Elections Fraud Reloaded

By RforResistance – 2022-04-17

But to begin: Happy Easter to all

Happy Easter to all Christians all over the world with a special prayer for Russians and Ukrainians, may they find peace and make common cause against their only real enemy, the global ‘elite‘.

France presidential elections Update

Various sources have alerted us about the fraud taking place during the first round of the French presidential elections. We have published multiple articles and analysis about it.

But we wanted to gather evidences, simple mathematics, and check the numbers. So we have focused on the voting machines and electronic vote, trying to find which municipalities used voting machines, we checked the results for each municipality, and compared them with the overall national results and average main candidates national scores, and we have drawn some conclusions.

Here is what we have found in one document. Sometimes, reality surpasses fiction.

France presidential elections: Evidences of fraud are accumulating

Despite the censorship and silencing operation(s).

Amazingly, mainstream media and some alternative ones are following the narrative of a ‘normal’ election despite evidences and the fact that a president with 70% to 84% unfavourable opinions can‘t possibly have made it to the second round.

67.2%, of the voting machines vote Macron!

I voted Lassalle, but “computer says no!”

What what? The supervisor of the rothschild dictatorship in Gaul involved in various frauds and scandals such as #AlstomGate , #RothschildGate or   #McKinseyGate, ‘elected’ fraudulently in 2017 is now trying to transform a onetime hold-up into a permanent coup d’etat?


Tweet from Christine Deviers-Joncour translated from French using online translators such as Deepl.

“Amazing momentum of the machines to vote for the candidate Macron. In France, 64 cities (our comment: 71 according to the machine provider France Elections*) are equipped with an electronic voting system and when we review them one by one, we see that 41 of them vote Macron and not by a small amount, with regular, very high scores, which gives 67.2% from the machines vote to Macron, much much higher therefore than  the average “official’ score of the candidate macron.

The 21 cities with machines that do not vote Macron, are almost all cities where the population is largely of foreign origin, North African, African etc.. Stains, Marignane, Arcueil, Orange… where Melenchon (our comment: far-left, pro-immigration, allegedly anti-EUSSR and controlled opposition who betrayed his voters by calling to vote Macron) win the vote and where it would have been too visible to cheat.

This propensity of voting machines to vote Macron is largely beyond belief, not to mention the ‘salad’ that can be achieved, as a bonus, once all these results have arrived in the Ministry of the Interior ‘machines’ (our comment: under full control of the macronists).

The gap between the candidate’s score in machine cities and machine-less cities is enough to throw off the confusion and the precedents of Dominion, with the Scylt software should encourage investigation and verification.”

Christine Deviers-Joncour

From French alternative news: changera3.blogspot.com (Deepl translation)

Operation Transparency Elections: There would be a proven Fraud at the level of Voting Machines in 41 Communes!

Voting machines: God given tool for dictators

The Tweet of Christine Deviers-Joncour, an insider who lived in the arcane of power by being the mistress of a former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roland Dumas, shows that 41 cities, who used voting machines, had a staggering 67.2% of votes for Macron!

I don’t think we can find other medium-sized cities in France, and typically voting with paper ballots, which have similar results!

If statistically there are no other cities with this result, it means that the voting machines have been programmed to improve Macron’s results!

Complete article


Transl: “It’s the only picture where macron was honest…” Bojo the clown visibly unimpressed…

If we believe the ‘Ministry of Interior’ there are only 1.3 million voters voting with these ‘voting machines’ , according to the provider France Elections it is more as they claim that 71 municipalities are clients (we found 69 on their site).

However, out of 1.3 million voters obliged to use these machines,  873,600 would have voted for macron (provided they all voted)… It doesn’t really matter if these voters voted blank, null or for another candidate, as long as they cast their vote electronically, they could have been transfered to macron (Trump/Biden style).

We have to ask the question if even they needed to go to vote, as with digital manipulation, as long as they are registered, they could potentially have been used by a hack or maliciously programmed system.

Besides, the assumed number of 1.3 million ‘electronic voters’ seems to be undervalued, according to the company France Elections who provides the voting software from the unsafe and unreliable NEDAP’s system, they have 71 municipalities as clients, not 60, 63 or 64 (numbers allegedly given by macron’s regime according to various media). Don’t take our word for it, check for yourself: http://www.france-election.fr/references.php

And lets’ not forget that the voting system of the Dutch company NEDAP has been rejected in the Netherlands and Ireland for being unreliable and unsafe.

Good enough for macron, unquestioning election organizers, mayors and voters…

What nobody seems to talk about however is the electronic transmission of all the French expatriates votes (1.7 million voters at minimum, perhaps 2 to 2.5 million) using another technically flawed and prone to fraud system.

