Total Resistance

The time eventually comes to take decisive and final actions to recover our Freedoms

The dirty cop (or whoever in such position) who helps the dirty politician to commit crimes and wage a war against the population is guilty, is a criminal and shall pay for his crimes.

What is going on is a permanent frontal assault on the world population by a clique of psychopaths, narcissist paranoid, criminals and parasites (rothschild & co) using a network of agents and puppet politicians (trudeau, macron, biden etc..) to impose by force, terror, mass murder, brutal coercion, blackmail, oppression, ‘police’ repression and unprecedented psychological warfare their ‘new world order‘ agenda.

A sick world where a tiny “elite” of deranged inhuman vermin controls all the planet resources, including what they consider as their livestock or cattle, us. 

A mix between middle ages feudalism, communism and fascism under the false banner of ‘sustainable development‘ ‘green new deal’ and other manufactured  alibis to enforce their evil agenda.

They don’t only want to control our planet resources, they also want to control our bodies (seen today with forced injections and mandates) and our minds (seen with massive propaganda, fear mongering, censorship, deplatforming, cancelling , mass brainwashing, psyops, behavioral manipulations).

Their ultimate goal is total control over every aspect of our lives, our bodies and even our thoughts (internet of bodies).

Nobody sane of mind would agree with such a criminal plan, and to introduce it in stealth mode, they have used a false ‘pandemic’ (they could have used anything else, in general they use wars, false flag terror attacks like 9/11, manufactured financial crisis like 1929 or 2008, manufactured migration crisis like 2015, etc…).

They succeeded in 2020 because they have managed to acquire control over most of the media/social media, institutions, many corporations and governments worldwide, often through their controlled organization such as the WHO, the UN, IMF,  EU, world bank or BIS.

This is where we stand now, in a dystopian, totalitarian nightmare. In some countries they removed all or parts of the illegal and totalitarian ‘restrictions’ which should have never been imposed in the first place. It is just another one of their psychological manipulation as they keep illegally emergency powers so they can reintroduce any dictate at will.

The goal is to impose on people a condition where their lives will permanently depend on the whim of corrupt politicians (trudeau is the best example these days with the ’emergency act’ invoked illegally and many MP’s who voted for it are on the world economic forum team of infiltrated agents. and must be removed from office).

Another example, the plan of the EU (EUSSR)  to impose digital ID’s on all Europeans since at least 2018.

The incompetent, criminal and corrupt trash at the head of the EUSSR commission (politburo), von der leyen has decided on her own, in absolute illegality to extend vaccine passports until 2023. Which means forever.

She has no right, no mandate and no legitimacy to do that and, people must refuse massively and those political representatives who say nothing against it or agree are simply complicit and are most likely infiltrated agents like she is.

These people must be deposed or eliminated if nothing else works.

The only way to get out of that totalitarian grab is to refuse all their dictates, denounce them, vote them out of power or, in the case of some countries overthrow them.

In other countries mismanaged by criminal infiltrated puppets (draghi, macron, ardern, trudeau, scholz, rutte, de croo, bettel, etc..) the terror, oppression is growing stronger by the day and more and more totalitarian dictates are forced down people throats. The goal is to break people’s resistance and spirits, to exhaust them until they become hopeless, depressed, harmless victims easy to be led to slavery or death.

We must not submit, our goal is their destruction, not our own destruction. If they hit us, we must it them ten times harder.

We must not wait them to attack us, we must strike them everywhere, everytime and anywhere, when we decide.”

The only solution against these totalitarian regimes is the most massive, unconditional and  permanent revolt against the criminals in power”. Total Resistance.

It implies not only protests, blockades, strikes and disruption, but, and in view of purposely planned police brutality, it requires now to respond with force, sabotage, insurrection and counter attack against the force of evil unleashed upon us. Dirty cops are neither invincible nor immortal. They bleed like us. Let’s not forget that.

Total Resistance

This is a war, a war of the parasitic global ‘elites’ and their lackeys against Humanity, and while some are too stupid, brainwashed to realize they are targets and victims, those who realize it must fight for all of Humanity.

 Everything they throw at us is a lock-step towards our enslavement, towards the destruction or our world, the robbing of our resources and the implementation of their global totalitarian wet dream.

Not only must we refuse everything in block, from the climate change hoax, to the green new deal, from agenda 2030 to the great reset, but we must fight against all their attempts and dictates at imposing these on us, with in mind the ultimate goal of eliminating the people behind these agendas, locally,  nationally and globally.

In concrete terms, refuse to be blackmailed into forced injections, refuse vax passports, muzzles, 5G, Ai, ioT & digital control, lockdowns and any other insanities linked to their control agenda.  Refuse digital money, pay cash, barter and build parallel societies with our own money, medicine, own food & supply chain, schools and courts to counteract and destroy the sick world they want to impose on us.

It’s a war for Humanity survival and we must be ready to kill and die for it and for future generations. The criminals behind these abominations must be eliminated for good, whether it will be done with violence or by peaceful means is irrelevant.

They must be removed, all of them, their assets seized and their ideologies annihilated (globalism, satanism, transhumanism, technocracy, etc…). The end justifies the means, just eliminate them in any way you can.

