About Crimes Against Humanity

Nuremberg Trials 1946

As anyone with a conscience and an intact brain after 18 months of barbarism, vile propaganda, psychological and phsysical torture, social engineering and state terrorism. knows, force masking, lockdown, forced economic destruction, child abuse, forced ‘vaccination’ with hazardous, experimental and still in trial substances that don’t even fit the definition of a vaccine (and kill massively) and finally the imposition of modern yellow badges under the name of ‘vax passports’ or ‘green passes’ are crimes against Humanity.

When it’s done on a global scale it becomes the biggest crimes against Humanity in history.

Many people have been made to believe that there was a ‘pandemic’ and that because they were humiliated, tortured, scared, broken and made obedient like slaves, everybody should follow the same miserable route…

This is of course absurd, insane and dangerous. The ignoran, intolerant, often idiotic and indifferent masses are manipulated to believe that it is OK to reject, discriminate and probably soon enough eliminate those who dissent and refuse to become injected and muzzled slaves…

Here are few actions and articles that show us that as long as there is a soul and a spirit in human beings, thre is also hope and a better future when the force of Good will defeat the forces of evil.

Too bad for the useful idiots, the obedient bitches, the conformists, the compliant to whatever absurd the orders are, the opportunists, the profiteers, the criminals, the collaborators and snicthes of all kinds, the fight is on, the war is on and never in human history have the following and inactive masses brought anything to human achievements, except shame as they do now.

Few weeks ago, we saw that Israel, one of the most fascist dictatorship on earth since the advent of the covid scam scrapped Netanyahu ‘green passes‘, because people just didn’t comply.

It didn’t avoid the EUSSR criminals to try to impose it on a population that never ever elected them. However, in all things, there is the theory, then there is reality:

French City Fair Drops Covid Measures In Victory For People Power!

On Friday last, the historic city of Tours in France opened its annual fair. It’s normally a very big deal. This year is even more special as the fair celebrates its centenary. However, organisers and traders were shocked on Friday, when hardly anyone turned up.

Attendees and staff were told that they would need a “sanitary pass” to attend. To get a pass, a visitor or worker needed to show proof of vaccination or take a PCR test at the entrance. Throughout Friday, the fair was a ghost town and only 4 per cent of the staff had shown up.

Panic ensued. Traders, having spent thousands of euros for their pitches started screaming bloody murder. Others started buying and selling products among themselves. It was grim. Punters were walking away in their thousands. No-one wanted anything to do with the PCR tests piled high at the entrances.

At the 11th hour, the city backed down and all restrictions were lifted. The traders had been bombarding the local authority all day with texts and emails, threatening retribution if the sanitary pass wasn’t kicked to the kerb.

The city blinked and the fair was mobbed over the rest of the weekend. The PCR tests are still rotting at the entrances. The people of Tours stood up.

Vive La France! That’s the way it’s done. That’s people power. The French never let you down. Let it be a lesson to the businesses of the UK and Ireland.

We are sick to the back teeth of this scamdemic. We want our lives back. We want to frequent shops, theaters, cafés, cinemas, bars and restaurants again. We’ll fill your tills.

Just remember, whether we have been jabbed or not is none of your business. Same goes for face muzzles. The ball is now firmly in your court. I can’t wait to see you again.


If people had never complied to force masking and house arrest, this fake pandemic would have lasted few months only…

Another good news from France:

Complaint Against the French ‘government’ before the International Criminal Court for Crimes Against Humanity

An association. the CSAPE, represented by Patrice LEPILLER and Raphaël COHEN have issued a n official complaint to the International Cirminal Court in the Hague, Netherlands on the 28th of June.

They issued a 64 pages document complaint against the main actors behind the covid fraud in France, for crimes against humanity.

Incriminated are Macron, the PM Jean Castex, the ‘scientific’ advisers like Mr Delfraissy or Vigouroux and various ministries including of course current and former health ministers (all heavily colluded with big pharma), most government entities who took part in the crimes and also, Tedros Ghebreyesus the known felon at the head of the WHO, Bill Gates, Christian Drosten (and his PCR fraud), the EU and its unelected creep Ursula von der Leyen, and of course the big pharma shill Emer Cooke and her EMA.

