‘Vaccine’ Deaths, Protests and Global Fascism

Update 5th of March 2021

1265 Killed, 25,212 Harmed by experimental covid ‘vaccines’

479 permanent disabilities, 36 birth defects (inc. miscarriage)

From the US CDC VAERS database. For Europe numbers, see below.

Update: 5/03/2021

For the UK, the numbers are:

402 people killed, of which 197 killed by the Pfizer/Biontech mRNA experimental injections (not vaccines but gene therapies tested live on human beings) and 205 killed by the Oxford-Astrazeneca concoction.

Of note, the Oxford-Astrazeneca concoction which came on the market much later than the mRNA ‘ genetic treatment’ from Pfizer is killing and harming many more people in a shorter amount of time. But, it doesn’t seem to bother the MHRA and the fascist British mock of a government.

Details here:


Compared to the tens of millions of covid RNA injections performed, these numbers might look relatively small. Compared to the amount of (supposed) covid deaths, too (although not really if compared to the real numbers).

But compared to the standards for safe medical products, these numbers are shocking.

The comments above came originally from https://swprs.org/ and were reinterprated in light of what is really going on, because this is wrong.

What kind of drug would stay on the market after having killed more than a thousand people and harmed more than 25 000?

What kind of sick world, indifferent people and criminal leaders allow this to happen?

Moreover, little is still known about the long-term safety profile of experimental RNA vaccines.  

Back in 2009/2010, it took one year for the public to learn about neurological damages caused by swine flu vaccine adjuvants.

These figures are an underestimate, as vaccine reporting systems typically cover only a fraction of adverse events. Source. https://swprs.org/. The full article can be consulted here: https://swprs.org/covid-rna-vaccines-close-to-1000-post-vaccination-deaths/

We agree with this one, the guinea pigs who accept to get injected by the untested, unnaproved (only ‘authorized’ for emergency by corrupt officials who are part of the scam) don’t have a clue of what they are being injected with.

mRNA technologies are not vaccines and have never been properly tested on humans, but animals and humans died during trials.

And again, less than 1% of deaths and adverse events are reported. The numbers are likely ten to hundred times higher.

The merit of the https://swprs.org/ article is to provide the 3 main sources for the (underestimated) numbers, the US CDC VAERS , its equivalent in the UK, the MHRA and the EU EUDRA.

The EUDRA is at the image of the EU, useless, dictatorial, ultra-bureaucratic, unreadable and misleading and therefore doesn’t give any valuable information. In short a tool that would have been used in the USSR to hide the truth real numbers.

However, the UK MHRA is more practical. In this database we learn that 120 people killed by the Astrazeneca ‘vaccine’, 104 killed by the Pfizer/Biontech mRNA concoction and 1 from an undetermined source. 225 deaths reported by mRNA injection in the UK.

It also gives the option to export results on pdf files, downloadable below:


Mathematical Experts In France Show Pandemic Death Rate Just ‘Average’

ER Editor: All-cause mortality is the benchmark to illustrate a pandemic according to many experts we’ve encountered. A pandemic should show up, therefore, in an unusually high number of deaths for that year. But for many countries, it simply isn’t the case. Here are a couple of charts and numbers from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in the UK:

The French expert cited below, Prof. Bernard Beauzamy, produced an equivalent graph for France from the beginning of 2016-2020 found here:

*translation: Monthly deaths France (INSEE)


We checked at the end of 2020 and the numbers were also lower or the same than previous years.



Protesters demonstrate against vaccine coercion, green passports in Tel Aviv

Speakers and protestors called for more government transparency, and to stop tyranny

Israelis protest the government’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign in Tel Aviv, Feb. 24, 2021.

Demonstrators gathered in Tel Aviv on Wednesday to protest against forced vaccination and the green passport program, which allows vaccinated individuals and recovered COVID-19 patients to take part in certain activities, including attending mass gatherings.

