Liberty Leading the People, oil painting (1830) by French artist Eugène Delacroix commemorating the July Revolution in Paris that removed Charles X, the restored Bourbon king, from the throne. The heroic scene of rebellion became one of Delacroix’s most popular paintings, an emblem of the July Revolution and of justified revolt.


Worldwide Demonstration 2.0

15.05.2021 – ALL OVER THE WORLD (hopefully)



May 15 2021


Demo on May 15 2021 – we will stand again side by side on a worldwide demonstration with people from all over the world for our freedom!

One day – all together!

We will make it clear that the government’s attempts to divide us have been unsuccessful. Together we will ALL be on this demo to demonstrate against the current Corona measures!

We have at least ONE COMMON GOAL! With live streams from different countries, together we will form the biggest worldwide demonstration of the current time! Because #wearenotalone.

Be there on May 15 and let’s make a statement!

Information to this worldwide demonstration 2021 can be found on our channel:

We would like to thank you in advance for your great support!

It would not be possible without you!


What to do now?

Most people since last March have done nothing, or very little to fight for their rights, most did not moved a little finger to even try to preserve them.

While it may look like a sign of having lost the war or too many battles, it is actually always the case historically. History isn’t made by majorities, it’s always made by minorities. One fo the best example is world war 2 and the Nazi occupation of most of Europe.

Most people didn’t fight the Nazis, even though the invaders were largely inferior in numbers, often ignorant of the foreign lands and local particularities of the terrain, which proved to be a real advantage for resistance movements.

Actually less than 10% of the population in any country under occupation was resisting in one form or another. The overwhelming majority felt powerless, were scared, compliant, oblivious, indifferent, waiting to see where the wind will turn, profiting from others’ misery and the war or actively collaborating with the enemy.

It is the exact same today. How many are collaborating with their torturer, how mnay profit from their fellow human’s misery, how many are in complete fear and can’t do anything, how many just don’t care, how many will submit to any baseness and humiliation just to be able to ‘go to holidays’ this summer, including condeming themselves and their children to a life of sickness and serfdom?

In reality, resistance movements, as usual, are a minority, and as usual, they will become a majority when the danger will be gone and our enemies almost defeated. Then we will see the ‘last minute resistants’ popping-up from everywhere, suddenly awake from their slumber, suddenly out of their comfortable couches where they previously spent most of their times watching lies and propaganda.

So, what do we do now?

Much of the same but better, deeper and harder. We fight, until we win and if we fail or die, then others will take our places and fight, until we win.

This is how Europe was built, how Freedom and democracies in Europe were built, generations after generations of sacrifice, struggle, tears and blood, because freedom and our rights were never given by those in power, they were always won by our forebears

A free world which has been eroded by the people behind the covid coup for decades, a free world which has been wiped out since last year using a manufactured ‘pandemic’ to do so.

A free world which is now lost as we are officially living under the boot of totalitarian regimes all over Europe. People refused to fight for their rights? They lost all of them.

They now are coerced (in complete illegality) to get injected with hazardous substances disguised as ‘vaccines’ that most likely are creating the diseases they are supposed to protect against and will certainly be used to modify their DNA, inject nanoparticles and other abominations into bodies that are now under control of psychopathic politicians and their corporate masters.

If we let them do!

Because of course, if like millions of abused people we give-up and accept to fall into the trap and get injected by posion just to have the right to travel or to go out of our homes, we are for sure condeming ourselves to more humiliation and more slavery.


It’s very simple, the alibi they use for their permanent war and crimes against us is that to ‘reopen’ (what they illegaly closed), and for the airlines and tourism industry to ‘restart’ (which they stopped, nothing else), we must get their deadly ‘vaccines’ or else they keep destroying our lives (because we obey stupidely like sheep) and lock us down.

But what if we don’t take their planes, we don’t fly to Fascist countries like Italy, Spain, greece, or any other one who now demand people to have a ‘vaccination certificate’ (yellow badge) to travel?

How long will they survive without customers? How long before they come back to us on their knees begging for us to take their nazi planes, to fill their fascist holiday resorts? One summer, and they’ll crack, one summer and half of airlines, ferries, public transports and tourist resorts will die the death they deserve for imposing this fascism on us!