The full document (in French) can be found here: www.csape.international

There seems to be some translations online in English but not complete.

The interesting part is that everybody can participate and associate with the complaint. The association CSAPE is willing to help by sending out the documents, any plaintiff just has to add his own contact details on the existing document and send it to the prosecutor Karim Asad Ahmad KHAN at otp.informationdesk@icc-cpi.int. The idea is to get enough complaints to hav ethe complaint accepted and an investigation opened for the crimes committed by the French government.

There is of coruse no guarantee of success or even acceptation of the complaint, but if thousands of citizens relay the complaint individually it will have an impact.

Also, this is a first, other governments guilty of crimes against humanity needs to be indicted and sent to court.

Will the complaint be received, dealt with, is the ICC corrupt, able or willing to do its job?

The mainstream media of course ignored the story because this is the kind of action that could create troubles for their sponsors.

Here is the full document

The same happened in India recently:

A complaint against GAVI, Bill Gates, Fauci and the WHO for crimes against Humanity. It comes from the Indian Bar Association. They notably denounce the criminal removal of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine by local corrupt authorities and the corrupt WHO to favorise their Big Pharma accomplices and the mass ‘vaccination’ agenda with untested, hazardous and deadly products posing as ‘vaccines’.

The full document can be consulted here:

Again, what will be the result is unknown and given the level of corruption of the Indian government, nothing is guaranteed, but these actions are needed as well as massive disobedience and refusel to submit to forced injections and other diktats.

Weekly numbers of deaths and injuries from the fake ‘vaccines’ have exploded in the USA:

USA: 9,048 DEATHS – 438,441 INJURIES

An increase of 26.650 injuries in one week
An increase of 2,063 DEATHS in one week

The criminals behind these murders are Pfizer-Biontech, Moderna  AND J&J Janssen

Here is a comparison of the number of patient killed by vaccines from 1991 to 2020 and the number of patient killed by the so-called ‘covid’ ‘vaccines’ in just about 7 months. More people died in 7 months from the covid injections than in the last 30 years!

6,045 people died from vaccines in 30 years, from Jan. 1991 to Nov. 2020

Here are today’s VAERS numbers just for the covid ‘vaccine’ and just for the last 7 months!

9,048 people died from covid “vaccines’ in 7 months!

No further comments except that we now hear a lot about people getting jabbed and feeling well or ok… Maybe they’ve got a placebo but we also hear of horror stories of people disabled for life, miscarriages and life threatening reactions if not deaths… As Mike yeadon, former Pfizer exectuive was saying, diseases won’t declare immediately and the cancer one might get in 2 years could very well be triggered by the dangerous genetic manipulation made with these experimental treatements.

UK numbers are also exploding although it seems, people don’t queue so much anymore to get poisoned (will Bojo the clown really reopen witout any fascist restriction on the 19th of July remains to be seen).

UK: 1,440 DEATHS, 1,037,376 INJURIES

The criminals behind these murders are Pfizer-Biontech, AstraZeneca-Oxford, and Moderna.

37 more deaths in one week
30,123 more injuries in one week
11,191 more reports in one week


EUSSR: 18,085 FATAL REACTIONS, 697,032 INJURIES, 3,445 DEATHS linked to ID

An increase of 31,507 injuries , 580 Fatal Reactions reported and 83 Deaths linked to ID in one week.


This is the stuff they want to forcibly inject you with…

We end with this article from Gary Barnett who, since April 2020, has been on the spot with his predictions. This time researchers found ingredients in the mRNA concoctions, and some of them might explain why so many deaths and injuries and the strange reactions from jabbed people (or ar they now GMO zombies). It also fits the 5G/control agenda…

Is Graphene Oxide Causing What Is Falsely Being Referred to as ‘Covid-19?’

“Today, La Quinta Columna has made an urgent announcement that they hope will reach as many people as possible, especially those involved in health and legal services, as biostatistician Ricardo Delgado, Dr. José Luis Sevillano and the team of researchers and professors with whom they have been conducting their research have confirmed the presence of toxic graphene oxide nanoparticles in vaccination vials.”