Among the speakers at the rally, which drew a crowd in the hundreds, were lawyer Oren Pasternak, the main organizer of the event, and Tamir Hefatz, a founder of Higayon Habari (Common Sense Model). Arieh Avni, founder of the Rapeh (Only Health) Party was also present, as were some of the party’s candidates.

Speakers and protestors alike called for more “government transparency,” and to “stop tyranny.” The protesters demanded that the government remove a 30-year embargo on the details of the Constitution Committee’s meetings on coronavirus restrictions and cancel the green passport initiative, which they say leads to a two-tier system within Israeli society: a privileged “vaccinated class” and an lower class of those who can’t get the vaccine, or don’t want to.

One large sign held by members of the crowd read “apartheid” in English and Hebrew in bold next to a green passport. Another large sign equated green passports with the tattooed arms of former Auschwitz-Birkenau prisoners.

One speaker invoked the memory of his great aunt, saying she was killed by the “exact same kind of people” who are today placing restrictions on movement, saying that “the people are tired of medical oppression.”


Netanyahu, a known felon who should be in jail, yet still in power trying to emulate Adolf Hitler and the South Africa Apartheid’ s regime at the same time.

The ‘vaccine’ ID’s were the plan all along, to enforce yet another level of control, violation of people’s rights, privacy, freedom and dignity, using a lab created ‘virus’ to do so and to destroy democracy and the world economy to pave the way for an ultra fascist system designed by psychopaths and murderers for their sole benefits.

These people and the corrupt politicians who serve them like docile little dogs are criminals, criminals against humanity, and one way or another, they will pay for their crimes, will it be in a court of law or by popular justice remains to be seen.

Lawyers Promise ‘Nuremberg Trials’ Against All Behind COVID Scam

Soon will we see Bill Gates, Biden, Netanyahu, Fauci, Turdeau, Merkel, Johnson, Macron, Schwab and many others queuing for death penalty for their crimes against humanity?

Published on February 24, 2021 Written by Jean-Michel Grau

Right now, a second Nuremberg tribunal that is in preparation, with a class action lawsuit being set up under the aegis of thousands of lawyers worldwide behind the American-German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who is prosecuting those responsible for the Covid-19 scandal manipulated by the Davos Forum.

In this respect, it is worth recalling that Reiner Fuellmich is the lawyer who succeeded in condemning the automobile giant Volkswagen in the case of the tampered catalytic converters. And it is this same lawyer who succeeded in condemning Deutsche Bank as a criminal enterprise.

According to Reiner Fuellmich, all the frauds committed by German companies are derisory compared to the damage that the Covid-19 crisis has caused and continues to cause.

This Covid-19 crisis should be renamed the “Covid-19 Scandal” and all those responsible should be prosecuted for civil damages due to manipulations and falsified test protocols. Therefore, an international network of business lawyers will plead the biggest tort case of all time, the Covid-19 fraud scandal, which has meanwhile turned into the biggest crime against humanity ever committed.

A Covid-19 commission of enquiry has been set up on the initiative of a group of German lawyers with the aim of bringing an international class action lawsuit using Anglo-Saxon law.

Here is the summarized translation of the last communication of Dr. Fuellmich of 15/02/2021: https://principia-scientific.com/lawyers-promise-nurember-trials-against-all-behind-covid-scam/

Good news from Germany, thanks to Tony:

German Court in Weimar Declares Lockdown Unconstitutional

Of course they are, they are even illegal.


Whistleblower Video Footage of Forced COVID Vaccines in German Nursing Homes Goes Public – Is this Homicide or Worse?

from the Liberty Beacon

ER Editor: See our earlier report from Feb.16 on the legal work being prepared by German lawyers Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Viviana Fischer, Whistleblower from Berlin Nursing Home: the Terrible Death after Vaccination. This report gave a detailed account of the conditions under which elderly residents are being vaccinated according to a care home observer, leading these lawyers to suspect that coercion is being employed, and worse.

Here we have disturbing video footage showing an example of what care home vaccination practices look like.