This is how it’s done. We might miss friends and family in foreign countries, we might miss the sun and the beach or the long sought holidays, but they will miss much more than that, they will fail in ther plans, the EUSSR will fail, the merkels, macron, johnson’s and gates of this world will fail.

Of course, many people already submitted to everything and can’t wait to get injected with poison. They think short term. They think quarterly. they don’t realize that as soon as their new masters get what they want, they will push for more humiliation, more restrictions, more control and more injections, probably every 6 months or so. It will never end, because people gave up all their rights, all their pride, all their freedom in exchange of … peanuts, their torturers like any bully will keep torturing them until complete sumbission to a status of slave.


Do not comply, do not obey to what you know is abusive, unfair, insane and absurd.

Do not give away any of your rights and freedom in exchange of the illusion of temporary liberty.

They faced much more than online ‘cancelation’, deplatforming, fines or jail. They faced certain death and they resisted anyway!

Like our ancestors, we have to resist, there is no other choice. Fleeing for some will be an option, if you can do it. To go where? In a place where it is much of the same or where it will soon be if people keep complying?

True, at least 16 US states have removed all restrictions, ditched the absurd face diapers, and some have even prepared laws to forbid ‘vaccine passports’. But the country is still under the dictatorship of a globalist puppet ‘elected’ fraudulently and serving exclusively the agenda of his puppet masters, against the American people.

Where would European flee? Asia? Africa?, South America? Russia? There are countries which are freer, most countries are at this time. Europe controlled by the EUSSR and under the yoke of globalist politicians is a gigantic concentration camp.

Defiance is the only way to save our democracies, our rights, our freedom and Humanity.

How come that this ‘modern’ generation is not even able to take 10% of the risk previous generation took to fight for Freedom?!

The motto remain the same:

Don’t take their vaccines
Do not wear muzzles
Don’t comply with any of their insane demands
Boycott the mainstream media, the corporations and individuals who push the covid scam/great reset agenda
If you own a business, refuse to close
Use cash, don’t leave trace, be anonymous
Spread the word – Spread the Resistance
Live off the grid as much as you can

They want you to be tested, surveilled, jabbed, traced and tracked on a permanent basis, so that you know you are nothing more than an object or an animal into their hands.

Burning the ridiculous, lacklustre, soviet/chinese style EUSSR mock of a flag

They want to humiliate people and make them feel powerless. They are when they comply, they aren’t when they resist.

They want you to know that what they are doing is illegal, criminal and that you can’t do anyhting against it.

But you can! You can just refuse to do everything they want from you. Refuse to distance, to wear a muzzle, to get tested and tracked, to get jabbed with poison.

A resistance group during WW2

This is the greatest test and struggle Humanity has been subjected to since its beginnings, and if people keep obeying, there will be nothing left but serfs and a handful of arrogant privileged criminals who will have the right of life and death upon their souless subjects.

It starts by ‘green passes’ (modern yellow badges) and it end up here:

and eventually there:

Auchswitz death camp

Every genocide has the same characteristics, it seems. The groups targeted for genocide didn’t fight or very little their aggressors. Why?

Because, like in the case of the covid coup, years of propaganda, manipulation, shaming, humiliation preceded these genocides. It was always progressive and the criminals who committed it often had a plan for months or years before starting it.

It is the same now, the fascists of our times, which we can call globalists have prepared the populations for years, designating the target in their controlled media, the universities infiltrated since decades, most of the state institutions and of course the corporations.

The globalists want to destroy nations, the family, individualism, liberty, patriotism, religions like Christianity, they want to remove our roots, destroy the bases of what have made human societies for thousands of years. Their sick goal is some sort of global feudal system with them at the the top, called ‘global governance’- governance means a a handful of people dictate all aspects of our life without any accountability, without any democratic scrutiny, debate or popular consultation (this is what happens in the West since March 2020). To summarize, a global dictatorship.

To those who think it’s better to submit and comply, you are helping these criminals to build this global dictatorship (because some want to go in holidays this summer, we should live forever under the boots of global fascism)?