Now consider the difference of votes between each of the 3 first candidates, Macron, Lepen, Melenchon:

To be qualified for the second round macron needed 2,070,411 more votes than Melenchon and only 1,649,529 more votes than Lepen (out of 48,747,876 registered voters and 35,923,727 who actually voted), 2 million is not so much when compared to 36 million. Interestingly Lepen and Melenchon have only a mere 420,882 votes difference which could mean that macron’s regime could have ‘helped’ Lepen with few hundred thousand votes to avoid a contest Melenchon /macron in the second round.

Why? Simply because the cultural marxist /neo-liberal media & establishment could not have used the fear of ‘far-right’ imaginary ‘fascism’ against Melenchon who is the (alleged) candidate of the anti-system left , woke & far-left  (while as a millionaire, a freemason and a former socialist minister, he is in fact rolling for the system as many realized when he called to vote macron on the second round).

It is not implausible that macron’s henchmen helped their favorite ‘scarecrow’ Marine Lepen to be the easy beatable contestant on round two of the election. Pathological liar macron would not have stood so easily in a debate facing Eric Zemmour or J.L Melenchon.

M like Manipulation

However with 873,600 electronic votes plus the fraudulent electronic transmission vote of 1.7 to 2.5 million expatriate votes, some of the blank and null votes ‘captured’ as well, the usual fraud at the polling station level, help at the Ministry level, various reported ‘irregularities’,   help from the captured “Constitutional Council”and the actual votes macron got (there are still some who vote for him, mainly privileged classes, and wealthy retired egoistic Grinch’s),  it would have been easy for him to make-up for the 2 million and 1.7 million difference with his 2 main opponents.

The banksters stooge lost in the first round

Many analysts and observers estimate his real score at around 12 to 15% in the first round, which of course meant elimination for the banking mafia candidate.

Besides electronic voting fraud, other types of irregularities took place:

The magazine Nexus describes what has become the banality of electoral fraud in France. Article translated from French using online translators such as Deepl.

Various election observation collectives report that several mayors have refused to present them the minutes that certify the results of polling stations, in accordance with article R70 of the electoral code.

Electoral laxity or fraud? Doubt is allowed…

According to Article R70 of the Electoral Code, a copy of all the minutes drawn up in the various polling stations of the municipality remains deposited in the City Hall Secretariat.

Disclosure must be given to any elector who requests it until the expiry of the time limits prescribed for the exercise of remedies against the election.”

Legal rules that do not seem to be respected everywhere during this election period.

In a first video, Lionel, a citizen engaged in election observation, speaks with an agent of the City Hall of the 5th district of Paris, who refuses to present the minutes of the first round of the 2022 presidential elections.

By insisting, the results will eventually be communicated, but not without difficulty and under legal pressure.

Legitimate and yet hampered citizen control

In a second video, he explains why and how citizens can control the results of elections, and how the state can put obstacles in their way:

Participate in this citizen action

If you would like to participate in the verification of the results of #Elections2022 by also sending the photo of the minutes of your polling station, you can do so in the following way:

On TELEGRAM, join: https://t.me/Election2022VerifCitoyenne
On other platforms, join the following three websites:



Other ways to rig an election, change the rules under the radar:

Management of the electoral lists, material organization of the elections. This has changed since 2017. There has been a major reform of our electoral system.

The organization of elections in France. Towards electoral fraud?


Christine Deviers-Joncour is surprised by Emmanuel Macron’s high score in cities where voting is done by electronic voting machine  

(translation from French)

If statistically other cities that vote by paper ballot do not show similar results as high, this highlights the fact that voting machines have been programmed to artificially improve Macron’s score and results! This has no other name than electoral fraud and cheating, a fraud designed to invalidate these elections!

Full article (in French)

From right to left, old and young, people start to understand what happened,

28% of the votes in the first round, but LREM gathered fewer voters in the second city of France than a Melenchon gathering everywhere else, strange.

Assemblée de la Jeunesse Résistante – @AJRnational

The ‘Constitutional Council’ cancels the results of 22 polling stations!

Article translated from French using online translators (not google).

Note: the so-called “Constitutional Council” is made of members chosen by macron and the president of the national assembly (macron’s party), therefore made exclusively of macron’s regime cronies and they have shown their utter corruption when validating anti-constitutional and  illegal abuses such as the  vax passport.

A kangaroo council for a banana republic.

April 16, 2022

On Wednesday, April 13, 2022, the French Constitutional Council invalidated nearly 10,000 ballots in the first round of the presidential elections, including 1479 in the largest polling station in Toulouse. Irregularities that led the Council to make adjustments and cancellations it deemed necessary.
As of April 13, 22 polling stations were singled out by the Constitutional Council. This list could grow in the coming days as collectives of citizens are in the process of controlling the results of the elections.

