Here We Go Again

The Revolt Is On

If you “don’t know what to do”, if you need ideas, ask your grandparents!
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The Revolt Is On


World Wide Demonstration


No update on covid-toxic injections deaths and injury this week, others provide the numbers which are increasing dramatically anyway all over the world, since “depopulation” (extermination) is one of their goals.

We concentrate on how to fight the criminal elite agenda to transform our planet into a gigantic concentration camp.

And focus on those who fight rather than on those who submit and therefore die from their submission.

And some are just doing that every day and every week. they fight not only for their rights but also for the future of Humanity and yes, for the rights of the cowards, ignorant, timid and stupid who gave-up being human some time during the last 18 months.

But, it’s never too late, even if you have submitted to the injection blackmail with the toxic gene altering susbtances or a placebo (as it appears to be the case for millions), it’s always time to wake-up, stand-up and fight the criminals who did that to you!

Why the placebo idea?

The plan has always been to force ID’s on us, whatever the name, the goal is to force a mark on what they consider to be mere cattle, they just needed an alibi to commit their crimes, along with exterminating as many as they could along the way. Weither this is a real toxic jab or saltee water doesn’t matter if the goal is to enslave humanity (what’s left of it) with ‘digital ID’s” from birth to death.

As the Daily Expose clearly demonstrates:

Authorities are desperate to vaccinate children because it is critical to their plan to implement a Vaccine Passport / Digital Identity

Without fanfare and with hardly a peep from the corporate-owned establishment media, the World Health Organisation, also known as the WHO, have issued a document that should set off alarm bells for lovers of freedom and liberty everywhere.

The document provides “guidance” for every nation in the world on how to go about implementing digital health passports, which is something Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and other power elites have said since last year would be absolutely essential to conquering the alleged Covid-19 pandemic.

The title alone of the document appears designed to repel the average reader and lull them to sleep: Digital documentation of COVID-19 certificates: vaccination status: technical specifications and implementation guidance.

The WHO is working with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, or CDC, “to produce a high-value standard for international adoption and technical information exchange.” In layman’s terms, we’re talking about a digital ‘health’ passport.

These passports are meant for no other purpose than to track and trace the movement of people in real time, scooping up data all along the way.

In other words, one of the most basic rights in any free society, the freedom of movement, will be shattered if your city, state or nation follows the advice of the WHO, the World Economic Forum, or any of its tech partners such as Microsoft, IBM, Google, Facebook, etc.

The World Death Organization whose first funders is none other than bill gates, the psychopath who refuse to vaccinate his kids but want to exterminate large parts of Humanity with “vaccines” as he did already in Africa and India.

The WHO paper states its purpose is to provide standards and specs for the governments and contractors seeking to impose digital vaccine passports on global populations.

A condensed version of the 99-page document, with helpful graphics, some of which are reproduced below, can be found here.

And since the cattle, the sheeple, the guinea pigs don’t even complain when you force mask them, when you put them in house arrest, when you destroy their lives, when you abuse their children, when you force inject them with shit, then it now seems easy for the globalist scum to impose Nazi style ID’s on the brainless herd.

But we are not animals, we are not objects, we are not commodities that they can manipulate, inject, force and dispose of as they see fit, we are Human Beings, at least those of us who resist, and we will die rather than submit and wait for them to get to us for we will not come with our hand on our heads but with our fingers on the triggers of our guns !

biden, the unelected globalist horseshit who stole the elections and is now trying to mandate his masters plans in absolute illegality, has zero legitimacy, zero right to even dare to tell federal bodies and businesses what to do, what to wear and what to inject. Who does this bozo thinks he is? He is neither president nor credible.



#bananajoe on the leash of one of his puppetmasters
Ooops, did again in your pants #bananajoe?

Watch: Joe Biden Booed, Heckled at 9/11 Memorial — Thousands Chant “We Want Trump” at Boxing Event

Guess Who Else is Exempted from the Biden “Vaccine” Mandate             

In addition to the hundreds of thousands of U.S. Postal Workers Union members who will be needed for the next round of mail/vote fraud, members of congress and their staffs.

You know, whenever a consumer product is rumored to be unsafe it is common for the CEO of the company that sells the product to publicly consume it to assure the public of its safety.  Not so with Nancy and Chuck and the other Bolsheviks in congress.  They wouldn’t touch this stuff with a ten foot pole.  The mandate is for you, not them.

It’s clear this sack of globalist manure really wants to piss-off People, he wants war, he needs an excuse to start real hostilities. He’s looking for divide and for civil war, as confirms Tom Luongo

Quietly Say “No” to Joe Biden’s Call for Civil War

It’s very tempting though…And no guarantee that they’ll win

However, here is the truth about their fake “vaccines”, the massacre continues unabated, unreported:

Reports of Injuries, Deaths After COVID Vaccines Hit New Highs, as Biden Rolls Out Plan to Force 100 Million More Americans to Get Vaccinated

AERS data released Friday by the CDC showed a total of 675,593 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 14,506 deaths and 88,171 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and Sept. 3, 2021.

Data released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that between Dec. 14, 2020 and Sept. 3, 2021, a total of 675,593 adverse events following COVID vaccines were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). The data included a total of 14,506 reports of deaths — an increase of 595 over the previous week.

There were 88,171 reports of serious injuries, including the reports of deaths, during the same time period — up 2,200 compared with the previous week.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, 90 to 95% of deaths and injuries are not reported!

