genocide is defined as an act committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group (extended nowadays to include democide) .

The term ‘genocide’ was coined in 1944 by the Polish-Jewish lawyer Raphael Lemkin  in his book Axis Rule in Occupied Europe. In creating the term ‘genocide’, Lemkin intended to more clearly define the crime of mass murder of groups of people and to raise awareness of it.

Genocide became a crime in itself following the adoption of the ‘Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide’ by the United Nations General Assembly on 9 December 1948, as result of the events of the Holocaust.

The Convention came into force on 12 January 1951 (meaning your country’s government is bound by it).

Various different acts are defined in the convention as acts of genocide, including:

  1. Killing members of a group (like killing elderly, sick, fragile people in care homes or hospitals like it has been done in the UK, USA, France and other countries since March 2020).

The Stages of Genocide

In 1987, Gregory Stanton, a professor of law, published a paper which explored how genocides develop and unfold.

In his original work, Stanton identified eight key stages which resulted in acts of genocide. According to Stanton’s model, some of these stages can happen at the same time or in a different order.

In 2012, Stanton expanded on these ideas, and added two further stages (Discrimination and Persecution) to make ten. According to Stanton’s current model, therefore, the stages of genocide are as follows:

  1. Classification – Dividing people into ‘them’ and ‘us’ (the ‘vaccinated’ VS ‘unvaccinated” . People submitting to tyranny vs People fighting for their rights and freedom, aware vs unaware, etc…)
  • Symbolisation – Forcing groups to wear or be associated with symbols which identify them as different (forced masking, “vax “passports”, bracelet of colours in some places for those who are not injected, etc…).
  • Dehumanisation – To deny the humanity of one group, and associate them with animals or diseases in order to belittle them. (Associating all freedom lovers, real democrats and those who refuse to be injected with a ‘disease’ (that exists only in brainwashed people’s heads)  and deny them Humanity.
  1. Denial – Denial of any crimes. This does not necessarily mean denying that the acts of murder happened, but denying that these acts were a crime, and were in fact justified (crimes ‘justified’ by the corrupt media and criminal politicians because of the use of a fake “pandemic”, pretending that their deadly ‘vaccines’ are safe while they kill and harm millions).

Stanton hoped that by identifying these stages it would be easier to recognise genocide before it took place and thus stop it from happening.

Stanton didn’t expect that organizations such as the UN, would be one of the culprits behind the genocides, he also didn’t see that one day, a handful of billionaire psychopaths could control most governments and institutions on earth and make them commit crimes on a global scale like never seen before in history.

Behind the gates, fauci, biden, turd-eau, macron, draghi of this world are these criminals, the rothschilds & the rockefellers UN general secretary of the UN, globalist puppet guterres, one of the vermin behind the global coup disguised as a ‘pandemic’.


  • The Russian genocide, Lenin, Stalin, Holodomor, famines, gulag, mass murders in the USSR
  • The Armenian and Christian genocide
  • The European genocide (from Dachau to Dresden), the Holocaust,  and Japanese genocide (Hiroshima, Nagasaki)
  • The Tibetan and Chinese genocides (still ongoing today)
  • The Cambodian genocide
  • The fake pandemic  and its subsequent and current genocide

1/ The Russian genocide

Lenin, one of the most vicious criminal and mass murderer of all times

Victims of Soviet genocide Mass murder of a type never before seen in human history was carried out in Russia by the Soviet government from 1917 until roughly 1953 (until 1991 when the USSR crumbled we would say). That was the world’s first modern holocaust, i.e. the systematic murder of millions of people by a government.

The Soviet holocaust began years before the Nazis committed their holocaust [1]. (inexact, the first real holocaust of the 20th century was the Boers genocide committed by the British (Under Kitchener) in South Africa in 1905, it is also them who invented modern concentration and death camps).

After communists created the Soviet Union, they murdered or oppressed anyone who opposed them, or might oppose them in the future. The result was a 36-year campaign of bloodshed and chaos.

Bolshevik genocides

Unspeakable act of terror and barbarism were committed by the soviet regime from 1917 to the end of the USSR in the 1990’s. It never started with stalin, never stopped with his death.

Gun Control and Genocide

To the victims of Communism: lest we forget

Genocide in Soviet Karelia: Stalin’s Terror and the Finns of Soviet Karelia

Katyn – The genocide committed by Stalin

Stalin’s Genocides

The Soviet Famines: A Stalinist Genocide

German Volga genocide

The Gulag Archipalego by Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, the man who destroyed the USSR and communism with one book: A must read for anyone who want to understand the scale of marxist terror in Russia.

The Gulag Archipalego by Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, the real life of the millions of mostly innocent people who were sent to the gulag. Millions died in these communist death camps.

