The Great Resist

“They were savages, yes; but civilization savages. They proclaimed with fury their rights; they wanted, by tremor and shock, to force Human Kind to heaven”. – Victor Hugo


School Board Ends Mandate After Heroic 8yo Girl Suspended 36 Times For Refusing To Wear Mask

“I did it for other kids,” she said, “not just for myself.”

Palm Beach County, FLFiona Lashells is a brave 8-year-old who, with her parents’ support, waged an epic campaign of civil disobedience which ultimately ended in a victory for her — and all who cherish liberty.

For over two months, this second-grader and her family waged a stand-off with the school board over their childhood mask mandate. As the days of resistance grew, so did their popularity, eventually coming to a head this month.

On Monday, for the first time in months, Fiona walked onto her elementary school campus without a mask and with the reception akin to a returning war veteran.

Fiona had been suspended nearly 40 times for her choice not to wear a mask. Even after the state ended mask mandates in July, the Palm Beach County School board continued to keep it in place, much to the chagrin of the thousands of children and parents.

Fiona’s campaign of resistance gained national attention when she went before the school board in September and told them that “your rules suck,” adding “I hope you all go to jail for doing this to me.”

Just because I get suspended for not wearing a mask isn’t going to change my mind. You can keep suspending me, I still have the right not to wear a mask,” the girl urged.

The campaign was successful and after Fiona and her family set off “on a mission to take back, not only her rights but every American child’s constitutional rights from the tyrant school board,” according to her mother Bailey Lashells, Fiona has scored a victory as the district told parents that “a face covering opt-out will be reinstated effective Monday.”

“Based on a new development at the State level, the School District will be moving to an opt-out status for facial coverings for students in all grade levels,” the district announced.

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

As obviously mainstream media and even some so-called ‘alternative’ won’t report the true scale of revolt happening worldwide against covid tyranny and the globalist take-over, someone has to do it.  One also wonders why so many so-called independent media are propagating the bullshit covid narrative while pretending to help our cause…

It was hot in Paris this week-end for the Yellow Vests third anniversary, but not as hot as Holland and Guadeloupe…

First of all, as we need to organize the Resistance globally, because we fight a global enemy, here is a pledge writen by Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop, Former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States. He lays the foundations of what we should work on:

Appeal For an Anti-Globalist Alliance

By Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, 16 November 2021

For two years now we have been witnessing a global coup d’état, in which a financial and ideological elite has succeeded in seizing control of part of national governments, public and private institutions, the media, the judiciary, politicians and religious leaders.

All of these, without distinction, have become enslaved to these new masters who ensure power, money and social affirmation to their accomplices.

Fundamental rights, which up until yesterday were presented as inviolable, have been trampled underfoot in the name of an emergency: today a health emergency, tomorrow an ecological emergency, and after that an internet emergency.

This global coup d’état deprives citizens of any possibility of defence, since the legislative, executive, and judicial powers are complicit in the violation of law, justice, and the purpose for which they exist.

It is a global coup d’état because this criminal attack against citizens extends to the whole world, with very rare exceptions.

It is a world war, where the enemies are all of us, even those who unwittingly have not yet understood the significance of what is happening.

It is a war fought not with weapons but with illegitimate rules, wicked economic policies, and intolerable limitations of natural rights.

Supranational organisations, financed in large measure by the conspirators of this coup d’état, are interfering in the government of individual nations and in the lives, relationships, and health of billions of people.

They are doing it for money, certainly, but even more so in order to centralise power so as to establish a planetary dictatorship.

It is the Great Reset of the World Economic Forum, the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations.

It is the plan of the New World Order, in which a Universal dictatorship enslaves everyone and a Religion of inhumanity cancels Faith in Christ.

In the face of this global coup d’état, it is necessary to form an international Anti-Globalist Alliance, which gathers all those who want to oppose the dictatorship, who have no intention of becoming slaves to a faceless power, who are not willing to cancel their own identity, their own individuality, their own religious faith.

If the attack is global, the defence must also be global.

