Inside The Lab – Week 26

Guinea pigs, rabbits, mice and rats are ‘happy’, their torturer have, momentarily, opened their cages, so they can breathe some fresh air. They are told by those who have been lying to them for decades and in the last year and a half that if they comply again and let themselves be injected with hazardous untested, experimental substances, they will have their old life back…

Those who fell for the lie didn’t get any of their old life back, they still have to wear a muzzle, they still can’t travel and many are still in house arrest in their little cages…

Despite that, many rodents ‘believe’ in the cult served by their torturers and trust that one day, yes one day, they will be “free” again.

A version of freedom that used to be called slavery, where all their moves, all their thoughts, all their actions are under control. Even their body and soul will be under permanent surveillance and control, if they keep obeying

But as most rodents do, they don’t think about tomorrow, most actually don’t think, others tell them what to think… Agenda 2030, the ‘great reset’ means nothing to them. Even so-called ‘educated’ rabbits don’t have the common sense to reason normally anymore.

Daily fear porn, brainwashing, lies and propaganda seem to have suceeded in melting the brains of even some of the smartest rodents.

They are not doing anything to fight for their children. They prepare them for a future of misery and slavery. Some will even force them to be injected with the same poison they received…

What happened on Planet Guinea Pig that parents are now sacrificing their own children for the sake of illusory ‘safety’ and personal comfort?

What other animal in nature would do such a horrible thing?

As soon as the summer will be over, the Guinea pigs will be sent again to their cages, the criminals who hold them hostages will invent new lies, variant lies to keep the ignorant, stupid, cowardly or complicit masses quiet.

The future looks bleak for Planet Guinea Pig… Unless of course they wake-up from their slumber and fight back with all their strengh.

Week 26

USA: 6,985 DEATHS  411,931 INJURIES

An increase of  872 DEATHS and 24,844 injuries in one week

Caused by EXPERIMENTAL INJECTIONS from criminals Pfizer-Biontech, Moderna  and J&J Janssen

From the 6/25/2021 release of VAERS data: Found 411,931 cases where “Vaccine” is COVID19

Very ‘safe and effective’ indeed… Tell that to the 5, 852 with permanent disabilities and the 6,895 killed

UK: 1,403 DEATHS and 1,007,253 INJURIES*

An increase of  47 deaths and 34,088 INJURIES in one week


  • The UK ‘government’ is lying. They deflate deaths and injuries from the synthetic injections posing as ‘vaccines’ and inflate so-called ‘covid’ deaths and ‘cases’. Reports from whistleblowers confirm that health staffs and NHS employees are coerced not to report adverse reactions.


An increase of 36,939 injuries and 970 fatal reactions in one week.


Like in the USSR, communist China or 1984 their obvious references, the EUSSR doesn’t call death a death, they call it ‘fatal reactions’. But, according to the EMA (so-called European medicine Agency), their own report system for adverse reactions, they don’t even report ‘fatal outcomes’, they report only ‘the number of cases reported as fatal for specific reactions groups (e.g. cardiac disorders) and for specific reactions’.

Which begs the questions: As they report the fatal outcomes per reaction groups, they therefore have the numbers of fatal outcomes.

Why not reporting the number of deaths? Why making the reporting tool so confusing, complicated. What are they trying to hide?

And finally, they admit themselves ” This website does not provide the total number of cases reported with a fatal outcome”. How many more fatal outcomes are there?

Obviously these ‘important messages’ come after they realized that people started to be informed about the absolutely massive number of injuries and deaths caused by the experimental (in live trial) injections from their big pharma sponsors.

Excerpt from :

This website does not provide the total number of cases reported with a fatal outcome. It provides the number of cases reported as fatal for specific reactions groups (e.g. cardiac disorders) and for specific reactions (e.g. myocardial infarction). Since one individual case may contain more than one suspected side effect, the sum of the number of fatal cases per reaction group will always be higher than the total number of fatal cases.

The number of cases in the website, including those reported with fatal outcome, which may have a variety of different causes, should be put in the context of the different vaccines’ exposure (numbers of given doses may vary significantly from one vaccine to another). Data about exposure is published by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (

In the realm of doublespeak and politically correct bullshit the EUSSR and its big pharma front the EMA are experts. The numbers they give and the way they give them have always been made to confuse and deceive. However, they are only a tiny tip of the iceberg of deaths and injuries, as they admit themselves.

Besides, they strangely fail to mention the ‘Run Line Listing Report’ which, contrary to what they pretend, lists the number of deaths linked to ID (deaths which are associated with unique ID’s)… This number of deaths linked to ID keeps increasing week after week at a worrying pace. So much for the ‘benefits outweigh the risks’ (Emer Cooke) and so-called ‘vaccines are safe and effective‘.

Yet another fact that Emer Cooke, head of EMA fails to mention is her long lasting pharma career, her obvious conflicts of interest and collusion with the vaccine lobbies (EFPIA lobby among others).

We have always posted both numbers from the Eudravigilance report system, fatal reactions by reaction groups and Run Line Listing Report’. We continue to do so but will insist on the total number of fatal reactions (deaths) as they are detailed, give a reason for the death and are therefore closer to reality.

Here they are this week:

Life in the lab….

The sun is setting on Planet Guinea Pig. Will its inhabitants finally wake-up and start to say no to insanity?

6 thoughts on “Inside The Lab – Week 26”

  1. If people want to label you as ‘anti vax’ for having reservations about taking an untested medication (who’s phase 3 trials won’t be completed until 2022 on in Pfizer’s case Jan 2023) two can play at this game; ‘lab rat’, ‘guinea pig’.

    The thing about totalitarianism/fascism/authoritarianism is that many people don’t realise they’re slaves (those poor folks that parrot the tv like zombies). We can definitely say the average IQ has dropped by at least half. Maybe those who don’t have a tv maybe safest, e.g. the Amish.


  2. Do you think the current iMR (injection Murder Rate) is in the order of 0.1% (100K deaths per 100M injections) and could easily increase to 1.0 % among the injected cattle next flu season?

    And that the Globalist Media will blame the “Super Delta-muscle Variant” (Covid-21) on the non-injected Healthy Humans (lepers/heretics) in order to get them mandatory injected by police/army?


    1. We see that coming already in many places. last yer, they imposed the muzzles in August, this year, despite the moronic spineless obedient hordes who comply to everything even the most absurd ‘order’, we might see something like that


  3. I also check the numbers of people killed and harmed every week and I found the same and even higher figures than what you post.

    Also, it is a fact that they do not report everything, just a small part of adverse reactions (less than 3% in the USA for the CDC). In Europe, the EMA reprots only what the national agencies report and it’s not much.

    Think about it, if you’d kill people by injecting them with poison, would you shoot yourself in the arm and report it????

    What is going on is an organized genocide. The target this time is first: the old and sick, then the ‘unfit’, then the teens and children (sterilization for the future).

    My guess is that some categories are given placebo while those they want to exterminate are given the real thing. The goal for the moment is to impose ‘vaccine passports’…

    It is a prelude to ‘social credit’ and ‘carbon points’ to allow only some people to travel.

    A real fascist system that make stalin, mao and hitler look like pussies.

    The people behind this deserve nothing else but death penalty and if the traditional justice system is too corrupt to deliver that, the People should make justice themselves!

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  4. Great post. I even recognize some of my neighbors in the pictures. Actually sheep and cattle are way smarter than normies covid cult zombies. And guinea pigs, rabbits and mice are definitely more cute!!!

    Brainswashed, not very smart and certainly not courageous will get what they deserve but their children don’t deserve the abuses their criminal parents are putting them through!

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