2. The Armenian and Christian genocide

Armenian National Institute

Armenian Genocide museum-institute

Armenocide – Documents from State and Private Archives

This genocide was committed by the Turks who murdered between 1 million and 1.5 million Armenian Christians (and other Christians) between 1915 and 1917.

Armenian Christian women crucified, 1915

3. The European genocide (from Verdun to Dresden), the Holocaust,  and Japanese genocide (Hiroshima, Nagasaki)

WW1 and WW2 were both European genocides.

Both wars resulted in millions of deaths everywhere in Europe, most of them civilians. Europe and Western civilization never really recovered from these disasters. Many of the best men and women perished during both wars.

The Holocaust is very well documented and acknowledged to the point of having become a well oiled business for some and to the point of caricature and absurdity (a lot of lobbies are now using it to silence any critics of the neo-Nazi government of  Israel and Zionist organizations). So we won’t dwell on it.

Less documented are the two biggest war crimes of WW2, perpetrated by two war criminals wrongly presented as ‘heroes’: warmonger W. Churchill and US president Harry S. Truman.

The first genocide committed by these two war criminals was Dresden, where they directly gave orders to exterminate more than 200,000 German civilians. 

Something the Germans have been very quick to forget while being subjected to more than 70 years of permanent bashing, self-flagellation and guilt because of one mad Austrian. Strangely, the same people today find no issue when forced to wear muzzles and to get forced injected. The same propaganda used by Nazi is now used again ‘for your safety’ by the merel dictatorship and the descendants comply as much as their forebears did.

The second genocide committed by truman was to order the extermination of hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The most horrible thing about these crimes against humanity is that none were necessary to win the war as both the Germans and Japanese had lost the war already, none of the cities were militarized, and both were about to surrender. 

These two crimes against humanity were pure act of evil against innocent civilians, and in one case just to test how atomic bombs were working.

It reminds us that today, they do the same with their fake ‘vaccines’, they just test it on People, on a larger scale.

Dresden – The Worst War Crime Of WWII – 600,000 Dead

GeneralFeldMarschall Keitel said 600,000 were killed in Dresden.” – Randulf Johan Hansen¨

The holocaust unleashed on Dresden had no strategic or tactical advantage whatsoever for the Americans or the British. Dresden was one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, dubbed the “Florence of the Elbe” because of its world-renowned collection of Baroque architecture.

It was known as a show-place of culture. It had no military bases, no major communication centers or heavy industry. It had no air defense. In the last months of the war, it was known as “Die Lazarettstadt” – it had been declared a hospital town. It was also known as the “Fluechtlingsstadt” – the City of the Refugees.

Norman Stone, Professor of Modern History at Oxford, wrote in the Daily Mail:

“Already, by 1944, it should have been clear to most people in the government that we would have to deal with . . . Germans once victory had been won .

We went on bombing German cities months and months after it had been clear that we would win, and that Stalin would be as potentially deadly an enemy. Some of the bombing was just pointless. In the last days of the war, we struck at the old gingerbread towns south of Wurzburg, where there was no military target at all . . . just refugees, women and children. Of these acts of gratuitous sadism, the worst was the bombing of Dresden.”

The Dresden Firestorm Massacre Was A Botched Allied Mission If The ‘Official’ Death Toll Is To Be Believed & The Victims Are Conveniently Vaporized From History

History is never what we’ve been told by the victors

The Hiroshima Myth: American Genocide In The Twentieth Century

Hiroshima: The forgotten genocide

Hiroshima: America’s Crime and Ruthless Genocide

The Hiroshima And Nagasaki Genocide History Essay

The Hiroshima atomic attack was an act of genocide on August 6, 1945, which among many other crimes such as the gratuitous extermination of Nagasaki three days later, on August 9, has always caused me to question the bombastic hypocrisy of this country.

4. The Tibetan and Chinese genocides (still ongoing today)

Decades of occupation, mass murders and atrocities in Tibet committed by the evil Chinese communist regime

Communist china is one of the most vicious, brutal and murderous dictatorship on earth.

The Tibetan Genocide (part I)

Genocide in the 20th Century: Massacres in Tibet: 1966-76

Starting in 1949, Tibet was invaded by 35,000 Chinese troops who systematically raped, tortured and murdered an estimated 1.2 million Tibetans, one-fifth of the country’s population.

Since then over 6000 monasteries have been destroyed, and thousands of Tibetans have been imprisoned. According to different sources, it is estimated that up to 260,000 people died in prisons and labor camps between 1950 and 1984.

Records show that between 1949 and 1979 the following deaths occurred:

  • 173,221 Tibetans died after being tortured in prison.
  • 156,758 Tibetans were executed by the Chinese.
  • 432,705 Tibetans were killed while fighting Chinese occupation.
  • 342,970 Tibetans have starved to death.
  • 92,731 Tibetans were publicly tortured to death.
  • 9,002 Tibetans committed suicide.

