Reports From Draghistan, Macronistan And Other News

To our Australian sisters and brothers, Your salvation lies in your capacity to revolt, never ever give-up.

Massive demonstrations last weekend again against draghi and macron’s globalists dictatorships and against the NWO agenda of their puppet masters.

Australia, re-painting the fascist armed thugs with lively colors…

Which banana republic/dictatorship is worse,  the USA, Australia, Italy or France?


In the case of macron, he’s been (partially) elected unlike draghila (mario draghi) and #bananajoe (biden).

He’s been elected using corrupt judges to eliminate the man who would have won easily against him, Francois Fillon, a career politician, part of the system but too Catholic for macron’s pimps.

Thus, macron’s handlers used a corrupt justice to indict the then presidential candidate with an old and minor offence and Fillon finally gave-up the race, leaving rotschild’s whore facing national scarecrow, Marine Lepen.

As all the mainstream media in France, like in the USA are owned by a handful of people who all work for macron’s handlers, it was easy to demonize his main opponent and help install the current lackey in power.

Yet, macron won with only a tiny minority as the majority of French voters didn’t vote for him (they either abstained, put a blank vote or voted against Lepen).

As we know since election night, biden was never elected, the election was a gigantic fraud. Rigged electronic voting machines, mail-in voting (even dead people managed to vote), ballot replacement, media and establishment corruption, those  behind the fraud spared no trick to achieve their plan.

The real question is: Was Trump part of the scheme? After all, his administration was full of the same people who now parasite the highest levels of power and it is him who started ‘operation warp-speed’, the current mass genocide underway in the USA.

In the case of  mario draghila, a long time globalist puppet, 100% controlled by the financial mafia and a rothschild asset, the fraud is even more blatant.

Draghistan, il regime del ricatto: nessuno peggio di noi

mario draghila, the unelected globalist puppet of the banana republic of draghistan is now in big troubles as the Italians are waking-up and going for his throat.

This banking whore wasn’t elected, was uninvited, unwanted and hated by the vast majority of Italians and yet has been propelled “prime minister” in the most illegal and unconstitutional way, without any vote, debate or referendum.

It was a coup, like in the USA, but this time the globalist vermin didn’t even bother to organize a mock election.

Let’s not forget where draghila comes from: Bilderberg conference 2004 – Stresa, Italy 3-6 June 2004 – 50th anniversary I – Draghi, Mario – Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Goldman Sachs USA…

Of course, in Italy too mainstream media are controlled by a handful of criminals, obeying to the same monsters.

The (half) surprise was the betrayal of former ‘opponent’ Salvini and his ‘Lega’ party (now known as the league of turncoats), showing his real controlled opposition’s role.  These traitors along with the 5 star assholes now belong to the bins of history.

It’s going to be difficult for the globalist scum to bring in new fake opposition parties in the future and it shows to People that only a People movement controlled by its base can succeed in routing the globalist vermin.  

Since draghila has been installed as the official new dictator of Italy, he’s been trying to force the sick and destructive agenda of his puppet masters with forced genocidal injections, imposition of yellow badges called ‘green passports’, rampant discrimination, segregation, oppression, and police repression against the Italians.

Here is The vaccine-death-report, a must read from DAVID JOHN SORENSEN & DR. VLADIMIR ZELENKO MD.



The data shows that we are currently witnessing the greatest organized mass murder in the history of our world. The severity of this situation compels us to ask this critical question: will we rise up to the defense of billions of innocent people? Or will we permit personal profit over justice, and be complicit? Networks of lawyers all over the world are preparing class action lawsuits to prosecute all who are serving this criminal agenda. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are rising up against this criminal operation. To all who have been complicit so far, we say: There is still time to turn and choose the side of truth. Please make the right choice.

This is what the CDC healthcare fraud detection expert Jane Doe officialy stated in a sworn affidavit: 1

‘I have, over the last 25 years, developed over 100 distinct healthcare fraud detection algorithms, both in the public and private sector. (…) When the COVID-19 vaccine clearly became associated with patient death and harm, I was inclined to investigate the matter. It is my professional estimate that VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) database, while extremely useful, is under-reported by a conservative factor of at least 5. (…) and have assessed that the deaths occurring within 3 days of vaccination are higher than those reported in VAERS by a factor of at least 5.’

