Weekly Update on covid ‘vaccine’ Deaths and Injuries

As obviously some ‘fact checkers’ (the ‘newspeak’ term for censors) are now pretending that the experimental concoctions for ‘covid-19 are not experimental despite the evidences from the ‘vaccine’ makers themselves that their products are still in trial phases until at least 2023.

Obviously they are lying, counting on people’s ignorance and on the fact that most of us won’t check the facts and numbers for ourselves.

The numbers are available online for anybody with an internet connection. And the numbers confirm that these products posing as vaccines are indeed still in trial phases, experimental, and that they are harming and killing on a scale rarely seen before.

The truth, unfortunately is that these products are tested live on human beings and the people accepting to get injected with them because of the fear campaign and constant blackmail, are used as guinea pigs.

Numbers for the USA, from the CDC VAERS Adverse Events Report System (updated April 8 2021):

2,602 People Died and 68,347 Injuries were reported

Following experimental injections by Pfizer/Biontech, Moderna, and Janssen (J&J)

According to this study, the Lazarus Report, less than 1% of adverse events and deaths are ever reported.

Results excerpt: ‘Adverse events from drugs and vaccines are common, but underreported. Although 25% ofambulatory patients experience an adverse drug event, less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. Low reporting rates preclude or slow the identification of “problem” drugs and vaccines that endanger public health.

UK: 847 Deaths and 626,087 Injuries reported!

from Pfizer/Biontech & oxford/Astrazeneca experimental injections.

According to the “Yellow card’ system from the UK government. But if you ask them, they’ll tell you that the covid experimental ‘vaccines’ are ‘safe and ‘effective. Safe, certainly not, effective without a doubt, in killing, harming, and inoculating diseases to people’s bodies they didn’t have before, so that in the near future, politicians and their handlers will be able to create third, fourth or whatever ‘waves’ they are manufacturing to perpetuate fear and control over dumbed-down and poisoned populations.

Here are the details by drug maker:

Now the numbers for Europe, or rather countries that are linked or part of the ‘European Union’. The EMA (European Medicines Agency, a ‘regulator’ controlled by Big Pharma) have an adverse reactions reporting system called ‘Eudravigilance’. And like everything produced by the Brussels technocrats, it’s a sluggish Soviet style system running on three legs using old fashioned (and extremely costly) Oracle BI. It’s slow, complicated, bureaucratic, focusing on useless data and ignoring important ones. Results are also subject to interpretation as it seems there are few different ways to compile data for adverse vents and deaths and the results might be confusing. Was the goal of this tool to discourage anyone to dig deeper into it and confuse its users, so reports will stay buried into the system forever? This is a possibility with anything coming from the ‘EU’.

However, we have extracted the data and the numbers are as follow:

We found 1,598 Deaths with a unique ID and 7206 Deaths with no ID that could be duplicates and 316,610 Injuries reported.

Drug makers and their experimental shots responsible of these deaths and injuries are: Moderna, Pfizer/Biontech, Oxford-Astrazeneca and Janssen (J&J).

Why two different figures for deaths? The answers are below, we have exported the data per drug maker (as it is presented by ‘Eudravigilance’) and explanations for the two different figures are given in the files attached.

No file for Janssen/J&J as they have ‘only’ 202 adverse events reported (yet 7 deaths).

The conclusion of the data compilation are:

Moderna is by far the biggest killer with its mRNA gene ‘therapy‘ posing as a vaccine (Moderna is not and has never been a pharmaceutical company or a vaccine maker). While it has much less injruies than Pfizer or Astrazeneca, it kills 2 to 5 times more (see percentages on the files for details).

The titles we have seen recently in the mainstream media about Oxford-Astrazeneca are not really justified since their product certainly created more injuries than others in a smaller amount of time, but is much less deadly than Moderna and Pfizer mRNA shots (again details are on the files).

So why this media campaign focusing only on Astrazeneca? Some answers here maybe? Or do the ‘authorities’ want to mislead the public into thinking that they care for us by vindicating one product while they promote worst ones?

For further details about the 4 manufacturers (death numbers):

So it seems there are at least two ways to count death numbers:

One by adding every death by reaction groups: 27 groups multiplied by 4 drug makers which gives a total death count for all four drug makers of 7,206, however as mentionned in the files , it is possible that one death might be counted multiple times for different reaction groups. No confirmation or information on the subject is provided by the Eudravigilance system.