5 Moving Tibetan Genocide Facts, Statistics & Timeline

Now, since decades the communist vermin are replacing the Tibetan population and monks  with Chinese ethnic Hans, yet another genocidal ‘technique consisting of transforming Tibet ancient ethnic majority into a minority in their own country, doubled with cultural genocide to wipe Tibet and its civilization out of the map. 

The same technique is used in Europe and now in the USA, where globalists created the fake ‘refuge crisis’ of 2015 (after their regime changes attempts in Syria, Libya and their creation of ‘isis’) to swarm Europe with invading armies of muslim settlers.

Another European genocide in the making, led by the usual criminals, the UN, george soros, the EUSSR and other globalist vermins, the fake ‘refugee’ crisis was manufactured to ‘undermine the homogeneity’ of European communities. In other terms, to replace the European populations.

The goal was to  destroy the homogeneity of local communities (as the globalist fat larvae who fortunately died of a well-deserved cancer, p. sutherland planned for Europe), to put the European population under permanent terror from the rapists, criminal hordes & terrorists and to eventually replace the European stock with the scum of humanity.

As usual, the globalist scumbags are helped by local useful idiots who are too stupid to see they are helping their own destruction.

To come back to communist china, the sick butcher known as Mao Zedung used the same techniques used by Bolsheviks in Russia to exterminate his own population.

As a result, tens of millions died from forced famine, death camps, slave labour and outright assassinations. A specialty in modern communist china is to make dissidents ‘disappear’. 

Another proof that most Western leaders are criminals is the absolute admiration they have for this repugnant dictatorship.

The goal of globalist whores in most of our mock governments is to copy what communist china does, from ‘social credit’ to concentration camps, and their totalitarian society where state capitalism (aka fascism) is the norm for the happy few, while communism and abject poverty will be the norm for the unwashed masses.

The EUSSR is a typical example, a mix between the USSR and communist china, crony capitalism / corporate fascism on one side and communist dictatorship on the other.

The Legacy of Mao Zedong is Mass Murder

Can you name the greatest mass murderer of the 20th century? No, it wasn’t Hitler or Stalin. It was Mao Zedong.

According to the authoritative “Black Book of Communism,” an estimated 65 million Chinese died as a result of Mao’s repeated, merciless (and failed) attempts to create a new “socialist” China. Anyone who got in his way was done away with — by execution, imprisonment or forced famine.

Mao Tse-tung’s “Cultural Revolution” (sic)

October 1, 1949 marked Mao Tse-tung’s proclamation of the People’s Republic of China. The Chinese Communist Party launched numerous movements to systematically destroy the traditional Chinese social and political system.

In 1958, he launched the “Great Leap Forward” (sic) campaign.  This act was aimed at accomplishing economic and technical development of the country at a faster pace and with greater results. Instead, the “Great Leap Forward” destroyed the agricultural system, causing a terrible famine in which 27 million people starved to death.

Xi Jinping Openly Attributes His Genocidal Tyranny To Marxism

Chinese President Xi Jinping asserts that the Communist Party and its socialist ideology are the primary drivers of his policies, which include slave labor, rape, and torture.

Anyone who thinks Marxism-Leninism is an incidental factor in the governance of Communist China should read the address of Chinese President Xi Jinping marking the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

5. The Cambodian genocide

An exhumed mass grave in Cambodia yields skeletons of the executed. October 10, 1981. —David Allen Harvey/National Geographic Creative

Yet another example of marxist ideology applied to real life. People in the West, who think “communism is cool”, should maybe open a book once in their life, a history book about what marxists did in Cambodia to their own people.

The Cambodian Genocide

The Cambodian Genocide was the murder of between 1,500,000 and 3,000,000 Cambodians by the Khmer Rouge (the popular name for the Communist Party of Kampuchea [CPK]), between 1975 and 1979.

33 Haunting Photos From The Killing Fields Of The Cambodian Genocide

Few horrors compare to the killing fields of the Cambodian genocide.

Over four short years, from 1975 to 1979, Pol Pot and the communists Khmer Rouge systematically exterminated up to 3 million people.

The people of Cambodia had to live in fear, knowing that they might be the next one dragged out to the killing fields. The chances of being chosen were indeed high – by the end of the massacre, the Khmer Rouge had wiped out nearly 25 percent of the population.

Rings a bell?

All the assholes who want to force inject their own people with experimental and deadly gene altering poison, all those who collaborate with the global coup disguised as a ‘pandemic’, all those who do nothing while they know about what is going on in nursing homes, care facilities, and the health system (yes nurses and doctors, you are guilty and responsible).