A current list of 22 municipalities concerned

Among the 22 municipalities pinned in a communiqué of the Constitutional Council, the villages are mainly represented: in the Oise department (conveniently, conservative stronghold) we find the four communes of Plessis-Belleville, Hodenc-l'Évêque, Maysel and Ponchon, three villages in the North with Léchelle, Wail and Roisel, Blérancourt and Besmé in the Aisne (conservative strongholds too).
But also Nandax (Loire), Secondigné-sur-Belle (Deux-Sèvres), Condat-sur-Vézère (Dordogne), Beautheil-Saints (Seine-et-Marne), Chenevelles (Vienna), Dénipaire (Vosges), Lieudieu (Isère), Cargèse (Corsica) (the last 3 being Lepen or conservative strongholds) and even outside the metropolis, in French Polynesia with the commune of Fakarava.
Cities are not spared with the presence of Grasse (conservative), and even large cities like Toulouse (rather a left or Melenchon stronghold), Nice (Lepen or conservative stronghold) and the 12th arrondissement of Paris (rather a Melenchon stronghold), counting to them four 4049 citizens whose vote was not taken into account.

Our comment: In short, except for 3 or 4 villages, the ballots which have been cancelled are all areas who vote for the opposition (either Lepen, Zemmour, Dupont-Aignan or Melenchon).

 The kangaroo council by this subterfuge pretends it is doing something against fraud and irregularities while in fact serving its sponsor macron…

If the kangaroo council was an independent and honest body, it would have halted the election and organized an investigation and recount in front of the massive fraud that took place with voting machines for example.

How to get rid of macron then?

macron get lost!

Remember, by voting null, blank, or through a ‘voting machine’*, your vote could easily be stolen and given to macron. By abstaining you also vote for macron.

*We do not know whether it is possible to refuse to vote with a voting machine or to vote in another polling station in France, but it should be the case.

Can Marine Lepen win and get rid of this dangerous psychopath?

France elections outcome will have an impact not only on the country but on Europe, the engineered conflict in Ukraine and the world. What France needs is a new De Gaulle. Is Mrs Lepen up to the challenge?


macron’s programme is clear: End the French Nation, destroy further its economy, social fabric and homogeneity and sovereignty, provoke a war with Russia if possible, reinstate apartheid, vax passports, impoverish and enslave the population and drown it into the sewer of the EUSSR totalitarian nightmare.

And cherry on the cake, forced injections for all and Chinese style social credit, and why not, if they let them do, become fuhrer for life!

macron: supervisor of the rothschild dictatorship in Gaul. A vote for me is a vote for the total destruction of the Christian church… #RothschildGate –   Vote macron is to vote Mckinsey… #McKinseyGate – #MacronVoleur –  #MacronAssassin

Here are some of the victims of macron’s fascist regime and the violence it has unleashed on French citizens for 5 long years, some lost harms , hands, eyes and many their lives at the hand of macron SS, Gestapo and brown shirts:

The rothschild’s whore can laugh at his victims, like other dangerous narcissistic psychopath (bill gates, draghi, trudeau, etc..), sick-fuck macron enjoys harming, hurting and destroying people’s lives. For him being ‘president’ is just another role in a theatre play where the world revolves around his evil little self

Who would want five more years of that?

For Kraków Archbishop M. Jedraszewski  “the French President wears the satanic character of an antichrist of a rare and terrifying perversity”

The globalist wipe-ass propaganda outlet ‘Time’ confirms Archbishop Jedraszewski analysis. As usual with satanist scum, the real message is in the details. A Middle Eastern periodical also confirms the obvious: We are fighting evil.

Who would vote for that?

Seen on twitter:

How can people vote for this psychopath again, he is the one directly responsible for the deaths of so many people at the protests.

Our answer: They didn’t vote for him, he cheated.

This quote summarize the state of mind of France these days. Without the massive fraud that took place on the first round, the only real fascist candidate, macron, would be gone already.

I am an immigrant, born abroad, of immigrant parents. Married to an African woman, and, on Sunday the 24th, I will block the far right. I will therefore vote #MarineLePen because #EmmanuelMacron supports neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

Kim Dessouvre – @dessouvre

Charles Gave today in Paris at the #ToutsaufMacron rally: “If these stories with Russia continue we risk having war and misery with a 40% drop in GDP. Tell people that with #Macron it’s war, with the EU it’s war”

Let us precise that, exactly like for the FAKE PANDEMIC and the Nato war in Ukraine, the usual libtards, celebrities, unions, presstitutes and establishment subsidized shills are calling The French People to vote macron.

The same half-wits were calling for people to get injected with poison (while they got a placebo) and calling for sanctions and total war vs Russia (because they are wealthy and protected and don’t give a damn about the People, when all hell breaks loose, they will fly with their private jets to pacific islands or New-Zealand bunkers).