The second one is by running a ‘line listing report’ which can be exported to Excel and where each death has a unique ID. Using this methodology, the total death numbers for the four drug makers is 1,598.

The reality is that both figures are unnaceptable.

How come that products which are still in test phase (Pfizer and Astrazeneca have an end of trial date in 2023 for example), have been released on the market (‘authorized for emergency’ but not approved yet), are using DNA altering technologies that have never been proven to be safe or effective and have failed in the past (no SARS related ‘vaccine’ ever succeeded), killing their hosts. Experimental products that are now killing and harming people on a massive scale in an almost complete silence from so-called ‘regulators’, media and governments. Why are these deadly products still on the market after months of proofs that they not only harm and kill but also trigger the very disease they are supposed to stop!

Who in his right mind can keep pretending that the people coercing billions to get injected with hazardous products have our health in mind?

The people behind this are criminals, and the people helping this agenda to happen have no excuses. Like Nazi doctors couldn’t use the excuse of “I was just doing my job’ in the Nuremberg trials.

From this derived the “Nuremberg Code (to download below).



Held for the purpose of bringing Nazi war criminals to justice, the Nuremberg trials were a series of 13 trials carried out in Nuremberg, Germany, between 1945 and 1949. The defendants, who included Nazi Party officials and high-ranking military officers along with German industrialists, lawyers and doctors, were indicted on such charges as crimes against peace and crimes against humanity.

List and elements of ‘crimes’ from the International Criminal Court:

Rome Statute International Criminal Court:

19 thoughts on “Weekly Update on covid ‘vaccine’ Deaths and Injuries”

  1. Israel has become worse than nazi Germany. I left this concentration camp and will go back to whence we came from, all former USSR countries are now heaven of freedom and human rights compared to nazi Israel.

    Be netanyahu, all his accomplices, family, ‘friends’ (he has none) and all his descendants be damned for eternity!


  2. The French have shown it alreayd in 1940: a balless, dead people whose ancestors did great things but who died in 1940 by capitulating to an inferior enemy.

    They do the same since 2020, cowering at home, obeying orders from their piece of shit mock of a president, not daring to revolt, protest, not to wear muzzles and even not courageous enough to go out after 7 pm…

    This is the country of the Yellow Vest… Where the fuck are they? Under their beds, waiting like little rabbits to be jabbed to death?

    All that because they are scared of microbes and getting fined….

    Even the Swiss have fought more for their rights than the coward french! Only spaniards are more coward and stupid than the french!

    Plastic rebels…


  3. They’d to kill me first, if they can, but i’ll never take their shit into my veins.

    These people (pfzier/moderna and co) are worse than drug dealers, worse than nazis and bolsheviks, worse than serial killers, they are the scum of the earth and should be executed in public place or lynched by mobs.


  4. This is a global operation on a scale never seen before, when we react nationally or locally, these people are part of global networks, secret and not so secret societies (masons, wef, trilateral, cfr…) and they move their next piece on the chessboard ignoring and clearly laughing at our little reactions…

    They control all the media, 95% of it at least, including so-called ‘alternative’ media like Drudge Report or zerohedge which always were establishment plants and have peddled the official ‘covid’ narrative since day one, that is the biggest lie of all times.

    The people behind this coup control all the politicians currently in power except a few, they killed some of them like Burudni’s and Tanzania’s leaders and have tried to bribed and to remove with a coup others like Belarus’ president and of course Vladimir Putin (by the way, RT or Sputnik are also peddling the covid lies all day long).

    They obviously control the banks (including all central banks, imf and workd bank).
    They control the pharma/medical-health sector which has become no less than a pharma run mafia, to the exception of thousands of courageous doctors and nurses.

    Thye control the police, armies and ‘justice’ through their plants in these institutions (infiltrated by masonic lodges and other societies since long).

    They obviously control all globalist orgs and lobbies (wef, the EUSSR, who, UN, and all the others).

    This is a mutlifaceted, long prepared and globally concerted coup and agenda, when one political idiot makes a move, then the other does. example the communist whore merkel has now been given all powers in Germany, something unseen since Adolf Hitler and at the same exact time, piece of shit macron moves to impose ‘vax passports’ for remote territories to enter France, and bojo the clown pushes the same in the fascist UK.
    These actions are not mere tests to see if people will comply, they are the ‘little step by step’ plan agreed between them and ordonned by their puppetmasters to lock the next stage of the global coup, that once people have accpeted it, then they can move further down the line of total destruction of our democracies.