Translated by Orwell City

Since no such thing as Covid-19 has ever been separated, isolated, or identified, and not one attempt to satisfy Koch’s Postulates to determine if a novel ‘virus’ even exists has been attempted, what is really happening and why have governments worldwide shut down their countries and declared war on their citizenry? What is the real plot, and how many will die due to this fraudulent pandemic scam?

My position since very early on concerning this so-called ‘pandemic’ has been that the SARS-CoV-2 or ‘Covid-19’ was just the excuse being used as a government tool to instill great fear into the people, so as to build a system of total control over the masses. The real bioweapon evident is the poisonous injection mislabeled as the ‘Covid vaccine,’ and the tactics and mandates that have not only destroyed economic activity, but decimated the health and immune systems of the people at large. This includes every aspect of the lockdowns, quarantines, job loss due to the forced closings of businesses nationwide and worldwide, mask and false testing mandates, and the general terror purposely brought about by the controlling ‘elites’ and their government partners.

By this time, most should, but few do, understand the poisonous and toxic nature of what is being called a ‘vaccine,’ and the wide array of deadly adjuvants, live animal tissue, biological additives, metals, nano-particles, gene-altering messenger-RNA, and of course many other unknown or purposely hidden toxins in this deadly concoction. But what else is in this devil’s brew?

Just recently, reports coming from a team of doctors, scientists, researchers, and professors from the Spanish organization, La Quinta Columna, have stated emphatically that the highly toxic graphene oxide is not only present in vials of ‘Covid vaccines’ from most all pharmaceutical manufacturers, but is also being delivered in masks and through ‘Covid’ testing. This is very startling information, and answers a lot of questions about not only the symptoms present for many, but also may further expose another part of this nefarious agenda that is depopulation.

As stated by this group of researchers:

The masks being used and currently marketed contain graphene oxide. Not only the ones that were withdrawn at the time, as indicated by the media, the swabs used in both PCR and antigen tests also contain graphene oxide nanoparticles.

The COVID vaccines in all their variants, AstraZeca, Pfizer, Moderna, Sinovac, Janssen, Johnson & Johnson, etc., also contain a considerable dose of graphene oxide nanoparticles. This has been the result of their analysis by electron microscopy and spectroscopy, among other techniques used by various public universities in our country.

The anti-flu vaccine contained nanoparticles of graphene oxide and the new anti-flu vaccines and the new and supposedly intranasal anti-COVID vaccines they are preparing also contain enormous doses of graphene oxide nanoparticles. Graphene oxide is a toxic that generates thrombi in the organism, graphene oxide is a toxic that generates blood coagulation. Graphene oxide causes alteration of the immune system. By decompensating the oxidative balance in relation to the gulation reserves. If the dose of graphene oxide is increased by any route of administration, it causes the collapse of the immune system and subsequent cytokine storm.

Also, according to this study, levels of graphene oxide in certain ‘vaccine’ vials contained up to 99% graphene oxide and little else. This toxin can cause pneumonia when the nanoparticles enter the lungs. Graphene also causes a metallic taste and inflammation of the mucus membranes which can lead to a loss of taste and smell. It can as well cause strong magnetic responses inside a host organism, and can also cause red blood cell damage. When deposited on most any surface, it can be converted into an electronic conductor. This would lead one to question many ‘Covid’ symptoms and the possible uses of graphene oxide in the so-called ‘Covid-19 vaccine,’ as this study group also claims that graphene oxide actually causes what is erroneously described as ‘Covid.’ If this is the case, then the ‘vaccine’ is indeed the bioweapon.

The very many adverse effects of graphene oxide delivery into living organisms has been long studied, but virtually nothing about this has been mentioned by the pharmaceutical companies, the government, or the mainstream media. In fact, there has been express denial of any nano-particle use in the flu and ‘Covid’ injections by these same sources in the past. The information in this report is staggering, but little effort is required to understand the high risk of using these toxic nano-sized particles in ‘vaccines.’

Graphene microparticles, and therefore graphene by injection, can lead to major respiratory sickness, including lung cancer. Once these particles are inside the body, and in the cells, the human immune system has not the ability to rid itself of these deadly nano-particles, and they become permanent and can cause extreme physiological harm in the body at the cellular level.