I call upon rulers, political and religious leaders, intellectuals and all people of good will, inviting them to unite in an Alliance that launches an anti-globalist manifesto, refuting point-by-point the errors and deviations of the dystopia of the New World Order and proposing concrete alternatives for a political program inspired by the common good, the moral principles of Christianity, traditional values, the protection of life and the natural family, the protection of business and work, the promotion of education and research, and respect for Creation.

This Anti-Globalist Alliance will have to bring together the Nations that intend to escape the infernal yoke of tyranny and affirm their own sovereignty, forming agreements of mutual collaboration with Nations and peoples who share their principles and the common yearning for freedom, justice, and goodness.

It will have to denounce the crimes of the elite, identify those responsible, denounce them to international tribunals, and limit their excessive power and harmful influence.

It will have to prevent the action of the lobbies, above all by fighting against the corruption of state officials and those who work in the information industry, and by freezing the capital used to destabilise the social order.

In Nations where governments are subservient to the elite, they will be able to establish popular resistance movements and committees of national liberation, including representatives of all sectors of society who propose a radical reform of politics, inspired by the common good and firmly opposed to the neo-malthusian project of the globalist agenda.

I invite all those who want to defend traditional Christian society to meet together in an international forum, to be held as soon as possible, in which representatives of various nations come together to present a serious, concrete, and clear proposal.

My appeal is made to political leaders and to rulers who care about the good of their citizens, leaving aside the old systems of political parties and the logic imposed by a system enslaved to power and money.

I call the Christian nations together, from east to west, inviting Heads of State and the healthy forces of institutions, the economy, labour, universities, health care and information to join a common project, disrupting the old systems and putting aside the hostilities that are desired by the enemies of humanity in the name of divide et impera.

We do not accept our adversary’s rules, because they are made precisely to prevent us from reacting and organising an effective and incisive opposition.

I call upon Nations and their citizens to ally themselves under the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the only King and Saviour, the Prince of Peace. In hoc signo vinces.

Let us found this Anti-Globalist Alliance, let us give it a simple and clear program, and let us free humanity from a totalitarian regime that brings together in itself the horrors of the worst dictatorships of all time.

If we continue to delay, if we do not understand the threat that looms over us all, if we do not react by organising ourselves into a firm and courageous resistance, this infernal regime that is establishing itself everywhere will not be able to be stopped.

And may Almighty God assist us and protect us.

– Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop, Former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America, 16 November 2021

Now let’s start with Europe where the first revolutions should come from:

The situation today is the contrary as in the 1970’s. Western and westernized Eastern Europe (the EUSSR) are under the boots of totalitarian regimes, whereas Russia, Belarus are realtively free countries where no injection mandates or ‘vax’ passports are in place and where woke/cultural marxist/lgbt (and other anti Western ideologies) are virtually non existent. While the EUSSR side of Europe descend into decadence and tyranny, the hopes of freedom and survival of European civilizations now lay with the former seat of the evil USSR: Russia (liberated from communism).

Countries where people were fighting the globalists this week (some are missing)

Germany, Baltic states, Slovenia/Slovaia, Bulgaria, Romania are missing but they were fighting like the other weeks against globalist fascism.
Love the ‘fringe’ comment. It is how the criminal whore of the mainstream media call the tens of millions who demonstrate every week worldwide. Although this week the brain TV grilled chicken couldn’t ignore the massacres that took place in The Netherlands where globalist lackeys in uniforms shot at least 7 People with real bullets.


It’s not over for you and your puppet globalist-fascist regime rutte, after Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Breda, The Hague, Leeuwarden, Groningen, Enschede much more will come. The murderers will have to pay for their crimes and you rutte, and your gang of scum will hang.

ROTTERDAM – The 5G infrastructure must be destroyed, not only it is used for stealth surveillance, but it’s also dangerous for our health (cancer, immune system destruction) and for all living being in nature. The protesters in Holland knew this. Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Breda, The Hague, Leeuwarden, Groningen, Enschede, protests and riots against the covid fraud, scam and coup. THIS IS ONLY A SPECIMEN OF WHAT IS TO COME.
Rotterdam, a 2% preview of what will soon be done to all globalists vermin and their lackeys. On the right a gestapo car burning.