    There is nothing else to it. It is even plasuible at this stage that, given the admiration these criminals have for communist china, that they are acting on behalf or in adherence with them to transform Europe into a communist/globalist hellhole.

    At the moment, Europeans are not fighting back. Only some US states are making laws to stop the vax passport agenda, only Americans, as usual, fight for their rights.

    Europeans are meek and weak and clrealy cowards and stupid for the vast majority. While so mnay Americans have been jabbed by mRNA poison that, soon it will be a real problem.

    We are dealing with people who want our death, our total enslavement and who control our politcians (elected and unelected).

    All the polticians voted in power (or who seized power like biden) in the last 5 years are globalist plants, all of them, except maybe in Brazil and few other countries.

    The only solution to fght them is to stop complying to everything, be ready not to travel so as to bankrupt the airlines for good 9then they will become suddenly more conciliant to free human beings) and to utterly destroy the tourism industry so they will come back begging for clients, not treating us like inmates!

    Same with media, social media and tech giants. Make then starve to death like the plan to do with us.


  5. I would add that all these deaths, injuries and infections produced not by a ‘virus’ but by experiemental injections are not reproted by the mainstream media because they work for the criminals, so they must be reported by us, the people who care.

    A database should be created, compiling, verifying and centralizing all the deaths, injuries and reactions provoked by their untested and deadly injections.


    1. This would be a gigantic task, involving many people, financial means and time. The exact things 90% of us on this earth don’t have.

      However, what we have us being the huge majority… People need to help this happen and work for their future for free, because nothing is more important than our freedom.


  6. I have read this article from the UNZ review https://www.unz.com/gatzmon/the-gibraltar-massacre/

    A must read, it explains how the population in Gibraltar, like in Israel has been used as guinea pigs and how the deaths have exploded after the vaccination campaign started…

    The author’s conclusion is devastating: ”

    A possible answer is that by January 7, 3 days before the launch of the mass vaccination campaign, Gibraltar already enjoyed strong herd immunity.

    Gibraltar, like Israel, was a unique testing ground, and the outcome is devastating but conclusive.

    ‘But the most tormenting news is that we, the people, are betrayed in broad daylight by a united league that has drifted very far away from the Athenian ethos of science, pluralism and ethics. For me, this is certainly the scariest lesson from this so-called pandemic.’

    A must read


    1. We read it too, it’s an eye opener, it now makes sense why they rushed to push their deadly shots, they have done everyhting at ‘warp speed’ (and Donald was part of it) for a good reason: smae reason why Hitler took Europe by surprise with Blitzkrieg: so quick that the conned don’t have time to understand that he is fooled by the conmen…


  7. What people don’t know is that GENETIC MODIFICATIONS ARE NOT REVERSIBLE…

    Some are too old to feel anyhting but the young ones, it’s going to be a nightmare…


    1. As seen above, once someone is injected (and his immune system modified by DNA altering tech) he might become dependant for life from the criminals of the pharma industry like pfizer


  8. The ‘virus’ has been created in a lab, most likely Wuhan, but it could also have been made by different sources (fauci and gates are involved).

    The all Bs about lockdowns, masks and so on is OBEDIENCE TRAINING for the masses. Masks have always been used as submission tools to destroy inmates, slaves or war prisoners will power. It’s used in some religions like islam to make women submissive to men.
    It’s used in modern concentration camps like the Guantanamo camp created by the fascist US govt on Cuban land to torture in total impunity anyone they decide is a ‘terrorist’.

    The next step was always the ‘vaccination’ and ‘vax passport’ as the ONLY GOAL IS POPULATION .CONTROL.

    The OBEDIENCE TRAINING seems to have worked really well as obviously most people are not human beings but cattle and sheep, can’t think for themselves and have less courage than mices.

    You hear the usual morons telling you that ‘mskr don’t disturb them’, ‘they don’t mind the mask’….
    They are now living under a complete jail system where some goons decide if and when they can go out, what they should wear, what business should open or close and even what they have the right to say or not, but ‘they don’t mind’…

    Next step will be to exclude the smart, courageous, logical, free thinkers, freedom lovers and everybody who has understood the scam, the trick, the hoax and won’t comply to it.

    because, for the tiny mirnority behind this scam and their prostitutes in media, corporate and governement, if few percents of the population can motivate the sheeple to revolt, the game is fucked!