It’s time to work harder, we are far from having won this war. This is the fight of our lives. Victory is when they are out of order and their ideologies have been wiped out.

This is Total ResistanceTotal War

Thousands of people at the Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris to pay the latest tribute to Luc Montagnier, French biologist and virologist and Nobel laureate in medicine. And truth speaker.  Respect.

Ignored by the heinous macron’s regime – Adulated and respected by The People.

“The only thing to stop mass formation psychosis is free speech”. “When the scapegoat is silenced is when the killing begins”.

So, never ever accept to be silenced, keep talking, keep the communication lines open, keep making noise and telling the truth.”

Patrick Wood – Grand Jury Day 5

Feb/20/2022 Grand Jury Day 5 | Financial Destruction

Livestream Feb/20/2022 – Day 5 (English) >
Livestream Feb/20/2022 – Tag 5 (German) >

To download : Here and here

This is one of the best description of The grand Jury. We found it on Rumble:

To the people that seem to be confused about the purpose of this grand jury process. 
This is not “fake” and it is not simply a PR exercise. This is being developed so the evidence is on record and indictments can be issued so that local people around the world can do either private or public prosecutions in their own courts.
These courts could be existing courts or we the peoples common law courts. In common law countries we have the right to do “private prosecutions”, this means we don’t need to police to be involved to take people to court. However a case of this size would usually be cost/time/logistically prohibitive.
So this amazing team of experts, lawyers and judge are providing the entire prosecution model including format, evidence, expert testimony etc. so this can be cut and paste across courts globally with all of the evidence needed for convictions.
If the current legal system fails and doesn’t bring justice this is especially important as we the people can begin private prosecutions at a very low cost. This is a VERY smart approach


Grand Jury Day 5: Patrick Woods’ Presentation on Technocracy and their agenda

Patrick Wood of technocracy news explains in a simple way with a short presentation the reasons behind the covid coup or fake pandemic. 

It is a distraction, while the globalists and their puppets in governments are on their way to destroy our way of life and try to impose their system: technocracy aka global totalitarianism hidden under codenames like “agenda 21, 2030, great reset, sustainable goals, green new deal” and other ‘build back better‘ bullshit slogans.

The end game is the destruction of the free market, the end of freedom, privacy,  human rights and the imposition of a global totalitarian nightmare where the majority of us will own nothing while a tiny oligarchy will be happy owning our assets including our bodies and minds.

In this light, all what they are doing and have been doing since march 2020 and since decades becomes crystal clear.  The puzzle is almost complete.

  • On the video, from  0:06:47 to 00:39 for the actual slide presentation
  • and from  00:39  to 1:25 for questions and answers on the subject

“The only way to stop this is to put all the people involved out of public office, to put them all out of power, at the national level, the global level, the regional and local level. remove them all form any position of power. “

He calls against killing them as that would make us no different than them, but we think that many of them won’t stop unless they are radically stopped.

The historical background that led to today’s dystopian nightmare
The step by step progression of their agenda, also called lock-step technique. At the same time they were infiltrating our governments and institutions.
“sustainable development”, on the left, the BS, on the right what we had until recently. So-called “sustainable development”, aka technocracy, looks, sounds and smells very much like communism for the masses and abundance for the happy few.
I January 2020, at the annual WEF Davos meeting,  their infiltrated 'young global leaders' in government (merkel) and business  (marc benioff - salesforce) spoke about the need to destroy the current system (free market or capitalism

Four days later, the WHO (part with the WEF of Event 201, the Oct. 2019 ‘pandemic’ dress rehearsal) declares a ‘public health emergency of international concern’. So many “coincidences”

Next step? Dr evil, (klaus schwab) moves in to present their ‘agenda’: he admits that they are using the fake pandemic to “reset’ our world. Who ever elected these people? Who has been consulted? Who do these scumbags think they are!!? 

The rest is history, the nightmare we are living since two years. This is what they mean by ‘great reset”, ‘a slave who will own nothing’ but we can guarantee you, unless you are completely lobotomized, you won’t be happy!

As for “sustainable development”, there is the propaganda and the reality. Just have a look at countries like Australia, Canada, Italy, Austria, France and you will understand where these psychopaths want to lead us… TOTAL RESISTANCE IN EVERY ASPECT, EVERYTIME AND EVERYWHERE IS NECESSARY TO STOP THAT

Patrick Wood explains what technocracy is. It’s not new or even original. They have been at it for a long time, it started in the 1930’s (along with totalitarian systems like communism, fascism and Nazism). This slide is taken from The Technocrat magazine, 1938.

1938, the ‘certificate’ (vax passport, digital ID, etc..) to control Humans from birth to death. Despite their attempt after the manufactured Great Depression, they failed and have failed many times since, until they started the covid coup.

This is the way illustrators and People viewed technocracy in the 1930’s. They knew exactly what it was all about:

Our forefathers who still had common sense and courage saw the globalists technocratic world as it is: the destruction of civilization and human kind.

Freedom Convoy Updates


Daniel Bulford, Former Sniper for chicken combo, Shares His Story About Being Arrested in Ottawa. He was arrested for “mischief”, then, not obeying a court order . Couldn’t make that up!  Unsurprisingly he’s been released without charge.  This is only a show of power. They have nothing against any of the protesters.