Whistleblower – 25% of Residents in German Nursing Home Died After Pfizer Vaccine

‘The video contains de-identified footage from the nursing home, where a team of three or four people, including a soldier in uniform, vaccinate residents, in many cases using force. The footage is troubling as it shows some people resisting the shots, being vaccinated nonetheless.’


In Dutch nursing home, two thirds of residents test positive for COVID after vaccination

22 of the 106 elderly residents died within two weeks of getting vaccinated.

Whistleblower: 8 of 31 Residents Dead in German Nursing Home After They Were Forcibly Injected with Pfizer Experimental mRNA COVID Shots Against Their Will

Since that interview was published, other whistleblowers in Germany who work in nursing homes have also stepped forward, some with video footage showing residents being held down and vaccinated against their wish.

One of the most disturbing things about what these whistleblower videos reveal, according to Attorney Fuellmich, is that now they are getting more and more calls from other whistleblowers in nursing homes, in Germany and around the world, where they are reporting the same things.

Attorney Fuellmich is not afraid to state exactly where this evidence leads us:

    It means that people are dying because of the vaccines.

    What we are seeing in this video clip is worse than anything we ever expected.

    If this is representative for what’s going on in the other nursing homes, and in other countries, then we have a very serious problem.

    And so do the people who make the vaccines, so do the people who administer the vaccines.

    It looks more and more as though we’re dealing with homicide, and maybe even murder.

Comment of the day by Aaron:

“The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.”

Maximilien Robespierre

When ignorance is the norm, then we know we live in tyranny…

Comment of the day from Jacob:


Jacob5 hours ago

People who comply to every insane demands, from masks to lockdowns, to curfews, who accept to be injected by poison just to ‘go back to normal’ (which, by the way will not happen) are not only weak, vile, cowards and ignorant, they also shouldn’t be called human beings, because they are lower than worms.

The worst people are the Israelis who get injected. They should know better, they allegedly swore to never let that happen again! And what are they doing now?

they are told: undress and take a shower in Netanyahu new Auschwitz, and they undress and take a shower. This time, they won’t be exterminated on the spot (it will take more time) but they will get their yellow badges again!

Soon, we will have death camps for the free, smart and decent human beings who refuse to be marked like beasts.

I have more respect for any other living form, including worms than for people who have been given a conscience and choose to use their asses to think instead!

Global Apartheid: With Sabbatian-Ruled Israel Leading The Way

David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast – Please Share

The full subscriber’s videocast can be viewed every Friday at 7pm …

Click here to sign up:


Israeli fears a new Holocaust is coming – Shai Dannon talks with David Icke about the horrific tyranny that ‘Covid’ Israel has become for Jews that won’t comply

Reiner Fuellmich interviewing Israeli lawyer Tamir Turgal about ‘vaccinating’ Israel


97 thoughts on “‘Vaccine’ Deaths, Protests and Global Fascism”

  1. Yes israel is a fascit regime of the worst kind as it has shown countless times.
    And yes, the model of the criminals at the head of this fascist state are nazi germany and hitler.

    What scum like netanyahu have done with the forced jabbing of the population is exactly what nazi doctors did to jews and others in death camps.

    Not counting the ongoing genocide of palestinians and the war crimes committed by these criminals since decades.

    pyschopaths like netanyahu and his puppetmasters should be excuted in public squares fro crimes against humanity!

    No wonder after all the evil they have done, the all world is against them


  2. You can’t convince people who believe they know because they saw, read or heard it on controlled media.

    I see people doubting now after one year of lies and deceits, but I am afraid a lot of them are such cowards that they’d rather obey and fall into complete serfdom rather than fight, even for their kids.

    As for those who know best, the TV parrots ‘experts’, sunday virologists who wear face nappies even in their car, don’t bother with these lunatics, they’re gone since a long time. They are the establishment useful idiots, the pillars of the new fascist regimes.