All the little neo-Nazi kapos who enforce the fascist diktats of vermin like biden, merkel,  trudeau, macron, draghi by refusing entry to people into hospitals, shops, businesses, leisure facilities just because they don’t have the modern yellow badge with a QR code, yes you assholes, are guilty and responsible of crimes again humanity and genocide.

Be ready one  day to pay for your crimes.

 Which brings us to the current genocide, this time targeting all of humanity:

6. The fake pandemic, depopulating and enslaving mankind using a ‘virus’ to advance the ‘new world order’ agenda.

Ukraine last week , Thw Worldwide Demonstrations. Calling things by their real names.

The ongoing genocide and biggest massive crime ever committed against humanity.

Like Hitler, Stalin, Pol pot, mao or lenin before, they want to impose on us their  ‘new world order’. A sick world where a tiny self-titled ‘elite’ will decide on all aspect of our lives, including complete control of our bodies and minds.

The excuse of why they do it being to save the planet or for ‘climate change’ is bullshit and yet another scam, there are no excuses for  their crimes.

As we write, they are injecting people with susbtances that kill, harm and will kill and harm even more in the near future. Same susbtances are used to create total surveillance societies, to discriminate, segregate, exclude, ostracize, divide and prpare for further genocides.

Again, coerced or forced ‘vaccinations’ are illegal and crimes against Humanity.



In any cases, this is a genocide as any substance causing so many deaths and injuries should have been removed long time ago from the market. Instead, the criminals behind this genocide are pushing to have even more victims injected.


caused BY EXPERIMENTAL INJECTIONS FROM criminals Pfizer-Biontech, Moderna  AND J&J Janssen

EUSSR: 26,041 FATAL REACTIONS, 5,475 DEATHS with ID, 988,544 INJURIES (reported)


The soviet style database for ‘adverse reactions’ gives two different types of deaths: FATAL REACTIONS and DEATHS (with ID). Everything to confuse and hide the reality…

How do we get the numbers for the EUSSR:

Instead of compiling all injuries and deaths, the soviet style EUSSR database ‘eudravigilance” (sic) (from the corrupt EMA)

divide fatal reactions (deaths) by 27 different reaction groups for each manufacturer.

Example below, mode-RNA, (the criminal corporation partly funded by murderer vermin bill gates), has 744 FATAL REACTIONS in the ‘CARDIAC DISORDER’ reaction group. To find out how many people mode-RNA murdered, one needs to check the number of FATAL REACTIONS for each of the 27 different REACTION GROUP….

To obtain the total of FATAL REACTIONS for all 4 criminal manufacturers, one needs to add the total of the 27 different FATAL REACTIONS for each drug maker…

The graph below is very interesting. It gives the number of SERIOUS ADVERSE REACTIONS vs NON-SERIOUS ADVERSE REACTIONS.

1/ So not only people are dying by the thousands, but the VAST MAJORITY of ADVERSE REACTIONS are SERIOUS ONES (paralysis for life, heart problems for life, chronic diseases for life, etc…).

2/ It also gives the kind of diseases people get after being injected and what type of diseases will they be sick and die from in the near future:

In purple are the serious reactions. In red, the non-serious reactions, all by type of reaction group (cardiac disorder, vascular disorders are different reaction groups).

When injured, most victims & families are and will be told lies by “health” professionals who injected them (as they are guilty and responsible,  for fear of legal liabilities and possible reprisals).

And most people won’t even make the link between their kidney failure or the cancer they will get in few months/years and the substance they got injected today.

Another telling report found on the EUSSR/EMA ‘eudravigilance’ is the DEATH and INJURIES (PC name: adverse reactions) progression week after week. As we can see, it doesn’t decrease, the more people get jabbed, the more they get sick and die.

Line Listing Reports (for Deaths with ID)25/09/21

Fatal Reactions Summary – 25/09/21



In the UK, even more than anywhere else, the ‘adverse reactions’, especially the deaths are simply not reported or largely under reported.

And remember, these are the numbers given by the very people who have no interest in giving real numbers. This is only the tip of the iceberg.


A quantitative data analyst has compiled data from Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center and published a video showing a dramatic spike in alleged ‘Covid-19 deaths’ after the introduction of the experimental Covid-19 injections in over forty different countries.

Back in February we highlighted how care home deaths allegedly due to Covid-19 had increased by 240% between January 10th and January 29th 2021, despite 95% of all care home residents having been vaccinated by January 27th.

The first Covid-19 vaccine was administered in the UK on December 8th 2020, and as you can see from the above graph, alleged ‘Covid-19 deaths’ had begun to decline prior to this date. However, once the Covid-19 injection roll-out began to pick up pace the number of “Covid-19 deaths” began to rapidly rise again.  