Indigenous elder who was trampled during freedom protest crackdown speaks – We find her very cool with piece of shit trudeau and the scum that trampled here…

Reminder: is the interim SCUM responsible of these  crimes with Ottawa’s ‘mayor’ and WEF bitch chicken combo

You can go full tyrant, but you cannot crush the spirit of Freedom. Quebec rallies for freedom! HONK HONK!

Same in British Columbia, out in force – The fire stops somewhere and starts elsewhere

Our Mortal Enemy trudeau

By Lew Rockwell

The “justification” that the tinpot dictator gave for invoking emergency powers was ridiculous: he charged the leader of the truckers’ campaign with “mischief”!

The need for control is a reaction to fear.  What does the government of "PM"  trudeau fear so much that he invoked the first ever declaration of the Emergency War Measures Act?   -----------
A group of middle class Canadians who challenged him.  That’s it.  That’s the sum total of the chicken combo justification.
Need proof?  Well, here’s the lead organizer of the Trucker rebellion, Tamara Lich, who triggered the declaration of a national emergency and invocation of the federal Emergency Act.  What heinous crime against the state was she charged with?  ‘Counseling to Commit the Offense of Mischief’.

Full article

chicken combo is not afraid of being ridiculous, but this is a test to see if he can get away with it, using an absurd excuse to invoke emergency powers so that he can do it again at will, like an absolute dictator. This move comes from his Davos pimps.

The only reaction to that is total and permanent resistance. chicken combo‘s reputation is destroyed, now he must be ousted.

EMERGENCIES ACT BACKLASH: Conservatives Surge, Liberals Trail By Eight Points, & Majority Want Restrictions Ended As Backlash Against Trudeau grows

US congresswoman proposes asylum for Canadian protesters

chicken combo‘s regime spent billions of dollars on ‘pandemic BS’ schemes but refuse to say who got the money  and what it’s been used for…

chicken combo trudeau is a “Groomed Politician” Controlled by Klaus Schwab on Behalf of “Big Money”

The following statement by Schwab was made in 2017:

I have to say then I mention names like Mrs Merkel, even Vladimir Putin and so on, they all have been Young Global Leaders of The World Economic Forum. But what we are really proud of now with the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, President of Argentina and so on, is that we penetrate the cabinets… It is true in Argentina and it is true in France now… (Klaus Schwab)
‘We Penetrate The Cabinets …’

Yes, our govts have been infiltrated by this vermin. Plus these images have now made the news worldwide:

The moment they trampled that lady, is the moment when protesters should have atomized the cops. chicken trudeau is the shame of Canada. His removal must now be the outcome.
More pigs violence – These scumbags have zero excuse

These crimes give funny ideas to people

Ottawa, brutality of trudeau’s police PIGS toward a woman who wanted to have coffee.

How can these pieces of shit sleep at night? The subhuman scum responsible of that:

Criminals acting like pigs that don’t have the right to be called “police”.

No wonder people get funny ideas after that

The Ottawa Gestapo, Waffen SS and trudeau’s STASI are recruiting.

Donbas or Ottawa? The Dizzying Spiral of Government Violence!

What is funny about Canada (and this is also true of the US and many “Western” "democracies"), is that they are very happy to preach to the rest of the world that peaceful protests must be allowed while literally at the same time brutally cracking down on same protests in their own countries. 
As in the late Soviet era, the hypocrisy is impossible to ignore. The regime disintegrates under the weight of its own contradictions.

Russia now has Donbass, Canada has its DUMB ASS too

A Canadian Man Speaks Eloquently About trudeau-chicken combo the tinpot tyrant – A petulant child with an army at its disposal, spoiled rich brat. When people will speak your name it will be with the same disdain as for Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler.

It’s actually too flattering to compare a nobody like trudeau to Hitler or Stalin. Thye didn’t come into power because of daddy and were not remote controlled from Davos.

And in fact, chicken combo might have helped the demise of the globalist scum agenda more than they can see

Trampling the Truckers – The Great Reset Becomes the Great Awakening

By Tom Luongo Gold Goats ‘n Guns


There are few words to describe the depth of trudeau’s depravity. I’m not going to even try.

This is a person (because no real man would ever govern like him) is so thoroughly ill-prepared for its job it doesn’t even know how to properly read from the prepared script.

A man with any sense of decency does not send idiots on horseback into a crowd.

The only thing worse than that are the people commenting on this saying some variation of ‘well, she deserved it.’ Those who blame the victims are worse than trudeau.

The chain of command for these crimes: The scum who gave the orders: . Above him:, then chicken combo: and his handler

“They fired the Ottawa Police chief the other day. No reasons given. I think I know why — he wasn’t prepared to get violent against peaceful protesters. So they found a cop dirty enough to do whatever Trudeau says. It’s not too hard. Promise a guy a promotion, promise him legal immunity. I mean, many of the good cops have left the force — either been fired or they removed themselves for not going along with the past two years of bullying.