    Don’t listen tot them, don’t even try to explain them anything, you can’t reason with supersitious fanatics. They’ll die with a face diaper crawling under their bed because ‘there is a paaaaaaaandemiiiiiic!”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. netanyahu is worst than hitler, he tries to enslave or exterminate his own people.

    God will see to that and make sure that netanyahu burn in hell for eternity!


  4. It’s genocide, exactly what criminals like bill gates and the piece of shit at the wef and UN were planning for years.


  5. The UN should be disbanded as it is the most corrupt and criminal globalist lobby on earth.

    Responsible for the death, rape, murder, genocide of millions worldwide.

    The UN is the disease, the WHO is just a symptom.

    The global totaliatarin fascist COUP humanity is victim of comes from the psychopaths at the Un and their ‘agenda 2030’ that nobody wants except the usual useful idiots whose neurons never worked properly (and even less now with their face nappies full of their own shit).

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Much more deaths than that, much more. And also people getting infected after receiving the fake vaccine (but the granny killer).

    Infcted with what? Covid they say, but yet tey also say covid for deaths by shooting!

    oxford-astrazeneca are now banned in many countries because, their posion kills… Blood clots.. Oups.. Even the garbage mainstream media report it, imagine the reality then!

    Some people still believe the bullshit, those whose brain has been melted by months for wearing face diapers and re-breathing their own pooh…

    May they rest in a position related to their stand on earth…

    God will recognize his owns

    Liked by 1 person

  7. By just adding the senior murdered in care homes by mRNA injections and other fake vaccines, we already know that a genocide is going on.

    They want to get rid of the weak, old and defenceless and the masked sheep pretend they care about their elders and that they wear muzzles to protect them!

    F…. hypocrites, you wear masks because you are ignorant cowards without any free willand any self esteem!


    1. Yep, many of these people who pretend they do that for ‘saving granny’ are suddenly totally blind when it comes to vaccine deaths in care homes… Hypocrisy indeed


  8. This has to do with free will. According to us, contrary to animal, we are ‘gifted’ with free will…

    Or so they say, because last time I looked, my hedgehog and my dog had more free will than my neighbors who wear face diapers on their noses all day long. They have surrendered free will sometime last year and since then, they leave into an artifical world made of illusions sustained by lying media, lying and corrupt officials and lying social media.

    Being a serf, ready to get injected and marked like cattle, is not the sign of a superior being doted with conscience and reason, but the distinctive characteristic of a herd creature, just good to graze, defecate, produce milk, wool or meat and ready for the chute, without even being conscious of what’s really going on.


  9. We need to denounce, arrest and go after all the fascist corporations helping the criminals of the world economic forum.

    We need to name names, get where they work and live and do to them what they hav ebeen doing to us since decades.

    These nazis must pay for their crimes!

    Popular justice must be applied to all these corporate fascists!


  10. The scenario they follow since March 2020 is typical of a coup. Except this time it’s worldwide… or almost.

    How have they managed to convince so mnay people, when in reality, no country in the world has experienced real excess death in 2020?

    True, news are controlled by a handful of corporations like reuters or AP and 5 monopolies in the US.
    Social media is also a monopolistic business, as the censorship by big techs proves.

    Nothing would have been possible without key puppets in most governments on the planet. Since the last manufactured crisis (the fake ‘refugees’ crisis) and since the previous one (the ‘subprime financial coup), straw men have been put in almost every important position in many countries and in many organizations, including the vatican ( the fake pope bargoglio was installed through a coup and replaced the legitimate Pope Benedict, the coup is said to have been made by obama and his puppetmaster soros).
    Suddenly we have newcomers like trump, trudeau, kurz, sanchez, macron, johnson, all arriving at around the same times, suddenly they start to work for the exact same agenda (except Trump but not really)…

    It’s not by chance. It’s not only US elections that were rigged, be sure of that.

    They needed to put these people in place to unroll their sick coup…


    1. Many beleive Trump was part of it, after all he’s the one under whom ‘warp speed’ happened. He also let Fauci do the harm he did. He also didn’t pardon Julian Assange.