The CDC is also vastly underreporting other adverse events, like severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis). The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) reported that a study showed that the actual number of anaphylaxis is 50 to 120 times higher than claimed by the CDC. 2, 3 On top of that, a private researcher took a close look at the VAERS database, and tried looking up specific case-ID’s. He found countless examples where the original death records were deleted, and in some cases, the numbers have been switched for milder reactions. He says:

‘What the analysis of all the case numbers is telling us right now is that there’s approximately 150,000 cases that are missing, that were there, that are no longer there. The question is, are they all deaths?’ 4

“rochelle” walensky, the criminal director of the CDC. No doubts as to whom she really answers to… This despicable monster should be arrested, tried and executed in public for genocide and crimes vs Humanity.

Back to draghisatan or draghistan

Draghila globalist pimps want to punish Italians for having rebelled against the vermin of the EUSSR and to almost have succeeded in getting Italy out of the beast clutches. Only the treason of 5 stars assholes and now Salvini have derailed the ineluctable outcome of an Italexit

We remember that traitor Slavini was talking about leaving the ‘eurozone’, getting hold of Italian gold and put it at disposal of Italians. This is what triggered the move by rothschild ‘s whores of the 5 star assholes movement to betray their own ‘alliance’ government with Salvini  and his allies.

Heil covid! Is the new rallying cry of the brainless masses and their new masters (actually old ones).
draghila, would have been paraded in Adolf’s car in the 1930’s like his counterpart Mussolini…

Mussolini was hanged by Italians at the end of WW2. This is exactly what is waiting for mario draghila and should be done as soon as possible.

Central banks: Weapons of Mass Financial (and nations sovereignety) Destruction

As all central banks are private banks and instruments of control over the governments of almost every nations on earth (except Syria and Iran), by ‘nationalizing’ or eliminating these Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction, a country simply regains its independence.

By doing so, it also cancels the power globalist vermin/financial mafia has over a country, meaning they will hate you for this and try to destroy you if you don’t destroy them before.

The suppression or nationalization of central banks (which are said to be all owned by the rothschilds) along with the interdiction for a government to borrow money from private businesses, institutions or foreign ones would guarantee a nation’s independence, the end of rothschild’s control over money and therefore of its politicians.

This is how courageous leaders supported by the People, hit the mark in the past (Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the USA from 1829 to 1837, Abraham Lincoln (16th President of the USA),  and now need to strike more urgently than ever.

People need to elect the type of leaders who would fight for their country’s sovereignty.

Central banks: some rough ideas to get rid of them

Ideally, central banks like the federal reserve should be dismantled, or nationalized and their assets confiscated to be equally divided and allocated to all the (real) citizens of a country (excluding migrants, illegal aliens and all other foreigners imposed by globalist forces through immigration, family re-groupings, open borders and fake  ‘refugee crisis’).

To make sure that never again a group, monopoly, trust or a family like the rothschild could own these assets, the constitution should make sure that no eligible citizen will have the right to sell, give or get rid of its allocated part of the treasury, which will be then automatically inherited by their descendants generations after generations.

The governments in return will have the right to request loans from citizens in exchange of return on investments in the form of bonds that will both serve the state and pay the citizens back interest or dividend.

We need to involve ourselves in politics, found new parties and support new leaders who will propose these kinds of solutions to eliminate forever the control of an oligarchy of criminals over our nations.

As we are aware, globalists always finance both sides, either in wars or politics, right, left, marxists, fascists, republicans, democrats, north, south, etc…Thesis, antithesis in typical Hegelian fashion, to be sure to be the ones imposing their ‘synthesis’ (new world order, one world ‘governance’, ‘great reset’ or whatever they call it).

So, what are the news in the globalist led banana republic of draghistan and macronistan?

In dgrahistan first, where the new Mussolini is illegally trying to force inject the country with DNA altering poison from  big pharma criminals and enforce the new yellow badges of his puppet masters, strong and resolute resistance is building up quickly:

Sep 29 Second day of blocking in Italy against the soon compulsory “health” pass to be able to work. Truck drivers block the motorway at the Montecchio Maggiore tollbooth in the province of Vicenza. #Italy.