Excerpt from the full Ezra Levant Show.
Those against the protests have their reasons, none of them, however, are morally justified. Because if you allow the state to define your morality, you will forever having to justify tyranny to remain on the side of the angels. Blaming the victim is the easiest thing to do. How many rapists have claimed “she had it coming?”
Politically, there is no going back for trudeau. He, along with his supporters, will hide behind their ‘cope’ and refuse to accept the responsibility for their actions. The Ottawa police SS are doing the same thing, putting out disinformation about trying to trip the horses and harm the policemen. At this point those still on the job in Ottawa made a choice as well, to side with tyrants.
In ten years, this kid will spit in the face of her father telling him what an asshole he is, and rightly so.
Now, as bad as things are in Canada, In New Zealand, jucindo ardern (a WEF infiltrated puppet like trudeau), tried to follow trudeau’s script to quell protests in Wellington. And from all reports there, her efforts have failed.
Moreover, New Zealand’s police commissioner Andrew Coster came out with a public statement saying negotiation was the path forward, something Arden has rejected out of hand, just like trudeau, both reading from the same Davos’ script.
The reality is that ardern and trudeau are both hanging on by a thread because public opinion already turned against them. The only thing propping trudeau up at this point is the shock at the speed he has escalated events. That shock will wear off very soon.
If parliament doesn’t act to limit/censure or simply get rid of this guy, Canadians will have a much bigger problem on their hands.
Stop asking for permission to feel outraged and feel the outrage. In New Zealand, the veil of authority for Arden is thinner thanks to Trudeau’s mistakes in Ottawa. No doubt they are seeing the same things we are and want no part of it. The knives will come out for Ardern quickly if she doesn’t back down.
The Great Reset rests on tyrants like trudeau to win through fear, intimidation and the banal corruption of weak people to support them.

With each image of peaceful people being trampled under the bootheel of Canadian stormtroopers, more people awaken from the slumber of the comfortable lie the government protects us from chaos.

and others will fail. There is no law these people recognize. There is no restraint on their behavior they feel is justified for their holy cause. The sooner we accept that, like many of the truckers who organized this protest, the sooner we can all begin bridging the divide.

I’ll leave the last word for Viva Frei.

    I have spent 12 days live streaming from Ottawa. I did not see one shred of violence until the police showed up.     
— Viva Frei (@thevivafrei) February 18, 2022

Well said, brilliant article.

We must go after all of them, trudeau, ardern, morrison, draghi, macron, biden, scholtz, nehammer, bellen, rutte, de croo, johnson, bettel, leyen, gates, fauci, all of them, relentlessly, until they can’t get up anymore.

Alberta and 6 other provinces are opposing the illegal use of ’emergency act’ and Alberta is filing a court challenge against trudeau’s puppet regime.  


Patrick Wood advise against killing the criminals infiltrated in our institutions or those pulling the strings, but insists they all should be removed from any position of power or public office. -----
Even if all the evidences are there and even if they were recognized guilty by a court, who would enforce the decisions and jail these criminals against humanity? ---
They also control most of the police and we have seen how 'smart' and 'concerned' about human rightS most of these scumbags are. Cops are not all bad but most obey criminal orders as we see in Canada, Europe and Australia. 
Countless trials succeeded in the last two years but very few decisions were enforced, and the criminals are still in power and getting more totalitarian by the day. 
Let's be realistic, if they didn't control large parts of the 'justice' system, they couldn't have gotten there in the first place. 
As for the "International Criminal Court", it's under the control of the corrupt UN, a kangaroo court actually serving the interests of the defendants.
Massive non compliance and disobedience will certainly stop parts of their agenda but won't remove them from power.  
•	Elections are rigged as we have seen in the USA and people are coward and stupid enough not to do anything about it, and worse to keep voting for the scum like they did in Canada and Switzerland.
What about popular justice? 
In many countries the concept of citizen arrest exists, yet it is not used against real criminals otherwise trudeau, draghi, macron, biden, fauci, gates, johnson, ardern and countless other criminals would have been arrested. 
Still, even if this had happened, no court or law enforcement body would have kept them in jail. 
What other options people have to serve justice? 
Despite all the discourses against non violence and possible escalation in term of repression, there is no other real solution than eliminating them physically as police and justice refuse to do their jobs. 
Bear in mind that they are going to use 'emergency laws' anyway as they do now illegally in Canada for peaceful protests, so eliminating trudeau would not make things worse. 
Actually it would probably wake other WEF puppets up to the sudden realization that their lives are also in danger. These scumbags are mainly cowards.  
Policies and outcomes in countries like Italy, France, Canada would change dramatically if criminals like draghi, macron, trudeau were suddenly removed from power by force. 
The world would certainly become a better place if bill gates died. 
Many constitutions allow and even require insurrection and the use of force against the perpetrators of a coup. 
So is the elimination of mass murderers, genocide perpetrators, tyrants and criminals against humanity justified?

The Freedom Convoys effect:

A rare occurrence of peaceful and successful outcome where police and the People are both satisfied and send a big middle finger to trudeau’s Davos pimps and their division agenda.

Coutts, after 18 days of blocking the US – Canada border, truckers and farmers return home. They won the battle, vaccine mandates were lifted in Alberta. Respect for them. Coutts police honors, greets and hugs truckers.