How to resist?

Refuse ‘vaccine’ passports and make sure to travel anyway. Illegal rules MUST be broken, all of them and like Ghandi advocated:

We are sunk so low that we fancy that it is our duty and our religion to do what the law lays down. If man will only realize that it is unmanly to obey laws that are unjust, no man’s tyranny will enslave him. This is the key to self- rule or home-rule.”

It is a superstition and ungodly thing to believe that an act of a majority binds a minority.

Many examples can be given in which acts of majorities will be found to have been wrong and those of minorities to have been right.

All reforms owe their origin to the initiation of minorities in opposition to majorities.

So long as the superstition that men should obey unjust laws exists, so long will their slavery exist.

When I refuse to do a thing that is repugnant to my conscience, I use soul-force. For instance, the Government of the day has passed a law which is applicable to me. I do not like it.

If by using violence I force the Government to repeal the law, I am employing what may be termed body-force.

If by using violence I force the Government to repeal the law, I am employing what may be termed body-force.

If I do not obey the law and accept the penalty for its breach, I use soul-force. It involves sacrifice of self.

Everybody admits that sacrifice of self is infinitely superior to sacrifice of others. Moreover, if this kind of force is used in a cause that is unjust, only the person using it suffers. He does not make others suffer for his mistakes.”

Unjust rules MUST be broken and when, like in Ghandi’s time more people than tyrants, cops, tyrants and jails can contain ignore and break the insane and illegal laws, then nothing can be done except removing these ‘laws’.

Of course times have changed and this is not India. But any form of resistance is welcome, anything that can delay, disturb or annihilate their plans is a valuable action.

From armed struggle,

Resistance movements in war times or peace times (we are at war, a war waged by governments and corporations against Humanity, against the People) are not so different, the means may vary but the goal remain the same: the full restoration of our freedom and rights.

to sabotage,

to self sufficiency, boycott of evil corporation products & of taxes from their lackeys in governments (starve the beast),

from counter-propaganda, informing and exposing lies,

to spreading the truth,

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-71.png

to protests,

to any resistance action,  

Anything to fight the globalist-fascist regime is a step towards its destruction and our victory

15 thoughts on “Defiance”

  1. The fight against global fascism will be a long one. This generation is too ignorant, oblivious and cowardly (worldwide).

    People will need to starve before they start to understand what has been done to them and who did it (their own governments, media, corporations and the usual billionaires & parasites).

    Millions will die before they even consider to go out there and destroy everything, burn banks, city halls, government buildings, corporate HQ, testing & vax centres, and start to kill politicians as they deserve …

    You can protest peacefully for thousands of years, nothing will change.

    Everyone knows what needs to be done. Everybody know the names of the culprits.

    No need for talks, discourses, proofs anymore. Just need to act and without any pity for those behind the covid coup.

    Even the army will one day be on our side.

    Then revenge will come


  2. It’s obvious that most people will keep complying, even if they don’t beleive the lies of the criminals in power.
    They won’t revolt, they will live their little lives trying to cover their asses in their little corner and they don’t care if their neighboors are taken away by the gestapo, or fi their rights are wiped out, as long as they have their little comfort, their screen gadgetry and food. If the fascist governments throw some peanuts at them in the form of ‘universal income’, then they’ll be happy to serve their master and lick boots all year long…

    Honestly, it’s even a luxury to try to inform them or try to widen their narrow little world… It’s also a waste of time.

    When tey will starve, and they will, as the economic destruction will impact everything, then it will become another story. Get prepared, get weapons, ammos and be ready to defend against the braindead hordes of covid compliant idiots.


  3. This is the spirit!

    I encourage everyone to watch this guy. he’s a restaurant owner in california and he made a point of honor of staying open, not for the sake of money or business but to fight the petty tyrants and for freedom!

    As he so brillantly demonstrate, they have no authority over him. Nor do they have over the billions of cowars who just complied to illegal mask mandates and everything that followed!