Bioweapons can come in many forms, and this is the new tactic of war against the people by this and other governments. The powerful controlling element of society and its corrupt government partners care nothing about you or your families, but only about power and control over you. The real bioweapon is not any ‘virus,’ but is the ‘vaccine’ delivery system itself, along with masks, and testing, as perpetrated by the very entity (government) claiming to be your savior. The elimination of this government is in order.
It seems that the death of billions is sought, and a new master and slave society controlled by technocrats in a transhuman environment is the desired outcome. Today, science fiction has become reality!

The original translated article and video from La Quinta Columna can be accessed here, and also in the source links below. I would urge all to take a look at this information. https://www.orwell.city/2021/06/covid-19-is-caused-by-graphene-oxide.html

Source links:
Urgent announcement: Covid is caused by graphene oxide https://www.orwell.city/2021/06/covid-19-is-caused-by-graphene-oxide.html
Negative impacts of Graphene https://www.techinstro.com/what-is-the-negative-impact-of-graphene-on-the-environment/
Masks and Covid tests contain nanotech vaccines https://ambassadorlove.wordpress.com/2021/04/07/masks-and-covid-tests-contain-nanotech-vaccines-without-informed-consent/
Graphene Oxide for 5G mind control https://tapnewswire.com/2021/06/vaccines-deliver-graphene-oxide-nanotubes-for-5g-mind-control/


France’s New Tyranny Revealed in Glorious Technicolor, And There Could Be More to Come

ER Editor: The Rothschild ‘president’, quite possibly elected by fraudulent means back in 2017, has just made an announcement that still has to be voted on in the National Assembly. We’d be surprised if his measures don’t pass as virtually none of France’s elected representatives are actually doing their jobs on behalf of the people any more.

We’re publishing a story from Lockdown Sceptics and Sky News below, but first is a fitting editorial comment from a news site in Brittany, on the north-west coast, called Breizh-Info.

Oh, and we’ve been threatened with mandatory vaccination for everyone if not enough people are vaccinated. Tajikistan, anyone? Of course, they’ll push for 100% mandatory vax for all adults next, you can be sure. The sky’s the limit now. Clearly Macron has no chance of being elected president in 2022, so the elites will be planning their next candidate via a different party.

We believe the rate of vaccine uptake before these measures were announced was around 34%. Uptake had stalled in the US at around 43% before Biden announced his door-to-door campaign.


Social apartheid. Review SCUMBAG Macron’s announcements


In a few days, when you think about going to a shopping mall, you the European, you may run into a security guard at the entrance, possibly in the country illegally, who will forbid you to enter the premises because you do not have your health pass.

Emmanuel Macron, the poorly elected president of the Republic, has indeed announced a series of measures validating the establishment of a social apartheid in France, an apartheid in which there will not be on one side the Whites, on the other the Blacks, but on one side the Vaccinated against Covid-19, those who accept to bend to the Chinese injunctions, and on the other, those who resist.

Demonstrations, calls for disobedience and announcements of legal recourse are already multiplying. The summer will be hot. 

(ER: The government knows what it is doing, making this announcement in the 2nd week of July, just as people’s holidays are getting underway and any protest will be watered down until late into August …)

TRANSLATION: Seeing that the police don’t have to have a vaccine, they won’t be able to go in the shopping centres and restaurants – to check people’s passes? Please tell me it’s true?

TRANSLATION: I’m a healthcare worker in emergency and my husband and care workers who are independently employed have made the choice to give up everything and quit. As for my uniform, it will be on the square in front of my ARS in my region. Because for us, it’s no to the vaccine.

TRANSLATION: I’m stunned by the decisions Macron announced. And supported by a part of the political consensus! The first time in my life where I wonder if I’m not going to live in another country! But France is so beautiful. Will I be saying that in 300 days? LOL

TRANSLATION: A moving thought for all those who voted for Macron in the second round of the 2017 presidential so as to avoid the implementation of a dictatorship … (ER: He was running against Marine Le Pen, whom the French have been taught to view as a fascist)

TRANSLATION: We are millions of vaccinated or non-vaccinated refusing to submit to a police state where where medical secrecy, freedom of treatment and freedom to come and go are shattered.