In Europe, the body count is at least double if not triple. Again only 5 to 10% reported deaths and injuries.

And it’s not only the US or Europe:

Toronto doctor admits vaccine side effects are actually overrunning hospitals, NOT covid patients.

Covid-19 isn’t killing the elderly and vulnerable; it’s Midazolam and the Covid-19 Vaccines that are killing them according to British Funeral Director

British funeral undertaker John O’Looney spoke to independent journalist Lindie Naughton recently, giving her the full scoop about what is really going on with all the elderly people who are supposedly dying from “covid” in care homes and hospitals.

Corrupt politicians and the mainstream media that the government is paying to publish propaganda and lies, O’Looney revealed, are lying to the public about there being a “deadly virus” that is killing the elderly and vulnerable. In truth, virtually all seniors are dying from the medication and injections they are being given, he says.

 80% of Covid-19 deaths in August were people who had been vaccinated according to Public Health data

Further evidence proving the Covid-19 vaccination programme is a huge failure has been released which confirms throughout the whole of August 80% of the people who allegedly died of Covid-19 had been vaccinated against the disease.

Now, all these murders, this tyranny, this constant onslaught on our lives and rights should push millions in the streets, government buildings, banks, globalist institutions should burn, and globalist sucm should be lynched everytime they set foot outside.

Not quite yet, but it’s coming…




Lithuania: Thousands march against COVID-19 restrictions in Vilnius


Bulgarians refuse to get injected with the deadly poison. Only 20 to 25% of Bulgarians submitted to the shots.

Bulgaria protests


Belgians, Dutch and Germans have joined forces for the protest against the global dictatorship in the city where the EUSSR ‘kommission’, one of the globalist syndicate behind the coup, has its seat.   


Turkey – Istanbul [September 11, 2021]

Also in Turkey huge protest against VAX passports and mandates. People want their freedom!

#HerYerMaltepeHerYerDireniş #NoVaccinePassports #Manifs11septembre #vaccinatiedwang #BüyükUyanisMitingi


Montreal – Quebec

Vive le Quebec libre!

justina trudeau: GO FUCK YOURSELF (or with your girlfriend macron)


Italy – Milano

Italy – Padova

Italia – Torino


100,000 in one protest in Paris…

And it’s just one of the 3 or 5 demos that took place in Paris this week-end

3 to 5 different protests took place in Paris, some more peaceful than others, but despite the gross lies of the mainstream media whores, the movement is growing as the number of protesters every week.

Paris, Montparnasse, Saturday 11 of September… The images talk by themselves… The Yellow Vests are back!

Paris Place Wagram, another protest

The poster with yellow characters on the left reads: ” macron, are you deaf? Get lost!”

Another protest in Paris, place de Breteuil

The poster on the right reads: ‘ take your paSS macron and GET LOST!”

But other cities and towns too, more than 300 joined the revolt

Nancy – North East France


Lille – North of France

Nice – On the Cote d’Azur

Sun and a family atmophere

Toulouse where macron’s gestapo attacked  peaceful protesters – “Undercover”, dressed as civilians, they tried to disrupt the protest but were recognized by locals and identified for what they are :  criminals and fascists pigs!

The town of Sarreguemines in the North of France

Pau, down to the Pyrennees Mountains

The town of Agen in the south


Collaborators of the paSS and useful idiots of the totalitarian regime were booed by the protesters. How can they not be ashamed of themselves?

1.2 million people on the 4th of September, 2 million on the 11th

The demonstrators were close to the centres of power in Paris this Saturday

Even closer, to the Elysee palace, where emanuelle macron and his “mother’ brigitte were probably ready to flee in case the People would have forced the barrages.

But not quite yet, emmanuelle rothschild…

Protesters played ‘cat and mouse’ with the cops a good part of the evening.

Eventually, the rotten walls of the globalist fake world will come down.’s gestapo is retreating as the resistance is gaining ground…

Source & various people on various media

The globalists controlled media were given orders to pretend that the demonstrations are waning and the numbers are falling, and in pure soviet style they even give numbers to the last digit like 120,211 people. it’s of course a sign to tell people that their numbers are fake and they don’t care if we know it. It comes out the perfect marxist or nazi propaganda playbook.

The reality is, that with more than 300 towns and cities involved of all sizes, it is impossible to have less than at least 300 to 500,00 participants.

A police union estimated the number at 520,000 , this is most likely much higher…

“DON’T JAB ME”. A little girl in front of the regime paid brutes. They too probably have children. What are they gonna do now, shoot little girls? Or shoot macron?

Other countries have decided to deal with the corrupt nest of globalist cockroaches with other means:

Lawsuit: 220,000 Military Service Members Say ‘No’ to Biden’s Forced Covid Injections

 This Gives Hope: “Green Passport” Rejected Throughout Spain

“green passport” (sic), yesterday yellow badge, today green badge… But Spain Constitutional Court seems not to be in the hands of the globalist cockroaches (yet)…

Spain: the Constitutional Court Revolts, Declares State of Emergency Unconstitutional

The Spanish Constitutional Court has declared the second state of emergency unconstitutional. It had been decreed by the socialist  bolshevik Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, for facing the second wave of Covid. (ER: Ah, those ‘waves’, which viruses don’t do. A convenient fiction for a new round of unconstitutional actions by our governments.)