Ontario to lift vaccine passport in March, next phase of COVID-19 reopening to begin early

But this is a trick, they want to make you believe that your rights and liberty depend on them. Do not comply, do not obey and keep fighting and telling the truth. There is no ‘pandemic’ and never was! There is a coup and the perpetrators must be removed from power or terminated!


Meanwhile, in the USA, the covid scam can’t stop falling down


While another puppet, usurper and demented pedophile biden declares a ‘national emergency’ (which means nothing), thousands of Truckers have already hit the road making the globalist whore look like the complete  fool he is.

American Truckers are launching The People’s Convoy, a peaceful and unified transcontinental movement, on February 23 from Adelanto Stadium in Southern California

Adelanto USA – Freedom Convoy – Currently preparing to leave for the Capital Washington DC….
Colorado, USA Joins the Fight Against Total Government Control – Chicken combo trudeau’s illegal actions have not demoralized but incentivized the freedom movement. TOTAL RESISTANCE!
California USA – Another Freedom Convoy

Trucker’s Declaration

“We the People of the United States, in Order to restore our once perfect Union, re-establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense of all, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty, do ordain and establish the restoration movement of The People’s Convoy for the United States of America.”

More here: The People’s Convoy


It’s either freedom or slavery as aptly put by Dr. Zelenko

“They don’t have to put you in a gulag or put a bullet in your head anymore. If they don’t like what you say, they just turn off your accounts. They just turn off your ability to buy bread…” It’s enslavement, it’s the mark of the beast.

It’s a race to enslave humanity versus a race of expansion of the human consciousness to realize what’s happening and to combat it. 

Dr. Zelenko
He is talking, among other things, about the microsoft (bill gates) patent 060606 for a digital money system linked to human body activity data (chip implant + total control & surveillance)

And Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

You are on the frontlines of the most important battle in history and it’s the battle to save democracy , freedom , human liberty and human dignity from this totalitarian cartel that is trying to rob us simultaneously in every nation in the world…  


While Europe is in turmoil, under the boot of totalitarian regimes epitomized by the EUSSR, a globalist project to destroy freedom, democracy, human dignity and impose the most vicious type of dictatorship: the rule of invisible, unelected, unnacountable, corrupt and criminal oligarchs.


MEP Stasys Jakeliunas (Lithuania): "Ursula von der Leyen is part of a gigantic Covid-19 scientific fraud and propaganda campaign that has caused human rights violations and is a threat to democracy in Europe. That and her conflicts of interest should result in her resignation."
MEP Ivan Sincic (Croatia): "Concerning mandates and the prolonging for one year, into 2023, of the digital Covid certificate (DGC). We are strongly against this. It’s been a tool to pressure people into getting vaccinated. It is undemocratic, it blackmails citizens of Europe over their fundamental rights, their human rights and their constitutional rights."
MEP Virginie Joron (France): "My countrymen are in the cold of Brussels to denounce the measures that are killing our freedom by those working on behalf of the lobbies. We need transparency, as my colleagues said, but the EU Commission has decided, without scientific foundation, that the vaccine certificate will be extended until June of 2023. Let’s remember that this date corresponds to the end of phase 3 of the vaccine trials. Yes, we’re in the middle of a clinical trial. Today, more than a million vaccine side effects have been officially recorded."
MEP Cristian Terhes (Romania): thanks a German journalist for not caving in who reported on von der Leyen signing a contract in April 2021 for 1.8 BILLION euros worth of vaccine sales with Pfizer. This journalist requested access to the documentation of communications between Pfizer CEO Alfred Bourla and von der Leyen. The journalist then filed a complaint with the ombudsman’s office. In Sept of last year, the ombudsman’s office said they would start an investigation. 
A few weeks ago, the ombudsman released the results of the investigation saying there was ‘maladminstration’ in the refusal of the EU Commission / von der Leyen to disclose these communications. Is this the kind of Europe we want, where an UNELECTED "president" is doing personal negotiations with the head of a private company that will affect our basic, fundamental rights? 
Thanks to the Ombudsman, who did not cave in doing her job despite being pressured and threatened. (He shows us the redacted pages of the Moderna contract, many of which are almost fully black. See featured image.) And the Pfizer contract is worse.
 Should we feel safe when the head of the Commission is negotiating privately with a company CEO? It’s not a state, it’s not a government. We have become objects of these people. They strip away our rights because they have commercial agreements.
So why don’t they want people to have access to these contracts? The EPP also wanted the language REMOVED as to the EU Parliament encouraging the ombudsman’s work and to ask the Commission to publish transparent versions of purchase contracts.
Two ongoing investigations right now show that Ursula von der Leyen is not fit to hold office. I join my colleagues in demanding the immediate resignation of von der Leyen.

We don’t believe this will make this incompetent, corrupt and criminal whore resign. We believe she should be judged and executed for genocide and other crimes against humanity!

MEP Christine Anderson (Germany): (starts at 29 minutes) Since November, what we’ve seen is incredible. People are taking to the streets and challenging their (MOCK) governments. 

In Germany, THOUSANDS of people stroll every Monday night to protest the restrictions placed on them, for example (she gives examples from other countries). They’re all doing so despite so-called ‘democratic’ govts threatening them for these actions. 
The Canadian truckers stand out most, for their boldness, courage and determination. They’re an inspirational model to people in other countries. You have given us hope that freedom and democracy can still be restored, which gives me hope personally to keep on fighting. 
It’s not enough for a handful of MEPs to stand up and fight: we need you the people to stand up against these govts. Please stand up to your governments and follow the Canadian truckers’ lead. They are doing exactly the right thing.