Is there any idiot in France who still listen to this pathetic clique?

André Bercoff, a French intellectual summarize their demands: 

A Tsunami of voting instructions? Just idiots who sign their votes. That they equate, as usual, to moralistic suppositories. In the name, of course, of the “greater gooooood”.

André Bercoff

Can anyone help the world to get rid of the psycho?

For those who pretend not to have noticed: In life, we do with what we have. In front of the global-fascist macron, we don’t have Melenchon or Zemmour, or Trump, De Gaulle or Gandhi, no we have Marine Lepen. And while she is not perfect, as nobody is, and might not be a lot of people ‘cup of tea’, she’s the only chance we have to expel macron!


As we reported last week in our comparison between 2017 and 2022, the configuration has changed, and despite the fraud, Marine Lepen has much better chances to win, if she works hard and up her game to become ‘presidential’.

Francois Asselineau, UPR (Republican Popular Union) one of the FREXIT candidates (who couldn’t be candidate this year because they didn’t allow him to get enough endorsements) has the same analysis but at the municipalities level:

An important information hidden since last week. In the first round:

  • Lepen was first in 20,036 of the 35,080 French municipalities: 57.12% of the total!
  • macron, was first in only 11, 861 municipalities, 33.81% of the total.


In the mean time, the candidate that the self-titled  ‘elite’ tries to demonize is speaking sense:  Marine Le Pen: ”I will repeal the Vaccinal Pass… And I will reintegrate the +15,000 health workers fired by macron without pay because they refuse to get injected. Needless to say that I will pay all their salaries back.

“I am ready, our project is solid “.

Does it sound like a fascist speaking?

Here is what macron proposes: reintroduction of vax pasports, EUSSR digital id’s and forced injections for everyone…

Who is the fascist?

Marine Lepen: “I intend to consult the only expert macron never consulted, The People”

She vows to reinstate referendums which have always been part of the French democracy but removed after 2005 when French voters rejected the Nice ‘treaty’ (ancestor of the Lisbon ‘treaty’ which is the imposition of a totalitarian ‘constitution’ replacing de facto European nation constitutions).  The French weren’t consulted for the Lisbon ‘treaty’  because the EUSSR globalists knew they would have rejected it. 

Marine Lepen wants to establish a system where a certain number of citizen signatures would trigger a referendum on any subject the French deem important. This is the system used in Switzerland and it worked quite well until the covid- coup in 2020 blocked it and then tampered it.  

Does that sound like a fascist proposal?

Marine Le Pen: ”France can be useful in settling the world’s great disorders if and only if it is independent, this is one of the reasons why I will leave the integrated command of NATO…”

Historically, Charles de Gaulle was the first statesman to leave Nato’s integrated command. Nobody touched his heritage, even his arch enemy socialist Mitterrand, until globalist lackey Sarkozy ended France’s independence by reintegrating it…

Diametrically opposed to warmonger macron’s speeches dictated by his Davos and Washington pimps…

Who is the fascist?

“E. Macron wants to hide his environmental failures and hollow proposals by insults or lies. It is unworthy of the French expectations. My project for ecology is based on innovation, social justice and localism, not on taxes and decay.”

Does that sound like fascism?


If you would like to participate in the verification of the results of #Elections2022 by also sending the photo of the minutes of your polling station, you can do so in the following way:

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/Election2022VerifCitoyenne

A surprise for the 24th, despite the massive fraud, the hate & fear mongering propaganda campaign? 

macron BEATEN AT 61%!

This is what the EUSSR is preparing and why the result of French elections is so important for the survival of Europe:

Protests against the dictatorship and macron’s regime which started in July 2021 took a new turn this week, this time opposing macron’s abnormal presence in the second round of the presidential election.

It must be said: Macron made a total flop for his meeting in Marseille! Even the media had to acknowledge the lack of people! There were more people at our #MAM Manif anti Macron than at the Macron meeting! But 100 times less media, obviously the truth disturbs!

Florian Philippot

With Charles Gave, @RemiTell, NDA, @DIVIZIO1, @CH_Gallois  and so many others were extremely happy to see so many French free against Macron and for France !

«Macron never again» screams the thousands of free French present at the #MAM! Liberty Sovereignty Truth France Libre!

Strasbourg :  “Macron démission ! Macron resign ! “

Paris. Demonstration in opposition to #Macron and #LePen being present in the second round of the election. Obviously many people know something is wrong about the electoral system as macron the most unpopular president ever is, despite the odds, present in the second round, and against the same contestant as in 2017!  The repetition of the same planned script angers millions. And they are right about it.