Spanish justice, once again, is in the news. If there is a country where the judiciary has given the state authorities a hard time in the management of the health crisis, it is Spain, where several regional courts have recently risen to say no to the Health Pass globalist-nazi-paSS.

Australian Police & Local Govt Workers Legally Challenging Vax Mandates

Queensland police are opposing the vaccine mandates for them, while four local government employees in the adjacent state of New South Wales are challenging various aspects of the medical mandate, including that of vaccines.

Because, like everywhere else, the cattle marking and slave status is not for everybody, just for the peasants.

Vaccination will be compulsory for more than half of NSW’s public sector workers. But not for our parliament

Kim Jong dan ‘andrews’, the Victoria state criminal

And as North Korea is now a freer regime than Australia:

‘Extraordinarily dangerous’: Backlash to govt’s new hacking powers grows

Repeal the Identify and Disrupt Bill 2021 Sign The Petition Here

UK drops plan for “vaccine” passports in England

The UK government has dropped a plan to make people in England show vaccine passports to enter crowded events such as nightclubs, the health minister said Sunday.

The government had previously said these would be introduced at the end of this month, despite opposition from businesses in the sector and from some Conservative MPs.

UK: Prime Minister to scrap DeathVaxx Passports for this Winter

Where is the catch? Oh yeah, next winter then… The local tyrant bojo the clown doesn’t want a revolt on his hands or is he playing time, watching madame macron slipping under the Guillotine?

Then Denmark again, where this week, all restrictions have been removed, not because they have enough people who got injected with toxic gene editing shit, but because ‘covid’ is not a danger (never was), it will be much like the flu in the future and natural immunity will suffice. The decision came from the parliament, not the marxist government.

No more ‘covid’ tyranny in Viking lands?

From Newswar:

The parties in the centre-right blue bloc, led by the Liberal Party, have already said that they believe that Covid-19 should no longer be classed as a serious threat to society, and the health ministry’s announcement came less than an hour before the ruling Social Democrats were due to discuss the issue with the other parties in the Epidemic Committee. 

A number of restrictions are set to lapse on September 1st, notably the requirement to show a valid coronapass to sit in restaurants and bars, and the ban on discos and nightclubs.  

Friday’s announcement means that just ten days after nightclubs reopen on September 1st, visitors will no longer have to show a coronapas, and it also means that from September 10th, those going to watch a Superliga football match or attend an outdoor event with more than 2,000 people, will no longer need a coronapas. 

The change in the classification of Covid-19 will not, however, affect rules on travel into Denmark, which are governed by a separate inter-party agreement which is due to expire in October, a spokesperson for the health ministry said. 

Don’t believe one second the BS: “80% of the population “vaccinated”. This is a lie and a convenient excuse from local globalist puppets to their scumbag overlords.

Holocaust survivors send letter to EMA & the MHRA demanding an end to covid “vaccine” roll-out because they’re seeing another Holocaust unfold before their eyes

Soon, they will send the free Human Beings who refuse to be injected with poison to this kind of camps, if we let them do!

From The holocaust survivors write that “the degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved. ‘Vaccination’ against Covid has proven to be more dangerous than Covid for approximately 99% of all humans.

“As documented by Johns Hopkins in a study of 48,000 children, children are at zero risk from the virus. Your own data shows that children, who are at no risk from the virus, have had heart attacks following vaccination; more than 15,000 have suffered adverse events – including more than 900 serious events. At least 16 adolescents have died following vaccination in the USA.”

The signatories add that according to Principle 10 of the Nuremberg Code, medical experiments must be terminated whenever “a continuation of the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability, or death to the experimental subject.”

They also further stressed that vaccine mandates violate the right to voluntary consent under the Nuremberg Code “without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion.”

“If 80 years ago it was the Jews who were demonised as spreaders of infectious diseases, today it is the unvaccinated.”

The authors, who include concentration camp survivors, their sons, daughters, and grandchildren, state,

“It is obvious to us that another holocaust of greater magnitude is taking place before our eyes. The majority of the world’s populace do not yet realise what is happening, for this kind of organised crime is beyond their scope of experience. We, however, know. Some of us have personal memories.”

The letter is addressed to the big pharma puppet Emer Cooke, ultra corrupted Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency and copied to Dr. Raimund Bruhin, Director of Swiss Medic in Switzerland, and Dr June Raine, Interim Chief Executive of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency in the U.K.

The survivors concluded their letter with a plea to Ms Cooke for the true number of vaccine casualties, and asked “how many will be enough to awaken your conscience?

If this heartless globalist whore has a conscience (our emphasis)




In direct relation to the crimes committed by criminal and corrupt organizations like the EMA, the FDA, the MHRA, the CDC and most Western “governments’, here is a complaint for Genocide, Ensalvement and Crimes Against Humanity sent recently to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in charge of dealing with such crimes.

MOST COUNTRIES HAVE RATIFIED TREATIES SUCH AS THE 1948 DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, THE ROME TREATY OR THE NUREMBERG CODE, AND EVEN COUNTRIES LIKE THE USA WHO DON’T RECOGNIZE THE ICC ARE BOUND BY SUCH TREATIES (biden is not only violating the US constitution when illegally forcing diktats on people, he’s also guilty of crimes against humanity).

The complaint has been made by European lawyers from France, the UK, Slovakia and Czech Republic against their respective governments. Other European lawyers have joined recently too.