      None of his promises has been accomplished, including the ‘wall’, the promise to end regime changes and to get out of Syria, and other places…

      It seems he was used as a one man show, that’s what he does…




    If your work for google, facebook, amazon, microsoft, cisco, salesforce, twitter, mastercard, qauntas, ticketmaster, pfizer, moderna, astrazeneca, j&j or any other criminal corporation out there, speak-up!


  12. Global fascism indeed. The merging of corporation and the sate is fascism.

    this is how Mussolini, who invented fascism, defined it.

    Communist China is a fascist regime and all the western countries now want to be like fascist China including the USA since the last Novemeber coup when the fascist democrats rigged the elections and seized power.

    only a revolution will get rid of these neo-fasicsts!


  13. agenda 2030, ‘sustainable’ development: MY ASS!

    This is the lie they serve the retards who believe in this kind of bullshit. Since when these people who have exploited the planet and its people for decades, if not centuries are now the ‘good guys’ who want to do good for humanity?

    Thye have a lot of useful idiots behind them, like Lenin had scores of them to implement the red terror, but WE KNOW who they are, we know what they really want and it isn’t and has never been the welfare of humanity.

    Suffice to check their previous records to understand it.


  14. Their fake vaccines, as fake as their created plandemic are not even the problem.

    I’d rather see people getting killed by vaccines than seeing the world becoming the nightmare they are preparing.

    But again, nothing is written in stone. If people fight back, they won’t be able to implement their sick new world order.

    They think they owe us like resources, but everything they own, all their power and money comes from our work, our taxes, our money and willingness to let them decide what we should do oo not.

    Start to disobey everything tomorrow and these people will be in deep shit!
    Start to boycott the fascist corporations behind the coup and they will beg you to come back
    Start to take on them all and they’ll run for their lives!

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Most deaths are not reported, the ones we know come from the very people who are falsifying numbers since one year (US CDC, a vaccine company and the UK gov, a highly corrupt body controlled by corporations, big pharma and globalists).

    The real killings happen in nursing homes and we know it when whistle blowers speak like in Berlin. But as many people have very little courage and very low ethics, we won’t hear about all the murders committed in care homes.

    One of their goals is to reduce the world population while enslaving the remnant.

    People who get injected won’t all die, or get sick immediately, they will be reduced to the state of serfs before.


  16. THe plan: vaccinate as many peasants as possible and force ‘vax passes’ on them, so the next step of the ‘great reset’ new world order can follow…

    The funniest is that probably a majority of people really beleive there is a ‘pandemic’ out there.

    Like there were weapons of mass destruction in Irak, like John Kennedy was killed by a lone wolf, like the bailout of the banks in 2008/9 was the only solution…

    Same people, same tricks, same idiots who believe them.

    The wakening will be hard for many


  17. People should be smarter with what happens in Israel. These people are master of deception.

    They chose Israel as the ‘world lab rats’ for a good reason, to show the rest of the planet ‘how safe’ mRNA unsafe, untested, experimental ‘vaccines’ are…

    It’s pathetic to see.

    For all I know they could have injected the popualtion with placebo to try to convince the idiotic goyim to do the same (but for them, no placebo, the real poison only).

    It could also be just a PR operation, and fake numbers, they faked the covid numbers so they can esaily fake the jabbed numbers, as media are the whores we know they are.

    In any case, how can a country responsible of the death of thousands of war crimes, crimes against humanity, behind almost every aggression against sovereign states in the middle east (Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Irak, Egypt….) and worldwide manipulations of all kinds (including terrorism in many countries) can be trusted one second?

    The next candidate in deadly injections is the UK, home of deceit, perfidy an the inventors of concentration camps (South Africa during the Boer war).
    To top it all, the clown in charge is bojo, a serial psycho liar who would sell his mother and his own ass for power and money.

    These are the two fascist countries showing by example that the world should get injected with DNA altering, untested, dangerous and proven to kill injections…

    What a sick joke!