The Freedom fighting People of Europe haven’t waited for her to do exactly that, but seeing MEP’s now revolting against the heinous system they belong to is recomforting.


Demonstrations in France in hundrded of cities this Saturday against the dictatorship for the 30th week.

From the conservatives to the left, The French People are fighting against WEF infiltrated whore macron and his heinous regime.

In Paris

Crossing the Mirabeau bridge on the Seine river, thousands upon thousands with the Eiffel tower for witness in the background.

The people of France do not give up, it flows from everywhere to fight for freedom and dignity!Macron Véran McKinsey out!

Florian Phillipot

…and all over the Nation

Demonstration No. 30 – #Manifs19Fevrier: Reims and Tours

Mulhouse and Strasbourg

A lady explains to brain damaged goons that they are regime collaborators and as in 1945 they will have to pay for their crimes. She asks how they can look at themselves in a mirror and if they still have something left in the brain. We have the answer: they have as much in the brain as they have in the spine: zilch – lobotomized.

Aix-en-Provence – Annecy

The yellow vests before being attacked by macron’s brain damaged pigs (there are almost as many pigs as there are demonstrators).

Paris, a lady delivers a message to the braindead criminals who are used to beat innocent people on behalf of the pedophiles in power. "Tomorrow it will be you and your children!" Do you realize what you are doing?!" (no they don't) "Today it's us, tomorrow it's you"! 
Don’t waste your time with these goons, as in Canada, the best ones are gone, only the scum stayed. This is the agenda, make descent people flee to keep only obedient monkeys.
Pigs violence again. Do the Yellow vest actually like to be beaten? Every week they are gassed and beaten and yet, they still keep coming without protection, weapons or any combat strategy ... What is wrong with them? 

This is how you dress and what you do when confronting fascist goons used by psychopaths to destroy you:

Images from Ukraine (yes planned coup but very effective techniques) – Observe  carefully the helmets, the shields, the protective vests and the enhanced Molotov  Cocktails thrown at the riot cops, and see the results.  The criminals behind the coup use pigs masquerading as “police’ to oppress you, to terrorize and to hurt you. And if they can kill you, they will. So, get a grip on yourselves and hit them as hard as the Ukrainians did!
cops are neither immortal nor invincible.  The gear and weapons they have is accessible to anyone. This whining victim attitude has brought people nowhere except to more submission and tyranny.  The more you let them do, the more they will terrorize you. This has to stop and to stop it, they have to take a serious beating.


Another fascist regime, another unelected bunch of infiltrated trashes that must be eliminated, starting by the two scumbags at the top, nehammer and bellen.

Austria, convoy of truckers, farmers and citizens in Linz to end vaccine mandates.


The solution for Austria might be the Grand Jury style of trial

If the current legal system fails and doesn’t bring justice this is especially important as we the people can begin private prosecutions at a very low cost. 

Livestream Feb/20/2022 – Tag 5 (German) >

Steyr Austria – Time to Rise like your life depends on it


Another fascist regime, with this time another unelected dangerous psychopath that must be eliminated, pezzo di merda draghi.

Genoa against vaccine mandates. In Italy, hundreds of thousands of people were suspended from work until June and left without pay because they chose not to get vaccinated. For mass murderer, criminal vs humanity and subhuman piece of shit draghi "these people are not part of "our society". Intolerable.


Torino Italy – The People burn Their SLAVE vax passports – Every Message Counts

Italy, total blockade of truckers and farmers in Catania to protest the 25% increase in gasoline. Protests and blockades in progress in Bari, Lecce, Cerignola, Palermo and other cities in southern Italy. Italy, tourist bus protest in Palermo, a paralyzed city -  if people want to know what is happening, the ' hyper-inflation' is organized to destroy our businesses, our jobs, to rob us and try to impose their sick 'great reset'.
Vaffanculo draghi and tell your puppet masters to stick their ‘reset’ up their sorry asses!

Let us consider what happened to Mussolini after the second world war and prepare the same for bankster vermin draghi-ma wormtongue


Another fascist regime, or rather communist regime, following in the steps of the marxist plant merkel, Germans now have a bolshevik dictatorship.

Tonight in over 2000 places Germans demonstrated against the tyranny & For #FREEDOM! Many supporting the #FreedomConvoy2022 in Canada

Berlin – Cottbus and over 2000 other places

[Feb 21, 2022] Hattingen – Eisenach and over 2000 other places

Dresden – Heidenheim and over 2000 other places

Nuremberg with a banner for the Grand Jury Trials and Corona-ausschuss.deThe truth is out

The “great reset’/agenda 2030’/covid’ dominoes are falling.


Greece marches this weekend to end all COVID DICTATES.

Push further to end the corrupt politicians too!

On the other side of the world, yet another WEF infiltrated ‘young global vermin’, the trans-garbage ‘juncindo’ ardern, and of course another totalitarian regime.