Everyone can participate and send the existing complaint to the ICC against his own country’s criminal government. Any citizen just need to contact the lawyers and follow the very simple process on how to sign, fill and send the compliant to the ICC in the Hague in the Netherlands.

Already thousands of citizens have joined the cases and sent their complaints. The more the ICC will receive, the more the cases will have weight.

The ICC recently replied and the lawyers sent in a large amount of proofs regarding Crimes vs Humanity from the incriminated states. They are now waiting for further responses from the ICC.

The document of the complaint translated from French to English can be downloaded on their website or here:

The contact details of the the lawyers and organization centralizing the complaints can be found on their website, where they also explain how to use their existing complaint to join the case and how to proceed to send it to the ICC.

Anyone from the public or professionals can participate. This is the least we can do.

CSAPE – Collectif des Syndicats et Associations Professionnels Europeens

To finish, we would like to honor those who fight for our rights, take huge risks, put their livelihood and careers at risk, end-up beaten in protests by nazi/stasi pigs, end-up in jail because they dare to tell the truth or live as Human Beings or end-up dead because they threaten the globalist cockroaches evil plans.

To the Damien Tarel, John Magufuli, John McAfee, Cassandre Tristot, Pierre Nkurunziza, Michel Flori, Monica Smit, Brandy Vaughan and all the anonymous truthful, courageous and decent human beings who fight against tyranny, for our rights and freedoms. Thank you all, we will eventually win.

The light will come. Good will win over evil‘.

Illustration from PROJETKO

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    morrison, daniels, hazzards & all you other fucing globalists laceys, RECKONING DAY IS COMING, PAC YOUR BAGS!


  2. Today it was EPIC ! Everywhere but specially in AUSTRALIA, and MELBOURNE! Where the people were attaced again by the fascist regime thugs BUt this time, the People won and CRUSHED the lines of the local gestapo!


    (and for all your little globalist puppets buddies too)


  3. Beware of the laceys who have blogs and are working for the scum behind the covid SCAM.

    One of them is jeff paschke, a covid cult member, a liar and a servant of the deep state…

    fuck you paschke


    1. Bombshell leak: Countries that buy Pfizer’s vaccine undertake to break the law
      Leaked information from confidential agreements that vaccine manufacturer Pfizer concluded with a large number of buyer countries, revealed slave contracts that violate legislation in each and every country. Buyers undertake to break all laws that stand in the way of mass vaccination. The buyers also undertake to bear all costs and all responsibility for the experimental jabs and waive the right to breach the agreement.
      Published: August 8, 2021, 12:09 pm


  4. we need to start to kill corrupt politicians lie biden, macron or draghi and also target their servants.

    we also need to target people lie fauci., gates, soros, and all the others.

    these criminals can’t have 24/7 protection, there is always a way


  5. They even demonstrated in israel, but there, you can’t know what is true or fake.

    After all, it’s the mossad that did 9/11, so everything they do there could be a false flag…

    They always start there and roll it in the EUSSR (their puppets) and then the US (wtheir other puppets)

    yes guys, most of the European “governments’ are controlled like the media by the sionists, in the US even more…


  6. The complaint for cirmes against humanity is totally valid but the rpoblem is that the ICC is another globalist organizations part of the UN, so most likely corrupt and in the loop with the global coup.

    It’s the EU “court of humna rights”: W hat a joke, part of its members are controlled by Soros, the other part are lobbies pawns…

    But all with one goal: imposed a dictatorship in Europe !


  7. If you are going to paste entire books in the comment section, at least give us the links to the articles.

    and shorten it for f… sake!


  8. Note to Richard Noakes: man, you are polluting the blog comments with your 10 miles long comments!

    To the blog admin: why do you validate such long comments?

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that the ASSHOLES (no other word for them) who go and play the game by first getting injected with poiosn (their problem ok) but then obey to be treated like cattle with their QR codes to live ABNORMAL LIVES are the reason why we live in a dictatorship.


    So thumbs up to the French protesters who shamed them !





  10. VERY PRETTY GIRL INDEED! It shows how weak are the people behind the covid operation are, to be scared by just one cardboard with their names on it !

    100% with her, added to my telegram account!

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  11. Violence is not only inevitable but is also a necessary evil against the most evil people of all times!

    No rights or freedom were ever obtained by peaceful demands or petitioning the criminals who take them from us!

    Kill biden, macron, merkel and see how they will shit in their pants.

    And if civil war is needed, let’s have it, but don’t forget to target the snake at the head by starting to kill the gates, soros, rockefeller, windsor, rothschild of this world and destroy all their assets.

    Target the scum and their lackeys and you’ll see how mcuh they really fear us.

    100,000 soldiers or police can do nothing VS millions of people.

    The Taliban are the perfect example.

    They win, the deep state and their sionnist allies lost! Again!


  12. were there other protests this week-end, i’ve heard about many in the USA and some in Australia, but were there some in Europe?

    I know Germans are protesting regularly against the merkel bitch, anything in Switzerland?

    Or are the swiss too stupid and coward to fight for their rights?


    1. Hey you,

      There was a protest in Bern, so zip it…

      The Swiss are slow o react, they talk about it first, then vote , then act.