Nunzia Alessandra Schilirò, joint commander of Rome police forces calls Italian police to refuse to control the globalist-fascist paSS.

She’s not only courageous, putting her career in line, and showing she has more balls than many Italian men, she’s also 100% right.

She reminds Italy that the fascist ‘vax’ passport misnamed ‘green pass’ or’health’ pass’ for Italy (the EUSSR chosen name for the yellow badges they want to force on us) is illegal and violates the constitution, therefore police forces have the duty to refuse to enforce it!

Here is more about it from the ground, in Italian. It can be translated with various free online translators, deepl being the best at the moment  (don’t use google translator as they are one of the vermin corporations behind the coup).

Parla a tutti gli italiani il coraggio di “Nandra” Schilirò

Nunzia Alessandra Schilirò, joint commander of the Rome police forces calls to Italian policemento refuse to control the globalist fascist pass

Since globalists whore draghila started the genocidal campaign of its puppet masters, there has been a large number of demonstrations every single weekend (like in France) against his totalitarian regime in all Italian cities, mostly downplayed or ignored by the MSM prostitutes, but  largely reported elsewhere.

Italians are finally waking-up and rising
Milan, Rome, Trieste, Turin, the revolt is general and massive.

In case anyone would like to impersonate dictator draghila, here is its signature, found on the web very easily:

We are confident that some imaginative resistant might find a good use for it.

bankster hyena draghila with a Hitler mustache and a flag of the EUSSR junk money, the ‘euro’.
globalist whore draghila painted as Mussolini

The lynching and hanging of Mussolini in 1945. This is what is in store for you draghi!

Now to macronistan, aka France under globalist occupation.

First of all, rothschild’s lackey, emmanuelle macron received (again) another egg during a fair in Lyon. it missed the petty tyrant’s dickhead of a few centimetres and landed on his shoulder… Our last reports told us that the egg is fine

slapface macron is a magnet for eggs

Like in Stalin’s times they incarcerated the student who threw the egg and shouted ‘revolution!”   in a psychiatric hospital…

Fortunately, the egg was not injured by the collection of face diapered morons and cult members present at this event

It’s not the first time globalist whore macron is the (legitimate) target of French resistant and jokers alike, he was targeted with eggs countless times, he is generally booed when he dares to go out with his army of masked- morons bodyguards:

macron in Marseille, despite the complete lockdown of the Old-Port quarter, we clearly hear people booing and shouting ‘macron resignation!’. He’s not good for electoral campaigning. Here it’s Marseille, baby…

#Macron est accueilli à #Marseille et malgré le bouclage complet du quartier du vieux-port, on entend clairement #MacronDémission. Il est pas très bon, en campagnes électorales. Ici c’est Marseille bébé! — Blonde Poirson Aiphan (@BlondePoirson) September 1, 2021

And last June he also received a well deserved slap in the face:

Damien Tarel didn’t slap the globalists poodle too hard, but well enough to humiliate him in front of the country.

The hero , Damien Tarel , who humiliated macron had to spent 3 months in jail for his act of resistance and bravery,   and as soon as he was out told reporters that he didn’t regret anything and that it was deserved.

Damien, Hero of the French Resistance.

For the 11th week now, more than 300 demonstrations took place on Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th of September in almost 290 towns and cities everywhere in France.

And despite the lies and propaganda of the controlled media, the massive mobilisation continues…

Antibes (Cote d’Azur)

Mont-de-Marsan (South West)

Périgueux – South West

Strasbourg, Alsace – North East

And Paris: as every weekend since 11 weeks, 5 different demonstrations.

Paris – 14h – place de Barcelone (politique)
Paris – 13h (départ 14h) – place de la bourse
Paris – 13h – devant l’AFP

Paris – 12h – boulevard Diderot (gare de lyon)
Paris – 13h – place pierre Laroque ministère de la santé (blouses blanches) (mainly doctors, nurses and health professionals)

Paris: The mobilisation remains high

Article in French(mainly pictures), to translate full texts for free, you can use deepl.