Joel Smalley, a quantitative data analyst has published a video which proves this phenomenon didn’t just occur in the UK, but in over 40 countries.

The video shows weekly Covid-19 deaths per country, before and after Covid-19 vaccination campaigns began, and each country seems to have suffered a huge spike in Covid-19 deaths following the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine.

See for yourself in the video below –

Whatever we do, we will have to finally fight these criminals if we want to survive, and not with peaceful protests.

A word of advice and popular wisdom from one of our readers:

Even some very compliant and not very bright sheeple have noticed: every time there is an area or region that rebels against the globalist takeover, our rights and freedom violations, suddenly the local puppets in ‘government’ declare a new lockdown, or curfew or some bullshit ‘health emergency‘ in the area concerned.

Make no mistake, this is done to punish those who dare to revolt and affirm their undeniable rights. This is the stick in their stick and carrot manipulation game.

There are even sheeple who implore you not to protests or scorn protesters for fear of reprisals (‘because they will do another curfew or lockdown’, oh my God). These people don’t even think about just disobeying instead of being good little obedient bitches… Pathetic…

Once you know this, then you know how to fight it:

Disobey, don’t comply! And if they declare one of their illegal lockdown or curfew or whatever they do to ‘train’ their Pavlov dogs and torture people, go out as much as you can, day and night, meet and hug friends and family, and just tell them and the pathetic cowards who submit to all their tantrums to to go fuck themselves.

Do Not Get Injected With Their Poison

Even if you made the mistake or were ‘forced’ to get jabbed for “economic” reasons (blackmail from your ciminal employer or scumbags like biden, trudeau, macron, morrison, etc…)

Following a tip from one of our readers, here is a study from Doctors for Covid Ethics

The Dangers of Booster Shots and COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’: Boosting Blood Clots and Leaky Vessels

by Doctors for Covid Ethics :

The Dangers of Booster Shots and COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’: Boosting Blood Clots and Leaky Vessels

New discoveries in the immunology of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 ‘vaccines’

What happens inside your body after injection with gene-based COVID-19 vaccines? How does this new ‘vaccination’ technology differ from usual vaccination methods, and why is that dangerous?

In this document, we answer all those questions and more, based on the latest and best available science. We explain how several papers in 2021 significantly advanced our understanding of SARS-CoV-2 immunity, and therefore the science and safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

Unfortunately, as the COVID-19 vaccination programme has followed a policy of ‘vaccinate first – research later’, our understanding of SARS-CoV-2 immunity has only recently caught up with the rushed vaccination schedule.

Given that no clinical trials involved more than two injections of any vaccine, it is important that doctors and patients understand where the latest science leaves us in terms of how the vaccines interact with the immune system, and the implications for booster shots.

We explain here that booster shots are uniquely dangerous, in a way that is unprecedented in the history of vaccines. That is because repeatedly boosting the immune response will repeatedly boost the intensity of self-to-self attack.

Please take the time to read this important information, and share.

The findings are presented in summary form for those who would like an overview, followed by an explanation of the underlying immunology for those who wish to understand in more detail.

Link to the full document.

ALSO, FROM THE SAME Doctors for Covid Ethics

Notices of Liability for Vaccine Harm and Death Sent to the EMA and all Members of the European Parliament – Sep 13, 2021


We believe these corrupt criminals don’t give a damn, they think they are shielded from liability by the psychopaths behind the coup, but they are not exempt of RETALIATION and PEOPLE’S JUSTICE.


Don’t let them get away with their crimes, never ever vote for criminals like that again (that is if you vote).

And emer cooke, the big pharma shill heading the corrupt and criminal EMA, ‘European Medicine Agency‘ who ‘authorized’ the deadly susbtances from mass murderers pifzer, mode-RNA, astrazeneca and J&J posing as “vaccines”.

And as we are at it, here is the complaint sent to the International Criminal Court (ICC) made against the scumbags composing the French mock of a government (miss emmanuelle’s petty dictatorship) for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, GENOCIDE AND ATTEMPT AT ENSLAVING THE POPULATION.

globalist whore emmanuella macron depicted as Hitler on a bilboard by Artist Michel-Ange Flori who has been condemend to pay 10 000 euro for this caricature, showing how vile and corrupt ‘justice’ and judges have become in the former democracy France.

Who else than Michel-Ange Flori could better describe what globalist lackey macron really is. And even the comparison to Hitler is too good for a psychopath like macron. Maybe a cockroach with Pol Pot’s head and rothschild claws would better suit the French tyrant.

Michel-Ange Flori was condemned by a corrupt judge to pay 10,000 euro for his caricature while no laws forbid mocing even the ‘president’ in France. This is how evil the establishment has become in what can only be called a dictatorship. Michel-Ange Flori appealed the ‘decision’.