      Which is why the assholes of the federal counsel have no legitimacy to impose any interior “passport”, even less a “vax” passport!

      here are the names of these corrupt criminals:

      guy parmelin
      sommaruga (she is effectively a EU asset used to lure switzerland into the totalitarian net)
      ignazio cassis
      alain berset
      karin keller-sutter
      viola amherd
      ueli maurer (yes, he had reservations about the project but did he say no?)
      walter thurnherr

      here you can send what you think about these globalist lackeys:

      The Swiss need to go in the streets and EXPEL THE TRAITORS of the Federation

      And replace them with real patriots who have the interests of the population in mind


  13. Beau-ti-ful! This girl is beautiful as the movement is too! I was in some of the demos in various cities in the past few weeks and there are more than 500 000, it’s millions actually.

    The problem ishow to count them, even if you are on the ground, it is difficult, but as a rule, if a 2,3 km large avenue is full, you know that you have more than 10,000 people.

    Also, if only 1000 people were protesting in 300 cities, that would make already 300,000. It’s basic logic and mathematics.

    And as big cities like Paris, Marseille, Vienna, Milan hold larger protests and populations, the numbers are mathematically much higher. Example, Montpellier last week, 15,000 + people for a city much much smaller than Paris… And the MSM bastards dare to tell us that they were only 19,000 people in Paris!

    You look at one video online and you know it’s a blatant lie!

    The mainstream presstitutes take people for idiots, for some it works as they are idiots, but macron (and others like usurper biden) and his puppet masters know they are under siege and this is why they go on all front and try to accelerate the ‘program’, before even the idiots wake-up…

    The EU is ruined, the USA are ruined, the globalist ideology is ruined, their misearable fake world is crumbling, they know it and this is why they created this fake pandemic and their ‘great reset’.

    They will finally go down where they belong, the garbage of history, but there will be blood and tears and not only ours, but theirs and their families too are going to suffer like they never did before!