Maori to Parliament House in Wellington to end “vaccine” (bio-weapons) mandates.  Natives Maori’s Haka. The peaceful occupation out of New Zealand’s parliament has entered its 10th day in Wellington. Make no mistake, it’s a war song.

Burn the transbolshevik bitch arden alive!
pathetic skeleton ardern really wants to mess with these guys? They’d make mash of the trans-trash with one finger!

Anti Mandate Parliament Standoff – Things have escalated, Police BRAIN DAMAGED PIGS surrounding and then attacking The People. Retreating after realising they were Totally outnumbered…

We guarantee you that when you punch straight in the face diaper of one of these goons, it’s going to become red very quick! Try, don’t take our word for it…

Parliament Anti Mandate Standoff- Very Big Crowds now.

The “great reset’/agenda 2030’/covid’ dominoes are falling.

Who still believe this is about a ‘pandemic’?

As the BS covid narrative is failing rapidly, so they moved to the next contrived horror movie: The “war in Ukraine”.

The old tired trick of war, these parasites have no imagination.

The “war in Ukraine”, the new govt/ media fear mongering campaign to maintain the ignorant, oblivious and psychotic masses into a trance of fear, paranoia, distraction and obedience.

The two real questions are:

1/ What is the goal behind this agitation? Or rather who profits from it?
2/ What is Putin’s role in this manufactured crisis’?

In the light of what James Wood presentation taught us, it is obvious that the scum behind the covid coup intend to destroy the current infrastructures of our world to try to impose their sick technocratic totalitarian system. 

What is the best way to erase everything so you can 'build back better"? 

War of course, like they did in 1914-1918 and 1939-1945: Kill European civilization, structures and ethnicities to advance their new world order.  This has been their goal for a long time.
But why would Putin do that? 

Isn't Putin an anti-globalist, tradition oriented conservative fighting for European values like Christianity, family, nations, sovereignty, homogeneity and democracy?
Maybe so, but he is also a former pupil of world economic forum 'young global leaders' as explained in this article: "Schwab references Merkel and Putin as former “Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum”.
Didn't Putin say that there never will be any forced injections, mandates or vaccines passports in Russia because 'we don't do that in a democracy'?
Yes he did, yet they are now implementing vaccines passports (the total surveillance digital ID of the technocrats) which they call QR code in Russia, against the will of the Russian population who are fighting it the hard way:
Resistance to QR codes in Russia has taken on many forms, including boycotts and BEATING UP "ID inspectors"  and even stabbing those who demand qr codes to access services or venues. 
Examples hereand here and here and here -  We praise the Russian People for that. We would have done the same in the West we wouldn't be there today. 
Some maintain that the Russian government is infiltrated by the same kind of vermin that infiltrated the West, also that the Federal system allows regions or republics to implement their own rules without control from the Kremlin... Yet, when Putin decides to recognize Donbass and Lugansk independences and send troops, he does what he wants. Same for many laws that the federal system must implement.
- So if Putin really wanted to stop this QR code agenda and get rid of the infiltrated globalist shills in his entourage, he would certainly have no problem to do it.  
- But he doesn't, why?  Is it the same 4D chess fantasy that we saw with Trump, the guy who launched operation 'Warp speed' to poison America with fake vaccines?

We judge people from what they do, not from what they say.

Common Sense
- Why would he takes the risk of an all out war against so many countries, plus a war in Ukraine, plus the end of the Nordstream Gas project (which is now effective since puppet scholz announced it) and the risk of the overall destruction of Europe (again)... 
- And why would he fall into the trap the "western" totalitarian regimes have laid out for him? He could have, as he did last week, just walked away.
The only people who would profit from a war are those who want massive depopulation and destruction to impose their 'great reset' and 'build back better' agendas.
What are the chances that Putin is acting in accordance with the Western puppets to bring new distractions and terror to the masses when the covid scam narrative is sinking quicker than the Titanic? And to help their 'reset'?
History will tell, as we know how and when wars starts but we can never predict how they will end up. 

The only thing we are sure of, is that it is their next distraction.

Our war is with them, with no one else.

15 thoughts on “Total Resistance”

  1. Australian State and Federal Governments ARE ALSO totally corrupted to the putrid core and Parliaments are vile sewer pits of corruption and conflicts of interest that must be cleaned out.
    Thank you for your brave and sheer guts website and the people of the world must stop these political and globalists psychopathic TYRANTS.

    George Christensen sinks boot into Liberals and Nationals
    Excerpt >
    However, I fear, with the damage the Morrison Liberal National Government has done to itself on a range of fronts (but most notably on the issue of not acting against vaccine mandates), that we are facing an Albanese Labor Government running the country for the next three years at the very least.

    What will that look like? Well, think Dan Andrews as Prime Minister. If you don’t think that’s possible, consider the COVID restrictions that Labor have put on journalists who want to join Albanese on the campaign trail, as reported by The Daily Mail:

    Any journalist who wants to travel on the Albanese bus must be triple vaccinated, wear an N95 mask most of the time, and take a rapid antigen test every three days.

    It gives you an idea of the kind of things Labor thinks it is reasonable to impose upon the Australian public.

    Make no mistake, I fear that the election of a Labor government will be the culmination of every woke and anti-freedom agenda you can think of, but I don’t believe we are going to be able to stop it. I hope I am wrong.