Below, Marco Buis of Injustice TV was shot in the stomach by the “police”.  Fascist thugs can shoot, kill in total impunity because criminal/corrupt media and governments are covering-up the truth. We will not forgive nor forget!

@RecognizesReal – Nov 21 Replying to  @ProtestNews_EN – They shot him when he went to help a bystander that was hit by the police and then when he came to help got shot too!

Our comment: A technique used by soros/cia color coup in Ukraine. Snipers would shoot protesters and police to worsen the situation and create a cycle of violence. – gestapo car being used as a dump, garbage to garbage, dust to dust. –  Last year they were clapped at, this year they are stigmatized by corrupt criminals of the media and government (and their useful chicken idiots), and soon they will be jobless. Another proof that there is no pandemic, because if there was, they would need all the health workers.


On the right: Police have drawn weapons in Leeuwarden.
They do it on purpsoe, this is the goal to impose curfew, emegency powers. This is real war now and it is time to organize our units and use their weapons to use them againts them. 


Globalist whore and dictator vermin schallenberg ( tries to push the forced injection/genocide/enslavement agenda of his puppet masters. His last vomit in date, after the “lockdown for dissidents” is “everybody must get injected by February”.

Bad news for you schallenberg, we will not obey, shove your jab up your sorry ass.

When lunatic nonentities like this deepshit try to force on anyone insanities of this scale, the only answer with massive disobedience is to tell him and his puppet masters: GO FUCK YOURSELVES!

The last time Vienna saw so many people in this area was in 1938 (when a little Austrian with moustache annexed the country to Germany). No surprise since fascism is back in Europe with the exact same techniques and  goals: mass manipulation, psychological warfare and mass torture to prepare for further genocides. This time we have been warned.

Austrians fought all week, this week-end and were back on Sunday. Make no mistake, the social engineers behind this global fascist coup are observing Austria very closely to see if they will be able to do the same everywhere.

Already the Austrian army and police said they will refuse to enforce forced injections. Will they keep their word?

Mandatory injection of poison to all means that we will defend our lives door to door killing thousands of police thugs and health fascists in the process if need be. But we will not stop there, if we can’t live in our own nations like anyone else, we will make sure that nobody will be able to live. We will burn these sick societies to the ground.

The article above and right picture gives the correct problem: “It’s them or us. Now it becomes serious.

It is true, either we destroy the globalists and stop their coup or they will destroy us. We are warned, it happened before with the jews, the gipsies, the kulaks.

In Linz, they burned Gestapo cars. Austrians are not alone, British, French, despite their own fight went to protest in front of Austrian embassies.

Solidarity is the real wealth of The People.
Austrian police and army refuse to implement mandate sanctions. They will stand down (they should come with us with their weapons instead). If the stick to their word, then the “Austrian” (globalist puppet) regime will be in big trouble. Let’s not count on that and go after this puppet regime and make it fall by not complying and not getting injected with their shit.


The full list of protest in Italy for November 20. It was all over the country and it was massive for the 18th consecutive week. Unreported or under reported by the criminal mainstream media whores but millions were out and countless millions saw the videos worldwide. People Like us never Give-Up.


It was the third anniversary of the Yellow Vests movement this week. The popular wave that almost removed rothschild little whore macron from power.  They were there this week-end, and not only them to celebrate their anniversary and fight globalist fascism.

Since 4 months millions of French People are fighting for their rights and to have forced injections and the nazipaSS removed.

Yellow Vest – 3 years: “nothing is over, everything starts”. And “All the People together”.
Hope and unity against the division and evil doomed globalist agenda

Yellow tide in Paris for the 3 years of the movement

It wasn’t only the Yellow Vests who demonstrated in force in Paris, where since 4 months, four to five different demo takes place every week-end.

The slogan reads: Vaccinated of not, all united!

Paris, 2 to 3 times more people than usual in one of the  protests that took place in the capital. Florian Phillipot, probable presidential candidate for next year and his party ‘The Patriots’ fighting since 4 months every single week for French people’s rights and against the globalists division agenda.