Legitimate anger in front of rigged elections, but what are controlled opposition mock ‘unions’ doing here?

However, we recognize flags of the main French unions, the ultra corrupt CGT (a political party at the left of the communist party rather than a union) and few others. Unions all over the world are famously corrupt and often in league with those they pretend to fight.

What are the corrupt French unions doing here?

• In the last two years, none of them protested with the French against the ‘medical’ dictatorship and macron abuses.
• When more than 15,000 health workers got fired because they refused to abdicate their inalienable right of body integrity, the CGT & co not only did nothing but sided with macron’s regime.
• The same unions did nothing against the vax passport, the lockdowns, the curfews, the forced masking and all the other totalitarian abuses in the last two years.
• While they pretend to defend worker’s rights, they did little when macron extended retirement age, removed social welfare for millions or sold entire French companies to foreign owned corporations controlled by his puppetmasters.
• To add insult to injury, the so-called ‘protesters’ against macron, the main unions CGT, FO and CFDT have called people to vote macron in the second round!

Their name is: controlled opposition...  

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it”

Allegedly from mass murderer Lenin.

Using people’s legitimate anger about this rigged election to divert it against their only real target: macron’s opponent, Marine Lepen.


Thousands have been fooled into following this controlled opposition, including the Yellow Vests who were supposed to protest against macron’s regime like every Saturday since July 2021and instead joined this demo…

Useful idiots isn’t strong enough an expression for that, Yellow Vests demonstrating with the regime controlled opposition to have macron re-elected…  Pathetic.


The same happened in various cities in France, under the banner : “Not macron, neither Lepen”. We support all the protests to change the status-quo but not with well-known regime shills who have been betraying the populations since decades.

It happened in Nantes, Rennes or Lyon (in Lyon we aren’t sure the demo was really about the elections, it looks and sounds more like a pro-Palestinian demo). Some students even sacked the Sorbonne University this week.

Obviously some organizations try to hack the legitimate voters anger against macron and his clique of fraudsters to  help macron get re-elected(2020 organized blm-antifa “riots”)?

Not to forget: while the globalists are rigging elections in France, protests continue to take place all over the world. A brief overview:


2 good news, first globalist puppet scholz plans were frustrated when the Bundestag voted against ‘mandatory’ injections for people over 60 (this is the population they target for depopulation in priority as in Germany they cost them a lot).

Scholz doesn’t have much choice as the German economy would crash without Russian gas, and if the German economy crashes, the EUSSR economy crashes.

This is exactly the plan of the EUSSR kommissar whore, vonder lugen and her pimps biden and their ‘great reset’ puppet masters: destroy the economy, kill and enslave millions with war, rationing, privation, famine and chaos, riots that will lead to more ’emergency powers’, more fascism and eventually towards total control and their wet dream of a new world order.

Germans have been protesting for weeks and are still at it. The protest keep going on despite the censorship, the lies and the repression.

16/04/2022 – Frankfurt (WITH A RUSSIAN FLAG) Erfurt Karlsruhe and thousands of other towns and cities

And the truth is spoken once again:  Dr.Reiner Fuellmich:”…Drosten he’s the one who invented the PCR test lie and the asymptomatic infections lie, Fauci he is the most important actor in the US, Bill Gates of course, Tedros the head of the WHO, Blackrock as a member of the financial mafia, Pfizer of course…”


Finally the Italians show some passion…. This War won’t be won in the Rigged Polling Booths, it’ll be won on the streets..  The huge crowds chant:




Freedom Uber Alles!



#Serbia Belgrade Pro-Russia

Serbia, a country victim of the war of agression and genocide committed by the criminals Nato and pedophile/womanizer bill clinton.


#SouthKorea “South Korea gripped with fear over U.S. bioweapons labs”.

Coming from Chinese media, there is an information war out there, who started what?

All these ‘viruses’, biological weapon war?  It is becoming more and more plausible that so-called ‘viruses’ were created in US bio-labs and released on the world in various phases  in order to impose the ‘great reset’ agenda of the globalist psychopaths who control the USA.


14/04/2022 – Buenos Aires Argentina Protest against rising inflation – The mock president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández is a WEF infiltrated puppet who is enforcing the agenda of his masters against his own nation and people, therefore committing high treason. Death penalty should be his reward.

It’s all planned and setup, after the vaxx and bio-weapons genocides, the goal is to depopulate by famine and starvation, diseases and malnutrition, then create chaos, wars and riots to enforce more and more fascism and when the stupid masses will be ripe, they will demand the ‘great reset’ and their own enslavement.
The provoked hyper-inflation didn’t start with the manufactured ‘war in Ukraine’ but with the provoked economic crisis that followed the global lockdown of the fake pandemic COUP-19


Food riots. University students protest against high cooking oil prices and a mooted extension of President Joko Widodo’s stay in office

Millions in the streets and not the ‘peaceful’ like sheeple we find in the West
We now know who they are, bill gates, fauci, Blackrock, Vanguard, rothschild, the UN, IMF, world bank, the EUSSR, the WHO, rockefeller, and your election fraudsters or unelected “governments”. WE EVEN KNOW WHERE TO STRIKE THEM.