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  14. Britain Food Shortages: Are They a Consequence or Are They by Design?
    By Rhoda Wilson on September 13, 2021
    It was reported by RT a few days ago that the Food & Drink Federation (“FDF”) cautioned that British shoppers would face permanent food shortages and the days of nearly all goods being freely available are gone.  The reasons given were a shortage of heavy goods vehicle drivers and farm workers, compounded by Brexit and the Covid pandemic has caused widespread shortage of food and other items at many high-street chains. The FDF chief told a think tank event last week that labour shortages are crippling the industry and said: “It’s going to get worse.”
    Are these food shortages a consequence of the circumstances outside of our control or are they planned and by design?
    Setting the Stage
    G. Edward Griffin and others gave their insight in a 2020 documentary, “Unsustainable – The UN’s Agenda for World Domination,” which can be viewed HERE.  A short excerpt from the documentary where he exposes the dirty little secret behind Agenda 21 is below.
    G. Edward Griffin: Agenda 21, Excerpt from “Unsustainable” a James Jaeger film
    1974: “There is an alternative view which holds that a growing number of experts believe that the population situation is already more serious and less amenable to solution through voluntary measures than is generally accepted. It holds that, to prevent even more widespread food shortage and other demographic catastrophes than are generally anticipated, even stronger measures are required and some fundamental, very difficult moral issues need to be addressed.  These include, for example, our own consumption patterns, mandatory programs, tight control of our food resources.  In view of the seriousness of these issues, explicit consideration of them should begin in the Executive Branch, the Congress and the U.N. soon. (See the end of Section I for this viewpoint. [p83])” – Implications of Worldwide Population Growth, The Kissinger Report, 10 December 1974, p14
    2016: FEMA representatives said that food shortages will happen by 2020 and food prices will rise by 400%. This summary was from the larger Food Chain Reaction Global Food Security Group Workshop. All governments worldwide knew the Grand Solar Minimum was arriving, and they had this exercise to discover the ramifications on our global food yields and delivery systems.
    FEMA & World Government Think Tanks Ready for Global Food Shortages: Timeline and Which Countries by Adapt 2030, 2016
    September 2020: Farms were destroying crops and ploughing under fields without the labour to harvest them. As new laws accelerated the demise of California’s agriculture.
    UK’s Morrisons resumed rationing of pasta and canned goods, and “Safety Marshalls” and police were being deployed to ensure social distancing, as Boris Johnson deployed the Army to assist.
    The scene was set for food shortages.
    US Rep: “Food Shortages Are Coming” – Crops Destroyed – UK Limits Purchases by Ice Age Farmer, September 2020
    United Kingdom, from Both Sides
    At the end of last year and into the beginning of this year there were reports of lorry drivers being harassed by government officials at the border and also by their employers.
    Furious lorry drivers clash with police in Dover due to them being left stranded as the boarder was shut without warning or any evidence given for doing so. They would spend Christmas alone in their cabs.
    As we know the PCR test is unable to detect whether someone has an infection.  Its use as a test for a “Covid case” is fraudulent.  Yet it is used to control the movement of people and goods across borders.
    France is blocking Lorry drivers if they don’t test negative for Covid, 26 December 2020
    In February 2021, the Metro reported a delivery driver was “sacked” for refusing to wear a face mask inside his lorry – the company pestered him to wear it in case he “passed coronavirus out his window.”
    In June iNews reported that there were food shortages as fresh produce was left to rot and that prices were set to rise amid the lorry driver “crisis.”  Some goods were starting to vanish from shops because of a shortfall of as many as 65,000 HGV drivers. And the Guardian reported that the UK was facing a summer of food shortages, again, due to a lack of lorry drivers. The Guardian quoted Shane Brennan, chief executive of the Cold Chain Federation: “I think it is going to be like a series of rolling power cuts in that we are going to see shortages, then shelves replenished, and shortages again. That is going to carry on for as long as demand is unpredictable and labour remains as tight as it is.” 
    A letter from industry chiefs to Boris Johnson said: “We firmly believe that intervention from the prime minister/Cabinet Office is the only way we will be able to avert critical supply chains failing at an unprecedented and unimaginable level. Supermarkets are already reporting that they are not receiving their expected food stocks and, as a result, there is considerable wastage.”
    The Express reported that supermarkets were missing deliveries and not receiving all their stock due to a lack of labourers and lorry drivers.  Breaking News added that Britain could also face an “unimaginable” collapse of supply chains.  It was due to the pandemic and Brexit that led to a shortage of more than 100,000 truck drivers, it explained.
    At the end of June, a video circulated on social media of a UK farmer explaining that the empty shelves were being deliberately engineered. Empty shelves or “brownouts of food” – some shelves, some days – seemed to be spreading across the nation.
    UK Farmer: Empty shelves are being deliberately engineered
    In early July Reuters reported that Premier Foods, one of Britain’s biggest food companies, called on the government to consider using the army to distribute goods to help relieve a severe shortage of truck drivers.
    Three weeks later the UK’s “pingdemic” was being widely reported. The Sun reported that a million people have been pinged by the NHS Covid app in just one week – sparking a UK wide “pingdemic” with pubs, factories, hospitals and airports being forced to shut because of staff isolations.
    The Sun also reported the empty shelves in supermarkets and the public was being warned “don’t panic buy” amid the “pingdemic.”  At this time around 15-20% of the workforce in the critical food supply chain were self-isolating.  Tesco, for example, had 3,500 lorry drivers of which 500 are self-isolating.
    UK: Empty shelves in supermarkets
    At the same time, the president and founder of 2 Sisters Food Group warned that the UK would see ‘the worst food shortages in 75 years’ caused by bigger issues than the “pingdemic” unless the Government acts swiftly. “Since May this year the operating environment has deteriorated so profoundly, I can see no other outcome than major food shortages in the UK,” he said.
    In the first week of August the Daily Mail reported that the army was on standby to stock Britain’s shelves. Thousands of prospective drivers were waiting for their HGV tests due to a backlog caused by the pandemic.  And, the problem had been exacerbated in recent months by scores of ‘pinged’ drivers having to go into self-isolation.  However, the Road Haulage Association was warning that bringing in the Army might not be enough to prevent a “very serious threat” to the supply chain.  Supermarkets began offering drivers up to £5,000 to try to attract new recruits.
    While legacy media was focusing on government sanctioned “pingdemics,” a video was circulating on social media of a UK farmer explaining that the targeted war on the food supply chain was becoming more prevalent with each passing day. Farmers were being incentivised to destroy crops.
    The targeted war on food supply is becoming more prevalent
    Two weeks later the Daily Mail reported that a Co-op boss warned the food shortages are the “worst he has ever seen” and that the Co-op had been forced to reduce its range on offer in stores as a result of post-Brexit migration and Covid  The cause for the shortages was stated as a combination of domestic labour shortages and problems with global shipping.
    In early September the BBC reported that the food manufacturing in the UK was under such strain, due to staff shortages, that some production may have to move out of the country.  The British Retail Consortium said shortages of HGV drivers and other supply chain staff meant that the sector was “just on the edge of coping” right now.
    Meanwhile, independent media was reporting that “food is a weapon of war to get people to toe the line. Food shortages incoming.”
    Food is a weapon of war to get people to toe the line. Food shortages incoming, 7 September 2021
    A few days later the Daily Mail reported that farms are set to kill and burn 100,000 pigs because of a post-Brexit butchers’ shortage. While the BBC began what seemed to be an advertising campaign: “Lorry driver shortages: ‘It’s a very good career’.”
    The official narrative has made every effort to use Covid and Brexit as the excuse for coming and permanent food shortages.  But considering what it is about Covid they say is creating the shortages – a shortage of drivers and staff due to “pingdemics” and Covid restrictions imposed by the government – it’s not difficult to see that the food shortages are more by design than by consequence.  The government is not managing a crisis but creating it.  And, as demonstrated under “Food Shortages Around the World” at the end of this article, this isn’t a phenomenon limited to the UK.
    Why would food shortages be deliberately created?  Dr. Mike Yeadon sums up one possible, and probable, reason well:
    “I expect deliberate food shortages at some point because that gives the excuse for rationing. Then you can’t have a 3rd party food shop for you, because I predict a ration will be linked to a valid VaxPass. Not all at once. Just restrictions at the margin initially, to get us used to it.”
    Food Shortages Around the World:
    · Ireland: Video, Irish Farmer Ordered to Kill All Cows — and Not Purchase More
    · Netherlands: Total Insanity: Dutch Cabinet Plans to Take Farms from Farmers to “Combat Global Warming”
    · Australia: The United Nations is demonising our farmers and trying to send our society back to the stone age by taking 2.4 billion kilos of protein off of the market, Malcom Roberts Senator for Queensland
    · Malaysia: Vegetables go to waste as farmers wilt under lockdown
    · India: Indian Regime Seizes Sikh Farmland & Destroys Crops
    · Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka raids sugar stocks as food shortages bite
    · America: Farmers Paid to destroy crops
    · America: Most Americans Have No Idea How Close They Are to Poverty and Starvation and Death
    · America: School Cafeterias Suffering Food Shortages
    · China Floods, Brazil Freezes, US Dry – Top Exporters Lose Crops as Grains Crisis Accelerates
    The Expose