Michel-Ange Flori twitter account thanking supporter explaining that freedom of speech has been killed today, but that he will appeal.


We can reocognize FUCKFACE macron on a poster during the weekly anti dictatorship protests in France (10th week last week).
Of course, as this tweet points-out, Western ‘freedom of expression’ is just pure hypocrisy.


news from macronistan:


Context: Michel-Ange Flori was condemned last week by a (corrupt) judge to pay a 10,000 euro fine for having created a caricature of macron depicted as Adolf Hitler on one of his bildboards (above).

Joking, caricaturing or even ridiculing the president is not a crime or illegal in France, where freedom of speech is  highly vlaued and respected by the People. So the judge’s ‘decision’ was clearly political.

This is how Michel-Ange Flori replied this week:

Thelittle kingling has no clothes. Somebody to tell him?

The Kangooroo of His Eminence(Translation: The underwear of his majesty)

Another way to say that the king has no clothes?

Michel-Ange Flori comment reads: “even the Australians don’t want him”

Reference to the $90 billionsubmarine contract scrapped last  minute by Australian PM criminal morrison from the claws of globalist puppet macron.

‘Eminence”: a French brand of underwear for men, also a title for a noble (his majesty)

Kangaroo”: a very old fashioned style of underwear for men (named so because of the wide pockets on the sides), depicted here on the bilboard.

The reactions in France were unanimous, macron is the laughing stock of the country :






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We received a message from WordPress. saying that we “violated Terms of Service” without any precision on what, why and how we aledgedly violated their terms.

The service was resumed today, but for how long?

So, what we will do is to back-up and transfer the content of the website to another platform. Our audience has been growing steadily in the last few months and the way we are telling the truth and try to provide solutions aginst the global coup might not be appreciated (has WordPress been under pressure from external entities or something else, we don’t now).

While we try to sort it out, we will find an appropriate media to relocate the content and continue to fight for people’s rights and freedom elsewhere if necessary.

Many thanks to all our readers and visitors, even the trolls and “checkers”, (your trolling and spying, your visits also create traffic).

We’ll keep you informed and if the site disappear, please subscribe or leave a comment with your contact details (which we won’t publish), to unable us to inform you about the future platform, if it happens.  

Battle Australia

Special Down Under

While you were sleeping

While some were queuing with muzzles-on like dogs to get injected with fake ‘vaccines’ that will eventually make them and their entourage sick, and ultimately kill them, while others slaves were scanned like cattle to eat in a restaurant, the battle raged Down Under…


Monica Smit is free

September 23, 202

Monica Smit, the founder of Reignite Democracy Australia, is free. After a hearing yesterday she was released from prison. Crucially, she no longer has bail conditions limiting her freedom of speech, so she is able to continue to advocate against the lockdown and mandatory vaccinations, and RDA can continue functioning.

Smit was arrested during nationwide protests on August 31. Police had been following her through the streets of Melbourne and accosted her as part of a coordinated swoop which netted several high profile Freedom activists.

She was initially stopped for a traffic stop but they arrested her for “incitement”, which means this is a targeted arrest and Police were waiting for her to make a wrong move.  — Tony (@_Mrtdogg)

In a pattern which mirrors the treatment of other Australian activists this year, the Regime used its control of the police and legal system to conspire in an attempt to destroy RDA, offering Smit bail on condition that she cease online activism and effectively disband RDA.

She declined, and spent nearly a month in prison.

Smit uploaded a video to her supporters yesterday. She wrote two books in prison, she wasn’t allowed any mail, and upon her release she became engaged. She implored people to find the strength within themselves to do more to defeat the growing tyranny in Australia.

If the Victorian Regime hoped to destroy the Freedom movement in jailing Monica Smit they failed miserably. Daily protests are now being held in Melbourne, with people across all walks of life coming together to defy home imprisonment, vaccine passports and Global Biomedical Totalitarianism.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION. If you believe we stand no chance fighting the ‘police’ or armed fascist thugs, have a looed at the real numbers. In all countries worldwide, police and armed forces are a tiny minority who can’t match the overwhelming People’s numbers and are not able to stand a motivated frontal assault. This is simple mathematics.



“F**K The Jab, Long Live Australia” –

20,000 Shut Down Melbourne Highway In Massive Lockdown Protest

Australian are rising and contrary to what this American article is saying it is not (only) a lockdown protest but an anti-forced-jabbing protest from Tradies. Something Americans might want to consider to fight biden’s illegal ‘mandates’.

On Tuesday in Melbourne, authorities were forced to confront this blazing public anger as protesters marched onto a busy freeway and blocking traffic.