Huge demonstrations again in Paris for the 11 th consecutive weekend, image:
The images spea for themselves

In ‘Book of the Jungle’, the snake tries to hypnotize Moogli, like the criminals try to hypnotize people with these words: “trust us, wear a mask, get jabbed, get a paSS”…

A message from the protesters to the lethargic and ignorant masses:

“You will thank the active minority when you realize that the ‘vaccines’ are ineffective, unsafe and provoke serious side effects and deaths that haven’t yet been reported.”

Obedient dogs, this is what many people have become.

Parents who may have believed the lies of their criminal ‘government’ & media, had their daughter murdered by criminals against humanity pfizer. The sign reads: “Laure-Helene – heart attack the next day. Our daughter, 42 years old, succumbed from pfizer therapeutic experiment (1st injection) on June 4th 2021”.

Scum of humanity,  albert bourla, pfizer vermin CEO must pay for his crimes. He deserves to be lynched by a mob and executed in public like Mussolini.

The demonstrations  in France since the beginning include both ‘vaccinated’ and unvaccinated protesters.  Again, criminal media propaganda tries to divide people between ‘antivax’ and ‘vaccinated’, even  accusing protesters of being ‘anti-Semites’, ‘neo-Nazis’ or ‘conspiracy theorists’  while people of all religious and political obedience are part of the protests.

These dividing attempts and accusations just confirm who feels guilty and who are the people behind the fake news media and behind the fake pandemic.

Nurses, doctors, health workers fired or suspended for refusing to inject experimental substances that they are well placed to know are harming and killing people on an unprecedented scale. Between being a genocide victim and losing a job, survival instinct dictates the choice.

This man with the traditional ‘Fleur de Lys’ French flag (Quebec’s actual flag and the French kings flag) holds a sign which reads: ” inoculators: Collabo dogs!”. Meaning people who jab others are complicit of the criminal government crimes.

A ‘collabo’ (from the word collaborator) is someone who helped the German invaders during WW2 and helped the Nazi and their servants arresting, killing, oppressing French people or rounding-up resistant, Jews and opponents to send them to concentration camps. 

The modern ‘collabos’ include snitches who denounce people who refuse to comply with the globalist takeover disguised as a ‘pandemic’, it also include all the daily criminals who force inject other people, the ‘celebrities’ who advertise the jabs,the lying media, criminal politicians, corrupt scientists and doctors, and all those who participate in the largest crime against humanity of all times. While some still think sincerely (despite the evidences) that they are doing this for the ‘common good’, many know they are collaborating with evil and do so willingly.

Francis Lalanne, a famous French singer speaks during the protest in Reims (North east)

Bravo à Avignon !! Vive les résistants !! Nous sommes le peuple et le peuple va redevenir souverain !! Vive la France !! #NousSavons #NousSommesDesMillions #Manifs25septembre
Vivre Sainement— KARIM (@KARIMAMARKHODJ1) September 25, 2021

Congrats Avignon (South East), Long live the resistance!! We are the People and The People will become Sovereign again!! Long live France! #Wenow! #WeAreMillions
Live healthily — KARIM (@KARIMAMARKHODJ1) September 25, 2021

Aix en Provence (South East)

Toulouse (South West)
11eme samedi de manifestation. #Manifs25septembre — Michael (@les3chatons) September 25, 2021

LILLE (North) – DES MILLIERS DE MANIFESTANTS#Lille #Manifs25septembre #PassSanitaire @ActusMondial — Didier (@LetItShine69) September 25, 2021

Quimper (North West, Britannny)
11ème samedi de mobilisation des #antipass dans les rues de #quimper pour #manif25septembre contre le #PassDeLaHonte #NonAuPasseDeLaHonte #ObligationVaccinale #Manifestation25septembre #PasseSanitaire — SLC (@salutlescocos) September 25, 2021

In Nice, the local mayor, C. Estrosi, one of the most corrupt politician in France received a visit from the demonstrators at his home. (because he ordered the protests not to take place in the city) . For this time, due to heavy police presence and violence, Estrosi escaped the crowd’s anger, we will see how long this scumbag and the likes of him escape their destiny.

Nice (Cote d’Azur)
Le maire de Nice Christian Estrosi s’en tire avec un petit coup de chaud :
La situation commence à être tendue près de la résidence de Christian #Estrosi à #Nice. Des gaz lacrymogènes sont utilisés contre les manifestants. (Telegram) #manifestation25septembre #manifs25septembre — Anonyme Citoyen (@AnonymeCitoyen) September 25, 2021

Next time maybe, estrosi head will serve as the paysant forks ornement?