During a speech, Phillipot evokes the massacre that took place in the Netherlands where criminal cops shot People with real bullets. He denounces the hypocrisy and silence of the establishment and its fake stance on human rights. 
 “Where are the ‘pretty souls’ who so willingly look the other side of the world to lecture it about ‘democracy/human rights after the real bullet shots by the police yesterday in #ROTTERDAM?
Are they aphonic? Have they lost their voice? Is it the cold?  Revealing silence! To finish “Long live eternal France, France of liberty and sovereignty of its People” (everything the globalists hate)

And like almost everywhere, People are fed-up with their global fascist puppet regimes and ready to fight.

Like their Gaul ancestors, the French will never be domesticated

On the right, fascist armed thugs initiating violence at the start of the protest: the goal is obvious: create violence. But soon, the vermin behind this will regret to have lightened the flame!  –

And as every week since 4 months, demonstrations took place all over the country.

Strasbourg – Montreuil


Aix En Provence  – Montbeliard

macron’s Gestapo vs The Resistance – We will win this war even if it takes a century!  Grenoble, in the Alps.

On the right, blockade by the Yellow vest of roundabout near Strasbourg.  The anti-paSS collective. – “They were savages, yes; but civilization savages. They proclaimed with fury their rights; they wanted, by tremor and shock, force Human Kind to heaven”. – Victor Hugo

Solidarity is the wealth of the People. French demonstrate in front of the shameful Austrian embassy to denounce their criminal mock of a government fascist rules.

The People fighting little whore macron’s gestapo.

In the Caribbean tough fighting took place, the island is blockaded and on full strike since last Monday. Guadeloupians are resisting like a real nation.

#Guadeloupe; general strike . Hello veran (the French death minister): A message for you kid, from The Guadeloupians, “Respect us and leave us alone!” . No to forced injection, no to the shame paSS.

On the right, accumulated road blocks put in place by Guadeloupians all over the island to protests against the NAZI-paSS and life conditions.

rothschild little bitch, macron and his puppet regime are losing ground everywhere. They invent new ‘variants’, ‘waves’ and other bullshit from their fake pandemic and new ‘rules’ to try to destroy further our nations and our rights. But We will win this war.

Sixth day of unlimited strike (they will stop when all restrictions are lifted and the NAZIpaSS is scrapped), road blocks everywhere, car burned , the island is totally blocked.  On the right, little whore macron has decided to impose a curfew… What do the Resistance do? They go out and fight, they burn radars, they burn checkpoints and attack one of the globalists controlled bank. Guadeloupians know who are the culprits and where to strike to hurt them.

Thank you Guadeloupe to show the rest of the world how to fight globalist fascism!


The local globalist puppet is called de croo (or de crooked). The globalist vermin and their sluts like miss de croo expected that with winter coming We The People, We The Resistance, We Humanity, wouldn’t keep fighting.

But we have never been more motivated (too bad for the ‘social engineers and monkey dressers) and we hope arrogant pieces of shit will keep pushing The People to their limits. We can’t wait to see dickheads like de croo being planted high on our spikes!

Brussels, local Gestapo is trying to fight the People. Soon, they will have to chose, pay with their masters or side with The People against the globalist scum.

Brussels, the heart of the EUSSR dictatorship is being taken back by the People. The ugly quarter of the fascist EU regime gets what it deserves. This is only the beginning, one day the EUSSR Kommission will burn to the ground.


Huge demonstration in Zagreb Croatia fighting against global fascism since its ‘president’ reneged on his promises like all the other globalists controlled scum in Europe.


Massive demos in Switzerland, Zurich and soon the Swiss will have a referendum to see if they keep allowing their corrupt, criminal puppet federal  ‘government’ to have emergency power.  Unless the vote is rigged or Swiss are real masochists who love to suffer and be tortured, the vote should be a big NO!

Vote NO  and NO


(and not Czech ‘republic’; what republic? A fascist regime and a globalist puppet government is not a republic)


We know places like Dresden will never accept another communist tyranny like globalist cockroaches are trying to implement but we haven’t seen much this week except for few resistant who have done well: Ahaus-Ottenstein Munsterland test centres burnt  and  Gronau-Epe another test centre set in fire. 10,000 euro damage for each.  Well done guys!