Defeat The Mandates!

Dr. Naomi Wolf, Steve Bannon, Dr. Michelle D. Perro, MD, from Fairfax, CA, on pediatric cases, reactions, and some innovative ideas about medical management. Music from “Armando” “Rise Up!”. Join us!

Death “Officials” Reinstate Mask Mandates, But Where’s the Science?

They can go fuck themselves,



On their way to California to fight tyranny and WEF stooge gavin newsom fascist diktats.

Let’s condemn the corrupted creed of satan’s ‘vicar’ on earth, false pope bergoglio:


“People think they have to do something extraordinary, but it is actually the very ordinary things that build up graces and offer protection. If a Christian is praying, going to Mass, and receiving the sacraments, then the devil is already on the run.”

Félix Joseph Barrias (1822-1907), “The Temptation of Christ by the Devil”


  • French: Joyeuse Pâques
  • Hungarian: Kellemes húsvéti ünnepeket!
  • Polish : Wesołych Świąt Wielkanocnych! Or Wesołych Świąt!
  • Russian : Христос воскресе! Воистину Воскресе! Счастливой Пасхи ! Христос воскрес; С пасхой !
  • Armenian, Քրիստոս հարեաւ ի ﬔրելոց է յար􀊡թիւնն Քրիստոսի
  • Bulgar : Христос возкресе! / ” Воистина возкресе!
  • Arabic : عيد فصح مجيد ; المسيح قام
  • Finnish : Hyvää pääsiäistä
  • Romanian : «Hristos a înviat -Adevărat a înviat
  • Spanih : Felices Pascuas
  • Italian : Buona Pasqua
  • Dutch: Vrolijk Pasen
  • Português : Feliz Páscoa
  • German : Frohe Ostern
  • Greek : Χριστός Ανέστη! Αληθώς Ανέστη!
  • Kabyl : Tafaska Tameggazt
  • Turk : Iyi Paskalyalar
  • Swedish: Glad Påsk
  • Danish: Glædelig Påske
  • Maltese: L-Ghid it-Tajjeb


18 thoughts on “Elections Fraud Reloaded”

  1. The bigger the fraud, the bigger the lie and the more the stupid masses believe in it.
    They have been violated for 2 years, their vote is stolen and what do they do?
    These people are not victims, they are accomplices and deserve the torture they will receive.



  2. This is astonishing and except few articles in alternative media, the subject is not even mentioned in any mainstream, despite the obvious discrepancies between electronic vote and classical vote results.
    What is also amazing is the complete control of the state party over the entire electoral process.

    I thought of France as a democracy, an imperfect one yet, but I never thought it was just a dictatorship the likes we find in Africa…


  3. I think the level of fraud and corruption is even worse in the French system than in the USA. At least in the US there are recounts (even though they are dodgy like in Florida in 2000), and there are nromally recourses.

    In France, it’s the party in power who controls and decides of everything. Therefore if they are honest people it’s ok, but of they are crooks, like Macron and his gang of incompetent scoundrels have shown in the last five years, then the entire electoral system is fraudulent.

    This is unfortunately the case. France is indeed a banana republic. The French must revolt and kick Macron out!

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  4. It happened in 2017 already:

    According to YourNewsWire, France’s “election was rigged…Le Pen voters lost their ballots…by the millions (last) Sunday.”
    “Up to one third of all ballots sent out to voters, an estimated 60% of Le Pen ballots, were destroyed at the time of mailing.”
    Only her ballots showed up damaged or destroyed, none for Macron. They were tampered with before mailing so they wouldn’t be counted when received back – the handiwork of France’s establishment to assure their candidate triumphed.

    Complaints by Le Pen aides about “systematically torn up” ballots were ignored, French media reporting nothing.
    “Voters in districts” where Macron was heavily favored got multiple ballots so they could vote twice.
    Macron won the old-fashioned way, by electoral rigging, not honestly. Le Pen never had a chance. Establishment polls were likely rigged to make his triumph look legitimate.

    According to French media, around one-third of ballots cast weren’t counted, including damaged, destroyed and blank ones – “quadruple the usual number” in French elections, YourNewsWire explained.
    Macron is the establishment’s president, not a popular one – illegitimate, not honestly elected.
    Separately, YourNewsWire cited notable Italian psychiatrist/psychotherapist Dr. Adriano Segator, calling Macron a “dangerous psychopath


  5. This article says it all:

    Macron Was Diagnosed As ‘Psychopath’ By Leading European Psychiatrist

    French President Emmanuel Macron has been diagnosed as a “dangerous psychopath” by a leading European psychologist.