But it’s not only protesters that are going after the dying globalist regime, comedians, artists and visionaries are now openly exposing the ’emperors’ without clothes.

Who else than Michel-Ange Flori could better describe what globalist lackey macron really is. And even the comparison to Hitler is too good for a narcissist psychopath like macron. Maybe a cockroach with Pol Pot’s head and rothschild claws would better suit the petty tyrant.

macron as Adolf Hitler by Michel-Ange Flori, the Bilboard Artist

Existe t-il un vaccin contre la macronite aigüe ? La France va t-elle devenir le Macronistan ?
— Flori Michel-Ange (@MichelFlori) July 16, 2021

Is there a vaccine against ‘macronite’? Is france to become the ‘macronistan’ wrote Michel-Ange Flori on the 16th of July. It was a premonition.

Michel-Ange Flori was condemned by a corrupt judge to pay 10,000 euro for his caricature whereas no laws forbid caricaturing even the ‘president’ in France. This is how evil the establishment has become in what can only be called a dictatorship. Flori appealed the ‘decision’.


However, far from abidcating in the fight against tyranny, the Billboard king replied in kind last week:

” Even the Australians don’t want him”

the small kinglet had no clothes, it was about time somebody told him

The panel reads: ‘The Kangooroo of His Eminence‘ (Translation: The underwear of his majesty)

Michel-Ange Flori comment reads: “even the Australians don’t want him”

Reference to the $90 billion submarine contract scrapped last  minute by Australian globalist lackey  morrison from the claws of globalist puppet macron.

It’s always a pleasure to see globalist little whores fight between each others.

‘Eminence”: a French brand of underwear for men, also a title for a noble (his majesty)

‘Kangaroo”: a very old fashioned style of underwear for men (named so because of the wide pockets on the sides), depicted here on the bilboard.

The reactions in France were unanimous, macron was, is and remains the laughing stock of the country :


Cassandre Tristot with the famous sign she displayed exposing the names of many of the criminals behind the current dictatorship, the fake pandemic and many other crimes against humanity. #JESUISCASSANDRE


Let’s not forget Cassandre Tristot, a young lady victim of the pimps who control macron, because she dared to expose them and write their names on a cardboard during a protest.

Here are their names again and yes they are all guilty of crimes against humanity and for many it didn’t start with the fake pandemic:

jacques attali, one of the biggest career criminal in France, trying to destroy the country and its people since decades. He is one of macron main handlers, macron really is his creature or rather his little bitch.

This interview from 1981 proves that he and his acolytes had planned a fake pandemic for decades : “The stupid will believe it and ask to be treated”: ‘Pandemic’ to DePopulate – 1981

bhl: bernard henry levy, a pseudo intellectual whose goal like his other partners in crime has always been to undermine France, western values, sovereignty, people’s rights, French and European nationalism while being himself a nationalist fanatic for zionism and Israel.

laurent fabius: former ‘health’ minister responsible of the death of thousands of French people  when his services took blood using contaminated syringes knowwingly. While guilty he never paid for his crimes, he used a proxy to be sent to jail in his stead. Like attali he is trying to destroy France and its people since decades. He is now ‘president’ of the Constitutional Counsel’ an institution whose original role was to protect the constitution until it was filled by corrupt politicians (most members were nominated by macron).  The Constitutional Counsel’ ‘authorized’ the fascist ‘vax’ passports in complete violations of international treaties, French laws, human right legislations and the French constitution. This joke of a ‘Constitutional Counsel’ is now fully discredited.

drahi: owner of the TV channel BFM, which broadcast lies and propaganda 24/7. He was instrumental in the election manipulations of 2017 that saw rothschild’s employee macron come to power.

george soros (the criminal billionaire), klaus schwab (aka Dr Evil from the world economic forum), fergusson (the crook whose fake models helped the imposition of lockdowns, masks, etc…) 

rothschild: the rothschild are probably the biggest criminals of all times, always acting behind the scene, never doing the dirty works themselves, financing all sides of wars, conflicts and crimes against humanity (including Marx, lenin or Hitler). They alegedly own all the world central banks (except Syria and Iran) Is it true? They are involved in most of the largest crisis, war crimes and genocides since almost 250 years.