Right now in Melbourne, Australia the most severe clash to date between workers and the state over forced jabs as thousands of unionized construction tradesmen take the streets.

Some approached officers with their hands up, chanting “you serve us”. One was heard shouting “this is our bridge”.

The police responded by deploying tear gas and firing off rubber bullets. They were filmed telling protesters to move on via loudspeakers around the area. In response, a huge chorus of men could be heard shouting, “everyday” in response, implying they would show up every day until their demands were met.

    “F*ck the Jab!” God Bless Australia!


WESTGATE BRIDGE BLOCKED – 15,000 Tradies Take Over Melbourne

Yesterday’s construction worker protest came to a violent end courtesy of Victoria Police, who fired tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd of unarmed tradies.

This isn’t footage taken from Hong Kong or France or Ukraine – this is Melbourne, Australia.

Watch this video and tell me you still recognise this country, because I don’t.

Police opening fire (with rubber bullets & tear gas) on protestors, with pedestrians & traffic nearby.

— The Right Side of Life (@RSOLpod) September 20, 2021

However, this did not deter the tradies from returning today, and in greater numbers.

Rubber Bullets Fail: Tradie Protest Doubles In Size

Yesterday’s construction worker protest came to a violent end courtesy of Victoria Police, who fired tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd of unarmed tradies.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-223.png

This isn’t footage taken from Hong Kong or France or Ukraine – this is Melbourne, Australia.

Watch this video and tell me you still recognise this country, because I don’t.

“Police” opening fire (with rubber bullets & tear gas) on protestors, with pedestrians & traffic nearby.

— The Right Side of Life (@RSOLpod) September 20, 2021

However, this did not deter the tradies from returning today, and in greater numbers.

Victoria Police were ready for them this time, with a phalanx deployed across the breadth of Elizabeth Street, and the CFMEU office well barricaded.

Riot police have arrived. — Paul Dowsley (@paul_dowsley) September 21, 2021

A standoff ensued for about an hour and a half, with the battle line of tradies deployed across the intersection of Elizabeth Street and Victoria Parade, and the media stuck in the no-man’s land.

The standoff begins. — Paul Dowsley (@paul_dowsley) September 21, 2021

LANGUAGE WARNING: Around 150 protesters have gathered at the corner of Elizabeth and Victoria Pde @9NewsMelb — Neary Ty (@NearyTy_9) September 21, 2021

They sang the National Anthem.


The crew singing the national anthem.

Love the solidarity. Has a beast been awoken? — BabaBoon (@BabaBoon17) September 21, 2021

And they were also a tad uncouth.

#FuckOffDanAndrews #IStandWithTradies — Joshua Inmate #0001974 (@endtyrrany2021) September 21, 2021

Police gave the crowd a move on notice.

They’re being warned. — Paul Dowsley (@paul_dowsley) September 21, 2021

So they moved on to Parliament House.

Melbourne Pro Choice WAX Construction Rally These Crowds are absolutely Insane — (@risemelbourne) September 21, 2021

Police were waiting for them there, too.


So they marched down Bourke Street and made their way back to the intersection of Elizabeth and Victoria. There they remain, although it looks as though the police are preparing the teargas again.

It looks as though police are preparing the teargas again.#IStandWithTradies — XYZ (@itsyourxyz) September 21, 2021

A key chant from the crowd has been “every day”. Given that yesterday’s police repression was unable to prevent them from coming back, and given protester numbers have doubled, the situation looks as though it will continue to escalate, compounding the sense of crisis in Victoria.

Australian construction workers riot

Watching from overseas it seemed that nobody was going to step up in Australia.

There was no fighting spirit.

There was no pushback against the Communist takeover of the country with the excuse of an annual outbreak of the sniffles.

What few protests were organised were brutally crushed by police who now look like participants from the Thunderdome, garbed head to toe with outlandish body armor and tactical crowd control weapons. Freely used in the face of seventy year old ladies everywhere.

Melbourne now holds the dubious distinction of being the most locked down city in the world. A condition that rests entirely with its rabid Marxist leader, known locally as Dictator kim  jong Dan or Chairman Dan. But finally one group has stood up to the takeover.

Construction industry workers, colloquially known as tradies in Australia, have today finally shown the backbone that has been missing down under for so long.

At 1159pm this Wednesday evening, all construction workers in Victoria need to be jabbed or they will be banned from traveling for their work. The largest of the construction unions in Victoria is the CFMEU. It is also the most powerful and militant union in the entire country. Today on the streets of Melbourne outside its large office, its members gathered to demand that the union boss, John Setka, stand up to the Victorian government on their behalf.

Where the fuck are your boys (John Setka) we pay your wages!!