    A MUST SEE.—Part-3_online:d

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The Worldwide Demonstration 2.0: where are the feedbacks from the demo this saturday 15 May?
    Nowehere to be found. You’d have to register on telegram or fuckbook to see updates!

    or worse, they put their livestreams on youtube, the fascist google channel…

    These links show some of the demos in the UK and Australia. Mike yeadon was in the UK speaking in front of few people. He told the truth again, ‘vaccine’ passports are the worst tools of oppression ever created. Even hitler wasn’t that evil..

    Here are the links, at least they don;t use fuc…. google !

    Manchester Freedom Marchers Take To Shopping Centre

    Watch London Freedom Protest: It takes 21 Minutes for Crowd to Pass By!


  5. They should provide a feedback with:

    Number of cities
    Number of people per city
    How many attended worldwide
    What has been achieved

    We need results and quick!


  6. This ‘Worldwide Demonstration 2.0’ it’s a bit weird. Videos are on youtube, the censorship pricks of the fascist tech google.

    If you want to contact them, you have to register on Telegram and no summary of the ‘worlwide’ demos on their website. Only old stuff from last year.

    Ii it real or is it a scam?

    Last year i looked at it , they were few hundreds people globally demonstrating in various places.

    Maybe they should be more transparent and easy to reach! And also advertise their demos more than 2 days before it’s suppose to take place…


  7. People have reached herd immunity a long time ago as with any seasonal virus like coronaviruses (if it’s really one and not a bio-weapon).
    The mass vaccinations are a crime and soon they will inject other things like nanochips, particles and further DNA modification, including of course sterilization agents as the main goal is depopulation and women are prime targets.

    Let’s wait few months and see how many people have become infertile, and then, start to understand why


  8. If we want to preserve our righst and freedom, and our human dignity, we will have to separate from the flock of sheeple who have complied, followed and beleived everything and it will be no good to ahve jabbed people as they will carry real new viruses thanks to the mRNA instructions injected in them.

    Their happiness might be short lived, our will require a lot of efforts and rebuilding appart from the sick globalist world for the long term.

    I see small communities being the foundations to the future new world, while the ‘agenda 2030’ bullshit will be a gigantic gulag, people will starve and , like in nay marxist project will be killed by millions.


  9. Actually, the simple fact to not compying or beying to their orders and ignoring their diktats is sufficient to make their agenda fail.

    If and when people understand that, they will recover their freedom, and pride.

    Because at the moment, they are treated like animals since more than a year and it keep going on, soon they will have cattle status, nothing more.

    Being jabbed, then marked, is nothing else than relegating people to the status of cattle.


  10. Europeans should revolt and take down all their corrupt politcians, then go to brussels or wherever the EUSSR corrupt bureaucrats hide and hang them high!


  11. We plan a shop, a church (we have a former priest with us who resigned because he refuses to recognize fake pope bergoglio as Pope), and two teachers who will do school. We have a doctor who thinks like us and will help us and my wife is a nurse who has seen and exposed the truth about the massacre in hospitals, care homes and the absence of any real pandemic.

    Of course, she had to live because of big brother and its pathetic lackeys in the system..

    So we will have a medical center too. Enough land to grow our own food.
    We welcome newcomers but we need to check their motivations


    1. This is the solution. It’s easier said than done though, in America it’s possible due to the space available, and probaby even in Africa, Australia and other places were empty spaces still exist.

      Europe is f….d, because, very few countries have real space (except Russia of course).

      What about Asia?

      So, Europeans could, again, escape (medical) tyranny to seek refuge on other continents…

      History repeats itself. The evil EUSSR will fail, whatever their tricks (like this fake pandemic) to force ‘passports’ on unwilling populations..

      I can’t wait to see the time when people will cut the heads of the technocrats in brussels!

      Liked by 1 person

  12. With soem friends, colleagues and neighbors, we decided to start a prepper style community (more like and anti covid cult community), we destroyed all our Tv’s and started to build on lands we bought together.

    Thank you to give us a boost with articles like that.

    You’re not alone, we are not alone, we will win!


  13. Excellent, I already know people who start to ferry travelers from one country to the other to dodge the fascists in Italy and elsewhere.

    We also now have entire villages who have stopped since months to follow any BULLSHIT ‘covid’ ‘rules.


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