  15. NSW and Victoria admit they won’t get back to COVID-zero. What does this mean for a ‘fractured’ Australia?
    September 13, 2021 6.04am AEST
    1. Amalie Dyda
    Senior Lecturer, The University of Queensland
    Disclosure statement
    Amalie Dyda does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment.
    University of Queensland provides funding as a member of The Conversation AU.
    Australia’s two most populous states have now conceded they are unlikely to return to COVID-zero.
    The highly infectious Delta variant has spread significantly in both states, making contact tracing and containment more difficult.
    This may be welcome news for those in Sydney who have been under stay-at-home orders since June, and those in Melbourne who have lived through more than 220 days of lockdown over the past 18 months. It means these states will leave strict lockdowns eventually without having to wait for case numbers to decrease to zero.
    But with other jurisdictions across the country continuing to pursue COVID-zero, what does this mean for Australia?

    Read more: Explainer: do the states have to obey the COVID national plan?

    States and territories divided
    The future is likely, at least in the short term, to look similar to the current situation with different rules for different states and territories.
    Those states pursuing COVID-zero may have greater freedoms, almost resembling pre-COVID life, with generally low levels of restrictions such as mandatory venue check-ins. Though strict lockdowns would be likely when cases do appear.
    States like New South Wales and Victoria will require ongoing low level restrictions, such as masks and capacity limits — even with vaccination rates of 70%–80% of over 16s.
    Moderate or strict lockdowns would likely still need to occur in response to rising case numbers and local outbreaks.
    The importance of ongoing low-level restrictions has been shown consistently by Australian modelling and is highlighted by the current rise in case numbers in the highly vaccinated population of Israel.

    Read more: COVID cases are rising in highly vaccinated Israel. But it doesn’t mean Australia should give up and ‘live with’ the virus

    How will this impact travel?
    Likely the biggest impact of divided COVID-zero policies across states and territories will be interstate travel, with different rules between jurisdictions depending on their COVID-zero status.
    Restrictions imposed to date would suggest travel between COVID-zero states and territories, who haven’t had any recent COVID cases reported, would be allowed.
    There’s also the possibility of interstate travel occurring between jurisdictions with ongoing community transmission.
    Will other states give up on COVID-zero?
    As the virus continues to spread, other jurisdictions across Australia may also stop trying to reach COVID-zero.
    NSW and Victoria having high levels of ongoing community transmission makes other states and territories more vulnerable to imported COVID infection.
    For example, we’ve already seen cases from truck drivers reported in Queensland and South Australia.
    However, tight border control and strict lockdowns when required do appear to be working in some jurisdictions, for example Western Australia.

    Read more: What is life going to look like once we hit 70% vaccination?

    How will vaccination impact this?
    Modelling by the Doherty Institute and the Grattan Institute suggests easing restrictions at 80% vaccination coverage is manageable.
    As vaccination rates increase, the need for lockdowns and strict restrictions decreases.
    In terms of vaccination, New South Wales is currently leading the way with 76.4% of over 16s vaccinated with at least one dose, and 43.6% fully vaccinated.
    Other states’ vaccination rates are also rising, albeit more slowly. Approximately 36% of over 16s in Western Australia and Queensland are fully vaccinated.
    If the current rate of rollout continues, it’s anticipated 70% of over 16s in Australia could be vaccinated by early November, with 80% coverage reached later in the same month.

    Australia could reach its 70% vaccination target at the start of November, and 80% not long after. COVID Live, CC BY
    With vaccination rates increasing rapidly and restrictions easing despite high case numbers, NSW and Victoria may provide test cases for the other Australian states and territories in terms of a roadmap to living with COVID.
    While modelling provides a tool to guide decision makers about what to expect, these calculations are based on a number of assumptions. Predicted outcomes differ depending on key factors such as the ability of the public health workforce to maintain optimal contact tracing.
    The real world experience of decreasing restrictions with COVID transmission in the community will provide important information for those that follow.

    Read more: Opening with 70% of adults vaccinated, the Doherty report predicts 1.5K deaths in 6 months. We need a revised plan

    It’s important to remember, while the country is slightly fractured in its current response, we are all in this together. As vaccination rates continue to rise in the coming months, states and territories will likely return to a more level playing field.
    In good news, it does seem we will have more freedom in the coming months as vaccination rates continue to rise.
    But this will be an evolving situation that requires constant monitoring and changes in response to the local spread of disease, with all states and territories likely to require low level restrictions for some time.
    With the easing of restrictions, it’s important we all listen to and follow public health directions and get vaccinated as soon as we can to try to maintain manageable case numbers and workload for our public health workforce.
    The Conversation


  16. Covid Jab is up to Six Times as deadly to Boys as Covid-19

    Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

    Anyone who still recommends giving the covid jab to teenage boys should be arrested, charged, convicted and jailed for attempted murder.

    The ever popular section on my website which is entitled `Updated 10th September – How many people are the vaccines killing?’ this evening contains a link to research conducted by a team led by Dr Tracy Hoeg at the University of California in the USA.

    Dr Hoeg’s research investigated the incidence of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) in children aged 12 to 17 after they had received two doses of the deadly covid-19 jab.

    And she and her team compared this with the chances of children who had contracted covid-19 needing hospital treatment.