    Dr. Adriano Segatori is a well-known Italian psychiatrist and psychotherapist who has undertaken an analysis of Emmanuel Macron that is both fascinating and credible, frightening in its implications for France, and frightening too for Macron himself, should he lose his self-control.

    Dr Segatori explains his diagnosis:

    “The analysis that I have done comes both from images I have in my possession as well as the biography the candidate says is his. Young Emmanuel Macron experienced at age 15 a serious sexual aggression via his teacher, Brigitte, who at the time was 39.

    Instead of the rosy vision of this “great love” that we could define grotesquely as a reparative marriage (to repair the rape), I see instead the fact that the development of Emmanuel Macron was blocked prematurely in his adolescence because of an act of seduction that was both psychic and physical.

    What happened was that both a taboo and a limit were transgressed, the very limit that the taboo sets. So the first transgression was the conviction that anything is permissible.

    Naturally, this feeling of being all-powerful took place within the well-to-do bourgeois society of Amiens, in the north of France. If this union had taken place in a proletarian social environment, the environment that Emmanuel Macron profoundly disdains, Emmanuel Macron would have been destroyed, and would be under surveillance by the social services, and Brigitte Macron would be in jail.

    It’s the sad truth. We are confronted with a problem of pedophilia. Once the limits of the taboo were transgressed, the idea of omnipotence common to all children was then encouraged. Until he went beyond a proper grasp of reality, and strenghtened by his intellectual gifts, he extrapolated his personal limitations.

    The paradox is that he appears normal, but we have a case of full-blown narcissism.

    Since his youth Macron has nurtured an ambition that is beyond normal. He needs the attention and admiration of others to compensate for his inferiority complex.

    Three traits that define the psychopathic personality

    So we are confronted with three paradigms that define a certain type of personality: 1) the idea that there exist no limits 2) a feeling of omnipotence from childhood, but even more so in adulthood 3) a narcissism that can accurately be defined as malevolent.

    This provides the structure of psychopathic behavior, for we are confronted with an individual – Emmanuel Macron – whose psychic make-up is perfectly definable as psychopathic. The word “psychopath” is not an insult. A great American psychoanalyst Nancy MacWilliams explains literally that a psychopath can attain the highest levels in the American government.

    Of course the psychopath can be a deviant, but if he is well organized from a cultural and social point of view he can also reach the heights of the ruling class in politics or finance – which is the case we’re studying.

    The psychopathic personality is characterized by an infinite spectrum of points of reference, for example: a fascination with the superficial, the ability to attract, uneasiness in confrontations. We see this in Macron’s fits of hysteria when admiration wanes, underscoring the weaknesses of his identity.

    This hysteria is characterized by his interest in theatricality, which cannot fail to recall – a troubling coincidence – his personal history with his teacher – who taught drama.

    The psychopath is not worthy of confidence but succeeds through the fascination he exerts in trying to convince his interlocutor. He has no remorse. When he talks about the poor or insults the workers of northern France, reducing them to smokers and alcoholics, when he denigrates women, lowering them to the level of the ignorant, we have returned to the ideas perfectly explained by Jacques Lacan.

    It’s true that he didn’t want to say those things but his subconscious spoke for him. For he believes in what he says and cannot prevent himself from expressing it. Macron defends himself by altering the meaning of his statements – but never expresses remorse – for he never feels guilty.

    So what is the problem from the psychiatric point of view? What is the danger with a personality such as this?

    I reply that there is no doubt: Emmanuel Macron, like all psychopaths is highly dangerous.

    An American intellectual who specializes in – let’s call it “well-integrated disturbances” in famous people – literally said: “The serial killer destroys families, while the psychopaths at the summits of politics and the economy ruin societies.”

    So in what way is Macron dangerous?

    1) Like all psychopaths Macron has a high opinion of himself

    2) Macron does not like France and does not fight for the people of France

    3) Macron is enormously fond of himself and fights to keep his fragile identity.

    For him the conflictual situation with Marine Le Pen is not only a political conflict. He cannot accept that a woman – Marianne, the symbol of France – is his antagonist. He needs a nurturing mother. Any other relationship with a woman is difficult to undertake.

    So this fragility is very dangerous, because as with all psychopaths who work only for themselves and who consider others as instruments of their own grandeur, it underscores the extent to which a country like France finds itself in danger from a candidate of this type.


    1. “it underscores the extent to which a country like France finds itself in danger from a candidate of this type.”