  18. Obviously much more people are dying from the mRNA and other experimental shots than they report.

    In clear:

    – when people die from natural death or diseases, they file it as ‘covid’, falsifying death certifcates and hiking numbers.
    – When people are murdered by big pharma criminal injections, they under report it, don’t report it or still keep filing it as ‘covid’ falsifying death certifcates.

    When are the people going to understand?


  19. I’ve been looking at news since they started the coerced ‘vaccination’ scheme. 1265 people killed by these fake vaccines is not true, there are much more than that.

    The problem is to compile all sources of information and add the numbers. The numbers in the US and Uk are incorrect but they don’t include the rest of the world.

    Just in Israel, where they boast to be the most stupid people on earth with more than 50% idiots being ‘vaccinated’, the deaths and infection numbers have exploded following the vaccinations.

    Most being in care homes with senior and immune fragile people, the death numbers will explode even more in coming weeks.

    Of course, they’ll blame the ‘virus’ for it, but they won’t mention the so called ‘virus’ was injected through the ‘vaccines’.

    You can esaily multiply the number by 10 to 50 and we’ll approach the real death numbers from ‘vaccines’!


  20. They started the FORCED vaccination plus ‘green pass’ program with israel because of the history of the Jews.

    Who would be suspicious of getting injected by genocidal eugenics injections if the Jews themselves accepted it?

    The very people who in the first place should be more than suspicious about any state mandating anything to be forced on their bodies since the Holocaust, accept to be injected with posion? Then it must be safe!

    1/ What tells you that it’s not placebo most fo them received ? (like corrupt celebrities and politicians getting fake shots on TV).
    2/ Israelis too are protesting agaisnt ‘green passes’
    3/ They are also killing elders in nursing homes with the mRNA gene (ocidal) shit

    Because they started with one of the most fascist and corrupt government in the world, we should be even more suspicious.

    And when we know that the second most jabbed people in the world are in fascist regime UK, with globalists puppet Bojo the clown singing ‘build back better’ ‘great reset’ and ‘get jabbed’, we should be very very suspicious about their deadly injections!


  21. I can’t fathom how it is possible after all these months of lies, deceits, complete bogus science circus and absolute insanity, so many people still believe in this bullshit ‘pandemic’.

    In April 2020, dozens of articles warned about the globalists plans and agenda on ‘vaccines’ and ‘immunity ‘passports’, they warned people that if they complied we would end up in a fascist dictatorship.

    And now we have exactly that: a global fascist dictatorship, the imposition of forced vaccinations if you wnat to be able to live your life and the vax passports’ (aka biometric tools of control).

    They are building a gigantic concetration camp the size of the planet and, instead of revolting, you have all these morons wandering aorund with these fucking dirty face diapers on!

    You’d just want to punch them hard to wake them up! But it would just not be enough to make their few neurons left work again.

    These assholes have sold their chidren as future slaves and worst of all, they brag about it!


  22. It’s a pity that these reports are not made daily or automated and mandatory.

    Because, only a tiny fraction is reported (less than 1% admitedly) and only once a week.

    But given the rate of assassinations in care homes by criminal pharma injections, it is obvious there are ten to 50 more times more deaths and accidents!


  23. It’s now clear, when you see the population and profile of the people suddenly dying after having been injected with their mRNA products, it’s obvious that it’s a planned genocide.

    Seniors, isolated defenceless elderly in close ‘care homes’ (so nobody can see wht’s going on), people with dementia being killed (so in case of complaints they can pretend the seniors are just ‘distrubed’), etc…

    They are exterminating the weak, lonely and defenceless with the help of some of the care homes employees and the fascist government agents like in Berlin!

    They have used the fake pandemic trick to scare elders, and now they let themselves get injected (almost) willingly by mRNA tickbomb!

    And of course, after having killed murdered them with the injection (which either trigger death or infection), then they pretend elders died of ‘covid’.