A general strike is planned for the 1st of December in Germany and Austria.

(left archive images) on the right: General strike planned for December 1 in the German Reich.


Like everywhere the criminals in power and their partners in crime want to force inject our kids with their DNA altering and graphene laden poison. The People refuse to be treated like cattle. 

Those who collaborate with the criminals and obey to the genocide of their own children will have to answer for their complicity,crimes and to their own consciences.


Norway (which is not part of the EUSSR but has a socialist corrupt government) and Denmark ( are now pushing for the same fascism as in other countries under the globalists yoke. Are the Vikings waking-up or are they too comfortable in their ultra-liberal pampered lands? It is time they take down their puppet criminals in politics. Welcome to the War against globalist fascism!

HUNGARY and Israel

Fake populist, fake anti-EU, fake conservative, fake anti-liberal and fake patriot viktor orban the SHAM ( is playing the agenda of his globalist puppet masters. Why associating orban Hungary with Israel? Well because this is where most of his orders come from. Next year elections will see him being ousted because of his many betrayals. The only problem is the globalist puppet coming after him will be worst.

When you have no choice or a choice between the pest or cholera, choose the revolution Anyway, respect to the People of Israel and Palestine who are fighting their criminal government since months now.


And now Down Under, where never before in its young history this nation has seen so many People demonstrating against so corrupt politicians. They were everywhere, hundreds of thousands fighting the globalists and communist Chinese agendas (it now becomes more and more obvious that China owns a number of politicians like daniels). 300- 400 thousands just in Melbourne some say, so most likely millions for the all nation.

Adelaïde – Really huge and impressive what is happening in Australia.

Perth – Brisbane – – Following orders is no defense. This is true today as it was yesterday. Nuremberg trial 1946: Following orders is no defense. Those guilty and complicit will have to pay for their crimes. Quit the ship before it sinks…

Sick fuck kim jong dan ( has managed only one success in his miserable worm life: Awakening The Giant! –
FUCK YOU KIM JONG DAN! It is fair to say that he is the most hated scumbag in Australia.

And remember on December 4th: #SOSfromAustralia


Next door (so to speak) trans-ardern, formerly known as jacindo the wreak and now a monster is the most hated abnormality in Kiwi’s history.

Across the pacific in South America, they also have their local globalist prostitutes who try to enforce the new world order agenda of their pimps against the will of normal human beings.




Then transamericana up to North America


Despite demented usurper biden and his right brain calamari harris, the USA stays one of the freest country on earth. At least in Republican states. But this week saw protests erupting in communist/globalist states like Oregon, California and New-York, all fighting against the illegal puppet biden diet of forced injection and vax passports.


Vancouver rising against globalist whore , turdeau

And across the Atlantic to


And across the Indian ocean to


India is rising and was there to fight the globalist agenda.  

India is rising against globalist fascism in their own way. On the right, in India they now about the real agenda behind the fake pandemic. 


Even Tokyo held a demo, modest for sure but when are Japanese ever demonstrating?

And evil for the end. This is what we fight against:

communist SHITHOLE china and fascist SHITHOLE Philippines.

We really feel for these children. This is Pavlov dog conditioning. They are taking your children and transform them into inhuman, robotic slaves. In cambodia, the evil khmer rouge brainwashed children and train them to kill their own parents.

Is this really what you want for your children?


We end-up on this beautiful picture of the future of Humanity waking up and deciding to change the things we cannot accept!


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  4. The Same people who pretend they want to save the planet destroy it and pillage our resources causing billions to stay poor and starve.

    Same people who wnat to force ‘vaccinate’ the world are exploiting and destroying it.

    Why are we not fighting them ?


  5. It’s madness, peopl ehave been wearing muzzles for more than a year and they still doing it, and mind you the same people are also “”””vaccinated””” (GMO zombies).

    Don’t they even mae the connection?

    mask = slaves
    injected = harmed, killed or modified
    ‘passports’ = mark of the beast

    Am I the only one to be sane in this world?

    God has sent the Flood, he will do it again as we are now even more evil than ever.


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