    Anyway, in preparation for an incoming Labor government, I feel it is the make-up of the Australian Senate that is going to be pivotal for our nation’s future.

    Personally, I will be voting below the line in the Senate and numbering every pro-freedom party, Senator and candidate that’s on the ballot. That way we may just be able to get a Senate where the cross bench is dominated by pro-freedom parties and where the Liberal and National parties have enough decent pro-freedom members left among them.

    If we can get this outcome, then the Senate can act like the proverbial Dutch boy with his finger in the dike, holding back all sorts of bad laws from inflicting themselves on you, me, our families and our nation.


    Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


    You are on the frontlines of the most important battle in history and it’s the battle to save democracy , freedom , human liberty and human dignity from this totalitarian cartel that is trying to rob us simultaneously in every nation in the world…


    Planet Lockdown is a 90-minute documentary on the situation the world finds itself in. We spoke to some of the brightest and bravest minds in the world including epidemiologists, scientists, doctors, lawyers, protesters a statesman and a prince. These brave souls had the courage to speak truth against all odds and inspire us to do the same. We must have the courage to overcome our fears. Once we do, it gets easier every time.

    All the full interviews are being released to make the information available for free. Each interview is mirrored several times, can be downloaded in full resolution and via the BitTorrent protocol to make the content censor resistant. By watching all the interviews, you will have the equivalent of a masters degree on current events.

    Follow our Telegram thread at

    PLANET LOCKDOWN FILM Full Interviews

    UK Vaccine Crime Investigation
    Metropolitan Police and International Criminal Court

    Pfizer/FDA Data Release after Court Case forced the FDA and Pfizer to release the data on Injuries and deaths which Pfizer calls “Post Marketing Experience”.

    On top of all the others >
    Update – A jawdropping 769 athletes collapsed competing past year average age players suffering cardiac arrest just 23 years of age



  2. This is why they are now distracting us with the ‘war’ in Ukraine, because they are losing on the covid scam front. They have lost it totally.

    The pfizer and moderna shares are going down like mad…. the criminal ceo has sold his before total collapse.

    I am pretty sure this is their last throw of dice to collapse the all system so they can move in and impose their ‘reset’.

    It means they will use ’emergency powers’ everywhere and forever using the ‘war’ as an alibi.

    Is Putin in the loop? It is possible because he has not much to gain in recognizing two small regions in Ukraine…

    Time to be ready to overthrow regimes in Austria, France, Italy, germany, belgium etc…


  3. Hijo de puta ferandez, the puppet president of Argentina is also an infiltrated agent of the word economic forum… forer YGL.

    It explains the vax passport agenda there


  4. I recommend day 5 of the grand jury, the session with the former bank investor who explain why they have created the false pandemic to try to destroy the system and reset because they are going to the wall after having plundered our economies for decades.

    They will lose everything and they are the back to the wall.

    It is exactly the place we need them to be to finish them off!

    People must watch it, they are more fragile than we thought…


  5. Well put, I think the globalists now have a problem in the eats with Russia and as their scam pandemic narrative is failing they are in dismay.

    Well done Mr Putin!


  6. I confirm the collusion and ocrruption of the Hospitals and medical sector with the pharmaceutical mafia. Actually most doctors are sponsored by big pharma or ignorant enough to parrot what criminals like the bill gates foundation fund in medical journals.

    On teh filed however staff knows about the mass injuries and deaths caused by the injections (which are not vaccines) but most just shut up.

    the criminal governments made injections mandatory also to get rid of the minority of morally descent and honest people who refused to play the game and contribute to these lies and massacre.

    I also know many just faked the injections with placebos to eep their jobs, i will argue that it is the majority in the medical world.

    It makes sense as they are the ones who see first hand what these deadly injections do to people.

    They certainly don’t want it in their veins!






  8. Interesting analysis about the so-called war in Ukraine. Of course it is the latest manufactured crisis to scare the IDIOTIC masses (if there 1 to 3% population that knows what is really going on that would already be an improvment to the general stupidity).

    However, when you check Russia’s debt ratio per GDP (19.5%) you find it’s one of the lowest in the world and prefectly manageable. Also Russia, thanks to the idiots in the West and their sanctions is now almost totally self-susttainable, menaing Putin doesn’t need the West while Europe needs gas and oil dramatically.

    Europeans are lucky that winter is at an end because price of oil & gas is going to explode. Germany will be in deep shit.

    Maybe it fits their destruction agenda but, when even the moronic masses wake up poor and the bac to the wall and see who led them there (their criminal politicans), then maybe they will start to KILL, HANG LYNCH and BEAT TO DEATH these politicians.


    Putin is in fact in the driving seat


  9. I don’t understand, a bunch of 5 criminals cops beat a woman on the floor and hundreds if not thousands of protesters just watch or film without doing anything.

    Normal people would at least jump on them and remove this woman from their clutches.

    20 years ago the crowd would have made pulp out of thee scumbag cops!

    Not only people are more and more stupid but also more and more cowards!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Excellent, and yes we must act and stop giving the other cheek.
    corrupt politicians should be beaten every time they go out of their homes, they will not play their masters games so easily then


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