    If anyone has a parent in one of these homes, mu advice owuld be to remove them asap, before they are assassinated too.

    No politician in pwer can be trusted, no government employee either, no private business either.


  24. netanyahu is a real fascist who has nothing to envy to nazis, he even praised Hitler recently.

    How come the Israelis follow his sick agenda is a real wonder…

    There is something going on there


  25. This is how they make sure we don’t revolt: by ‘forbidding’ people to gather in groups, separating us appart and forcing masks so we can’t communicate with fellow humans.

    Then they crate yet another artifical divide 9along with the fake divide between ‘right and left’, ‘races’, sexes, etc…), it’s the divide between face diaper supporters and those who really know about masks (aka muzzles), dviide between covid cult members and sane human beings.

    To overcome these atifical divides, we must first know about it, know who ( those behind the covid coup) and why they have been created (divide us to better control us).

    Then we need to violate every of their dividing rules, in order to reconnect with our fellow humans.

    This is the only way. And for those who are too scared to do so, fear is the disease, when it creeps into your soul, it will contaminate your mind and body and spread to others.

    Fight you fear, this aboslutely unjustified, absurd, and insane fear and you’ll see through their evil schemes.

    What about closing the TV to start with?

    Liked by 1 person

  26. We must not give up, it seems the globalist scum are winning but again their power rests only on perception.

    They control all the media, most of the money and have bought many corrupt politicians, academics, pseudo scientists, doctors and ‘officials.

    The same way the tobacco industry did before getting down through trials.
    The same way criminals like Monsanto did, before being exposed for what they are (including Bayer their new name).

    You see th herd following their masters orders and you might think, all is lost.

    But, remember, in history, the herd of sheep always follow, never take initiative, never revolt. The sheeple wait to see which way the wind goes, that’s all they do.

    No revolution, no change, no progress wil have ever happened if you wait for the herd, the sheeple, the human cattle to move!

    Changes are always brought by dedicated minorities. then, and now.

    That will never change, and contrary to what people believe, their COUP stand on sand only!

    Liked by 1 person

  27. If you don’t know how to fight the covid coup and its subsequent great reset, at least don’t comply with any of their fascist rules:

    civil disobedience

    Never take any of their poison injections…

    Don’t wear mask, don’t stay at home, don’t distance from others, don’t wash your hands with their toxic products (soap is enough), if you have curfews, don’t obey and go out anyway, keep seeing friends, family and of course be aware of the masintream media, social media and corporations/stae lies and propaganda, avoid and boycott them.

    Support local businesses who share your views. Don’t give any cents tp criminal slike amazon, google etc…

    Avoid covid cult zombies, some people can change their minds, these people are lost, they are your enemies too.

    This is the least you can do if you do nothing else, it doesn’t cost you anything and can be done at the indvidual level.

    The more people will disobey, the less power they will have.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. How to convince the ignorant masses that they have been deceived?

    How to convince the eternal victims to defend themselves?

    How to convince the timids to fight back?

    Liked by 1 person


    Once again, the forces of evil have joined to try to subdue Humanity.

    The dark forces are upon us and, as usual, they use the silent (or indifferent) ‘majority’ who generally complies to everything it’s told, believes any lies even the most absurds, and put pressure on others to conform to their own insanity.

    Thye have succeeded to win the first phases of this eternal war and they are about to mark the cattle, sheep and other farm animals with their ‘mark of the beast’, what the ignorant masses are led to believe are ‘vaccines’.

    They are all together in this, all together in the deepest shit…

    We are certainly not with them and we will keep fighting the globalist forces of evil until we destroy them completely.

    The war has just started: either we win or Humanity is over!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The war has been on for decades now, they want to destroy us and everything we cherish, nations, family, values, culture, traditions, our civilization in short

      We must fight back

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Fuck gates, fuck netanyahu, fuck bojo the clown, fuck biden, fuck the wef, fuck the eu, the un, all the globalist assholes.

      Fuck them all!


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