    So, let’s inject DNA altering susbtances into the people’s bodies ( and as of now, we know it kills and harms a lot but we don’t know the real long term effects). My gues is that they have already injected nanotechnologies into the sheeple’s bodies, they have already injected some ‘operating systems’ that they will be able to ‘load’ with further viruses, more destructive than this begnin fake ‘pandemic’ virus.

    Of course, for them it means, more of the same, more dictatorship, more freedom destruction, more blaiming on those who refuse to be genocided and more social pressure to organize a real full scale genocide.

    These criminals want our deaths and those who naively or by calculatioon comply to this are helping their children to be slaves and most likely killed.

    And if you think that ‘they would never do that’, ‘they need us’… Think twice, cimeteries are full of useful people, and they are robotizing, digitalizing everything not because they want us to have an easier life but because they can control us with that and make sure that they won’t need us in the future, or very few of us…


  9. It seems to me that the numbers for Europe are rather 7206 than 1598 as it clearly states ‘FATAL’ on the reports. And pfizer for instance has a column where more than 1300 ‘FATAL’ cases appear, how can they be duplicates if the other number is 1598?

    No doubt though that oracle BI is a big piece of crap and that the EMA is a tool of the pharma lobby, therefore they’ll do anything to mislead people as to the real numbers…


  10. I barely believe the lack of character of our contemporaries, told on TV that there is a ‘pandemic’ and despite the evidence that it is. if anything, a minor epidemic, they accept everything with little or no fight, the muzzling, the economic destruction, the house arrest, the coerced jabbing, and soon the yellow badges…

    This generation of humans is the worst that the world has ever known, despite being the most populous, it is the least brave and clearsighted.

    Maybe the genocide and vax pushers have a point, the herd is so weak as to agree to their own culling, so why even bother fighting for them?

    Thankfully, many communities and individuals are now awake and are figthing for their righst and freedom, it might not be a majority, but majorities are always wrong, always.

    The world belongs not to the vaccinated and their masters, but to those who had the courage to refuse their agenda, face the assaults and keep true to themselves and the truth.


  11. You would think that Americans, of all people, would be at the forefront of figthing for freedom, their rights and the truth…

    Well, if what they say is true, half of them have chosen to get jabbed with experimental injections that don’t even qualify as vaccines…

    America was supposed to be the land of the free and the brave, not the land of the smart and bright… it’s not even the land of the brave or free, at least for a very large portion of the population.

    How stupid can you get? Human stupidity is infinite according to Albert Einstein.


  12. To do evil, a human being must first of all think he’s doing good…

    It explians why nurses, doctors, cops, shop owners and plenty of other people are collaborating to the destruction of their own rights and their own enslavement.

    One day, it will strike them into the face, they will understand, they have been the instruments of their doom…

    Death camps, genocides, gulag, all of these were done by common people on behalf of psychopaths


  13. Nice article, and helpful documents… Real facts that debunk the maisntream media & govt lies I should say!

    It’s now been confirmed that all covid’ ‘vaccines’ are causing blood clots and as the data show, astrazeneca, although dangerous is not the most deadly…

    But bread & circus is what the masses need to stay ignorant… So they will not check the facts and think for themselves.


  14. The evil behind this all ‘covid’ operation is obvious, it would strike anyone arriving on this planet (or soemone who would be os lucky to have lived outside of this sinsiter ‘civilization’) at this point in time without prior knowledge of what happened since last year…

    This thing is not only the biggest scam ever done, it’s also the vilest crime committed against human kind of all times.

    Espect no pity or consideration from the psychopaths piloting this coup, also expect it never to end if you don’t make it end by completely stopping to participate.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. This is really horrible, the media, the politicians, health employees are lying, they see the people dying, they know about it, they know about the database and the numbers.

    these people are criminals


  16. I dowoloaded the pdf files for the EU, if the deaths attached to each reactions count as a unique death, it would mean that the ‘vaccines’ have a killing rate higher than the disease they are supposed to fight.

    This is serious stuff, I also check on eudravigilance, and the numbers are the same… It could be they count one death in the group ‘cardiac disorder’ then count it again in ‘vascular disorder’…

    Truly it’s not clear and not suprising from the crooks who created this system. The last thing the EMA and their big pharma puppetmasters want is the public to have access to real numbers.


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