1849: Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife dies. Before her death she would nonchalantly state, “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”

macron, veran (current death minister), buzyn (former death minister), attal, salomon: all part of macron’s regime.

But as they obviously felt the heat with people starting to openly expose the truth about their criminal activities, they used the old trick of the Jew card to try to silence the critics by stamping them as anti-semites and launching a mock trial against CASSANDRE TRISTOT.

This is the same trick used by zionists and the fascist regime of Israel to silence the truth about their crimes.

These criminals don’t hesitate to kill their own people and other Jews to advance their agendas as they are doing right know in Israel by oppressing, force injecting and killing , and enslaving the population with the help of mass murderer albert bourla (a Jew) from pfizer. Because, as soon as they will have done it in Israel, they will do it everywhere. This is how they did since the beginning of the fake pandemic and how they plan it for the future.

If we let them do!

Globalist vermin are now also facing revolts in Israel

Cassandre Tristot was thus condemned through a mock trial by corrupt judges (same as Michel-Ange Flori) and was made ineligible for 3 years (she’s a teacher and might lose her job).

But she gained widespread support, recognition and helped spread the truth widely. She became one of the heroin of the resistance movement in France and internationally.

Further revolts worlwide against the globalist scum and their NWO

Australia – The solution

Well Done Aussie! In France, the Yellow Vests used the CACATOV in 2019 (balloons filled with shit, the cops were running like rabbits), Australians use balloons filled with paint. Brilliant!


Not much to see on this picture






No thanks, I don’t belong to your cult

12 thoughts on “Reports From Draghistan, Macronistan And Other News”

  1. Good to see all the coackroches exposed once and for all. They and we know they are guilty and it’s why they have so many lines of defense to try to hide the truth.

    But more and more of us know who they are and what they do…

    We also know how to get rid of them, our ancestors were good at it!


  2. A lot of info to digest, but overall, some inconvenient truth for those who pretend to believe that they still live in a democracy and under a ‘pandemic’… Time to wake-up from the hypnose and see behind the stage who is really pulling the chorda and why… draghi, macron, biden, morrison, trudeau, rutte, and many others, all paid actors, puppets, sociopathic lackeys who are answering only to their puppet masters.

    They are pushing a fascist agenda never seen before in history and millions don’t even see they are the victims…

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  3. supeb post about two big pieces of shit, banking vermin and future heads to roll!

    Two vampires sucking the blood of the People, they deserve no less than the death penalty for their many crimes


  4. This is a global assault on Humanity from criminals in governments, media whores and fascist corporations.

    The definition of fascsim according to mussolini is the ‘merging of state and corporations’.

    globalism is fascism, communism too…


  5. Brilliant, Italians, French and Australians must keep the pressure until the dictators are removed from power, willingly or by force.

    What’s wrong with Americans? So few fighting against the biden tyranny? And they have weapons, so if anyone comes for them to force inject them, they can still shoot the bastards!

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  6. Massive stries and bloacdes are the solutions. It reminds the sheep and cattle that real Human beings with backbones are fighting for everybody’s rights when the cowards are cowering at home and obeying monsters.

    More direct actions are also needed: destroying the covid cult infrastructure and propaganda is a good start.

    And targeting the fascist regimes servile bitches


  7. The baloon paints are beautiful. True the chairman dan neo-nazis don’t look so scary anymore. Would these colors make them smarter too? Or more human, so that they will turn on their dictator?


  8. Why are people just obeying to be treated like dogs or cattle? Don’t they have brains and pride anymore?

    We new most don’t have balls, but how can they let them treat them worse than animals?

    This is a time when we learn about the true nature of most people, and it is very ugly.

    Somehow, when these half humans/ half robots will die, it will mae Humanity better.


  9. I love the last picture! Yes all the idiots, brainwashed cowards who believe or pretend to believe (to have a good excuse to be cowards) in the masks, injections and all the other lies are just cult members.

    The ignorant masses glued to their TV and ‘smart’phones screens like drug addicts tied to their heroin shots, are the pillars of the sick society that is dying and soon, these moronic hordes of zombies will die with it.


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