    The risks for boys are truly scary.

    The figures show that for healthy boys aged 16-17 the risk of heart problems developing after covid-19 vaccination is 2.1 to 3.5 times greater than the risk of their needing hospitalisation if they catch covid-19.

    For healthy boys aged 12 to 15, the risk of heart problems developing is, after a covid-19 jab, 3.7 to 6.1 times as high as their risk of needing hospitalisation after contracting covid-19.

    The result is staggering and should cause massive embarrassment to the BBC which has broadcast advice from alleged expert but non-doctor Devi Sridhar claiming that the covid jab produces only mild side effects in children.

    As far as I can see the BBC has still not carried a story detailing this crucial research. Sridhar has still not apologised and is still being used as an `expert’ by the BBC and by Channel 4.

    In my view, the BBC should be closed down immediately as a menace to public health. Senior executives should be arrested for allowing the spread of false information likely to lead to serious injury and death. Sridhar’s advice was never justifiable but seemed to me designed to encourage the roll out of the vaccine to children.

    It will now surely be impossible for Whitty, England’s Chief Medical Officer (or for Chief Medical Officers in the other regions of the UK), to approve a roll out of the covid jab to 12 to 15-year-olds and giving the jab to older teenagers must now be halted.

    The paper was conducted without funding. The authors have declared no competing interest. And all relevant ethical guidelines were followed.

    I have no doubt that this vital research will be ignored by the mainstream media. And there will no doubt be attempts to smear the results and/or the researchers.

    But the conclusion must be that there is clearly a need for much more research into the covid-19 jabs. Meanwhile, the roll out of the jabs must be halted.

    I believe that this research means that any doctor or nurse giving one of the covid-19 jabs to a teenager, or a younger child, could and should be arrested for assault and attempted murder.

    Please share this article far and wide to doctors and schools and parents everywhere. The more people who know about these results the more difficult it will be for politicians, advisors or medical health professionals to continue to promote this dangerous jab for children.

    Regular readers will know that I warned about this very risk (myocarditis) last year.

    Copyright Vernon Coleman September 10th 2021

    Vernon Coleman’s latest free book about the covid fraud is entitled Covid-19: Exposing the Lies. The book is available as a free PDF on, and


  17. It is so easy to beat Covid, that I am totally blown away by the pressure to be vaccinated, against common sense or plain stupidity – vaccines should always be a last resort and never the first: The Achilles Heel of Coronavirus, is while it is still in the developing stage as Coronavirus/Covid in the warm, wet areas inside the nasal passages of your head (nose) and before it gets to become Covid in your head and lungs, 10 to 14 days later. If Coronavirus is not treated with my free iodine salt clean water cure to flush out your nasal passages, as soon as possible, or during self isolation, it becomes Covid, which is where the money is. You cannot catch Covid! Always breathe through your nose and keep your mouth shut, because you really don’t want the Coronavirus to seed itself in your lungs!! My free salt water cure has “absolutely nothing” to do with mRNA test vaccines. Treating Coronavirus with my free iodine salt clean water cure, flushes out the nasal cavity and kills Coronavirus, before it gets to be Covid, irrespective of if you have had mRNA vaccines or not. Mix one heaped teaspoon of iodine salt in a mug of warm or cold clean water, cup a hand and pour some of the solution in, then sniff or snort that mugful up into your nose, spitting out everything which comes down into your mouth, by so doing, you flush out your nasal cavity, where Coronavirus lives. If you get a burning sensation (which lasts for 2-3 minutes) then you have a Coronavirus infection.When the soreness goes away, blow out your head with toilet paper and flush away, washing your hands afterwards and continue doing my salt clean water nasal cavity flush cure, morning, noon and night, or more often, if you want, until, when you do my free salt water cure, you don’t experience any soreness at all in your nasal cavity. While you are at it, swallow a couple of mouthfulls and if you get a burning sensation in your chest, then you are killing the Covid/Bronchitis there too, so keep it up, each time you do a salt water sniffle, until the soreness in your head and lungs goes away – job done. Pour some of the solution on a flat surface and allow to dry and see what you have then. This is what coats the nasal passages in your head and kills Coronavirus/Covid off. You can see why it is so effective. This is what I have done for the past 27 years and I am NEVER ill, nor do you need to be either.
    Please pass it around to everyone who wants to give it a try.

    “Even so, a key issue is that the current vaccines block severe disease but do not prevent infection, said Dr. Gregory Poland, a vaccine scientist at the Mayo Clinic. That is because the virus is still capable of replicating in the nose, even among vaccinated people, who can then transmit the disease through tiny, aerosolized droplets”
    Reuters – what my free salt water cure stops.

    He added that “Current vaccines are great at preventing [CO1] serious infection deep in the lungs, but not at blocking infection in the upper airways. What’s needed is a nasal-spray (vaccine) that would stop the coronavirus from taking hold at all.” – what my free salt water cure does and stops.

    No soreness when you do it, it feels like you are flushing your head with water, if you get sore reaction, you have a virus so deal with it, exactly as I have described above – did a sniffle today – Me, all OK!!

    We all need a cure which works instead of these vaccines, when you get a Coronavirus infection – now you have one.

    Keep safe. Richard


    1. we don’t need any vaccines, not for so-called ‘covid’ or any other disease. vaccines never beat diseases in the past, never. Sanitation, better nutrition and infrastructures did.


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