TRANSLATION: “The Health Pass will never be a right of access that differentiates the French. It cannot be mandatory to access everyday places like restaurants, theaters and cinemas, or to go to friends’ houses.”  Emmanuel Macron, April 30th 2021

ER: Yes, Macron is a bald-faced liar. Among other things.

Macron Mandates Covid Vaccination for All French Health Workers and Introduces Vaccine Passports


Emmanuel Macron has announced that all French healthcare workers face mandatory Covid vaccination, and that vaccine passports will be required in restaurants, shopping malls and hospitals, and on trains and planes, effectively cutting off unvaccinated French people from their daily lives. Cancelling all large events which were set to take place in the coming month, the President also warned that ALL French citizens could face mandatory vaccination later this year.

To get a vaccine passport, you have to be fully vaccinated, have a fresh negative test or have recently recovered from the virus. In his address, Macron said that France will start charging for some Covid tests, which up to now have been free (ER: to our knowledge the PCR test will now cost each person per test 50 euros!), giving many citizens little choice but to get vaccinated. Sky News has more.

    In a televised address, France’s President said all health care workers, nursing home workers and anyone who cares for the elderly or unwell at home must have coronavirus vaccines by September 15th.

    Those who fail to do so could face sanctions or fines.

    The President also announced anyone who wants to go to a restaurant, shopping centre or several other public places will need a Covid pass, which can only be given to people who have been fully vaccinated, have a fresh negative test or have recently recovered from the virus.

It confirms that the fake pandemic has been created to implement one of its main goals, the ‘vaccine passport’ and forced jabbing. Of course the variants don’t even exist, of course if they did they would be of no danger to anyone and of course the PCR test is still used to manipulate ‘case’ numbers along with falsifying ‘death’ certificates to push their sick agenda.

France is now like Nazi Germany, the USSR, communist China, a full fledge dictatorship where a part of the population is going to segregate, discriminate, denounce and bully the other part as it was the case in Eastern Germany with the bitches and snitches working for the Stasi.

The only solution is mass disobedience and refusal to cave in, refusal to be part of a sick apartheid society, GMO jabbed guinea pigs, cowards and fascism collaborators.

From the news site France Soir, here is a site called Animap that list shops, service providers who won’t ask for any ‘pass’, test or injection to let you access their premises (If you live in France, Switzerland or Italy).

Macron and the likes of him must be removed from power by ANY means. Civil disobedience and insurrection are now the only solutions and remember that even in Israel, the ‘vaccine pass’ had to be scrapped because people just decided not to use it (shops and shoppers).

The day we stop to listen and obey to assholes and criminals like macron is the day this fake pandemic stops.

This is now the time to fight

5 thoughts on “About Crimes Against Humanity”

  1. It is clear that all the “leaders” (puppets from the WEF or other criminal org) in the western world are guilty of mass murder, enslavement, fraud, and crimes against humanity.

    As such, massive arrrests must be made and public executions prepared as only the death penalty will serve as a warning for those who want to impose on the world their global fascist ‘reset’…


  2. criminals like macron must be brought to justice or shot dead without any trial!

    The corrupt scumbags of the EUSSR ‘commission’ and mock of a ‘parliament’ who voted to force vaccine passports on people must also be brought to justice and if not eliminated from the surface of this planet like we eliminate vermin.


  3. Some evidence of PCR test fraud (apologies, accidentally hit enter). At work I overheard some school kids bragging about getting a positive PCR test from orange juice to their teacher. I turned as was like ‘bravo’! This whole PCR test thing is PURELY about creating numbers, which can be used to justify lockdowns, restrictions and crimes against humanity.

    I remember clearly that a ‘case’ was originally someone with covid-like symptoms who later CONFIRMED positive. The definition of ‘case’ changed late summer 2020. That was when this was being used fraudulently. When Magufuli did his famous tests on fruits (and later this week in fact at my work, school kids were bragging about it!) that says everything.

    Anyway, we hope more lemmings are waking up. I’m more concerned about the longer term effects of vaccines that haven’t been rulled out; e.g. antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). I wonder what creative little tricks the oppressors are going to employ (oh, just heard a youtube add ‘join the millions who’re already vaccinated’, BINGO, use of peer pressure ‘everyone’s doing it’ trick, cheap!).


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