Looks like #DictatorDan has a problem on his hands.. #VaccineMandate #CovidVictoria #COVIDVaccination #lockdownmelbourne #cfmeu — YNWA (@Jpana75) September 20, 2021

That’s Setka standing off to the side in the black CFMEU T-shirt. Make no mistake, he is one of the most well known faces in Victoria.

The man with the loudspeaker talks about Communism and how that is what we are fighting in Australia. Notice that no police are to be seen. This crowd is a far different bunch than grandmothers on a Saturday afternoon. This is a fighting crowd. And when they didn’t like what their own union leader had to say, this was their reaction.

We are unsure where this footage lies in the the timeline of today’s construction worker protest in Melbourne against mandatory vaccinations. Regardless, it is undoubtedly the most incredible footage to emerge so far from Victoria.

Confronted by Riot Squad Police in a squadron of police cars on Rathdown Street, the tradies advanced rather than retreated. They sent the riot squad scrambling.

Now the #tradies have forced the Riot Squad to retreat.#IStandWithTradies — XYZ (@itsyourxyz) September 21, 2021

This is likely to set the tone for future protests, as the tradies show no sign of backing down.

Almost as epic is this footage of a fully armoured Riot Squad officer advancing on a lone tradie. He screams at full volume at him to move and points his weapon directly at him. The tradie just tells him to “f—— off” and the officer has no choice but to retreat.

Old mate just standing his ground.. 💪#IStandWithTradies — Peter Gooli (@gooli1903) September 21, 2021


Construction restrictions to lift in NSW, unvaccinated workers permitted to return to work

Australian Police Bash and Pepper spray 70-year old woman


This was this week-end during the Worldwide Demonstrations

Melbourne, Australia. Australian Police attacking an unarmed 70 year old woman by slamming her onto the ground and finishing her off with pepper spray

Well done to Journalist Marty Focker for capturing this footage.

These filthy, violent thugs who call themselves police officers are a shameful disgrace and an embarrassment to the great land of Australia.


Australia Marches for Freedom – September 2021 | Coverage

Tens of thousands of Australians have marched across the country for the principles of democracy, freedom, medical choice and objection to segregation.

From – Photos via

Freedom protesters staged unified protests across Australia yesterday, delivering messages of resistance to an establishment that has stripped fundamental human rights away for 18 months.

Opposition against plans to introduce a two-tiered society based on personal medical choice was at the core of the rallies, as well as issues relating to health, the economy, democracy and more.

Check out our report from across the country below.

Massive Development in Victoria, Australia – Major Trade Union CFMEU Goes To War Against Union Leadership and Politicians Over Mandated ‘Vaccinations’.

This is a huge development in the battle for freedom in Victoria, Australia.  It cannot be overstated

Melbourne Freedom Protests: What the TV didn’t show you

Monica Smit of Reignite Democracy, political prisoner

Bail Hearing at 10am 22 Sep – Watch it LIVE

 US Republicans call for sanctions against Australia over police treatment of protesters

American Republicans called on the United States to impose sanctions against Australia this week in response to several cases of Australian police officers violently attacking ‘unauthorized protesters’.

On Sunday, Ben Kew – the English editor of the conservative Florida-based publication El American – declared in an article that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison “must be made to pay for such flagrant human rights violations” that have taken place against protesters and other Australians through the use of strict Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

What is taking place in Australia is unprecedented. This once thriving liberal democracy now more closely resembles a tyrannical regime. Whether it be through sanctions, boycotts or mere diplomatic warnings, the world must act.My column for @elamerican_ — Ben Kew 🇨🇺 (@ben_kew) September 19, 2021

“What has taken place in this former colonial outpost is neither normal nor acceptable. In fact, the behavior of the Australian government and its security apparatus has openly violated the most fundamental rights of its citizens,” Kew wrote, noting Australia’s development of a facial recognition app to keep people in quarantine, its prohibition of Australians leaving the country, and its policies that have kept tens of thousands of Australian citizens stranded abroad.

Kew called Australia’s new AUKUS pact with the US and UK, presumably struck against China, “ironic,” arguing that “the Chinese people currently have more [Covid-19] freedom than their Australian counterparts,” and argued that since Australia is supposed to be a leader of the free world, it should be held to higher standards.

Because of this, Kew concluded that Australia should receive “boycotts, diplomatic warnings, or even targeted sanctions” over its treatment of Australian citizens during the pandemic to show that “the free world will not stand by in silence” as human rights “are so aggressively undermined.”

We agree and this should also be applied to the USA under the yoke of the same ind of dictatorship led by a criminal lackey who takes his puppet masters tantrums for reality.

Like the French before, it’s now the Australians who are showing the way and leading the resistance. Thank you to all these brave men and women to show the world how to fight for our rights and how to beat tyranny.