      We can see easily now that it is the same type the WEF, CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral, and the finance mafia choose everywhere to infiltrate our governments and institutions:

      narcisstic psychopaths: Macron, Draghi, Trudeau, Ardern, Biden (plus senile and pervert), Newsom, Daniel Andrews (and half the Aussie govt).
      homosexuals, pedophiles, transexuals, sxual deviants and perverts: Clinton, Biden, Rutte, Macron, De Croo, Ardern, Obama (and his husband Michael).
      Outright crazy: Johnson, Draghi, Macron,
      Idiots, weaklings, hollow and good looking window dressing : Ardern, Sanna marin (Finland), Newsom (californica)…
      Incompetent, and corrupt: von der Leyen, Macron, Biden and all of them really…

      It’s typical from the WEF to choose exclusvely these kind of mentally damaged and weak people to execute their plans, it is obvioulsy because they are so sick in their mind that they would do anything and are easy to manipulate.

      Therefore extremely dangerous. We have dozens of Dr Folamour who are pushing the wolrd on the brink destruction to satisfy their wicked ego…

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  6. macron is a Psychopath

    – That Mr. Macron is immature. There is no moral judgment to be made on the choice of his partner, much older than him; but it is not really recognized as healthy, in our civilization, to make love with one’s mother, this good Madame Brigitte Trogneux being obviously a maternal substitute;

    – That he has an oversized ego;
    – That he is incapable of remorse;
    – That he betrayed all those who helped him; starting with former President François Hollande, however unsavory this character, now deposed and judged;
    – That he is incompetent; he deceives, does harm, but never apologizes, believing he is right about everything and in everything;
    – That he manipulates in all directions, with an unusual talent for seduction, like all narcissistic perverts, which has made him succeed everywhere, until now, based on his personal charm, but totally devoid of sincerity.

    His only concern is his modest self, reduced to a navel: “I don’t have any friends,” he said; I am your president ”. Worse and ridiculous: I am your boss !! This total human and emotional void is dramatic.

    – More serious: he does not work for France, his country, but for his navel; France, according to him, has no culture. A real stroke of genius! This other: France invented colonization in Algeria.
    – Even more serious: he WORKS EXCLUSIVELY FOR HIMSELF.

    – Finally, his competence, today, appears to be NULL: he has obtained nothing positive by his disastrous “action” within the government during his three years of ministerial functions. He will continue in the same direction, and will have no regrets for what he did.

    These last three points are of extreme importance in the current debate.

    The former president F. HOLLANDE, who made his career, and who considered him as his son, said of him: “he deceived me methodically”.

    This is absolute horror: cheating on the man who gave you fatherly affection, made your career, loved you like a son. For me, THAT IS ABJECT. This is true even when it comes to F. Hollande who, despite everything, is a human being.

    The character appears to many as very pathological. He has manipulated everyone, and will continue, according to his own logic. His overwhelming feeling of always being right will lead to this: he will not recognize his faults or the wrong he has done. Except to deceive.

    He’s not a grown man.

    He’s a retarded child.


    1. He’s not a grown man. He’s a retarded child.

      Marine Lepen during the debate they will have on wesnesday should treat him as such. Maybe she’ll bring candies and a teddy bear…


    2. This analysis explains everything about his absolutely odious attitude and malevolent deeds in the last 5 years.

      the guy is a retarded child, I would even say a retarded teen. It’s even worse because a child at least has some respect for people and patrimony, he has none.

      I watched part of the “debate” yesterday but my French sucks, however you could see the arrogance, the haughtiness displayed by Macon, and the permanent mockery and disdain for anything that is not him. A despicable teenager facing a grown-up trying to annihilate any semblance of debate…

      I could swear the guy took some cocaine, it wouldn’t be a surprise since traders and bankers are usual cocaine consumers.

      Pathetic, and that is the French president ? Wow, France has sunk very low…

      What kind of people vote for this kind of junk?


  7. What is amazing is the evidence is there and yet the same people who see that the ‘pandemic’ was a scam and now suffer from side effects from the deathvaxx are brushing away the proofs as they are brushing away the proofs that they have been brainwashed and screwed like never before…

    It is not only misplaced pride, this is complicity with their torturers. It is as if they love to be hurt…

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  8. Thank you for your message of peace, unfortunately, in Finland we have an infiltrated traitor and a scumbag from the world economic forum who has nothing in the brain and is working to destroy our nation.

    the nane of this evil bitch is sanna marin

    She is like a plant you put in corner of a room, decoration, but through her little empty head speaks evil.

    Same as in France, I guess they also rigged elections to have their pot of plant puppet in power!

    We all need to unite and get rid of this scum!


    1. We knew that about Finland, it’s the same in Sweden. Two well known puppet regimes. This is why they now take their master orders to join the war crimes syndicate nato…


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